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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  October 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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as commissioners with the california public utilities commission took pg e officials to attack ask for the utilities handling of last week's massive preemptive power shut off. thanks for joining us tonight at 6 everybody i'm grant lotus can win is off tonight and i'm pam moore kron four's dan kerman attended that meeting he joins us now live with details stand. >>well they really took off the gloves a pga right before the commissioners from the california public utilitpes commission basically telling them that all these things that went wrong were pretty easy. in retrospect and they all should have been taken care of before the power shut. >>my specific ul's at this meeting is to make sure any future power shut off event is never like the one of last week. >>the california public utilities commission wasted no time friday slamming pacific gas and electric for their handling of this month's public safety power shutoff pg e was not fully prepared to manage such large scale power
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shut off. throughout the event pg e had multiple issues with communications coordination and event and resource management. pg corporation president and ceo bill johnson admitted mistakes were made especially. >>when it came to communicating with the public and local governments. he apologized and said changes are already afoot we are reinforcing our web site in call centers to handle a much higher volume in these events and we're working to improve the quality and accessibility of our outage matt. but johnson admitted it would likely be 10 years before the company was at a point to abandon power shut off says an option. commissioners question whether pg performed badly because they have a sense of entitlement when it comes to customers. >>do you think the last. >>of care you have for your customers merits you retaining them. >>as your customers. >>i don't believe anybody should think and i certainly not think that you're entitled to your customers. regardless
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of the system and whether well regardless of it i think our objective should be every day to make sure that we feel like we can't keep them and doing everything we can to keep. >>the utility did say they plan to speed up restoration once a shut off is completed. we now recognize that 5 days as a benchmark and it's double. >>the vast majority of our customers were still within 48 hours. and frankly that now he's become the new benchmark for us to beat. >>officials also reiterated that they have no plans to reimburse customers impacted by the shot off. live the cbc headquarters in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and thank you now that the emergency hearing with the public utilities commission is over pg executives are also set to face frustrated lawmakers, lot of questions to answer capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala spoke with
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governor newsome today .bout what is next for pga. >>governor gavin newsome friday resounding his confidence in california regulators as they make sense of what happened with pg e's power shut off so you see as the hammer. >>they have the direct authority. >>the genie executives will next have to face lawmakers as a senate committee investigates the process be jeannie took to shutting off power and decide what if any policies are needed what's still months left in fire season and more power shut off slightly. governor gavin newsome weighed in on whether he would support special legislative session so to the extent that's necessary i would be open to it. >>but in the absence of the necessity i'm not sure. i think it more symbolic. benefit than a substantive one again if i feel differently we can obviously make adjustments. the governor adamant. the state will hold pgd accountable. but how exactly depends on what happens with the company's bankruptcy proceeding. >>the size and scope of this utility leads to the obvious question is it too big and can it be broken up and managed in
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a different way the governor friday also continued his calls for the utility to reimburse customers affected by last week's blackouts in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and this monday is the deadline coming up for wildfire victims to file a claim against pg e a federal bankruptcy judge set the deadline for october 21th if you are the victim of the campfire or any other wildfire that happened before pge filed for bankruptcy. you have until monday to file that claim pg e cause the deadline a key milestone in its efforts to complete the restructuring process and compean say wildfire victims as quickly as possible. if you would like to file a claim you can visit pg e's website. >>the fight over a navigation center for people who are homeless along san francisco's embarcadero continues a new lawsuit has been filed by the group called safe embarcadero for all. now the group says that the city violated state and local laws and never obtain permits to build the 200 bed homeless shelter. last
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month. the same group went to court to try to stop construction. but a judge denied the request and construction continued. the attorneys for the group filed the latest motion against the city of san francisco today. pif that motion is approved sa francisco will be required to stop further construction. a hearing is now set for november that well. >>the north bay investigation tonight is underway after a body was found near china camp state park in marine county right near sandra fell officials with the marin county sheriff's officer saying they're investigating this death as suspicious. the body was reported around 8 o'clock this morning in the area of me walk meadows, several roads were closed in the area as detectives combed the scene officials have not released any other details. >>police san bruno have arrested a city employee they say he sexually assaulted and held a 16 year-old girl against her well, 22 year-old armand oak went on a work for an after-school program at bel air elementary school in san bruno police say the victim was not a part of that
