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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  May 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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4 news at all. >> the mask mandate. we have to answer all the questions you it would be asking us how do you enforce what does it look like in the schools. the teachers wear them. but the kids teachers don't what happens when you starbucks is we're going to continue doing better. you can acquire forsman and businesses are not. i mean it that there's a whole host of complexities that we all have to work through. >> so everybody has questions apparently if you do have questions about the future of facemasks. you are not alone. even governor newsome and state health officials trying to figure out exactly what to do next. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm catherine heenan and i'm dan thorn yesterday's surprise announcement from the cdc has left state health officials scrambling to issue new guidance on wearing face masks as of now in california, you do still have to wear a face mask even if you're fully vaccinated that could change it. basically any time. california health and human
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services secretary doctor mark galli says expect an update soon. >> we'll see what we're able to come up with today. really don't know quite yet, but we are prepared you know, do this pretty quickly whether it's today up into the for some time over the weekend. we >> so while we wait for the state to update the guidance on masks bay area counties. they are getting ready for change is kron four's phillipe djegal reached out to county leaders to see where they stand on face mask guidelines contra, costa solano and alameda county public health department say they intend to follow the state's direction on masks. greene county planning to do the same. 85% of that population has received at least one dose of the vaccine and what's clear is that those who choose to get vaccinated are allowed more liberties with the mask. although businesses may still require face coverings regardless of how the state responds to the centers for disease control and
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prevention's recommendation it's much like business can say no shoes, no shirt. no a business has a right to enforce certain public health guidelines for the safety of not only there. >> patrons but also their employees. so this is maybe slow to adopt the no mask policy and that's ok in a statement alameda county public health says, quote, covid-19 continues to circulate at moderate levels in our communities and more than half of alameda county residents, including children are not fully vaccinated. we advise people to continue to protect each other by wearing masks especially in crowded environments. if they don't know the vaccination status of those around them. >> to protect alameda county workers. all workplaces must continue to follow cal osha's standards including current masking requirements, alameda county can't be less restrictive. as for marine county spokesperson rainy hendricks says it can pivot
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quickly once the state updates its current guidance on face covering summer in county. the cdc's guidelines are a preview of what's to come. but it's not necessarily in effect just yet. still change appears to be coming believe all foreign for news. >> all day. we're hearing from large stores and businesses who are updating their mask rules, trader joe's and walmart both issued statements saying if you are fully vaccinated, you will no longer need to wear a mask while shopping inside costco says it will drop its mask mandate as soon as california does several businesses, however, will continue to require their customers to wear masks while inside such as home depot, target starbucks. they're all keeping their current mask mandates in place. as for public transportation, bart has released a statement saying that it will continue to require its riders to wear masks while on bart property, the agency tweeting, please keep those masks on even if fully vaccinated and even outside. >> along with mask mandates.
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the cdc is dropping. most testing requirements for people who are fully vaccinated. the cdc says fully vaccinated. people really don't need to continue to get tested unless they develop symptoms after being exposed to somebody who has covid there are exceptions including people who work at prisons are homeless shelters. studies show the vaccines are effective at preventing severe cases and reducing transmission. we'll start week. several covid-19 vaccine clinics will open at schools across contra, costa county. >> to ensure that kids 12 and up have access to the vaccine. some of those schools include middle in concord high at the helm middle in brentwood pinole valley high high school in lafayette doherty valley high in san ramon and those clinics are set to run from 8 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon and kids that are younger than 18 do require consent from a parent or guardian to get shot. you can find a complete list on our web site over at kron 4 dot com. well, a major
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development out of the east bay tonight. kron 4 has learned the oakland city council will take up a vote on whether to build a new stadium for the oakland athletics earlier this week, a major league baseball did cause a quite a stir. they announced. >> on twitter that they would allow the a's to officially begin looking elsewhere. sounds like they've been doing that. but this after years of the team trying to get a new ballpark for more crime forced to re. so stasio joins us live from alameda teresa. >> well, hi, catherine. and and i we're hearing now we did because we want to kind of give you a vantage point behind me over there is howard terminal and that is where the a's want to build this. take a look at these. these are the latest renderings from the a's on the waterfront the multi multi-million dollar stadium. the team wants to build at howard terminal. i spoke with these president just a few weeks ago and he said they were frustrated because they want of the oakland city council to put on their july
