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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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vicki the weather has really hit the entire vaccine distribution system. workers are snowed in road closures have blocked shipments and then vaccination sites a lot of them are still without power. but with all that being said the white house did emphasize today that all of these delays should be temporary. >>save lives and make lives better on a tour of pfizer's manufacturing site in michigan president joe biden observe the production of the country's covid-19 vaccines in real time extraordinary work to speed on to undertake the most difficult. >>operational challenges this nation has ever faced winter weather this week delayed the president's trip and as covid response team reports it also slowed the distribution of 6 million doses of the vaccine all 50 states have been impacted andy slavitt the team senior adviser says deliveries of the shot or behind about 3 days but more than 1 million went out friday we anticipate that all the backlog doses. we'll be live delivered within the next week they are safe
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and they will save cdc. director doctor rochelle walensky encourages americans to get vaccinated even with a new cdc report revealing about half of recipients don't feel well for a short time after their second shot this should not deter you from getting your second does, but you need to have a light fitting of activity after getting vaccinated while the u.s. remains focused on adults new studies are in the works about the vaccine's safety for children we will likely get information. >>for high schoolers at some time in the fall doctor anthony fauci says that could mean the start of child vaccinations with data on younger kids expected in twenty-twenty to the final decisions we always leave to the fda. >>and as the fda continues to evaluate the country's 3rd coronavirus vaccine. the white house is opening more community vaccination centers, the team just announced today 4 in florida and one in pennsylvania that will be able to eventually that vaccinate
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thousands of people every day once up and running live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >>thank you jesse pfizer is seeking approval now from the fda to store its vaccine. at higher temperatures potentially making distribution much easier right now pfizer's vaccine has to be stored in those ultra cold freezers between -76 in -112 degrees fahrenheit. the company's now submitted new data to the fda showing the vaccine can remain stable between -13 -5 degrees. if the fda grants, the request it would make logistics of delivering the pfizer vaccine much easier potentially speed up distribution and pfizer is also started a large scale clinical trial to the safety and efficacy of the vaccines on pregnant women. the company hopes to enroll for 1000 pregnant women across the globe in this trial. >>participants in the u.s. they've already received their first doses. the trial is expected to wrap up next year
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meanwhile moderna has launched a registry to track pregnant women whom are receiving the shot they cvs health says it will be contacting americans living in underserved communities to try to help them schedule covid vaccine appointments. >>phone calls e-mails and text messages will be part of the outreach. >>cbs will also hold vaccine clinics and we'll send vaccination caravans into neighborhoods to try to make it easier for people to get the shots. according to the company nearly 8 in 10 americans live within 5 miles of a cvs and state officials here in california warren texas texas officials actually warned that they're not out of the woods yet with temperatures still well below freezing president biden said he spoke with texas governor greg abbott by phone late yesterday and says that he will be working relentlessly to help get texas what they need our anna wiernicki is in washington now with more on how the president is directing
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more federal agencies to help out. >>president joe biden says he wants to travel to texas next week where millions of residents are still without safe water some with no power if in fact. >>it's concluded that i can do without creating a burden from the folks on the ground while they're dealing with this crisis. i plan on going fema is already on the ground in the state with critical resources like generators diesel water and blankets on friday, the president said he's asked the agency to accelerate its response. >>and speed up a request for a declaration of the major disaster in texas and god willing it will bring a lot of relief to a lot of texans on thursday, the department of health and human services declared a public health emergency for the state and biden is calling on other agencies to also step up and help i've health and human services hhs housing and urban development. us department of agriculture. the department of
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defense to identify other resources. other resources that can provide an address. the growing need. none of this had to happen texas democratic congressman joaquin castro says the state would need to rely on washington if state leaders had done their job there's been an utter lack of preparation the left. >>of the state's power system by texas republican dan crenshaw says the shift to renewable energy is to blame tweeting had been more relying on the wind turbines that froze the outages would have been much worse. in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. >>all switching to our weather here in the bay area, this is a live at the embarcadero the bay bridge in the background there they actually figure out just lawrence karnow is here looking at that large hail is feel how our weather is you feel for those folks down in texas in so many other parts of the country. yeah amazing system that dropped through this is kind of the equivalent of like a cat 5 hurricane but
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a cold storm dropping in the central united states and that's what they just experienced today though for the first time. >>in about 5 days they're finally above freezing in dallas right now sitting at 33 degrees is 27 in oklahoma city so still getting ready for another incredibly cold night ahead in fact these temperatures dropping down to about 22 in dallas, 17 a little bit further to the north there but it is going to be another cold night but here's the good news. i think as we get toward tomorrow afternoon we're going get out of the 30's in the deep south you're going to be up in the 40's and even better than that how about near 60 degrees by sunday after that we really see a big change in the weather pattern in the deep south. those temperatures under high pressure likely to soar by tuesday probably the mid 60's, so that you get a chance to thaw but now here comes all the cleanup and all the things they have to take care of. it is just going to be a mess there much of texas not prepared for a cold snap like that guys. >>all right lawrence coming up president biden's strong message to us allies that the
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virtual munich security conference today. also capitol rioters are making their case for why they should not be punished for participating in the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol. so drive gone wrong we're going to tell you a couple the flan on spending their weekend in paradise may be facing federal charges.
