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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 29, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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solano county and the mountains and hills of the east bay as for the south a really quiet look at this just maybe a sprinkle right there along one o one the side that can't note anything in the south bay anymore as for current temperatures, it is chilly palo alto in half moon bay are only in the 30's oakland, you've been one of our more are more mild spots this morning. now along with pittsburgh nevado and san francisco at 45 degrees each i'm talking what else to expect this weekend and when the rainfall comes back still in the rest of your forecast all right john roadways are really slick and wet still out there they just turned on the meter in lights here at the bay bridge your commute to the fremont street exit. >>under 15 minutes to try to slow people down the san mateo bridge your commute as you head across to the peninsula. there. still under 15 minutes but we're seeing a lot of pockets of water. so you want to drive carefully. the richmond sandra fell such a beautiful site there 9 minutes as you head out of richmond and the golden gate bridge,
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your commute into the city, 22 minutes back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much rain at 8 o'clock let's talk a little bit about the latest with the coronavirus we know the johnson and johnson has just come out to say that they're single shot covid vaccine is 66% effective at preventing moderate symptoms. but the even better news is that it's 85% effective at preventing serious symptoms. so something definitely in its favor. the results vary depending on the country. here in the u.s. the vaccine seems to be more effective against moderate symptoms in south africa for instance, where they've got that mutated virus. that's currently spreading. johnson johnson is expected to have to apply for emergency use authorization with the fda come next week and hopefully that will in the long run increase the supply of vaccine that we're definitely trying to get out to as many people as possible over you just said that that that you know. johnson and johnson they don't know if it's going to work against the south african variant south africa very is here. just in
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to kron we found out that in south carolina of all places. >>there's 2 people who have that variation of coronavirus they never went south africa. they don't know each other. so that spreads a lot faster so now we're under this race to vaccinate jacket and we're really not beaten the bar because the rollout has just moved leggett was clunky and start hopefully things will start improving joining us on the phone actually right now to talk more about. >>what we're seeing in oakland is oakland mayor libby shaft good morning mayor schaff. >>how you do right now what are we going to see coliseum rollout see a big mass vaccination site. the mass vaccination site at the coliseum should be up and running by mid february and let's be clear no one has been happy about how the vaccination has rolled out but we've never had a global pandemic before in our lifetime, so. >>i am very confident that things will start feeling much more organized very but i know
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that alameda county is particularly startling because we have a disproportionate number of health care workers that we are blessed to have living in our community at least a 145,000 health care workers and so far we've only received a little more than a 102,000 vaccines. so that's why it feels like we're having to wait a little bit longer here in alameda county, but we got to take care of the people who have been taking care of us is there anything being done specifically for underserved communities that. >>i don't know maybe they can't get the vaccination centers as a way that the city or the county is reaching out to them try to bring the vaccine to them. >>absolutely everything we do starts with racial equity. we were the very first city in the region to stand up a racial disparities task force with regard to covid so we have a good infrastructure that we stood up for testing with site in the most impacted communities as we come into this phase it is going to be so important that we
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prioritize our teachers because we're all ready to get our kids back in school. and it is important that we use trusted messengers to make sure that kind of vaccine has attended populations understandably think things have not always gone well every group our that we've got to get trusted messengers to bring people along and make them feel confident that medical experts assure folks this is safe and it is necessary if we're going to get back to our lives and not lose any more of our loved ones well and you talk about racial disparities they just found they did this study and they see that line cooks that are in the kitchen and restaurant that they are underway greater risk of dying of covid and that it's more deadly for them. >>and you thought oh i thought to be waiters right because they're out exposed to more. and it's probably they think because of that demographic that are cooks so again it's
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hitting that community harder ethnic ethnic pet population, harder because of maybe they're predisposed medical conditions. >>yeah we have seen all of the racial disparities in the long-term impact really get amplified due to whether it in oakland nearly doubled the death rate in our african-american community at one point latin x infections were 20 times other groups it is now down to about 4 times but that disproportionality is something that we've got to address in the long term so that we don't see these truly unjust impacts going forward. >>now at the national word we're a few a couple weeks now into the new presidential administration are you sensing any sort of difference in terms of directives in service of support anything coming down from the federal level to help us out here locally. >>oh my gosh night and we have