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program. it's not clear how went on and those the girl in this situation, but police were alerted after she went to the hospital to be treated for sexual-assault police say there's no indication and the students in the after-school program where he worked where victimized in the south bay authorities have lifted a shelter-in-place at 3 santa clara schools that were previously on lockdown because of a report. >>of a suspicious device at nearby park. the santa clara county bomb squad says the device was rendered safe shortly before noon today bowers elementary cub real middle school in cumbria montessori school silicon valley, resume normal operations shortly after. in the east bay, the investigation continues into what caused this huge fire and explosion at the new star fuel storage facility in crockett there are also new questions about what happened in the moments after the explosion and fire started a new star. >>for charles clifford has details. >>well right now i'm outside the new star storage facility here in contra costa county
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where the investigation and cleanup continues. following tuesday's fire that destroyed 2 tanks here. the facility remains shut down in the main focus right now is on cleaning up the foam and water and debris from the fire. most of that material is being held in a holding basin around the tanks and it still needs to be removed. questions are also being asked about what happened in the moments after the fire started contra costa county fire has said that there was a brief delay in accessing the site because of a locked gate, new star said in a statement friday that the gate was locked for safety reasons as is required by federal law. there are also concerns that an automatic fire suppression system was not turned on after the fire broke out, new star says that because of the speed and intensity of the fire. crews were unable to reach the fire suppression system until after firefighters had arrived on scene. there's also been reported that employees were seen fleeing the facility after the fire started but the company says they were simply following safety procedures to meet a rallying point away from the fire. and finally contra costa county fire says
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that their fire investigation team is still on scene here gathering evidence and it could take weeks or months to reach a final conclusion about what started the fire. in contra costa county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>milpitas police are looking for help identifying some package thieves they say in recent months, the thieves have targeted their town four's maureen kelly talked to the department's a spokesperson about the recent suspects and how people can help protect themselves from porch pirates. >>milpitas police say 3 suspects have all been recorded by home surveillance cameras on the 1500 block of center point drive stealing amazon packages during separate incidents. this female suspect was caught on camera 28th. this male suspect on september 4th and this man was seen committing porch piracy on 4 different occasions during august and september according to police and he's the only suspect his vehicle a black four-door sedan was also captured by security cameras, it's a regional thing where a lot
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defecting lot of cities within the area itself. >>it's just it's a crime of opportunity we're trying do can try and kind of minimizes opportunities. the milpitas police public information officer says residents can take steps to keep themselves from being victimized by package these such as having items delivered to their workplaces but there are other options, you can scheduled deliveries at a certain time if your home. also you can happen to families on and hobbs i do work with usps trying see you can have that boorda specific times having a p o box and then ups themselves as stores region trying to have these deliver then pick up and says having good video of suspects could help aid in their capture. >>bill peters police is encouraging businesses and residents with surveillance cameras to register them with their agency to help investigators solve crimes like these those interested in signing up can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com. maureen kelly kron 4 >>in southern california firefighters are still battling a wildfire along the
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coast of santa barbara started yesterday in elk up to 10 canyon area that stare one oh one and several campgrounds the campgrounds were evacuated, but those orders have since been lifted. nearly 450 acres have burned in the fire is 20% contained. gusty winds are expected to last through this weekend. of course making the battle worse for firefighters. they could also cause flare ups it the scene of a wildfire. that is north of la that fire started last week and is now 68% contained. >>evening as we head into a nice weekend little hazy out there sure is. >>still in a pretty temperate today our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here tracking the weekend forecast a looking good too on this friday evening. we've got mostly clear skies around the bay area out toward the golden gate bridge and nice and clear the winds kicking up a bit not as windy as yesterday, but certainly breezy out there to the flag blowing out there on the bridge is we've got a nice
