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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 16, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news a january storm unleashes rain hail sleet and snow. it's cold. it's wet is very slick a dangerous commute along highway 17 where snowplow clearing away slush. >>an onslaught of rain on interstate 2 80 turned the road in a river flooding hit noh bay creeks in streets and in san francisco neighbors say storms triggered anxiety every time it rains, i'm scared and nervous. >>neighbors of 15th avenue and street on edge again today as rain soaked san francisco. this is what it looked like during the last heavy downpour back in december rains flooded out their neighborhood and destroyed furniture and garages and memorabilia. >>thank you for joining us tonight i'm pam moore and i'm
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can weigh in the neighborhood is located in the city's west portal neighborhood just east of stern drove. >>kron four's 10 of us actually was there during the last flight and returned today tonight to check on those neighbors and she joins us live now from that neighborhood taylor. well things are looking much better and much drier, i'm still seeing a lot of those sandbags but thankfully. >>the neighbors here did not this time like they did the last but of course a lot of these neighbors are still recovering from the damage is from that last flood and they say any time it rains now they're bracing for the worst. >>sandbags lined the mes at 15th avenue in walnut street in san francisco on thursday neighbors, fearful of brainwashing in li it did last month a nightmare every time it rains. >>i feel like it might be you know the the the water can whole neighborhood this is he what the neighborhood looks like in december right after a quick heavy downpour. evelyn cacho and many others lost furniture family heirlooms and more west
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>>fire department came here to help push the water the water inside for. basement was 4. >>now more than 6 weeks later catches still fixing a water damage we had to take out >>flooring and in the everything has to be taken out the basement has to be nice i don't know how many. and dryers so was running for like 2. weeks to a 4 hours every single day and. it's in have right now this isn't the first time major floods hit this neighborhood either in 2013 a water main break damage nearly 25 homes and several cars while the neighborhood was spared this time they say
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they're worried now any time rains and urging the city to fix the drainage problem sooner. >>and later. >>san francisco, cnn came to san francisco fees and do your job. a here 15 to have you know and every time it rains there are we so scared that is going to be find it again. we can't be doing this every time it rains. now supervisor norman yee who is in charge of this area tony last month the city allocated million to fix the drainage and sewer system here that's supposed to be done by 2021 so far though he says that nothing habeen implemented. >>reporting live in san francisco taylor the psac ii kron 4 news taylor. thank you the north bay was hit first by today store called fojustine waltman was in mill valley today with neighbor sell water spilling over creeks and onto the street. >>russia muddy waters about over the creek and mill valley's homestead valley neighborhood, the flooding covered this backyard. splashing their way through
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the mass. >>all the wet weather got 8 year-old henry wet on the way to schools that just the first credit pass right. yes, slash and so >>in a river of water pooled outside of the 02:00am club on miller avenue. no damage inside the popular bar, the water went down by the afternoon. >>about 275 people in the north bay lost power during the height of the stm after the pga the blackouts this brief outage did not seem to faze people we've done that before what twice this year. they clog storm drains in corte madera lt a mess near the ibrary. >>public works crews cleared it out the sandbag station in san anselmo stood ready the creek showed no signs of flooding. >>by late afternoon the creek that caused the mess and mill valley went back to where it belongs after yet another soaker in the north bay to be
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nice if the if mother nature could partial out a little more evenly. >>the downpours are done for now giving people a little bit of time to clean up before the next storm arrives in mill valley, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>well as see how things are looking right now it's been a pretty active day and into the night to the brits are adria's is in the weather center. but risa yet tracki scattered showers out there right now ken and pam right now over golden gate bridge, widespread light rain there making for a slick commute for your thursday night for a plea xdrive safely let's take a look at stormtracker 4 drying out for the north bay the lead zoom on into the san francisco peninsula because even south toledo starting to notice that drying trend but along golden gate bridge whites for light rain and even continuing for those of you in downtown san francisco as we shift into the east bay drier weather there. but livermore you're going to notice some widespread light rain making its way into your area and right now in palo alto stanford seeing light
