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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  April 4, 2020 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>buys a ne year's eve. non-medical last face covering as an additional voluntary public health meases so it's voluary you have to do it. >>the cdc now recommending that everyoneear a mask when they go out in public we'r going to show you a stepy-step guide to make one disproportionately are the ones testing positive. in the ste of california 50%. the 2102 individuals that have tested positive 50% are
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between the age of 1849. >>governor newsome with a grim reminder that coronavirus is attki every age group in california. hear wh he's oing to protect thstate's most vulnerable. the navy fires santa rosa native captainbrett crozier after he spe t for pleading for help for his sailors who are suffering from the coronavirus good morning. thank you for joining us on this turday april 4 son james fletcher d i'm darya folsom gahave all of the latest developments with oronavirus that you need to know aut just a couple of minutes. >>first we want to start with the ather because we're in for some rain absolutely john travel joining us emotely once again with more on this forecast and the wet weaer starts when job. >>it lookslike it's going to be starting here pretty shortly although we are dry at the ment guys we do have a rainfall just around the corner now and that's
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omething that we're going to see not just today either but on through much of the weekend aheadour view from berkeley still pretty quiet as of the moment you can actually see a little bit of clear skies in between those clouds but let's get a look atsatellite and radar and what you are seeing is all that rainfall sitting just to our north right really king its way into northern california at this point even staying north of sonoma county for the most points as of this very moment now pruming on we've got that spot of ly rainfall right in the northern and a car in county just a couple of sowers right around santa rosa overall, but we are staying pretty dry for the ba area as of this moment, zoing t jut a little bit again all that rain to our west. it's heading our direction and it's going to be piling up today fact me spots can expect around 3 quarters of an inch to inch of ranfall. this is around 11:00am toy and after already having seen in for a couple hours at this pot you're starting to see some avier shows woing their way on up and north bay by
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this time that line of yellow and orange indicating just that a little bit later on in the morning and to theearl afrnoon showers to continue shs tle states to moderate prty eadin earl afrno condio star taper down into the evening tonight, a ttle bit of a breather this evening while snow contues in the sierra but the rafall sees an uptick yet agn to tomorrow morningthis is 08:45am rrow ndyocan seet again some areas of moderate even heavy rain mixed in there so very rainy weekend ead one to stay indoors as you ar already planning on doing hopefully day'daytime highs a little cooler than they have been only in the low 60's across the bay, san jose at 62 cloudier and cooler an we have been as well, i'm tracking those showers now that there are right on our doorstep and i'll be giving it minute by minu looks at the satellite radar all through the morning back to you the studio. thanks a lot john. >>our top story this rning, the death ll from the
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coronavirus james yeah, hitting anotherrecord setting pace this morni nearly 1200 deaths in just the past 24 hou alone in total, the u.s. has seen us somany people die of ronavirus as you can see here. the virus has killed more than 7,000 americans so far the biggest death toll by far is new york state where nearly 3,000 people have died of the virus in california. 278 people have lost their battle with the virus. the bay area. and you can see the breakdown hereof total cases, those are positi tests and then i'm going to tell you about the people have died in each county. because this is where you laugh right in san clara county. they've seen th most deaths, 38 peoe have died of the virus. their san mateo county with 13. and as you go down the list here you can see the next county after san mateo county suffer the most as alameda county with 12
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dths in alameda county. a san francio in contra costa 7, 5, people have died there marine county. 6 peop ve died. solano and sonoma county of coronavirus so far and napa county has 2 people who have died of the virus where as you can see the total cases they've only sted 0 people tested positive. that why it's not as important to look at the total cases because we do ot have enough widespread testing especially considering james. that we're all supposed to act as if we have the virus because we cannot all ofus take a test correct and as the death to continues to rise across the country meta profsionals are calling on the president. >> issue a nationwide. shutdown fact, hers a look at the current map right now showing you the states that have and have not issued shelter at home orders all the states in red have issued the orders the ones in gray have not and as you can see it's the center of the country and one portion of the east coast that still resisti in fact this morning, e president himself is also resisting. the
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recommendation of doctors to order that tionwide stay at home order. the president says it's up to each state to detemine how to handle the pandemic. >>in every state in this country. we got to see a governor's done within doing they've been doing a great job because we're close to 90% anyway. >>states who were talking about. not in jeopardy. now i uld leave it to the governor's. >>people are supposed to wear masks as well or i will call them face coverings mes because they don't want you to use the medical minds and they wa you to just make your ow fraud and some stuff will show you don't do that absolutely and so that's the recommendati from the cdc right now the guidelines are voluntary, but officials are stressing that these masks. >>are not a substitute for soething to do in addition to social distancing.e've got nadia romero now to explain.
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>> friday's white house ronavirus task force briefing and update om the americans wearing face trol on coveris the cdc >>is recommending that americans wereasic law to a fabric masks. they can be either purcsed online or simply made it home obably material that you have at home. these face coverigs can be easily wash or reuse beuse the guidelines are voluntary the esident says he will not wear a face covering the nation's top inectious disease expert doct anthony fauci stressing they an be supplementalbut are not a substitute for social distancing this is ded and i'm an addion. >>to the physical separation, not as a substitute for it as the coronavirus death toll continues to rise us health officials and ste leaders across the country urng a stronger onsto the outbreak every state is saying the same thi. i need help i ne assistance also needing assistance the american economy ling more jobs in
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one month than it had since marc2009 during the great recession. in march the economy shed 701,000 jobs, according to the bureau of labor statistics and the unemployment rate inching up to 4% a number of jobless amerins. >>is now escalating massively. workers and i've been talking to folks al home room and the like they jut feel economic wrecking ball and they need percharge unemployment benefits yesterday in washington, i'm nadia romero. >>back here in california governor newsome nounced new efforts to protect the homeless in our state during this pandemic with capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala to explain. >>governor gavin newsome annoced the tate secured about 7,000 hotel rooms to help house thhomeless during the covid-19 crisis at his daily briefing friday in front of a hotel, the gornorsaid the state is almost halfway to
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its goal of 15,000 hotel rooms in a new program called project room key, but we want to dis relieve thetress in our shelr system. >>so we can serate individuals and ultimately our medical care delivery n system if left unaddressed we low our most vulneble sidents. the state of this virus. the rooms will be provided to homeleswho are at high risk of tested ositive or have been exposed to covid-19 fema will reimburse the state 75% of th cost newsome ss 869 unsheltered califorans now have roofs over their heads and hols leader of the state's homeless this task force in sacramento. mayor darrell steinbg says this effort help speed up the have taken the state years to do the covid crisis. >>has given us together an unprecedented opportunity to move up that timeline in a key builds on the state's work
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that began earlier th year to purchase and provide hundreds of emergency trails as temporary shelter to homeless across california. this wa the crisis we need to dress before. >>the covid-19 crisis and we're not waing away from meeting that crisis he on the state aiming to keep homelesess at the top of its priority list in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up he was reassigned for telling everybody that there were people on his sh suffering with the coronavirus that you can see the people cheering. hamm as he was e reassigned we'll have more on a santa rosa dated ver lost his job over a warning the on. and the navy and we're make your mask a face yocan coverings for when you go out in public. bush and uff you ca find a home easily.
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>>lasky told that i had one of these in because you don't need this fay fancy thing right you can make your own at home and i i am the least handy person you'll ever meet and i saw sarah stinson gave instructions on the she says
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it's a minute a last minute i make so you take part in this case i you know i have like a baanna and i'm folding at the look that 20 side out or you can take high cut of us leave off of a t-shirt works fine is our does well and then i also for fun going to a fancy replace i could use a scar okay, so i'm going to show you with justice to a regular bdanna okay here we go and so first you fold it in half and fold itagain so that you've got kindof you know several layers then just take 2 rubber bands of talk and hair bands you could use rubber bands or hair bands like their events because they're you know eier on your ears and then and then that's it you go to fold in this extra part and it's going totay in price. a new director for me re for a loop arnd arrears >>to start a 30 seconds 24 seconds 25 seconds yeah. >>and you can make type ofyou need to >>the tigs listen just go to the grocery store get you need
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ask things mes you can wash the u.s. every single time i get home i could have a bunch of rags and sleeves and ju like us ecause to don't forget you're supposed you supposed to be able to yo knw clean these things you have to do with clean hds that was a big thanks to their again. you have to do th clean hands. works now one itself do with clean hands and wash it afterwards. d then also coming up in a 15 minute tellyou about you know so many people are out of work. yes, my friend who's a desire makes ncy clothes for people who are going to events not happening. right oh, 10 million americans have no jobs so people are retooling she is making the ma and these are for people to where our fans here and i said i'm i'm i'm but she for 50. for for ss than 5 bucks youcan get and support somebody who in the bay area has a business yeah absolutely so just some
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ideas ea night take the easier it is the mo people will do it absoluty and again. just got to put it out there do notgo looking for and 95 masks donot try and wear surgical mask because we desperately need those to stay on the frt line with hospital workers. is is just a clock mask you need to wear to protect others from any paticles you may be. >>breathing out that's the whole poinright all right, let's get a look at the weather and all we could say where mass still be a covidiot it's my faith my friends that john send don't go out without a face vering your covidiot if you get to see that you have yr g resting next to 2. >>and this is this is the ultimatway to just shelter in place or working alongside today. it i yeah that's going to keep inside more than anything else. well. i now the st few weekends ery bins one everyone has been wanting to get outside you know enjoy some that sunshine that's not ing to be something out your this
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something yore missing out on if you do choose to st some cloudier conditions right there over safrancisco right now cloud cover is going to stay with us for much of the day and even thougwe are dry at this very moment that's not gonna last showers are just around the corner and really already pressing into northern parts ofthe state and just a few spotin the bay alread looking at some ght rainfall making its way let's zoom in on marine county because this is one of those are that is already looking at some light showers you can e some light rain having pushed into the petaluma on of 2 runner part one o one officially on the wet side ana little bit further north on up into nohern napa county and southern end of lakecounty you're also looking at just a few light showers having ma their way in now e rainfall is pretty wide as of this moment in pret sparse with most of us remaining dry. around the corner, this is what we have to expect widespread showers on into the latter part of thmorning in
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some of our heaviest of rainfall pushing inon into the early afternoon those areas of yellow that you're thyoars th he screen. morateevenolad spots of heavier rainfall on into the early afternoon showers wi gin taper after 03:00pm still a few isolated shers in there and the tomorrow morning rainfall pushes back in in tomorrow's rainfall uld be even heavier spots than what we're goi to see today with the opportunity of feolted thermspi te morning into early afternoon for your sunday, sotoday and tomorrow neither the best states to beheading out too terribly much nday a few isolated showers and evena stray thunderstorm could seen as well before the forecast really starts to y out after that point. temperatures today well right now we're in the 40's and 50's later today we're going to see temperatures are working their way back upin the low 60's for just a coup of areas but real all in all we're staying a lot cooler due to showers over at you can see
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little a low 60'sand oakland san francisco hayward and fremont each ride out 60 degrees san jose at 62 or the daytime high today tomorrow and monday daytime highs remain cool wi not even a little cooler than today afte that temperatures will climb with skies drying out especially in latter part of next week's but yeah, finitely a rainy weekend ahead of us ys good weekend to stay indoors as much as possible. and if you have to go outside y not where those face masks daria st told you how to make back to you. >>all right, thanks a lot joh >>7.21 is the time ansailors on the aircraft carrier uss theodore roosevelt gave their commander captain brett cozier a hero's sendoff in guam. they cered him after he was fid. and dinot allowed to
7:22 am
come and their ship anymore because he wrote a memo. he wrote an e-mail pleading with navy leadership to help save lives becase so many sailors on board had coronavirus the prlem is he sent that email to about 20 pele and it got leaked to the media. >>so the navy secretary said that crozier and displayed crip or dead judgment by doing at because he went outse the chain of command with the memo. so he has been relieved as captain of the ship he still able to work for the name right and some lawmakers are saying that it probably wasn'ta wise move on the vy's park we've got. >>washington corrpondent joe khaleel now to explain. >>relieved of his duty navy captain brett crozier got a hero's farewell from hundreds of his sailors thursday. the captain crozier had alwed the complexity of his challenge with the covid brk out on the ship. >>to overwhelhis ability to act professionally acting navy
7:23 am
secretary thomamodly made the call to resign clure removing him from the uss theodore roosevelt. he says crozier sene-mails exaggerating the situation on the aircraft carrier and in a leaked letter to senior >>weare not at r sailors do e. noneed todie ultimately secretary mobley said crozier didn't follow the proper chain of command that's a phone call it'sa walk down the hallway to your commanding officer, it's not blast out e-mai to anybody knows and his crew members aren't the only ones defending crews year e house armed services committee ised a statement. >>saying that relieve him of his duties was an overreactio committee member john garamendi says e shakeup in leadership destabilizes american interests in the south cha sea we were you see. vessels to reallcheap that critical she laid open up your money sa 2700 crew members were removed from the ship and
7:24 am
will likely be quarantined in guam but he says ina crisis redeploy it can go back to see yes that what they call in 19 hoping that happened in he's washington. >>i'm joe khaleel. >ime now 6.23 still ahead an alternative plan for the gianthome opener aslayers this is gonna be america's farite breakfast. they just don't know it yet. this is gonna(ding)erica's farite breakfast. these are a few of my favorite things. you order a breakfast sandwich and at's when wen's makeit. not eks... or mons ago. try your new forite. order by 10 and we'll even deliver it.
