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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  March 13, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>>schools for all students pre k through 12 effective monday march 16th schools across the bay area closed part ridership dropping dramatically empty now like the impact of the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the country has more sports leagues, including the nc double a continuing to suspend postpone are canceling their season. the only thing we can really. >>and this too in terms of stopping sports in its tracks. >>9.11 now growing concerns over the impact the pandemic is having on the local economy that the ban on travel from europe 10 san francisco's could have a major impact on our course industry in our small businesses we have the story covered from every angle with team coverage of the coronavirus pandemic the kron 00:04am morning news starts now.
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>>we've got the latest on the coronavirus this morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher lots of angles to cover most importantly you probably the schools that are being impacted around the bay area number of them closing over fears of coronavirus and more are deciding that this not safe for the kids to be in school. the west contra costa county unified school district. >>is the newest and biggest says they are out as of noon today kron four's will tran live in el serino with more. >>yet classes are only be a few hours from now we're in front of el serino high school in the lights are on but. new name out so shut it off because they will know they will not be any school for the next 3 weeks but the kids they could be dropped off a lot of parents have no choice and we will get their reaction which is give you a map of how big we're talking about the school district encompasses dozens of schools, thousands of students in cities like hercules richmond else or read open
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all. no positive tests on coronavirus as far as the staff and students but they want to be just preemptive out of an abundance of caution and that's why they're going to physically shut down the schools notice i say physically because schools will continue. online so once the kids leave the classrooms. well, the next 2 weeks. they will have their lessons given to them online and just to cut down on the loss of time as far as the school year. they're going to move up spring break usually it's in late april but in this particular case because this is such an emergency that they're actually implementing spring break during the 3 weeks and if anybody needs to be quarantined obviously that gives him plenty of time to come back to school. so for the young kids as well they'll be sent home packets obviously is going to be a huge disruption for so many people we've got reaction from one student, here's what she had to say about the next couple
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of weeks. >>it is going to be a little hard to do all of our work online. especially since ike using tablets the south is not really easy and the fact that we're going to have to like talk to our teachers over like a video called probably our watch like you to videos that they make for work. i know it's probably going to be hard to like learn in the next 3 weeks. >>that's some students who cannot afford laptops tonight, everybody has computers at their homes the school district is working with them to see if they can be the sent home laptops for them as well no word yet james and darya if this will prolong their school year it looks like it won't be but i'll try to confirm that as well but let's face it this is happening across the country and gary, i know you talked about this is is also also happening in your school district backed out thanks a lot. we'll get the word last night my kids in the table pies union district and that so home on schools and summer and they're not go to school
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as of today all there's no school today on or for the next couple of weeks. >>glen park elementary in san francisco is closed. and families are being asked to self-quarantine for 2 weeks because 7 students. >>have a respiratory illness. they're being tested. we don't know yet if it's coronavirus all public schools in san francisco will be closed for 3 weeks starting on monday. that's their response to the coronavirus teachers have been concerned for a while because kids a lot of parents of him pulling their kids even though school has been going on so now they want to have to be missing school alone. they're all thing is off to all the schools are going to be deep clean while the kids are on break now for the next 3 weeks. even though in that district there have been no reported cases of coronavirus among the kids. >>these kids are going to be some place to go. i mean not. every kid has a family member who could stay home with them and so we're going to need to provide you know with our rec and park department with our libraries with other resources that we have available. we're gonna need to provide alternative.