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scattered showers there in san jose you're going to notice that drying trend cupertino and sunnyvale all dry for now the campbell also noticing some light rain out there for your thursday night fortunately not tracking any pop-up thunderstorms as the atmosphere is stabilizing this evening and that drying trend is going to continue for most of the bay area, especially those of you for some the north bay tonight during the overnight hours and king up to calmer conditions for your friday morning clear skies and that trend will continue through the afternoon but i am tracking an increasing cloud cover for our friday nightand no rain though friday night are all weekend long in fact tracking a warming and drying trend starting tomorrow peaking for your sunday just in time for 49 ers game temperatures out there right now widespread low to mid 40's, but santa rosa starting to cool down into the 30's upper 30's for you but you're going to be near freezing during the overnight hours. >>because of that lack a blanket a storm cloud cover we are going to clear out not just along the north bay, but especially our interior valleys cooling down into the
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30's and even throughout the bay area's shoreline, mild temperatures from redwood city oakland and downtown san francisco but going to be noticeably chilly so make sure you get that thicker coat or seeker blanket out there tonight. let's take a look at your microclimate friday forecast what a difference 24 hours is going to make are going to dry out and clear out slightly warmer temperatures mid 50's for downtown san francisco low 50's from on terror a half moon bay 54 degrees wind speeds light to breezy around 15 miles per hour or less how low 50's from brisbane all the way into burlingame but mid 50's for those of you in san mateo palo alto in the upper 40's d widespread mid to upper 50's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 57 degrees and as we shift into the east bay along the east bay shoreline widespread mid 50's there butter into 50 degrees for your afternoon highs and low 50's for napa and sonoma in the north bay santa rosa, 55 degrees and as we take a look ahead in our 7 day outlook we're going to notice warmer temperatures with above
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average highs by sunday widespread low to mid 60's but rain will return by monday where we are going to notice by monday night light showers so if you didn't have any martin luther king parade plans for the morning, you're a much drying out but rain will arrive monday night through tuesday, bringing light rain no word yet on the exact rain totals, let's first get through this storm the first full tenet an outlet coming up in a few minutes all right, thanks >>in the south bay 3 men are under arrest accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor san jose police say social media played a key role in leading to the arrests. kron four's gayle ong reports. >>san jose police arrested these 3 men now charged with several crimes, including kidnapping rape and conspiracy detectives say the suspect allegedly kidnapped and raped a 14 year-old girl. it was tuesday morning when police say 55 year-old albert vasquez of san jose approached a 14 year-old in capitola detectives say the girl was drugged to sexually assaulted
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and taken here to the easy 8 motel in san jose hotel management declined to comment. but san jose police say the victim used her cellphone to notify her friends on social media as she was in trouble and that led officers to the arrest the victim's friends were able to find her location through the apps gps tracker and called 911 was social media too and you can if you don't have like a phone or you know like to make a phone line to call somebody really easy for social media to talk to somebody and. >>given all the information they need to know this guest visiting from fresno who also works in the motel industry was shocked but had this to say it's really common side. it does not surprise me at all that this happen wherever you go just the night watch your back d don't accept things from strangers in 2 men police say assisted vazquez in the crimes, 34 year-old antonio lvador and 31 year-old heavy berteau every got a boost from fremont were taken into custody on dnesday all booked in santa clara county jail reporting in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news. >>also in san jose police
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arrested 4 people for human trafficking pimping and pandering officers say they arrested these 4 people yesterday after searching to brothels in san jose won on south king road. the other on silverleaf road. police say they found 6 human trafficking victims officers are now asking anyone who has any more information about this case or the suspects to call san jose police and take a look at this the san jose family's home security video captures a coyote he hanging out in their yard and then. >>destroying their irrigation system similar sightings have been popping up with construction being a likely factor. there appears to be an uptick in coyotes sightings in the south bay kron four's dan thorn joins us now live in san jose with more from the family and what. >>wildlife experts are saying about the size sightings down just looking at that video just trying to figure out what that coyote was doing. kenny's are quite the mischief maker the family telling us this particular coyote has been
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coming around their neighborhood. >>over the last month or so. it's now been forcing them and their neighbors to be a little bit more aware and a little more cautious at night. but wildlife experts say that we can expect to see more of these encounters as we continue tobuild more. a coyote tugging and gnawing away at a drip system of a san jose home. the scene captured on brian payers home security video early monday morning. he's having fun. they are says this coyote has been making sporadic nighttime visits to his neighborhood near all de in lake over the last month really know what do you want to wait till spring in bexar and his neighbors have not become ncerned by the visits but they are making sure they're more aware. >>people don't really want to see him like that. put down or taken and i think that's really what people are open wildlife experts say becoming more common in are residential areas and in some
