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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 13, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>news stations. you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>the same piece we want to be able to have some closure be able to do something with his legacy. >>now at 9 a berkeley family still seeking justice for years later tomorrow marks the 4th anniversary of terrance mccrary is a death. good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis a terrance was shot and killed by a stray bullet while attending an oakland party back in 2016. i first taylor bisacky return to the scene with his family tonight. >>this is the area where terrence lost his life for years ago on friday. back here his mom says it makes her
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angry knowing that his killer is still out here walking the streets freely it's very difficult for me to come on the street that i have to have resilience and strength because he would. and the kind of person terrence words. >>friday marks 4 years since 4 in 4 kerry lost her son terrence at the location. she now stands at with her husband terence senior and her daughter erica, 4 years of waiting for justice. >>that never keen i feel that it's gotten harder because the desire for a mother to want to see justice served for injustice. it's extremely difficult. >>terence was just 22 years old at the time. this was the scene that night on august 14th 2016 when hundreds of people took cover after gunfire erupted a birthday party in the 300 block of 15th street in oakland. >>it marks extreme emotion, he laid in the street here. all night long after being hit by one bullet, a stray bullet. a party where they were celebrating a friend's life
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and yet he lost to the second victim craig fletcher cooks also died police say. >>it all started from a confrontation between a group of men in fletcher cooks after he stepped in to help his girlfriend. the suspect or is why now faces murder charges per fletcher cook steph but it's still unclear who pulled the trigger for the bullet that struck mccrary to whoever did his family has a message don't know how you can sleep at night and now you get took away a vibrant like that had so much life to live. and so much to give. >>and so if you you know, you know it was you. a bus stand up be a man about what it is that you you know have that it holds itself accountable. >>we need some peace. >>on friday turns his family will visit his grave site at a local cemetery. they say 4 years is too long without any new information we're asking anyone who know something please contact the local police department in oakland taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>and now to the north bay
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where firefighters are on alert over the high heat this weekend in recent years wildfire dangers off and kicked off in late summer in the fall, but fire officials say that you should prepare and have a plan ready right now after the tubbs fire in 2017 in the kincade fire in 2019 sonoma county residents in need no reminder how fast a blaze can spread and dry brush, especially with these high temps while many might take the weekend to trim back the brush fire fighters actually advise against it. >>we see a lot of people trying to do the right thing and trying to maintain their their seasonal grasses that have dried out get that second or 3rd cut in throughout the season. but all those type of activities or looking at that stuff is excessive temperatures like this or an opportunity did to ignite a fire from a spark. >>so fire officials say you should also have an evacuation plan in place and in the age of course of coronavirus include things like extra masks and hand sanitizers on
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your list. evacuation areas will likely consist of large parking lots where people will be screened. and then sent somewhere else to socially distance. time now for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside this beautiful shot you can't get enough of a bird's-eye view of downtown san francisco. recent rodriguez on hand to tell us what we need to look out for. >>yeah and it's a beautiful night after today's very warm to hot temperatures we're about 5 to 15 degrees above average catherine so it's finally feeling a very pleasant out there. catherine and the key as we take a look right now throughout the san francisco peninsula coastline already cooling down into the 70's with 80's as you make your way inland antioch those still flirting with 90 so very warm temperatures there and current wind speeds out there right now on the calm to breezy side fortunately in the teens. but here's a live look from the east bay over berkeley should be blanketed with fog us but because of today's very warm air mass
