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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we'll see you next time, guys. thanks for being here. so long. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> from >> the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> and mark your calendars just over a month from now. you won't have to wear a mask everywhere you go. california set to get rid of some of its a mask rules when the state plans to fully reopen on june 15th. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus will that be governor explaining some of these changes at a press conference earlier today kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> joins us live with some details ashley, people here. you can get rid of the masks. it's like hallelujah.
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>> hallelujah. but to appoint governor gavin newsome today said the state is prepared to eliminate its outdoor mask rules on june 15th when the state plans to reopen. but it looks like some indoor rules will remain. >> the bottom line is we'll go back to most broad strokes semblance of normalcy with california's targeted full reopening date about a month away. governor newsome says that's when his administration will be prepared to get rid of outdoor mask mandates, outdoor masking if week. >> reach that threshold where we hope to be will be substantially. fact will be eliminated. current state mask rules allow fully vaccinated people to go without a mask. and most outdoor settings with the exception of massive gatherings like live sporting events performances and festivals. meanwhile, those who were not vaccinated have to wear them in those settings and in other settings where physical distancing is not possible. as for getting rid of the indoor mask rules. governor newsom says california will likely have them beyond june. 15th indoor activities.
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>> we will still have likely some mask guidelines and mandates. but we hope. sooner than later. but those will be lifted as well. the governor mentioned the mask rule changes on a stop in monterey county while promoting his proposed state budget. the comments were his attempt to clarify what he reportedly said a day earlier in los angeles. >> the governor telling a reporter after june 15th there would be no restrictions, no mandates on businesses, large and small with the exception of massive indoor gatherings. >> now the governor said the state would be updating its mask guidelines. but he didn't say exactly when reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. all right. thank you, ashley. meanwhile, governor newsome also wants to make pre kindergarten free. >> for all 4 year-old see aims to fully implement that plan by the 2024 school year. it would cost nearly 3 billion dollars a year to do it. the governor also announced proposals for universal after-school programs. so as
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mental health screenings for students tutoring programs and money for schools to hire additional support staff. this new education spending package can happen. he says because of the states surprise budget surplus. >> the other big story we're following for you tonight. a cdc panel has endorsed pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids as young as 12 clearing the way for shots to start as early as tomorrow. the doses in the scheduling of appointments for the first and second shots are said to be the same as they are for adults here in california might turn dot com is expected to release to the younger age group beginning tomorrow that snow where the covid vaccines will start to be administered to kids. >> at this san francisco city college vaccine site this weekend ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland on monday. kron four's, a secret. you spoke with the bay area pediatrician about what parents need to know before taking the kids to get the vaccine.
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>> now that a cdc advisory committee and the american academy of pediatrics, both endorse using pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids 12 to 15 years ago. what do parents need to know if they're planning to get their children vaccinated. doctor herrera's a pediatrician at san ramon regional medical center. >> making sure, you know, is pfizer vaccines just approved for kids between the age of 1215, in. after a study proved that the vaccine safe >> reliable in children. it is important to note that in the state of california a parent or guardian must be present to give consent that a child can be vaccinated. someone would need to. >> give the parents a brief about the vaccine and then parent would have to sign off that they understand there's risks and benefits. the vaccine. he says the study shows that the side effect profile for a child is similar to adults who get the vaccine, including injection site pain, fever and fatigue and it was more faty and noticed in that
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group in. >> so there is going to be a precaution for that kids to be watched carefully after they received their vaccine. health professionals say children getting the covid-19 vaccine may help alleviate some of the anxiety about children being the carriers of the virus when they return to their classrooms in the fall. however, vaccine hesitancy remains an issue doctor herrera talks about the results of a recent study. only about 30% of the parents. would give their children vaccine. the vaccine without in. has it been city. >> and i think with education and knowing we have the studies that are it is safe and effective in children with little education will it feeling increase those numbers haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> a big vaccine milestone in oakland today oakland mayor libby schaff says 50% of eligible adults are fully vaccinated in a tweet today. the oakland mayor said that 70% of those eligible have received at least one shot the
