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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 4, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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live report. >>just a couple of minutes ago, 13 parks in san mateo county just to reopen to the public. coming up we'll have an interview with the park rangers and give you new roles, you need to fall all because of covid-19. >>and the grim projection from president trump. he says the coronavirus death toll could rise across the country. well above previous predictions. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us and is monday may 4th i'm robin winston. >>good morning, everybody, i'm marty gonzales today, the first monday of may a very big day and several bay area counties as they're taking steps to ease stay at home restrictions, certain bay area businesses are being allowed to reopen the kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco
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this morning with the details sarah. >>well marty robin i'm live here at the marina green parking lot which as you can see it's still close and people are still supposed to shelter in place that doesn't change with this revised and extended order. but there are some businesses that can reopen let's take a look at your screen. so you can see all of the things that are most important to put it on your screen you can see construction sites can resume with certain safety protocols in place, real estate transactions can also happen now but with some restrictions on open houses and limitations on in person viewings child care programs can resume. but there must be no more than 12 children in groups of children cannot cross over this is mainly to help essential workers so that they can go to work out having to worry about what their child will be doing certain outdoor businesses can reopen including nurseries landscapers gardeners and other businesses that provide outdoor services and supplies, however, restaurants, cafes
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and bars do not apply even if they have outdoor seating outdoor activities that share recreational areas that includes skate parks and golf courses. those are reopening but not other 7 polled shared equipment or physical contact like outdoor gyms have seen a lot here down the marina green they still have yellow tape on them. i did speak with a man who was walking his dog, he said that you know he's frustrated, but he knows this is what needs to be done. >>yeah, i mean of course it makes me feel frustrated, but you know we're doing the best we can and i'm glad that the whole government is not acting irrationally like they are in georgia and places like got my pharmacy been gone for long walks and listen to podcasts it's really nice but you know i'd rather be working but there's not time i can do about that right now. >>and that seems to be the mentality out here on the marina green a lot of people walking running walking their dogs enjoying the sunlight that we're already seeing today but you have to remember just because that limitations
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have been eased up some businesses are reopening, you still have to keep that 6 feet of distance keep that mask with you when you're out and about make sure that you can keep that distance and if not definitely put your mask on this new shelter in place order will be in effect until may 31st so looks like guys this is our new reality for a bit longer. and if we keep it up maybe the next round of orders will be even more ease maybe a will have more freedom we'll have to see though back to you guys. >>you know hopefully people will keep it up and you know we enjoyed having a little bit more freedom but you have to follow the rules. thank you sarah. area health officials are monitoring several key questions to determine the next phase of reopening and they are whether the total number of cases is flat or decreasing whether the number of hospitalized patients is flat or decreasing whether there is adequate personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. whether counties are meeting the need for testing, especially for
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vulnerable populations and the capacity for contact tracing of cases. >>and with the stay at home restrictions loosening today, it's very likely you'll see more people heading outside around the bay area so let's go and get a check of the forecast with meteorologist dave spahr hi dave. >>hey good morning morning, good morning, we're off to a pretty good start a fairly clear across the bay we have a little bit of the way some hazy fog at work here is a live shot coming in from i believe its temper on we at right there you can see off to the distance the golden gate. as far as any winds can certainly have a little bit of a breeze that was cooking a little bit today but most areas are calm bay area temperatures check in at this hour like this. there you see on the into the 50's with some spots up in the north bay into the 40's that's a big improvement because last hour we in the upper 30's, 52, one on for san jose. the breakdown today, 71 at high noon 77 by 3, however we look for a big time improvements that want to call it that if you're a miser getting those temperatures up
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to around the lower 90's in some selective spots as early as wednesday we'll have a look at your weekend forecast coming up in just a bit back to you. >>all right dave thanks live national news, this morning president trump is revising the projected number of coronavirus deaths the president now says up to 100,000 deaths in the country is a realistic number last month you may remember he was predicting 60,000 deaths. but the u.s. has already passed that would more than 67,000. rosa flores has more. >>president trump revising the projected coronavirus death toll. we did the right thing i do look back on it. because my attitude was whatever the show didn't look we didn't lose anywhere from 75 8200,000 people it's a horrible thing but that's not what he said just 2 weeks ago we would add millions of deaths and said of it looks like we'll be at about a 60,000 mark which is 40,000 less than the lowest