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>>and we're back at 7.26 a crew member from at cruise ship has died now from coronavirus a n francisco hospital or at a san francisco spital. the grand princess docked in oakland after passengers on board that ship beme ill with coronirus last month members of the crew and hundrs as a matter of fact are still on board that ship as it is now docked just off the san fncisco shoreline out near hunter's point. they're 14 day quarantine ends today they've be on that ship for ov a month. the first case of coronavirus was detected on that ship back in early marc 27 still ahead doctors are forced to make hard decisions at hospitals as more coronavirus patients are in ed of urntmed
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while keepg safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... on the mobile app, and with delivery. >>now we're heren a saturday good morning, everybody her on a schedule ah ha yeah, but ways of life around hoping to gethrough this may be in the next mont, maybe next month or 2 have to wait to see if yourregular marty will be backon what have been back on monday do it day on today all things so we don't cros pollinate yeah contaminate will be bacnext weeken yeah had tonight as we continue to move our way through it we've got ay skies. you just saw that live shot a moment ago because we do have rain on tap for well this whole weekend actually into nextweek it does help to
7:31 am
put a damper on the vid a t out there when he collided healthy, it'sand they go out yeah, you know the san francisco police said 5 away art citing they said they're going to start taking inciting people if you have a business or for personal iyou're just out there. >>violating the social distancing to argue the careful out there we have john travel keeping an eye on the weather and he let us ow what it's going to be like if you do happen to go outside to try and gea little exercise john. >>yeah, because you know, everyone's got to get out there for at let a second, but you've got to practicas social distancing of course today is going to make that all the more eaer as rainfa really settles in across the bay area temper on is dry rit now, but there are some showers in vicity for you in marine county, skies, definitely gray overhead setng we're going to see a us all thrgh the day today holding on to those stray skies, rainfall and snow up in the mountains of northern califnia right now we're staying fairly dry
7:32 am
across the bay, although a coupleof isolated spots of showers. how pushed in at this point you can see a couple those areas rainfall up there in marine coty and southern sonoma county stretching on over to solano un noough really to disrupt much this morning. so far but what we are going to be seeing over these next few hours is an uptick in rainfall intensity by the ti we work towards 110am late morning air look at that rainll that's pushing on into the bay gren indicating moderate to light showers ball, yellow and orae arheviereas of rainfall by the time we make our way the finish of the day today we could beee rainll ally starts to diminish before an upick in its morrow and tomorrow's rain is going to come along with someheavier winds to that's also goin to be seen in the sierras, so all snow continues in the sierra toda into torrowtomoow ith those winds as could see some problems this imoing hos toorrorigh er yell and orange on the map in the bay area the killing that heavier rain a maybe even an
7:33 am
isolated thunderstrm mixed in there too and very active forecast through the weekend. so just a good forecast to be inde more so than up the days today, seeing snow but 3 tomorrow is when winter stor or a sunday raher we start to see winter orm warnings taking effect you'll see those dung the morning hours and the reason for this winter storm warnings is it's not just going to be snow tomorrow, but also some very windy conditions with gusts as high as 50 miles per hour, we'll see multiple feet of snow to what you had about 000 feet, we're looking at anywhere from 2 to 3 feet of snowfall piling up as for the bay area today rainy conditions th will continue through the rest of the weekend, the rain jackets out the umbreas out as you do walk the dog later on today, i'm tracking those showers we make ou way through the morng so stay with us for thlatest updates back to yo in studio front. john. >>so time now 7.33 and of coue the big sto continues to be coronavirus we have more an 1200 people now who have
7:34 am
died of e virus as of yesterday. in fact it's the single deadliest day so far so far 7,100 americans >>have lost their battle with coronavirus there ve been about 27000 people test positive so far and doctors to help hospitals decide if it comes that who's going to get a ventilator and who's not we've got drew griffin now with a closer look. >>the horrifying pictures fr inside new york hospital show patients hooked up to the only machines kepi them alive. when the virus takes ov the longs ventilators take over the breathing withoutthem immediately when needed. >>you can watch a patint go from breathing or to 72 hours lar in meeting to be intubated so far hospitals have kept pace bubarely. >>the situation so bleak the
7:35 am
u.s. vernment put oua with one but thedire atients circumstances are re states and the federal government i run a bidding war for can't get any more ventilators and it time now to prepare for what y be the inevitable this article in the new england journal of medicine. >>was written to prepare doctors the event they must choose who gets a lifesaving ventilator and who does not. rort truth is one of the authors sire worked all weekend on now on helping on a nuer of them and uh. >>hospitals now many hospitals ve thesein place so. i think that is going tremely difficult unlievably difficult. >>for those positis. >>who have to make the call. >>that's right and of course the i am patients as well and these are life and death decisions igoing to cause a
7:36 am
trendous amount of suffering if we get there the decision who lives who dies would come down to a point sytem the elderly patients dinosed with cancer seal pee dee diabetes any chronic lung or terminal illness. >>would be eligible for care but score lower than those who are otherwise healthy with a potential longer life to live. tpoints would determine what's in thbest interest of society, not just the individual everybody is eligible but beyond that point. >>that es come down to giving it to those people where you're going to save the most number of lives were the most number of life years and yes, itdoes mean that people >>with other severe illnesses. >>will receive a lower prioity score in new orleans with the virus is predicted to get even worse. there are enough ventilators now. >>but within days they could be ouand then after that you begin having very challenging conversations about how you
7:37 am
out to the fence and you think about which atients would benefit the most and that's a horrifying place for anyone to the end and that wod certainly be a damning indictment of our country. what is furiating is that we were cnn has found 10 different government reports from 2003 to 2015 which all predicted. >>if we were to have a pandemic like this the united states would run out of ventilators and here we are. drew griffin cnn atlanta. >>and we don't want toun out of face sks now that americans are being tod that we should cover our faces when we go outside if you're in the store if you're an area where you're going to be around other people. they wantto the type that medical file se workers are using i brought an example of this. this is an n 95 mask, you are supposed to just fashion won or just buy something a lesser won this not a medical grade something like the one i'm holding here. yeah just to prevent your own.
7:38 am
>>moisture particles from leaving your mouth, your nose, these guidelines are voluntary at this point but officials are stressing that these masks distancing you still have to maintain properpace kron four's gayle ong spoke with a medical expert from ucsf about what this will mean now for us hee in the bay area. >>after weeks of advising americans o only wear a mask if you're sick the centers fo disease control and prevention is now recommending people to use clocface coverings to help slow the spread of covid-19 we spoke to doctor george rutherford an epidiology professor at ucsf and what we're trying to do now. >>is to prevent people who may symptomatic spreading the fectionso it's a it's the reverse logic. >>thguidlines were designed to make sure medical works on the front lines have enough suly of surgical masks and respirators the idea with was clockedmasks is that you can either at them or or or use a scarf or use a bannna. >>or use a a handkerchief so
7:39 am
when u eathe out when you cough when he stayif you're infected. it's going to catch up in front of your ce and not spread it around the cdc advis teams clock mast in areas where it's hard to physically distance like grocery storesand pharmacie medical experts are studng the spread d effects of the evolvincoronavirus us surgeon general jerome adams talked about the chanes at friday's coronavirus task force briefing we now know from cent studies that a significant portion. >>individual with coronavirus lack sytoms, they're what we call asymptomaticand even those who eventually become pre symptomatic meaning that they will develop symptoms in the future can transmit the virus to others before they show symptoms doct rutherford says in italy about 12% of covid-19 cases are heah care workers. one of e reasons they're short-staffed one of the things we can't ford. >>in managing this epidemic i having a sick health care workers who can't work.