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>>and that everything is canceled child care before an after school services are all off. the district is working to figure out how it's going make up for the necessary school days. >>well new this morning, the san mateo union high school district will also close on monday and stay closed for at least 2 weeks. students will be delivered their learning materials at home and if the decision is made not to reopen schools on the 30th. then they'll stay closed through spring break which is april 6 through the 10th. the apple valley college in the east bay also announcing that it's moving all lecture classes online starting on monday students will get e-mails about the updates a further classes now lab based classes and performance classes will be allowed to meet on campus unless their professor says otherwise and we will continue to update you on the school closures as they come in the schedule changes as well fact we have a an ongoing list of the impact of schools on our website at kron 4 dot com if you'd like to take a closer look at it. and there are more
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than a 100 confirmed cases of coronavirus here in the bay area and look at your screen. this is a breakdown of where they are county by county santa clara county has the most cases it's 66 it also has one reported death. following up we've got san mateo county with 20 18 in san francisco county 17 in contra costa county, 7 in alameda and then it from there solano county has 6 sonoma and marin county both have 3 confirmed cases each and napa county right now the only county that does not have a confirmed case of coronavirus yet. >>because of coronavirus closing a lot of workplaces and everybody afraid to take a mass transit must be exposed in any way they don't have to. bart is seen a huge drop in ridership in asked costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars a day yeah, but guard is continuing to run regular service despite the concerns with kron four's dan thorn out with the story. >>abarca daryl bart station noticeably quieter during thursday evening's rush hour
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as coronavirus fears sweep the bay area people are staying away from the usually crowded trains bard's empty now like is really today it. what officials say ridership has dipped more than 35% and average wednesday last month some more than 360,000 riders this past wednesday, it dropped to 269,000. riders not being kept away by coronavirus fears took precautions by wearing masks and keeping at least an arm's length away from other riders, but some say less people not only makes it less crowded, but a more pleasant have the nothing to worry nothing at however, bart officials say the loss and riders is costing the system 450,000 to $600,000 in revenue
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each day if the decline continues for will seek emergency funds from local state and federal officials to help stop the spread of coronavirus bart has expanded disinfecting and cleaning with in stations and on trains hand sanitizers like this will also be made available at each station despite the coronavirus concerns some riders tell us bart will continue to be the way they get around and i can here a building and my immune system i think people just need to relax to score reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. we've told you about emergency responders being affected and in the south bay for firefighters have now tested positive for coronavirus. >>in san jose at least 2 others are in isolation with symptoms at least 80 people are now restricted from work after being exposed. it's not clear where the firefighters
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were exposed by the assistant fire chief says it is possible that they were exposed on the job. >>because our firefighters work in teams and the train together and together is he in the same areas they are at risk for possible exposure. >>the infected. firefighters have several family members who are also showing symptoms now and everybody is waiting for their test results. a firefighter in the east bay is under quarantine because they have coronavirus the city can't say much else beyond that, but they do know the infected firefighter lives in another county. so now that county is looking into who may have been exposed there. >>to my immediate situation would be i would like to have my fire put out my house saved. i honestly, i'm thinking i'm in a pretty low risk group and i my concern is more about spreading the disease other people at this point increase the frequency and the level of our clean. and >>the city of alameda is trying to stop the spread best they can 17 sanitation
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stations have been set up all over for the public to use. >>kaiser permanente hospitals are making it a little easier for you to get tested for coronavirus they're setting up in san francisco as you can see here in these pictures a pop-up drive-thru test site now the tests are available to kaiser members only right now who meet the cdc's criteria for needing a test they also have to have a doctor's note. but patients must then go back home after their tested do a self quarantine while they wait for the results to come back and find out where these test sites are fine dinners one to you and to see if you qualify make a point with your physician, they'll have that information for you. and our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic continues on kron on our 24 hour local news streaming service is free right now to download because we want you to stay informed about this health crisis as the updates come in time a day so download kron-on today. and still ahead on the kron 4 news congress is working to pass a bill to help americans financially during the
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coronavirus pandemic will tell you what they're working on. >>the dow is at risk for its worst week in its 124 year history and air bnb seized bookings i'm jane have their stories coming up. >>and a cool morning out there temperatures in the 40's and 50's right now oakland at 54 he were to 49, i'm talking a cool weekend forecast and finally some rain still to come. >>and i'm tracking your commute into san francisco busy at the bay bridge toll plaza stacked up from the
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>>7.13 right now gonna get a look at the weather going into 8. oh i forgot it was the weekend until this moment, i'm not really because it has been so it's overwhelming and it just feels like weekends are for relaxing and that's not happening. yeah, you know i it's still weird. he that today is friday the 13th that doesn't help that. notice any worse it is on top >>and okay what's going to this is like the weekend for in traverse, i've also saying that a everyone's like i'd servers have been waiting for this weekend forever could just go home and the state getting that rain they are talking about oh yeah, the rain and yeah, we've got
