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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 4, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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phase. end of the week with modifications. >>we will allow retail to start operating across the spectrum. >>baby steps now at 9 california will begin reopening more of the economy by the end of this week, thank you for joining us at 9 o'clock, everyone. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis governor newsome making that announcement today during. >>his regular news briefing, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains which businesses get opened first in which still need to wait. >>california is taking its first set of small steps into reopening its economy retail and its manufacturers will be the first to enter into california's next phase of its stay at home order it has to be done in a very thoughtful
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and judicious way it's a health first focus governor gavin newsome says florists clothing toys books and sporting goods stores can reopen by the end of the week with new mandatory guidelines like curbside pickup the state is set to release the new rules thursday, not included in this round of reopening is seeded dining shopping malls and offices we need active monitoring surveillance. >>to make sure that the disease is not spreading. it is one of the criteria is a trigger to re modify the announcement comes as health officials say california is clearing necessary hurdles to move into its next stage of its 4 feast plan to reopen the economy, the director of the state's public health department says 14 facilities are ready to take patients in case of the surge. >>90,000 people have signed up to be a part of california's health corps and 10,000 ventilators are standing by ready to go if needed it's really a thrill to be here this time to be talking about all of this positive movement forward well, california is
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ready to slightly loosened up its statewide stay at home order governor newsom says cities and counties with stricter rules can keep them in place while others are able to move even further through a certification process the prospects of restaurants with modifications opening hospitality more broadly opening the governor has said phase 2 would also include reopening some public spaces like beaches and parks. he says more details on that are coming thursday in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news we have updated numbers on coronavirus cases and deaths here in the bay area as of today. >>there are more than 8600 cases here in the bay. santa clara county remains one of the hardest hit areas as for the number of deaths 309 people have died from the virus in the bay area on march 16th from the shelter-in-place orders were first issued there were just 4 deaths. the virus model often cited by the white house is now predicting that 134,000 people will die from covid-19 in the united states
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by early august. that is nearly double its previous prediction. as recently as this morning, the model from the institute for health metrics and evaluation. at the university of washington had predicted 72,433 deaths. but a trump administration model projects rise in coronavirus cases and deaths in the weeks ahead, expecting up to about 3,000 daily deaths in the u.s. by june first that's according to an internal document obtained by the new york times over the past week about 2000 people died daily in the u.s. according to data from johns >>people live and work in san francisco's tenderloin district says well as people you see hastings school of law in the city are now suing the city of san francisco, the lawsuit accuses san francisco of abandoning the neighborhood as crime and homelessness grow during the pandemic kron four's dan thorn reports.
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>>tense litter an open air drug markets thrive in the city's tenderloin neighborhood they've only gotten worse with coronavirus says a group of residents and business owners who are fed up in just so many more people on the sidewalks now brady hughes as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit calling on san francisco to clear the crowded sidewalks and stop the growing crime. hughes gets around in a wheelchair and describes his short commute from home to work as horrific weaving in and out around the tense, the garbage, the feces saloon a cafe and lounge is not far from san francisco city home, the owner says is the encampments have grown curbside pickup has dropped dramatically. >>you're dealing with a drug use he sees a people sleeping laying across the sidewalk of a busy tense on both sides left and right you see hastings, the lead in the lawsuit has several buildings in the tenderloin district they're not seeking financial damages instead they're
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calling on the city to stop allowing the deplorable conditions to grow mayor london breed called the lawsuit unfair and her monday afternoon coronavirus update. so i get that everyone wants wants to see. >>something different i want to see something different. but we're not house keepers were not babysitters. and we're being treated that way. >>the city says it's gathering community feedback in order to come up with a detailed plan to address the situation in the tenderloin that plan is expected to be released at some point this week reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>free now she has a stern warning tonight for san franciscans dolores park the popular park in the city will shut down. if people don't start practicing physical distancing. kron four's kate rooney has more now from today's city briefing. >>as some counties in california prepared to resume
