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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 3, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 news news at 8. >>we are hours away from the end of the original stay at home order in the bay area and the start of a new plan to contain the coronavirus good evening everybody thank you for joining us tonight at 8 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, this next phase of reopening means a return to some sense of normalcy for some of us here in the bay area. this change comes as a confirmed case count in the bay area surpasses 8500 santa clara county reported 27 new cases today. that number is 59 for san francisco and alameda
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county says there are 44 new cases of coronavirus the complete list of cases broken down by county can be found on our website kron 4 dot com to do stay at home order goes into effect at midnight and here's a look at the activities and the businesses which can resume they include construction projects, real estate transactions child care centers outdoor businesses such as nurseries and landscaping services as well as recreational spots such as golf courses, skate parks and the athletic field. >>certain car washes will also be allowed to reopen most of the businesses listed here will be allowed to resume, but there will be limitations and social distancing is still required but outdoor restaurants and cafes and bars are not allowed to reopen under this revised order. these changes apply to alameda contra costa moran, san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties, the bay area
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shelter-in-place order may have been extended through the end of this month, but some changes begin tomorrow, the easing of some those restrictions will make. >>life a little bit easier for some of us while others will have to wait just a bit longer. kron four's dan thorn reports from walnut creek. what you can and cannot do beginning may 4th is the question for many seeking normalcy in this pandemic. >>some of the restrictions under the shelter-in-place order will be eased like all construction activities being allowed to continue. tennis courts will not be open across the bay area but contra costa county will let people play. some however got a jump start on sunday. golf courses can also reopen but social distancing has to be followed because the equipment can be touched by many playgrounds and outdoor gyms will remain off limits people have been encouraged to take advantage of open spaces instead we're social distancing is easier outdoor businesses, including retail nurseries can begin
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inviting customers back in. car washes like will bear and walnut creek can also get back to work. >>it's time for us to build. >>co owner of the car wash eli cedar says he was unsure why they were forced to close in the first place but he's happy to be back in business was ready to get things going again. >>other activities that will be able to resume our child care programs but with some restrictions. health officials say that more adjustments will be made if progress continues, reporting in walnut creek dan thorn kron 4 news, so this is the first phase of reopening bay area health officials say they are monitoring several key questions to determine the next phase of reopening they are whether the total number of cases is flat or decreasing whether the number of hospitalized patients is flat or decreasing whether there is adequate personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. >>whether counties are meeting the need for testing,
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especially for vulnerable populations and the capacity for contact tracing of cases. >>our numbers are very low and if walmart and lowe's can be opened small businesses and churches should be open. >>today protesters in vacaville held a so-called pro california open the state rally. they're calling for officials to lift the stay at home orders which mitigate the spread of coronavirus governor gavin newsome said on friday that if we did not see huge drought crowds. gather this weekend like we did last weekend. we could see significant changes to the orders soon as tomorrow. protesters say they want this to become a weekly rally until the orders are lifted those calls for change come as california approaches 55,000 cases of covid-19 the virus has killed more than 2200 people in the st. >>nationwide there are more than 1.1 million coronavirus cases and more than 67,000 americans have died. those numbers are according to the johns hopkins global
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coronavirus tracker. >>shocking numbers about the stay at home effect on san francisco restaurants, half of the restaurants in the city could permanently close their doors, those figures are according to an estimate from the golden gate restaurant association. we have a chance now to talk more about this with lorrie thomas she is the association's executive director lori this is a difficult subject particularly san francisco being one of the. >>restaurant capitals in the it's tough to talk about that at least set the scene and give us a sense of what led you to make that prediction. >>yes so thank you for having me and i appreciate the opportunity to speak out. you know it is a difficult situation and we certainly hope that we don't see our guys come to pass, but i'm sure growing are the number that the california restaurant association got from a survey about a month ago, especially in the u.s., an estimated 30%. i'm not opening and then we saw the james beard foundation on a similar survey in new