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marine layer nonexistent and it's going to be nonexistent for the next couple of days just tracking that subtropical high cloud cover from what was once hurricane a lead it streaming through the bay area slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms for your friday afternoon and night but overall it looks like we're going to stay dry just going to notice a few more of those high clouds from remnants of that tropical storm that actually dissipated off the pacific but future cast for is going to show overall marine layer not going to be an issue even low clouds and fog mainly hanging tight along the coast, but not going to impact your friday afternoon because overnight lows tonight in the low to mid and upper 60's so it is going to be a mild night and starting tomorrow, not only am i tracking a heat advisory, but an excessive heat warning for inland valleys so noticeably absent will be the san francisco peninsula coastline, not tracking any heat advisories there because temperatures not going to be as warm as the east bay shoreline 90's for
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you for your friday afternoon highs with triple digit heat as you make your way inland, not just in the east bay valley. but even for those of you in the south bay as well with widespread 90's in triple digit heat for most of the north bay, so we could actually see temperatures topping up to a 108 degrees with overnight lows after tonight cooling down into the 60's and 70's and tomorrow's daytime highs 10 to 20 degrees above average downtown san francisco 81 degrees low 90's for oakland and hayward in the east bay shoreline. and triple digit heat as you make your way inland with conquered and and warming up to a 109 degrees, san jose, not that far behind 97 degrees but triple digit weather for santa rosa, and a bottle and some of our warmest locations taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. we're going to stay warm to hot for at least the next 7 days because the heat advisories and excessive heat warning won't expire until wednesday night back to you the key things for with these extreme temps rising over the
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next week in northern california and central california. >>the california independent system operator which manages the state's power grid is issuing a statewide flex alert for tomorrow night. pg e is urging customers to conserve electricity during peak hours because of the high heat and the predicted increase in electricity. they say they will not initiate a public safety power shutoff though kron four's michelle kingston has more on their plans for the rest of fire season during these hot summer days. >>it is definitely hot out here and it's only going to be getting hotter pg and e is staging equipment and crews throughout the bay area over the next few days so he genie is preparing for power outages and we want our customers to prepare for possible power outages as well if power goes out over the next few days, pacific gas and electric says it's because of the increase in electricity usage over the bay area and not because of a public safety power shutoff the electric company is sending out more crews and equipment to handle any
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possible outages during the extreme heat. they're also asking customers to conserve electricity in response to a statewide flex alert on friday from 03:00pm to 10:00pm they ask that you adjust your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. >>or turn it off if you'll be away from home on plug in the power strips not in use in put off documenting laundry and dish washing until after 10:00pm the genie is not. initiating a public safety power shutoff pg does not foresee the need to initiate and public safety power shutoff. >>for the next several days over the next week while pg e does not expect a public safety power shutoff during this heat wave, they are preparing for possible shots later this fire season but are hopeful they will be shorter than the one seen last year that infuriated more than 2 million northern californians. they say they're mindful that so many people are working from home right now. >>and that they have learned from their mishandling of deliberate blackouts and won't disrupt as many people's lives during the coronavirus pandemic this year the rest
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all technology on the line throughout the bay area in the high fire threat areas where we can't pinpoint more accurately where we need to shut off the power due to the extreme. >>weather threat. that's coming into a specific area so the technology is helping us i'm more accurately pinpoint who's going to be impacted who's actually in the fire's front area. >>in walnut creek michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>outdoor restaurants and shops across the bay area are but finding ways to deal with this heat wave that downtown businesses and washout us a bit taking advantage of the city's open streets program. but they hope that the he won't keep customers away from their already struggling restaurants and retail stores. but first dan thorn is live for us and watch out us tonight on this balmy evening. he joins us now with more hi dan. >>anybody that's right lots of downtown restaurant here was seen putting up on brawlers and canopies because they want their customers to be as