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operations for most retail businesses, san francisco is taking a measured approach. on monday mayor london breed caution that we likely won't see widespread reopening on friday. in fact freed warned the city may have to take further restrictions to encourage social distancing after another busy weekend at dolores park if we see that that behavior has not changed. we will close the park. >>and i want to be clear. this is the last thing i want to do we know that people need fresh air. they want to be out. but if we continue to see that behavior become problematic at dolores park. it will no longer be available city officials an sfpd will continue to monitor the park issuing warnings and citations if necessary. >>read also announced that the city will likely resume parking citations for street sweeping if people don't begin to move their cars on designated days we have people who are out there cleaning streets but passing blocks at a time because people are not moving their cars. this is a
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real problem, and it's one that we can't continue to tolerate. breed expects a further announcement on ticketing in the coming days in the meantime, good news on expanded testing in san francisco. covid-19 testing will now be available for all essential workers regardless of whether they're showing symptoms at one of 2 sites in the city grocery store clerks. >>our our muni drivers. and other people who are on the front lines are firefighters police officers and nonprofit workers who are working with our homeless population in this and the shelters. if you are an essential worker. and you exhibit symptoms or you don't exhibit symptoms. you still are able to get tested. the mayor said test results should be available within 24 to 72 hours appointments must be scheduled online or by calling 3, 1, 1, >>in san francisco k rooney kron 4 news we now know the results of coronavirus testing in san francisco's mission district last month nearly
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3,000 residents and workers were tested. and 62 tested positive. that's according to initial results. more than half of them reported experiencing no symptoms. researchers say 95% of the people who tested positive were hispanic and most have also been affected financially by the pandemic san francisco restaurants and bars are fighting to stay afloat amid the coronavirus they were either forced to close or operate on a takeout basis only. >>been rough now some are receiving a much needed lifeline the paycheck protection program or ppp loans can force taylor bisacky explains how the loan save to mission district tavern from going under. >>you've got the cost it takes to buy food and drink it yourself you've got a role. utilities and those are the biggest ones that accounts for probably like. 9085 to 90% of your costs net colors, the co owner of monks cattle in san
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francisco's mission district. >>the neighborhood tavern close their doors on march 17th following the city shelter in place order which forced them to cut a majority of staff in transition to take up and delivery services. >>other says he started looking at all options for help coming our payroll and. >>we talk to their landlord and talk to the credit crunch and so we kind of like right we're different things off and putting things down the lines just give ourselves time. by doing that that helped we also have a pretty good start. holder and highly sought after here in our solar and we decided you know what this is our own little stimulus package we've been building this out for the last decade plus sen elect a while this bought him some time cover says it still wasn't enough to keep the business going past may. >>that's until the monks kill received a lifeline the paycheck protection program or ppp loan in the first round getting the pdp learned a broom was like i think i
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>>you know again if it doesn't it doesn't mean we're out of the woods ppp loans give small businesses short-term cashflow assistance and can only be used for things like payroll rent and utilities other says he has since brought back to staff brought back over full-time employees and which felt you know too. >>to be able to say like here's i can pay you and they got to get paid you want to give the bar some relief for now cover says the loan has its limitations was to use it in 8 weeks. and you know we have no idea how long this all going on. and you know what happens you come in june when right life back on g 8 weeks of my ppp loans. >>the law also needs to be paid back within 2 years and there's even more limitations for businesses that are completely closed right now that's because the loan is only forgiven if 75% of the firm given him out. he's used to keep employees on the
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payroll on taylor second reporting kron 4 news. >>tonight, san francisco's police chief says officers will now where only neutral face coverings that is to diffuse. the controversy sparked when officers central protest wore masks with the thin blue line flag chief bill scott says he considers the blue flag and stripe a quote meaningful expression to honor fallen officers, but he says that some see the symbol as quote divisive and disrespectful the masks have been ordered and distributed by the police officers union. face coverings are now required at san jose's airport starting today, travelers and workers had to wear a face covering when inside the airport. they must cover the nose and mouth of course there are some exceptions like kids 6 and younger and people who have trouble breathing. there will be signs reminding people of the face coverings around the terminal, this comes as several airlines, including delta united and jetblue began
