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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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todas show, go to, plushe other platforms. we'll be talng about it. see you next time. [applause] >>reporting a new case of second case of coronavirus of unknown origin confirmed in the bay area. this time in th south bay.t's now time shift how spond the novel coronavus this is ars surrounding the outbreak are growinin the bay area.
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what officials are saying about the patient and how to best keep yourself safe from the virus. >>thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm to keep of the arc and i'm pam moore in for grant lotus tonight and of course our top story tracking the deadly ronavirus outbreak just hours ago we found that the nta clara public heth department has confirmed e 3rd case of coronavirus in the county, this is the second case of coronavirus in the us th no known orig. th's what's so disturbing kron four's rob fladeboe live santa clara county tonight with more on this se, rob. >>this right out to pam on here at the county health lab but this is atalley medical center in san jose where as you id the health department just held a news conference here about 45 minutes ago to announce that it is confirmed that indeed there is now a new case of coronavirus here in the county now what mas this case different s that this individual has no travel history and so far as they've been able to determine so far
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nocontact with anyone else who may have traveled a in areas where the virus has been known to infected because of privacy concerns the health department sharing very little about this person other than to say the person is an elderly woman who s hospitalized with a chronic respiratory illness and then herealth care provider became suspicious based on th symptoms that it might be covert 1 so she reached out to the health department which now by the way do have the ability to test for the virus doesn't need to go to the cdc was on wednesday, then the t health departmt conducted an analysis on thursday confirming on thursday evening at is indeed is the coronavirus and beyd that to help for us as it is now are doing his homework are reaching out trying to add to its surveillance as it were on thiswoman and her baground in the people she's come into contact with but the real take away here is that this case shows that there is now evidence of community transmission but we stil don't know to what extent the
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virus is her but as you said in the the health department says now and this is going they're gointo have to change course in all this and to find out exactly what is meant by th let's hear more now from a doctor sara cody, the county health ficer. that it's now time to shift. >>how we respond to the novel coronavirus. the public health meures that we've taken so far isation quarantine contact tracing and travel restrictions. help to slow the spread of disease and we ll continue to implement them. we will continue to trace close contacts of r cases to try to limit the sprd of the virus. but now we need to add other public health tools to the mix what we know now that the virus is here present at some level. but we stl don't know to what degree. an portant priority therefore for ice is to conduct public health surveillance determine the extent of what's
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hpening. not just to clarify this newcase is different from the earlier cases that were report here in santa clara those 2 indivuals, a man and a woman both of whom did not get very sick. both of whom had traveled to wuhan china. >>unrelated to each her these 2 individuals that came down with erin diagnosed with in late january and early february. the man a no we're told has complete recovered and has been cleared togo about his the woman however remain self-isolated again she did not get very sick, but she has not yetbeen clear so this is 3 cases but this new case means that there is evidence that the virus transmittingomehow in the county but we don't know t what pam vicki back to use it yet rob i'mnot sure if you really are prepared to answer this, but it does seem that they were able to test this woman. >>for the coronavirus a t quicker than they were able to st the person in solano county does this signal some
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protocol now. in the cdc's >>that to that did come up in the news conference in my derstanding now is that santa clara county here though heal lab here at valley medical center is oneof a handful of test sites now i california better le to conduct tests on their own there was a representative he doctor with the cdc. we may hear more from him. coming up at 6 o'clock but the take away here is that now these a test results can happen much faster because ere is a la here in santa clara county that can talk that ucan conduct thossts is my understanding. >>am very good information. thank you for we should tell you the palo alto unied school district now warning parents tonight of a possible exposure to coronavirus the district says a parent of 2 students may have been exposed to the virus and the district says that they took immediate action and sent to students me. those 2 students will not be attending school intel
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officials learn a ttle more information about their situation. one tudent goes to palo alto highschool. the other student is a j l s middle school student. in a statement thdistrict went on to say we recognize that the un known n be concerning and will continue to provide regular updates. >>as we have thm. >>and tonight we're learning about a new case in solano county. the cdc confirms another bay area resident is being treated for coronavirus there however, th person was exposed to the virus while traveling the person was a passenger on that diamond prinss cruise ship which was in japan. >>heal officials say e individual is considered a quote repatriated person to the u s officials at the san mateo county health are confirming that their cdc transfer to repatriate a patient with a positive case of coronavirus the san mateo ailable at this time we will bring those to you as soons more comes into the newsroom.