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number thought of now more than 67,000 americans have died since the start of the outbreak as the battle over when and how to reopen parts of the country again is underway. >>this week more than half of states will be under some sort of relax social distancing guidelines, including most of florida where restaurants and retail stores will be allowed to operate a 25% capacity, this morning to president trump that's a good move parks are opening beaches are open each at some point we have to open our country and people are going to be safe. we've learned a lot we've learned about the tremendous contagion. >>but we have no choice we have to we can stay close as a country. >>but as coronavirus infection rates rise in regions like the greater washington dc area, maryland's governor says it's too early unfortunately, the pressure is to do it in a knot safeway and and uh. >>and that's something we're very concerned about with warmer weather more and more people are flocking to outdoor
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spaces new york governor andrew cuomo reminding as residents the fight against the coronavirus is far from over people aboard people want this over to see the numbers going down they can take false comfort. >>we said roughly a 1000 new people every day walking to the hospital, it's oh no it's it's basically over. >>well i hear of the state to reopening. no. we're not out of the woods. >>even after armed protesters stormed the michigan capitol last week. >>governor gretchen whitmer says she refuses to reverse or extension of stay at home owners until may 15th, whether you agree with me or not i'm working to protect your life if you live in the state of michigan will listen to facts and science because we've got to get this right. >>doctor deborah birx highlighting the severe risks people are undertaking by attending the demonstrations devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and in fact their grandmother or their grandfather who has a comb or
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a bad condition and they have a serious are are an unfortunate outcome. >>they will feel guilty for the rest of our lives. >>well that was rosa flores reporting doctor birx also said that americans should continue to practice social distancing regardless of when they're states reopen. >>there are more than 8500 confirmed cases of the coronavirus right here in the bay area and that number continues to grow santa clara currently has more than 2200 cases, 115 deaths. alameda county has more than 1700 cases and 63 deaths the complete list of cases broken down by county and city can be found on our website just go to kron 4 dot com. according to johns hopkins university there are currently more than 3 million cases of coronavirus in the world, one 3rd of those are in the united states. they're also more than 67,000 deaths, california has over 54,000 cases and 2200 deaths.
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>>statewide changes could be happening as soon as today or tomorrow, governor newsome says officials might announce some new strategies and partnerships to deal with large crowds. the only thing that will set us back is behavior. >>i'm not not not an indictment of the people that want to go to these passionate about your right and our collective responsibility i'm not only to give you access but to keep you safe that's an and not an or and my job as governor is to keep you safe. >>well the governor says of health officials can't promise the safety of californians then he we'll be making adjustments. >>well starting today face coverings will be required at them and at a san jose international airport all members of the public and workers will be required to wear face coverings and side of airport buildings face coverings must cover the nose and the mouth children aged 6 and under people who ve trouble breathing or who are incapacitated or otherwise
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unable to remove the face covering without help will not be required to wear one. there will be signs just reminding people about the face coverings all around the airport terminal. this comes as several airlines, including delta united and jetblue we'll start requiring passengers to wear mass today, other airlines will require passengers to wear masks starting later this month. well face coverings are also now mandatory for all vta riders in the south bay buses and light rail operators will also be required to wear them face covering orders have already been issued in some towns like cupertino it's all a part of santa clara county's extension of the shelter-in-place order. also happening today stanford hospital says that they will resume surgeries and other procedures that were delayed because of the coronavirus 11,000 stanford health care workers have been tested for the virus. the hospital says that employees will be screened daily for symptoms of the virus. patients will also
