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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 8, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 09:00am my mom, multiple firearms. >>a large man ammunition heavily armed and highly trained he's angry man intent
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on bringing harm. the police officers disturbing details about the air force sergeant accused in a deadly ambush attack and violent spree that followed face to face with a fugitive the residents chilling encounter with the suspect running from police. >>good evening, thanks for joining us tonight for kron 4 news at 9 i'm ken wayne, i'm pam moore federal and local officials today provided an update on the killing of a santa cruz county deputy suspected gunman, stephen is accused of an ambush style attack at his home involving explosives and gunfire. >>santa cruz county sheriff's deputy damon got sweater was killed 2 other officers were injured in saturday's melee kron four's dan thorn is live in santa cruz tonight he joins us now with the very latest on this case. dan. >>pam and ken investigators say they plan to remain on scene in ben lomond for at least the next couple of days. search of the shooter's home so far has turned up several guns and also several explosives. the sheriff says
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this gunman almost got away, but some brave citizens stepped up and helped out. >>accused cop killer stephen pinned down by a fearless bystanders. the citizen take down captured on cell phone video. police say korea was trying to escape after shooting and killing a deputy at his home in bed lowman he was dangerous he's an angry man intent on bringing more. >>the police officers creo is an active us air force sergeant a 911 caller on saturday afternoon said he was driving a white van believed to be filled with guns and explosives. >>when santa cruz county deputy damon got swell or into other officers responded to creo is home may him iraq to this was a very chaotic scene. >>there's a lot of gunshots. there was pipe bombs going off. radio and cell reception is pour in that region of the county. >>a second unidentified deputy was also shot in the turmoil, he remains in the hospital.
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the road leading up to creo is home has been blocked off as federal investigators have found more guns and while attempting his getaway korea was accused of trying to carjack the man seen in the red while wrestling the gunman to the ground the man only identified as sam was able to knock a pipe bomb and guns, including an ar 15 away from creole, the fbi are right now looking into a possible link between curry owes van and a white van seen leaving a deadly may 29th shooting at an oakland federal building the fence offering no new information monday as this investigation is ongoing i can not provide and will not provide. >>details or comment any further on the van a memorial for deputy got swell or continues to grow outside of the santa cruz county sheriff's office. >>a community heartbroken over the death of the 14 year veteran who leaves behind a pregnant wife and a 2 year-old son david was a good man is a
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good good police officer. >>and he was a friend that we all love. korea was formally charged this afternoon as for that other deputy he was actually shot in the chest and he is right now recovering in the a bulletproof vest was on him so he was not on the physically peers to the bullet it was actually stopped what he could be suffering from some internal injuries on also mention in melee explosive devices so some shrapnel might have also got into that that deputies on a somewhere. >>so they're still working on getting not cleared up as well as for the good samaritan that you saw there in that video. the sheriff says that they're planning recognizing him at some point reporting live in santa cruz county dan thorn kron 4 news and he said. >>and i were your karma and i really got to get out of here. he said i'm not a bad guy, i'm just sick of all this duality bulls. >>s.