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district officials want to l contiously update their communty on the spread of the coronavirus o all school county. endes in san mateo >>met with the county's health department today, their goal and beg able to coordinate communication and make sure the same message is being sent home to students and their families no mter what school clifford has more now from the meing. >>right now i'm standing on the mpus of san mateo communityollege where on friday morning, the san mateo county superintendent of schools held a regularly scduled eting with her superintendents for hool districts around san mateo county. but they also receed a briefing from the county's healtdepartment there specically worri about the coronavirus about at this point there's no indication that the virus is sprding locally of course parents are concerned about whether the kids continue to go to school and whether or not schools might be closed down. we had a chance to talk to th superintendent of schools, nancy mcgee today as he says thatat this point there's no
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reason for alarm at that school should continue to carry on as they have been. >>the right now our greatest plan is provide safeand supportive school learning environments for students. as there is no reason take any adtional actioand as soon as there something that indicates we do something dierently. we will do that in the meantime we're encouraging all of our families to practice, good health protocols as well as our staff. and we will continue to communicate th in our community members. and we will keep you updated get back to you when anything changes can county health officials are also saying the same thing you know just take some basic precautions, a sort of stuff. >>you would do during any flu season wash your hands freqntly make sure you cover yo mouth if you're going to cough white down any work areas are places where you eat
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just ke some basic precautions and hopefully that will keep of the regular fl or maybe the corona virus fro spreading if that becomes a problem. >>but for now in san meo county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>coronavirus spears sparking a mad dash for cleaning roducts, retailers suchas cvs and walgreens say that they have noticed an increase in demand for hand nitizer cleaning wipes and face masks, bath and body works as it is also seen a spike in demand for hand anitizer but the cdc says the best way to combat coronavirus is by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water and tonight we now know more than 1000 coronavirus testing kitaron their way here to california our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has an uate. >>hundreds of coronavirus testing kits are heading the california ste officialsay thousands are still under surveillance for th coronavirus the department of public health friday said it t to receive an immediate
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shipment ofup to 1200 kits this comes as califnia used up most if not l of the 200 testing kits the cdc had initially said the state before promised to nd more page and make sure there are plenty of the test kits vailable califnia congressman ami bera lead a hearing with the in washington what i find she she irector west. >>south korea is just get james 1000 people a day and there's no reason state shldn't be able to produce a large just gets ant them distributed across the country exactly how on will get to california is still unclear what told the she she will have our test cuts next week that's falling out thecdc did not respond to a reqst for comment friday in sacramento, ashley zavala ron 4 news tonig, a cruise shihas been turned away from the dominican republic after a passenger's including americans fell sick on board. >>the dominican government says the ship was turned away
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ter the captain reported for filipinos to britain's. >>and americans had mptoms including fever cough or breathing difficulties, the owner the cruise ship insist that none of the passengers symptoms are constt with coronavirus but the dominican republic says they are notaking any chances. no word on where that ship will finally be allowed to ck and the mexican government confirming the first case ofcoronavirus in that country today, authorities reported that th are following up on another alleged ca right now. >>today, a mexican health officials said the patient ths confirmed case is in table condition and has a mild case of the virus. rertedly has symptoms similar to a cold and has no previous illnesses. officials located his primary contacts, his family and they are now being motored for symptoms his entire faly in fact is now isolated at the nation institute of respirato diseases and tonight, south korea confirming more than 500 that according to the south
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korean c that brings the to 2,337 casesand that is the lgest outbreak outside of inland china. the latest figures include one more member of the military bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the south korean military 26. no new deaths were rerted today so the national death toll there remains at 13. there is also now a shortage of masks thacountry so residents have reorted to making their own. many of the handmade masks e cut from fabric and hand-sewn. and here's a look at the interactive map could tracing the outbreak all across the world right now more than 84,000 cases have been confirmed globally. >>and more than 2,800 people have died om this disease. the most of those deaths are in mainland china and as we meioned a couple of other countries are getting hit pretty hard including italy south korea and iran. the good