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have their symptoms check as they arrive at the hospital are any health clinics. >>we have some sad breaking news for nfl fans this morning, legendary head coach don shula has died. he won more games than any other head coach with 347 victories he was also the only head coach to lead a team to a perfect season which he did back in 1972 with the miami dolphins who win 17 and then won the super bowl. shula ultimately appeared in 6 super bowls one too and was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 1997. don shula was 90 years old. still ahead on kron 4 morning news if you're planning on heading out to pacifica state beach you need to be ready for some new restrictions there that go into effect today. we'll have more on that coming up. >>plus go ship fire defendant derick a man that could be walking out of jail today in the east bay and to keep them away from the coronavirus we'll take a look at how the
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pandemic could affect elmen is pending
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thanks for sharing your diy haircuts. thanks for sharing your savage moves, and especially your awkward ones. thanks for sharing your cute kids. and your adorable pets. now it's our turn to share... with the geico giveback. a 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. so thanks again. one good share deserves another. happening today go ship defendant derick all men as expected in court in about an hour. >>and could be released from jail earlier this month. it was announced that all would be released because of the coronavirus outbreak want to talk more about this with criminal defense attorney paula canny who joins us this morning. hi paula how are you. >>i'm going marty how are you good good i wanted to ask you
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about this change in direction here because about a month ago. >>derek amanda was denied release what's changed since then. >>well a number of things obviously covid his had a huge impact on everything including the court so the chief justice of the california supreme court in their judicial council may for the first time ever. a statewide and that means that ott to reduce jail populations, what's the jail was such a basically covid petri dish a. cruise ship that wasn't you know float 7 to speak. most misdemeanors or most misdemeanors in all not serious felonies now have 0 bay your account and is being held pre trial. and so under the courts. under the chief justice's ruling there should be no bail that there was an
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emergency thing though that allow courts if t person is a danger to public safety. not honor that's your bales in but it's super complicated as well. but cars. the chief justice also suspended jury trials. so you can tap into a trial in the state of california and snow after june 3rd. and eric's case was scheduled to go to trial in may so he can't have a trial but cars. of the governor, it's you know orders you can have a group of more than 10 people on juries, 12 people still again near now trials now through june. so. i mean it's it's complicated. and many people believe that derrick bell, not it should have been granted bail after the first trial results in a
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hung jury. it's and there isn't going to be any trial in may or and. if the core. the trial court honors what did she justice in the judicial council are saying with respect to 0 bail. he should be released. i actually thought he had been released on april 13th. when the new rules went into effect because there's really no reason that he isn't being released under the new rules except that this is a high-profile case. but he is still charged with a really low level felony he's charged with involuntary manslaughter. >>that means he didn't intentionally kill or hurt anybody. >>he. >>didn't negligent act that resulted in death and there are there are rich to pay be us corpus being filed all over the country focusing on.
8:18 am
ironically for that's similar argument which is the jails and prisons are not properly caring for the inmates, you can't so we'll just ends in a jail, most of the facilities aren't giving. inmates masks, it's dangerous floor. this tap into a jail as well as it is the inmates so that theory is the only way to reduce the risk is to reduce the jail population and how the court decided to do that is low level felonies and misdemeanor and who are free trial should be released from custody to reduce the jail population. >>paula let's look ahead to the possibility of a trial in this new world of social distancing you're in court all the time. what would it be like what would a trial look like given social distancing.
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>>well, i mean that is a really good question and i actually of thought a lot about that so. if you look at a grocery store. all the grocery stores to put up plexiglas and covering since stopped and the other interesting thing is in the state of california there are 58 different counties with 58 different presiding judges and under supreme court chief justices ruled that the counties are free to do as best as they see fit so let's think about that look at the size of the jury box you have 12 people sitting in a space that is basically the size of a a suburban or a u conn. i mean you are so close together that's not social distancing. and there's nothing in between any of the people so. and then if you think about how you
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would pick and you're you don't just get 12 people and normally the jury pool is 50 to 60 people that need in a jury assembly room that's not going to happen because you can't say social distance that even going in and out of the buildings is going to be problematic right now. when you said earlier i don't think they're going to bring derek allen has a core. most of the courts have been setting up. like zone base it that inmate is on video camera the judges generally there. sometimes the prosecutors they are sometimes the defense attorneys are nearing remote lake and so to pick a jury is problematic. and the other thing is if you think about the jury pool, how many people are not going to come to jury duty because they're deemed to be high risk their compromised immune