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requiring passengers to wear face masks all across the bay area there are new shelter in place guidelines and in fact 6 counties started easing restrictions today kron four's dan kerman reports from san francisco with more on how things are changing. >>construction workers are back on the job in at least 6 bay area counties that have ease stay at home restrictions. >>the counties of alameda contra customer in san mateo santa clara and san francisco say it's a gradual way of safely getting back to business if there is a way. >>to accomplish the public health goal. keeping people safe. with also allowing businesses to operate but operate with certain guidelines. i think that we can definitely work together to achieve that goal and get to a better place other businesses now allowed to operate include food trucks as well as florists like san francisco's flowers of the valley. >>we are very excited to be
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opening in our customers or emailing as an asking for. >>with mother's day approaching most orders are coming in online or over the phone though some are stopping by. it can't come in, but they can place an order yes we are somewhat orders and they and they keep coming in to hear the on bring it about. >>easing of shelter restrictions doesn't just apply to work but also play as a result skate parks have been able to reopen and for the bigger kids golf courses are up and running. there are some key changes to encourage safety. but golfers remain excited, you know, it's been fun to watch all the people out here enjoying it. >>not playing golf. but it was a little jarring haha so it's fun it will be fun to to get back out there we're going to go out tomorrow. the mayor says this reopening of businesses and parks as well as golf courses will only continue if people do what they are supposed to do
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wearing their mass and being 6 feet apart. she says if they can do it with this round than they will look to other businesses in the next round. >>in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. the fda. >>makers of coronavirus antibody tests to promptly seek emergency use authorization. the agency's goal here is to rein in unproven and sometimes fraudulent tests that have flooded the market commercial manufacturers must submit emergency off the race authorization requests invalidation data for their tests within 10 business days. this policy shift announced today reverses a policy the fda had approved in march which loosened approval standards they want to do is get the tests out there but the change back in march led to some companies selling antibody tests without providing evidence that they actually work tour were reliable. broad antibody testing could provide a better sense of how much the population has been infected with the coronavirus possibly
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developing immunity. >>alameda county never mind we're going go to our 4 zone forecast now we're going we are quote our 4 zone forecast, i'm a present it was kind of toasty today. >>yeah, it really was there was a really beautiful day in the bay area about 5 to 10 degrees above average granted big d and let's take a live look outside still tracking a warm air mass out there for your monday may the 4th so for star wars, fanatics, happy star wars day let's take a live look at that you can see city hall lit up in purple and that's to honor those of you in the hospitality industry here in the bay area so thank you for all your hard work especially during this coronavirus pandemic temperatures out there right now 50's and 60's and still tracking warm temperatures double digit warming for those of you in livermore compared to 24 hours ago with nearly every city in the bay area a few degrees warmer more you were around this time last night and wind speeds out
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there right now starting to calm down even in downtown san francisco. but tomorrow yet again going to be another breezy day with gusts upwards of about 30 miles per hour or less to just keep that in my wake-up planner forecast is going to show 5 to 10 degrees above average temperatures so very similar to today's daytime highs upper 60's along the coast mid 70's along the bay with most of our interior valleys warming up into the upper 70's and low 80 so about 5 to 10 degrees above average and then a gradual warm up on wednesday, but the big warm-up want to arrive until thursday has been tracking summer temperatures returning to the bay area continuing through saturday. we could see possible record breaking heat 70's 80's along the coast and throughout our valleys 80's and 90's as you make your way in runs about 10 to 20 degrees above average more coming up on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes granted to get back to you. thanks for britain. >>county sheriff's department says they go ship defendant derick almena has been released on bail from the
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santa rita jail because of the pandemic he is being released on electric monitoring. amanda and max harris were charged with 36 counts of voluntary manslaughter. after a warehouse fire in oakland. harris was acquitted, but a mistrial was declared for all who served as the warehouses master tenant although he's out of jail, his trial date remains set for july 6th. >>during the pandemic has been landing some people behind bars while others have been getting cited and then released. but now investigators at a nice pace sheriff's office say not being able to keep some repeat offenders in custody. he's leading to a spike in crime called for says he quit yoon reports. >>writing criminal citations then id really see the suspect that is what police are doing with both people involved in the lower level crimes during the covid-19 pandemic we don't want to have people. >>going in our jail consummate can possibly introducing 19
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nhl, so major concerns in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic the judicial council of california ordered a temporary emergency bail schedule reducing bell to 0 for misdemeanor crimes like smash-and-grab of a burglary says alameda county sheriff's deputy sergeant ray kelly you just cited release for stolen vehicle. >>oh you just cited and released to assert trump doing you just cited and released vandalism as long as his nonviolent on syria's on that it's only probably get cited and released the 0 bell order also allowed nonviolent criminals to be released from jail, he talked about the connection to a recent spike in criminal activity in alameda county we're in general and that. >>let's start 1037 minutes committed 2 carjackings just means you can take new laws on cars, you know, and she says he says investigators suspect