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york and again these are mostly smaller restaurants under 5 million they surveyed about 1700 of them. only in to speak at one 5 were reopened which is 20%. now we have the end of last year about 3900 brick and mortar restaurant in san francisco and i actually 2 of them so i feel pain personally as well as being the executive director lisa stark doors on march 16th of those 3900 roughly 88% are under 2.5 million unemployed referee between 5.25 employees. you know to 30 employees and those are the folks that are having the hardest time getting any sort of funding or really and they don't have access to the capital like a larger change that you see not be able to support from stops. so when you say 2.5 million you talk about annual revenue, yes, excuse me noon for last year, yeah there's 88% of all of our brick and mortar restaurant in san francisco under 2.5 million in revenue. >>and for example that didn't
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fly between say anywhere from 5 employees are much smaller shops to perhaps 30 to 40 employees on that on the high at in addition to the size of the restaurant, what makes a particular restaurant vulnerable this closure that the shutdown the are going through. >>yeah, can i can speak personally to drought and we're just not of us had enough cash reserves to anticipate the music stopping us and saying 100 pretty good shape coming coming first of all the time of the year's top not a restaurant and a lot of cash in the early part of the year. you just pay all your some christmas sales are those taxes saying so we were not to be the most robust cash position for restaurants timing was certainly we keep the cast and 3rd and nobody would anticipate going from running 5 to nothing rights and we shot start to slow down the end of february was are you know supers smart recommend everybody jenna our emergency operation by 2 days
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later, we saw a sales dropped 40% really i think all of that contraction saved our bay area and san francisco from what our friends in new york are experiencing. but it is very hard to a restaurant to not have any cash and to those for a period time or significantly reduce reckoning. >>so now we're looking at the end of may for the stay at home over most of the bay area anyway. it is that enough time it can make you think a lot of these russia's can make it to the end of may then to reopen or do they have to be some other options. >>i i think another 30 days and then even when we we do real as we've heard from all of sure government officials it's going to have to be at a reduced capacity that that's just so it takes the social distancing myself from the staff side and from the summer side dish to run a restaurant not you know 20% of their normal capacity on 50% is starting xi so it would have been saying we need cash cash
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cash, you can also do a couple things that we're really hoping we can do which is maybe allow for extra outside seating in san francisco may be sitting into the parking areas in to say like a public area like it's a union square into summer streets and we'll all have to work together to me happened to be a huge win for us to the restaurants and to the city and the other thing i really we need to stance. i'm trying to get some personal protective equipment that we can access the mask this sanitizer the whites. he ideally 3 to all of our 2 older smaller business and this is so we can give them out free chips arms race or some sort of assistance they're it out we've been seen i've been seeing some posts a european style restaurant scene with more outdoor seating like you just described, but who's going to help make that happen do it's not going to several government you need to work with the city is that right. >>yes, the city and has supervisors cuts and super receptive to it. >>i know we talked to a lot of our colleagues across and i
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was honored to be asked during the city's recovery task force we started sharing that information out of reach for small task force meeting tomorrow i'm going to reiterate we've got because issued and some friends of in different areas are also part of bay area coalition is helping top tier, a sacramento to secretly get abc laws, relaxed to allow that to happen and i'm and is is also very positive about this and start working with the current chair of the mta on this morning and we're just we're just really hopeful we can all come together and just make an exception to make it happen taking into account. you know any unintended side effects right we want to think about everything in trying to get up and sold laurean sounds like you are beginning to build that groundswell of support that you need. >>a lot of restaurants have been doing takeout and carry out that in a way that their customers have been able to help what can customers do people love their neighborhood restaurant, they love their
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favorite restaurants all over the bay area how can they be supportive in this effort for well accomplish. >>excuse me so a couple of things thank you that you can do certainly is ordered from those restaurants patronize those restaurants ideally go and pick up a surge of words or delivery we have an emergency cap in place to cap the cost of restaurants are charged during the period of a shelter in place an emergency, but if you can go pick it up if you're people doing it to make sure all the money goes to the restaurants. also a lot of restaurants had co-signed the campaigns they set up so that the money could help to other workers unfortunately have a lot of workers in our sector that can access all of the unemployment funds to that helps low and there's a lot of fun in the city to set up it gets to san francisco and one of the surge hiller's of that is to go to small businesses which is just restaurants are totally small businesses 88% of our restaurants in the city are less than 2.5 million in revenue.