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start to it looks like a very nice weekend. although we've got one more cold front. that's going to swing in late tonight and early tomorrow. speaking of those winds we're looking at winds to 12 miles per hour to san francisco, 60 now the west in oakland now, a west and 16 in hayward and 13 miles per hour of the northeast into san jose so still seeing that breeze outside not as windy as yesterday but that breeze will continue temperatures here pretty cool in the san francisco, 59 degrees with some of the win 62 in oakland right now 63 in san jose 61 in livermore 66 still pretty mild in the concord and santa rosa. and then if you head out the door i grab a jacket if you're sneaking on out skies are going to be mostly clear. temperatures be cooling off and you get some that breeze going of course is going to feel much cooler over the next 2 hours wake up tomorrow morning we've got mostly cloudy skies by atm around the bay area and then even the middle of the day skies stay mostly cloudy temperatures going to stay fairly mild by the afternoon. but we're gonna start to break out a little bit of sunshine. still some lingering clouds there's a slight chance we could see a sprinkle tomorrow that look like much most to come in the
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north bay. but just wait till you see sunday we're going to see those temperatures really begin to soar as a much warmer weather on the way guys. store to steal. >>thousands of dollars worth of jewelry how he got away with the heist and fighting the teenage vaping epidemic al. one lawmaker says his new bill can save lives coming up on map faults right here in the bay area the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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>>4.5 earthquake that we had near pleasant hill on monday it happened along and unmapped fault line just what we want right call forcefully to visits the us geological survey office in mountain view where a researcher talks about the possibility of other fault that we just don't know about. >>outside of the 5 major force in the bay area research geophysicist bready guard with the united states geological survey says there are more than 2 dozen others that are mapped and have the potential to produce at least a magnitude 6 point oh earthquake. there are also unmapped falls. either have produced quake smaller than a magnitude 2 point know or simply are not visible from the surface. the number of those faults is unknown monday night's 4.5 magnitude earthquake centered near pleasant hill happened along an unmapped fault close to the concord green valley fault about 30 aftershocks have
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followed here's that conquered fault. >>rice year. and monday night's earthquake was this a just a little to the west of it you'll notice that there are earthquakes that occurred in that region. between the concord and sort of trace extension of the calaveras fault that runs up here. towards of connects with the west napa fault. he says, although it's unlikely a fall short in length can generate large earthquakes registering magnitude 6.5 or higher. >>it is possible some of the faults are sort of roads of all the fines, especially down here in the congress fault. >>but in other relief like reflects the complexity of the fault all vertical there some of dip. some don't come to the surface and there's even minor faults in between they guard adds that older faults that are no longer maps because of a lack of recent seismic activity. >>still have the potential to cause a quake. in mountain
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view felecia all kron 4 news. >>nearly 1400 pharmacist, we'll have to retake their license examination because of questions being leaked online. the state board of pharmacy says anybody who took the exam since july will have to take it again. the board says it is aware of the effect on those people who took the test originally but add. it has to ensure that anybody who gets a license in california is competent to take care of patients. the good news for california's job force the unemployment rate fell to a new record low of 4% in september. >>the state's employment development department says the employers have added more than 21,300 jobs that extends california's record job expansion to 115 months since february of 2010 california has gained more than 3 million jobs flu season is just around the corner county health departments here in the bay area urging people to protect themselves by getting vaccinated and explains. >>other ways it people can
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protect themselves kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >>flu season typically starts in november, it runs through the spree that the following year that in mind the san francisco department of public health is urging everyone ages 6 months and above to get vaccinated health officials say the flu vaccine prevents people from getting sick limits the spread of the flu from person to person and reduces potential visits to the hospital roughly 2 weeks for the body to build immunity to most strains of influenza and each year. the vaccine is slightly different to match. the current strain of the disease. common symptoms include fever chills. fatigue headaches, cough sore throat. doctors recommend people who are experiencing those symptoms stayed at home for at least 24 hours because a person with the flu can be contagious and infect others before feeling sick themselves additional flu prevention tips this season, washing hands regularly with soap and water
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or use alcohol base rubs coughing into a tissue or your elbow forearm and avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth. >>you'll find flu vaccines available at doctors offices neighborhood clinics and pharmacies for more information contact. the san francisco department of public health has led you kron 4 news. >>all right taking a peek outside as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast on a friday night. bree meteorologist standing by with some news on the big way. >>yeah, you know the coastline we have some sunshine with those looking to roll in along the coastline to his head. those storms that generated some big 10 swells up the coastline of those waves roll in and out there 10 to 13 voters were checking some those over 10 feet in some spots of the san francisco, billy also the half moon bay blue certainly a chance you could still see couple 15 maybe even some 20 foot those ways some citing overnight tonight ince tomorrow out there right now nice evening, little hazy looking around the trans back towards san francisco beautiful evening on tap for the bay area's to be a