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some of the released inmates are likely behind a recent rise in violent crime. >>caught would lead them back behind bars despite covid-19 950 are still some of those people don't necessarily like each other. >>and some of them have revenge on their minds and so that's why we received a shooting was the 0 bell order will remain in effect for 90 days after the governor lists the state of emergency or until it is amended or repealed by the california judicial council. >>haaziq madyun kron 4 news a bay area woman has recovered from the coronavirus and is now taking part. >>in a clinical trial that could help develop a vaccine earlier today on kronon that woman shared her story with kron 4 sanaz tahernia. >>i would say the worst of it for me personally was around 5 days. i remember the sunday night that i started hallucinating. and it really was. are you have a choice in
9:21 pm
going to stay or you can go. you know my dad wrote is my grandma sitting by my dad telling me it's all going to be ok and being able to greet at all. >>and then sleeping for around 4 days just getting up and then we're back to that good enough and went back to bed and not able to agree i would have dreams of being held under water suffocating. and try to so i would actually literally wake up. it's trying to catch my breath and because my lungs are so filled with the virus. i couldn't catch my breath and that was the hardest part knowing that i'm here with my daughter. and how do i catch my breath does she know how to dial i have a dear friend we decide that she's the emergency contact if something happened. you know we had a a route of planned made just in case that i did. fall deeper into the virus.
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police carry had trees also think san francisco mayor london breed for shutting down san francisco as quickly as she did she says. >>it saved her from infecting at least 30 of her family members. you can watch the entire interview with teresa on our website at kron 4 dot com. taking care of first responders how san francisco mayor breed celebrated international firefighters day during the pandemic. >>plus elective surgeries and other procedures put on hold because of the virus are now resuming why stanford health care officials say that's not possible. and one of the country's largest retailers making
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>>one of the country's biggest retailers most popular retailers, especially right now is making more changes. costco executives say in light of the ongoing pandemic they need to once again tweak their policies kron four's charles clifford has details. >>well starting monday may 4th costco's making some changes to its membership roles, including here at this costco in south san francisco. starting on may 4th all costco members are now required to wear a face covering a mask, the covers their mouth and nose at all times while they're in the costco must also respect social distancing and keep about 6 feet apart also the stores are returning to their normal business hours some other things that are happening costco will now only allowed 2 people inside the warehouse, her membership card
9:26 pm
hours have returned to normal but costco's creating a special 9 in the morning to 10 in the morning monday through friday, our for members who are 60 and older and people with disabilities to go in and get some shopping done there will now be no returns on toilet paper sanitizing wipes paper towels and bottled water rice and disinfecting spray costco is now limiting meat purchases to just 3 items per member that applies to porc beef and poultry also certain departments and costco will now have limited or no services that includes the optical floral jewelry and hearing aid departments also costco is now creating priority membership for people who are health care workers. first responders such as police officers emts and firefighters also costco food court will now only allow take out there's no seating inside and finally you if you're a member of pasco you can now bring in your own bag. the catch is you have to fill that bag up yourself. but for now in south san francisco charles clifford kron ford. >>you may be able to travel domestically but don't plan on
9:27 pm
using your passport anytime soon why overseas travel might not resume this year. >>plus elective surgeries are on hold because of covid-19 well they were they're now back we'll hear from stanford health care of i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects include headache and tiredness. ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. >>in a sign that the bay area continues to stay ahead and even flatten the curve elective surgeries and other diagnostic procedures put on hold because of the virus are
9:30 pm
resuming at stanford health care kron four's rob fladeboe explains why that is possible. as priorities shifted to dealing with the coronavirus outbreak stanford health care d laid some 3,000 elective surgeries. >>today even as it guards against further spread of covid-19 stanford says many of those surgeries are back on the schedule according to ceo david entwistle's we see these are anywhere from. >>hurt procedures to neurosurgical procedures to orthopedic procedures so there's a broad range of things before wind that we had a longer period of time that could be delayed but now in some cases are becoming urgent new safety protocols are in place including the use of masks and personal protection equipment. >>and as a capacity for widespread testing of both patients and employees so we have about 11,014 1000 tested so far. ace tim tim attic, so they don't have a symptoms of
9:31 pm