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>>and you can do things like that would be super helpful and then come out and i and grade the my only concern a seating is the worst 2 months of the year coming up something called bundle up for night thomas from going a restaurant association, thank you so representing 3900 restaurants in the city and you know everybody's dying to go out now soon as the doors ration. >>we're going to be there. thanks so much for joining us much for your time and your support we appreciate that. for news tonight a day with gyms closed more people are taking their exercise outdoors and that is leading to some crowded roadways. how one city on the peninsula's making paths safer for pedestrians passionate protesters cross country want to get back to work. but the u.s. death toll is still rising in the east
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bay the regional park district wants to remind everybody to keep the park say from the coronavirus s after a number of parts were filled to capacity today kron four's gayle ong joins us live tonight from livermore with details on all of this scale. >>pam i'm here at a royal del val in livermore one of the busier trails over the weekend here. park officials want people to go outside but only to exercise not socialize. >>signs posted on the access gates of a royal del val reminding visitors what the
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rules are in the age of covid-19 you to keep working not to the east bay regional park district police department tweeted this message sunday afternoon thanking visitors for keeping the park safe and that round valley brushy and morgan territory parks are at capacity all the really long and hard for we visited brushy peak regional in livermore the lot was full but people were spread out on the trails are quite a few people buy not like the >>over at the main entrance of del val which has been closed since march people took to the streets to take in the views while staying close to their vehicles >>than you need a new park over gore. >>park officials encourage people to stay in their own
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neighborhoods or visit other parks in the region that are less crowded reporting live in livermore gayle ong kron 4 news. >>in san mateo county some trails will be reopening tomorrow after being closed since march 27th, the parks department is opening trails and 13 of its 23 parks hikers will be required to walk in single file lines carry face coverings and keep 6 feet apart from other groups. playgrounds picnic areas visitor centers and some restrooms will remain closed. well a full list of what is reopening on our website kron 4 dot com. redwood city is the latest in the bay area to implement a safer recreation system for cyclists and pedestrians during this pandemic has right officials have blocked off streets as part of the slow streets program you might remember oakland was the first to bay area city to put this plan into effect. >>here are some of the street involved in redwood city flynn avenue from middlefield road to spring street, allergan street from winslow street to whipple avenue and page street
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from second avenue to 17th avenue you can find a full list of the street closures on our website kron 4 dot com go ship defendant derick almena could be released from jail as early as tomorrow, how mean is set to appear before an open judge at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. after which she could be released from the santa rita jail earlier this month. it was announced, i mean it would be released from jail to the new to the coronavirus outbreak. in response the alameda county district attorney's office said it would seek an order to bahr el nino from having contact with any of the victims families are witnesses in his pending case. he will also have to wear an electronic monitor. defense attorney paula canny says social distancing has been practically impossible behind bars. >>it's not is it. their front as i said they're practicing social distancing day one mask i mean that it is crazy. you know they're sharing food, they're sharing toilets. they don't get hand sanitizers there temperatures are being
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taken there isn't enough medical staff and it and it's a dangerous it is to the inmates. >>it's equally as dangerous to the custodial staff that the officers all the people that work there it's not a safe environment no matter what no matter how. >>the alameda county sheriff's department says it has had more than 30 cases of coronavirus in the jail but most of the patients have already recovered. >>taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and still life how can we go on and get some a glimpse of some light before the sun goes all the way down as the second and enjoy the who although kinda sick as head outside and large he said it was cooler out there tonight, it was a beautiful day though yeah certainly a gorgeous day about this evening, though guys yes certainly a gorgeous evening to as we've got some sunshine really from the beginning of the day all the way to the evening hours and well it looks like it is going to be nice as we head throughout the night though little bit on the cool side. we did have that
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breeze kicking up as we around the bay area, especially along the coastline sort of the winds were a factor temperatures today 6 and generate just slightly below the average of the san francisco, 69 fry in oakland 71 degrees in san jose 70 to live more 75 in concord and 73 degrees in santa rose you get the idea, nice numbers all around the bay area so. >>yeah looking good out there this evening that hard to find a cloudy out there right now in fact we're cloud-free even along the coastline, him looks like tonight, maybe a return of a couple of patches of far right along the immediate coast not to be much but the winds certainly a factor 20 miles an hour sfo, 18 in mill valley in stinson beach 14 in fairfield even 12 palo alto right now sort of the sea breeze working his way back across the bay area temperatures in the 50's in the 60's right now because we look overnight tonight skies going stay mostly clear going to be a little bit cool tomorrow, plenty of sunshine a little bit warmer and then much warmer weather is headed our way get ready to go to get a little taste of summer i