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a president that doesn't call oakland a living helen isn't trying to send me to we now have partners in the white house and listen oakland is really getting the new director of national vaccinations is from oakland doctor should care from kaiser the governor has just named a blue shield and with support from kaiser permanente leading the vaccination effort here in california both headquartered in oakland, so it is great to see people in these leadership positions, but understand our community that know what the vulnerabilities are know what our needs are and are absolutely committed to helping us all right well we're all waiting to see the difference as far as arms you know getting shot in the i'm glad that the tone is better, but again we want the shots and we want to make sure and i think a lot of people are concerned about the fairness of who gets the shots first and if you're doing a thing
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like at the oakland coliseum how are you going to make sure that nobody's jumping you know ahead of who's supposed to be vaccinated at that point. >>well with the new state guidelines. there are a lot of people that are now next in line as soon as we get to those health care workers now that everyone over the age of 65 is in that next tier along with these essential workers like the food workers that you are talking it's been difficult for me as the mayor he our city workers or police officers or public works crews that have been going out to work every day during this entire pandemic feet facing incredible risk and uncertainty to get our roads paved to keep our sewer system functioning these are very critical up functions to respond to your 911 calls. it is hard to see them now mixed in with that general over 65 population but we've got to
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follow what the medical experts are telling us. the rollout has been frustrating but i think we're going to see vast improvement in the next 2 weeks, especially when that coliseum site opens up and then you've got the you've got the scary, you know race against the more contagious trains that are here now and you just reported. >>the new strain from south africa is in south carolina of all places so won't be long bay experts say before it comes to california everybody else. so you have to really feel the pressure of these different strains infiltrating the communities as well the same time. that's right and i was pretty concerned what i saw a recent poll that showed only 71% of people are ready to get the vaccine now. let us be clear if we are going to get back to normal if we are not going to lose any more of our beloved family and friends, everyone has got to get vaccinated as soon as they are able. so get that
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confidence that you but what we have to do these vaccines as quickly as possible to stop those deadly mutations can we talk a little bit the economic impact of the pandemic as well get an update from you we know that we're allowed now to have restaurants out outdoor dining the weather is horrible though, and we just did a story this week from antioch where the business owners there saying you know would help a whole lot more. >>is getting some grant money grant specifically not small interest loans or things like that that they pay back later because there already you know dying under an avalanche of building debt is an oakland do anything to help oakland businesses weather the storm until enough people get the vaccine we can get back to normal. >>absolutely although we are relying on the state they are opening a new grant period on february second will only be open for 6 days so good to see a group relief grant ca be leave grant dot org. i'm sorry dot com to apply for grants
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are not loans 5 to $25,000 for our smallest businesses you can even be a sole proprietor or a nonprofit that is who these grants are for we've got to keep our businesses going and in oakland we're continuing to take free applications for our flex street programs. more than a 120 restaurants have already taken advantage of this program to their tables and chairs outdoors onto the sidewalk into the parking spaces and i agree last week i called it mother nature's stay at home order but we are blessed generally with very good being outdoors is the safest place to conduct your business and the city of oakland is making it as easy as possible very good. thank you mayor chef appreciate the update. oh
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>>13 is a time and we're checking out the weather just in time for the weekend a break from the rain yeah, just in time guys i know that the past few days were a little rough, especially for our furry friends because they had to hold all that's what we talk dogs not one of the guys bad guys are looks like we've got some pretty totals they're looking at really did i mean look at this the past few days we saw inches upon inches of
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rain, especially down into the monterey bay area look at what we saw down along the big sur coastline will get down there actually i'm a step off camera really quick here because i need to show you what we did see down there don't pay attention to that on the screen right now because this is what i want to show you right here. we are going to be seeing a highway one closed there along the big sur coastline because what we did see or a couple landslides down there right along the central coast. heavy really resulting in some debris flows that's what we're worried about the past few days. obviously it really affected our central coast neighbors, more so than the bay area. so don't expect any big sur trips anytime soon as we do see those washout conditions continuing you'll see your camera pat long 80 loading up here in a we did seek an improved conditions on 80 compared to yesterday but still take it slow if you're heading up into the sierra nevada today as we do see some light snowfall remaining in the sierra very quiet across