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>>coming up tonight at 9.30 we hear more from this local dispensary worker who came face to face with the suspect why that worker thought that the suspect was actually an off-duty deputy and our coverage of this story continues on kron 4 dot com there you will find information on the suspect's background in an elite military team. the sheriff described the chaotic scene the day of the deputies death plus vigils and paddle out all held in the fall and deputies memory all of this and much more at kron 4 dot com. other news now 3 additional people now face charges in san francisco related to a high-profile public corruption scheme. the investigation is linked to the january arrest and charging of the city's former public works director mohammed nuru nuru is accused of trying to bribe the san francisco airport commissioner, investigators say one of the 3 people recently arrested is sandra zuniga. zuniga considered san
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francisco's fix it director is pictured here on the mayor's office website. she is the one wearing a red top and blazer the complaint against her says it ago was new roads longtime girlfriend and that she both knew about and benefited from his schemes the other 2 people arrested are all more hernandez, a former longtime san francisco, public works employee and florence kahn who owns a san francisco based construction company. >>now the latest on the coronavirus here in the bay area tonight most bay area counties are easing restrictions but at different paces here are some of the latest updates contra costa county has moved further along into stage 2. last friday outdoor dining and outdoor religious services were allowed and starting on june 17th hair salons and barbershops will be able to open again contra costa county in solano county. health officials say bars in gymnasiums can reopen this friday june 12th in alameda county health officials are now lloyd allowing social
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bubbles these are outdoor social gatherings of up to 12 people. the new order also allows child care providers to resume service. you can find the latest information on the restrictions on our website kron 4 dot com tonight. the number of coronavirus cases in the u.s. is inching closer to 2 million. here's a look at the latest numbers globally there are now more than 7 million cases and more than 406,000 deaths in the u.s. are close to one. >>a 111,000 deaths in california there are more than 133,000 cases more than 4600 deaths and in the bay area cases have now topped 15,800 and more than 460 deaths. >>and he's c berkeley study finds emergency responses to the global pandemic have been successful in preventing almost 530 million coronavirus infections across 6 countries, including the united states. researchers reviewed the
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health effects of policies and preventative measures in a number of countries from january to the beginning of april kron four's taylor sackey talked to one of the co-authors of that study she now joins us live with fascinating findings. taylor. >>and carol the findings come as we start to loosen restrictions and open up the economy and while we the policies an emergency-response have had a very visible economic impact, researchers also wanted to weigh the health benefits which have been harder to see over the last few months. >>in the absence of the growth of this disease is astonishing so on the order of doubling every 2 days which means that the past several months would have banned. essentially i imagine we can to stop it had we not have enough money losses because of the global response to the coronavirus and preventative measures in 6 major countries, including the u.s. researchers at u c
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berkeley say we avoided 530 million coronavirus infections through april 6th. >>the study reviewed nearly 2000 policies implemented in china south korea, italy, iran, france and the united states showing what confirmed cases here in red on the right. >>would have looked like if no policies were in place as co author of the new study in bolivar explains the number of total infections would have been even larger has not everyone is tested by april 6 we would have seen about 60 million more infections. >>in the u.s.. we're not an active in the austin. >>continuing policies after april has likely prevented millions more, but it's also had huge economic impacts has a record of more than 20 million jobs were lost in the united states in april while these costs are very visible. bulger says the study's purpose was to also point out the public health impact is going to barton's take a step back and realize the magnitude global response that we have seen as a has always been on time.
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>>there have been due to that. but we've never in the history of human kind like. i would imagine he'd never ever did as barely never say that many yards in a short period of time bollinger says. >>it's important to weigh the impact of policies moving forward as countries interstates responded the pandemic but either loosening or tightening restrictions there are real costs of these policies and so we need to be smart about our we continue to evolve our response that's endemic. a lockdown for all populations is not a sustainable society, it makes the rise in the indictment, but it will cost winds not going towards. >>now the research team that found that home isolation business closures and lockdowns have the clearest benefits whereas travel restrictions had mixed results, they were seemingly more effective in countries like italy and iran but less effective in the u.s. reporting live in san