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cooler forecast to its not as rain it's going to be kind of chilly out there so my recommendation is put in a good movie take it easy and that's what i'm going to be doing looking out there and timber on you do have some low lying cloud cover overhead just patches of it in really hasn't blocked out your visibility anywhere across the bay area this morning. so your drive into work that still happening while it's been smooth. i'm probably not just because the weather's been co-operative but you are saying to our north some not so cooperative weather come saturday sunday and monday of next week this is snow and rain that was centered up near the gulf of alaska now slowly treasured its way down our direction and is this happens this cold front along with the skin results of that quick weather switch-up come tomorrow colder temperatures rain and then mountain snowfall all things that we would really need to see a couple months now, but a i guess better late than never it's good to be tapping into this this is 05:30am tomorrow morning line of showers begins to drop into the bay will do
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so throughout the course of your morning reaching the south bay by around noon 01:00pm tomorrow. this will result in some really windy conditions that was the rainiest of conditions and after that spotty showers will take us through the rest your saturday on into sunday monday, even lingering on into tuesday to and during the same time it's just solid snowfall up in the sierra nevada, not going to be letting up through the start of next week so travel of this year is going to be pretty rough and then of course your travel here in the bay is going to be slick as well so just things to consider if you do have any weekend plans. 50's and 60's for your highs at the coast today, well 60's in just a few 70's remain elsewhere already a cooler day than what we had yesterday and it's really just the tip of the iceberg as we get even cooler tomorrow and tomorrow actually the really noticeable cool down temperatures in the east bay down into the 60's after yesterday's 70's, still holding on the 70's and delay hope aneesh on over t antioch and up to vacaville while towards the coast. some 50's
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want that extra layer if you're heading to stinson beach or point raise tomorrow temperatures cooler than today by 10 degrees on average and we stay in those 50's for the rest of the season. as next thursday as the official start of spring. best chances of rain here are of course saturday sunday and monday, but also a few showers tuesday into wednesday possible. robin all right a little bit of crowding at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza west bound 5.80 will be slow off and on from just west of. >>castro street leading up to the toll plaza but to a nice quiet commute throughout the morning and we're looking at only 9 minutes to the north bay here at the bay bridge. we do have some slow traffic now we've got a late start this morning, it spills back off and on between west grand and the bottom of the maze. so yes, there's a wait, but it moves well across the upper deck in trouble free through downtown san francisco, some minor crowding for that trip out of pittsburgh in 2 of a point in concord so a little slow on highway 4. but antioch looks good right to a t 2 minutes from one 60 out to to
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42 6.80 look fine so no big trouble spots for you there were checking in on one oh one northbound a trimble de la cruz just getting word of a new accident and you see that one little stretch of crowding there as you leave downtown san jose. so overall it is not bad 32 minutes from san jose heading up to menlo park the rest of the south bay looks fantastic back to james all right rob, thank you 7.18 >>congress is trying to pass a relief package to help everyday americans cope with the financial pain of the coronavirus pandemic kron four's washington correspondent raquel martin takes a look now at whether democrats and republicans can actually come together and agree on a plan. >>congress is scrambling to pass a second coronavirus relief package to help millions of americans impacted by the pandemic we're calling it the family first act we've got to make sure first and foremost we're taking care of our families, illinois democrat cherie booth does is the house plan will bring financial aid to impacted american workers, small businesses and cover the cost
7:19 am
of testing no matter what your background is you can get tested under this bill we will cover those costs but illinois senator dick durbin says the cost is only one of the challenges and stopping the spread of the virus just not enough tests available in illinois for these categories of people. so i'm very concerned the president says he supports some of the houses financial proposals. he says he also wants lawmakers to help wall street by suspending the payroll tax michigan senator debbie stabenow says the president's priorities are all off process talking about the stock market and talking about people in the supermarket former take it step by step right now senate republicans chuck grassley and joni ernst say they are moving cautiously. i think there are a lot of concerns that need to be taken into consideration, there isn't an understanding yet. >>the exact impact of this on the economy maybe a week from now or 2 weeks from now we would come to the conclusion that a lot needs to be done on
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thursday afternoon. the senate canceled its scheduled recess to keep working on a deal next week. >>in washington raquel martin. >>for your money this morning amazon tells employees to work from home and the dow is coming off its worst day since the stock market crash of 87 jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hold on jane. >>quite a day yesterday we are recovering a chunk of what we lost yesterday so the dow right now is up just shy of the 1000 points. we did have the treasury secretary steven you shun out this morning talking about they will do anything way to anything he said to try to instill confidence and the market and we hope to get some legislation that today from that could support for the economy as well so all that giving us a positive day after that 2300 love point loss that we saw yesterday 10% dale and the dow now major family style buffet restaurants across the country will remain open.