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>>get louisiana couple has turned a trip to paradise into now felony charges said the pair is accused of trying to bribe a tsa agent in order to skirt hawaii's covid rules. john troll white and nadia bailey were arrested here at the honolulu airport. officials say they offered an airport screener $3,000 to look the other way and let them bypass that 10 day quarantine the agent though immediately contacted airport deputies the couple was arrested booked in sent back to louisiana. hawaii lets travelers skip the quarantine if they produce proof of a negative covid test within 3 days of having arrived in hawaii. >>a rare sight in louisiana, this a video shot on lake of pfos point shows trees on the lake covered in ice winter storms dumped a ton of snow and ice in the deep this week, the cold weather could persist through the next few days.
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louisiana's governor has asked the white house for a federal disaster declaration that help handled this crisis and its san antonio, a massive fire here engulfed an apartment complex leaving a chunk of the building. >>completely burned officials say the fire really got out of hand because they were unable to use the nearby fire hydrants because of the freezing weather trucks from across the region, we're forced to rush over with tanks holding thousands of gallons of water to eventually help them get the thing under control nobody fortunately was hurt, but nearly 100 people are now displaced. >>still ahead, it's not just the bay area, the washington lawmakers to say anti asian hate crime across the country
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>>lawmakers on capitol hill are denouncing violence against asian americans congressional leaders held a virtual news conference today to blast the disturbing rise in anti asian hate crimes are catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here with more catherine yeah well since the pandemic began particularly since then there's been a wave of verbal physical attacks on asian americans. >>and pacific islanders. lawmakers in washington they're now despairing of a problem that only seems to be getting worse. what started as dirty looks and verbal salt has escalated to physical attacks and violence.
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>>the bay area knows what that kind of violence looks like all too well, including this cowardly brutal attack on a 91 year-old man and oakland's chinatown another heartbreaking scene, the came barreling across the street to knock over an 84 year-old man in san francisco. he later died. there are vigils. there are calls for hot lines for new task forces. speaker nancy pelosi today called it domestic terrorism white supremacy. >>is is the of concern when it comes to domestic terrorism and that don't take that for me that's what director of the fbi said in september. >>it's not just the bay area of course this was a recent incident in seattle another one in new york. lawmakers today say that there have been more than 3,000 anti-asian hate incidents reported
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nationwide in just the last year, many tied to the coronavirus pandemic and some blame donald trump. >>donald trump and republicans double down on using slurs like we'll virus china plague and can flow. and that tactic succeeded in promoting stigma. doctor king has made clear. >>that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere so all of a stand with the asian-american community. until we can put this scourge to an end. and we will. >>the lawmakers say this problem has reached what they called a crisis point they are pushing for congress to pass the no hate act that's aimed at improving hate crime reporting they're also asking the justice department to follow up on president biden's executive order addressing the problem. grant. >>thank you catherine new details now surrounding that january 6th capitol siege dozens of capital riders are
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now saying law enforcement let them reach the building. those comments come as federal authorities continue pursuing individuals to took part in the insurrection according to new reports at least 29 people arrested for their alleged roles in the day's events claim they were free to enter the capitol building because police did not try to stop them. at least 35 capitol hill officers are being investigated 6 officers have been suspended. >>the u.s. is officially back in the paris climate accord comes a month after president biden signed an executive order on his first day in the office. reversing the former president's withdrawal from the international change pact. secretary of state anthony blinken said today that the threat of climate is that the center of our domestic and foreign policy priorities. some republicans have criticized the rejoining saying the move will raise energy costs. many world leaders are happy to have the u.s. back those saying it is largely symbolic. in his first
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big appearance on a major world stage president biden called on fellow world leaders to prove to people that democracies can still deliver the president is hoping to turn the page on the america first approach former president trump took. >>we have to our mom isn't a relic of history. this is the single best way to revitalize the promise of our future. and if we work together with our democratic partners with strength and confidence. i know we'll meet every challenge and outpatient every challenger. >>in a virtual conference the president took russia to task for its destabilizing activities in cyberspace. accusing the country's leader of attempting to destabilize europe. he also says that he would withdraw troops from germany and voice support for nato. the president also says that the u.s. would chip in 4 billion dollars to covax it's a fund aimed at
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distributing covid-19 vaccines to 92 low and middle income countries. president biden also said today that the u.s. is to be in talks to re enter the iran nuclear deal which the trump administration abandoned the obama biden team negotiated that deal back in 2015. inspectors say that since the deal ended iran has increased its uranium enrichment. well last night we got some. >>showers overnight and talking to lauren sounds like we may be in for a repeat this evening, yeah, lawrence does tell us that we have a little more rain in the forecast. yeah i think we had a quick hitter coming by tonight guys i mean this one probably only last no more than a half an hour but one that comes in you're going to know what's there there's the possibility of some heavier downpours and maybe even a lightning strike has got some cold air that's on the way right now though yeah we're getting ready for the weekend friday night, but you got to get away forecast for the weekend certainly if you're headed the monterey bay little breezy in spots tomorrow little blustery about
