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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now at eight ... president trump and democrats are both digging in as the government shutdown begins to make an impact on the national park service.(whoosh)oakland's police chief visits the little girl gravely wounded by gunfire on new year's eve ,,, and promises to find the shooter,it's just a matter of time(whoosh)and welcoming the new year by recalling an old tragedy ... oscar grant's family talks to kron four on the tenth anniversary of his death in the hands of bart police.oscar's death was the catalyst to wake up america. (ken) now at 8 -- we begin with breaking news out of the south bay -- san jose mayor sam liccardo was hit by a car while riding his bike earlier today.. a spokesperson from the the mayor's office says liccardo was cycling when a car hit him... good evening -- i'm ken wayne. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan. the
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accident happend on sierra road. here's look at a map so you have a better idea of where this happened. the mayor was taken to the hospital and is a "bit banged up," but should be home in one or two days. liccardo's office says he's being kept at the hospital for observation. (ken) the mayor released a statement thanking the san jose police... fire station 19... and the regional medical center. he also joked: "fortunately, the doctors state that all defects to the head were pre-existing conditions." (ken) now to some national news... president trump started the new year with an old tune - blasting democrats for not supporting a border wall.(catherine) some essential federal workers are suing the government for making them work with no pay... natasha chen explains how a new congress plans to end this partial shutdown. it's a new year - with the same old problems in washington.president trump tweeted -happy new year to everyone, including the haters
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and the fake news media!hours later, he said -border security and the wall "thing" and shutdown is not where nancy pelosi wanted to start her tenure as speaker! let's make a deal?so far - president trump has not shown support for the democrats' plan - which includes one point three billion dollars for border security - which can be used for fencing and repairs of current barriers.rep. debbie dingell / -d- michigan: "why is it a nonstarter? it would fund the other six agencies. we're making these public servants who aren't republicans or democrats, just there trying to serve the people, pawns in the middle of all this."a federal employee labor union is suing the u-s government for requiring 'essential' employees to work without pay during the partial shutdown.shan wu / legal analyst: "the same law firm had filed a lawsuit over the agreed with them that the employees should have been paid. and they got double overtime. i think they have a very good shot here."but democrats may have less of a shot with their spending bills, since senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he won't bring anything to the floor without president trump's washington, i'm natasha chen reporting.
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(ken) vice president mike pence countered the democrats with a proposal for 2-point-5 billion dollars in border security and immigration funding.(catheirne) but that was rebuffed by senate minority leader chuck schumer. the president has not publicly endorsed any plan beyond his initial request for 5 billion dollars. (catherine) california representative nancy pelosi has tweeted her response.. today she wrote that the president 'has given democrats a great opportunity to show how we will govern responsibly & quickly pass our plan to end the irresponsible #trumpshutdown - just the first sign of things to come in our new democratic majority committed to working #forthepeople. (ken) on the 11th day of a partial federal government shutdown... federal workers and people here at home are starting to feel the effects of the shutdown. the most obvious result of the shutdown is the closure or partial closure of parks run by the national park service. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco with details.