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cases too common for comfort, encroachments issue we keep building on the in which the coyotes live. >>and so they are force closer to us know he's determined sure laura hawkins with the wildlife centerof silicon valley says the video shows this coyote has a pension for being playful but hawkins warns not to mistake, it's fun as an invitation to engage it's still a wild animals they really don't want to be a close to us they'd rather not be. but you know you need to take precautions the tug of war ends with the coyote calling it quits fair is now left with a couple $100 repair job. but he's not holding any hard feelings. the end of the day like it's an animal that was a person that's a different story. so i can't really do anything. well the wildlife center as if there is a possibility of seeing more of these coyotes because we are in the middle of mating season and even more coyotes will be popping up as we get closer to april and
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march because they will be having pops. >>reporting live in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>well we are hearing tonight from a childhood friend of this woman from hayward who went missing 49 years ago we first told you last night at the hayward police department is offering a $50,000 reward for any information on this cold case. christine easton was 19 when she went missing on january 18th 1971 easton was going shopping to buy some clothes for a new job that she was starting the next day. police later say they found her car parkto what was charlies car wash back then on mission boulevard that place is now a car lot houston's childhood friend says this time of year is always difficult in that she in christine's family deserve answers. i'll never forget her mother calling me late at night. >>and i was sound asleep fact i could still hear her. frantic voice if i knew or creasy mike holder. no but i
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was sure she'd be me soon. >>herrin police re still investigating the case so far they say they've discovered signs of fouplay and they are still offering that $50,000 reward hoping that will lead them to an arrest. the city of oakland is getting help from the state of california to find homes for people living on the streets. all week governor gavin, newsome has been touring california to talk about solving the state's homeless crisis. today, he brought that conversation to oakland kron four's dan kerman explains how the governor plans to try to help the east bay city. the state of californ has not. >>then front and center in the homeless debate for decades governor nesom brought his homelessness toward oakland thursday to make it clear times have changed in state support to local governments is here we are committed for the long haul to be real partners with cities, large and small counties large and small throughout the state of
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california that support begins with a 100 trailers that will be deployed throughout the state to house ose with no shelter, oakland will get 15 of them. these trailers will house between 5070 individuals. >>6 of these trailers will be used to house homeless use the remainder will be used for families but the governor was quick to point out he knows these trailers are only a temporary solution, none of us are naive that 15 formal. >>fema trailers now and state control and state owned is going to quote unquote solve the crisis it's about catalyzing a focus catalyzing investment im beginning to leverage our resources and resourcefulness to meet this moment. >>in his dget proposal for the coming fiscal year the governor has requested million to deal with homelessness but money requested last year is now on the way to cities and counties we are today. >>and over the course of the
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next few weeks going to be distributing because of the work we did last year. some million emergency grants, the 2 cities and counties, large and small all up and down the state of california is the be used for rapid rehousi an first and last month's rent and converting hotels and motels to permanent supportive housing about the again a total of a 100 trailers are in place 38 to be deployed throughout the state. >>another 42 to be deployed in the chico area for those who became homeless as a result of the camp fire. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>we are learning new details tonight about a college admissions scandal we've been talking about for a while now involving actress lori loughlin and her husband they are accused of paying half a million dollars to get their 2 daughters into the university of southern california has members of a crew ting prosecutors released almost 500 pages of emails between the hollywood couple. >>and the scandals mastermind,
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rick singer kron 4 grant lodes joins us in the studio was what was unveiled about their conversations probably pretty interesting. well, my gosh ken and pam, you know a lot of bay area parents have been wrapped up in most of them pleading guilty. accepting plea deals but this scandal really rocked the country you want to talk about exposing what privilege and money and power can buy you well, this left a lot of people across the face and it also prompted a lot of people to call for changes in the admissions process, former full house star. lori lock-lin enter wealthy husband fashion designer mossimo giannulli of them osmo brand are among dozens of well to do parents who are charged with participating in schemes organized by the ringleader here, rick singer. the couple is still fighting the charges and they accused federal prosecutors of withholding evidence but the emails released this week suggests otherwise and one of them. the couple discussed there plans for their older daughter to attend usc with the assistance