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mask back site at the oakland coliseum is scheduled to close later on this month. on may 23rd. >> that's a breaking news. a fast-moving fire is spreading in l a county. this is a live look from the antelope valley that is southeast of palmdale. this fire has. >> now burned more than 180 acres. >> one structure has been destroyed. 0% containment and just within the past 15 minutes or so of accusations have been ordered so the fire started about one 30 this afternoon. firefighters safe, stiff winds are making it spread quickly making it hard to fight. there's a lot of dense brush. you see these live aerials here. crews making water drops also putting doubt fire retardant trying to slow it down again, 180 acres have burned as well as the structure. we'll continue to monitor this situation as evacuations have been ordered the order goes for residents south of highway
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one 38 to pine view road in from buchanan road east to smoke tree road. so if you have family or friends in that area. obviously try to get in touch with them. we'll keep you posted here throughout this broadcast and always on kron. 4 dot com. turning now to the worsening drought which obviously is connected to this whole fire business. and there are really growing worries as we move into mid-may about how much water we have. yeah. what's the impact on the ability to fight these wildfires and where does the water come from. >> kron four's rob fladeboe. he's been talking with cal fire about all of this and joins us now live from morgan hill to tell us what he's learned. rob. >> well, try to vicki and the drought is only going to make this worse. we know water can be pretty scarce and some of these remote areas as it is. the drought is only going to make that a whole lot worse summer wears on. here's more. >> well, the drought can affect dramatically with fire
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season upon us cal fire's pant. herman says some of its usual water sources are already in short supply with the drought. we're starting to see these available resources of water either. get smaller shrink or completely go away as reservoirs disappear. firefighters will look for alternatives like ponds and streams or someone swimming pools. >> we have the ability to draft water from those water sources which allows us to refill the engine so they can continue. >> fighting fires hydrants and local water systems are a further water source but often unreliable in rural areas hit by drought. more often than not water will have to be trucked in the a water tender. >> this one holds 3,000 gallons as a portable tool that can resupply strike teams on the ground. >> when we start working vegetation fires, larger incidents. we have to pull in more water tenders from outside of the area to help us
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fight that fire. the lack of water may mean more. why on the use of fire retardant from above and on hand crews which have been greatly expanded this year as a result of the drought. >> where we use in shovels and so forth. clearing brush, anything we can to try and mitigate it. >> bottom line. water is where you find it and people are stepping up to help. >> we also have the public pool occasionally contact us a look at. i've got a large pool in my backyard. if you guys ever need to get water from there. this is where i live. you're more than welcome to come in and get water out of the pool. >> and this, of course, is by no means cal fire's first drought and they have been doing their homework. timmerman tells me most of the pilots they know exactly where to find the water in some of these remote areas. only question is will there still be water there when the time comes, if and when they need it. live in morgan hill. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> thank you, robt we'll stay in the south bay, santa clara
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county residents will see an increase in their water bills starting this summer. the county's board members just approved a 9.1% increase last night in water rates. that is for the upcoming fiscal here. the average customers will see an increase ranging from $4.30 to $4.82 a month. that starts on july first ends on june 30th of next year. the board's chair says the money will pay for drought related expenses which may cost about 2.5 billion dollars san jose mayor sam liccardo is against increasing the rates. he said it will not help improve the water supply for that community. >> happening tonight in the east bay. the town of or raga rather will be discussing a proposal to consolidate the moraga orinda fire district with the contra costa fire district. many people oppose that proposal, especially since fire season, of course, just getting started. citing that the consolidation will affect response times. the
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idea to merge fire districts came up in 2000, 9 as well. but it was shot down. one county supervisor hopes the same result will come out of today's discussion. >> mean, in their emergency medical response times. they're dressing fire safety particular fire. there really would no reason for a sick on fire to even think that seen them have. >> the town councils in contra. costa county are going make the final decision tonight, a meeting and we will have an update tonight on kron. 4 news in prime time. >> fire weather. time. now as we take a live look outside. really cool shot as the fog is creeping in across the bay area. this is the view from our camera on sutro tower. and we've been talking about obviously our weather here, but also the wind county and you just worry about. that is a live look as we dip in here, crews have had a hard time getting a hold of this fire that started this