7:40 am
>>and dealing with all of this ca be unnerving the fact that we're having to start to wear masks nowwhen we go to the grocery store seeing everybody around you earing masks, it could be a little distress full. so if you feel like you need help. you cancall the national disast distress lpline you see the number on your screen, it's 1, 809 5 5990 there. people on the other end who can help guid you throughthis and help talk us througthis again 1, 809 8, 5 59 you can text if you're more comfortab doing that. and there's also a tty number available if you are hearing impaired and we'll ke this information our website at kron 4 dot com. so that you can turn to at any ti of day. we'll take a break it is 7.40 coming up as anemployment cases continue to rise there are some companies still looking to hire workers will tell you who's hiring. >>herin
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>>welcome back it's 6.45 right now and we're checking out the weatheron a saturday and then looks like. the rain's going put a damper on yeah and if you are going to for a long dog walk. >>john has his dog will use the same and graham he hates the rain right so i'm out today. >>ready to come out before the show other and started use doesn't like >>he's a he's tid define a little walk yterday a little bit of a longer walk ahead of today's great so i was i was planning to head. >>a billto get t there to see less nice weather for that dog maybe whatever you thatsocially just an outdoor activity in your neighborhood you can see that we do have cloudier skies overhead across the bay area that sothing was going to stay with us
7:47 am
through the day anrainfall is going to be pushing its way and right no its most widespread to our north ba area actually pretty quiet as of ts momen you also nice some blue and they're indicating snowfall up in the northn and southern cascades here in northern california nd then also the northern sierra just a cple of scattered sprinkles at this point it still is very quiet as thistime you are seeing some light showers west to san frans right along one o one between santa rosa and abbado and then a couple areas most of us definitely not ead u getting to the roads this morning so this impact has out there while you still can take the dog on a walkand then kind of hunker down for the rest of the day becaus rafalls onlygoing recent intensity into the late morning and early afternoon says 09:45am right here right showers acro the bay, some of our heaviest of rainfall wi be right after noon tod, so right middy right there working ouway towards a 01:00pm is when you can
7:48 am
isolated spots of heavier e to showers by 02:45pm isolated spots of heavy rain to continualso tingat sw n e erra do see hea snowfall today with tomorrow brging even heavier snowfall up in the sierra along with some very strong nds so tomorow wier stor warning still in effect up there. >>as for torrow in the bay area we start calmer but by the ti we work our way past sunrise we arstarting to see some heavier showers pushing their way in by :3m torrowmornlook at this andoran inditing are of yeow heavier rainfall that's making its way into the bay area rainy weekend from start to finish so definitely i get those jackets ready as you're stepping utside either today or tomorrow up in the sierra we can expect 2 to 3 feet of snowfall above 7,000 feet about 4500 feet anywhere from one to 2 feet of now and l the snow starts today. those winter storm warnings don't
7:49 am
start until tomorrow as that's when the winds kking into gear, i've got a look ur seven-day forecast and the rest of your forecast sti to come so stay with us back to >>time now 7.48, anyou know so far 10 million people are out of work because of the coronavirus there still are though some companies hiring right now kron four's rob fladeboe has a better look at where there are jobs in the bay area. >>the coronavirus is illing people anjobs. the u.s. economy st 700,000 jobs in rcas 10's of thousands of nonessentl businesses have shut down. but plment agencies ke adecco report that many companies are hiring says san je branch manager sean kelly who spoke with me on zoom. >>there is work a lot of our distribution centers are extmely busy the medical office says the medical field obviously is extrely busy right now your grocery stores are very bu for example, the sial networng platform. linkedin reports that
7:50 am
instacart is looking to re 300,000 contract workers over e next 3 months. >>walmart wants to ire 100,000 new wkers for its fulfillment centers. well amazon is lookg to hire a 100,000 people forits fulfillment centers and delivey network. job seekers need to thk about how skills they have are transferable says adecco shawn kelley, you uld have somebody that ght be a stock or in a warehouse thatit's not working right now. >>but they may be great anniversary staing some stocking so think about what transfable all that you might not have thought about before dollar general is looking to hire 50,000 employees by the end of april walgreens says it's hiring 25,000 people r both full and rt-time jobs. and the s. stal service says it is looking to add 1000 jobs here inthe bay area one. >>safeway target costco the list goes on. it's also a good time to consider what recruiters call ups illing 2
7:51 am
if by any chance u are home >>take th opportunity to upskill yourselves and go on our agency adecco we offer virtual training for all right tackle you can go on and take courses for it said and when you get at is that job market you have additional skill set thatyou can ofr your employerin san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>well in a world without the coronavirus the giants the dodrs would have been scheduled to have their opener. this season on yesterday's matter of fact but with the season postpone becausof covid-19 that he made alternate aangements with kron four's te rooney now with at story. >>they should have been out at the old ball game eating peants and crackerjack instead giants fans and players alike are spendin what would have been the team's oracle park opening day at home. >>as we get redy for what should be opening y. >>oracle i like to think back
7:52 am
of all odays tt are out therend onthing that always snds out as the excitemt anthey're the team attempted to harss that excitement for fans staying home on fday with what they called opening day at home hosting the dodgers as tead of originally scheduled athe giants rebroadcast an iconic game. >>game 5 of the 2014 nlcs. the performances from morgan is steve hogan and jake pea son of former giant jakeeavy along with messages from some fan favorites, but i wish we were at a local park today, but this is our new normalfor now it hurts me to see the ballpark stand >>there are the flags there is no boong. ere's no music and art of kayaks and mccovey cove. but there will be we will play again. we will play baseball and we will gein share this eat game.
7:53 am
>>until hen its root root root for the home team as best as you can whi staying home and waiting for word on when the season mit be get. in san francisco. kate rooney kr 4 sports. >>well our coverage of e coronavirus pandemic don't forget will always be there for you on our website t kron 4 dot com you can check in any ti of day will always have the very latest headlines there along with the atest health guidce from local and national officials so again you can find that in the coronavirus section it's inside the i'm le and that's me long before
7:54 am
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7:56 am
>>some 55 right now and thanks for joining us on a saturday morning and happy to be here absolutely and daria and myself rig here with you toay and tomorrow every day of course we're seeing people across the bay area stping up to help those in need during this pandemic d that's been really heartwarming to see this morning kron four's jason dumas shows us how one east bay business owner is dog her part. hand sanitizer face sk and gloves are just a few corona pandemic. d during the >>but jennifer air is a owner of cafe so lay in el sobrante has stepped up to do her >>your friend >>jennifer and her husban have accepted donations to buy
7:57 am
products but they've also exhausted all personal resourc as >>28 with arm and what we could. their business ha taken a big hit but at isn't a direct concern at the moent you my friend. >>tonight, 95% down. because i worry that out. we're 2 months when we get if you take care of it cmunity. the community whatever we have we're going
7:58 am
to keep ving for kron 4 i'm jason dumas. >>and we would like to hear who are thheroes in your life during this pandemic you nominate a person iyour community doing great things to help others during is crisis l you have to do is go kron 4 dot com slash features slash kron 4 heroes and we look forwardto hearing from you about the amazing people in your community. we'll take a break 7.58 is the time coming up in the next hour. we ha new cdc guidelines recoding everybody where. >>face coverings to help op this is gonna america's favorite breakfast. they just don't know it t. (ding) thesare a feof my favorite things. wendy's is changing the ga from is... to a bakfast that eats other brkfasts forfast. who says you can't have a conator for breakfast? dot jall of tse havee." gr frfresh-cracked gs.ff.nd fot one bite guaraned. be your new. (din otry your new favorite todayew. and we'll en deliver it. order by 10am.
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8:01 am
of. non-medical lt face coering as an additional voluntary public health meases so it's voluntary you have to do it. >>the cdc norecommending that everyone wear a mask when they go out in public we're going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to make one athome. young people disproportionately are the ones testing positive. in the state of california 50%. of the 2102 individuals that have tested positive 50% are between the age of 1849. >>governor new ceo newsome is reminding everyone that coonavirus isattacking every age group in california. we'll show you what he's doing to
8:02 am
pry to try to protect the state. >>and the navy fires santa rosa native captain brent crows year after he spoke out to help his sailors who are suffering from the coronavirus we'll have more on that story coming . thank you for joining us on this saturday april 4th i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom we'll get to all the coronavirus developments in news that you need to know, but fir you need to know what is going to be like outside and it's going to be raining a little bit ah this weekend ahd we've got john travel stding by with your forecast good morning. john. >>good morning guys yes of suort its way this weekend which is definitely good news. we need the rainfall and it has also ing help to keep us inside you're not missing out on anything outside todaythat whether it's not so nice for doing much out there this is your work outside of berkeley skies, definitelyon the rare side a t of brightness working its way through those cloudsfrom time to time as of this moment, most rain has
8:03 am
been concentrated across northern california across mendocino ounty northward now for the bay area we have seen a cole of spotty showers that's about all we've had so far this morning you can see some owers irigh offshoresan francisco, couple of spotty sprinkles in the north bay, not all we've seen so far future cast shows you a differt tale for th rest of our waytowas thend of the show towards 10:00am yeah you'll be seeing some lighter showers pushing their way in but some of our heavier rainll is acallyexpected late morning into early afternoon. that's wt weca seso ofth ght rain mid wi bef merateven heavy showers ows wl ontinuoff and on through the early afternoon tapering off into lateafternoon before tomorrow morning an uptick in rainfall yet again and even a few isolated thunderstorms possible on into late morning during this time, you're also going to be seeing snow fall in thesierra nevada and speed of it all you have to do he upto 4500 feet you start seeinga foot and by
8:04 am
owfall mixed in with some tf strong winds does winter storm warnings take effect tomorrow in the sierras for the bay area rainfall stays th us the weekend and it actually into monday due to lgering into tuesday. so this is quite the iny forecast ahead of us and for this year's i mentioned a snowy forecast, althoughsnow will really art today. it's tomorrow when we see winter storm warnings taking effect lasting thugh monday and that is because it's not just going to be snowy. but you also have this very strong winds paired with them as for temperatures right now we're in the 40's and 50's light jackets as you step outside i'd advise geing outhere but sooner rather than later as rainfall has really yet to settle in just yet it will be settling in later this morning. daytime highs toda into the low 60's upper 50's in areas like livermore morgan hill at half moon bay, though your next 7 days, but staying cool to start showers wi keep
8:05 am
temperatures down over the next 3 days but after tht wi dry out and see and under that sunshine the s return of 60's by tuesday. back to you in the studio. i john. >>big story this morning coronavirus a courseof the u.s. death toll from the virus has hit another record setting pace this morning with arly 1200 deaths in just the past 24 hours alone every day and the virus kills more and more peoe. >>and today it stands 7,000 americans have died so far. the biggesdeh toll by far is in new york state where nearly 3,000 people have lost their battle with coravirus and here in california. 278 people have died. let's look at the bay area numrs and we show you positive tests on the left and the deths on the right in santa ara county. 38 people have died so far san mateo county 13 have lost
8:06 am
their lives in san francisco county 7 contra costa 5 alamedacounty for 12 people have died marine county 6 people have died. and one person has lost their life and the solano and sonoma county one each in in napa county. 2 people have diedand as the number of deths continues to climb across the country medical pressionals are calling on the president. >>to issue a nationwide. shutdown here's a look at a map showing you the states that ill have not instituted shelter at home orders. it's the stes in gray all the red states cuently have an order in place. but this morning, the president is still resistant to these recommendatio from doctors to impose a nationwide stay at home order. he says stead it's up to each state to determine how best to handle the pandemic. >>in every ate in this untry. first we got see a governor's done with it doing they've been doing a great job becauswe're close to 90% yway. >>states who were talking about. t jeopardy. now i
8:07 am
would leave it to the govern's. >>there's another big commendation that came out yesterday and the cdc is saying that everybody should wear a face covering when they go on public, i'm calling it a face cover not a mask because they don't want you to use the n 95 or surgery, a surgical stop mass, yet knowthese are just cloth coverings as voluntary and of course its purpose is to prevent you from releasg any potential virus particles. >>from your respiratory tract nadia romero takes a closer >>coronaviru task force briefing and update from the centers for disease control on amerins wearing face coverings the cdc. >>is recommending that amerans were basic law to a fabric masks. they can be either purchased online or simply made it home probably materialthat you have at home. these face coveings can because the guidelines are
8:08 am
voluntary the president says he will not wear a face infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci stressing they can be supplemental but are noa substitute for social distancing this is dan them and in additio >>to the physical separation, not as a substitute for it as the coronavirus death toll continues to rise us healt officials d state leaders across the country urgig a stronger response to the outbrk every state is sayin need assistce lso needing p i assistance the american economy losing more jobs in one month than it had since march 2009 during the great reession. inmarch the economy shed 701,0 jobs, according to the bureau of labor statistics and the unemployment rate inching up to 4.4% a number of jobless americans. >>is now escalating massively. workers and i've been talking
8:09 am
to folks as al home room and the like they jut feel they've been hit by an economic wrking ball and they need supercharge unemployment benefs yesterday in washington, i'm nadia roro. >>they were all ry concerned we're all and were especially worried about our seniors our elderly. >>at 27 people have tested positivefor coronavirus after an outbreak at a nursing facility in a random. so far no deathhave been reported so that's at least some good news kron four'smichelle kingston has the ve latest now on the invesgation into that outbreak. >>they're still testing but right now we know 24 residents and 3 staff members have testedpositive to are in the hospital. a coronavirus outeak at are in day care nter at least 24 residents and 3 staff members infected so we that this is a very vulnerable population anso we've.