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francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news center. thank you the state superintendent of schools, tony thurmond release guidelines today to safely reopen schools on top of requiring face coverings in 6 feet of social distancing. the guidelines recommend student temperature checks at school entrances and bus stops. frequent hand washing and other sanitation steps to accommodate physical dest distancing sermon recommends rotating students in the camps is twice a week and allowing them to use distance-learning the rest of the week. local school leaders will decide how they will reopen classes, but education leaders note, implementing the guidelines will require school spending more details are expected next week when governor gavin newsom signs off on the state budget with more and more counties reopening coupled with the many recent protests which have been so crowded health officials are sending out a reminder that covid-19 is not over. >>there has been a lot of concern about how protests might lead to a surge in cases ucsf epidemiology professor
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doctor george rutherford says the data does not yet show that happening, but he says until there's a vaccine people must continue to wear a mask. >>the stuff has not gone away. this is a virus that doesn't listen to political clout pronouncements doesn't listen to the news cycle. doesn't read the papers does it's not on the internet. on wants to do is rip reduce, that's what is programmed to do. and if you get in its way it's going to reproduce in you. >>doctor weather for us as in parts of california covid-19 numbers continue to rise mostly in here in the bay area. he says we are flattening the curve. and protests continue here in the bay area, dozens of people were out in castro valley today calling for justice for george floyd and other african americans killed by police
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participants marched to see the adobe park to hear from activists and from community leaders in martinez, several 100 people attended a black lives matter rally. it was organized by the public defender's office of contra costa county. >>attorneys and staff investigators and clients all rallied together to protest the death of george floyd. >>and to show support for reforming the criminal justice system. >>what i would like to see happen is that the criminal justice system to be reformed that all of the income disparities the health disparities anything that is affecting black and brown lives for that to in i would like to see the kill and most importantly a black men and women stopped. >>other rallies took place today and cities that included antioch richmond and berkeley they have largely remained peaceful. it can be difficult for small local businesses to bounce back after being damaged during the protests so an oakland resident has stepped in to help black business owners pick up the pieces as kron four's michelle
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kingston reports the oakland black business damage fund now has close to $100,000. >>front side of our building. had a lot of graffiti spray paint oak stop is just one of many businesses damaged during protests in oakland owner trevor parents surprise that his place was hit that surprised me think that whoever did do this damage. likely wasn't part of this local open community because people in the community know that we are very much for and support the community, thanks to a lease douglas in her latest venture oak stop and other black owned businesses in oakland will be able to recover means a lot to me to know that they're always having this resource or vehicle to get resource it is. >>it is a psychology doing what they're doing douglas is partnering with a local nonprofit to make sure the close to $100,000. she's now raised will always be available to black business owners in oakland in need of both protection measures like boarding up windows and any damage repair. it says a lot easier to fix windows and is
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to fix systems of racism and injustice and so you know as me as person. >>i'm going to vote and i'm going to be civically engaged and i'm going to do things i most always going to do. but i'm also an all out. and it means my time and energy to make sure that. 6 in windows and i'm you know that people like people honor to cleaning graffiti and we're doing that background infrastructure work so that a larger role for the mission which is really towards racial justice can keep on fact that there's a fund that's targeted at supporting black is this time is really a great thing that a number of other people should be following. >>that was michelle kingston reporting if you need access to this fund or if you're interested in donating or volunteering alongside douglas you can head to our website kron 4 dot com for more information 1000 showed up to george floyd's funeral in houston today, the final public service for the man whose. >>death in minneapolis police custody sparked protests
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around the world sara sidner reports. >>a somber homecoming for george floyd in houston where the hearse carrying his casket arrived at the floyd family church this morning for a public memorial attended by thousands. jennifer edwards and her son live in >>and i think that i was i go places and not the same. >>presumptive democratic nominee for president joe biden met privately today with the floyd family the family will have their final private service here tomorrow in minneapolis the first court appearance for fired minneapolis police officer derek chauvin who is the officer that held his knee on floyd's neck for over 8 minutes until floyd died. the judge set bail at up to one 0.2 million. over the weekend