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news here tonight, we know that more than ,000 people have a been recovering actually after geing sick with this virus. and of course we'll continue to watch ke you updated on the coronavirus update. coming up at 5.30 we're going to bring in a financial advisor talk about the coronavirus is impact on the rld economy. half acre fire burning in a san bruno state park we're going to give you the latest on efforts to put out. >>i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow so much for the spring-like weather around the bayrea we're goi to see a major drop in thtemperatures this weekend. maybe a little rain to will talk out that coming up next and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the brk make sure yr strea
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>>welcome backeverybody it unusual tosee hillsides engulfed in flames at this time of year youlikely now that that is what's happening this morning on san bruno mounta yeah, firefighters say that is a ark reminder of just how dry california. >>has become and how an early fire season may begin kron four's dan kerman live for us in daly city tonight with more on this stance. >>well, you know one of the driest february's on record here in california and we saw what that means with the brush is getting ery dry conditions to the point that they normally see in spring or summer. billowing black smoke
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is something many e used to seeing in the summer and fall. but this plays a top san bruno mountain broke out on a warm friday morning in february. i saw dark smoke, and it looked pretty fierce. >>closer i got it looked more like i was around my my house >>san bruno mountain is basically daly city resident jerry gree a goes back yard we climbed up the hill for a better look and shot this deo. saw flames and fire ucks have never been close to a fire house fire. >>while far ything anything ke that luckily. the fire was not burning towards homes still the blaze was moving brush. d very dry grass and >>so fire officials dispatched 60 firefighters an a blaze which they did holding it to just 6 acres and they say low adings were helpful if the winds were on it today
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would have been a differe fire for sure. >>crews mopped in the afternoon investigators combed fire officls point out a t fire like this in february could be a sign of what's to come. we desperately need the rainto bring the fuel moisture is up and to get some growth on this on these on this brush and grass. >>it should be aindicator that if we don't to everybody across the northern part of e state that i'm preparing for this summer's wildman season starts now and you know it seems like 'll never not talking about fires in california but to be a stone's throw from san francisco have 6 acres burned the february is is nothing but stng indication as to where conditions are. >>the cause of the fire still under instigation fire crews do say th the park was open at the time the blaze broke out live in dalycity dan kerman kron 4 news alright days. >>antime now for 4 zone forecast get a live look outside from our sutro camera lookg over our chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. he as he looks ead to the weekend the temperatures drop the winds are going to pick up. >>we just d this fire story now in sanbruno bright any relation to concerned we have so i mean this pencl driving this this will be only the second me since 18 60 for rain february. so certainly f at is a concern everything very dry out there. but right now the dels are also starting point to a big change in the pattern d were already starto see some of that n we've got some high clouds moving up above and you caactually see some that fog do below sso seen the offshore wh we're starting breeze kicking in and then the winds so those wil be kicking up as well certainly at's a concern if there's a fire going outside right now you've got a lot of high clouds comg from the slow off the coastline, unfortunately, no rain but you do see a cold front up here that's going to factor in or whether or not going to bring us any rain this was actually gonna bring us a lot of wind will see that kicking up as we head through the day tomorrow, some of those winds the breeze blowing right w along the 12 miles
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per hour little more intense now in san francisco, a 21 out of the northwest inthe sfo 14 in palo alto but we're goin to see those winds continuing to ick up as we head in toward tomorrow, so it'll be a breezy start the day along e coastline, you see the colors there just after 9 o'clock in the morning to 22 miles r hour in half moon bay by the afternoon that front comes racing through and all of a suen the winds pick up all around the ba area so a little bit blustery into the afternoon that will continue i think sunday as wel overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies with a couple of patches of fog. going to be partlycloudy as well much cool in a bit on the windy side as we've got that system kind ofdropping on in kind of an interesting day toy we have the cooler weather developinalong the coastline, but look at us to look at that 70's in a little ore 72 right now in concord and 72 degrees in cloverdale that is all going to begin to change here comes that front that's going to begin to drop you put away the flip-flops in the t shirts i get out of nice jacket is going to be much cooler over the weekend us. thank you lawrence tonight, we
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know about animportant court ruling asylum. seekers will no longer be sent back to mexico to await immigration hearings in the united states. >>a federal appeals court blocked the trump administration from continuing with the socalled remain in mexico program which started back in january of 2019. it whom are from central america to st in mexico until their court date in theu s customs and bordr protection officials say 59,000 ople have been enrolled in the prram. federal officials have repeatedly cited the policy as a success attributing it in part to the drop in arrests along the southern border, however, immigrant advoates say it puts migras in harm's ay as they wait for heings in at 5 on the eve of the south caroli priry one candidate has more at growing up in la, bad r forced us indoors.