8:21 am
systems their slightly older african american people are disproportionately affected by covid and that is also going back. bill comes to set on a on a jury so courthouses are going to have to think about how are we going to do this. i mean interestingly i've thought maybe you can do it in a movie requests empty you could grate configure it so that jurors could be 6 feet apart and lead against can sick be 6 feet apart but even as a defense lawyer i like sitting right next to my client i like to west from you know what's going on. but right now we can't even do that if we're going to come forward with the 6 feet social distancing self. >>i don't think that there's going to be a trial any time soon because i don't think that they can sort this out the chief justice could well in in mid-june extend the no
8:22 am
trial order for another 30 day period until this is sort of all sorted out. >>because it is unjust defendants but it's the judges since the court staff cuts that for reporters it's the payless it's i'm sure it's the the general public that is all at risk in these you know can find settings and the courtroom being together like 8 hours which similarly has about the same conditions as a meat packing plants assembly line may be even worse. so i just don't think that that they're going to be able to do it and in a courtroom is courtrooms are configured right and you know paula this really is a vicious circle here because you have. >>inmates waiting in jails and prisons that are dangerous now because of covid-19 conceivably having to wait even longer because no one knows when a trial is going to take place and then you have people from the public who are
8:23 am
coming in some of them may be at risk for covid-19 being in a jury pool so this really is going to jam up the legal system even more than it's been in the past. >>well, absolutely i mean it absolutely is going to jam up the legal system and the legal system i mean that's the thing that's so interesting about this call that thing it's it's sort of like all the cracks in our society all the difficulties all the inequities, especially in sta sta people more war and longer on the socioeconomic scale. the cracks are much bigger now. you know it's just a much bigger. danger in the other thing is even you know. people going through security courthouses are going to have to decide are we gonna take people's temperature before they go and how are we going to screen people. because i
8:24 am
think that if you're going to put a group of people together it's absolutely incumbents to you know make sure that you're not putting a group of people at risk and the virus is it so crazy every time i think i know something about it i don't you know, and that's the same with just this is the interesting thing about court is that the courts in some ways are operating as that it's going to go away. and you know i like a judge is going to order covid don't come our house and that's new year and we need to deal with that in the thing is as you were saying about. people in custody. awaiting trials and that's a really good point i mean that chief justice directed lead against that has prosecutors and defense attorneys to try and work something out but as a
8:25 am
criminal defense lawyer i wouldn't negotiate a resolution of that case that included a jail sentence right now because and jail isn't going to be say and until we're all safe and as long as we're all not safe. jail is probably going to be the most unsafe place yes, so i mean we really have to think about it and having been in a semi home confinement any person that says home confinement isn't onerous is not its banks that have to just sit at home, it's just stressful. yeah, so i think we're going to have to rethink everything. and it really and when you talk about the courts take them all the people who have civil cases, you know people have been injured in car accidents who can't get to trial or people who are. you know i don't know
8:26 am
an end when died after he'd been sorted out how they're going to finally do all of the cases that involve people who haven't paid their rent and all the different moratoriums and how different counties are going to handle it. meanwhile in the state of california most of the county's judges. our get well all of the judges are getting full pay. and maybe only 10 or 15% of the judges are working. so i mean they're going to have to figure out different ways to do all this stop. call up all of this of this is such a can of worms that almost want to you just throw up your hands and say i give ah but unfortunately we've got to we've got to work through this early thank you for your insights. >>and telling us a little bit about what we're looking forward to in terms of the legal system paula canny thank you so much for joining us and good
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morning, welcome back to our continuing coverage of the coronavirus on the peninsula, the san mateo county parks department will reopen some of its trails and parts of the public today, but there's some new restrictions that's right let's check in with kron four's will tran who is live in san mateo. >>with more on this development will any folks out there yet how do they feel about these new restrictions. oh my goodness they almost waded into the locks open it was almost like shoppers on black friday, they couldn't
8:30 am