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nice night too local in spots and feels cool to get some wind out there not as windy as yesterday still 12 miles per hour in a san francisco, 16 in oakland man 13 into the issue right now so when the enough to make these feel a little bit cooler not double the cold fronts just as we get ready for the weekend we had another one drop through today kind of fallen party scene dissipate right here as moves on by this next one is going to begin to drop down to the bay area later on tonight and early tomorrow that will be a few more clouds and keep the temperatures down just a little bit. on saturday. the winds. yeah, they're going to subside a little bit overnight tonight becoming calm in many spots by tomorrow morning. and then just a light breeze as we head throughout the rest of the morning hours the picking up again as that cold front moves through a high pressure building behind that that is going to ramp up those winds. once again some plans a breezy conditions out toward the coastline again by tomorrow afternoon. temperature wise you're looking mid 50's in the pacific are right now with some breezy conditions there 59 in san francisco, 66 still in concord 61 degrees in the bottom 59 degrees in petaluma
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tonight. skies going stay mostly clear will be a little bit cool in spots overnight lows dropping off of the 40's and the 50's in most places to mall. that's going to be mostly cloudy begin the day becoming partly cloudy by the afternoon with that breeze kicking up late the day but by sunday. we had the other direction that trend is going to bring some much warmer weather in the middle of next week but tomorrow, i'm kind of a transitional day you've got the system that is going to begin to drop into the bay area's will called mild tomorrow lot of clouds around our skies. slight chance you might see a sprinkle or 2 you'll see right here as we take you through the night tonight skies stay mostly clear and then here come the clouds early tomorrow morning, slight chance of those sprinkles or up into the bay area see some talk a notch 100 of an inch or so so really not that much of a lot more sunshine by sunday. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 an alert for parents if you have baby butter at home check them out make sure it's safe. what the fda found in a bottle that it ordered online. health risk associated with cigarette
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today one lawmaker met with student to talk about prevention efforts. i'm bree jackson
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>>this week. the cdc reported 1479 lung injury cases, associated with the use of cigarettes are of a ping products across the country today, us senator tim kaine now. >>was students to talk about efforts to address this epidemic. he's hoping that. >>his new bill which is called
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the tobacco free youth act. well jackson reports, the bipartisan bill would raise the nationwide minimum age to buy all tobacco products now to 21. but some lawmakers say legislation alone will not solve this problem. >>steve nice things they're told that they're safer than cigarettes actual realities are not safe to to the more informed about the topic. >>these virginia teens, joint educators health experts and other stakeholders to discuss vaping concerns with senator tim kaine we hear >>cain is co-sponsoring a bipartisan bill to raise the age of tobacco use from 18 to 21. he believes it could play a critical role in improving public health are seeing is the e cigarette phenomenon. >>dramatically spike young people smoking and then we're seeing all these kind of mysterious illnesses connected
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to vaping could jump in initiation blames. >>and federal leaders are working on a plan to ban them. republican congressman david cuts off says more research on e cigarettes is needed to determine the risk and potential solutions. i think there's a whole lot more. >>we need to learn before decisions are made or need >>cain says conversations with young people about prevention is also important what are the kinds of messages and the ways we can get messages to young people so that they don't start. vaping or cigarette smoking at all. >>and joel says it plans to work with policymakers and stakeholders to combat underage use while still providing an alternative to adult. >>and in oregon, a state appeals court temporarily blocked to that state's ban on flavored vape vaping products governor kate brown's
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executive order directing state agencies to enact the 6 month ban on the sale of flavored vaping products, the rule became effective on to say, according to court documents 3 companies requested the stay from the judge. the governor's office called that decision unfortunate citing the quote ongoing public health threat posed by vaping related illness. >>the georgia thief spends the night hiding in a costco store, not just hiding how got away with almost $14,000 worth of jewelry that night to stop and deputies walk away from a plane crash without injuries what happened when the small cessna went down this week. >>and next at 6.30 a contentious week in washington comes to a close will take a look back at the biggest discussions. >>in the capital this week. and you look at missions out there right now little breezy in spots, hey you got to get aw there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft.
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too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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>>another contentious week between capitol hill democrats and the white house comes to a close and i'm so close from the impeachment and corey to syria tensions remain high. >>and members of congress on both sides of the aisle are wondering where it all goes next karen caifa reports now from washington. >>a whirlwind week of clashes between the 2 ends of pennsylvania avenue over the impeachment inquiry and the trump administration's moves regarding syria, we've had a tremendous success i think over the last couple of days questioned even b


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