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the bay area at this point. what we are going to be looking out there today is quite conditions for the north bay, the south bay as well as the peninsula and the east bay much different than yesterday at the same time when i was just breaking down continued rainfall for you we still do have some of those showers right along the central coast, but it really has quieted down from where we were earlier futurecast shows you just that today, a good one to get back out there and enjoy now tomorrow and sunday do note the potential of showers across the north bay but not really drifting south of the golden gate, so if you're heading north into saturday and sunday bring the rain jacket with you elsewhere in the bay area just do expect some cool and at times cloudy conditions but much calmer conditions and what we did see. >>snowfall pretty much let out around lake tahoe still looking at an inch or 2 to be had around yosemite national park, today's daytime highs will be in the 50's whether you're at the coast right along the bay for further inland as well. we will be at 52 in san bruno today looking at foster city at 56 redwood city at 55 for the high. well
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the south bay looking at temperatures also mid 50's for your daytime highs east bay temperatures mid 50's for you as well with hayward at 55 oakland, san leandro castro valley, right there as well. well temperatures in the north bay also rising to the mid 50's for your daytime highs later today, let's get you a look ahead at the next 7 days daytime highs on sunday and monday back into the low 60's. we also do see rainfall returning to the vast majority of the bay area come sunday night that will take us through monday and tuesday as well john thank see some newer accidents popping up in the south bay, nothing major at all blocking your commute. >>but you're looking at the trip into the city right now the bay bridge. we have those metering lights on so is backed up to that overpass the air. now you can see traffic making its way into the city, no problems we're at the limit 11 minutes to that fremont street exit and your commute as you head across the peninsula there look at that 92 westbound traffic moving along not seen any tell lies that's a good thing still very
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slick out there to take your time under 14 minutes as you head across to the peninsula there all right a look at our committee want a one san jose to menlo park 29 minutes so we're down one minute they're on the south bay where we saw tons of accidents there yesterday and we're also in the green here along highway 4 antioch to concord to 42 just at 15 minutes back to the news. >>in the buzz the weekend before the super bowl is usually when the circus begins. >>not this time the media won't be mingling with the brady bunch monday night and mahomes and the chiefs won't even touch down in tampa till 2 days before the game. >>it's just little compared to last year to get a full for another week or you don't have as many obligations as far as going to different places in media 9 everything like that. so it's a little different. but the same time there and just it's just a football game at the end of the day you to make sure you're ready matter matter when it is this is really been magical year really for me as a player.
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>>to switch teams which you know that that takes a lot and to my family and to go to different conference the fact that we're still playing is feels really good for me and understand we put a lot into it you know hopefully we go finish the job that would be the best part about the season us when the last game lice it's always been a goal when last game of the year. >>it's good to be tommy he spent half his career in the super bowl but for a rising star. like the weekend. halftime comes once in a lifetime. that's why he's spending 7 million dollars of his own money to give viewers a cinematic surprise another surprise pre football, how a tree amanda gorman is going to deliver a poem that she penned about the pandemic and then a teacher a nurse and a veteran will take the field for the coin toss short of a coin toss to weather the warriors when these days this time they got their tails be by the suns one 14 to 93 staff had 27 points
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but he only made half of the shots and he knows that is not good enough. >>you know robert c not. >>consistency by any but we do find ways to bounce back in. >>that's kept us from falling into some some only time. >>ok james so curry has kids so you think of riley said daddy, i want a pony you get one. okay not my house how about a deer. >>a boy in virginia brought home this baby deer and mom can we noble. >>so i turned my head and there it is like a little baby deer wasn't anything strange for him it was really weird down it would move his head and the deer head, the same direction and then here move back in. it was just insane. >>i love that she made sure james to snap the photo this year for yes, she's like oh there's a deer she goes like
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this and it snaps the photo i was ok we need to take a back to the woods so he can hide his mom go because he has a family yes, but the kids said he did the kids said mom. i had a conversation with this deer. and it's hungry and i want to give him some cereal. straight love it because you as we know deers are baby deer and a baby they don't know anything yet and kids don't i mean i a kid i brought him a puppy i really did like from a box on the street as i can i my dad said just which is why i want to show you this now this was my puppy, but this was durable dog having fun in the snow you're done. you know somebody he it's a it's told that he thing to keep get his head as your dog discovered snow, i it doesn't stay on very long. yeah, you don't need very much before he's up to so that's devise have a great weekend.
