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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 16, 2019 1:30am-1:59am PDT

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♪ tonight -- why britney spears may never perform again. those closest to britney painting a very bleak picture. >> my daughter has had more than her fair share of stress. >> what is going on and why some fear a repeat of her 2007 meltdown. paris hilton unleashes on lindsay lohan and our jaws are still on the floor. tv history in the making. two historic finales just days apart. but is it really over for "game of thrones"? the fansll the stops toredo. what you never know about big he is "entertainment
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tonight." ♪ take a good look. it's possible that you may never see britney spears perform again. i know. it's a shocking new development. it comes straight from her long time manager, larry rudolph. >> that's huge. he's her manager. he held nothing back on the record about britney's struggle with mental health. >> britney's manager is blunt about her career, telling "e.t." quote, i don't want her to work again until she'sically, mental passionately. if that time never comes again it will never come again. he also explains why why rehear suddenly stopped on her planned vegas residency. saying, quote, we had to pull her show because her meds stopped working and she was distraught over her dad's illness.
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the judge ordered to undergo a competency evaluation. >> she has bipolar one, condition marked by episodes of extreme mania and extreme depression. >> rudolph says britney seems uninterested in performing and quote, i have no desire or ability to make her work again. keep in mind, there's a reason rudolph's comments are so important -- professionally, no one knows britney better. the former lawyer started managing britney in 1988 and is credited wit k when i met her. >> after runaway success, sh she rehired him in 2008, after her public meltdown. >> i wanted to rebel out. >> rudolph turned her career around, he was the executive producer of britney's 2008 mtv documentary "for the record."
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>> nobody gets in the door until they've spoken to one of us. >> this is the official beginning of the comeback, as far as i'm concerned. >> we retooled, we put out the circus album and then went on that tour which was enormously successful, and now, you know, the queen is back. >> rudolph also orchestrated britney's vegas residency, which made over $130 million. >> britney spears and planet hollywood, it is going to take over the whole planet. it's going to be big. it's going to be really big. >> meanwhile, a source tells "e.t." britney has had another very difficult week. getting th challenge. performing again right now or any time soon is not an option. as for britney's sons, well, the source says they're living mostly with their dad right now. but they do visit britney whenever possible. britney's mom has been sticking close by her side. in 2010, lynne told "e.t." the
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first sign of trouble she noticed was back in 2004. >> we lived the honeymoon phase for five years. ♪ oops i did it again >> then all of a sudden -- i don't know, it just seems -- things started happening. the relationships with the home boy, you know from home, the las vegas marriage. she said she married jason. i said, what? before i could bat an eye everything had turned upside-down. >> two years, britney was married to kevin federline and pregnant with their second child.incident? >> i did it with my dad. interview. >> we just need privacy and we need respect. >> by 2007, britney and kevin were divorced. manager sam lutfi was the new
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constant figure in her life. that's when things really got dark. she shaved her head. started dating a paparazzo. >> when are you and britney getting married? >> all the while, lynne said the family was cut off. >> she'd shut us all out, but i told her -- i said, i may climb over that fence and you may see my behind going over that fence, so get ready. devil get us in there. and then this incident happened when we were all called and we ended up getting in that night. >> that incident was britney's 2008 psychiatric hospitalization. shortly after dad jamie was granted the conservatorship and lutfi was fired. >> things seem to start getting better after that. certain individuals were restrained from mi last week, britney and her family were granted a temporary restraining order against him for alleged harassment and threats. lutfi denies all the allegations.
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yesterday, he appeared defiant at the airport. >> do you feel like it's personal? >> by who? >> jamie. >> i think that's obvious. >> britney's fans want her well. her next for the conservatorship is september 18th remember this delicious moment, when brit was in lindsay loh lohan. now, don't let the smiles fool you -- paris was mad at lindsay. and last night, she doubled down. >> the internet's going crazy comment. >> say three she's -- >> beyond. >> that's pretty nice one to say she's beyond. >> okay. >> new shots fired and refired as paris left "watch what happens live." >> what are your thoughts about it? >> she's beyond. >> their feud most recently boiled over in 2017, over a decade after that lindsay/brit/paris outing, when
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hilton called lohan a party crasher. >> it was just like brit and i out, and then she, like, chased us to the car and got in. she wasn't invited. >> she was kind of acting like you weren't having it and you came back to the house with them. >> that's not the story, so i'm not here to talk about paris. >> you may also remember months before their infamous pic, paris laughed at this lohan dig. so what could be reigniting the rivalry today? well, the frenemies run in similar industry circles overseas. paris, a famous deejay, lindsay, a club owner in greece. >> i felt very comfortable in mykonos. >> i think she's doing well in mykonos now. >> yeah, sure. i feel bad, though, i was like, whatever. >> today on sirius xm paris said she regretted commenting at all and give lilo an sorry for call.
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i feel the shade. let's talk big tv news. there's a lot of changes coming for our favorite primetime shows. but could the biggest shakeup come from the fab four at "american idol"? >> wowza. >> our special correspondent ben aaron found out. >> is the team coming back, you think? >> i hope so. >> here's what we know -- "idol" will be back next season, but no word if the judges will return. contract negotiations with luke bryan, lionel richie and katy perry are under way. >> the stakes are so high right now. >> ber the cost of the show. million a season won't help with that. ryan seacrest is hopeful. >> i know they're working on it. they're so fantastic together. the chemistry is great. they did a tremendous job picking the right talent so we had a good top ten, so i hope it works out. meantime, the "modern family" gang negotiated big raises to return. still season 11 will be the show's last, but the cast of "the conners" say they're just getting started.