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meeting. a vote on their financial plan which spells out how they want to use private funds to build the stadium. then this week mlb tweeted out that they would allow the a's to look elsewhere, stirring up the pot quite a bit. well, that ignited the city council to write a letter to mlb saying that they really want the a's to stay. there's 3 city council members on that letter. and now this breaking news that day, these 3 city council members. well, i talked to the vice mayor and the vice mayor says this. >> correct. it is a large deal with a lot of moving parts and it requires thoughtful action to make sure it's done right. and that's why we've been working together to ensure that we're looking at community needs as part of any discussion and to look at plan that can succeed both for the athletics and for the broader community. >> so what do you think it's going to happen. i mean, they had said simply put it on the july. can you just put it on
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the july calendar. >> well, the good news is i have put it on the july calendar today i submitted a scheduling requests to bring council resolution on the a's term sheet to the july council meeting. >> well, that's kind of breaking news. yeah. forgot to we did. we didn't just break some news here. that is true. >> so all of that back and forth and back and forth. and now it's settled to a certain point, the council we'll be taking up the matter on their july 20th meeting. so really a big development because it's been going back and forth and back and forth. and we know that the 3 city council members that sent a letter to mlb saying that they are serious. well, they have now put forth this letter and put it on to the agenda. so certainly all eyes are going to be on that meeting to see
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exactly what happens. we have some calls into the oakland president to see what his reaction is to this development reporting live here in theresa back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. all right. time to take a look at the forecast. let's take a live look outside. >> it looks like a little bit foggy out there today got moisture out there a little little bit cooler today, cooler chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. and good news. that sounds like not just a little drizzle. it could really. >> we could feel it and see it. we may have more precipitation. the form of drizzle tonight than we did all of rain in april. >> how about that? that is a deep marine layer develop here outside right now we're seeing that fog. it is racing on shore. we've got to see that really amplify think overnight tonight, the winds are starting to kick up. you see the flag within the winds out there as well. and you've got white caps out over the water today as we're seeing the winds start to increase. we've got an area of low pressure that's sliding into the state that's going to kind of interplay with our weather
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pattern as we head through time. in fact, 30, steve starting to see some lightning strikes up toward the shaft or look at that numerous strikes across mount shasta and for the south still seeing a couple areas of precipitation in the reading up toward to bill as well. in the bay area. i don't think we'll see lightning and that's the good news. we don't want started the fires we're seeing an increase in the window that 30 mile an hour winds now in the san francisco 28 the fairfield. we're going to watch these winds wrapping up throughout the evening hours and then we're talking about a whole lot of drizzle watch what happens overnight tonight see the clouds rolling on in that low start to increase toward the coastline. you start to get a strong westerly component. the winds. well, it is going to be wet out toward the coast stock to be rain. but you probably will see puddles on the ground tomorrow morning. guys, back to you. >> all right, lawrence, thanks a lot what we're learning more tonight after 3 men arrested for a brazen smash-and-grab robbery. this crime happening at a jewelry store in san jose. the owner first showed a crown for the dramatic security video of that robbery and he's a praising police now and city hall and the media for helping to shine a light on the crime. kron four's. rob
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fladeboe brings us the latest. he joins us live. rob. >> that's right. catherine, i'm here in the parking lot, a plaza jewelry here on the east, santa clara street in san jose. whose owner was getting ready to call it quits. he said after his store was robbed in vandalized several times recently. now as you probably hear he's got the music blasting in the parking lot here. he says he is here to stay and he is thrilled that police have arrested 3 men in connection with one of those robberies was take a look. >> when you buy them by black in the middle you jewelers owner cesar pos call says he has nothing but praise for san jose police following the arrest of 3 men who robbed the shop back on march security video captured the frightening moments as 2 men burst into his shop here on east santa clara street. >> health employees at gunpoint and then smashed
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display cases making off with some $40,000 in merchandise. >> we think in that, you know, not is going to happen. the police and respond. i'm not going to the problem. and this time i was very this individual were caught. >> san jose police on thursday announced the arrests of curled trotter of sacramento sell the person of elk grove and alleged getaway. car driver manual ramirez of san jose. >> first call says the to clerks forced to their knees thought were going to die. there is still in the back of their minds are never going to forget it. they're still thinking, well, what's going to happen when this people come out and they're really going to stay in jail. best all reached out to city hall for help. the arrests come as other victims of crime in the neighborhood are coming forward pleased with the response from police press call says this is no time to let their guard down. we'll have to do our best. we have to report the crimes. >> we have to let the news know what's going on. also.