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comfortable as possible as the heat sets in over the next few days. restaurants of really been helped out by the open program here because it's allowed customers to calm and enjoy al fresco dining as for the retail stores, the open streets program has been a little bit more challenging. >>with temperatures teetering around the mid 90's in downtown los altos businesses scrambled to keep their customers cool. i'm all hot right now myself but brought in more on bell has and we're trying to encourage encourage people to still come and restaurants like the post on main street want people to continue to come out despite a heat wave moving through the area. they're one of many places that have set up umbrellas and canopies we are offering sunscreen and things like god pushing water, some customers however say they don't mind sweating it out to show their support for businesses already struggling through the covid-19 crisis, it's hot but it's there's no bugs in there's no humidity this is this is still pretty nice mid relies and the me
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their restaurant and other businesses are helping to keep it going in for people it's it's wonderful but for some retail stores. the heat has been less of a worry then actually getting customers to come in if they're going to close on the streets for the rest of the year which has been talked about the need to get both sides the restaurant scene to survive and so do the retailers for restaurants foot traffic continues to be a little bit of a concern with scorching temperatures looming over the next few days normally doesn't this hot here so is pretty hot. the past though it's been pretty i guess we'll see over a 100 degrees again coming up against free to do whatever we can to keep people cool. but overall i think it should a successful weekend. well the open streets program here in los altos runs until at least september 28. there have been some thoughts about extending it beyond that point. but some diners say that if you do plan on coming out over the next couple of days you should maybe come earlier in the day or closer to sundown. >>reporting live in los altos
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dan thorn kron 4 news thank you dan and his local businesses struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic palo alto city leaders are considering a proposal to add a. >>covid surcharge to customer bills but some business leaders question the timing that idea. our first has it that you has the story. >>palo alto mayor adrian fine proposes adding a covid surcharge to help businesses struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic extra amount on their bills and residents and visitors will be able to pay i think that is a way to cash their pockets and i think. given the tenor and generosity. her community think a lot of colton's will be happy to pay an extra to 5.10%. >>our local businesses to keep them afloat. >>palo alto city council member greg to knock us as he has his doubts about charging customers more money right now. >>i've talked to quite few russian owners about this comes up and the longer really worried that if they. they include mister trump's comment. you know 19 surcharge
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that people are temple lot less so that means a walker to get a lot less money this sandwich shop owners cautions not to charge customers too much or else they'll stay away here are some of the >>we feel the change one person. one percent of the 5% of the most, although they're fine says he believes that palo alto residents can handle paying a bit more to help out the local economy. >>judy klineberg of the palo alto chamber of commerce takes a different view and there are professionals there are lawyers and death yes, >>her salon owners and owners. >>so our viewers who are not able to just make the kind of contributions that the mayor has been good intentions are. it may not be possible right now. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>in the east bay community
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groups are concerned that federal money designated help stop the spread of covid-19 may be redirected to hire sheriff's deputies. crawford also bemoan ian live for us in the newsroom to try and clear up any confusion there ella the kerry spoke with 2 boards supervisors, one who voted in favor of and another who voted against hiring the new deputies to service their jail and as far as how they will be paid both told me that it was a misconception that the funding is being diverted away from coronavirus relief efforts. >>contra costa county board of supervisors voted 4 to one in support of hiring 24 new sheriff's deputies to specifically help mental health professionals give proper care to inmates who need special attention in their jail. a recent report claimed that their one 0.75 million dollars needed to cover their salaries would come from federal funding known as the cares act that is specifically meant for coronavirus prevention district 2 supervisor candice anderson who proved the new hires explains that's not the case existing deputies who took precautions within the jail to prevent an outbreak.