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from coast to coast huge protests continued calling for racial justice and police reforms including defunding police departments. in minneapolis, the city council approved a plan to start the process of dismantling the police department and rebuild a new model of public our cities toxic relationship with the minneapolis police department. >>policing as we know but the mayor is not on board. >>i am for massive structural and transformational reform to an entire system that has not for generations worked for black and brown people we have failed and we need to entirely reshape the system and my for entirely abolishing the police department. no i'm not. >>leaders across the country are already looking for new ways to repurpose some funds from law enforcement to other areas like in new york city. >>we're going to be able to
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take money out of that police force put into youth programs as still of course keep new yorkers safe but this is preventative this is proactive. >>and in washington dc where activists painted defund the police near the black lives matter street mural the mayor said what's been submitted for police funding in her budget is what's needed she avoided directly swering whether the addition to the mural would be removed, we recognize it as expression. >>in especially right now acknowledging. enough for me expression is important to this discussion that we have to have as a community. >>that was sara sidner reporting and tomorrow kron 4 will be broadcasting live george floyd's funeral starting at 09:00am after the service will be a procession to the houston memorial gardens cemetery. in the last mile of that procession, the body of george floyd will travel by horse drawn carriage. >>the world is witnessing the birth of a new movement in our country. >>democratic lawmakers rolled
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out a package of police reforms today you just saw and heard from los angeles congresswoman karen bass who is chair of the congressional black caucus, she calls the package historic the bills address a wide range of issues from police oversight to training to limiting lethal force and outright banning police chokehold california senator kamala harris who has been instrumental in pushing for the reforms says these measures are long overdue however many republicans say the bill would strip police officers of legal immunity leaving every officer in vulnerable to lawsuits and to danger. >>we're here because black americans want to stop being killed one of the people are marching in the streets. it is because they are fully aware of the history of this issue in america and they've had >>the white house press secretary says the administration has concerns that the bill would result in police pulling back in some situations which is not
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advisable she adds the president is considering some police reforms. switching gears now to the weather experts are watching closely tropical storm cristobal could soon renew its strength by merging with another storm system to form a large cyclone. the storm weakened into a depression today, the storm is expected to bring fierce winds and heavy rain to much of the midwest tomorrow want to see where it is right now and was hovering over tennessee arkansas border, right on top of the mississippi river and. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the details. yes, certainly concern to camera seeing the flooding along the mississippi they've had a lot of rain in that area this year they continue to see the fact is really interesting almost moving due north with this storm system making landfall yesterday coming on shore but you see tracking further and further to the north over the last few hours you see the areas in red that's the mississippi. >>and that's where the flood warnings up right flood advisories continue all-round
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they could see a lot more flash flooding seeing some places maybe 3 maybe 6 inches of rain to go along with that some severe thunderstorms a possibility tornadoes. and this storm system to track all the way up into the great lakes and probably intensify a little bit as we get toward the great lakes too. we go back out west in our neighborhood looking good in that a beautiful sight out toward the sfo right now mostly clear skies beautiful evening out there little breezy in spots now not as much wind tomorrow that tomorrow the temperatures to warm up a little bit more going to start to get a little hot inland. 90 degrees in concord tomorrow about 91 in livermore 87 degrees and sunny and bright and san jose of 84. beautiful in redwood city and 75 degrees in san francisco next 2 days so temperatures cooling down a little bit by the coast on wednesday. then everybody go to start to cool down big time much cooler temperatures over the weekend. thank you lawrence. >>pg and e is planning to move across the bay, the utility announced today it wants to sell its headquarters complex in san francisco and relocate to oakland. it expects the
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move will cut its real estate costs and says therefore provide long-term savings to customers the new pg and e headquarters is set to be a 300 lakeside drive in oakland, the move is expected to happen in phases over the next 3 years. >>coming up on kron 4 news at 10 we're learning more tonight about the man accused of ambushing and killing a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy and 9.31 man describes his face to face encounter with the suspect after the fatal attack the bay area is easing restrictions slowly, but at 9.45 we hear from contra costa county officials on what could hold the reopening there. and hold the reopening there. and the u.s. is currently in a in an unprecedented crisis... a more than $10 billion cut to public education couldn't be worse for our schools and kids. laying off 57,000 educators, making class sizes bigger? c'mon.
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schools must reopen safely with resources for protective equipment, sanitizing classrooms, and ensuring social distancing. tell lawmakers and governor newsom don't cut our students' future. pass a state budget that protects our public schools.
