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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  March 12, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that's what you're looking for actually. just make sure she knows there's a boundary. that's all for today and we'll see you next time. [applause] >>local news station. >>we're going to recess schools for all students a pre k through 12 effective monday march 16th through the end of our regularly scheduled spring break. >>thank you for joining us tonight at 5 5 o'clock everyone i'm grant lotus tequila the aac is that breaking news tonight, san francisco, public schools as
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you heard at the top will close for 3 weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic we're covering every angle of the outbreak governor gavin newsom's executive order to slow the spread of the virus and in the south bay for firefighters have tested positive for covid 19 we'll have more. >>on the firefighters now in quarantine 50 of them, we'll have that in just a few moments, but we want to go to kron four's justine waltman. >>who has more on the san francisco school closures just well the entire san francisco unified school district will shut down on monday and this is what the district can deal th the ever evolving coronavirus. >>what i want to get to right now is some of the information we got from the school district because ty had this emergency meeting earlier this afternoon and then came out with this decision late this afternoon. the decision the district decided instead of shutting down schools, one by one as cases popped up shutting down the entire
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district at once it gives them a chance to get a handle on the situation. so 2 weeks for this closure will be forpart of schedul classes that rd week as part of a spring break. so school with them started got an april 6 all things considered as this is an ever evolving and changing situation at this time there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the district's schools, but some students e being tested right now staff is not totally off during this closure as the district wants to use this time to clean schools and edate staff and how to operate during the coronavirus >>we need the time to plan prepare and train staff on how to operate schools during this epidemic. including practicing more universal precautions, increasing social isolation practices and more. we will be setting up ways to continue to provide meals for our students who rely on them. we're
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considering what if any child care options, we can extend the families during this unplanned closer. >>so as far as what kids are going to be doing that is the question that the school districts just district said it does not have all the answers right now, but it does have plans in place as to what kids will be doing. during this closure they are working on it including how to support student learning. a san francisco mayor london breed told us here at kron 4 today, the city is also looking at all the options available. >>school is now closed. you know these kids are going to be some place to go. i mean not. every kid has a family member who could stay home with them and so we're going to need to provide you know with our rec and park department with our libraries with other resources that we have available. we're gonna need to provide alternatives.
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>>so again all 113 san francisco unified schools will close on monday. there is still school tomorrow. but during that entire closure staff still needs to report to work during some of the time not during the week that is scheduled to be spring break. and also this will be effective for 3 weeks that 3rd week as part of spring break we did try to get some answers from the district today as far as what that means that as far as pushing school and told me into the summer but they did not have an official answer on that just yet a lot has changed in the situation, but the one thing we do know for sure as that school be closed starting on monday for 3 weeks here in san francisco, which is where we're reporting live tonight. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news thank you just seen tonight, there are at least 4 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the south bay and perhaps most troubling is the fact that all 4 are firefighters in the city of san jose. >>our first rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose with more on the story and the the implications rob.
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>>that's right. vicki in addition to the 4 firefighters testing positive for the 2 other firefighters are showing symptoms in awaiting test results ansevel dozen other firefighters have been pulled off the job due to possible exposure. there's more. >>can't confirm as of this week. we have a fire fighter has been tested positive. with coronavirus and may have exposed other firefighters. >>just hours after sajose city manager dave sykes announced that one sanders a firefighter has tested positive for coronavirus firefighters union local 2.30 said in a statement quote a total of 4 firefighters have tested positive for covid 19 and the 2 others are in ordered isolation the symptoms awaiti test results while at least 80 others were initially restricted from work due to documented exposures at least one of the firefighters testing positive works at a
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station 9 in south san jose. but crews tend to move around and have an elevated risk for contracting the virus, according to assistant fire chief reggie williams because our firefighters work in teams and the train together. >>and together is he in the same areas they are at risk for possible exposure. we are working with the county of santa clara public health department on this issue in currently. employees who have been identified at risk for exposure and in place to >>it's not clear exactly where firefighters made the initial contact with the virus. but it was thought to have occurred on the job during a medical emergency response. the union says the sick firefighters also have multiple family members sitting the symptoms of the virus and are awaiting test results. >>could become 6 where does washington day by day to see what happens we're hoping for to subject ourselves our tried stations and work safely. watching this unfold as it comes to san jose. >>the union statement goes on