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we're paid from the cares act, but the incoming deputies salaries will actually becoming from the money saved as a result in the general fund. >>so the savings from the cares act and paid deputies who are going to be reimbursed because we are helping them do different jobs and they were doing in the jail previously covid related jobs that savings we can then transfer and utilize for these new positions that we need to have in the jail to really enhance the mental health services as well as just regular health services. >>the only vote against the new hires came from supervisor john gioia who agrees mental health support is vital for inmates. but believes existing resources should be used instead of the dozens of newcomers who he estimates will cost the county 5 million dollars a year i voted against >>expenditure because i believe we could located sheriff's deputies from another facility rather create new positions. while these
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were not directly fund the cares act positions, they were. funded from the general fund i still opposed. these positions because i believe at this time we did not need to create those 24 new positions. >>supervisor anderson says the current deputies removed from the marsh creek jail have already been given new roles and adds that the closure is temporary and the sheriff may wanted to reopen again, but joyous as that. it's ultimately the boards decision which they will revisit in september. >>in the meantime both agree that the county should continue to invest more into community support services that help people with mental health issues to avoid them from landing in jail in the first place live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news alright l a roughly 7,000 students with the oakland unified school district couldn't log-in for their first day of virtual classes monday and. >>that's partly because not all of them have received they're free laptops and hot spot devices that they need to connect. school officials say
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25,000 chromebooks in portable wi-fi hot spots are on their way to the oakland unified school district but their arrival has been delayed. the school district is now handing out temporary supplies to hold the students over until their permanent equipment arrives many of our students don't have those resources and and it's it's just like anything else if if someone is a textbook and you don't you can't do the same job that every student can do. >>the school district ordered the equipment back in june with money raised from the citywide oakland and divided campaign. >>in all that campaign 12 and a half million dollars. tonight we know stanford university's residence halls will basically be empty for the fall, a quarter today the university president released a statement saying that freshman sophomores and transfer students will not be able to stay on campus. the university is also planning for almost all undergrad classes to be held remotely the school will continue to offer on campus housing for some undergrads who were
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previously approved to be in residence due to special circumstances and who wished to remain on campus despite the remote instruction. san francisco police have made an arrest in the shooting that killed a man. the shooting happened around 3.20 yesterday afternoon at 4th and mission in the city's south of market neighborhood. that is where officers say they found 21 year-old frank bell tran suffering from a gunshot wound police searched a parking garage in the area and arrested 23 year-old jose alvarez for murder. it's unclear what led to the shooting anyone with information is being asked to call sfpd. the u.s. has a grim new record for the most coronavirus related deaths in a single day johns hopkins university reports almost 1500 people in the country died from it on wednesday alone that brings the total us death toll to more than 166,000 people, cnn's martin savidge reports that the outlook from experts is graham is very important the head of the cdc
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candidly admitting what many americans already. >>painfully know we were director doctor robert redfield grimly warning of what could come next. >>this could be the worst fall public health perspective we've ever had. >>invoking the memory of president kennedy redfield telling americans what they can do for their country. >>i'm asking you. the new for simple things. >>asked social distance wash your hands, be smart about routes. >>in the past week overall new coronavirus cases dropped slightly but americans are still dying at a rate of more than 1000 people a day wednesday, the deadliest day of summer so far with close to 1500 deaths a number not seen since may. >>bottom line is i'm not pleased with how things are going covid-19 testing is down across the u.s. that positivity rates continue to climb in 35 states doctor anthony fauci says that too is an indicator of bad things to
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come. >>we know now from said past experience. that's a pretty that you can have more surges tuesday marion county florida saw its deadliest day of the pandemic so far that same day the local sheriff issued a mandate banning office visitors from wearing masks also betting his deputies though he offered some exceptions. >>also in florida one day after the marion county school district reopen for in person learning an entire elementary classroom and a bus route were placed under quarantine after a student showed covid-19 symptoms that same day. president trump gave florida's education commissioner a shot out of praise. thank you great job you do in florida nationally more than 2000 students, teachers and staff across 5 states have been quarantined after at least 230 positive coronavirus cases have been reported to try and ease parents back to school peers in new york city. mayor bill de blasio pledge is every
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city public school will have a certified nurse when they reopen to all the folks who've been raising the concern i hear you loud and clear and that will be in place we have a whole month until school begins and we're going to be ready also to help parents the american academy of pediatrics releasing new guidelines on face coverings advising that apart from rare exceptions all children over the age of 2 can safely wear them saying quote just like children understand that they must wear bicycle helmets unbuckle into their car seats. they will come to learn to wear masks routinely when necessary. that was martin savidge reporting for us tonight. right before some children went back to school the u.s. saw a 90% increase in coronavirus infections among children. >>there were an estimated 180,000 new cases in children between july 9th. an august 6. coming up the tourism industry has been hit especially hard by this pandemic how much the bay area is expected to lose.