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of singer during their conversations back in 2016. singer wrote that they would need a picture of their daughter on a rowing machine quote in workout clothes like a real athlete. in 2018 an e-mail from a usc employee shows that teachers from the couple's daughters high school were surprised to hear that they were being admitted as athletic recruits. the e-mail reads quote school doesn't think either of the students are serious crew participants sister is not on the online crew roster for this year. they are the daughters of actress lori lock-lin the e-mails also showed you know he was contacted in 2016 by a usc official who offered to flag one of his daughters applications which would have been a legitimate option for the couple, generally instead told the official they were quote squared away. he then forwarded that email to his wife lock-lin writing quote the nicest i've been at blowing somebody off the
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couple's daughters were admitted to usc in 2017 2018 respectively you see them here. a status hearing is set for this case tomorrow or lock-lin and euna lee are still waiting for their trial day they are pleading not guilty. and reportedly refused to plea deals will keep you posted there. ken pam back to you all right, thank you grant state lawmakers are warning the california state university system over a new admissions policy proposal school leaders want to require applicants to take an additional year of quantitative reasoning courses such as math or science. >>the proposal already triggered several student protests and disruptions to board meetings lawmakers also say the requirent could hurt the chances of thousands of students from getting into college. today chairman of the assembly higher education comittee assemblyman jose medina introduced a bill to increase the legislature's oversight of the state's public universities and their admissions policies.
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>>the goal of higher education should be to help push all students over the finish line. not to put up new hurdles ab 1930. allow us to have a larger conversation, not impact and all students. the >>university leaders have said that the future of work will require more science morse math and technological expeence. the university's board of trustees is set to vote on this new policy january the 28 a news day labor law will not apply to independent truckers in california today, a federal judge indefinitely blocked the law from applying to the california trucking >>the state law that went ino effect on the first makes it harder for companies to classify workers as independent contractors instead of employees who are entitled to minimum wage and ride share drivers, but the judge says the state law interferes with federal law when it comes to independent
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truckers. coming up they go this isn't just for people, it's kind of gone to the dogs coming up in tonights fine detas w your pets can live the high life. >>ione of the swankiest hotels on the las vegas strip plus a city under surveillance one tech billionaire says these surveillance cameras i happened about helping to stop crime to san francisco. but privacy advocate argues they can lead to potential abuse challenges on we're going to tell you aut a friendly bet between san francisco's police chief and green bay's police chief over sundas nfl touch nfc championship game and tom steyer: no child should have to worry
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>>it's safe and fun we can enjoy the game and most importantly. >>good san francisco police department is getting in on the championship fun police chief bill scott posted this video today calling out his former lapd partner and curre green bay police chief andrew smith for a friendly wager. >>yeah, she says if the niners win this sunday, the green bay chief will have to wear a 49 ers jersey and donate $50 to the san francisco police foundation if if the niners lose chief scott will wear a packers jersey and donate $50 to the green bay police foundation 50 bucks if up a little bit there anyway. our countdown to the nfc championship game continues tonight was good news coming
10:26 pm
out of santa clara, one of the team's key players was back on the field today after missing practicyesterday with an ankle injury. for sports rerter jason dumas has more. >>george kittle was back on the practice field thursday after nursing infant and cool for much of the week, get banged up against the likes but he never had any doubt about playing on sunday and it was important for him to get back to the practice field despite the nasty weather conditions expect that in california i was cold and rainy, but it was fun always been the most of it. >>and we have an official practice got you know we did what we need to do i've got to a practice that didn't have his best >>success this opportunity to every game has always been part of our plan. but you never know how the game's going to go into the game starts and a lot of things on but. taken account over that, >>have no idea what coverages are going to play all the games go onsee he always has a chance meanwhile the starting quarterback is riding high ter his playoff debut
10:27 pm
like kill didn'thave to do much but just getting the first one out of the way with a good feeling i funds are all you know >>we can overdo it i you you've got to be confident but at the same time you have put in the work and is a good football team come in here and we know putting in santa clara on jason from for sports. >>coming up dead blue ending service at one bay area airport what that means for direct flights to a major travel destination along the east coast plus laptop thefts are on the rise around the bay area and the attacks are becoming more violent what's being done to it's time for the january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep me asleep?