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>>all your money a group of economists declared that the u.s. economy actually entered a recession back in february this recession and in more than a decade of steady growth globally the world bank predicts the global gross domestic product will strip strength by more than 5% this year that would be the worst blow in the of global economy and 80 years. the american association of business economics says that the biggest risk to the u.s. right now is a second wave of covid-19 infections still today on wall street, us stocks pushed higher by the momentum that already goe arore excited about the gradual reopening of the economy. >>and the friday jobs report that was much better than
9:26 pm
expected. the nasdaq composite closed at a new all-time high exceeding the record set on february 19th. it is the first major stock index to reach prepandemic highs, san francisco based company air bnb says it has seen a surge in bookings says after months of coronavirus stay at home orders. the company says it seems that americans are ready to travel again at least domestically the ceo says customers appear to be booking drivable locations within 200 miles of their homes. he had said most bookings are for at least a week or more due to an increase in remote working. >>despite the increase the company does expect this year's revenue to be half of what it was last year next on kron 4 a chilling encounter with a suspect involved in the killing of a santa cruz county sheriff's deputies caught on camera. >>we're going to hear from the
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>>take a look at this surveillance video showing the worker at the band lowman pot dispensary came face to face with the suspect. >>in involved in the killing of a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy as kron four's maureen kelly reports tonight that worker initially thought the suspect was an off-duty officer. >>the surveillance video shows the suspect crouched behind a
9:30 pm
parked car in front of the redwood coast dispensary off highway 9 in ben lawman saturday afternoon employee mark kowalski says at the time he was aware a deputy had been shot and that a gunman was on the loose when he and his boss came out to investigate a commotion outside as soon as he got to the parking lot. he found himself face to face with the armed man and for a moment, i think i hope to use an off-duty police officer because use i as we look at each other i just was co uk was going on. >>and he said and i'm maria carmen i really got to get out of here. and i was still hoping that he was going to flood out of that and say i'm a police officer. he said i'm not a bad guy, i'm just sick of all this duality bulls s. said realize ok. >>kowalski says he was able to back away when the suspect looked in another direction and then jogged across the
9:31 pm
parking lot jumped in a car or a young lady was i heard her screaming jumped out. >>it was after that that the man left the parking lot. another witness says he then attempted to carjack another local man who tackled the suspect not long after that the suspect was arreste and later identified as ben lomond resident, stephen kowalski learned after his run-in with the suspect that a santa cruz sheriff's deputy was killed in the ambush >>this guy so you know how to direct his anger. a good guy is a crime. >>that pot shop worker says that the suspect never pointed his firearm at him at any time during their encounter. but he is still rattled by the experience. at least 4 other people were here in this parking lot potentially in harm's way. maureen kelly kron 4 news. a call to the fund or
9:32 pm
revamp police departments is growing across the country. some protesters are calling to disband police departments all together. >>however his craw force has a regular reports oakland is considering another option. i love this is oakland police can i help you. >>a different model of policing that involve civilians responding to specific 911 calls is currently under consideration to the city of oakland one of the calls that dispatch gets regularly is that parent will call and say my child won't get up and go to school. there's really no reason to respond to that call with a badge and a gun a little over a year ago the oakland city council commissioned the urban strategies killed so the oakland police commission and the coalition for police accountability to develop a report on how to implement what is called the mobile assistance community responders of oakland program or macro and jakes of the coalition for police
9:33 pm
accountability describes how it works for the calls that d n. ifthpo redtoire a badg uya mac pro. >>hi team it enables the police to spend their time on calls that are genuinely criminal or violent in nature instead of hiring licensed clinicians the program but you specially trained counselors an emergency medical technicians to resolve nonviolent police calls for service, the things that will make them excellent of their jobs or that they're very good at de escalation. >>they're good at working with people to help people figure out what the best resolution is to their own situation. >>and it's a very good problem solvers the macro program is based on eugene oregon's cahoots program crisis assistance helping out the streets which has been working successfully with the eugene police department for the past 30 years in a statement to kron 4 they wrote quote in 2014 kahoot handled 9,646