wait for the doors to open. >>so they can run inside no television sets to get there hands on something a lot better. >>mother nature and all her beauty we are inside. >>the crystal springs, regional trail system and look at that this is a sight for sore eyes because people were locked out since march 27th because the shelter in place. but. that people with the parks, they said let's reopen 13 of the 23 parks in san mateo county. >>and people are so happy they're soaking it in. but. there are new rules the world has change is not like it was back in january people can come in. >>now you can come in. but here's nicholas carter own with the san mateo county parks department to break down. the things that they need to know to make your life easier and their life easier. what are they yes as we reopen there are a few things were going to be asking people as they they join our parks and visit our parks and. >>first we're asking everyone
8:31 am
to bring a face covering in and make sure that you have that on you guys are as you mentioned our park and were at certain parts we're going to be restricted in a roadside parking so we can better manage the amount of people that are in our parks and on our trails at any given time and then 3rd actually we're asking everyone to make sure you pack and unpack out so more so than ever it's important that you remove any garbage that you bring with you and we all have an obligation and responsibility to keep our parks beautiful and healthy and clean and so that's what we're really asking for people as we as we reopen to that how strict is your mask policy we know stores now that you don't have a mask on you're not coming in. >>are you cracking down on that a 100%. yeah, you know we are optimistic as we educate. >>people as they come into our part and we engage with them that they are going to voluntarily comply with these rules because at the end of the day it's really what's
8:32 am
best for for everyone is best for them is best for the people around them and so for us it's about getting voluntary compliance and we're optimistic that people will do very good. i can tell you i've seen with my own 2 eyes, they won't tell you to have it on while you're here but if they ask you where's your mask you better have it on your body. >>and like many of the stories we've seen where they only let certain amount of people and at a certain time and this particular case they're not doing that they are going to monitor the situation for the days and the weeks ahead, and if it gets too crowded, that might be a possibility but at this time because we have such a wide open spaces. you are allowed to go in they won't limit you like say 6 at a time back to you. >>all right, we'll got it looks like a beautiful day out there, thanks we'll have a live report province. >>well sunny skies route some people to the beach on the peninsula over the weekend that if you plan on heading out to pacifica state beach be ready for some new restrictions that go into effect today to keep limited numbers of people on the
8:33 am
beaches of bathrooms and parking lots remain close. in addition as part of a new shelter in place order. the radius of travel for central exercise activities will be revised to 10 miles it used to be 5. >>to use the beach as a tool to recreate to get some physical activity. >>you know i say to run your kids and really not to kind of hang in lawyer in play soccer game with an expert but oates soon as we get to open back up we will and we do want you here. >>we obviously need ish if you if you don't have to come to the beach we and again if you decide to go out to the beach. >>it should not be for a long stay don't hang out all day, it's also important to remember to keep your distance from others try not to you know congregate in large groups and if you're only able to get to the beach by driving no not a good idea to turn around and go home. well as
8:34 am
some states began to ease stay at home orders many are allowing businesses to re open including gyms but here in california those gyms and their members are eagerly awaiting news about when that might happen and what it might look like tj bulger is the owner of t j is jim his 3 facilities just like others throughout the state remain closed due to the coronavirus but as other states reopen amid new state guidelines, he's busy making changes. he says that members at his gym will come back to a different set of rules and guidelines. >>obviously marked out areas on the distinct areas that people need steak believe that it could be bringing their own equipment and with that i'm so the cleaning up protocols that are going to be put in place to be strenuous. but that was there before you know we were very intent on keeping our facility clean and in good shape. >>so the whole setup is going to be different a governor, newsome has not mentioned when they might reopen gyms but t j
8:35 am
is prepping and trying to stay ahead. >>well happening today, costco stores across the country will now require all shoppers to wear face covering most stores will also be returning to normal operating hours. the mask requirement does not apply to children under 2 years older customers who cannot wear a mask because of a medical condition, the store also says that it will have special times for shoppers over the age of 60. and those times will be between 00:10am in the morning monday through friday. the stores also limiting the amount of meat that customers can buy. it will limit beef, pork and poultry products to 3 items per member in order to help all customers get the items they need during the shelter in place. still ahead this morning restaurants in the bay area among those small businesses who depend heavily on loans to survive. we'll have the grim outlook for the restaurant indu
8:36 am
we live in uncertain times. however, there is one thing you can be certain of. the men and women of the united states postal service. we're here to deliver cards and packages from loved ones and also deliver the peace of mind of knowing that essentials like prescriptions are on their way. every day, all across america, we deliver for you. and we always will.