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>>the jobs that you had to do in the pandemic it turns out that being a line cook is really the deadliest yeah, all of these particularly bad, but
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line cooks worst of all apparently they die more from covid-19 then. >>most other professions we're cover sara stinson live from san francisco with more on this study just just as restaurants are starting service, >>yeah and this is why it's so important to get the vaccine out to these essential workers because they are putting their lives on the line we're talking people in the grocery store and we're talking about cook's as you said with the highest rate of mortality in california. you know ucsf the epidemiology department in biostatistics they looked at the numbers comparing death from the previous year to 2020 and this is what they found take a look at your screen. there's the top 5 highest at risk for death in the pandemic and you can see cooks ranked number one followed by machine operators agricultural workers. baker's and construction workers cooks alone. there's 828 deaths from march until october of 2020,
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using california death records, the study analyzed deaths of all central workers in california. last year between the ages of 1865 comparing death rates of central workers from prior years about 75% of these deaths are from coronavirus and researchers do believe in general coronavirus deaths are under reported. the study found working adults to have a 22% increase in death. well food agricultural workers site 39% increase as to why cooks have such a high risk of dying during the pandemic well the study suggests it has to do with race and those who are an ethnic groups i talked to just now with ucsf chair of epidemiologists and biostatistics we had a zoom interview, let's hear what she had to say. >>if you look a latina as we know that of the racial and ethnic groups in california which has had the highest risk death about latinos in the
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essential work category of food and agriculture have a much higher risk and just the average from what you know is in california african americans is the group that has the second and they're the sector that we find that is most frequently associated with the highest risk, the best is the retail sector, the types of work jobs that are in the retail sector include grocery store workers. >>and now the professor also said that age and race are some of the most important factor she also said in person essential workers also a likely place of high transmission that's why it's so important for places like restaurants to follow the health orders like mask-wearing and social distancing. but as we know they already are very intense with disinfecting in hand washing now to reduce the mortality rate of these essential workers. it is key. >>that they get the vaccine and a lot of these essential workers were actually
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concerned on monday when the governor said we're prioritizing age which is very important but he didn't really necessarily talk about the essential workers. the health department of california did clarify that these essential workers will be next in line to get the vaccine. reporting live at ucsf sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks sarah. >>here comes the sun coming up, i'll tell you why this could be a very big weekend for businesses and hair salons i'll tell
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>>the 29 and we're checking out the weather as will said here comes the sun, yes, looking pretty good there in san francisco, the nice shot still some clouds overhead we've got to find out from john if there's still any showers in those clouds are 4 out of it by now. yeah guys we are still looking at couple sprinkles in the hillsides but other than that we're pretty much done with it now really nice and honestly needed break from the rainfall as we work our way through the weekend ahead of us not just to get outside, but also just to allow that wet ground the rain to soak into the ground before we get more rainfall into early next week. >>let's get you a look at an equally pretty view from the east bay looking down at berkeley you can see the low clouds there in the distance and those low clouds as i mentioned have resulted in really just nothing more than misty conditions in some of our hillsides very quiet picture and radar for the north bay as well as the south bay, current temperatures are chilly with happen bay in palo
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alto in the upper 30's oakland and alameda as well as san francisco in the mid 40's right now so we're kicking off this morning on a nice but cool now that's why we're going to stay this afternoon with mostly sunny skies and cool enough conditions to keep the jackets on hand that's your forecast how's it going on the road sonnen looks great you still seeing a lot of roadway flooding. but your community and across peninsula. >>much better 13 minutes. you're coming from the east bay into the city under 12 minutes. a quick look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you can be out of richmond under 9 minutes. we're seeing a lot of road work here in san francisco highway one northbound at fulton street that lane is going to be closed until 5 o'clock in case you're wondering back to the news. >>31 and with the weather getting nice that means more people might get out and enjoy it and that could be a boost to business just in time, yeah lifting the stay home order that surely could use the business kron four's will tran in lafayette now with more on the story and there's the sun on your will.