9:34 pm
calls for service in 2019 they handle 18,583 calls quote janke says it is important to note like eugene oregon's model macro does not involve abolishing the oakland police department i would say it's definitely a model of re imagining public safety. >>has it made you cry on for news in an effort to keep this conversation going a virtual town hall is being held tonight with the oakland police commission the special meeting featured several key speakers and also gave the public a chance to talk to the deputy chief of police kron 4 s noelle bellow listening tonight. she has a breakdown of what they're talking about noel. >>and and and that town hall started at 6 this evening, it's still going on right now about 500 people joined in. >>on this a town hall meeting the purpose was to have an open discussion about oakland police response to peaceful demonstrations and to discuss policies and procedures by the department many people called for either defunding or
9:35 pm
complete abolishment of the police depart department citing its use of tear gas during demonstrations wanted to warn you about these photos we're showing that during they showed during this meeting they they can be a bit disturbing here. this is a photo shown. one of the protesters they were had about 20 times with rubber bullets during protests 2 weeks ago many saying they did not hear warnings before being shot at during what they described as a peaceful protest. and this all happened before curfew civil rights attorney for gina jackson is showed the images of those few people who were hit prior to that oakland deputy chief of police were on armstrong discussed crowd control policy and the issue of having outside agencies called in to help with protest crowd control stating opd did not deploy and does not deploy rubber bullets as it is against their policy but they do use tear gas armstrong said a full review of use of force during the protests is being worked on right now.
9:36 pm
>>we have a specialized specially trained officers that deploy these that's a very select group they have special in the deployment of these particular we don't distribute them to other agencies other agencies come with their own thing. i'll say is that all of our investigations, including our after action reports as well as our or use of force investigations are subject to review by the federal the federal monitor be also given an after action review of the events as well and and and his team will review is the with the forces if the force was within department policy. >>now armstrong said chief manheimer has already begun to look into getting rid of certain use of force techniques as they apply to
9:37 pm
daily response including banning chokehold as well as the carotid restraint that investigation he was mentioning, is likely to be ready by july back to you. >>a woman spitting on a protester caught on camera we have reaction from the protester
9:38 pm
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9:40 pm
>>cell phone video showing the moment a 64 year-old woman in wisconsin spit on a young protester during a rally over the weekend a woman is now facing charges as kim shine tells us the angry confrontation happening happening during an otherwise peaceful black lives matter rally in wisconsin. >>cell phone video shared with cbs 58 shows a powerful confrontation oakland avenue in shorewood. protesters asking demanding woman move her car after she parked in the past saturday. moments later, the woman seen sitting 17 year-old this the 3rd. what happened it was just a quick
9:41 pm
>>anger pain >>i'm black and i'm proud. >>and she got mad show when police arrested and released 64 year-old stephanie wrapped in saturday night she's in mequon based tax in the state attorneys. authorities plan to refer charges to the milwaukee county district attorney's there was no excuse that can be given. >>for a white woman losing her cool and all of a sudden spinning in a young man's face shorewood is in state representative david bowens legislative district, our young people got a crash course in the opposition that they're going to face this is the ground did finish their march but true colors were shown. >>it was and it was that something else has been peaceful in the meaning behind it was that my life matters
9:42 pm
and has shown me that my life don't matter. that was kim shine reporting well stephanie rankings legal troubles have continued since she was released from jail over the weekend. >>a local newspaper says she was arrested again on sunday for shoving a 21 year-old college student a student was writing protest messages in chalk on the sidewalk in front of her home. when police arrived on to the scene to charge her with battery on the college student. she allegedly need a police officer in the groin the suspect has been booked into the milwaukee county jail on sunday and she was kept overnight. >>its reopening plan and
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9:45 pm
>>today contra costa county announced plans to move into phase 3 of its reopening plan beginning july 1st the move would allow indoor dining and reopen bars and gyms but county leaders are concerned about a possible spike in cases that could prevent the plan for moving forward kron four's jonathan mccall live in our newsroom now with the details john ascent. and the counties also moved further into phase 2 today the county says they are seeing more cases of covid-19. >>but they're especially concerned about a potential spike from the thousands of protesters who hit the streets in recent days in wake of george floyd's death. >>contra costa county's road