8:10 am
>>really been putting in rict recommendations and guidelines abt. howling how to reduce the risk ofan outbreak contra costa county health officials are still conducting tests awaiting results from some staff members right now 14 tests have come back negative. 're told staff and residents who not have serious symptoms are medically isolated to people who have tested positive are in the hospital covid-19 is a disease with no proven medication treatment. >>and no vaccine. our primary weapons against this pandemic virus are isolation and quarantine of known cases. >>and their close contacts. and for everyone el in the community to strictly folow the stay at home and social dtancing dectives. the investigation into the outbreak began on tuesday the 47 dead facility is still operating but for weeks now have at nogroup events and of not allowed any visitors
8:11 am
county health officials say they are working closely with thskilled nursing fality to crease risk of continued transmission other stf and residents who have not contracted thvirus does not come as a surprise this is something we've been worried about and preparing for. for quite some time now that facility in our rain does not the only senior ce facility to be investigated by contra costa county health officials theywill not tell us how many others are which onesthey're investigating but they say. >>it is not the only one in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 ne. coming up on the kron 4 morning news i'm going to shoyou how to ke your own masc from fabric that you have at home and see how a bay area fashion designer. >>can one out for 4.50. 4 bucks.
8:12 am
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8:17 am
>>the cdc recommends in the task force recommends we're in cloth face coverings in public public settings where other sociadistancing meures are difficult to maintain. that these these include places like grocery storeand pharmacies we especially recommend that in areas of significant community based transmission. >>but this already an n 95 mask its. its fabric, it's material. the fda has the spifications and th it's a 2 pieces of elasc cord can >we're all pposed to wear e. masks to he stop the spread of coronavirus but don't use that kind like doctors and nurses need because those are in ort supply just heard the governor of new york, pleading for help in making them and ju like rosie, theriveter rally women to rise to the challenge during world war 2,
8:18 am
a bay ar fashion designer is coming to the rescue to provide medical workers and you and me th the supplies we need as a day riaz joins us now fromour home in marin county to talk about how she has re told to make protective gear. her doctors nurses uni anybody whoneeds a good morning as >>we're ending the year on all right, tell me a little bit about what happened to as we have seen 10 million. americans are now out of work filing r unemployment, the most we ever seen in history, one timeand you were a fashion designer making dresses that nobody needs y more because we cat go to big fancy events. can not. >>i'm in my business got her re some of my'job lot to china. chinese new so. and it
8:19 am
the mosque and to my every but yes and my i kind of how to do y and what is it that makes week and sick to come to ensure no i'm not in area for that breeds very and not a combination of cross ends. i created yr that would allow really ntrolled the bacteria and their thoughts. and at the same time. if you snze see that he doesn' >>turn off the candle so that that should do it for a mosque, one of my problem re bond a piece of is that you're going to be keep touching it
8:20 am
when you do grocery shopping or you go somewhere and she is wrong so having mass could be the last 8. definitely it's much more protects even if you are going some growth for or half okay, so actually i'm on the set right ow because you provided me with one of them asks that. >>you made which by the way is very stylish i'm touchingi like i'm not supposed to right now you wantyour hands all over on is this washable. >>have to be gene and very important site it's that caught her. >>one side is tht college got okay. >>so so i'm going to i'm going tell you this as i show yours here this is an exmple of the one that as it is making an yore selling these by the way is it true under 5 bucks yes and are it's for a $1.50. >>it basically take care of the u.s. in perry's expenses,
8:21 am
i'm trying to keep that in that that rk and i'm not our and preparing here in and then we sell it congress is so so i can keep my quite separate from the czech that that is onnected all that that is so amazing are not ing to show you something else as a da2 now. >>this is the mask as makes us very fancy, it looks. >>shul am going to show people just if ey want to make kind of something that is disposable like you said it's not gng to be as filtered ah but i'm just going to show you this quickrip and this is square piece of this could be ke as said it could be a bandanna it could be this is a t-shirt eeve that i cut off or this is a fancier scarf i have works the same way. you take your piece you fold, it, howeveryou'd like to basically get it to at a smaller size like this. you take to a hair bands that set
8:22 am
to hear vans all youeed you put him on each side. d en you fold. this inside like this. and i want to put it behind my ear for a athese are the ear holes. farrow. her this is my mask, not areas, goodbye. that is quick and easy. it is quick and easy and as as you said the point is that you have to do with clean hands. i would have to watch this every same witwith your mask to wash it. you know, i make sure that it stays clean. do not use a medical workers massed because these are in short supply. and i'm wondering i know yoare reaching out trying to say you coulactually make. >>hospital grade masks and gowns and i know you're tryin to get the word out because you want to talk to whether be somebody locally californi the bay area, new york. what uld you do for them how could you provide them with actuamedical grade masks.
8:23 am
>>i am trying to get listen you're so i offerea week in your mind back sitting in area where says that on china is always been my floors. hoping there we start to read the mosque doesn't make he even the hospital the state use it as a rare over there and 95 la for extra protection. but it's not good we to i pay that is terrific so i'm hoping that somebody. >>will be able to li to this whether be you know n the local government or state government led to a local businesselped to make them asked for medic professionals. i thank you as a day again i want to show a full screen. thank you so much on a shelf ll screen people the number to ca if you would like to get one the
8:24 am
these masks for yourself or your kids and help support a local business that has as a day said is you know out of work andshe doesn't want to put all of her workers out of work so they can make these face mask for you and send them to you for for 50, there's the number to call again that's 4,050 cents for that or i just show you how to make one at home. >>doesn't look quite as fancy as this one, but it'easy and you should defitely do it any time u're goin getting outside feels allyood
8:25 am
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while keeping safe and staying in, we can stillo out! -sort of. so while you're discoverg new things to do in the b, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery. handy in my life, i cat so a statue there i am showing you how to make mass she not people don't have it so that's a great way of creating a mascot might have what you would think you would need to stick somethg together you don't need to and if you go out today yours first desperation on of the store something and i know. >>people are going to be out quikly because the rain today. jo yeah try to get those errands in. crew
8:30 am
baskeall about be right ther cover raoat and then you would be able to >>stick with the umbrella and thatthat ice meltmedaria just showed you how to make what we do have out ther today is definitely some rain the way so i would say walk the g get out there earlier rather than not because the later you wait the more likely you're going to be running into so of those showers look outside of timber on right now shows conditions out there definitely on the rate that cloudy sidenot so much on the rain he sa just t but will be getting there a little b later on rainfalls pretty concentrated across northern california at this point assuming it on e b ar we've seen some light showers now for napcounty affected by zoo ban on tha the county rht now you can see here and around napa on over on one 21 as yohead over towards calusa and solano counties, yeah you are looking at some lighter tooderate showers up their city of
8:31 am
sonoma a couple light sprinkles for yothey're also seeing a couple of light showers right around one 37 as you traverse just north of san pablo bay of course not a lot of us going to be on the roads thismorning sirota impact isn't as important a couple light sprinkles right there on thpeninsula just south of san francisco on into are pacifica an daly city itself st of us at this point are still dry, but light showers will ntin thugh uch of the rest of the morning and by heavesraithis is when you can expect moderate rainfall intthlate afternoon and evening tonight actual going tp be a pretty cog eveng ahead of an uptick in rainbow tomorrow morning now tomorrow morning is likely to brinng some isolated spots whreyou' oingto see some heavy areas of rain even a couple rumbles of thunder on into the early afternoon during thsame amount of time from today into tomorrow the sierra nevada is picking up heavy snowfl we're talking hvy snowfall. i mean feat of
8:32 am
it today expect one to 2 feet anywhere about 4500 feet and into tomorrow sunday as we work our way towards the winds combined with that fresh warnings taking effect see how ly those daytime highs are not a forecast you want to be traveling for not a forecast you have been traveling or anyway what shelter-in-place going up as for dayti highs today expect low 60's to hang on in san francisco kland and san jose so the things you ed to worry about as you're steppi outside this weekend to walk the dog obviouy the in jacket the umbrella and then that face mask as well back toyou. seeing more and more people lose the fight with covid-19 james inhofe in fact at record a recordpace now 1200 people died of coronavirus just yesterday alone that the taking a look at the total so far 7,100 americans have died of covid-19 and there have
8:33 am
been 278,000 people testin positive so far and now the president. >>he is still opposing the pressure on him to impose a nationwe shutdown. >>yeah that residents said he's been resistantto the idea we have jim acosta now to explain more as to why. >>so the entire world shut down trying to gerid of this escort, each. >>with the number of dead from the coronavirus accelerating quickly top doctorson the administration's task force are becoming more outspoken that the u.s. is not doing enough doctor anthony fauci told cnn it's time for every amerin to be told to ay home if you look at what's going on. >>in this country. i just don't understand why we're not doing that. >>we really should be doctor deborah birx said based on the data she's saying too many americans are simply not following social istancin guidelines. so we're only as strong as every community every county every state. >>every american following the guidelines to at t.