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>>there's that side i keep moving to try to keep away from the sand because is blowing out my face is far is brightening it but hopefully it will brighten the businesses i'm in lafayette downtown. this is what it looks like predominately all over the place as they are ready. are you meaning, let's make them get a lot of business this weekend. they actually got to do this on monday when shelter-in-place was lifted but because of that heavy rainfall james and area they could not get the customers to come back, but it's all a lot better today will be better over the weekend, so they're hoping people can come out give them some money give their workers money because it's been a long winter for them keep in mind. it's only outdoors they will take it right anything's better than nothing up until december 3rd beyond from december 3rd moving forward they could only do take out. now at least the customers and
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the restaurants have more on their menus so to speak and allow them to do outdoor dining keep in mind. this is all possible because e or above to governor gavin newsome that allowed the counties to go back and make individual decisions. so we're still in the purple, it's still restrictive but being in the purple allows them to do outdoor dining you can get your haircut so eat walk down the street there's a stylist down the road there get a haircut with modifications so things are getting back to what they were before december 3rd, but he still reminding people social distance wear your mask and by all means if you go to the restaurant try to do it with their social bubble because you don't want that number as far as that 15% to fall below and then trigger another shelter in place which let's face it james and area. >>was very devastating to the businesses. >>i was are open now to give them some money as and you
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know it's a friday, let's all celebrate a win the game but i don't know they're soon enough i can't wait for all those to like go hang out. >>and well definitely since the pandemic i'm crazy temper. yeah, thank you well. >>all right time now is 8.34 new this morning. let's talk more about the vaccines. johnson and johnson says that they have a single shot covid-19 vaccine that so far. >>is looking to be about 66% effective at preventing moderate symptoms. it's actually better at suppressing serious symptoms, 85% effective at preventing those. the results vary depending on country. in the u.s. here the vaccine is more effective against moderate symptoms then in south africa were as we've been talking about they're dealing with this new more virulent a very light strain of coronavirus and its yeah also arrived here in the u.s. johnson johnson is expected to apply for emergency use authorization with the fda come next week to try to get
8:35 am
their vaccine out as well and increase the supply of vaccines everywhere. speaking of that the company novavax says that its vaccine candidate appears to be 89% effective based on some of the early findings are still there first they're seeing study that was being conducted in britain. however, the same study suggests that it's less than 50% effective against that south african strain, so we really got a race against the clock with this. still the findings may help novavax get authorization for its vaccine. in the uk here in the u.s. is going take a little while longer because the federal government here is funding a larger study and they're still finding volunteers for that study but we'll let you know when those results start to come in. >>in the east, a public health officials in alameda county are hoping in the next few weeks a lot more people will be able to be vaccinated public health officer doctor nicholas moss says that they're still working to take care of the top tier. candidates, those the front health care workers frontline workers that they have to get done and then after that they'll move on to the rest of
8:36 am
that, here's the problem is there's a concern that they're not going to have enough supply to meet the demand. >>a very large population of health care workers were a large county and vaccine supply has been limited so. much of the effort so far to date has been to make sure that we get through that phase one a top priority health care worker population. >>we are expecting to into phase one b very soon. >>right now they're focusing on communicating senator be knows what phase the run and how to get those vaccines. >>our concerns about how reopening businesses will impact one of the hardest hit communities like the latin x population make up about 40%, 42% of the covid cases in the city kron 4 taylor spoke with an epidemiologist and the latino task force. >>about what reopening could mean for these populations. >>this is the only rapid testing site in the mission
8:37 am
district which has been one of the hardest hit neighborhoods during the pandemic now as we continue to reopen more businesses latino task force says that more testing sites like this one in other resources need to be put in place while it's exciting to see san francisco businesses like restaurants reopen. it may come at a cost to the let he next community according to city data as of monday letty next population accounted for more than 42% of covid-19 cases in san francisco. >>and they only make up 14% of the city population, there's a lot of talk about reopening and bringing things back online. >>but there's a complete neglect into what's happening in some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in the state in our city. the mission currently we're doing a project with ucsf over testing practically daily. >>and when i can tell you is that we have infection rates as high as 14%. when the citywide average is 4%. but there's no talk about additional services or support to be able to ensure that as we open we're protecting those
8:38 am
that are hardest hit giangiacomo with the latino task force says. >>we're supportive services like the ones available at their 24th and mission streets testing hub are needed to protect these communities and therefore protect the rest of the city at the just janet ski authored a study supporting the need for more resources to these communities. she found that the latino populations high positivity rates are related to their higher risk jobs as essential workers in their crowded living conditions related to kind of the inequities in terms of poverty right that certain communities prior to covid wright had increased rates of poverty. and because of that they don't have an option in terms of where they can live and where they can work and whether they really can shelter-in-place and social distance he says the population is also more likely to have severe reactions to the virus when they are infected. there are more
8:39 am