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to say quote in a city of over a million. it was only a matter of time before your san jose firefighters would become exposed to what we all now know as covid 19. and the san jose city manager's office out with some updated numbers for us here this evening telling is that some of these are now return to the job and as of this evening 52 are still out and those for of course have tested positive. >>2 others have shown symptoms and are awaiting the test results as for the impact of all of the union tells us now that all of these shifts that they were to be filled by the firefighters that are on restricted duty now are going to be filled by existing colleagues will be working mandatory overtime until further notice live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right rob and tonight. the governor has issued a new executive order to allow a better response to the coronavirus is also encouraging cities and
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counties that have not done so already. >>to cancel big events kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco. >>with more on that part of the story dan. >>we know here at san francisco city hall also in santa clara county. they put a ban on events of a 1000 people or more are also recommending that they're not the events of 250 people or more well the governor wants that to spread through all of california's counties once they get the word out to the private sector as well as the public sector at there should be no gatherings of over 250 people at all. >>its decisions not conditions that will determine our fate and future as it relat to covid 19 at a newconference thursday morning governor newsome said it's the responsibility of each and every californian to act responsibly during the coronavirus pandemic to that end he's issued an executive order directing all cities and counties in private and public sector entities to no longer permit not a central gatherings over 250 people at least through the end of the
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month. clearly as it relates to social distancing. with these not essential events. this is where we need to go next and to make sure we fully those procedures and protocols to slow down the spread to get through a peak and to get through the next few months so we don't overwhelm our health care delivery system as far as testing the governor said test kits provided by the federal government have been missing components that test kits do not include in every case the rna. extraction kits reagents the chemicals, the solutions that are components of the broader test. this is imperative that the federal government. and labs across the united states, not just state of california. get the benefit of all the ingredients that are components of that test but the governor indicated testing will be ramping up in california with the addition of 2 commercial labs, tho 2 plus the existing one will allow for 5,000 tests a day. >>right now california is
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conducting about 1200 tests today. the executive order will also allow dust. the state to commandeer property if needed to create additional medical facilities to quarantine people to isole people they want to get all of this going and in place before the need is there. >>live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news okay, dan and this afternoon a big announcement from disneyland of all places, yeah coronavirus has forced happiest place on earth to close down for more on this. >>our first recess to joins us now live from the newsroom to reset. >>disneyland officials say that they are making this announcement to try make sure visitors stay safe. in a statement disney land operations said quote while there have been no reported cases of covid 19 at disneyland resort. after carefully reviewing the guidelines of the governor of california is executive order and in the best interests of
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our guests and employees we are proceeding with the closure of disneyland park and disneyland california adventure. the hotel's of disneyland resort will remain open until monday march 16th to get gas. the ability to make necessary travel arrangements and disneyland and california adnture are expected to be closed through the end of the month. the plan is to re evaluate after that they say a last resort hotels will stay open as i mentioned until monday to accommodate gas to need to make other arrangements does a lands theme parks in shanghai and hg kong they were closed earlier this year due to the outbreak. the company has not yet closed estate world parks in florida. and we have employee at the history museum here in san francisco has tested positivfor coronavirus the affection is believed to be from contact with a family member who tested positive. the employee is now in quarantine at home
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and will not return to work until cleared by medical personnel the museum is located in the presidio it closed on march 6 out of an abundance of caution governor newsom said that the disney call and shutting down their properties in the anaheim parks, back to you vicky great. >>i thank you to re send we know of at least 1323 cases of covid 19 here in the us and. 39 deaths and more than 190 cases have been confirmed in california with 4 deaths statewide we're told right now only about 8,000 testing kits are available across california. and in the bay area there are more than 100 confirmed cases of the coronavirus tonight santa clara. >>county has the most cases at 66 with one death. san mateo county has 15 san francisco, 14 contra costa county tenn solano county sic sonoma county 3 and marine county 3. also alameda county has 7 at