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think coming our direction i pressure building in on the south that is going to bring some mild to warm temperatures. i think we start to break into the 80's by tomorrow afternoon or some the warmer spots by a little bit later this week may be getting close to 90 degrees, we'll show you where expect those temperatures coming up in few minutes guys back to thank you lawrence coming up on kron 4 news at 8 if you use public transportation you are required to wear a face mask, but what about rideshare plus with big events canceled a south a man is unable to entertain like you used to do so. >>
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>>year's eve because let me know. >>yeah well with nowhere to go and no shows to play a musician in los gatos set up this piano and his speakers to host free concerts for his neighbors, the entertainment was a welcome found quite a stage charity has something special planned for later this week. our justine waltman has a story you'll see only on kron 4. >>caroline souza we do not there today from the deck of his los gatos home musician, joe nelson rocks out >>if the wind is going the right way joel says hundreds of neighboring homes can hear him and let him know by hooting and hollering back to keep making music i hear here
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and play know billy joel people are really getting a lot of enjoyment in any really good person i did i was i was in heaven i was just smiling i wow this is something it's because i had no idea what have that kind of effect on people. >>to a live audience and a cause as a professional musician santa cruz which is now closed. as gates have petered out. >>we talk you know most talking a lot almost a 100 events cancel no weddings know varmus says no parties, no corporate events, nothing wrong. >>using the popularity of this home a concert john has also put out a donation to suggestion for a song one last. so far he has raised over $6500 for second harvest food bank of silicon valley where you can use it.
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>>yeah this is i can give something back to the community. be able to play in front of people do something different. >>the show is set for tuesday night on cinco de and he's ready to revive the entertainment each >>people are sending messages like they're already making 100 and some odd isn't they're grown-ups are margaret is in sight it is going to be a funds and should be really fun. >>joel tells me a few complaints have come in to police so now he only plays once a week from 5.30 to 07:00pm. he wants to be respectful while rocking out and raising money. in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>it is back to work tomorrow for one house of congress while the other houses been advised to stay away still ahead, how lawmakers could create change from their home states in the northeast of grain on a pandemic had to buy
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vital gear this as more states weigh the risk a stay at home versus economic fallout and next president trump increasing his projection for the number of deaths in the
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>>president trump is now increasing his estimates on how many americans will die from covid-19 back in april he suggested a total of 50 to
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60,000 deaths now is upping that number by more than 25%. the comment came during a virtual town hall on fox news sunday with the president vice president and treasury secretary president now projects the u.s. death total to hit 80 or 90,000 that's 20,000 more fatalities. then the president suggested just a few weeks ago the president still says projection is on the lower end perhaps referring to a previous white house projection of a 100 to 240,000 deaths as didn't trump reiterated his call to reopen the nation many health experts however believe the nation cannot safely reopen without a vaccine. and many have said that is probably about a year to 18 months away, however tonight the president said he believes a vaccine could be available by the end of this year. >>we're going to form a consortium with our 7 northeast. partner states which by about billion worth of equipment and supplies. >>new york is banding together with nearby states in the northeast to buy vital
8:31 pm
coronavirus gear invoke that's because those items have been difficult to come by during this pandemic governor andrew cuomo announced today the group of states will create a regional supply chain for masks gowns ventilators testing supplies and other equipment necessary to fight the disease. meanwhile, the number of us coronavirus deaths has now passed to 66,000 still more states are set to loosen restrictions on businesses are in the coming week as they try to mitigate the economic fallout, governors who haven't moved toward reopening face weekend pressure and protests. meanwhile, a top economic adviser for the president said. >>there could be another round of relief for small businesses karin caifa reports. >>with more than half of states relaxing coronavirus restrictions in some form others are feeling pressure. >>and in states like california and michigan protest. michigan governor gretchen whitmer said sunday she's not been moved, but we know that people are not all happy about having to take the stay home pastor and you know