the disease and in fact we've only seen a 0.3 of one percent so 99.7% of our toys. >>don't have the virus safety protocols also include daily screening of employees. >>and patients will be checked for symptoms when they arrived at the hospital or clinics in addition, there are extra precautions in place for treating those who have contracted covid-19 we do still have a few patients in house that actually do have covid that we're treating both in the icu and on the regular floors. >>but those patients actually suppress turnout to ensure the safety of the rest of the patients that are coming in stanford medicine says wrapping up for covid-19 surge that has not happened finds hospital capacity around 50%. priorities can just as easily be reversed should the need arise but for now that extra capacity will be pressed into service. >>as the focus is shifting back to include meeting the demand for elective surgeries. >>so appropriate use of
9:32 pm
personal protective equipment. kerber use of testing as artist to make sure that we've got a safe environment to open back up and to bring those patients that were delayed back in for those needed surgeries. >>rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>in the east bay of free testing site for covid-19 in fremont is moving the city opened that site a month ago at the fremont fire. tactical training center and now they are moving to the tri city building on liberty street the fremont fire chief says that the test site we'll keep the same team of healthcare workers at the new location, but it will also allow for more flexibility as they also grow mobile. >>we'll also be able to move around like we have to move to a specific business support testing a long-term health care center we can actually go and set up in their parking lot. oh well that is the ups and some other tables chairs everything that we need to send a mobile storm as we can actually take service out to the citizens of fremont that need it.
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>>on average about 100 people were tested every day at the site. the first scientifically proven treatment for covid-19 will become available at us hospitals this week, the ceo of foster city drugmaker gilead sciences says that his company is ready to ship out rammed as of year. it is an anti ebola medication. that to the coronavirus for a trial show that it might shorten the hospital stays of severely sick coronavirus patients. last week the fda granted emergency authorization for the drug to treat covid-19. >>we are now firmly focused on getting this medicine too. the urgent patients around the country here in the united states are beginning to work with the government which will determine which cities are most vulnerable and where the patients are the need this medicine. >>a day says his company donated one and a half million vials to the federal government. that's enough to treat up to 200,000 patients
9:34 pm
and important to note rammed as of ear would would be a treatment rather not a vaccine. >>today hundreds of san francisco firefighters emts and dispatchers here got some well-deserved recognition for their hard work during this crisis in the form of a free meal kron four's maureen kelly was there's the city's mayor handed out some of the lunches at a fire station near do both park. >>i just wanted to stop fine. it's our view. some polls show my appreciation i wore my fire engine room. >>mayor london breed handed out bagged lunches prepared by a local sudanese cafe to the men and women working at a fire station 6. it was a way to honor international firefighters day in a way to say thank you for the risk they take every day, especially during this pandemic i just i can't thank you all enough away to. >>we're going to get through this. we're going to be a stronger city because of it. and we have you to thank for over 500 meals were delivered
9:35 pm
to firefighters emts and dispatchers in san francisco monday. >>and thousands more were handed out in other major cities like la and new york. it's an effort organized by nonprofit called frontline foods starting in march here in san francisco, they raise donations to hire local restaurants to feed those first responders putting their lives on the line. >>and the idea is to sort of provide this morale boost provide a little more support to our front line folks folks are really just impacted by everything that's going on and of course, a support restaurants who are just struggling right now the fire chief janee nicholson says the meals and the show of support. >>go a long way with the rank and file as you know partners not to so we don't turn down a free meal they're very very appreciative of all the love that that went into they really really feel extra appreciated to date since march frontline foods has
9:36 pm
raised nearly 4 and a half million dollars and served close to 300,000 meals. >>along the way helping support over 700 restaurants in multiple cities across the country maureen kelly kron 4 news us treasury secretary steve mnuchin says overseas travel might not resume at all. >>until 2021. he's encouraging americans to focus on domestic travel this year because of international travel restrictions and fewer flights the outlook for later this year doesn't look great. the state department told americans back in late march to avoid all international travel that advisory remains in effect. >>need washing 10 tsa officers say they continue to work to keep the public safe. but they say the government and the public need to do more to keep the officers saved of the top coming up. >>and nba hall of famer,
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there's chris smalling doing his part to help people get through the pandemic kelly's for sharing your diy haircuts.
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9:40 pm
mullin had decided to use his platform to help people get through this pandemic threat to an app or visit saying that allows people to video chat with celebrities mullen has pledged to connect with his fans who are dealing with the effects of covid-19 are. >>it's for >>mullen is especially hoping to connect with frontline essential employees for heroes as he likes to call the people >>new york city says this person is.