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>>and and duct tape himself to a hollywood billboard in a promo stunt. firefighters come down to safety. and the lake fire continues to rage in southern california growing more than 11,000 acres
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now it's been a while since we've heard from the jack crew a former star of mtv's jack
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show had to be rescued by the. >>los angeles fire department today that's after he duct taped himself to a billboard. in hollywood yeah, it's all part of a publicity stunt to promote his new multimedia special gnarly live streamed at all on his youtube channel. he had earlier claimed that he didn't want to waste city resources. police and fire crews though had to use a ladder to get him down who is wearing only a diaper. and check out by first responders henry least it's not clear whether he could face any charges. a worker at the allegiance stadium in las vegas was injured this morning. in an incident involving a boom left outside of 2 billion dollars facility there. authorities say that the worker was carrying out touch up work on the exterior of the mostly completed stadium when the injury occurred additional details on where the happened in all the
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details are not to be late may be available. the nevada occupational safety and health administration was opening an investigation into the incident. up next the nfl season just around the corner details on the changes being made to keep fans players and the staff safe. >>and president trump frankly acknowledged today that he is starving the u.s. postal service of money in order to make it harder to process an expected surge of mail in ballots. and next 7 cisco's biggest industry expected to lose billions of dollars because we are tracking 2 major
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wildfires burning in the state tonight we're going to begin with the ranch fire that's burning in southern california. this is video of the smoke billowing above a neighborhood and some roads in that area officials say mandatory evacuations were ordered after the ranch fire erupted in his souza and quickly spread to 2500 acres in the angeles national forest today that fire. as of tonight is 0% contained. firefighters also working to contain the lake fire that has scorched at least 11,000 acres and burned several homes in the angeles national forest that one is between santa clarita and palmdale the fire was reported just after 3.30 yesterday afternoon in the area of lake hughes and pine canyon roads, it. quickly exploded there. firefighters reported 0
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containment. guess the big question here is a is the weather working for the firefighters. well as far as wind speeds go right now, vicki wind speeds have. >>then around 15 miles per hour with gusts. upwards of 25 miles per hour. but the one thing firefighters do have to battle, warm temperatures even at this 9 o'clock hour 84 degrees with relative humidity bone dry. 25% so tracking the heat wave, not just in southern california but here in the bay area as well going to be just as warm if not warmer tomorrow compared to today 10 to 20 degrees above average with downtown san francisco and the marina district in the low 80's. so about 15 degrees above average there nearly 10 degrees above normal for those of you at half moon bay 76 on terror in pacifica in the mid 70's with low 90's for millbrae and burlingame mid-nineties for those of you in san mateo that's why you're going to be under a heat advisory and as you make your way inland tracking an excessive heat warning because a triple digit
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heat for cupertino campbell and morgan helen the south bay san jose 97 degrees hitting that century mark for livermore with widespread 90's once again along the east bay shoreline 20 degrees above normal conquered in walnut creek around a 110 degrees as is vacaville and fairfield but sonoma 98 degrees nap in the mid-nineties and santa rosa, a 101 degrees so the heat is certainly on back to you vicky alright reset is endemic is really crippling san francisco's tourism industry. a new forecast from the san francisco travel association. >>expects to see a loss of nearly 11 billion dollars of the next 2 years. our first maureen kelly has the story. >>san francisco's legendary palace hotel established in 1875. now has its entrance blocked off by planters and plywood temporarily closed because of coronavirus along with 52 other hotels in the city. so san francisco's most popular tourist destinations
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like chinatown nearly deserted with shops and restaurants dated shot. >>this is going to be a year unlike any that we've experienced a pretty much in the history of tourism in san francisco of last year was our 10th year in a row a record breaking numbers and this year, it's just all collapsed the president and ceo of san francisco travel has the grim economic outlook in 2019 the city saw more than 26 million visitors this year it's projected we will get less than 13 million est 53% drop and that's going to cost us a whole lot of money last year tourists spent nearly 10 billion dollars that total is expected to plummet 67% to just over 3 billion. >>a 7 billion dollars difference which we will feel last year in 2019. >>travelers to san francisco visitors generated almost a 100 million dollars in local taxes state governments used to pay for streets in part simply some fire in schools