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>>welcome back everyone it seems unimaginable in a city known for great food and restaurants but under the current shelter-in-place orders half of the restaurants in the city of san francisco could permanently closer door that's really hard to imagine that's according to predictions from the golden gate restaurant association. and we talked with the association's executive director lori thomas about the types of restaurants. >>that are facing the greatest risk. >>now we have the end of last year about 3900 brick and
8:39 am
mortar restaurant in san francisco of those 3900 roughly 88% are under 2.5 million unemployed referee between 5.25 employees. you know to 30 employees and those are the folks that are having the hardest time getting any sort of sending all really and they don't have access to the capital and a larger change that we've seen not be able to support from stops. >>thomas is on the city's recovery task force and she would like to see local and state lawmakers think about at least allowing expanded outdoor dining using sidewalks or parking lots. >>the trump administration says it might consider adding more money to a program for struggling small businesses. the administration has given out 2 million small business loans worth billion in the second round of the paycheck protection program. the average size of the loan was $79,000 but as of right now the administration is on a pause. >>i you know we put up
8:40 am
trillion. a direct federal budget is sisters in one way or another. the federal reserve is actually put in as much as 4 trillion. so it's a huge huge package. let's see how it's doing as we gradually reopen the economy. >>from for launch of the program close to 4 million loans have been made totaling more than billion. >>sounds great and one of you a live concert for one south bay neighborhood coming up we're going to show you and we'll listen to what this pianist has planned for this week special. >>and a lot of sweet weather coming our way for this week ahead if you're winning the warm stuff we got that to valleys will have forecast for you plus the 4 so it's well on that
8:41 am
this is one. so is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us.
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that could mean an increase byin energy bills.. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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>>it's a 43 this monday morning and we're going to check out the forecast because we're expecting a beautiful day around the bay tells more about it, here's dave spahr i day. >>well good morning marty good morning. everybody we do have the sweet day coming our way and it's almost like a goldilocks one will say, although it's a little chilly to start but not too hot not to cool it just kind of please everybody because of the low 80's going on today and 70's around the bay, but that's going to change later on the 7 day there's the bay bridge going on there for you as far as temperatures thus far we
8:44 am
have a lot of 50's congregating here around the delta as you will see here 54 antioch and also conquered 56 filet o 48 for livermore and a lot of 40's up to the north bay there 52 meanwhile for a bottle and 56, san francisco for comparison sake of the state today. the central valley only getting up to the middle 80's here for today, that's hardly anything compared to what's coming our way and even parts of the far east bay. they get numbers close to that today, 66 for san francisco with 70's. now the so cal 60 per big bear we have the typical high pressure building, however, there is a little wrinkle up to the north. throw a little bit of cloud cover our way tomorrow night overnight into wednesday morning all that but mild temperatures for now warming to hot stuff later on. we get to that we gets hot into the weekend we back off a little bit on those temperatures that means the east bay numbers that will be seen some of the lower 90's wednesday thursday friday. we'll be backing off a
8:45 am
low on saturday back to the 80's. but here's what's really interesting at the beginning of next week a an opportunity to seize rain showers so that's something nice to look forward to. in our 7 day for excuse me are our 4 zone forecast for today your monday to start things off 66 going on san francisco marina district about 65. and also popular number with middle to lower 60's going on along the immediate coast. well look for upper 60's along the bay side of the northern end of the peninsula burlingame at about 70 foster city and san mateo also at 70 but mid 70's are approaching that to the southern end of the principal. and the south bay, it's still 70 story today that may change tomorrow santa clara and milpitas at 76 with cupertino 77 san jose east bay shoreline to the south. in the lower 70's tri valley looking at 77 livermore pleasanton at 7678 for walnut creek and 80 conquered, 71 going on for oakland and jumping up here the north bay we got 78% allman 76 for napa a warm 81
8:46 am
for can 80 going on for fairfield. percent a rose at 79 and near 60 ish at the coast. so the forecast here come the 80's and will pop into some lower 90's and some pockets in the inland valleys, a little bit there heading out of the weekend temperatures relax a little bit and maybe that 83 on sunday is a little wink to tell us maybe some rain showers coming away early into next week. what's going on rob back to you. >>thank you dave have a lot of slow traffic on highway 4 it started off with a grass fire in bay point the grass fire cleared now we have an injury accident west for after railroad, so the left lane is blocked and traffic is crawling just be on the railroad exit so little patch of slowing for you there at 22 minutes to make it over to antioch the bay bridge traffic still looks great. no delays or problems on 80
