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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 14, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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pinpointed gunfire. this year the system has been activated more than 2600 times today kron four's haaziq madyun spoke with a pair of oakland city leaders who make a connection between the rise in gun violence and the coronavirus. >>a covid-19 connection to the city of oakland experiencing a 34% increase in gun violence who says shooting some activities something nice though was still riley and oakland city councilmember noel says he sees a direct link to the rise in shootings in east oakland, and the state of california releasing inmates from jail due to covid-19 release from prison. coming to you and they don't have a job a place to live and so we turn to the next thing we used to do growing up even i might be a family to support his speech. it was ok to you know protect us open different ways. >>what is happening. you have a little bit of the perfect storm here most as but is is
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the chief of oakland's department of violence prevention. he talks about the impact covid-19 is having on his staff's ability to implement their community lived strategies to prevent violent crime. >>war depends on community relationships it's committed by our ability to keeping contact with the community influencers people well can all died from a perspective has been disrupted. we're still in the middle of one of the worst and we have. and we've been through has it menu kron 4 news. >>oakland police responded to the findings saying in part the department is seeing a sustained level of intergroup and renewed conflicts with gangs and groups generating gunfire, not only at each other, but also shootings and residential homes and cars. the oakland police departments cease-fire team, the department of violence prevention and community partners continue to work towards reducing gun violence and improving public safety.
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as coronavirus cases rise across the u.s. florida is being hit particularly hard by this virus. there are thousands currently hospitalized across the state and dozens of floral hospitals have reached icu capacity. reporter camila but now has the very latest. >>a number of states now pausing or rolling back reopening plans as covid-19 cases increase is are crazy times and you never think it's going to happen to you heather valentine is a 24 year-old icu nurse in houston she tested positive after caring for coronavirus patients. you just have to take all the precautions, everybody no matter how young old you are health experts continue to point to the virus for a better timeline of when to reopen specifically schools. we get the virus under better control clearly kids can get back into school safely but it doesn't appear the virus is under control in many states including texas california and
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florida now the nation's at the center people are respecting this virus, especially younger people going out there having parties there. >>they're not exercising social distancing. and of course they have family members who are older in louisiana tuesday, a more positive view from vice president mike pence we not only slow the spread but >>we bent the curve. and we're going to do it again. >>and to do so says valentine everyone must do their part take every precaution wear a mask don't go out if you don't have to it's not worth it. i'm camila bernal reporting. >>if you plan to go to hawaii, anytime soon you'll have to quarantine for 14 days when your brother arrived for guard lists of a negative covid-19 test result. hawaii. has delayed the plan that would have allowed travelers to use a negative test result to bypass quarantine the new ruling is effective immediately. let's switch
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gears for a moment now and take a look at the conditions outside with our chief meteorologist lawrence, karnow you want to go to hawai. >>do a little surfing out there be hanging out there for you can't do that you got a quarantine for 14 days with a man and a 15 then you can just just be looking out the windows palm trees just swaying everybody having a good time but at least you be and why and that's not sure out there right now we do have some low clouds and fog that have moved inside the bay bouncing up now. >>against the berkeley hills we'll see more of that running well on shore tonight through the delta even some of the valleys overnight as the fog really going to be more extensive uh throughout the bay area tonight see a little swirl off the coastline that's a little edie get that wind coming down from the north you get a little of frictional drag on the land here and you start to see a little spin in the atmosphere that's where we get that idea out there right now but we're going to see more of those winds overnight tonight but they should be decreasing throughout the night just a light breeze by tomorrow morning and then things pick up again by the afternoon and because the general sea breeze around the bay area so high pressure been trying to build in here ever so slowly. it will start to
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nudge its way in here a little bit for tomorrow, so temperatures may warm up a degree or 2 inland and that's about it still staying very odd across arizona, the desert southwest as a big ridge of high pressure sits there overnight lows going to be generally in the 50's a by day tomorrow. a lot of sunshine coming your way just some patchy fog along the coastline, 50's 60's out toward the beaches, very nice inside the bay of find a mixture of 70's aims to mid 80's in the san jose maybe hot 91 or was part of the bay area look for. >>now is on just a few weeks ago that the trump administration's lawsuit and dhaka made it to the supreme court. now the president says he supports dhaka and wants to make it a law as joe khaleel reports right now from washington, some lawmakers are skeptical. >>do a big executive order and i'm going to make dock supported president trump reversed his opposition to dhaka president obama's executive order that a lot of immigrants who arrived illegally in the u.s. as children to remain in the country president trump said friday his order would make
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dhaka law and would go further than the obama administration we're going to have a road to citizenship i think the president is just smoke here california congresswoman zoe lofgren says she's doubtful the white house will follow through and she says any executive order would only be a temporary solution or you can do is what president obama did. >>which is to and forsman air and the way for congress to the law for an says if republicans are serious now about protecting dreamers they could support the dream act which the house passed last year. didn't take it up. and send it to the president some republicans have already broken with the president senator ted cruz tweeted it's a mistake to quote illegally expand amnesty if you're in this country illegally that you need to go back to when she came in. >>and in go through the process and georgia republican buddy carter says he's against full citizenship for dreamers but may be willing to work on dhaka the devil's in the