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and all that kind of stuff. that's going to disappear this year driving a lot of this the shutdown of conventions and large gatherings like outside lands they expect to see more visitors return next year but do not expect a full recovery until 2025. >>and even that hinges on a vaccine or an effect of treatment. the san francisco travel association says they support the city's cautious response. but they're hoping is banned on hotel rooms for leisure travelers to be lifted soon with so much of the city's iconic tourist spots outdoors they believe travelers could still get a change of scenery safely. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>california lawmakers are coming up with ways to boost state revenue during this pandemic one proposal rolled out today attacks on california's richest of the rich the bill be 2088 would put in additional tax rate of 0.4% on residents with a net worth of 30 million dollars or
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more now they need to report all assets, including stocks bonds cash private equity or hedge funds and other financial assets to the state's franchise tax board which would manage collection. lawmakers say this would be a first in the nation law generating 7.5 billion dollars a year about 30,000 people could be tax but critics say this could push already valuable taxpayers to leave the state lawmakers say the proposal won't get a hearing or won't go through the legislative process before the session. ins at august 31st. a south bay kaiser permanente is looking for hundreds of volunteers to participate in the covid-19 vaccine trial. it's part of a global vaccine study and kron four's gayle ong explains how you can sign up. >>kaiser plans to enroll approximately 1400 participants at 4 sites in california and oregon santa clara medical center is one of those sites kaiser permanente began phase 3 of the copa 19
9:35 pm
clinical trial in late july the vaccine tested in this trial is developed by pharmaceutical company pfizer and the german biotechnology called by on tap. hundreds of volunteers are needed and will be targeted we're looking to enroll and adults who are between the ages of 1885 who are healthy. >>but we're also looking for individuals who a number of underlying conditions. who year at risk for getting caught the disease to their underlying conditions. doctor nicola klein is a director of kaiser's vaccine study center she says researchers will also be looking at individuals to their health care worker status or by being in a racial and ethnic minority neither participants nor clinicians will know who is getting the vaccine or the placebo have participants will get vaccine and half the participants will get to see them but it's a 2 dose and the doses are 21 days apart volunteers will be monitored for the next 2 years data will be gathered about safety immune response and efficacy as required for
9:36 pm
regulatory review kaiser has done vaccine testing for more than 30 years. >>and they're also involved in another covid-19 experimental vaccine co-developed by the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and moderna there's no answer when we can expect a vaccine to be approved. but the race is on on which pharmaceutical companies will win regulatory approval before the end of the year. >>if you are interested in this clinical study you have to be a kaiser patients will post a link on our website kron 4 dot com in santa clara gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>today, the president admitted that he is opposing funding for the postal service in order to block expanded voting by mail. president trump told fox business that one reason talks with democrats on a new stimulus bill have stalled. he says because democrats want more money for the post office which he thinks will lead to more mail in ballots. they want 25. >>million dollars billion for the post office that they need
9:37 pm
that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots. but if they don't get those 2 items that means you can have universal mail in voting because they're not equipped to have it. >>the biden campaign called trump's comments an assault on democracy, democrats say they will not accept a bill without postal service funding. and take care of one of their star players how george kittle
9:38 pm
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>>49 ers fans breathe a sigh of relief after the team into new deal with star tight end george kittle they agreed to a 5 year 75 million dollar deal today making kittle the highest paid player. it is a position he will like it 30 million dollars guaranteed at the signing it is a deal that the niners have been working to get done all offseason has set the mark pretty high last few seasons racking up nearly 3,000 receiving yards that is the most why a tight end in the first 3 seasons in nfl history. so okay. the nfl is using a wide array of health protocols designed to keep the coronavirus from wrecking the twenty-twenty season which kicks off september 10th, wearing masks and proximity tracker watches are required around the team facilities daily testing that is happening at the training camps, narrow hallways are now just one way. and shower heads