7:21 am
buffet restaurants. i should say golden corral country ryan's chains also a taking new safety precautions rather than closing up shop representatives for golden corral told fox business that in addition to providing multiple sanitizer stations throughout its restaurants. the company also is reinforcing stringent hand washing procedures for its employees was on told all of its employees around the world stay home if they can do their jobs from home the decision comes as the coronavirus continues to spread amazon says it's encouraging this social distancing that's a word of the week and lessens the impact of public transportation as well an air be of these losses almost doubles in the 4th quarter of last year that was even before the coronavirus pandemic caused global travel day grind to a halt. the world's biggest home-sharing company reported a loss of 276 million. the company says its bookings have fallen by 40% since the coronavirus has become know live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to daryn all right,
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thanks a lot jane thanks. >>7.21. the time we'll take a quick break coming up visitor volume is way down in san francisco since the coronavirus pandemic started will tell you. how what is normally a booming local business has taken on a troubling turn. and here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach. you know still pretty even for a friday, we'll have more from robin in a minute on where any slow spots are for you this morning and then john tribal with your friday forecast looking ahead to what prob
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>>banning european travelers to the us will have a major financial impact on the local economy, especially in san francisco last year was the 10th record breaking year for tourism. in the city. well tourism is taking a major hit of course in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic places that are usually packed with tourists are virtually empty and to make matters worse. there's now a 30 day travel ban. >>and you've all overnight visitors are from western europe from the eu from the european countries. we understand the travel ban is temporary and does exclude the uk at this point. however, the impact is is quite significant in germany is one of our top 5 markets for international visitors, france last year was the greatest growth spend from international visitors in san francisco, so dogma to just those 2 major countries alone. >>accommodate for millions of dollars and cents go economy.
7:26 am
>>yeah with san francisco being consistently in the top 5 places for global visitors to us when this travel ban is lifted its hope. that the city will bounce back with all those visitors coming back but we'll have to wait to see how quickly that can happen as the number of cases rise, lawmakers are worried that president trump's new travel ban may have come too late and this frustration is growing over the lack of virus testing kits as well during a congressional hearing doctor anthony director of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases told lawmakers that test kits are not available for everyone and that that is a failing. >>it is a family there let's admit it i hear of anybody getting it easily. the wait people in other countries doing it we're not set up for that do i think we should be yes making sure that they're keeping a distance from people and importantly staying home if they're experiencing symptoms we want to be taking good proactive steps to just a little bit of a social isolation does make a difference.
7:27 am
>>some reports estimate, 10's of millions of americans could contract this virus, but the the top experts say that the final outcome is still unpredictable as this is an evolving situation. a break there is a lot of misinformation out there about the coronavirus. we will hear from experts to help us break down what is fact and what is fiction. get to the ross spring dress event, where the prices make all the dresses yeses. yeah! save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices on our best selection of spring dresses. the ross spring dress event, on now! z3s7oz z1ncz
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>>coronavirus pandemic has put the world on the hold virtually as a number of infections rises on a daily basis and test kits are hard to come by here in the us, this is the huge problem is getting enough kids. >>there is however a new method that can provide answers without having to go to the doctor's office john lawrence takes a look. >>there's no reason to sugarcoat it the coronavirus has taken over she's the worst public health crisis for a generation the disease is spreading rapidly across the globe. the us is among the country seeing a more than 33% daily increase in case numbers, you know this thing multiplies the experts we've consultants says that it will multiply every 66 days health officials say the best way to combat the coronavirus is to take protective measures. >>however the us has issues with getting people tested were not set up for that do i think we should be yes but we're not but there's a new method of testing that's not only helping people but also
7:31 am
helping protect health care workers. so we're just going to swab the back of the throat so this next one's going to go down they could have you open your mouth free 3 miles a number of drive through testing sites are popping up in cities like rochester, minnesota. >>in denver a long line of drivers getting checked, likewise in san francisco. and new york governor andrew cuomo says the state's first public drive through testing facility debuts friday. residents of new rochelle who are under quarantine will get tested first. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>the shortage of teh the kit says been a huge beef with governor newsome he has been really vocal and the fact that it is been hard to increase testing how without the federal government giving us complete kicks. the test kits. >>do not include in every case the rna. extraction kits reagents the chemicals, the solutions that are components of the broader test. this is imperative that the federal