8:32 pm
what. >>i'm not be there. but the fact of the matter is. we have to listen to that the genealogists and public health expert maryland governor larry hogan is response sadly we had far more people died yesterday in maryland that we have protesters public health experts agree underscoring the importance of caution if we open up too soon. >>i will see a resurgence of cases a lot more people getting sick and dying. and we'll have to shut back down again but contributing to the restlessness is economic anxiety more than 30 million americans out filed for unemployment benefits in the last 6 weeks. >>the trump administration said sunday that 2.2 million loans worth billion have been made in the second round of the paycheck protection program, white house economic advisor larry kudlow said another round of small business funding may be considered. >>i guess what i would say to you at this particular juncture. let's execute the continuation of what we've already done. let's see what the results are the u.s. senate returns to capitol hill monday with more coronavirus
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relief to be a point of discussion in washington, i'm karin caifa. >>as karin caifa just mentioned senators will be returning to washington tomorrow, but lawmakers in the house of representatives will not. there are 435 voting members of the house compared to a 100 in the senate that puts representatives at greater risk of spreading the virus. some members of congress say it's time to figure out a way for lawmakers to vote from home and security concerns should not stop congress from coming up with a plan. >>hear about potential threats interrupting those votes, but we do facebook live every day right so you can see and know what the member of voted in a world where it's no longer safe to be within 6 feet of each other the congress has to learn how to adapt. >>some lawmakers worry about remote voting becoming the normal process, but others say those concerns are unfounded because remote voting would only happen one congressional leadership agrees to it. some california lawmakers are preparing to return to the
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state capitol after more than a month away because of the coronavirus it is the first sustained legislative activity since lawmakers recessed on march 16th. some lawmakers will be staying home and will not be able to participate remotely. somebody speaker anthony rendon says the state constitution does not allow it. california assembly has scheduled 9 committee hearings this week. >>all right, let's take a live look outside tonight on this sunday evening looking out over san francisco. it's still such a pretty picture even with all this going on all around the bay area we want to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence says things are really going to heat up. >>yeah we may have a little you wave coming our way of course are just starting out may but yeah as we get the cinco de mile in the week ahead we're talking about those temperatures getting a little bit on the hot side. i think at least in some spots inland right it little swirl off the coastline that center of low pressure is kind of just spin around out there eventually will start to factor in our weather not tomorrow as much but the following i think that a kind
8:35 pm
of wrap up the marine layer once again bring back some low clouds and fog in the meantime, we're looking nice and clear out there all the way to the fog to speak of. >>i think we may see a hint of a patch or 2 of fog along the coastline by tomorrow morning. but not much about the temperatures well we'll keep things cool and san francisco's 50's and a few 60's 59 degrees in daly city, the same in half moon bay about 63 in burlingame 61 south san francisco unified 68 a nice day in foster city 68 also in san carlos 73. out near the south bay enjoying plenty of sunshine all day long mid 70's in san jose in campbell 73 degrees in santa clara, 72 for our friends in milpitas 67 degrees little breeze in the afternoon in union city about 80 degrees and live more that's the beginning of some much warmer weather coming our way 79 in danville about 76 degrees in orinda 75 hercules ab about 80 conquered tomorrow about 82 degrees in antioch one of the warmer spots ad in fairfield 76 in the napa valley 78 santa
8:36 pm
rosa about 72 degrees in petaluma so yeah we're looking out over the next 2 days here, we go the first full week of may we've got single mile on tuesday. we'll start warmest temperatures up a little bit more that by wednesday we really start cranking up the heat may be offshore winds bringing some temperatures near 90 degrees by thursday, even a little bit warmer on friday before we start to cool things down just a little bit anyway on saturday guys back to you. >>thank you lawrence coming up in a taking service to the citizens, how an east bay drive through testing site is now shifting gears forced to close up shop how a bay area barber is handling the stay home order while waiting to get back into business and after the break it's been weeks since gyms were forced to close their doors and whenever they do reopen, you can expect to s
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my new bite-sized, crispy popcorn chicken is so when you need it, jack delivers: irresistible you'll want them whenever, so don't resist! pop 'em while you game, hang, or do your thing. pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. gymnasiums are now open but here in california facilities and members are eagerly awaiting news about when that might occur. >>and wondering what gyms will look like in this changing world kron four's theresa stasio talks with a local gym owner about how it's getting ready to open up again. >>we're going to be making sure that the mode of operations for our employees got different way that our e-mails are going to work everything that we're going to be offering is going to be different but it's going to be safe and it's going to be mitt to follow the guidelines and take care of people as best we can just like we have to last 30 years. >>tj belger is the owner of t