8:34 am
>>andi n tell by e kurds and as it is today that not every american is llowing it, cnn has learned some officials on the task force are nudging president trump to consider natnal stay at home recommendations but the present is still pointing to states that aren't seeing outbreaks many she made >>the administration officials have also been debating whether to issue new guidelines uing americans to wear masks, but such a move could deprivdoctors and nurses of mass people wanted to wear them they can and in any cases the scarf is better sticker on the shortage of medical supplies. the president is tryingto shift the blame saying states should have been better prepare what they should do is they should have long before this pandemic arrived they shld have been the open market justbuying there was no competition you could've madea great price. it's like one of those things they waited mister trump's jared kushner appeared to say
8:35 am
the national stockpile of the equipment wasn't really meant for the state's gives into instances whe in cities. they're running out that the ate still has a stockpile and theotion of the federal stockpile was exposed by our stockpiles not supposed to be states stopiles the day the news since kushner's comments the website for the national stockpi has been changed from saying it is the nation's largest supply of lifesaving pharmaceutics and medical supplies to the stockpile can be used as a short-term stopgap buffer in truth i don't believe the federal stockpile has enough to help all of the states. because you can't by thmaterial at this in we're still tryinto buy from china. thewhit house is also scrambling to activate portions of the stmulus bill with economic advisor larry kudlow telling fox recovery is on the horizon that we will see a vey strong economic recovery. en this has played itself out, but kudlow has been wrong about the vis to we have contained
8:36 am
this. i won't say airtight that pretty close to air tight despite the president calling the coronavirus an unforseen problem. some administration officials have been keenly aware of the potential for a costly pandemic includg hhs secretary alex azar who says marsh nearly one year ago. >>and of course the thing that people are jut what keeps you mo of that night in the bio defense world pandem flu of course i think everyone in this in this room probably shares that concn. >>so on the b area was on the first in the nation a lockdoon california followed we've still this morning have 8 states at don't have orders and you know you know means are big thing right that my favorite meanis having some states lockdown and some say it's not locked down is like having a piece section in a swimming pool. >>of course you'll section in an airplane my goshabout and that's that's a little member the smoking sections of airpnes debt which they all
8:37 am
start his way up to the frt percent of their. yes,that's just part of the problem this morning as weall have to do our part. rosa naval captain. who anta commanded the uss roosevelt and he told everybody abou the fact there were dozens of sailors on board with covid-19 absolutely. >>so now after publicizing that fact is he sent e-mail that just went to the media. he has been reassigned. the sailors column and for the people and they're cheering they're saying kept enclosure and then and cheering, however, the navy did not the fact that thigot leaked and then everybody knew that there was this problem onthe boat and the aircft carrier has. now over a 100 i think it is a 135 or sailors at have tested positive. yeah. so he's
8:38 am
been reassigned and they are getting those sailors often they're going to be you know quaranting them in and getting gettinthem treatment that he wanted them to get the right d the price was still have to help will be reassigned or something else. but. >>obviously he's got thousands of fans are aboard the aircraft carrier his the men and women under his command are awfully thankful that he did what he did. >>your california governor gavin newsome announcing new efforts to prott e homeless in ourstate during th pandemic with capitol bureau reporter ashley vala now to explain. >>governor gavinnewsome announced the state secured about 7,000hotel rooms to help house thhoeless during the covid-19 crisis at his daily briefing friday in front of a hotel, the governor said the state is almost halfway to its goal of 15,000 hotel rooms in a new program called project room key, but we want to do is relieve the stss in our shelter syem. >>so we can separe individuals anulmately again relieve the impact in
8:39 am
our medical care delivery stem if left unaddressed we allow our most vulnerable califora to be exposed to this virus. the ros will be provided to homeless who are at highisk of tested positive or have been exposed to covid-19 fema will reimburse the state 75% the cost newsome says 869 sheltered lifornians now have roofs over their heads and hotels leader of the state's homeless task force in sacramento. may darrell steinberg says this effort help speed up the sheltering process at could have taken the state years to do th covid crisis. >>has given us togethr an unprecedented portunity to move up that timeli in most apopriate and agsive way projt room key builds on the state's work that began earlier this year to purchase and pride hundreds of emergency trailers as temporary shelter to homeless across california. this was the crisis we need to address before. >>the covid-19 crisis and we're not walking away from
8:40 am
the state aiming to keep on homelessness at the top of its priority lisin sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well dealing with th coronavirus gets more difficult ch day for some and if you areamong those people that are feeling distressed by all of this know that there is some help for u if you need to talk to somebody. the tional disaster distress helpline has been set r you it's 1, 800 9, 8, 5 5990. there's 1 somebody there who can talk you throh it people wh are trained to doing is so know that you're in good hands, you can tax and you ca also use the teacher why number if you're hearing impaird and if you didn't have a chance to write down that number don't forget we will have is on our website kron 4 dot com you can eference at any
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>i'm john doing weather from home and i love the map behind you because shes all the places in the world, you can't
8:46 am
go that's you activel and meanwhile we're stuck in the litt boxes, i should start pointing athis from my weather about will stick with official at the sleeping over your shoulder, there. so fire back to some social distancing what we're seeing today, good weatheto stay side maybe does snooze unlike makeup is right nowe are going to be seeing some oudy skies and some rainy conditions through the day toy you can see from snow right here are skies pretty great not the best look that just means easier to stay inside ornot missing out on anything out there no sunshine that should be enjoying looking outside at satellite and radar there is plenty of rain already lling in the northern part of the state north of the bay area him in on the bay and things have been pretty minimal so far we' seen a sprinkle a timer to mostly up in the north bay zoomingn on sonoma d counties you e some light
8:47 am
showers working their way towas healdsburg right around cloverdale currenly and over into napa and lake counties as well as northern county also seeing some light showers at the moment and then into the southern part of the bay area a little quieter but there are some light showers working their way over the y currently about to be pushing out over tords alameda san leandro and the southern end of oakland's here in th next few minutes now showers wi ineasebecoming more widespread even a little bit heavier come late morning to early afternoon, today's rafall will be moderate for the st part but a d shor that's going to get roadways wet going to get tngs litt slck t the anif yu are ing betang walka litt b laer this morning into early afternoon you wl need that rain jacket into the evening toight, things quiet down before upsurge in rainbow tomorrow antomorrow's rain fog really packa punch in some spots with isolated areas ofheavra faing also paed with se really strong nds we're going to ve high
8:48 am
wind advisories right along the coastline and winter storm warnings taking effect in the sierra nevada tomorrow bause on top the snowll that you're getting today tomorrow, the winds are going to kick into gear so not th should be traveling anyways but it would be not the best weather to be up there. we are going to be seeing winter storm warnings tomorrow as i mentioned and snowfall about 4500 fe of one to 2 once you head ove 000 feet we're talking 2 to 3 et of snowfall. so that's a lot at he had in those winds on top of it th it's just a no go up in the sierra. >>temperatures in the 40's and 50's for your current numbers, berkeley and dey how a 49 oakland at 53 san mateo and san francisco we try to50 degrees later on today look for to daytime highs 60's for most of us use spots like organ how liverme in valley holding on the upper 50's crueler than today now n torrow bringing both rain and wind with that and then monday could see a couple of
8:49 am
isolated thunderorms skies really begin to cleaout come tuesday and then for the rest the forect despite some slight chances of infall overall weather is ing to be warming conditions and ually gradually drying conditions by the end this upcoming week back to you in the studio. >>so back to our big story. the coronavirus coverage a lot of stores like wal-mart and target have de safety changes designed to protect shoprs and their employees as well, but the changes are leading to long lines. just to get inside the story. i'm se u've experienced that kron four'dan kerman takes a closer look. >>take a look athisline outside the costco south san francisco. that's the line to get into the line in the parking lobefore you get into the store, new social distancing policies are limiting those entering the store among costco's new polies no more than 2 people to enter the wahouse with each membership card. only members age, 60 or older can shop from 08:00am to 09:00am tuesday through thursday and
8:50 am
costco's asking members to use cial distancinguidelines by allowinat least 6 feet of space tweech person, though that wasn't always happening for those waiting in line at this costco at walmart in sa leandro people were pouring into the sto and no one appeared to be payi attention to the social distancing signs that likely will change when new idelines go into effect walmart says beginning saturday stores will now allow no more than 5 customers for each 1000 square feet at any given time inside some stores next week walmart will institute one-way movement through thaisles usinfloor markers and direction from associates.additional precauons arhilighted in this wal-mart video. >>you begin to see tse floor dels and stores promoting social distancing a 6 foot or re,ut welso just in our store hours with both overnight that way we get a ep clean and and speaking of cleang yobegin to see associates wearing aspecial
8:51 am
backpack and spraying down sanitizing are car and whe down the handles. and we'r making masking glos available to any associates >>at target in coma people were keeping their distance in line outside the store and a team member was limiting the number of people inside e store. those limits are among new precautions target is taking others include stepped up cleaning floors signs to promote social distancing and exiglas partitions that registerand ov the next 2 weeks targwill provide all team members and stores and distribution centers with face masks and gloves at the beginning of every shift. again these and other precautions are either already under way or about to get underway. >>and ostores really stick to them it will likely mean there will be long lines to getinto the storm. that target in com dan kerman kron 4 news i think kind of an someone you go i did gto target as a matter of fact yesterday rning i s there right beore 080am opening right and it was fine there
8:52 am
arabout 30 of us waiting 6 feet apart and then we came all in one eye open. >>i went to the hardware store and they had a guy out front that had a hand sanizer and eforyou nt in. you go like this and hewhich deer hanseli haven't seen th yet that was nice and they had tons of for sale to okay, yeah, only expienced the whle queuing outside letting people in. >>certain groups that i'm costco for but that was because i went rly in the morning. when i went later in the afternoon to target like you there was no life but only a few people coming in and going and i did weamassed by the way he did and i did and i know hoto about 50% of people this is before they eat ita 50% of people were in the mask. >>and i did have to weigh in on walk people and the you no matter how ny people are in the store if you're in a row and the sae will you have to watch by sunday so was calm, nice because that's what you do have. >>you know contact absolutely as we've got these newder to protocols with masks are going to grocery stores. as new information comes in we're going continue to upate our website at kron 4 dot com. so
8:53 am
if we're not on with a particular broadcast know that you can go there and always have the veryatest information for you on how you can stay safeagain there's the coronavirus section and some of thnews tab. right out front page of kr 4 dot com we'll be right back. >>i'm alexandra le mon in washington and starting today there are new grads and forgivable loan available to to sw up...