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>>tops s are on the rise in the bay area laptop was stolen in fremont just 2 days ago and an oakland man was killed in montclair a few weeks ago trying to get his lop laptop back from some the as a city of berkeley reported a nearly 40% increase in let cup that's just last year. >>kron four's michelle kingston reports from berkeley tonight on what's being done to try and stop these violent >>things that you spend money like you're working hard for them so i wouldn't want anydy. no matter the places you'd from this is video of the man police say tried to steal a laptop outside cafe straw and berkeley last year since then police say there have been dozens of laptop. that'at coffee shops in the city students here say they do what they can to keep their electronic safe. >>keep it on my and if it's
10:31 pm
not i keep in my backpack, i've seen people with locks. with their with their laptops talaq it to table or something when they leave berkeley police said that they had 61 laptop thefts at cafes in 2018 in 85 in 2019 a 40% increase. >>a very few police agencies keep track of these numbers we checked with oakland, san francisco fremont now in do none of which could tell us how many laptops have been stolen in their cities but it is something that's been a persistent problem for us. >>the small personal a time of it's a everyone seems to have his days on tuesday. fremont police reported a laptop theft in a few weeks ago, a young man was killed trying to get his back from thieves in oakland. >>and this man got his stolen a few days after christmas in vacil, number of cities have now teamed up creating a task force to crack down on the laptop that's in car break-ins berkeley police say
10:32 pm
they're also running sting operations in berkeley, michelle kingston kron 4 news. u c berkeley employee faces a child charge police say they arrested 49 year-old john bain tackle after getting an online tip. he is you see berkeley's operating budget director police say they searched his home and his office in berkeley and found pornographic images on a laptop polie say he also admitted to viewing and possessing child. >>u c berkeley put out a statement saying it is in the process of putting they met on administrative leave and cannot provide any additional information because of the ongoing investigation. it was a dangeryus treacherous drive through the sierra all day today, the firs winter storm. >>of the year blanketed interstate 80 was snow leading to a number of spinouts in wrecks caltrans and highway patrol say one problem they're seeing is people are trying to
10:33 pm
avoid using chains on their vehicles. >>some people are irritated. and so some people are worried that's out the artist par and you know cold and the rain and the wind and the snow. that's all part of the job we're a team in this and if you guys do your part we do our part we keep baby opened. >>more than a 30 mile stretch of interstate 80 west of the california nevada state line was closed to tru traffic today. the highway patrol says conditions are expected to improve tomorrow. >>a bad y for drivers but a fun day for skiers. this is video from mammoth ski resorts there got plenty of snow today. so let's check in on the weather race is standing to let us know about any more rain or snow ahead of a breeze. uh yeah looks like the worst is finally over we're starting to driving clear out, but it for some beautiful pictures here's a great viewer picture that carol keane sent me from her shot at mount diablo and look at this beautiful images you can see blanket of snow right now
10:34 pm
covering mount deal among the highest peaks winter wonderland even here in the bay area and also tracking some more light snow accumulations just east of san jose and milpitas this evening but widespread light scattered showers drying out for those of you in the north bay d starting to dry up for the san francisco peninsula but south san francisco still tracking some widespread of light rain there and even as you head into the east oakland right now seeing some light scattered showers but drying out as you make your way inland and even into the north bay as well that drying in clearing trend is going to continue with some spotty scattered showers throughout the southern portion of the san francisco peninsula and even into the south bay tonight and temperatures already starting to cool dow especially for those of you in the north bay santa rosa calling out a 38 degrees everyone else in the low to mid 40's right now this evening, but overnight lows will be noticeably chile because of that lack a blanket of storm cloud cover we're going to notice near freezing temperatures, especially for those of you in santa rosa and napa cooling down into the mid
10:35 pm
30's with widespread upper 30's for everyone else as you make your way inland and low 40's throughout most of the bay area's shoreline so we're all going to feel the cooler temperatures today even going to we up into the 30's for interior valleys by mid morning, but then we're going to rebound very nicely a little bit more sunshine. calmer conditions as well and we're going to warm up to right about where we should be for this time of year whites for low to mid and even upper 50's san jose in mountain view warming up to 57 degrees mid 50's for oakland and hayward downtown san francisco 53 degrees in santa rosa 55 degrees for your afternoon eyes and let's take a look ahead at our 10 at 10 outlook warming up drying out in clearing out all weekend long and monday we're going to start the day dry. but then we are going to notice some light scattered showers for your monday night through tuesday with that drying trend continuing by the mile of next week lasting 10 days from now thank you. democratic presidential ndidate. michael bloomberg is making 2 campaign stops in the bay area tomorrow, the first of them