8:40 pm
j s jim his 3 facilities just like others throughout the state remain close. due to the coronavirus but his other states like this one in georgia reopened amid new state guidelines. everyone is wondering what their gm may look like. i spoke with t j about one members at his jam might see in the future when they get cleared to open back up. >>it definitely comes down to what our from our state government down to our local government tells us to do but obviously marked out areas on the distinct areas that people need steak we were looking at like i said to be delivering a lot of equipment, there's possibility that it could be bringing their own equipment and with that i'm so the cleaning up protocols that are going to be put in place to be strenuous. but that was there before you know we were very intent on keeping our facility clean and in good shape. tj says that they have offered zoom classes to members but as a small business with staff members to look after these
8:41 pm
are certainly challenging times be honest. have staff. >>that we feel is family we have members that have been with us since the day we opened up in a personal trainer for 30 gym owner since 2002 and you develop relationships we are local small business in your postcode that experience will be a lot less people in the gym meredith and poplar is a vice president of communications international health club association. >>everybody that went into our industry did it for the health of their communities so they are really thinking of creative ways to keep their communities up the right believe we have the ability to hit it in any way we need to of course the bottom line is when. >>hopefully this week we will hear more from governor gavin newsome as far as a timeline a wind possibly jams could reopen theresa kron 4 news. >>still ahead the daily uk death toll dropping but the
8:42 pm
overall number of cases fast approaching the worst in europe tonight question swirling over whether that country's reaction was enough to stop the span chinese officials are accused of covering up the pandemic after the us
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
officials say they believe china covered up the extent of the coronavirus outbreak and how contagious the disease actually is. >>in order to stock up on medical supplies needed to
8:45 pm
respond to it. they say chinese leaders intentionally concealed the severity of the pandemic from the world in early january and this comes as both political parties in the u.s. and the trump administration have intensified criticism of china for its role in the spread of the virus our washington dc correspondent joe khaleel reports. >>to better prepare for future pandemics lawmakers from both parties say the u.s. must put more pressure on china we need to hold china accountable. a lack of transparency democrat will counter says beijing's refusal to allow international health inspectors into wuhan explode the global response to covid-19 we need to make. >>it better international. that kind of irresponsible doesn't happen again. the w h o should have. >>authority to move into a country when there's an outbreak congresswoman jackie spear says china should
8:46 pm
contribute more to fund the world health organization and says the u.s. response should be more than just rhetoric a you know review our condemnation seats like words and nothing more they should have to pay for the damage they've done for the world to public and leaders like kevin mccarthy say china should be held financially responsible. that means possible tariffs and cutting our dependence on chinese manufacturing many businesses have lost their hopes their dreams we should hold them financially accountable republican doug lamalfa says american consumers have a role to play you see a bigger push to be having a long time to buy american-made american drone that says any measures congress takes toward china should be cautious still need to be somewhat diplomatic complaint, smart because uh they have leverage over some partially president trump hinted there may be consequences for china but hasn't said what they'll be in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>the uk is past its peak that is according to the national medical director of national health service in england
8:47 pm
today marked a decrease in the number of deaths from covid-19 over the past 24 hours. that country recorded 315 deaths bringing the total death toll there to 28,446 uk guidelines require the number of cases to continue falling in order to ease restrictions there meantime as the united kingdom approach is having the worst death toll in europe, new figures emerged to suggest. >>the number of dead was significantly higher before the uk went into lockdown questions are swirling. the prime minister boris johnson do everything at the right time as he said before he himself caught the virus were mistakes made there are now more visible with weeks of hindsight. nick walsh reports. a person is close to having europe's worst death toll. >>so what did i do wrong. what differently. >>when local alarm bells were ringing loudly. uk was clear, it wouldn't lock down to an e and that some spread to was
8:48 pm
unavoidable even desirable. >>if people go to a e they become very fatigued it's not possible to people to getting it and it's full say who actually not desirable because he wants immunity in the population on-site always gives a unfair verdict. but new updated government figures show the death toll just in england was a lot larger than known at the time in the days leading up to lock down the prime minister said he was still shaking hands shook hands with you'll be pleased to know and no deaths were announced. >>4 people have already died in england. when cheltenham horse races critici.ed for going ahead and it. the uk toll was officially 10 when really 58 died. i want to look down slams pub door shot publicly that hole was 359, but really 847 a died in england alone. should the uk have moved foster is based on the show but some early signs