9:46 pm
to reopening from the coronavirus hit another milestone on monday. as the county moved further into face to starting monday people can once again eat outdoors at restaurants. visit swimming pools and dog parts and also hold outdoor religious gatherings. next week the county is expected to move even further into face to reopening barbershops and salons board of supervisors chairwoman candice anderson says that county leaders are closely paying attention to any potential spikes that could happen as a result of large crowds taking part and recent protest in i'm happy that. so many of our protest were conducted with people wearing face masks will be closer than 16 and i think we're all crossing our fingers that we're not going to see. >>2 weeks from now or 2 weeks of last week and to takes takes in our numbers the county is expected to move into phase 3 on july 1st, which would see the return of indoor dining bars gyms indoor
9:47 pm
church services and other activities. >>but anderson says that any spikes could prevent that from happening only thing that would really stop us from going forward would be a significant surge particularly in the number of people who are hospitalized or of course test anderson says while the county is seeing more cases of covid-19. >>health officials are doing a better job of managing it. she says the county is also doing a better job of contact tracing and should have a number of tracers in place soon. and also as part of the county's road map to reopen stage 4 which calls for schools to reopen. >>that's scheduled from anywhere between july and august with the district setting their own pace. live tonight in the newsroom jonathan mccall kron 4 news thanks jonathan yosemite national park will reopen to visitors this week park officials say they plan to begin a phased reopening on thursday but at a limited capacity. >>the goal is 50% of its average visitor rate allowing
9:48 pm
only 1700 vehicle passes per day the park will begin taking reservations tomorrow. >>the tsa says his past friday and sunday more than 400,000 people were screened at airports across the country that's the highest number since the pandemic began more than 10 weeks ago, american airlines said it saw a boost as well reporting its busiest weekends since early march. still air travel has not completely bounced back the tsa said sunday was only 17% of the volume the passenger volume that it had on the same sunday last year. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look as we talk about airports at sfo looks pretty clear out there are really happy to welcome back our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow into the studio although we're still social distancing yeah and i wanted the first sailor to come by you couldn't do it. but i'm so glad to be back to see you guys here in the studio certainly. >>nice day around the bay area today, the temperatures starting to warm up out toward
9:49 pm
the golden gate bridge, a beautiful look out there. >>this evening going to stay clear all night long out of the golden gate paul in for at least another day and then as we head in the following days well things are going to change temperatures today, a very very nice warm inland as those numbers begin to creep up a bit as high pressure builds 82 degrees in livermore 80 in san jose 77 in redwood city, 75 degrees in hayward today, 77 in oakland and 68 degrees in half moon bay, high pressure overhead right now, no clouds to speak of mostly staying well to the north. we'll see more of a northerly wind and that has been that offshore flow that has cut the skies mostly clear but then the afternoon the sea breeze kicked in and that's where we sit right now some of those winds to 21 miles per hour at sfo call now and live more 12 mile an hour wind out of the west in oakland and 10 mile an hour wind out of the west in the money should tonight your skies going stay nice and clear a little breezy at times specials on the mountaintops now and then tomorrow, sunny and warm winds do kick up by the afternoon but that will be more of a general sea breeze late in the day and then well
9:50 pm
we're going to warm things up to the middle this week before cooling really a whole lot may be a good 20 degrees as we head in toward the weekend. winds right now blown just a bit by tomorrow morning. those all start to calm down all around the bay area by the afternoon, the sea breeze to start to kick in once again not really strong, but you see some of those winds about 15 maybe some 20 mile an hour gusts. near the coast late high pressure building in very nicely and that's going to settle in for the next day and a half year bring some more toasty temperatures maybe even cracking some 90's the warm spots well inland that ridge of high pressure looking strong over the next couple days, here's our forecast model showing you think stay nice and clear through tomorrow and then the clouds begin to gather along the wednesday that's return of some low clouds and fog of course that help to cool down those temperatures so enjoy the day tomorrow should be cloud-free a beautiful outside 80 degrees in fremont 81 degrees in hayward about 90 in concord 75 degrees downtown san francisco. stay warm over the next couple days, although cooling near the coastline on wednesday. and then everybody cooling down over the weekend.