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monterey carmel by the sea temperatures there in the 50's laguna out of the race track little slick there in the morning with some rain but after that should dry out very nicely a southern california talking 60's and some 70's also been on the breezy side but really some very very comfortable weather there in the high country some snow showers coming through tonight maybe early tomorrow morning so be careful that the temperatures a little chilly though 20's and some 30's up there as well all right, here's that storm system i was talking about look at that nice little swirl so it's going to pack a little punch as this comes through tonight, it's still a ways away but we're going to feel the impact later on tonight to re closer to midnight, we'll see that coming on through and then started for at least a little bit anyway temperatures in the 50's in the 60's around the bay area now overnight tonight you see the storm system rolling on in so mostly evening, not bad after 9 though then things changed midnight hour. you've got some pockets some heavy downpours as that system moves through parts of the north a sweeping across the rest the bay area as we head toward 1 o'clock one 30 in the morning that kind of moving out of town early tomorrow morning. so we're done with that so once
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we get through that looks like it is long gone and we've got a nice day ahead, but it will be brisk. it will be a bit on the windy side near the coastline for tomorrow and calming down though as we head into sunday by monday and tuesday we're talking about temperatures up in the 70's around the bay area so nice weekend ahead just sign everywhere no drops it off no unfortunately, the polar rain out so yeah, no more rain after this one comes through for a while ok. all right lawrence tell us in case one snakes music think still to come. some people are calling it the hottest act right now. >>it only requires using your voice will introduce you to clubhouse after the break.
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>>what happens causing a lot of buzz in the tech world. >>silo to clubhouse apparently you need is your voice rich demuro explains what clubhouse is all about clubhouse is one of the hottest apps around think conference call the with the coolest people you know like elon musk. >>today, i'm breaking down exactly what you need to know about this new audio only social network. >>the hottest new app isn't about pretty pictures with the means or choreographed dances clubhouse is conversations it's almost like a conference call that takes place live on the internet and anyone can join amber mack is a tech expert with the popular
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newsletter and podcast i think people like that it's not video so it's pretty easy to pick up your iphone into one of these conversations clubhouse is an app that so far is just for iphone and you need an invite to get in once you're inside you picture interests in the app shows you rooms where people are having conversations on those topics when you get into the club has universe one of the things that you'll notice is that there's not really an end to some of these ram so it's very flexible as far as the format on my radio anyone can start a show on like pod casting everything is live and not recorded, but i think for a lot more casual when it comes to voice in a little bit looser rooms have speakers to moderate the conversation listeners can raise their hand to speak or ask a question clubhouses got a big boost from early tech adopters one of the biggest conversation so far involved elon musk the app has been criticized for collecting users address books and using that dia to grow the network but i think it's going to be a few more months until the average person sees a lot
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of content on clubhouse that attracts them to that platform might be one of those social networks when you wait a little bit. house is already worth an estimated 1 million dollars but they do have some competition coming their way from both twitter and facebook or both building their own audio chat tools. >>sounds like this will be a standard feature of social networks in the future learn more about clubhouse to my website rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >>yeah my kids trying to get me on clubhouse you not club housing and i'm not tech smart, but you know the kids are so i know all about eventually whole from all be doing it taken but that's life and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 still to come though on kron 4 news at 6 governor newsome. >>is now criticizing a plan by lawmakers to get kids back in the classroom. why he says their plans only delay schools reopening and east bay school district under fire for making negative comments about
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parents. when they thought they weren't being heard we're going to. all the fallout from that debacle the news at 6 is next.
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>>safe reopening schools for our youngest kids.
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>>some suggesting today that he would veto the lawmakers schools reopening plan. he says it sets the bar for resuming in person instruction that is far higher than what scientists say is safe good evening, everybody thanks for being here on this friday for kron 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis governor newsome that he will not support state lawmakers reopening plans. but he says. >>the state will provide more vaccines for teachers moving forward. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest now. >>the proposal is scheduled for a formal vote monday. the plan aims to reopen elementary schools in mid april and would require the state provide vaccines to teachers and staff preparing for in person instruction bill details were put into print friday. unfortunately was put into print with slow down the process of reopening our schools and that is something i can support the governor and legislature don't agree on


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