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>>big news this morning is that weare all now aised by he cdc to wear a face covering, enever you go outside because u may come into contact with somebody in the public walk by them and you could get ck writer makes a male sick, but in 0 point of clarification. >>not the n 95 masks, not surgic masks, they say those need to be reserved not for medical professionals frontline healthcare workers what we're doing is using the clotmasks to prevent any of our respiratory droplets from escaping oumouths and out into the general public to hear who your heroes are ke because there are some bay area pele that are making in fact i just highlighted. >>one fashion design making massive. those that are helping the community in various ways to try to help with the note to learn for the seniors or whatever maybe and you can nominate a bay area hero by going to our website kron 4 dot com. all right time now is8.56 we'll take break lots of new still to cover
8:57 am
that coming up in fact new guidelines for those masks. >>we'll talk more about that as the u.s. experiences its deadliest day yet. >>during this pandemic will
8:58 am
8:59 am
this is gonna be america's favorite breakfast. they just don't know it yet. (ding) these are a feof my favorite things. ndy's is changg the me fro. to arefast that eats other breakfasts for bakfast. who says you can't have a conator for breakfast? don't just "grab a coffee..." ab arosty-ccino inead. and forget that frozen-folded-g-stuff. all of these have fresh-cracke. aone bite and it'll fbe your w favorite.f. guarteed. (dg) try your new favorite toy and we'll even deliver it. order by0am. >>non-medical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary blic health
9:00 am
measures so it's voluntary you have to do it. >>the cdc now recommending that everybody wear a mask en they go out into public we're going to show you a step-by-step guide on howyou can make one at home, even if you don't have a sewing machine. young people disproportionately are the ones testing positive. in the state of califoia, 50%. of the 2102 individuals that ave tested positive % are between the age of 1849 >>d governor newsome giving the state an urgent wake-up call that coronavirus can attack any age in lifornia here what we're doing to protect the ate's mo vulnerable. >>the navy fires santa rosa native captain brett closer after he spoke out pleading for help for his sailors who are suffeng from coronavirus you see in that video those under his coand were cheering him as he left.
9:01 am
>>good morning d thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher in at the very latest developments on the coronavirus coming up but first. >>it is going to be a rather wet weekend ahead, so we should probably talk about forecast usually are in for some good damper on a travel and people getting out and about they got just long enough towalk the see you're going to give you a little want to wk sound. >>he's gog to be out but it's notgoing pay. out the rain didn't keep most of us inside today, yo're not missing out on anything today by nostepping outside if you do choose to take a little bit easier because we're not getting a dose of sunshine and to be seeing today and e going tomorrow it just keep indoors more than your evenplanng on already let's t a look at what we're seeing in berkeley and well the de can still brain just like wee seeing all across the bay area that's where we're going to be staying through the weekend rainfall is actively occurring toour north in jut a few light showers for the most part here in the bay area itself, let's zoom in on a
9:02 am
uple of these areas where you may be running into some light spots of rainfall as you step outside that includes richmond on up to hercules if you're traveling 80 to maybe get some groceries here and if as the golden gate bridge you can see right there a couple light sprinkles on it right now really light is the key word here anything that we've seen so far even up into the north bay has remain etty ght this point very isolated lateron today as when more and more widespread of rainfall can be expected. you can e at rn pushing in towards the late mornin into eay afternoon light to moderate showers becomi mo widespread during is tim arti to sea downturn in by the late afternoon :45p binot nessary getting son year just starting to lighten up by the evening, a quieter night fore tomorrow rain fall kicks back into gear with isolated spots that actually could bring heavy rainfall to ndaycan't
9:03 am
ignorthis year because of owl yohaveto do is of head up to 4500 feet that's when you'll see one to 2 feet ofsnowfall accumulation over the weekend about 7,000 any work from. >>2 to 3 feet of snowfall and paired with that some very strong winds on sunday so the weather was very bad avel weather up there you would be traveling up into the sierra anyways but we do have a winter storm warningthat begins tomorrow last through monday due to that fresh snow and also the strong winds here in the bay area temperatures in the low 60's later today anjust a rainy weekend wi bothtoday and tomorrow bringing gray skies and wet conditions. i'm tracking e showers as they do continue to prove it to the bay area so stay with s back to you all right high as a snow in tahoe because tahoe has put out a word saying. >>don't come here ifou have like a winter home or something from the bay area just to hang out be in quarantine there because they can't handlethat heavy influx
9:04 am
visitors. no in fact the very latest numbers show that this vis is continuing spread e death toll in fact has t another record setting pace this morning with nearly 1200 deaths reported in just the st 24 hours a lot of virus has killed more than 7,000 americans. so far the biggest death toll far is new york state where nearly 3,000 people have died here in california. 270 peoplhave so far lost their battle with the virus. and the bay ea, let's focus now on the deaths that have happened in these counties that we're tracking number of positive cases on the left. but let's fos on those who have lost the fiht on the right santa clara county, 30 people have died. that had 13 deaths in san mateo county san francisco county seen 7, 5, people have died in contracosta alameda has had 12 deaths so far marine county 6 people have died of person dies llano county and one in sonoma couy from compications of the virus and
9:05 am
napa county 2 people have died. as people die across the country medical professionals are calling onthe president to issue a nationwide shutdow >>this map behind us shows and basically the number of states that still don't have a shelter in place order all the re states do it's the great out states that don't want 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 st so far still do not have a shelter-in-place order and as of this morning, the prident is still reluctant to issue one despite doctors recoending it. he says it said should be up to each state to determine how to >>in every state in is country. we got to see a vernor's done within doing they've been dog a great job because wee close to 90% anyway. >>states who were talking about. not in jeopardy. now i would leave it to the governor's. >>so while there is no nationwide order on cracking
9:06 am
down most states as we said have orders le in california to lock wn to stop the spre and one very important thing to stop the spread is if you do test positive you have got to self quarantine you nnot be exposing other people whenyou know that you have to fire his fact there's a new order in ctra costa county that says residents st isolate themselves in their home. >>if they test positive for covid-19 are no exceptions they may not leave their home except only to receive necessary medical ca during evacuation covid potive es individuals without sympoms must also isolate for 7 days. >>from the date of that positive test result u have to realize hat's a way to isolate yeah, then if you just like all start to suspect could be carriers and >>you know where mass outside. but when you test positive you can't be for any reason in fact i just reading about other states that have problemwhat people are tested positivenot staying indoors and going to the store
9:07 am
orwhatever and and lying on flightslocal official in kentucky. a judge actually issued an ankle bracelet for that person because they erges for 4th of july ter going a set of dangers, everybodyeah, so you don't want to do that 9 '0is the time right now we've got lots more. on covid-19 and how you n stay safe. >>remember we told you that there's an eat it and that recommendation that everybody ar face coveris well we're going to show you how to make one from stuff you have around the house, you don't have to show . you cold buone that's a littlmore professional a from a bay area
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>at 9 '09 isthe time right now and there are billions of dollars available for for small businesses so many small businesses have been wiped out by the coronavirus shutdowns yeah d they're trying to decide if they can afford to keep people on the payroll well this long program may help our washington dc correspondent alexara le mon explains. >>small business is the backbone of the american economy new grants and loans are now available for small pandemic the small business administration onfriday launched a new online platfor with all the details th paycheck protection program is payroll. as small businesses open sba administrator hovey
9:11 am
to carranza explained loans are forgivae if businesses keep employees on their payrolls, you gethe money you'll get at the same day. ease bring your workers ba ers to workif you let them go treasury secretary steven said the loans cover a 3 from small businesses can access to loans through their own financial institions, but the rollout the program had a rocky start as banks receive new guidance just one ay before the program launched some banks were not ready to issue loans friday a colorado senator cory gardner aid in a statement the program is still confusg and businesses and anks need more guidce i want to reiterate. >>the importance of patients in this process, but michigan congressman bill high zynga said other institutns were rea for the rollout loo like there are ready day one going to have about a billion dollars that's going t o work in all there's billion in
9:12 am
aiavaible to the nation's
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a cutback ny 15 on this satury morning a bit of a great start to the weekend and we're going to stay thatway through the saturday and sunday you're not missing mount a much by not steping outside these next couple of days as conditions, it's not isis now the sierra nevada hughes 80 as a trooper says up
9:15 am
donner pass not lookingat a whole lot of snow just yet. the sierra just as rain is on the way in the bay area we will see snow today but warnings take effect that's due to the combination ofthis heavy snow s well as there are some very strong winds up there gusting ashigh as 50 miles per hour. once you hit 45 feet one 2 feet of ow can be expected. you had about 7,000 feet elevation and you can see 2 to 3 feet of snowfall now this isthe situation right now across the region northern california seeing a mix of both in and snow currently lot of that most heavy and widespread rainfall has yet to settle into the bay. althou if you were to our west right now is line of showers that you're seeing offshore abou direction and that does mean that here in the nextfew hours we will be looking at an uptick in rainfall on what has en a pretty quiet morning. so far the east bay is seei some light sprinkle acvity in areas like berkeley richmond on up to her julie's
9:16 am
how into solano we are seeing some light showers right around vacaville and zooming back out just a bit a couple of scattered sprinkles ere and there in sonoma moderate rainfall sitting just north of rio and guerville at this moment but not a lot of rain compared swerve are about to be later on this is 11:15am right here in future cast. and what you are seeing by this point is that yellow ba ofrainfallthat you're moderate even heavy rain benning to push on into the north bay a little bit later onyou'll continue to see those showers pushing on through the bay area after 03:00pm rainfall intensity should start to die down will sort see some isolated sctered showers here and thbua qetervening ahd after that point then into tomorromorning, rainfall picks back up and isolad areas of heavy showers can be expect on your sunday morning ino early afternoon on sunday rember this is also when you've t the heaviest of snow in the sierra nevada d some of the