9:51 pm
>>thank you lauren so you don't see this every day a mountain lion in daly city this week this is near a vent on avenue and hillcrest drive in that particular area in fact the man who gave us this video says he has lived in that area for 30 years. and he's never seen a mountain lion there before now wow. >>taking a selfie while you're social distancing is pretty easy but group selfies not so much that is unless apple builds a software, they just had patented the software would allow you to invite people to be in a group selfie and then the camera would remove each person's actual background giving everyone the same background and putting everybody together in the same picture. apple actually filed for that patton 2 years ago, but it didn't get through didn't get approved until early this month as to whether or not the company will actually create and market this software well apparently that is still unclear.
9:52 pm
>>songs being used at black lives matter protests are
9:53 pm
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the wind in your hair... the feeling of freedom that drives us to go out and discover.. at chevy, we're committed to getting you there with confidence and peace of mind. that's why your chevy clean dealers commit to using enhanced vehicle cleaning measures with cdc-approved cleansers. if you need a new equinox, get 0% apr for 72 months or, four thousand five hundred dollars cash allowance on most models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home where available. so you can find new roads with confidence. >>protests against police brutality after the killing of george floyd are having a fax throughout society, including in the music that people are streaming now david daniel has more and on that and other issues in tonight's hollywood minute. >>protest songs are getting a
9:55 pm
huge bump with the debut of spotify's black lives matter playlist tops on the list childish gambino's this is america which billboard reports was streamed one 0.8 million times on blackouttuesday alone. kendrick lamar's alright also surge that day with one 0.2 million streams and both one day totals were massive increases from a week earlier. bts is following through on its declared support of the black community. variety reports that a pop superstars and their management company big hit entertainment have donated $1 million to black lives matter. >>earlier bts and praised the group saying we stand together against racial discrimination, you know it's a little slight inconvenience when hearing address cate blanchett close call on a podcast the 2 time oscar winner said she had a bit of a chainsaw accident while on lockdown at home in the u k plan to downplay the
9:56 pm
incident adding it sounds very very exciting. but it wasn't apart from the little kick to the head. i'm fine. >>the actress offered no additional details from her encounter with the chainsaw morningstar objects in hollywood, i'm david down. >>lonnie pointer of the musical group the pointer sisters has died at the age of 69 her sister anita made that announcement today, according to variety magazine. in a statement i need to calls her sister her best friend and says the family is devastated bonnie pointer helped found the group back in the 1970's and then pursued a solo career. the family's youngest sister june died in 2006. bonnie and a media released a tribute to her just a few months ago the cause of death has not yet been released. >>kron 4 is continuing to salute the class of 2020 every night we're shining the spotlight on a specific senior tonight we congratulate jerry johnson, jerry johnson went to pittsburgh high school this is his picture he will be majoring in business at the
9:57 pm
college of sam, a tail. jerry congratulations to you you can still submit a graduate go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads twenty-twenty under the news tab give us a picture of your grad let us know which school day. >>graduate of graduated from and what's next what their plans are that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 here is what we are tracking at 10 dangerous and intent on killing chilly new details revealed by santa cruz investigators following the deadly ambush. >>of sheriff's deputies, what we're learning tonight about the suspects military training. >>his death sparked global protests. now there are growing calls to defund of police departments. the debate happening here in the bay area's well the model of policing being considered in oakland and why san jose's mayor says the funding police is not the way to go. a major twist in san francisco's high-profile corruption case where 3 more people are
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
news station. >>you're watching kron 4 news at 10. there's a lot of gunshots. >>there was pipe bombs going off he murdered sergeant gus weather. he injured. another deputy and another police officer is going to be held accountable. >>now at 10 investigators released chilling details of an ambush attack that killed a santa cruz county


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