7:32 am
government. and labs across the united states, not to state of california. get the benefit of all the ingredients that are components of that test. >>the governor says that 2 more commercial labs are going to be up and running at the end of the month and that will help california he thinks be able to conduct more than 5,000 tests. days so hold on because we're about to see real high numbers most just come in. >>holding off on shutting off your power if you're unable to pay your electricity bill are gas bill because of the coronavirus pandemic their this moratorium will apply to both residential and commercial customers and it will remain in place until further notice a one-way peach and is trying to help me out here, san francisco mayor london breed says the federal government isn't doing enough to stop the spread in the city and putting more of the load on local shoulders fact, she's working with financial institutions to try and put a hold on mortgage payments. and there's also a question of paid sick leave to the mayor says what the federal
7:33 am
government has offered so far to contribute to the local fight is far from adequate. >>initially the amount of money that was allocated for this this issue was just really is why we are not only focusing on making sure we support and protect public health. but we also protect the health of our economy by providing resources and support to our employees to our businesses. i mean we're going to have to basically you know step up and do it here and we are i'm trying to work with some of state officials and we hope the federal government can get it together to provide the real leadership and support that they need to but we cannot we don't have the luxury to wait for that. >>small businesses are suffering as well with people staying home and conventions being cancel. mayor breed is working on a 10 months delay for those folks having to pay taxes and fees she's also established a fund that they can draw from. >>every time i have taken my for my throat yes, i freak every time a graphically next
7:34 am
you think i know and i'm coffin like it was just a little tickle but you don't know again we just talked about testing. i mean i hoped i you but as it spreads business misinformation. there is this fear this concern. >>health experts they are battling all of this too. kristie lu stout sat down with an infectious disease expert. >>to separate fear from fact set down to one faction disease experts in hong the coronavirus is manmade if you look at the virus itself you look at the follow genetic tree. >>we find that basically the virus. pops very nicely. in between the best kind of artists and the sauce one of ours is so we believe that this is actually a natural even nations. all of this noble front of our says. >>so didn't come from a lot in china this wasn't unlikely.
7:35 am
>>break again, there has been a miss information prompting this open letter by scientists in the lancet conspiracy theories do nothing but create rumors and prejudice that jeopardize our global collaboration in the fight against this my pet can give me the virus because we know. >>that a pet here in hong kong has tested positive for the new coronavirus the pet has a very bitter taste in quarantine it's very unlikely more likely that dog has being environmentally contaminated even though is contaminated you won't get a very high farlow and very unlike the debt you can actually be. >>transmitters from the pets 2 is very unlikely. >>now this is a big one and wearing a mask will not protect me from the virus because you have the us surgeon general telling people you don't need to buy a mask is not effective is it. >>if you look at the in hong kong wearing moss is probably the most important thing in
7:36 am
terms of infection control well in not only bring down you know the cases of coronavirus it also bring down the infant so in fact this is now the influenza season. and we hardly seen any influenza cases and that is because t moss actually protect not only against all of ours is also against influenza viruses as well. >>the coronavirus is less deadly than the flu. how do they compare if you look at >>dowson cases being reported by as chen in the new engine and that's it basically done what has or is around 1.4%. well probably even going to go nowhere is that moment and getting bigger. it's to senate bill one percent for instance, a is on one percent even
7:37 am
though the panel was seasons you all so is to 10 times small it that to be compared to infants. >>virus will go away you've heard that from many from son donald trump, yes is asked to be believed it's speculative right. i see people partly say that because sars kind of want to weigh in april may. but when it's warm here is going to be cold somewhere else we've got a southern hemisphere to in sauces only effect of the few countries. >>but this time this is really a pandemic scale. so basically you can come back, especially in some have said and then you know alternate with the northern hemisphere. >>well our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic continues throughout the day on kron on if you don't know that's our 24 hour local news streaming service and right now it is free free to download we want you to stay updated on the very latest information during this health crisis so again go to your app store of choice and download kron-on today.