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charles. . . well, the golden gate national recreation area covers more than 82 thousand acres of the bay area. right now, most of that is closed down. some spots that rely on concession revenue are still open but most of it's locked up and could be for sometime. natson what turned out to be a really nice new years day in san francisco, thousands headed out to visit one of the city's very popular national parks but many visitors were greeted with locked gates, overflowing trashcans and parking lots they couldn't get to.natsat crissy field, the trash cans had been emptied and the bathroooms were open, but, a few miles away sturo baths the parking lot and visitor center were locked up. posted signs blamed the ongoing government shutdown. natsat nearby ocean beach, the parking lots were jam packed. unfortunatly, so were many of the trash cans.natsout at ft funston, arriving visitors along skyline boulevard were
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met with the harsh reality of a government shutdown. the only road to the parking lot was blocked.sotit's inconvienant.dave sieber lives in san francisco. sottoday there's cars all along the streets. we were initallya little confused about what was going on then we got to the gate and found out it was the government shutdown.sotmark roth comes here all the time, he's not happy about parking along skyline.sotthe fear was getting hit by a this point, it's anyones guess how long the shutdown will last.a message on the park service website says that some locations will be open during the shutdown, others will not and that access could change without any notice. natsback at ft funston, the people we talkeed to just hope the government shutdown will end soon.sotwhatever they need to do to get it open. it's kind of beyond our control.sotthe government just needs to come to an understanding and figure things out. now, the park service website does say that ocean beach, crissy field, lands end, and the marin headlands, alcatraz island, and muir woodsw ill all be open during the shutdown. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (ken) (ken) in less than a week,
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lawmakers return to the capitol for a new legislative session. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us how the camp fire influenced lawmakers.. ((pkg)) in an effort to avoid a camp-fire like scenario lawmakers filed a handful of proposed laws.the blaze killed 86 people and destroyed thousands of homes and proposed law would allow county social services to give the contact information of elderly and disabled clients to first responders in the event of a public safety emergency.for weeks after the fire, hundreds of people had been considered missing. officials have said the majority of those who died in the fire were either disabled or senior citizens.. another bill would require the state fire marshall and california building standards
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building standards for ith construction in high fire hazard areas by july 2020.the same bill would also establish the state fire preparedness counsil, which would try to find ways to improve fire preparedness and prevention among blaze-prone parts of the state.wildfire prevention will be a priority for lawmakers this year. more proposed initiatives could be filed as the session starts. tag. starts. the session starts. tag. (catherine) a six year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet in oakland last night. it happened in her back yard at her family's new year's eve party.(ken) police believe the stray bullet was from midnight celebratory gun fire into the sky. kron 4's gabe slate joins us live from where the victim is now, children's hospital in oakland. gabe, how is she ? this is a rare sight, the oakland chief of police in street clothes and sneakers, on her day off, on a holiday,
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bringing a giant stuffed teddy bear to a gunshot victim.sound from - anne e. kirkpatrick, chief of police, oakland "we start our new year with tragedy"oakland chief of police anne kirkpatrick visited the 6 year old girl who is in stable condition after being hit by a stray bullet new years eve night.this happened while her family was celebrating the new year at home, in their the backyard, on the 9600 block of thermal street.sound from - anne e. kirkpatrick, chief of police, oakland "i got to see her" oakland police say the girl will survive, she is in stable condition. the chief shares how the parents are holding up sound from - anne e. kirkpatrick, chief of police,
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oakland "the are shaken"oakland police believe the stray bullet was from someone firing up into the sky at midnight to celebrate new years. they intend to find that person. sound from - anne e. kirkpatrick, chief of police, oakland "we will use shotspotter technology, and match the bullet if we can" oakland's chief of police has had enough of the gun violence in oakland. sound from - anne e. kirkpatrick, chief of police, oakland "enough is enough"in oakland gabe slate kron 4 news
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(catherine) two men have been arrested in the assault of another man in petaluma. new year...around 2 a-m.the bar cro and western avenue. et investigators say that's when two black 22 year old men attacked a 29 year old white man.. malik telcy is accused of walking up behind
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the victim and punching him in the side of the head. the victim then fell onto the road. then police say gregory macdonald kicked the man in the face and hit him in the head. police eventually arrested the two men. it's not clear yet what motivated the attack. (ken) this just in -- the mega millions drawing is now over and the numbers are in... the jackpot sits at 425- million tonight and here are the numbers.... 34 - 44 - 57 - 62 - 70 - power number - 14 coming up at eight.. a mother's plea - after her seven year old daughter is killed by a gunman in a drive by shooting. and -- the family of a man shot to death inside a hollywood walgreens is now suing the company. the charges the suspect is facing... when we come back. also -- the twin brother of an american accused of spying in russia - is talking about