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>>moon realizes the effect that he has on his fans what they may not realize is that the charity's those moments just as much year. >>you made >>a for more information on how you can connect with people and visit vit c dot com. kron 4 news, i'm jason dumas. >>legendary nfl head coach don shula has died shull ahead 347 wins. more than any other head coach who is also the only person to lead a team to a
9:42 pm
perfect season now is in 1970 to win the miami dolphins were won the super bowl. shula was in 6 super bowls 1, 2, of the men was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 1997. sheila's family said he died peacefully at home. don shula was 90 years old. >>at a local hair salon is preparing to o we're here for you and we're open.
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see some restrictions lifted from the stay at home order some beauty salons are preparing for their reopening right now the governor says it could be months though until we're able to step inside a barbershop or. >>hair salon but as kron four's michelle kingston explains that is not stopping some owners from preparing for when they can actually open their doors. >>so i think we'll be good. as long as everyone records their mass and we keep everything cleaned and disinfected a gene event to really owns a hair salon in san carlos in she's anxious to get back to work after having to close the salon in mid-march because of the stay at home order you know in the beginning you didn't think it was gonna beat this drastic. and then all of a sudden i get the on call from gina started to panic then to rallies landlord has been asked for a penny sen she had to close the salon she says she wants to see venture
9:46 pm
really succeed and knows that it will be tough if she has to continue to pay rent while making no money she said don't worry about it and. >>that was so relieving bay i then she really is already thinking about how she'll be able to safely bring in her customers once face 3 begins in california in her business is able to pick back up then she rallies plan is for stylist to stand at least 6 feet apart from one another she says still change their aprons in between clients. >>and the remove the waiting area from the salon altogether will take just one client at a time she says of course this will be different. but at least everybody will be able to get back to work and people will be able to get their hair done for the first time in months. >>we love our job and we love or play in some we all work really well together and we all miss each other and. >>it just it's hard just sitting around. >>michelle kingston kron 4
9:47 pm
news if you use uber or lyft he'll need to start wearing a mask executives decided last week that both drivers and riders who have to use face coverings the requirement is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks. uber also says it's in the process of developing technology to haul drivers and riders accountable. the company says it's trying to get masks to drivers as soon as possible, but supplies are limited and that could take some time. tsa officers are of course at high risk of contracting coronavirus because of the nature of their jobs. now the union representing these employees says the government must do more to keep them safe. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports tsa officers have a list of demands. they want met before travel around the country picks up again. >>tsa officers are still at work keeping the flying public safe even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. >>here's a little me as of this dude pay every kelly is the national president of the
9:48 pm
american federation of government employees. >>florida congresswoman val demings agrees it is hazardous to work in close contact with travelers increasing the likelihood that of being exposed to covid-19 in addition to the hazardous duty pay bought a part-time tsa officers meet the same health benefits as full-time officers tsa took that away last year. >>you pulled out the u.s. all have search low pay is difficult. >>before before that she was lawmakers introduced several bills to protect tsa officers, including one from california congressman lou correa to restore those health care benefits these part-time workers. >>are subject to the same challenges and full-time workers are tsa officers are also asking for more personal protective equipment and they want the government to require passengers to wear face masks, nevada congresswoman dina
9:49 pm
titus says congress needs to get ahead of the problem more people are going to be fine in the near future we don't wait until these matters increase the union says at least 500 tsa agents have already contracted covid-19. >>and 5 have died. in washington. alexandra le mouth. >>our 4 zone forecast time as we take a big outside on this monday night nominee cars on the golden gate bridge tonight kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez churning with a look ahead to the week. >>hey they're going to get we're noticing warm temperatures out there right now and for all of you merge gazers and stargazers out there you're in for a real treat because i'm actually tracking a meteor shower tonight after midnight and it's going to be during the overnight hours through tuesday morning shortly before sunrise so we could see about 10 to 30 meteors per hour and its remnants of debris and rock low from haley's comet now will actually meet light
9:50 pm