9:17 am
strongest of wis up there as well when those winter storm warnings kick into gear showers stay with us all the way into monday dying down graally after that point today's daytime highs will eventually rise into the 60's right now we're still in the 40's and 50's if you're trying to beat the rain take the dog to walk really quick before the rain showers to move in well get the jackts on and maybe keep the umbrella with you to a showers are pretty close just on our doorstep at the moment. >>temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's as i mentioned for yourdaytime amid some showers through the day tomorrow rain and wind with hh wind advisories, especially right along the coastline monday a few thunderstormscould be possible. but also seeing some sunshine starting to break through by tuesday ednesday and thursday ever weakening chances of rainfall by friday of the upcoming week daytime ghs will be atthe warmest skies at their clearest and driest that's a look at your forecastalso to back your way
9:18 am
in the studio. >>the cdc recommends and the task force recommends we're in closs of face coverings in public lic settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. in these include ples like grocery stores and pharmacies we especially recommend that in areas of transmission. mmunity based >>bu this is already an n 95 mask its. traverses material. the fda has the specifications and then it's a 2 pieces of elastic cord camp me. that we can't make these. >>we're sposed to wear masks to help stop e spread of coronavirus but don'tuse that kind like doctors and nurses me beause those are in short supply just hear the governor of new york, pleading fohelp and making them and just like rosi, the riveter rally women torise to the challenge during world war 2, a bay area fashion designer is coming to the rescue to
9:19 am
you anme with the supplies weneed as riaz joins us now from our me in marin county to talk about how she has re tod to make protective gear. her doctors nurses uni anybody who needs a good morning as >>ending the tel me a little bit about what happened to as we have seen 10 million americans are now out of work filing for unemployment, the st we ever seen in history, a one time and you were a fashiondesigr making dresses that nobody nes any more because we can't go to big fancy events. obviously they cannot. >>i'm in my business got gray areas are some of my job to be a lot to china. chinese new
9:20 am
years ithe to my but yes and my could w to do my and what is it that makes week and seek to come to ensure no i'm not right area for that reads very and not a combination of cross en. i creat year and that would controlled the bacteria and the and at the same time.if you sneeze see that he doesn't. >>tu off the so that that should do it for a mosque, one of my problem van de know a piece off operate is that yore going to be keep grocery shopping or you go
9:21 am
cheating is wrong. so having mass could be the last 8 that's n ugly it's ch more. protects even if you are going grow 4 or half actually and i'm on the set right now because you provided me th one of them ks state. >>you made which by e way is very stylish i'm touching i like i'm not supposed to right now you want your hands all over on is this washable. >>have to bgentle and very important si it's that call you okay. side is that >>so so i'm going tell you this as i show yours here this is an example of the onthat haand is making an you're selling these by the way and is it true under 5 bucks. yes a we are it's for a $1.50. >it basically takes care of the u.s. in perry's expenses, i'm trying to keep in their
9:22 am
work d i'm not not our and preparing he in and then we sell iin cases so so i can keep my quite serate from t show that that is connected all the city that tennis amazing are not going to show you something else as a day 2 now. >>thisis the mask as makes us very fancy it most. just if they want to make kind of something that disposable like you said it's not going to be as ah but i'm just going to show you this quick trip and this is a square piece of his could be like as said it could a bandanna it could be this a t-shirt sleeve that i cut off or this is. >>a fanciescarf i have it works the same way. so you take your piece you fold, it, however you'd like to basically get it to get a smaller size like this. you take to a hair bands that set to hear vans all you need you
9:23 am
you hold. is inside like then this. and i ant to put it behind my ear for a a. these mask that mary is good but. quick and easy and as as you said the point is that you have to do withclean hands. i wod have toatch this every same with with your mask to wash it. >>you know, i make sureat it stays clean. do nouse a medical workermask because these are in short supplyand i'm wondering i know you are reaching out ying to say you could actually make hospital grade masks and gns and i know you're trying to get the word out because you want to talk to whethe be somebo locally califora the bay area neyork wht could you do for them how could you provide them with actual medical grade masks. >>i am trying to get
9:24 am
seven-year i offered a week in your mind back sitting in area worse is the beg on china is always been my doors. hoping thre we start to read the mosque doesn't make he even the hospital they tend use that same over there and 95 last for extra protectio but it's not good we need to that is terrific. so i'm hoping that somebody. >>and we'll be able to listen to ts whether be you know in the local government or state government led to a local business helped to ma them asked for medical professials. i thank you as a day again i want to show a full thank you somuch on a shelf full screen people the number to call. of the these masks for get one yourself or your kids and help
9:25 am
support a lal business that has as a day said yoknow out of work and she doesn't wantto put all of her workers out of work so they can make these face mask for you and send them to you for for 50, there's a number to call again that 4,050 cents for that or i just shwed you how to make one at home. >>idoesn't look quite as fancy as this one, but it's easy and you should definitely doit any ti y're
9:26 am
♪ in nearly 0 years serving the military community, we've seen you go through tough times and every time, you've shown us, yore much toughe your heart, urage and mmitment has always inspired us and now it'so different so, we're here with financialtrengt stability and experience you can depend on and the onne tls you need because you have aays set thhighest standard and reng that standard is what wee made for ♪
9:27 am
9:28 am
and reng that standard is what wee made for has become a hero to his sailors, he's a captain but fired. >>on his job as an aircraft carrier captain for the navy because ofwhat he did to alt. others that there were somany saors on board his ship who had coronavirus yeah it happened after he was. >>he wrote that memo of secretary of the navy decided he need to be removedfrom duty because in theyes of the navy, he violated their code of conduct by going outside the chain of command but his sailors in s command sagree. >>they're saying captain crozier brettcrozier is from santa rosa and he made that moe in cent the navy a ter detailing there were dozens of sailors on board who had covered 1they needed to get off and then that letter went pulic when he wasn't getting a response from his. >>those higher upn the chain
9:29 am
of command but it wathe the public outcry after this letter became public that force the navy to do somethin more and now a lot of those 6 personel are being taken off the aircraft carrier preparations are being made to disinfect their craft care and everything else so he saved a lot lives potentially getting all the sailors taking care of how are the navy said he demonsrated eremely poor judgment by gog outside the chain of command and sendin that letter which then became public in les to the media. so. >>the sailors love the navy resigning reaignment. >>all right sti ahead morning news doctors are foed to make hard deciions now at hospals with more coronavirus patients coming in in need. >>gent medical cae will explain what system has been
9:30 am
getting outside moreow than ever bore. it's spring. the seon we plant, we garden, we grow things. we bri new color to our o. we're here to hp you make your home the best it can be.
9:31 am
9:32 am
>>and it's going to be rainy today. so that will help you from bng a covidiot and gog outside in we got to hang in there we've got weeks to go us just a if you are going to take e dog out if you're going to go out for umbrel john. rself bring the >>absolutely and you're not missing out on anything if you choose not to go out at all cause it's definitely not going to get a lot sunshine today nor to tomorrow either so this weatherjust helping with that a stay in been soldiering in place now if you are stepping outside to walk the dog as james mentioned you do work the umbrella youdo what the rain jacket
9:33 am
conditions pretty gray over s francio right now is some low clouds push in and some light showers at this point now most of rainfall as of this morning has been concentred to our north the state, but we have seen so isolated showers here an there pushing on into the bay are looking at a couple of right around a bottle and y center fell more than just sprinkles up into noma county currently with some light to moderate rainfall pushing in just north of santa osa, to the east bay, a couple of spots, a light rainfall as you traverse 24 on over oakland towards or denveaugust lafayette other than that if u head further south we haven't seen much just yet but rainfall is on the way light to modete showers mid morning into early afternoon. that's when we ca exct the ndnse st condion houlca do a bit after 03:00pm but jut a fescattered sprkles on into the evening after which point then into tomorrow morning great picks back up
9:34 am
and we could see some isolated spots of heavier rain look at this right here moving back towards 10:15am tomorrow morning and then towards 10:45 i these are late morning hours current debt ing some ofthe e you're ture heavit of rainll possible and in the south bay towards early aftnoon. a few thunder storms look possible aswell. during the same time snowfall in the sierrnevada lingering all the way into monday and a lot of snowfall up there so if you did you have a house of their well it is going to be one of those snowy conditions u just know i want to stay at home more so than anything sunday and nday bringing daytime highs only upper 30's and along with the snow and cold temperatures some very windy conditions too as for temperatures in the bay area today holding on the low 60's r most ofs we've go isolated showers pushing through as of right now more widespread later this morning, i'm trackingshowers as they
9:35 am
do lie our direction still to come so stawith us back to you in the studio. >>3, 4, and it seems every day is more deadlier than the one before and today more than 1200 people have did in the last 24 hours of coronavirus a single deadliest day so far in total the u.s. has now. >>more than 7100 deaths and 270,000 ses in alland states are still having to competegainst each other to medical equipment that they need geterica hill with a closer look. >>am i willing to deploy the national guard inconvenience people for several sevel 100 lives should right i am. >>on the heels of the highest sing-day increase in deaths and hospitalizations in new york governor andrew cuomo announcing an executive order desperately needed equipment around his state. >>th burn rate is about 300 ventilators per day. if you. find 300 excess ntilators
9:36 am
you found anoth day. >>these as the mayor at the epicenter warsedcritical nationwide enlistment of a doctors to met urgent staffing needs. >>if there's not tion by the president and the mitary literally in a matter of days to put in motion. this vast mobilization. then u're going to see fit hundreds. and later thousands of americans die who did not need >>but there are beds, many of th news, the navy hospit ship comfort has room for a 1000 overflow non covid-19 patients as of friday. just 20 had arrived on board. >>the navy. this position is they don't want to put covid people on the ip. because a t would be too hard to disinfect the ship afterwards that's myrough interpretati of what they're saying.