9:41 pm
have been removed to increased spacing there's also reduce eating in the meeting rooms. we're gonna taylor was killed 5 months ago and calls for justice are continuing t
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>>time now for 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the embarcadero joining us now meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >>yeah and we're finally
9:44 pm
noticing some relief out there for your thursday night, the key after a very warm day in the bay area tracking widespread 70's and 80's and chalk 89 degrees 30 degrees warmer than half moon bay, 59 degrees all of us certainly would want to be right along the coast, cooler temperatures there with downtown san francisco. finally reaching your average daytime high for today of 68 degrees we're hitting that at this near 10 o'clock hour with widespread 70's for those of you in the north bay and 80's as you make your way in london the south bay and east and overnight lows tonight going to be on the mild side tracking widespread 60's for most many of you may not even need a sweater during the overnight hours, especially conquer in livermore 69 degrees antioch even warmer only cooling down to 76 degrees for your overnight temperatures so we are going to have a heat advisory and an excessive heat warning go into effect friday morning and it's mainly going to impact most of the bay area away from the coastline, so downtown san francisco in half
9:45 pm
moon bay, not included because temperatures are you not going to be as warm like in san mateo in the east bay shoreline tracking widespread 90's there with triple digit heat as you make your way inland into the east bay could see temperatures upwards of about a 110 degrees also in the century mark for parts of cupertino and also near century mark for san jose, an excessive heat warning will also be in effect mainly for those of you in solano county with a heat advisory for most of the valleys of the north bay so overnight lows in the coming nights, widespread 60's and 70's and tomorrow's daytime highs, even hotter, especially as you make your way inland in the tribe valleys with conquered a 109 degrees and talk in livermore near a 105 degrees and also going hit that century mark for those of you in santa rosa and abbado warming up to 101 degrees so well above average there upper 90's for san jose with low 90's throughout the east bay shoreline and once again downtown san francisco in the 80's so taking a look
9:46 pm
ahead at the next 7 day outlook. the heat wave is going to start on friday the key but then it is going to continue with most of the heat advisories and excessive heat warnings, not expiring until wednesday night so this is going to be a long duration heat wave, make sure you do go outdoors too people probably go outside exercise walk your dog do so early in the morning or later in the evening try to limit outdoor activity during those peak heat hours around 11 o'clock in the morning through around 5 o'clock in the evening back to you the keith good advice >>in the days following george floyd's death protests and riots erupted as law enforcement struggled to regain order will now the city of minneapolis its police chief and other state leaders face a number of lawsuits connected to the unrest. jennifer mayor has the story. >>minneapolis were fraught with emotion in the days after the death of george floyd thousands made their voices heard protesting police
9:47 pm
violence. while crowds gathered and marched and mourned, they were sometimes met with pepper spray tear gas and nonlethal munitions intensified with looting and rioting the 3rd precinct taken over and burned a curfew went into place exempting the media among others in the midst of chaos journalists responded to cover photo journalist and a writer and then one of maybe it's has been a a civic unrest urban unrest, linda toronto travel from tennessee to report on what was unfolding in minneapolis. >>an experienced what she calls unprecedented levels of violence. she says these were the last picture she took before being struck by police i was hit in the face and my goggles came on. i had a laceration on the ice it was you know a lot of black lives here guys i close my eyes. i started yelling and pressed and pressed through test ers drove her to the hospital
9:48 pm
where she underwent surgery, toronto was left permanently blind on her left side. she filed a federal lawsuit against the city police chief union president dps commissioner and state patrol colonel was egregious and it was unnecessary and then it that's the reason i brought the lawsuit. >>i you know i have i have medical bills they do need to cover but more importantly i wanted to make sure that this didn't happen got and jared go yet signed on with an aclu class action lawsuit journalists were being. >>but the evidence to suggest directly targeted or at least recklessly put in danger. by police in a way that prevented us from doing our job took this video of a person on the ground. >>just before he says he too was shot in the face when i got hit right here. >>by by whatever the police or fire i had weeks eye was swollen shot, i lucky that they get treatment because that could have permanent damage his lawsuit alleges the
9:49 pm