8:49 pm
you she's experiencing some of the countries that if we can do to show you and we might be a few scientists results know like he speaks to reach time to take you back to different countries and wells actually want to ask if you take and different measures at different times and different people could become infected if we had coming a puppies as people would have died. >>as we as the disease continues to spread through the population differences of people who die testing a contract. tracing was a problem from the start possibly dismissed and then heavily embraced 100,000 tests per day many grand schemes were antibody test apps a volunteer army. >>but this one actually happened nearly on time will be late. it comes to help decision-making the boris johnson was nearly killed by the disease to its peak. some of the misuse little piece
8:50 pm
consistent who's who is clear is going to be hard to determine to be to the benefit in 2000 he says he's interested detroit. still despite the huge told. >>the uk's health service was not overwhelmed. even huge overflow hospitals like this in london with betty used. half those who died in england. so far over 18 the uk not to take them enough for was the little could be done. >>tough questions. the time and grief on explain what cnn london. >>taking the service to the citizens that is the goal now of a freeman testing site which will no longer use the location set up on steve isn't boulevard fire chief curtis jacobson says that workers are making the transition from drive-thru to a mobile center for testing with a testing center can move to wherever it is needed the covid-19 testing focus will be on essential service workers the public safety workers long time, a
8:51 pm
long-term health care workers and grocery store workers appointments will still be made and drive-thru testing will continue just from different locations, the changes being made because it had become too expensive to continue running the site. the freeman testing site was averaging a little more than 100 test per day. >>hair salons and barbers are anxiously awaiting for the chance to open their doors again. earlier today we talked to charles blades the owner of charles blades barber spa in oakland. he says he will not defy the shelter-in-place order because he has health care worker friends who had the virus and he understands the importance of not reopening until it's safe to do so. >>we actually have a pro to car what our barbers and our clients to make sure that we have the proper. the standard protocols before we open up to the public one thing i really miss as tucker armory. the clients. i mean i've been doing this for a long time. and i just miss. people come
8:52 pm
here every day regular people. it comes in and talk about so it's kind of therapeutic for me. >>it is a social activity to charles says while his shop hau been close he's been using the time to work with autistic man in east oakland. >>next from protecting and serving to putting smiles on seniors, how why he wants
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
ranch in vacaville earns tonight's kron 4 heroes honor co-founder tao lay hosted an animal parade for the. >>pacific a senior living facility in vacaville sheep goats blind dogs lamas even a tortoise create residents at a nursing home from a safe distance. in addition to running their ranch lay and her husband work in law enforcement in walnut creek. and in contra costa county you can spotlight someone making a difference in your community. we have a new section on our website, it's called kron 4 heroes holly after news, a lot of quick foreman. let us know about your hero you can find the page at kron 4 dot com and kron four's also saluting the senior class of 20 20 tonight, we're shining the spotlight on olivia stevens olivier is graduating from leland high school in san jose. >>she will be continuing her education at san diego state university in the fall we want to offer a special congratulations to olivia. and
8:56 pm
you can submit a graduate as well just go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads 2020 this 100 news submit a photograph of your grad and let us know which high school the graduate it ended and what is next for him or her. and the news continues a kron 4 news at 9 on kron-on oil bella live for us in the newsroom to show us what's in store noel. >>coming up on kron-on at 9 half of san francisco restaurants could permanently close the stunning prediction. coming from industry experts what they say the city needs to do to get restaurants through the next 30 days plus the race for a vaccine. the president says he's confident one could be ready by year's end. hear what white house task force experts have to say about that those stories and more are next on kron on its our 24 7 streaming service is free during this pandemic so download and watch out. >>alright noel, thank you we have the head of the going get
8:57 pm
restaurant associates association on earlier and she was talking about having european style seating were people could sit outside working with the city to get that done so we'll hear more about that as well yeah they're going to reach out to legislators and lawmakers locally and statewide to try and ease some of the restrictions to allow some of these restaurants to be able to open up at least with the outdoor seating until things get back to some more semblance of normal and we are wishing them the very best we missed the restaurants too. >>that wraps up kron 4 news tonight, a thank you for being with us we'll be back here on kron 4 news at 10 have a good night tonight. we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me?
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