9:37 am
>>thsprawling javits center with space for 2500 starting monday. it will become a covid only field hospital. the pentagon mang similar changes to facilities in new orleans and dallas. as the number of infected americans continues to rise. 93% of the country is under a stay home order. doctor anthony fauci making the case for a nationwide mandate. if you look at what's going on. >>in this country. i just don't understand why we're not doing at. >>we really should be yet in florida confusing orders from he governor who sa religious services aren't subject to social distancing rules, leing local officials scrambling. >>this is not only underming our ability to itimplement social distanng here. it's real undermining the sacrifices that millions of floridians have been making acrossthe state for the past couple weeks, everyo needs to right now at this moment acts like you ve it and think god that you don't in california 71 infections and
9:38 am
one deaths have been linked to a single church, raising new ccerns about what's to come this end. >>in citiesacross the country americans now told tover their faces nything must leave the house at least 10 states have close schools for the remainder of the ye. and in new jersey which has the second highest number of case in e country. flags being lowered to half-staff. >>in honoof the lives lost to this virus. >>since families at this time. cannot even hold funerals f their lost loved ones. this is a way a small way but i think an important wawe can make su that their loss is not forgotten. >>now act like you have it and thank gothat you don't calornia is ramping up have coronavirus evenas there isa backlog of about 60,000 pending sts already in continuing to grow. >>delays in getting results can be as lo as 12 days and that postpones necessary
9:39 am
trtment. governor newsome acknowledge the backlog is part of a broader national prlem. >>well, the cdc has changed the recommendations are no encouraging everyo to wear at least the costface mask, whenever they go out in public. weave doctor jeremy howard now from the university of san francisco speaking to cnn this moing about why the cdc first commended the people, not wear masks and why they change their mind. >>mister howard the w o initially said you only need to wear a mask if you're taking care of a person with a suspected covid-19 infection, how did they get it so wrong. >>well we now know about 50% of people that are infected have no symptoms. we also know that dung the first week is when people are most infectioushen they're least lily to have simpson's some of the w h o did here was that they did not err on the side of caution they were quite sure of the scienceand so they said don't direct but they should have said is due to it because not what we now
9:40 am
knowis always strongly. cass isthat if 80% of people in a community where a face mask, any kind of cloud cover that can actually stop the virus its tracks. >>so instead we were doing this,you know a month ago better late an never in this case as opposed to what we can now that we know what to do and if u do need help getting through this because you're feeling your anxiety or stress levels go up day by day know that there is a national disaster distress helpline there for you with officials on the other in can help guide you through this very trying time the number on your scen 1, 809 8, 5, 5990 that's 1, 8, 109 8, 5, 5559 19 we put this on our website kron 4 dot coms you can alwa get any
9:41 am
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>>welcome back 9.42 on this sarday morning, gray skies, cool conditions and so rainfall on the way en though has been a pretty calm starts the moing. so far there are showers rightto our north and to ourwest that are already eyeing the bay area cloud cover pretty evident overthe east bay, your view from berkeleshowing that there's where all the rain falls at sitting to our north with some swfall also beginning to really pick up the sierra nevada as for current conditis, st rainfall still sitting to our wt soe light owou santa rosa, but loong at pickup la thimorning into early afternoon yellow dicating those heavier spots ofit, especially in the north
9:44 am
bay ter :00pm to 04:00pm today coitis wi iet n but emrari we see rain picking back up again tomorrow morning isolated spots of heavy showersthrough the morning tomorrow and during the same time feet of snowfall in the sierra nevada all you have to do ihead up to 4500 feet elevation and u cld see up to foot of snowfall. temperatures today in the 50's and 60's cooler dathan what we have been saying we remain cool and rainy through the weekend into the start of next week before we dry out on into thlatter part of the upcoming workweek back to you thanks john. >>so we've got a lot of qutions from viewers about the coronavirus so we set out to get some ansrs kron on's catherine heenan spoke 3 local doctors about your biggest concerns. >>heo everyone, i'm kron 4 we are continuing to try to separa facts from fear when it comes to the coronavirus and joining me today. we have 3 bay area health experts doctor peter
9:45 am
alper and he's an internist at in private practice in san francisco. it paul an emergency medical physici at northwestern and doctor christopher wylie public health professor at berkeley, thank you to all of you for joining us. let me ask you this is a medical question but the deathtoll from this virus really is staggering it is appalling but most pele who become infected. they survive are we learning anything fr those people in the fight agait the virus for example does their blood contained the antibodyis that threst of us don't have doctor alfre will start with you. that's a great question. so we are learng what we a couple things that we know is that as you mentioned in your in your question. >>a great number of people will get bett and that's an important thing for everye to know is that it's the small minority of people who end up so sick that they require the hospital where the i c u so the vast marity of people
9:46 am
are the ones who will tend to do better and if this will feel like a to li illness. in any kind of a viral infection. one developed an antibody response and those antibodies th are developed are ing explored as possible. >>treatments r people who are ctively battling the coronavirus infection. so those anybody's can be taken from one person and throh a very complicated process gin to someone else and it's very experimental at this point an unproven. but those are that's one of the things that's being explored the otr thing trying to determine if the people who havbeen infected are developingthe kind of longer term immunity that you see with a lot of our own actions. you see different types of of resultt immuni from a different kinds of infectionsto different durations of different viruses 2 different things. >>doctor paul anything to add to that. >>me i agree with doctor out front in the short answer to your question is yes, the
9:47 am
longer side in a complicated question is that it's still very much a work in we do know some of the things that doctor alfred mention fr tbreaks in just the general study biology immunology there are proven techniques that have worked in other scenarios that are being exrimented with currently with the coronavirus so they're like ends on deck when it comes to scientific community looking intothis in terms of clinical trials of its top institutions that the countries as well as iernatial clinical trials are being by the world health organization so it be more to come on thatfront and relatively short order. >>doctor wiley i know you're more involved with policy and your part of a a large study you've been involved with tell us abouthat what do you what doyou do >>that'right so this is an area where there's los of anecdotes but acally not much actual data on what it's like on the ground sources issuesnow that health care providers so a couple weeks ago we actuallsurveyed abou
9:48 am
3,000 health professionals and positions across the country questions around access to nt testi concern for the patients being able toaccess testing and then just kinof genelly what says issues across country think about the 19 response. >>so i have to ask doctor wiley whatare you hearing one of the major concerns. >>so a lot of what we hear anecdotally is really actually cked up by data in our study so about 75% of the positions ofthe study actually were concerned that patients were unable to get tested and over happens positions in our survey actually had patients who treats to the 19 sis symptoms but we're not ab to get tested for these patients. >>yeah, at whole question of who should get tested d on kps cong up. we're going to throw in a lot of viewer some of them a very od. one viewer for example asks if we can be rinfected. do we know that nd of flare up again like say a the aids or
9:49 am
herpes doctor alper. >>so the the absolute answ to that is that we don't know it. the presumption is that like other viral illnesses as doctor paul mentioned earlier general understandings of our allergy immunology. >>is thatyou will some level of immunity. the coronavirus belongs to a faly of viruses at cause some of which cause thecommon cold. the common colds caused by a variety of different viruses. but we all know that we can catch a cold multiple times and that's because number one it could be a different virus that's causing the call each time, but it also could be the same virus that actually comes in a little bit. you knowafte your immunity has waned so certain viruses will will cause a certain level of immuneresponse and the persistence of protection is the coronavirus is new and we don't havea long experience with it. it is unknown whether the immuni that one develops will persist. so it is
9:50 am
probably true that you won't be able to catch it right away, but no one knowsif a yearfrom now or 6 months or 18 months or what have you. what thaclinical experience will be and that's one of t thin that i'm i'm sure a huge battery of scientists are studying. >>personally know a number of people still travelinacross town to visit relatives to see andchildren and there seems to be a feeling of well we're all family so we know o are okay, but i mean bottom line they cannot bsure of that correct. >>yoknow the answers they so if the current recommendations are that you can see yocan spend time with the people in your immedia family unit and those are thpeoplthat you live west or if you have you know steady roommates if you're in that situation, the people that you live and i'm with and in a home in which you can goto sleep. they going across town to visit relatives is in meone is the same as visiting. a friend which is currently not recommended. yocould be
9:51 am
asymptomatic ensuring the virus you could have it in a variety of different situationsso if you're visiting those relatives you could be putting them at risk. >>yeah doctor poll, y agree. >>i tend to have discussions with my family about exactly the same scenario where itis a false sense of security because the perception is you know alice your family across town mit be interacting en i got out front point. you can't ways be sure of that and at's why it's really more focused on unit itself and even my parents at who are also having similar trouble out on the seas is the question is where we're sitting here for viewers surely grapple with what they or cannot do you think about as me to find the concept of m one and then also emphasizing the variables that you can control in this kind of ciumstance you have to really ink about in your day to day life youmay not really
9:52 am
thought about what y need to go the grocery store every single day. now you need to think about that and trying to actually consider limiting your posure to other people. when it comes down to their evils of corol to doctor plain if i were to go ross town and visit my cousin. i have no control over his making that seem intended decision to do that to somebody else and that's how you know it looks how the jenin certain natiwide reading control of each inpendent decision doesn't seem that but handful of those decisions in conrt can actually have a pretty in fact when it comes to exposure and frankly in case and that of that we do have you can perience the country's there has been goodamount of familial spreadnfortutely oks home you're sick and may get their family members said to ground you're able to containthe start making decisions to expandthe on the
9:53 am
house you know you lose th control your introducing another variable so that's relly how i section the discussio where my immediate family but i love the homeless as well as they might send it back the chinesethat doesn't need to consider what we need to do is scary to me and to house all the time i understand that and self-quarantining at live that life for the last 4 or 5 days an on, but is what we need you collecting are not answer this is just a portion of a longer interview th kathryn conducted with those ctors. >>to find out more view the entire interview just download the kron on app it's free right now you can also turn to our website at kron 4 dot com for the very latest on. >>the coronavirus an
9:54 am
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>>we'lshow the most over james on about you but i'm going home after just a little as we all. here's a quick lo at your seven-day around the bay forecasts and again. >>we'reooking at a wet weekend so john's been recommending you stay inside as has the cdc. state of california. what if you are going to be outside obviously bring your umbrella if you're gonna walk the dog get a personal walking r yourself. heaviest of rain today tomorrow and then begins to taper off as we headnto e middle of next week wh that slight chance of rain still lingeringat least a show or 2 anyway up untithursday and was common to do a plug one more time for your good days clse to what cover your face 20 while the public from now
9:57 am
on th's a new cdc thing. >>and you can get these masks. that are made for you for der 5 bucks and has supported bay ea fashion designer and we've got one at caught on. you can check that on kron 4 dot com as well, yeah look up the morning buzz yeerday for an interview withthe maker of that mask find out how you can help on that front staylayer of ice. what we do now will rever change our tomorrow.
9:58 am
so let's do the right thing, today. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always kp our distance - please, six feet apart at least. l's look after ourselves, well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line n do their part. we will al continue,r, to thrive.
9:59 am
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