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his concern forhis brother's safety.. i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. news
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had to think back in my head. you know i tried to run the play back in my head to see did i cut this man off as i was driving, did i make a wrong turn, did i make a wrong move in front of him. and i didn't do none of that. i didn't provoke him in any kind of way. he took my child's life for no reason.> (catherine) the mother of a murdered
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seven-year-old texas girl is speaking out.... and pleading for the person who shot her child to surrender to police.. (catherine) it happened while the mother was driving with her four dauwoman in the car.(ken) suddenly a gunman pulled up beside her car...and fired a series of shots. the shooting left a seven year old dead. marla carter has the emotional interview with the mother. (laporsha washington/jazmine's mother)"he was not fair. he was not fair. he intentionally killed my child for no reason." jazmine barnes' mother made a plea from her hospital bed-- asking the public to help find the man who killed her seven-year-old girl.she said she and her four daughters were going to the store, when a car, out of nowhere, pulled up next to them and started shooting.. unprovoked- (laporsha washington/jazmine's mother)"i heard shots start firing and they came through
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my window, broke my glass, hit me in my arm - they sped off in front of us and the truck slowed down and continued to fire as he was in front of us." she told everyone to get down. washington was shot in the arm- trying to shield her daughters from gunfire.once the shooting stopped-- one of her daughters looked at jasmine.(laporsha washington/jazmine's mother) "she said 'momma jazmine's not moving, she's not talking. i turned around and my 7 year old was shot in the head." harris county investigators are looking for this red four-door truck in the area on east parkway and wallisville washington and her three daughters are living with a loss that will last their lifetime.(laporsha washington/jazmine's mother) "my baby comes and asks me, where's my sister, is she coming back? she's only six years old, she does not deserve to wake up and wake up without her sister. it's not fair." (catherine) investigators still have no idea whythe man opened fire..
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(ken) the family of a man shot to death inside a hollywood walgreens is now suing the company.this as the security guard who fired the shots now faces murder charges. randy paige reports. nats: "made an informal request for the video tape..." in court today, noted criminal defense attorney mark geragos , whose former clients include michael jackson and chris brown, asked a judge to postpone today's arraignment until thursday to give him time to get a hold of walgreens security video so that he and the judge can witness the fatal shooting of 21 year old jonathan hart. nats: "i want your honor to see it the same time that we do."geragos is representing 28 year old donald ciota who is charged with second degree murder.on december second ciota was working as a security guard at a walgreens pharmacy at sunset and vine in hollywood when, according to prosecutors, he got into a fight with the homeless man who was suspected of shoplifting.prosecutors say ciota shot hart in the back as the homeless man ran away. geragos says heel store security footage will geragos/criminal defense
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attorney: "i want the judge to see the videotape. based on the reports, based on everything that happened, i will tell you right now there's no way in the world this should be a murder case. " carl douglas/representing jonathan hart's family: "we are encouraged that district attorney jackie lacey has shown the leadership to file murder charges."across town another legal heavyweight, carl douglas, who was a member of oj simpson's legal team, is representing jonathan hart's family in a 525 million dollar lawsuit against walgreens.carl douglas/representing jonathan hart's family: "the death of jonathan hart has left blood on the hands of executives of walgreens as well."carl douglas says jonathan hart was a victim of profiling .carl douglas/representing jonathan hart's family: "why we believe jonathan hart was profiled because he was homeless, why he was harassed because he was gay, and why we think he was shot because he was black.mark geragos takes issue with these allegations.mark geragos/criminal defense attorney: "this is probably emblematic of what i see wrong in the culture right now... is because somebody comes out and makes a statement and invokes
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race, invokes gender or invokes sexual preference that we lose sight of what the law is." (ken) that was randy paige reporting. walgreens confirms the security guard involved in the security guard confirms the walgreens reporting.randy paige that was (ken) (ken) that was randy paige reporting. walgreens confirms the security guard been fired... and says it is cooperating fully with authorities. now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast
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lawrence karnow: it was bright new year. it was a little cool too with highs mainly in the 50s. we are in for a very cold night with clear skies. lows will be in the 20s and 30s inland with 40s at the coast. high pressure continues over the west coast to keep us dry. it will be another sunny day tomorrow with highs in the 60s. more clouds with rain is possible this weekend.