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>> part of it was all the video surveillance and i myself been in the all those reports that you guys make health help find this. people. >> this call has now put aside thoughts of closing his shop after some 40 years here and has resumed his friday happy hour as customers who stayed away when the suspects remained at large are no coming back. >> it's a good day. we are here to stay. we are gonna be here for another 40 years, one more. we're very excited new things are going on in our lives and in the community. >> san jose. police say those 3 men arrested are also suspects in connection with an earlier jewelry store robbery a few days before this one was hit. good pass. call now says that the heat is going to stay in business indefinitely. live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
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>> thank you, rob. a still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at 5 new budget numbers from governor newsome how he thinks california should spend its money this year and it's getting easier to get around when more public transit options are opening up in san francisco and what new features are on the way. >> also that bear spotted in the suburbs yesterday why experts say this really is becoming more common. that's just after the break.
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>> a standoff between police and a man armed with a gun comes to a peaceful resolution. the officers except that help from an unlikely source to make it happen. kron four's haaziq spoke to the chief of police in one of his bitter rivals about how they did it. >> that down the block. >> hope is is that because a few neighbors are the cops know the neighbors are watching. >> it was first reported to opd has a vehicle collision around 10:45am tuesday on east 25th street. however, it turned out to be something potentially more dangerous oakland police chief leronne armstrong officers responded to the scene and what state responded to the scene. >> they i have observed a fire in the lap of the individual chief. i'm john says officers followed protocol retreating to a safe distance. it created time and space between themselves and the man with the gun in the car.
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>> we had tax bill to go. she's team there and negotiate attempted to make contact with the individual and the vehicle. but we weren't successful here is where the incident takes an unprecedented turns from the time we got on the scene right. the officers that were there knew who we you know, make sure that we got up to date information. >> a community member alerted cat brooks and the anti police terror project about the situation brooks arrived on the scene and offer this option to officers. let's get somebody he knows, right. that can help navigate that situation. >> community got the mom, their son, his mom and sister their son, his mom and sister showe to not look, we're going to kill him. and i think that today they're not the first ever collaboration between oakland police and the anti police terror project working together to bring a nonviolent into a potentially life threatening situation was a preaching. >> kendrick says that person's paycheck, there was very introducing this to the bomb making sure we knew she was
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but i have to thank him tremendous credit to the mom as well. get brooks sees this as a pivotal moment for the oakland police department. >> and those who reimagined how cops interact with the community the best case scenario is for cops to recognize that we're in a day and activists to recognize that when a particular moment and how do we move his agenda for together to save lives because ultimately that's the goal. has it with new kron 4 news. the organization responsible for operating the state power grid says it will be better prepared this summer. >> you might remember last year kauai so was forced to implement rolling power outages making a lot of people unhappy. it was blamed on triple digit heat and poor planning this year. officials say there's an extra 2000 megawatts of energy available to take on any expected heat waves. >> all right. we're going take a live look outside right now. this is the san francisco embarcadero little bit cloudy out there fog moving in today. much cooler today. >> and chief meteorologist
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lawrence karnow the good news that we've got some some moisture lawrence. yeah. about that. we've some heavy drizzle that is likely to move into the bay area for tonight would love to see that happen. and yet we're going to see it as those clouds thicken up tonight, low pressure drops and along the california coastline. you wake up tomorrow. you may think it may rain. it is going to be so wet outside in parts of the bay area. so here we go. as we head through the night tonight. clouds are already out there right now and sfo. the winds have been blowing just a bit too pretty blustery in spots in the fog. low clouds kind of gathering here. but there's a low pressure center a little further to the north is going to drop in overnight tonight and that's going to really kind of wrap things up with that marine layer temperatures much cooler outside today as compared to yesterday. now we're just in the mid 60's is comfortable inland. but we look at some hot temperatures just a few days ago. those are long gone as we get ready for the weekend. if you're heading outside this evening do be prepared. you've got some winds whipping out there grab a jacket school approaching the coastline inside the bay and that drizzle is going to start to intensify as we head