10:36 pm
will be held in oakld at everton joe's bbq on broadway. >>doors will open theiat 10 in the morning from birth second stop will actually be in moerrey atthe barnesit cooper malaria on polk street and that event kicks off at 3 in the afternoon an investigation is under 70 national park after a 170 visitors reporting getting ill they complained of a. >>gastrointestinal illness said officials say is consistent with norovirus a spokesperson for the parks as reports began coming in about sickness earlier this month. it's unclear where the outbreak began but the park has been working to clean and disinfect publicbuildings hotels and restaurants. norovirus can cause vomiting and diarrhea and its symptoms are especially severe for the elderly young children and people with health issues. anotr airline is ending service said oakland airport jetblue announced today i will stop flying out of open starting april 29th that means no longer be direct flights from oakland to new york
10:37 pm
southwest will be the only carrier offering direct flights between oakland and long beach. norwegian air british airways and level also recently into service in oakland. is now touts itself as the entertainment capital of the world for all members of the family and for many of course that includes the family pit in this edition of flying tales we show you how your furry family member can enjoy vegas. >>there's a sense of a small plane to las vegas. you get now pretty much sums >>it's 3 to 4 hours in my cessna from the bay area to los vegas depending on the wind. snow covers the spring mountains just west of vegas and we begin our descent into north las vegas airport.
10:38 pm
check into one of the newest and hippest made a resort in las vegas. >>aria. >>i want them to have the biggest experience and enjoy themselves whether here too. >>he's taing about the four-legged guests, yes, and dogs are not only welcome at many las vegas hotels now they're given the royal treatment a little bit. i mean the dogs get a treat in the best don't get it she when they check in and so there is a little bit of differee we found a basi lady a 2 to name a lead. as she sashayed though the casino. >>everybody i traveled to the docks he said big and hollywood i'm sports guy of entertainers now travel with them and they say here aaria they yny of our properties down the strip comfortable here. >>all of the conference to the many fora where dogs can take care of busines nearby for hiking and other outdoor adventures including the
10:39 pm
mountains of red rock we have flown over a short time earlier. >>insidyou'll find rooms with a view including some great looks over the las vegas strip and nearby mccarran airport if you're lucky you'll catch a full moon and a passing jet. when it's time to step out and do the vegas party thing the make sure your pet is safe. >>a concierge will actually go up to the room checking on a dog take a picture of the dog and tax attorney, even let you know that the dog's okay you can buy a gift box filled with treats and toys to keep your first baby can white. >>and for longer absences you can arrange to have someone take your dog for a walk. it's a new age in dog-friely adveures and the hip hotels are catering to clients want to bring every member of their family and their biggest adventures. they want to come here, they would have a good time other in vegas and they won from 2 dogs too. carol is having a real good time she's working on the in and help us
10:40 pm
in person us by the at aria if you want to bring your pet. >>$125 a night i know that lot that's a lot is a 5 star luxury resort other and gm properties, other hotels around vegas. not so much there are a lot of choices so they don't need their own champ, so they can do this you know who knows all right story though look life and it was. if you could do license plate readers with them you could use face recognition you can to track people moving from cameras to >>privacy advocates expressed concern over a growing network of surveillance cameras in san francisco after the break how a tech billionaire who's paying for the network is defending his investment that's in part to a kron four's in-depth coverage citizen surveillance and in scores, the lawyers have a gold opportunity for a win agains
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an importt imate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighti and beating oil companies... opping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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there are one million more uninsured americans
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and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without alth coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping es to lower cost as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give acce to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>we're continuing our in-depth coverage tonight on private surveillance network, we first told you last night at 10 o'clock about several security cameras, popping up more than several actually popping up acss san francisco, many of them paid for by one tech billionaire he's a crypto currency mobile and he says his goal is to help police stop the ra of property crimes in the city, but kron four's maureen kelly tells us privacy rights advocates worry about potential abuse.