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next at 8 -- 10 years later... oscar grant shot and killed by a bart police officer. today a vigil was held at oakland's fruitvale station, the site of the killing. and -- the twin brother of an american detained in russia talks about his concern for his brother's safety..
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it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. american detained in russia on
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accusations of spying is speaking out.(catherine) paul whelan's twin brother, david, said in a statement today that the family is deeply concerned for paul's safety.. david says his brother is a former marine ..d works in corporate security. he says paul has traveled to russia many times for work and personal business-- and that he was in moscow for a wedding of another former marine.but the kremlin says whelan was arrested while - quote - "carrying out an act
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of espionage." david says his family is anxiously waiting for someone from the u.s. embassy to check on paul... they don't have anydetails of his detention-- only that he is alive. coming up at eight.. police in florida started the new year by saving a woman from drowning... it happened after her car overturned on the side of a freeway. that story...when we come back.. and -- the court hearing for those responsible for gunning down a police officer... appeared in court monday. how the suspect's family is responding to the case when we come back. also - it's been 10 years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer. today a vigil was held at oakland's fruitvale station, the site of the
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killing. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. (catherine) it's been 10 years since the shooting death of oscar grant by a bart police officer.(ken) today a vigil was held at oakland's fruitvale bart station, the site of the killing. kron4's maureen kelly talked to grant's mother about her son's legacy.
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it's been a decade since this cell phone video captured the scene at fruitvale station where a bart officer shot and killed the unarmed 22 year old hayward resident, oscar grant. the video was later used to convict that officer, who claimed he meant to use his taser instead of his gun.... of involuntary at the annual vigil marking grant's killing...people held up signs reading i am oscar grant and black lives matter. grant's mother says her son's death helped spark a national conversation about social injustice. i think that oscar's death was the catalyst to wake up america. to let them know that we still as a people have a long way to go. i believe from also brought to the forey frona those who wrongfully do things like oscar was killed, but we have to hold those accountable for their actions and the only way they could be held accountable is if we bring it to the forefront. grant's daughter who was only 4 where her father was killed says events like make his loss easier to bear. i mean it's sad because i don't have my father but it's also a good thing that i see a lot of people who support and come out take their time to be here for him grant's death triggered a number of police reforms within the bart police department...including the implemtation of body cameras and a policy meant to prevent
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racial profiling. now grant's family is trying to get bart to change the name of the station where he was killed to the fruitvale grant station and the street outside the stop oscar grant way. bart says stations can only be named by locations not after individuals but they are working with family in the commission of a mural outside the station to honor him. that mural is set to go up where you see the white paint behind me.oscars grants mother says she hopes of the mural will be complete in time for a gala being held in her sons honor on march 23 maureen kelly kron4 news (ken) for three days, california investigators were on the hunt for gustavo arriaga -- the man accused of
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gunning down a central valley police officer.(ken) he was caught in kern county friday, and four people suspected of helping him run pleaded helping him suspected of helping him run pleaded "not guilty" in court yesterday. kay recede reports. the family of newman police corporal ronil nginto departmen stanislaus county superior court on monday afternoon-- where they faced four of the people accused of helping gustavo arriaga escape town. investigators say arriaga, a suspected gang member and undocumented immigrant, was driving drunk when he killed corporal singh in the early morning hours of december 26th. arriagas loved ones are in disbelief.(estefania mendoza, gustavos cousin)"we had to double look at the pictures, we had to double look at everything because we didn't believe it. we didn't think it was him."in the days leading up to his capture, arriaga's
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girlfriend ana cervantes, his two brothers adrian virgen (beer-hen) and conrado mendoza --along with his co-worker erik quiroz razo were taken into custody, suspected of helping arriaga flee mexico. arriaga got as far as kern county and was arrested friday. (leslie pedrazo, gustavos family friend)"it's hard for everybody. as much as it is for them, it is also for us." all four suspects pleaded not guilty.according to prosecutors - they're undocumented immigrants and are considered flight risks. their bail is set to 100 thousand dollars for arriaga and the three caught in kern county, they're expected to be in court wednesday. (ken) prosecutors say arriaga is expected to be arraigned on murder charges. (catherine) for the second time in as many years chicago saw fewer murders and less gun- related violence. there were 1-hundred fewer murders in 20- 18 compared to the year before. and overall crime numbers dropped ten-percent since 20-16. the police department admits they still havea lot of problems...and a lot of work to do.. chicago police say other