police actions. >>violated the first 4th and 14th amendments and it lays out other journalists, the aclu says were tear gas pepper sprayed shot in the face with rubber bullets threatened at gunpoint and arrested without cause goyette is looking for accountability, i'm hoping that both the mayor and the police chief take real concrete actions. >>as opposed to just apologies that aren't really worth much got aclu attorneys, terry nelson people. >>should not have to fear going out to protest police violence the nonprofit that fights for civil liberties filed lawsuits on behalf of journalists and protesters we hope for systems change we hope that police will change their practices they will get more training and approach protests with more respect for people's first amendment right protester nikema levy armstrong says she watched. >>as conditions deteriorate
9:50 pm
adds there were no warnings to disperse they were exaggerated militarized responses to what were largely nonviolent peaceful protesters. i just found it to be unacceptable. she said her voice hasn't returned to normal after being tear gassed, but this protester class action lawsuit is about something larger irish people to stand in solidarity with those of us who are filing this lawsuit to protect all of our rights to freedom of speech. >>and that was jennifer mayerle reporting for us tonight. it's been more than 150 days since the shooting of brianna taylor and no charges have been filed against the officers involved taylor's family attorneys met with louisville's mayor today, civil rights attorney benjamin crump called the meeting with the mayor positive saying he hopes the charges will be filed in less than 50 days. >>we do expect. charges to be found. rather than later. but
9:51 pm
those responsible for the death. and the execution of brianna taylor. >>crump says the actions taken by the louisville mayor will send a message to other u.s. cities in regards to killings like taylor's. a police officer saves a man from a speeding train and sylvester stallone wants to
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
incredible video shows the minute that a man was saved from a speeding train with no time to spare jeremy roth has tonight's take a look at man in california is lucky to be alive. thanks to the heroic actions of a cop who pulled him from the path of a speeding train. the officer spotted the 66 year-old man on the tracks in a wheelchair as the approaching train to be heard. >>heart-stopping body cam shows the officer pulled the man from the chair only seconds before the train speeds bodies. the man sustained a leg injury and was taken to a hospital for treatment officer is being hailed as a hero a florida teenager is showing support for his heroes with wooden american flags, he makes himself. >>after beating a homeless veteran 15 year-old lorenzo liberty says he was inspired to show support is handcrafted about 60 flags and has raised over $13,000 in donations, benefiting veterans, special needs children and pandemic first responders. finally
9:55 pm
sylvester stallone wants to sell you a used vehicle, but it's not just any vehicle, it's a monstrous man cave on wheels. >>no rocky ride here nothing but smooth sailing in this 20 foot custom built escalate boasting leather interior surround sound flat screen tv's wi fi and more get ready for a cliffhanger the asking price is 350 k is actually a decent discount from the original cost of $409,000. it's a bit over the top, but if you have the cash and want to tango you could lock up this to long preowned today. take a look at this i'm jeremy roth. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 4, 9, rather put our primetime news continues at the top of the hour with a heat wave hitting the bay area this weekend we're going to show you how restaurants are prepping to keep customers cool offering outdoor dining and a south bay kaiser looking for volunteers to participate in a covid-19 vaccine study we'll explain how you can sign
9:56 pm
up and we are tracking wildfires burning in the state you're looking at a live picture right now over the lake fire it is burning out of control in southern california is grown to more than 11,000 acres, those stories and more just minutes away on kron 4 news at 10.
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>>news stations, you're watching kron 4 news at 10.
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>>when this hot here so it was pretty hot hoping people will come out during hot. days coming up. >>yeah temperatures about to soar all across the bay area tonight many restaurant owners say that they are worried that the heat may keep people away from outdoor dining. thanks for joining us at 10 everybody i'm vicki liviakis and we'll bring you more from concerned restaurant owners in just a minute but first meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with excessive heat warnings that going into effect tomorrow. murray said yeah and heat advisories as well vickie's so i don't think outdoor dining is going to be an issue because at night time around this time it's going to be absolutely perfect so take advantage of that early in the morning for those of you like breakfast or brunch because by the afternoon. >>temperatures tomorrow going to be even harder then today, widespread 80's and 90's along the coast and east bay shoreline, triple digit heat though already today for our tribe valleys like livermore unco


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