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afternoon at about one structures already burned more than a 180 acres. 0% containment as we're here mid may. and they're talking vicki about. how the winds were really making it difficult. yeah. that's the scariest these winds, we are getting a little moisture in our air here. but yeah, by and large. >> dry windy. yeah. very, very dry out there. obviously love the grass is already very brown. and yet these afternoon sea breezes this what we'll see. >> play right through the summer that fog a nice thing to see as well. nice hand the fog kind of reaching out over san francisco right now going to be stretching in the bay as we head throughout the night tonight that bring with it a lot more moisture. in fact, these next few days. it's going to be reason to windy in spots. but the moisture content in the atmosphere is going to go way up. and that means well, a fire danger should come way down as well. you see that fog bank and all along the california coastline all the way into southern california are seeing that right toward the beaches. now it's a fairly shallow marine layer about 1500 feet. so it's
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probably gonna keep it just inside the bay. maybe couple of valley start to see a little fog overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. but you see there all along the coastline today continue to see the fog and low clouds, of course, keeping those temperatures on the cool side, winds kicking up again, though, the breezes are blowing afternoon breeze. this we're going to see all summer long. get the warm temperatures in the central valley. the atmosphere begins to lift their the polls and all the cool air from the ocean. and so we'll get those general sea breezes right through the summer months. of course, if you get winds like this, you get some fires that could be a problem. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, make sure your cell phone is handy. kron 4 has a special section. it's on our website just for wildfire resources. >> you can use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code and it's going to take you directly to our web page there. you can find tips on creating a defensible space all around your home. some evacuation checklists and other wildlife preparedness tips again, just scan the code that you see on your screen right now and it will take you right to our wildfire resources page.
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>> but you've likely heard about that pipeline shut down after the hacking people panic buying long lines at gas stations that californians are seeing higher prices at the pump for a totally different reason. >> plus, you'll want to get away. well, lets folks are making summer travel plans for an explore. some of the hottest destinations this year and one day after the 8th drop the hammer threatening to leave oakland. we talked with the former a's executive. >> who has helped lots of protein, build new venues. talk to him about where he thinks this stalemate is headed. race fans. pretty good news.
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>> all right. the a's today oakland mayor libby shaft told kron 4 that she and city council are working on the a's proposed new waterfront ballpark with a goal of resolving this whole mess before the current council session ends. that's in july. that's not a guarantee, though. so is the team stated yesterday. the team is going to follow major league baseball's directive to explore other markets, other home split. here is some good news for a's fans. former long time a's executive andy dolan who really knows what he's doing. he's been a part of the new ballpark process for several pro teams and he cited 3 key components to getting this job done. teamwork leadership interest while the a's ownership and city might
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not quite be there right now. and we know they're not dole. it says he does not think the a's will be going anywhere. >> can you find me a better location with more disposable income high tech and a greater fan base that oakland california, no. so the relocation threat eye view. it's just that another tactical threat without mister fisher. sharing his overall strategy with the constituencies that are most important, which are his facts. >> mister fisher being the billionaire owner air of the gap and levi's fortune did say he believes the site. the a's have chosen for their waterfront ballpark which e see here in these renderings howard terminal site. jack london square is one of the most complicated possible locations, though it says he's not quite sure why both the team in the league are reluctant and now they say
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unwilling to build there. new ballpark on the current coliseum property. >> san francisco city hall is going to open up to the public on june 7th mayor london breed and city administrator. carmen chu announcing that reopening date today. city hall. it was shut down back in march. of 2020 and has not been open for the general public for almost 15 months now starting monday june 7 city hall is going to reopen for in-person services, including weddings applying for marriage licenses obtaining birth and death certificates reporting any documents and registering businesses. in the race to unseat california governor gavin newsome, former san diego mayor and republican candidate kevin faulk. their unveiled the latest proposed tax cut largest one in state history. yeah. this will get your attention. he was in emeryville wednesday afternoon discussing his proposal. it is designed to make living the california dream more affordable. he says it is just too expensive to live here. >> and the middle class is suffering the most.