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crimes, including carjackings and robberies, also dropped in 20-18. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright start to the new year. it was a little cool too with highs mainly in the 50s. we are in for a very cold night with clear skies. low will be in the 20s and 30s inland with 40s at the coast. high pressure continues over the west coast to keep us dry. it will be another sunny day tomorrow with highs in the 60s. more clouds with rain is
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possible this weekend. she kept asking where's the water. and at the time it was right here and i was like are they coming did they find me? did they find me? ... by the time they came the water was like right here(catherine)a dramatic survival tale from a florida woman who began the new year trapped in a submerged car... while deputies frantically searched for her in dense fog.the tense rescue effort begain with a 9- 1-1 call to dispatchers in tampa, florida(ken)a woman said she was upside down in a muddy down in a this weekend.rain is possible clouds with the 60s. more clouds with rain is possible this weekend.
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water. and at the time it was right here and i was like are they coming did they find me? did they find me? ... by the time they came the water was like right here(catherine) a dramatic survival tale from
8:37 pm
a florida woman who began the new year trapped in a submerged car... while deputies frantically searched for her in dense fog.the tense rescue effort begain with a 9- 1-1 call to dispatchers in tampa, florida(ken)a woman said she was upside down in a muddy drainage ditch ... and her car was rapidly filling with water.. i thought i want going to make it out because i couldnt open the doors or windows. i didn't think i was going to make it out." twenty-year old amanda antonio was driving home after ringing in the new year with her boyfriend. at three fifty in the morning our communications center got a call, a desperate call. the victim was driving in i-4 northbound and had found herself on the ravine, in a ditch, underwater and drowning. she told her parents she was cut off, and swerved. her car had flipped over five times. the toyota scion ended up on its roof in this watery ditch. amanda was able to get out of her
8:38 pm
seatbelt but was unable to open the door as water rose from her chest to her chin. < wanda guzman> she said mom i was about to die. that was it. i was gone. using the maps app on her phone, she tried to tell the 9-1-1 operator where she was. we had thirteen units trying to race up and down i-4 near the fairgrounds in a dense dense fog. if i can paint the picture, our lights are bouncing back at us from the fog as we desperately try to find the woman that is literally drowning as we speak." "she was breathing through her nose at that point. that's when she says she heard someone saying are you there. are you there? can you hear me? and that's when she started screaming at the top of her lungs," . a deputy spotted the car and jumped in. "it was water, but muck, really, and the car is sinking and the back light of the car is almost the only thing that is sticking out," . "fortunately, we were able to pry open thedoors. deputy pollock was able to get into the passenger seat and get her out of the vehicle. when he said it was thick, it was thick, muddy disgusting water that came up to your chest and it was very difficult to move through so, as a diver, as a dive team, it's not a lot of chances that we get to actually have
8:39 pm
somebody walk away from the scene so it's very fortunate." amanda was , muddy but uninjured. what would you say to them? thank you and i i wouldn't be here right now without them
8:40 pm
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(catherine) mickey and minnie apparently had too many guests for their new year's eve celebration.(ken) walt disney world sent t is tweet monday morning. the florida theme park announced
8:42 pm
it was turning away new guests from its magic kingdom park. the reason-- the theme park was near capacity!reports say there was a three-hour wait to ride space mountain and big thunder mountain roller coasters. the park did not stay closed to new guests all day on monday.around 5:15-pm - disney world updated its twitter account... announcing that magic kingdom was reopened to all guests. (catherine) a two-year-old girl was hurt by a rhinoceros after falling into the rhino exhibit at a florida zoo... a brevard zoo spokesman said the girl was taking part in a hands-on experience with the rhinos -- but she fell between the poles -- into the yard with the animals. the zoo says the snout of at least one of the rhinos made contact with her.the snout is not the horn -- it's basically the rhino's nose. the girl's father rescued her from the exhibit and rushed her to the front of the zoo, where he was met by rescue crews.the girl and her mother were taken to a local hospital for details on their injuries have been released. next at 8 -- a
8:43 pm
community is morning the loss of a neighborhood manicurist who died after serving one of her clients. details on this tragic case when we come back. still to come in sports...we've got a lot of new year's day bowl action to break's all ahead after the break.