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>>much more information about the latest with the coronavirus coming up in the buzz from the sports world to celebrities to the other forms of entertainment affected by the virus that is sweeping the world. and this morning temperatures on the cool side that's where we're going to stay this weekend as conditions and we in the 50's for your saturday and sunday, i'm also talking rain in your forecast ahead. >>and your trip into san francisco on the slow side we're checking the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a backup here so yes sirs awaited slow from the bottom
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>>welcome back 7.43 on this friday morning. we are looking at a weekend that's going to be a little bit gloomier than what we've got use to lately today is starting off a little bit gray, but you can see some sunshine starting to work its way back out in areas like timber on through the day today more and more sunshine will be seen and i say enjoy
7:44 am
it because saturday and sunday not going to be near as nice as today will shape up to be we have snow and rain to our north in the pacific northwest. this is the system that's been slowly making its way our direction and will continue to push towards the bay area come the weekend. this is initially going to result in a line of showers pushing through the bay come tomorrow morning it will start around 06:07am, for the north bay and eventually reach the south bay by around noontime tomorrow this line of showers will be our most widespread but after that spotty rainfall will take us through the rest of the day on saturday on into sunday monday and even early tuesday, so this is an extended round of wet weather ahead of us it's going to be cool at the same time you also have solid snowfall in the sierra nevada well through the weekend into next week. this is going to be very helpful on snow pack which is not been doing well, the latter half of the season after what was initially a strong start to it. 60's for your daytime highs later today for most of us the lay how an antioch holding on to the 70's but not
7:45 am
by much fremont and san jose at 67 age tomorrow daytime highs cool on average around 10 degrees. so you'll notice. the difference from today into tomorrow and we're going to stay in the 50's through the rest of the weekend and really into the start of next week too. your best chances of rain being saturday sunday and monday with a few showers lingering and holding on into tuesday and wednesday. robin another day of early clearing traffic, it's really thinning out out there we're checking in on 92. >>for hours this was our only slow spot westbound 92 and the approach to the 70 oh bridge because of all the crashes that we have right there that little cluster in hayward so everything's out of the way traffic looks better and this is easy now 16 minutes to the peninsula. here's the richmond sandra fell west 5.80 another commute that's pretty much over 9 minutes for that drive into the north bay and the bay bridge 80 west our heaviest bridge, but still good for friday, and it's really not bad. no crashes, no stalls it's not backed up through the maze of holding off and on
7:46 am
between the bottom of the maze and west grand so an easy 11 minutes for your friday morning drive into san francisco highway 4 looks good at 24 contra costa county 6.80 already back at the limit and check out one on one. you don't see this often only 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park. >>the only thing we can really. pair this too in terms of stopping sports in its tracks. >>would be 9.11. >>and the cover of the new york post says it all the day the sports world stopped. let's start with the tip of the iceberg that triggered the avalanche in major league sports. the first pro athlete in the us to get the virus. utah jazz player rudi go bear is now aprlogizing. >>for making a joke of the disease by touching all the microphones in this press conference the day before he got sick. >>donovan mitchell, we know got it from a man who else well you know no goal baer says. >>since learning of my
7:47 am
diagnosis. he's mostly fearing fear anxiety and embarrassment and he publicly is apologizing to the people he may have endangered he says at the time i had no idea i was even infected. and here's the big quote i hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously. one see nba put its season on hold the nc double a pulled the plug and that means no march madness for you to watch an. it's far more devastating to the players, especially seniors, whose college careers are suddenly overhears gonzaga's coach. >>the extremely disappointed they stream lea disappointed that i think all of us felt we could postpone and even postpone into. the mayor whatever and then if we needed to cancel we could cancel it but that's what they're doing and i guess. that's what they're doing. >>where we go from here is anybody's guess at this point i'm betting on a longer delay
7:48 am
to the start of baseball because right now opening days postponed by 2 weeks spring training is canceled. it's hard to keep up with it all just found out the boston marathon is delayed. just this morning. the pga announced it is postponing the masters. the nhl season is suspended indefinitely. and it's definitely a wake-up call when you see famous people come down with the virus is if anyone is immune charles barkley is nervous in self-isolation and still waiting for his test to come back. he started feeling, sick when he got back from new york overseas sino an italian soccer player has coronavirus and so does the head coach for arsenal, the wife of canada's prime minister has it he's not showing any symptoms but they're both in isolation as you know, tom hanks and his wife both have it he posted this new picture and urged fans to follow the advice of experts he says take care of each other and remember despite the current events. there's no crying in baseball. don't get me started on the u
7:49 am