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this time napa county has no reported cases more than 2000 passengers are now off the grand princess cruise ship that leaves about 500 more on board who are expected to disembark later tonight a today governor newsome says that he is aware of more people who have tested positive since coming off the ship. that's in addition to the 21 already confirmed cases. the ship is expected to stay docked at the port of oakland until sunday and the cruise line is still figuring out what they're going to do with the more than 1000 crew members who are still on board. >>still to come tonight, the stock market has been sent into freefall today seeing its biggest drop in more than 30 years. >>the coronavirus outbreak hitting the travel and tourism industry really ha how the city of san francisco is doing in the midst of this public health emergency. >>and a mad dash for supplies across the bay area what to expect if you're planning to shop for cleaning products or
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big story of course coronavirus end it is a weekday, not even a friday, but. >>the parking lot and inside the costco in coma today who is packed telling a saturday or sunday there. yeah, real man house as a matter of fact conferees maureen kelly talk to those has been a trying to fill their pantries at the
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local big box stores with the central's like toilet paper in an aseptic wipes and. >>found empty shelves. what are you buying today basically i was looking for like hand sanitizers things to wash your hands with clean. the house with rhonda williams filled her car with the items she was able to find around lunchtime inside the coma target, they're pretty low or nonexistent on. >>cough and cold medication and pain medication and they'll have their ha looking for one this is the aisle where they keep the toilet paper which you can see has been wipeout. there were several areas which had mostly empty shelves inside although an employee tells e. >>trucks come in every morning soth can restock their shelves but high-demand items like antiseptic wipes at t p get snatched up quickly. one man emptying his shopping carts as he came today because he wants to avoid coming on the weekend when it's crowded stay away from people. i notice you have gloves on to do a lot of people are
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catching the virus so in the tom hanks car to get to be careful over at costco the store was remarkably busy for a work day afternoon i would say it's a to because i i've never seen it like this. >>even on it's like one 30 on a thursday. it is thursday i thinking was friday because it was so farber espa w only got a few things today because they were out of the toilet paper and sanitizing wipes sh was looking for. >>that despite the crowds barber says most the shoppers were beingpolite keeping calm wall trying to be prepared for what's to come. maureen kelly kron 4 news see other aspect of this big story the longest bull run in us history is officially over after nearly 11 years, the deepening crowd of iris crisis. >>set the stock market into another alarmg slide, the dow dropping more than 20 300 points one economist called it the worst and fast a stock market correction in his career. traders looked
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defeated on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the market dropped today is the biggest since the black monday crash of 1987. >>sunday's democratic debate is being moved from arizona to washington dc because of the coronavirus dnc officials say the venue change will reduce cross country travel and there will no longer be a live audience additionally one of the debate's moderators univision's jorge ramos has stepped down from his role in the debate after possible exposure to the virus. >>and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has now canceled the senate's recess that was scheduled for next week. the senate after all and we'll be staying in town to work on legislation in response to the coronavirus on twitter mcconnell says i hope congress can pass bipartisan legislation to continue combat in the coronavirus and keep our economy strong. 20 19 represents the 10th record breaking year for the tourism industry in the city of san francisco, european travelers
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are a big reason servic for travel indutry insiders tell banning european travelers to e us will have a major financial impact on thlocal economy. >>tourism has taken a major hit here in san francisco, the wake of the call that 19 pandemc ut traffic has slowed considerably empty seats at tables there's with very few customers tour buses usually packed virtually empty to make matters even worse there is now a 30 day ban travelers from european countries to the us is going to have a tremendous impact on this that haitian to san francisco in absolutely the ban on trel from europe to san francisco is going have a major impact. >>on ourtours industry in our small businesses according to recent statistics from the san francisco travel association 20 to 18 visitor value was over 26 million up 1.4% visitor spending exceeded billion that's up 2.7%. the
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executive vice president of the san francisco travel association burdis will says those numbers reflect travelers from overseas and many of our overnight visitors are from western europe from from the european countries. we undersnd the travel ban is temporary and does exclude the uk at this point. >>however, the impact is quite significant in germany, islam or top 5 markets for international visitors, the spokesperson for the san francisco chamber of commerce jt drills down even more. >>france last year was the greatest growth spend from international visitors in san francisco, so to just those 2 major countries alone accommodate for millions of dollars in stamps go economy, however with san francisco consistently in the top 5 for global visitors to the us experts say with the travel ban is lifted the city will boun back we hope that that will happen sooner rather than later i know that when we find a way out our businesses are going to be stronger than ever . san francisco haaziq kron 4 news.