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get our special tv offer a 4 week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the po office again >>and the eve of the south carolina primary one candidate has more at stake than any other yeah, a loss could doom former vice president joe biden's campaign and a victory could help the reset button on the entire race. chefs ellen e hathe story. >>because carolina is the surge extreme to win the democratic nominatiotonight, joe biden is looking for a
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south carolina lifeline. >>hoping victory will revive his candidacy this nation is looking for a revolution of some of my colleagues talk about >>they're looking for progress looking for results. >>the eve of the south carolina primaryby this time himself closely to former prident barack obama there's to the white house has been a launching pad r barack and i believe will be a unching pad for make us americans. >>this is a marathon for the hole right here. >>that bernie sanders is still in command of the race let us go forward. tomorrolet us win the prima here in south carolina. let us win the democratic nomination. the stuffy nald trump. >>not sitting south carolina. but also looking ahead to super tuesday. with 14 contests from coast to coast a warning a 3rd of all delegates. we are bulding a movement that cannot be
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>>the next 4 days are critical for democratic candidates fighting to stayalive on the woman is going to beat donald trump i am not going to able to out divide thdivid in chief i will beat and trying to become the alternative to sanders senator sanders is a front runner but the majity ofdemocrats are looking for something else what process we go through post-ser tuesday to asse your way forward book or so we will be looking closely at the results of the delegate count and making sure at we have the right path forward. tonight ad spending topping >>michael bloomberg alone accounts for half at with more than 500 million in tv radio and digital ads, tom ser more than million and here in south carolina steyer's spening 22 million far outpacing his rivals including biden this biden's aides are keeping a close eye on stier as robt investment in the state to free eat into biden's expected margin of victory stier 20 lead
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dismisses the criticism would you say to those people who say you may be taking votes away from vice president biden. i wod say that's insulting not to me, but to the people that somehow h ownthe folks really. and there's an implication in there that in fact we're talking about african-americans >>that was jeff selling the rorting for us tonight, a new cnn poll shows senator bernie sanders. >>holds big leads in california and texas which are the largest states to vote super tuesday. he's polling at 29% support, former president to vice president rather joe biden has 20% and former new york mayor michael bloomberg has 18%. next at 5.30 the number of peestrians kille in the united states has hit a year high. >>we'll take a look at why those numbers are going up and historically bad week on wall street finally comes to an end we're going to bring in a nancial vo: while other candidae
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about health care, keloomberg has a record
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of doing something. as may, he protected women's reproductive rigs. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new ykers. and decreased innt-mortality rates toistoric lows. as president, he'll ild on obamacare, cap medical cts, and will always otect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record o healcan argue about. mike: i'm mike bbe and i approve this message. tonight our coronavirus outbreak coverage continues as the disea continues to take a massive toll on the stock market is it ever so ining us now in studio as wealth advisor george know checked morgan stanley's so you've been followg this thing the markets going up and down and all around is arin heat. we, the way you look at the support indicator and it's hat based on.


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