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>> our campaign that's about the middle class and those aspiring to get there. it's about restoring opportunity. and optimism. it's about leading a real california comeback. so the working men and women of our state can finally get a break. and finally get ahead. and afford to live in this great state. >> if he wins faulkner plans to completely eliminate state income tax for people making less than 50,000 a year and households making less than 100,000 a year. people making up to a million dollars a year he says will be afforded some tax relief and those who make a million or more year will not see any changes to their state income tax such massive tax cuts would reduce the state's annual revenues by some 15 billion dollars. but with the state's expected
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76 billion dollars surplus, faulkner says the state can't afford it, ok, so as far as the recall goes, a date. it has not been set. not yet anyway, voters who signed the petition. >> they have until june 8 to request removal of their signatures. yeah, you can do that if enough signatures remain after the june 8th deadline. then the recall we'll be certified and it will then move to a budgeting and schedule phase. and based on the remaining timeline election is likely to take place in october of this year. >> still dhead, you might say it's depressing to think about the white world health organization panel says this pandemic. it was preventable. >> and wheels up. more and more people are feeling comfortable flying and vacation. but travel expert has to say about what you can expect this summer.
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>> the californians are packed our bags of making reservations as the summer travel season gets an early start. yeah. exciting with more people getting vaccinated and travel restrictions easing californians are making plans for but they believed to be much needed getaways. jennifer mcgraw has some of the hottest destinations. >> after a year of loss and canceled plans. americans are eager to pack up get out. i think everyone wants to get the. >> a lot of time. you'll say yes. >> they double vaccinated. >> experts can confirm 60%
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more travelers expecting to hit the road or flying the friendly skies. this memorial day than last year and even more this summer road trips are still going to be the name of the game for a lot of folks. 92% of. >> folks who surveyed say they will travel by car this summer. >> gabe with travelzoo says there's a pent-up demand. >> beach destinations are going to do quite well. the summer open-space getaways, national and state parks will do quite well. those reservations are already wrapping up and there's some good deals in the city. just a lot of value in the sort of urban centers downtown los angeles. hollywood union square in san francisco. midtown manhattan. we're seeing some fantastic rates by hotels. why? because business travel isn't happening. but you need to book now the early part of the day. the summer season is still a very, very quickly. the latter part of the summer season still showing some opportunities. and while there's more people willing to fly. the tsa seeing record said almost on a day-to-day basis. it's still
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far less compared to prepandemic which could change over the coming months. >> getting there. know that we are all getting vaccinated. i think it will be safe now. >> and still ahead on kron 4 news at 5 gas prices are going up all across the u.s. but for different reasons why the west coast is seeing a spike. plus a changeup in republican leadership. the latest on liz cheney's how staying and football season. first a ways off. but we do know who the niners and the raiders are going to play this year. a look at the newly je
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>> welcome back. we have live breaking news coverage here of a fire burning. >> in los angeles county. this is the video from the camera on the chopper with our sister station ktla. one structure has already burned 180 acres have gone up and there are now evacuation orders in place. >> and you can't really tell from that shot there. there's been fire that has been dropped on the area and looks really can't see too much from this vantage point. but that fire was picking up and spreading because of the winds down there. yeah. this is the antelope valley area. it started about one 30 this afternoon in the area of highway. >> one 38 and the evacuation order was just announced right before we went on the air at 5 o'clock. it's for residents
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south of highway one 38 to pine view road in from buchanan road east to smoke tree road. so we'll keep an eye on this and when developments warrant, we will break in, let you know about them. >> in a national news tonight the republican party removed congresswoman liz cheney from her position as the gop conference chair kron four's, washington correspondent basil john reports now on reaction to the vote and who could take her spot. >> we cannot embrace the big lie and embrace the constitution during a closed door meeting. house republicans voted wyoming congresswoman liz cheney out of her leadership role because of her ongoing criticism of former president trump. we cannot be dragged backward. by the very dangerous lives of a former president. illinois congressman adam kinzinger says cheney should not be punished for her stance. truth cannot coexist with lies. truth cannot coexist with fall so you cannoni


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