likely to have a severe course including possibly death. >>and some of that is also just related to underlying risk factors, obesity type 2 diabetes, but also just access to medical care the latino task force hopes of the city and state will work together to bring more testing sites like this to the communities hit hardest. this testing site at 24th in mission reopens again on friday and 09:00am to 04:00pm in the mission district killer the saftey kron 4 news coming up next on the kron 4 morning news tax season getting underway and if you've been working from home this past year. >>you might need to fill it out a little differently or maybe you're not able to fill it out the way think are going to talk more about that and it's all start to the weekend we're back under the sunshine in half moon bay, but a chilly in half moon bay, but a chilly finally moved in. it's a great old house. good bones, wraparound porch. the pipes are... making strange noises. ♪bagpipes♪
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♪bagpipes♪ ♪bagpipes♪ even the plumbers couldn't help us. nope. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which saves us a ton. for bundling made easy, go to
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>>back in a 42 taxpayers shouldn't have to pay a little bit extra attention to this year's filings from 2020 because the pandemic kind of makes things just a little bit different first of off first of all tax filing season is going to start a little bit later because the irs has pushed back. from february first of february 12th now when you're going to start getting your forms and things from your employer and brokerage and all that stuff. another major change is that with so many people now working from home some taxpayers may try to write off those work from home expenses
8:43 am
but experts say not so fast home office tax deductions may not be available to everybody who work from home. if you're an employee and you get a w 2. >>do you you know a tax reform package that was passed a few years ago but the next few years up to 2025 employees are not eligible to what are called unreimbursed employee business expenses which includes home office expenses so if you're an employee you're not able to deduct those on your federal return you may be able to deduct them on your state return. >>if you are self employed or small business owner you may then be eligible to deduct those at home expenses. experts of course recommend you speak with a tax professional or use some of those do yourself tax programs that allow you to reach out and get your questions answered from a tax professional. >>8.3 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. and the president could be moving forward with more executive orders. some say though he's
8:44 am
going too far we'll take a look.
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8:46 am
>>46 is the time right now and we are looking at clearing skies, nice got a beautiful shot here behind us of the golden gate bridge in the
8:47 am
distance jonathan keeping an eye on all the other cameras around the bay think they're all kind of showing same thing now yeah, definitely looking at some much brighter skies than we yesterday at this time and we've really dried out across the bay area after a few light showers and isolated pockets of heavy rain at the very start of your morning that's all gone now your view outside from our timber on camera all the way to the golden gate looking really nice and clear. so we're going to stay for much of today enjoy this dose of sunshine. that's not just something we've heard but really something we need at this point ground's already saturated so a few dry days is going to work in our favor you can see the north a really nice and dry same for you in the south bay, the area that was hit hard by the heavy rain yesterday and on the southern end of the peninsula out towards fremont also nice and quiet right now we're still seeing some showers for the central coast. but even that is beginning to die down as well as your activity in the sierra nevada, so good dose of sunshine today, good chance to get outside you will notice a few sprinkles mostly just an hour hilly areas of the bay. tomorrow and sunday expect
8:48 am
some north bay showers but they're not going to be drifting south of the golden gate north san pablo bay, some most of the bay remaining dry this weekend. until sunday night when the showers finally press on into the rest of the region snowfall for the rest of the day today not going to amount to much in fact not looking at anything. for south lake tahoe for the rest of the day down towards yosemite you may see a few flurries temperatures daytime highs eventually rise into the 50's says right where we were yesterday for daytime highs so pretty familiar territory here even as the sunshine comes back out this afternoon. you're still going to keep that jacket with you all the way through the day as highs in the mid 50's will be cool to keep nice and cozy fremont union city each at 54 oakland down through castro valley at 55 degrees each well across the north bay also looking at a range of numbers from the mid 50's inland to the low 50's right along the coastline, tomorrow's temperatures will be a touch warmer as will be the case on sunday to showers push back in sunday night into monday and
8:49 am
tuesday which will be our rainiest days of the forecast john thank you so no major hot spots but i am seeing some accidents pop up in the south bay. >>your commute as you head across peninsula. there under 14 minutes shop on i 2 westbound and the bay bridge. it was a little backup earlier but now you can see your trip into the city, nice and light not the limit to that fremont street exit 111 minutes, let's check out wannacry kids are driving along 24. that's so much fog and when in the area the commutes not impacting that at all under 15 minutes as you head to 5 8980 interchange and that traffic collision like i seen multiple so not just one one along 1 one while on 85, but the one that we're seeing the most back up is northbound 87 at kuttner avenue in san jose. back to the news right now. president biden is pushing his health care agenda for world more executive actions. this time signing orders to. >>help expand. coverage now there's some pushback from
8:50 am
critics who say is he over using his executive powers in reynolds explains. >>the new administration has argued that the urgent situation facing the country requires urgent action the pandemic it said won't wait for bipartisanship to magically break out on capitol hill on that score. the president used executive action to do what he said were repairs on the affordable care act, allowing enrollment to expand back to its original intent as a way to help people who lost their jobs in the pandemic there's nothing new that we're doing. >>here other than restoring affordable care act. medicaid to the way it was before trump became president which my fia mee more inaccessible. expensive and difficult for people to call our for of those 2 care act.