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(ken)and killed by a customer who failed to pay a bill for 35 dollars. (catherine) it happened over the weekend... that customer's credit card was declined after she recieved the services. tiana bohner reports. josh:"it just happened within
8:46 pm
a matter of 5 to 10 seconds... that quick. and you know, and she'll never come back."josh works next door at capriotti's. he didn't want to share his last name or show his face.but he's talking about nhu nguyen the owner of crystal nails and spa.nhu -- known as annie to her friends and family ran the business with her husband sonny.josh:"they just seemed like very hardworking people, very friendly."her family says she developed that work ethic at a young age.a vietnamese refugee nhu came to america and raised three daughters as a single mother.she traveled the country finally landing in vegas two years ago.she and sonny loved this business.they were open 12 hours a day seven days a week.josh:"seems like a lot of people who work hard and do the right thing fall victim to people who aren't doing the right thing."on saturday afternoon police say a woman got her nails done then tried to pay with a credit card that got declined. that's when the woman told nhu... she just needed to go to her car to get some extra money.but instead the customer tried to get away.nhu and her husband saw what was happening. josh:"the husband and wife from the nail salon next to us
8:47 pm
ran out. the husband ran behind the car, he was trying to get her attention, hitting her car."nhu was in the front. police tell us the woman ran nhu over then dragged her about 50 feet before taking off.josh:"it was very sad to know she lost her life over something... over money. that's just hard to wrap my mind around it."police say an un-paid bill is never worth that risk.josh:"that's what the police are for. we live in a world where people don't value other people's lives. you have to value your own."on sunday, as the family gathered inside, a growing memorial outside...and a rare closed sign... taped to the window. josh:"just god bless prayers are wi r loved ones tighter." (ken) the driver's rental car was reportedly abandoned at a nearby apartment complex. police are now going through surveillance video in the area... and following leads to identify the driver. (ken) now take a look at
8:48 pm
this -- stealing from police officers is never a good idea. just ask this guy.police say he tried to steal a bike from right outside of a police station in oregon.gladstone police shared this video on social media.for about 30 seconds-- the man tries to cut the lock off of the officer comes out... confronts him... then arrests word on the man's name no word on arrests him.him... then arrests word on the man's name or what charges he could face. (ken) no doubt wall street investors are happy to see 2018 end. it turns out the extremely volatile year was the worst stocks have seen in a decade.(catherine) the dow fell five point six percent, the s&p 500 was down six point two percent, and the nasdaq lost four percent. not only was it the worst year since 2008...2018 was only the second year both the dow and the s-and-p ended lower since 2008.december was
8:49 pm
particularly dismal... the dow was down eight point seven percent... the darkest december since fact, this christmas eve was the worst ever for the's a fact for some perspective: the dow has swung a thousand points in a single session just eight times in its history, and five of those took place in 2018. (ken) say bye bye to the 75-hundred dollar tax credit if you plan on buying a tesla. the tax credit will start phasing out in 2019. for the first six months of the year, the tax credit will enand 50-percent for the following six months.the tax credit for tesla ends for good in 2020. also -- general motors is next up for the phase-out of the tax credit. the college football season is almost over...after today just the national chamionship
8:50 pm
remains...but we sure got some good matchups today to start 2019 off strong. let's start with the grandaddy of 'em all...washington and ohio state going at it in the rose bowl...the last game of urban meyer's incredible career...and his out to a 21-3 lead at the half...and j.k. dobbins makes it 28-3 with the 3 yard rushing td...the game appeared to be on ice...but washington wasn't finished...the huskies scored twice in the 4th to clsoe the gap to 28-17...then myles gaskin brought them to within 5...the 2-yard td...huskies going for the 2 pt try...but jake browning's pass is intercepted...and that would be the dagger...everything coming up roses for urban meyer and ohio state. 28-23 the final score...and meyer had some thoughts on the last game of his career. urban meyer says:"all credit to our opponent, that was a hell of a game, man. and a great defense we faced so rose bowl champs. i think we had our 13th win. going to enjoy it. time to move on, next era. i'm a very blessed person with my family and i'm very blessed i've had some of the best coaches in college football coach for me. and you look at our rosters over the years you