k my daughter is in college there and they're keeping their classes going as well as the awards events are going on look at this on the red carpet that's piers brosnan and prince charles. >>granting each other not with the kiss of the ring or whatever else royals do kind of keeping their distance. here's at the same awards and actor richard e grant. and a look at his sleeves go down to his hands. those are black, latex gloves that he is wearing to protect himself. hollywood is losing money right and left big movie debuts are delayed a quiet place to milan and fast and furious all delayed just to name a few broadway is dark. no plays until at least april 13th, basically every big concert you can think of is canceled because live nation has suspended all touring shows and disneyland and disney world are closed. >>but not today. they're close
7:50 am
starting this weekend. why not immediately who knows a lot of people are questioning that move this affects thousands of people. >>i think it's stupid not they didn't do anything sooner time. address this as show that's going around the world. >>please it out of our miles to get here got to get the hotel we were literally just going to check in south. probably probably out a big big chunk of change. >>and here's the thing james's i know you don't want to lose money. these people have lost a vacation and yes, it cuts into you know your paycheck to think about with disney for example the thousands of people that are affected by workplaces are closing by jobs that are had they can't pay their rent they can't buy food so it's a trickle trickle, trickle. yeah, right acting everybody from those that empty the garbage cans at the park all the way to those that you know helped design the right and you know what think about your neighbor because that's why we're doing this right we talked about we'll
7:51 am
get to that hardin and everything else that you've heard a million times but so far there's new stuff coming in about traveling people not thinking about other travelers for example, i know a lot of people are afraid to take mass transit transit afraid to fly and i just tell you how klm i canceled for easily, john just cancel united there was even easier just click of a button and now he is a credit for year to get a credit to travel later. they're disinfecting in doing their their part and when i watch this video they okay legalese special corona kits, yes, and they're supposed to be watching for sick passengers and they've got massive navajo procedure in place. >>but you just read online about some guy who just asleep traveled on a play of what current yes, it turns out jetblue has similar kids like that to be as it was during the flight from jfk to west palm beach last night that a passenger who was. >>you know feeling ill notified the flight attendant and his wife their 2 sand, i don't feel too well, i just got confirmation just got a
7:52 am
text before the flight took off that i positive for coronavirus so they got massive got him they claim that he got on the plane by the time they landed not only did have health officials have to come on board and check everybody for that i'm off but now jetblue has banned him from future flights and they're stressing the airline is like a lamb unlike united they will waive any cancellation or change fees you just cancel little if you're in the waiting for a test like i just showed shot charles barkley yeah, he just like that guy waiting and traveling rest he's waiting in self-isolation right. >>so if you feel you have symptoms and you're waiting for a test you're not supposed to go to the airport. and so yeah, we didn't even get to this so think about your neighbors don't take 20 of these if you find it on the shelf take one or 2 however much you need. >>cover this like you know the story and stay home if you feel sick that's the bus.
7:53 am
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>>welcome back 7.55. it's been a dry week for us in the bay area but southern california is still holding on to those showers i've been talking about through the week. we're going to remain dry here locally through the day today and today really is actually your best day to get outside. because if i zoom out really far here you see what is about to be heading our direction. this snow and rain that's up in the pacific northwest right now has its eyes on the bay area and it's finally going to result in some good rainfall
7:56 am
for us into tomorrow, something that will stick around through much of the beginning of next week. robin a quick peek at some bay area bridges starting off at the golden gate hence hasn't been a problem so far. >>the drive into and out of san francisco is smooth and pretty much friday light at 21 minutes nevado to the toll plaza we're checking the bay bridge and we do have a backup here it's not bad. it's going to be often on from right around west grand that's where it starts and continues through the tolls but still light much lighter than normal and only 12 minutes into san francisco james. >>and coming up the next hour all students in west contra costa unified school district will be dismissed early today as schools prepare to shut down closed for 3 weeks over coronavirus concerns that more details on what exactly is happening in a live report and fewer commuters are taking part again fears of coronavirus and the drop-in riders is now costing bart hundreds of thousands of
7:57 am
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>>we're going to recess schools for all students pre k through 12 effective monday march, 16. >>schools across the bay area closed bark ridership dropping dramatically bard's empty now like is really into today the impact of the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the country has more sports leagues, including the nc double a continuing to suspend postpone are canceling their season. the only thing we can
8:00 am
really. >>pair this too in terms of stopping sports in its tracks. it would be 9.11 now growing concerns over the impact of pandemic is having on the local economy that the ban on travel from europe san francisco's could have a major impact on our course industry in our small businesses we have the story covered from every angle with team coverage of the coronavirus pandemic the kron 00:04am morning news starts now. >>thanks for joining us for the latest on coronavirus i'm darya pulse. and i'm james fletcher it is the big story and now schools feeling the impacts all over the bay area this morning and that includes schools in the west contra costa unified school district. they are close starting today at noon kron four's will tran live in el serino now will how long will they be shut down. >>the schools


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