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>>the hills in los gatos are alive with the sound of music during this shelter in place as a musician is holding free concerts for his neighbors and he has something very special planned for later this week kron four's justine waltman has a story you'll see only here on kron 4. >>caroline souza you heard today from the deck of his los gatos home musician and joe nelson rocks out >>if the wind is going the right way joel says hundreds of neighboring homes can hear
8:50 am
him and let him know by hooting and hollering back to keep making music here or here and play know billy joel people are really getting a lot of enjoyment in any really good person i did i was i was in heaven i was just smiling i wow this is something it's because i had no idea you have that kind of effect on people. >>to a live audience and the cause as a professional musician santa cruz which is now closed. as gates have petered out. >>we talk you know most talking a lot almost a 100 events cancel no weddings know varmus says no parties, no corporate events, nothing wrong. >>using the popularity of concerts john has also put out a donation to suggestion for a song and west. so far he has
8:51 am
raised over $6500 for second harvest food bank of silicon valley where you can use it. >>yeah this is i can give something back to the community. be able to play in front of people do something different. >>the show is set for tuesday night on cinco de and he's ready to provide the entertainment each >>people are sending you messages like they're already making 100 and some odd isn't they're grown up there. margaret is and say it is going to be a funds and should be really fun. >>joel tells me a few complaints have come in to police so now he only plays once a week from 5.30 to 07:00pm. he wants to be respectful while rocking out and raising money in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news nice use your talents to make a big difference. kron four's also saluting the class of 2020 and this morning. we want to
8:52 am
congratulate nevada garcia. they is graduating from piedmont hills high school. she plans to attend community college and then transfer to a college in washington state so congratulations you can let us know about a graduate in your life, we know that there's more out there all you have to do is go to kron 4 dot com. find the little tab. the says salute to grads 2020 2020, it's right under the news tab. you can submit a picture of your grad and let us know what's high school. they attended or graduated from and then what's the next step what they plan to do in the future. we can't wait to hear from you. >>so the proud faces that. well let's take a live look outside at sfo this time around a light traffic, there are plenty of sunshine though we'll be right back with the forecast. kron four's proud on
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
are people who are doing some great things in their community during this pandemic and today we're highlighting the lucky ones ranch and vacaville check out the wild you don't see like you want to rent a vacaville they brought in sheep goats the llama showed up and even the tortoises to come out and hearty greet the residents at the pacific senior living facility. >>the ranch owners at how way and her husband they also are members of law enforcement and won a creek in contra costa county or nice. that's fantastic. >>and you can sponsor of someone or spotlight, someone is making a difference in your community as well. we have a section on our web site that's called kron 4 heroes, not only
8:56 am
have to do is fill out a quick form let us know about your hero and you can find the page at kron 4 dot com. >>on the llamas are out you know it's going to be nice state best now the forecast and see just how nice it's going to be with james for good morning dave. >>well good morning guys, good morning, everybody the llama forecast for today, i'm not going to get their war, whatever all upset, i hope not whatever. here's a live. look of terror on that we have off to the distance there we can see the golden gate bridge and not much the way of fog we didn't see this morning just told her that typical glaze how those winds don't they're calm for now we'll have a little bit of an uptick later on today we get some of that heating inland happening here in the 50's across most of the district now from app is only trailg at 49, but a nice recovery with us and joining us here was a little chilly and we were behind where we were 24 hours ago. so from those 50's we go up to 71 by high noon 77 at 03:00pm but we will see some spotty lower 80's already today. a lot more expected tomorrow into
8:57 am
wednesday and even popping near 90 by the middle of the week we're talking as we get into thursday we'll be covering that coming up in just a bit back to you all right dave thanks live coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news, a new revised shelter-in-place orders now in effect. >>for 6 bay area counties. we'll take a look at the do's and don'ts and a live report coming up. and more than a dozen parts will reopen in san mateo county will tell you about the new rules you must
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>areas shelter-in-place order continues today it's extended and revise it includes golfing golfers are e out here on the green we'll have details coming up in a live report. >>and the grim projection from president trump. he says the coronavirus death toll could rise across the country well above previous predictions. good morning, thanks a lot for joining us on kron 00:04am morning news on marty gonzales today is a very big day for several y area counties as they're taking steps to ease stay at home restrictions kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco this morning. she has the latest on some of the details and we can already see some golfers behind you sarah.


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