10:44 pm
>>those behind the say city cam or here's one example of a crime caught by the security camera network that ended in an arreswhen a tourist from texas tried to stop an alleged smash-and-grab robber by jumping on the hood of the getaway vehicle until the person kind of a killed. >>but they were able to grab that person that's a serious crime chris larsen is the san francisco born tech billionaire who has spent millions of his personal fortune to help police stop the rampant property crime that's been plaguing the city he believes is primily the work of professional thieves to we clearly n see that these are. >>these recruits. >>that we can stop with the right tools he's helped severalocal ighborhood groups establshed networks of cameras. >>that can capture the video evidence needed to make arrests and convictions several these groups are what's known as cmunity benefit districts where local merchants and property owners tax emselves to pay for things like extra sidewalk cleaning or security guards, 6 of them now have camera
10:45 pm
networks at least 15 neighborhood watch groups have established similar surveillance systems with the helpof the nonprofit san francisco safe the video can be collected by police after a crime has been committed and ey've seen some positive results. help in the idenfication of suspects from everything from dog napping to assault them all most of these groups operate separately larson says they have similar rules guiding them on the use of video surveillance networks obviously no facial recognition that's that's the line in san francisco. >>we also know audio you know story only for 30 days you know it's not being stored in pool or amazon. it's locally stored and locally controlled. are investigating a crime actually go to that community group to request he has a look up what happened in this timeframe so we're looking for requests have to be approved by the local community leaders. so that's it pretty good system we tnk we think more that's going to happen
10:46 pm
with the the other community benefit district and then you kind of if you get kind of a citywide network without all being centrally controlled their discretion you know big brother watching us but not everyone is cheering this expanding network of security cameras i do have concerns about having surveillance systems operated by people who don't have the proper to operate a what is essentially a law enforcement you these people who work in business improvement are trained on you know issues related capitalism and commercialism in sales and are cleaning the sidewalks and there's feces on and there's things that they're specialized out but investigations into a violent crime investigations into robberies isn't necesarily their specialty dave maass is the seni investigative researcher at the electronic frontier foundation. >>who's been scrutinizing this growing crime fighting trend. he's worried about the potential abuse, he fears the systems are capable of
10:47 pm
currently they just you know streamed video live and they record video but the systems also the capability to do all kinds of video analytics you can do license plate readers with them you could do face recognition you can to track people moving from cameras to cameras and they're currently doing that but it's are concenned that they've built up this camera network that could be used for that down the road we often see technology come in and they say it's for one purpose, but then it expands to anothe i also worry about what kind of impact this is going to have on people when you put up a camera surveillance network it isn't just about public safety. it is about control is about controlling people's behaviors. it is when you look at like what happens in china, it's not about solving crimes is about a pressing a population making sure people fit within the societal norms decided by the government and so i worry is that down the road be built a system that people start censoring themselves people are less willing to go to their their churches or synagogues or mosques less willing to show up and protest are less willing to express themselves go to get medical care go to
10:48 pm
you know cannabis dispensary goes receivers secret productive health care because they're worried about that being on record somewhere because somebody is recording it with a dry camera network, those who support these camera networks point out that this is not a situation a big brother tracking private citizens every move along is a is a you knw don't break the law just you got me is just be at yourself. karen flooded with the union square business improvement districtwhich runs a network of nearly400 cameras monitoring 30 city blocks were not actively onitoring day so is only of your gaze in criminal activity are we going 0 in on what you're doing we pull the footage, chris larson things with the help of privacy rights advocates say city camera network can be a model for cities around the world, if you can start showing >>really good safety and security and public safety in big cities in particular and pro privacy where e privacy rights people are relatively a
10:49 pm
lot of the ira 100 position every 100% comfortable that get relatively comfortable. that would be pretty cool so i think we've got to keep working at because the truth is cities we're doing this all around the world. clearly some cities they're doing this where it's like the worst case scenario every horrible thing you ever imagine around surveillance and facial recognition and you know that could quickly got out of control. so if we could have an example where working and it's. pro privacy. that would be pretty cool. ansince the schl should be a place where that happens. >>a place where law abiding citizens can feel saf without feeling scrutinized warring kelly kron 4 news. >>we brought you part one of this story last night at 10 surveillance networks aim to prevent crimes in the city. you watch most parts on our website kron 4 dot com. >>time now it's been a making