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details. so i like the first democrat jimmy gomez says any dhaka deal from congress or through executive order must include a path to citizenship these kids are here. >>and they're under american through and through except on paper in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>kron 4 is hosting a live town hall tomorrow with police chiefs from across the bay area. we will discuss the changes. police departments are making after nationwide calls for police reforms and how officers are working to regain the trust of their communities. you can join the conversation by submitting a video question for the police chiefs on our website kron 4 dot com. this town hall will air tomorrow night at 09:00pm. glenn maxwell will stay behind bars until her trial which is next year. a judge denied her bail request hearing today explaining there was not anything to ensure that maxwell would even show back up in court if she was let out now on bail. the 58 year-old was jeffrey epstein's longtime
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companion and has been charged with helping him sexually abuse young girls. epstein reportedly died by suicide last year while awaiting trial in a manhattan jail. maxwell has previously denied all the allegations against her and pleaded not guilty during today's hearing her trial has now been set for july 12th up next year. a 19 million dollars settlement between harvey weinstein and some of his accusers has been rejected by a judge. the u.s. district judge said weinstein's accusers in the proposed class action settlement were too varied to be grouped together the deal to settle the lawsuits would have provided between $750750,000 to some victims. weinstein was convicted earlier this year of rape and assault against 2 women. much more ahead tonight here on kron 4 news at 6 including details on a new law that will make sure food surpluses at grocery stores. we'll be going to food banks and not into the trash and
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coming up next a new prototype mouth shield was unveiled by the nfl today. learn how they believe it will reduce the spread of covid-19 amongst
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the nfl has unveiled a new prototype mouth shield designed to reduce the spread of covid-19 among 6 players. the shield this place behind the face mask. it has offset
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vents and a filter lined up directly in front of the mouth concept art shows us how the shield when combined with a visor can cover the entire face. players are set to start testing out this week meanwhile, the league and the players union are still finalizing health and safety protocols for the upcoming season. as more people struggle to feed their families during this pandemic food banks in california will soon get some help keeping up with the increased demand. a new law will require grocery stores in california to donate their surplus to food banks instead of throwing it away. the law does not go into effect until 2022. but experts say given the increased demand that food banks are seeing right now city and county leaders should not wait until then to start implementing the new rules. still ahead a florida family has been devastated by covid-19 the entire home infected. >>the father has been in the hospital for weeks and the mother has a warning for everyone tonight the florida woman and
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her family are living a coronavirus nightmare tonight it all began when their 21 year-old son went to visit a friend. >>and that brought the virus home. now his father was 42 years old is fighting for his life and has been on a ventilator for 2 weeks. earlier today, the woman told cnn's brianna keeler just how covid-nineteen slowly infected her entire family.
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>>you know, i mean i pleaded with him every time he left the house is where your max, you know take sanitizer make sure you're causing washing your hands he always assured wearing on doing everything right but lacks chill, you know you know how these kids are so interested in him and unfortunately it's hard when you're surrounded by friends. he went to a you know someone's home there was a few people there and i'm sure they were eating drinking and they thought it was fine to take the mask off no one seemed to be sick. everybody's fine we're going to get anything let's just relax and enjoy and pretty much just a couple weeks after that he started feeling ill and he thought it was just the snow like some time so unfortunately he neglected to tell us anything at that time he didn't think anything of it and then a few days later my middle aged son was 14 started coughing. and she was kind of like shortness of breath the body aches everything of that nature, but i didn't associate it with the virus because he has left the house and months, none of us
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really go out and do anything and no one else was sick that i knew at the time so again it's sort of just fell apart from that point on it took them to the doctor 2 days later and the doctor didn't think he had covid either she prescribed amoxicillin for the naismith action. you know where 5 people infected with the virus and we're the lucky ones that didn't get affected the way my husband john is that he's fighting for his life. literally every single minute in the hospital. >>the shell says says she's thankful that her friends are helping her get through this the family has to have food delivered every single night because they're all covid positive and none of them can leave the house. we'll take a live look outside right now as we check out the traffic on the san mateo bridge a little bit thinner now than it was when we checked in during our 05:00pm hour. but what's is a little bit thicker is the fog and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is checking it out for us right now yes, certainly is in fact we'll see more of that fog stretching well on shorts and i think filling into some of the
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valleys into the delta overnight site you see that over san francisco, the fog begin to creep back on shore tonight, but a stronger on shore push lose little swirl off the coastline, this little coastal eddie developing out there right now. >>eventually all this is going to lop on shore begin to fill in the debate tonight, even all the way into the delta by tomorrow morning we've got a pretty good wind out there right now to 23 miles per hour into fairfield 21. the southwest of the napa valley that's a significant sea breeze, 50 miles per hour in livermore and 17 in oakland, some of that fog already bouncing up against the oakland hills there more that on the way tonight back here comes racing back on shore filling in even deeper tonight into tomorrow morning right to the delta and then as we head toward the middle morning are to begin to pull back toward the coastline. that's what's going to sit the better part of the day fog low clouds kind of hovering out there near the coast overnight lows are going to be generally mild mainly in the 50's low 60's as you make your way into the central valley by day tomorrow cool 50's in the sunset about 59 degrees about 65 in san francisco, 61 in daly city 62