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>>all right me now for 4 zone we had a shot, they're just a moment ago speaking of a san francisco, the classic golden gate bridge, a shrouded in but honestly i really or talk to lawrence about your costco trip today. my goodness i have never seen longer lines and the way down to the other side around the toilet paper is led by i was at the south san francisco okay, yeah, and near the airport to have a 12 year supply of tp 100 little but believe me a lot of people are on everything in attention lines to get in or just lines the checkout lines lines to check out, but i mean i got there we started so. >>yeah certainly yeah we had very scary conditions early on in morning, you know a lot of people trying to get in and out of there. you could feel the tension feel of people are starting to panic a little bit you know you need to calm down be rational just make good decisions that's what you got to do was get through this. >>outside right now we do have some patchy fog that has moved
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in along the coastline you see that inside the bay right now fact more fog overnight at in tonight the southern california they get a lot rain we've got that fog moving in right now there in southern california. they are looking at some that stormy weather time more low cloud and fog on the way mostly sunny skies for tomorrow this weekend be prepared for that one too much colder rain maybe a little snow on the mound tops guys back to you. >>try lawrence still ahead and alameda firefighters diagnosed with coronavirus what we know with coronavirus what we know about that person night z3s7oz z1ncz
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y3s7oy y1ncy
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the city of alameda sharing limited details now about the firefighter diagnosed with the novel coronavirus but we do know that that person is currently under quarantine kron four's felipe de gaulle reports the city is telling the public not to panic while stressing. >>there are steps we can all take to stop the virus from spreading. >>since the start of the year stations within the alameda fire department have already been receiving frequent deep cleanings now that oneof its own firefighters has tested positive for the novel coronavirusr covid 19 the city says those cleanings will increase same goefor all city facilities, including city hall collinson says of the virus are concerning i've been saying and more i think that honestly at this point probably a lot more people in town have and we just don't know yet city spokesperson sarah henry says the firefighter was diagnosed with the virus tuesday. all staff
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was notified shortly after in addition to the public people shoulconsider staying home if they dot feel safe if you consider staying home privacy laws prevent the city from sharing muchnformation about the firefighter their gender age and how they got the virus has not been released. we do know though that the firefighter lives in another county and that county is conductinthe investigation after that investigation they then contact the other county health department. >>of anybody who might have are notifying individuals that may have that's all happening right now meanwhile the city has placed 17 sanitation stations at public places all over the island. >>making hand sanitizer available for those out and about him in a pretty low risk group and i my concern is more about spreading the disease other people and wash your hands and read good books alameda county recommends avoiding big gatherings altogether. in alameda felipe should all kron 4 news. >>the ripple effects of
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coronavirus seemingly are changing the lives of everyone in the sports world has virtually stopped in its tracks. and the commissioner just told tnt the games will be suspended for at least 30 days that's the first time we've gotten a time frame for the shutdown there and on that same broadcast we learned that charles barkley has self-quarantined himself, he's feeling sick. he is waiting for the results of a coronavirus tests kron four's jason dumas says more. >>and that's where the on march 11 upi the coronavirus officially rocked the spts world forever changed in an unprecedented mo. major sports leagues begun to suspend all play on this case started with the nba just an initially is the golden state warriors in cooperation with the san francisco health department announced they play mes without fans in attendance. hours later after some games had already even be gun and finish building the utah jazz announced at center rudy go bare had tested positive for the virus. the league immediate suspended
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play and players they had to be quarantined the next day other leagues followed suit the nhl suspended all play indefinitely. as did the mls major league baseball suspended all of spring training swings with the opening day and then the major bomb drive told the nc double a tournament which is the biggest sporting event of the year 2 cancels college athletes fond out last minute. many never will play competitive sports against and with the nfl draft next month. this all begs the question and what's next. >>and the answer there body knows kron four's jason doom us reporting for us tonight. >>next at 5.30 talking to your kids about the coronavirus outbreak what some psychology experts say is the best way to keep your children informed. wednesday night the president made some commitments to the american people on how to combat the coronavirus i'm joe khaleel here in washington it
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