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through the night tonight. in fact, look at the computer models overnight tonight, the next 24 hours. that's not rain. that is drizzle being picked up as much as 1500's, maybe more than that. near half moon bay of a pretty damp night out there overnight tonight. so, yeah, pretty damp to start your day tomorrow. they giving way to some partial clearing temperatures will be cool plan on some 50's along the coastline 60's in the bay. a few 70's in the valleys. guys. >> thank you, lawrence. well, the appearance of a black bear and san yesterday surprised a lot of people is fun for most of the neighborhood, but also some of the state fish and game workers who helped to shoot back into the mount tam area. >> kron four's, maureen kelly talked with a captain with the agency who says it's important for residents to understand. but the bear could come back. >> the black bear scene yanina pin a tree in the backyard of a home on table. pious avenue stirred up a lot of excitement in the neighborhood. denise upton with lake tahoe. wildlife care has a lot of experience dealing with black bears. her thoughts on why this bear showed up here. this
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is a time of year that the the teenagers are dispersing. >> and they're kind of like human they go into places that they're usually not going to be and they kind of push push the limits. >> she you know, i it's possible that's what this was. her theory is that bears are showing up more in suburban areas of california because of the recent wildfires and the curator of carnivores at the san francisco zoo agrees. >> the natural foods are you know, grazing trees well, different plants berries. love. those have been destroyed. so with the young and older bears are moving. there was some are very looking for food. captain patrick foy with the california department of fish and wildlife says they've had reports of bears in marin county, but not many. >> he says it's important for residents in the area to note this beer was not relocated,
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which means it could come back. so residents need to take preventative measures to keep from attracting it. sometimes it's best to put the garbage out on morning. just to the early just was not out all night. that's one of the things that i've spent more than anything else or even touch that's left outside has a strong odor to it. that contract there's popular sense and, you know, get into the action. >> bears, don't typically attack people. but captain foye says it's important not to approach them and not to put yourself in a place between a bear and where it wants to go in. the unlikely event you are attacked by a bear for advice. don't lie down and play dead as you would with a grizzly there are no grizzly bears in california anymore. instead, you fight back and try to get away. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up for some fed-up parents filing a lawsuit. we've got the latest on the push to get students back in class. plus many services are getting back to full strength.
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when you can ride the f line again. >> stay with us. well, here in
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san francisco, the city is making a push to restore public transit options and kron four's charles clifford has the details. >> when the pandemic hit more than a year ago. ridership on transit agencies, including san francisco's muni plummeted over the last year. muni's had to make a lot of sacrifices and adjustments just to get by. but now as the pandemic
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eases, they're starting to ramp back up again to me than expected demand from commuters and tourists. among the changes announced on friday muni's famous f line which includes these open air cars that run along the embarcadero will resume service on saturday. >> also muni's underground subway station will reopen on saturday in june, align with friends all across san francisco will now be fully restored. >> and the kmt lines will be combined into a single katie line in an effort to streamline service. the mayor said friday to getting public transit back up and running at full capacity is key to the city's recovery. >> so this is a good day for san francisco. we're on our road to recovery. we have, you know, a need to make sure our transportation s stem is up and running and getting us from point a to point b. i want you all to return to muni. i want you all to be patient with us. we're keeping our kark cause clean. we're trying to keep service working more efficiently. and finally, muni's also made some small but key upgrades to the system
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which includes adding wi-fi to underground service and also many trains will now feature new voice announcements. >> in san francisco. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> coming up next, governor newsome. he is presenting a revised proposal for the state budget republican leaders say the spending is still way too high. also the fremont unified school district facing a lawsuit from some frustrated parents will hear why parents and students are so upset and the bay area man who's taking over social media mixing cooking
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>> our top story tonight at 5.30, governor gavin newsome unveiling his full proposed state budget and the governor, including some big ticket items including health care for undocumented immigrants. stimulus checks for nearly. >> two-thirds of californians. ashley zavala explains the details. >> governor gavin newsome rolled out his 268 billion dollar spending plan financial priorities that will be paid with help from a historic 75.7 billion dollars surplus and another 27 billion dollars in federal relief and is going to i think set the state up front not just a comeback but an extraordinary, decade. arguably century ahead among the priorities presented friday extending the state's health insurance to undocumented seniors by may of 2022 newsom's office estimates. it will cost


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