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in half moon bay about 59 degrees in pacifica inside the bay you'll find some mild temperatures 70's and burlingame 74 degrees in san mateo 77. in san carlos about 79 in woodside and also the mount view and 80 degrees in palo alto south they've got a lot of 80's pop up tomorrow afternoon about 86 in cupertino 83 in campbell 84 degrees in san jose, but 80 degrees. morgan hill still hovering in the upper 80's, some low 90's, a possibility well inland tomorrow. that's probably the warmest area around much of the bay area's we'll see the numbers of the buzz highs, 91 in livermore 90 should make way into pleasanton but about 87 degrees in conquer 70 in richmond about 74 degrees in blytheville 79 degrees in benicia then you head back toward the coastal areas of course you've got the fog and low clouds kind of hovering out there and cool 55 with gray skies. it's that's a beach. next few days, we'll see more of the cloud cover in fact partly cloudy skies, maybe a little subtropical moisture on thursday temperatures cooling down into the weekend. >>thank you lawrence now east
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a congresswoman barbara lee is well known throughout the bay area's a champion of progressive politics, but a local award-winning filmmaker felt that her story needed a wider audience and them in a documentary on her kron four's pam moore has a preview of truth to power properly speaks for me. a political item. >>fighting for social >>myself more as a public servant, not necessarily a politicians. >>the reason i wanted to do it is because i felt like. barber should be better known than she is outside of the bay area and i really wanted to share her story. the story traces barbara leisurely years born in texas the move to california her days at mills college u c berkeley a single mom and a young activist. >>when she needs shirley who is the first african american representative in congress who
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she invites to come to mills. >>and she decides what now that i can achieve running for president maybe i can work in her campaign and in that moment, barbara becomes you know essentially a political activist sort of within the democratic party, the film follows her election to the california statehouse and then the house of representatives all the time and advocate for progressive issues fighting for the poor and communities which are largely ignored and it highlights her lone vote against the iraq war. >>this resolution authorizing the president to use military force president is authorized to use force. this is going to set the stage for endless war i rise today really with that very heavy heart understanding how barbara came to that boat why she was able to live with that. >>you know the pushback that came to her some of the death threat to cetera. what's it all into context you really heard you instantly feel connected to her spirit. >>we're really is the conscience of the congress we
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did not anticipate that we would be in the black lives matter moment when this film was released. >>and what i would say is that everything the barber is doing today. >>you know to ensure this your strength of the black lives movement she's been doing her entire like what i think the film offers is an understanding or you know what deep in view of what it was like for her as a black woman. in america trying to be this kind of a committed public servant all these years. >>the documentary can be seen this thursday in concord at the west wind drive and you have to buy tickets in advance. there are no sales at the gates or to purchase tickets go to j f i dot org slash bar, billy. you can use the promo code ca 13th. i believe all this information on our website kron 4 dot com and a little bit easier it there. so up next learn how some seniors are getting creative. during the lockdown.
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. an elderly care facility is spending its lockdown turning its presidents into rock stars. jeremy roth has that story and more in today's take a look at this. >>an elderly care home to the uk has found a unique way to show their residents totally rock to keep spirits high during a months-long lockdown the sid maher lodge care home in england decided to recreate
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iconic album covers with their elderly residents standing in for the rock stars the project covers an array of artists from adele to david bowie elvis presley, even staff members got in on the action in a killer queen cover re creation. the picks have of course gone viral making social media stars out of the folk rock stars, but the organizers says his main priority is to provide the residents, a lockdown experience that is happy and full of enjoyment. a toddler from china has become a viral sensation. thanks to some pretty remarkable basketball skills. the boy reportedly learned by watching his father was imitating them by the time he was one and all that practice has paid off in viral fame. the boy has become a bona fide people bounce and big wind boasting some 400,000 followers. never thought i'd feel bad about my social media status and athletic skills at the same time thanks body. and finally heads up now is the time to glimpse a once in a lifetime celestial event a 3
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mile wide comet named neil wise will be visible in the northern hemisphere skies at certain times of the evening for the remainder of july after that it will disappear and not return for 6800 years for take a look at this. i'm jeremy roth. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 i'm justine waldman don't forget to wash your hands and wear a mask and let's connect on social media try to find me on facebook twitter and instagram i'd love to chat and then we'll see you again tonight here on kron 4 news today, right here on your bay area's local news station have a good one.
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pandemic setback. >> despair as be leaguered small business owners are ordered to shut down once again. >> it's pretty devastating. >> extraordinary steps taken as the first late night talk show returns to the studio. >> hi everyone. >> look at the crew. >> jeffery epstein's girlfriend, will they let her out on bail. save my baby. her three week old daughter is choking to death. [ crying ]. what we can all learn from the death of glee star naya rivera. >> 1, 2, 3! >> safety steps


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