8:51 pm
could say we've had the best players to ever play this game and i'm very proud of that. (reporter question: what are the chances we'll never see you lead another team out of the tunnel?) i don't believe that's gonna happen. i'm going to enjoy tonight. i don't believe i'm going to coach again." fiesta bowl...ucf on a two season, 25-game winning streak entering the contest with l- s-u...knights took an early lead but the tigers got right back in it, joe burrow finding derrick dillon...a 49-yard touchdown to take the lead in the 2nd quarter...tigers kicker cole tracy saw a lot of action...he was 4-4 on the night...this 26-yarder set a new ncaa record for career field goals made. his parents emotional in the stands...and there would be plenty more happy tears for lsu fans...knights with a final shot but darriel mack jr's pass intercepted by jacoby stevens...that would seal the win for lsu 40-32, tigers the
8:52 pm
fiesta bowl champs and play spoiler for the nation's longest winning streak. final bowl matchup of the day still in progress...number 15 texas and number 5 georgia going at it in the sugar bowl... so the sugar bowl winding down, we'll have full highlights coming up in highlights have full down, we'll have full highlights coming up in our 10 p.m. newscast. next at 8 -- the party was quickly shut down for some men who tried to get away with a truck load of tequila! the jaw-dropping amount police recovered... when we come back.
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(ken) florida deputies recovered over half a million dollars worth of tequila over the weekend.(catherine) the hillsborough county sheriff's office released a photo of the haul monday. there were approximately 966 cases of patron tequila. the retail value-- more than 507-thousand dollars. investigators say a truck driver hauling the tequila stopped for dinner at a truck stop in tampa. at some point-- he noticed his trailer was no longer attached to his truck. deputies found the trailer more than ten miles away. they also found four men transferring the cases of tequila to another box truck. the four men were taken into custody. (ken) depending on how hard you celebrated last night.... you may or may not be observing national hangover day today.national hangover day is each year on the first of january -- when you're
8:56 pm
likely feeling the effects of all that champagne you drank while ringing in the new year. you know the symptoms... exhaustion, pounding headache... nausea.if that sounds like you on tuesday... observe national hangover day by getting a lot of rest ... order dinner in... and rehydrate with healthy fluids! lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright start to the new year. it was a little cool too with highs mainly in the 50s. we are in for a very cold night with clear skies. lows will be in the 20s and 30s inland with 40s at the coast. high pressure keep us dry. it will be another sunny day tomorrow with highs in the 60s. more clouds with rain is possible this weekend. that wraps up kron4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local news station. this weekend.rain is possible
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this weekend.
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this is a kron4 news special presentation: in the spotlight.... with pam moore. hello everyone and welcome to 'in the spotlight' .. i'm pam moore.. i did an interesting mix of bay area profiles this year.. from icons and legends to political moderates .. and a special talk with two young, local girls ... who were moved to action by the mass shooting at marjory stoneham douglas high school in parkland, florida.. that mass shooting in february.. rocked the nation .. and motivated thousands of young people to demand an end to the violence.. rallies were held across the u.s. there are two views to this issue.. the mass shootings, so far, affecting mostly affluent communities .. and the gun violence affecting urban areas... and the 'fear' is real for both.. as the two bay area girls you will meet ... acknowledge.. 'what was your firs


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