at the bay area night sky prepares it you night owls we want to check that out this evening, so head out and enjoy it nearly full moon we're going to have our last supermoon this thursday so also mark that on your calendars as well today, the daytime high 5 to 10 degrees above average widespread 60's 70's along the coast and along the bay with the upper 70's and low 80's as we made our way inland about 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of year and stormtracker warmth tracking that lack of marine layer great shot out there the san francisco skyline as a result of that lack a grey and temperatures as you head out the door starting to cool down along the coast seeing widespread mid to upper 50's, thanks to that cool sea breeze and points it at some low to mid 60's as you make your way inland. but overnight lows tonight, cooling down into the upper 40's to low 50's for most of the bay area and it's a month today's warm forecast you're going to love tomorrow's as well very little change temperature wise so we're going to remain about 5 to 10 degrees above average upper 60's along the coast mid
9:51 pm
70's along the bay with upper 70's and low 80's as you make your way inland but it's only going to get hotter from your bags were goal to get a sneak peak of summer starting thursday through saturday which still above average temperatures in the next 7 days but relief is in sight and out when we finally cool down in my full 10 at 10 forecast coming up in just a few minutes back to you. >>thank you very sick right. great things in their communities during the pandemic and tonight we're highlighting a san jose bridal dress company. the company is as he is gifting brides to be with free wedding get if they their wedding plans affected by the pandemic companies giving away 30 of them throughout the month of may after they hear personal stories from you the company's already given out 5 dresses and will continue to. >>dole out more all month, the winners will be announced every friday initiative there and. >>you can spotlight, somebody making a difference in your community we'd love to hear from you we have a section on
9:52 pm
our website called kron 4 heroes all you have to do is fill out a quick form let us know about your hero. you can find the page again on kron 4 dot com. >>getting the hungry and homeless in your neighborhood just like a big italian family tonight on dine and dish we're going to show you
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>a homelessness and hunger crisis before the pandemic and even more of a concern now get
9:55 pm
to tonight on dine and dish i pay a visit to a popular neighborhood in san francisco that works to take care of their own. italian style. >>the annual big italian family dinner canceled due to coronavirus for hundreds usually gather in the basement of saint peter and paul church in the city's north beach neighborhood. but they dine on spaghetti and meatballs to raise money to feed anybody who needs >>coming together enjoying one of the other neighbors say problems they share. >>the idea cooked up by francis ford coppola of godfather fame is to treat everybody like family. as does local literary icon lawrence ferlinghetti we'll have a lot of rather sleeping out there in the streets. >>northeast citizens is doing something you know on the part of the city is doing. >>the big italian family dinner might be put on hold
9:56 pm
but the nonprofit north beach citizens still have to feed fellow citizens who are homeless and hungry to attrition all meals are the most important. >>items that were offering right now as well as the daily touch point for individuals who are very isolated. >>behind the mask is christie fairchild she's the director of north beach citizens, that operates out of this tiny store front in the new normal of covid-19 she says the lines of those in need are growing longer by the day. north beach citizens offers daily meals to go from 9.30 to 1030 in the morning wednesday food pantry for people to cook at home for a warm family mean in san francisco vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. >>our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. and i'm president a demand for unemployment help as for star state to turn to the federal government to pay
9:57 pm
millions of people who are out of jobs and coming up we're going to hear about how california's unemployment, rather employment development department racing to get people pay and sobering projection tonight estimating 134,000 covid-19 deaths in the u.s.. >>by early august that's more than double the previous model, the reason for the drastic sudden change. those four plus one is...
9:58 pm
16. (laughter) how many pints of iced tea are left in the pitcher? times... ten... so, wait... (errhhhhh) do you want to show us the continents on the... no. it is not going good. my mom is getting stressed out. (speaks hebrew) momma's tired. i, i'm, like... woooo... (screams) (sighs heavily) so, starting just quickly by breathing in... i never thought i'd say this, but i kind of miss school! the teachers, i mean, y'all are gifted people! i thank you so much for what you're doing. their investment into our children is beyond what we can even imagine. appreciate all that you do.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
california to begin reopening its economy by friday retail and manufacturers will be the first to enter into california's next phase of this stay at home order. thanks for being with us at 10 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis governor gavin newsome says florists clothing toys books and sporting goods stores can reopen by the end of the week with a new mandatory guidelines like. >>curbside pickup. the state is set to release those new rules on thursday, not included in this round of reopening seated dining shopping malls and offices. >>so we need active monitoring surveillance to make sure that the disease is not spreading. it is one of the criteria is a trigger to re modify. >>governor newsome has said face


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