10:50 pm
it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>the lawyers go into overtime tonight. >>and we'll talk about the miners as well and we will we will talk some niners and we will have the 40 niners story but first we will open up at chase center because it was exciting tonight for the warriors now here's a sign of how rough this warriors season has been a team that has yet to win a game in 2020 and tonight golden state hosting one of the top teams out west, the warriors in denver, a chase. frustrating start for the nuggets nikola jokich detect early. so did will barton now into the half angelo russell. the steel. the polls up to 29 feet on the other and it's good warriors of 17 at the break they were hot from the field late in the 4th denver down to kitsch spins in the lane. hope shot ties it up with 10 seconds left 23 in 12 for the joker we
10:51 pm
go to overtime in the extra frame will barton behind the arc if down he had 31 nuggets of 7 seemingly in control the warriors had one more chance down 3 final seconds damien lead looking for double ot, it's no good and the warriors lose a close 1 one 34 won 31 they have now lost 10 in the road. the third-ranked stanford cardinal visiting number 6 or you know screaming. yes, few the bay area native out of your money high and over and a historic night 3rd quarter konecki took over cross over and pull off. this gave her the all-time point in scoring record in the dumps a 16 point lead for dad and in the stands. he loves it. >>ithe 4th or get up 28 can sq this time to step back that's good. that is a career-high 37 points salute to the crowd ducks crews 8755 stand for trump's the 50's and she for one, the fact. number 8 for gun states sunday. >>reigning pac 12 player of the week, matt bradley and cal
10:52 pm
visiting us see them all trojans in this from the jump first test played high school to the fall for others. the freshman 12.8 4, 2 2nd half. and jonah mathews catch-and-shoot behind the arc it's down to game high 19 the trojans crews in this one 8856, you know drops to 9 to 2 in the conference got there at u c l e some there and now to the 40 niners as the team gets ready for the nfc championship, the individual honors keep pouring in congratulations to general manager john lynch and being named the pro football writers of america executive of the year for his work in taking this team from foreign 12 to the top seed now to the practice field at santa clara after missing practice wednesday with ankle soreness. >>super star tight end george kittle back on the field a full participant meanwhile the niners defense is healthy and although they forced aaron rodgers into a career were touting 2 months ago. >>anything is possible future hall of famer, the 2 time mvp
10:53 pm
two-time all pro another banner season 26 touchdowns for only 4 interceptions look at that and deforest buster has a phrase to describe this big play ability. >>you know coach last year we called the wrist flick from how you ow, i he it will get that if you get a little you knowkind of avoiding russia's and everything just just we see the risks looking like all or you know, i mean a kind of seeing some of come down with very i mean just a special player we we played quite few times in a game was good is really unique. >>anybody that's one way or another. but it it was a chess match with him and you got to you got to pick your spots carefully. >>going to be fun sund at we bet you know this place. you know, thhappiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junkn the galaxy? or channeled your inr jedi? you gotta love that.
10:54 pm
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>>let's take a look at the final forecast 4 zone forecast out there right now showing some lingering light scattered showers let's zoom on in to stormtracker 4 san francisco peninsula starting to dry out but those of you along the east bay shoreline starting to notice some rain arriving into your area pretty dry as you make your way in london starting to notice that drying trend for those of you in the north bay and south bay seeing some very light scattered showers for your thursday night we're going to dry out during the overnight hours and that drying trend will continue for your friday afternoon. we will notice a mix of sun and clouds to start off the morning very chilly temperatures as well but then by friday night we will notice a thick blanket of cloud cover
10:57 pm
but no storms heading our way this drying trend is going to continue all weekend long overnight lows tonight will be chilly, especially for those of you in the north in santa rosa and napa near freezing temperatures there but widespread mid to upper 30's as you make your way inland and let's take a look at tomorrow's daytime high slightly warmer widespread mid to upper 50's as you take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 outlook we are tracking warm weather. the warmest day of the next 7 days will be on sunday, perfect. >>the 49 ers game day forecast all right. thank you and thank you for being with us tonight, everybody will see tomorrow tom steyer: no child should have to worry
10:58 pm
about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i
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learned california publischool children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the dierence between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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