8:51 am
>>for medicaid in fact, many of the president's executive orders have been about reversing those of his predecessor. so now the u.s. is back in the paris climate accords the border wall is no longer going up. and the ban on travel from 7 mostly muslim countries is no more to name just a few changes any new law back to the >>this is going back to what the situation prior to the president's second senator tammy duckworth of illinois says republicans are forcing the president's hand there's all sorts of things you could be working legislatively but again we can't get anywhere. republicans remain a block of obstructionists and yet during the campaign then candidate biden had a different take on what he's doing every working day now as chief executive we our democracy. >>some of my republican friends and someone democratic friends even occasionally say. well if you can't get the votes by executive order to do
8:52 am
something things you can do by executive order unless you're a dictator were democracy and we need consensus. it was a statement republican senate leader mitch mcconnell noted has resigned october. >>now president biden said you can't legislate by executive action unless you're a dictator. well in one week to sign more than 30 unilateral actions. the president actually signed some 24 executive orders in his first week. >>well ahead of president trump or obama george w bush and ronald reagan didn't sign any and their first week. even the new york times said the president may be overdoing it and yet white house press secretary jen psaki said the chief executive is relying on lawmakers to pass his one-point-nine trillion dollars stimulus package and more in the meantime she said he won't ignore people who are hurting he also ran with a commitment to take steps immediately to address. >>pain and suffering that the
8:53 am
american people were feeling and that includes overturning some of the detrimental harmful and at times immoral policies and and actions of the prior administration. >>dean reynolds reporting this morning again it's important to note that executive orders are not legislation they're not permanent. the next president could come along and undo much of what president biden is doing now and that's why they say legislation is the way forward from it. >>53 is the time we'll be right back.
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>>the rain caused a lot of trouble different yeah, yeah. >>well, and this is why we have so many areas were evacuated up in the santa cruz mountains because of mudslides and that's what happened here. we had a pony on the left and a horse on the right that got stuck in mud. during a mudslide and we had this video shared with. firefighters oakland-alameda hey where they were all out there rescuing both of these and is like picking up a car you can't just lift him out of the mud in this case with the horse they needed the straps yeah this was out salinas where they obviously we're dealing with. >>some of the effects of the wet weather here luckily, everything's fine. the animals were rescued they've been taken to the spca and they're going to be checked out looks like to be ok though. >>coming up in the next hour a beautiful weekend is on stories shaping up right now and it's probably going to shape up to be better for business too. now that the stay at home orders have been lifted.
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9:00 am
it's shaping up to be yeah not only is the finest hour on the finest day friday, but on one of the finest forecast we've had all week long it's been so wintery and asked the trifecta to go technical weather turned right and friday's you so much better after having so much rain this and knowing that you get sunshine today which is already making for really nice start to the day it's a little chilly out there as that happens on our sunday morning. so you just get out there with the jacket ready to go don't worry about the umbrella today though you're really good for the rest of this one. let's get you a look outside from mount tam you've got a little bit of cloud cover but also some sunshine shining on the bay down below a nice little mix of both we aren't seeing any rainfall lingering for the bay itself, although the sierra nevada and parts of the central valley are seeing showers once zoom in on the bay, it's really quiet out there. some of those low clouds are making contact with the east bay hills so little bit of a foggy view as you're crossing routes like 24 in the east bay and 17 in the south bay. >>but really all in all it's


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