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>> still have to keep your promise. >> so next season, you guys have more episodes which means more conner family fun, that has to be awesome? >> yeah, we're really excited. i guess abc wanted us to do more than our 13 and i'm not sure if it's confirmed but i think we're doing 19, which is fantastic. >> and "big bang theory" is ending, so johnny galecki is going to have more time for your show, do you think? >> he better. he better not make any exciting plans. he better come right back home to landford. and over on cbs, a fan favorite will helm one of the fall's biggest new shows. patricia heaton will executive produce and star in the comedy "carol's second act." >> interestingly enough for for me, at this point in my life i have more opportunity than i have ever had. which is unusual. coming up -- >> and you get a car. >> five mini oprahs put lady o. in the hot seat. then -- now cuoco ready for
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♪ you're suing the d$5,000. >> judge judy won't give up her bench to just anyone. 21-year-old nicole skinner won the you be the judge contest. now the episode won't actually air but nicole did get the full courtroom experience. >> she was a natural. i was amazed and charmed. >> amazed charmed. judge judy you're doing well. oprah is a wonderful role model who inspires kids of all ages. >> how do you live your best life? >> that's a lot of little oprahs. these little ladies channeled lady o. for a special video and even re-created some of her iconic show a car >> and you get a car!o. in the hot seat for tips on how to live your best life.
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>> what's the best reason to take a day off? i'm pretty tired >> oh, gosh. you know what's interesting, i did the oprah show for 25 years and i never once missed a day. >> what's the best thing you splurged on when you earned a million dollars? >> really good fluffy towels. >> what's the best thing that you and stedman do on date night? >> usually it's something that i do for him. like, i toasted an english muffin for him the other day and he's saying to me, oh, my goodness, where did you get that english muffin? it doesn't matter what i do. he's always happy about what i'm cooking. -- "game of thrones" backlash before the finale. >> how did you get killed? rocks. >> how fans are now trolling the
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writers. plus, those big bang flash mobs and the woman who made them happen. only we're with kaley cuoco's little sister. then our favorite tv finales. >> how are we going to find an excuse to get together again. >> "e.t.'s" time on the sets for the sendoffs. closed captioning provided by -- every day,
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not even crack rocks. >> "game of thrones" superfan tiffany haddish giving her hilarious post-show commentary on the weekly funny or die series "gay of thrones." clearly this is a huge week for series finales. "the big bang theory" tomorrow, and, of course, "game of thrones" on sunday, but let's start with "g.o.t.," which is already making ratings history. sunday's fiery slaughter slayed in the ratings with a record 18.4 million viewers tuning in. that number gets even bigger when you add in dvr viewers. >> oh, my goodness! all this even though fan reaction for what they're tuning in for isn't great. last week's got thesecond lowes rating.
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there's now a petition for hbo to redo the final season. it has 47,000 signatures and counting. and get this, when you google the words "bad writers" an image of "game of thrones" co-creator pops up sunday's finale episode cost a reported $15 million to make. did two other shows predict the finale years ago? in 2017, the simpsons predicted the scene of kings landing. >> the dragon is burning our village. >> i love our life. >> and check out this parks and rec prediction from 2015. >> oh, my god, "game of thrones" is on tonight. it's the series finale. she's marrying jack sparrow. another big finale is happening tomorrow night -- "the big bang theory."
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we've got seek are tcrets from cuoco's sister. she can give us details on the flash mob. she choreographed each one. who was the worst dancer. >> who know who kind of killed it. mayim slayed it. ♪ >> i will say that jim had flash cards. he would it down on flash cards. >> no? >> i swear. jim's come a long way actually. check out his moves. when they do their final flash mob three months ago. >> he felt a little fomo and needed to get into the next one. >> bazinga. >> what's next for kaley, could she and husband karl cook have
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braebs on the brain? >> you alreadye a celebrity to wear it when the paparazzi shots. >> i'll use it for all it's worth. >> we need an "e.t." flashyway, big bang and "game of thrones" are just three days apart. by the way, the last two epic finales was 2014 that was grassier and friends. >> go of my favorite shows. speaking of friends, one of the many tv shows that "e.t." was so lucky to be on the set . >> can we get some coffee? >> sure. "e.t." was there for the closing of central perk. but nothing compares to the issued a last long.
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>> sorry, we're closed. >> boston had one heck of an afterparty when "cheers" ended in '93. after 11 seasons, cheers' spin-off grassier signed off with lots of hug the scenes of the highest series fie fall lee ever, m.a.s.h. alan ald ya directed as 106 million people tuned in. 76 million watched the seinfeld finale but most didn't like it. >> have we had this conversation before? >> you think. >> "lost" ending has been called by some as the dumbest ending ever. mad man and sew propranos endint wasn't. we got two spin-off movies from sex and the city.
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>> bob newheart waking up to his first sitcom wife, suzanne pleshette. >> no more japanese food before you go to bed. tomorrow on " -- >> bazinga! >> we are coming to you from the set of "the big bang theory." >> i got dibs on sheldon's seat. >> no, you didn't! >> no! >> one entire episode of "e.t." 12 seasons of behind the scenes secrets finally revealed. >> i didn't even get hired originally. >> no, that's true. >> plus, a look back to before they were famous. >> well, my mother wrote a letter, saying that i was most like a bette midler. >> it's "entertainment tonight's big bang theory" special. >> we're out
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travel consideration provided by -- we're going to leave you know with the cast of southern charm. season 6 kicks off tonight on bravo. >> i love this show, nancy. in your neck of words, charleston. we got the gang together to ask these questions for this charming edition of "e.t.'"e.t..
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