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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> now at 1044 members of cal's football team testing positive for covid-19 the new details tonight on the coronavirus outbreak at uc berkeley and the confusion that seem to follow online. that's where we begin tonight on kron 4 news at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. last night we told you a covid-19 outbreak forced the team to reschedule this saturday's game with usc. >> today berkeley health officials not only confirmed that 44 people tested positive for the virus. they also suggest the team was not following basic protocols. some players have been venting about this issue on social media for jonathan mccall talked with members of the team tonight. he's live from uc berkeley with the latest. >> some good ken and pam earlier today uc berkeley football team got a chance to actually practice a day after that news of that covid outbreak here with the talking
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with some of those players earlier today. they say that there was plenty of confusion amongst all of them. but at for the chance to talk with berkeley public health officials along with university health system. they say that everyone no 100% on board with what needs to be done moving forward. >> i think moving forward everyone is very clear about, you know, the protocols that are in place going forward. what is expected? you know, clearing up the confusion over covid-19 protocols. members of the cal berkeley football team same everyone is now 100% clear. the team practice for the first time wednesday. but the limited number of players. >> it came just one day after news of a covid-19 outbreak forced the school to cancel this weekend's game against usc mean believe definitely had to adjust. you know, this outbreak happened. outside. >> practices of the covid shorter. you know, we have different things that are different with sand. within practiced tuesday, kron 4 1st
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told you when some of the players vented their frustrations on social media over what they say was a lack of clarity over covid-19 protocols between the school and berkeley health leaders. >> the berkeley public health department hit back confirming 44 cases of covid-19 on the team. the department said that members failed to abide by public health measures, including not getting tested when sick staying home. when sick and wearing mask indoors. that the trainers and the doctors to a return to play protocol. >> on anybody who's been covid positive and there's. my goes into that. but it's not that the coaches. oversee cal head football coach justin wilcox not specifically addressing the comments made from the health department. >> but says he is optimistic moving forward about his players and his program. there's still a lot of. >> a lot of good out there and you know, i don't envision this being a long-term. issue.
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you know, next year in the year beyond not to say that it's going to go away. but maybe that we're in a better place. >> so we do know that 2 members of the cal berkeley football team are currently not vaccinated. one of the questions posed to head coach justin earlier tonight was if those 2 members, if any of those 2 members are among the initial players now who have tested positive for covid-19 in this latest round. he would not answer that question, obviously because of hippa concerns as well. another big issue that we were concerned about is because 44 members of the football team have tested positive for covid-19 are there better get bigger concerns of a covid outbreak here on the cal berkeley campus earlier today i did reach out to school officials. so far we have yet to hear back from them as for the team itself that game against usc has been postponed until december 4th. the team will
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next play stanford on november 20th. so a lot of time in between then. but the team says that they are confident that they will be able to get more and more players back on the field and get them practicing as after this latest covid outbreak in the coming days and coming weeks. we're live tonight on the cal berkeley campus jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you jonathan. as we get closer to winter leaders of the federal, state and local levels are all pushing for people to get vaccinated against covid santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody held a news conference today urging everybody who's eligible for booster shot to get one. >> the cdc says boosters are available to those over age 65 those 18 and over with underlying health conditions and those who work or live in high-risk settings. but doctor cody says you might be eligible to get a booster without even realizing it. >> underlying medical conditions include everything, including depression anxiety. hypertension, diabetes
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obesity. there are very few of us who don't fall into one of you know, meet one of those eligibility criteria. >> ooctor cody says more than a million county residents can get a booster. but so far only about 20% of those eligible have done so. >> governor gavin newsom says he and the state's top health officials are doing everything they can to avoid what happened last winter when cases rose dramatically and hospital and icu spaces dwindled after weeks of decline, california's covid numbers are beginning to rise again. we are concerned about the winter. we're concerned about rising case numbers pressure on our hospitals from a number of other. >> issues on top of covid winter's coming. >> governor newsome was also pressed about a daily mail news report out today that alleges he had a bad reaction to his booster shot and claims that's why he didn't make any public appearances for almost
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2 weeks, including canceling his trip to the recent climate conference in glasgow scotland newsom denied the report and reiterated that he canceled plans because he wanted to spend halloween with his children. >> new tonight at 10, millions of these at home covid tests. kids have been recalled because of higher than expected false positive test results. it loomed. the australian company behind these tests has identified more than 2 million affected tests in the united states. the fda is warning that using these tests could lead to covid going undetected. the company is producing and shipping. new unaffected test kits to the united states. if you have one of the test kits in your home. you can get a replacement by filling out a survey on the company's website. >> there's allegation and a sense of my gosh, it's finally move me moving. we might actually get justice.
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>> now to some big developments in the investigation into former windsor mayor domenic poli. he resigned earlier this year after a number of allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted more than half a dozen women, including a windsor council member. that's right. and today his home was raided by the sonoma county sheriff's office found force grant lotus joins us here in the studio tonight with what we know about that raid and how the victims, the alleged victims are responding well. pam and ken, there were several deputies who went into his home. >> early this morning taking multiple personal items from the former mayor dominic for police home. this is windsor. >> this morning. officials say deputies were on scene for about 2 hours. it has not been revealed what precisely was removed from the home. but that was the scene. at least one picture shows. >> a backpack being cease to see the kind of green color backpack there. this really the first big development in the investigation since for polio resigned back in may. that was after as many as 8
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women came forward accusing him of crimes including battery assault and rape. some women say these incidents happened at a winery he co-owns outside windsor today. we spoke with an attorney representing 7 of foot police accusers. she tells us the first indication that the e- criminal investigation is making progress and she calls it a big relief for those alleged victims. >> this is been a long investigation. and certainly this is a step of progress in the right direction for them. >> when the allegations first surfaced put resisted calls to resign claiming he did nothing wrong. the community launched a campaign to recall him and he ultimately did resign about a month later, although he still maintained his innocence. it is not clear where exactly the investigation goes from here. but we have covered the story extensively from the beginning and will certainly continue to bring you the latest developments in this investigation for now. ken and pam, back to hugh grant. thank
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you. that in san francisco, students at lowell high school staged a walkout today. >> in protest of assault and harassment. they're calling on school administrators to investigate cases as far back as last school year in response to the walkout. the district released a statement saying they encourage all students to report issues of harassment. they go on to say, quote, the district is required to respond to incidents of reported harassment for any allegation of harassment. designated district staff will review the allegations and determine whether there is reliable information to pursue an investigation. neighbors merchants and members of the community all on edge after 3 shootings in just 3 weeks in san francisco's famous haight ashbury neighborhood. >> tonight, supervisor dean preston who represents that district held a town hall to talk about the recent spike in violence for say that the second joins us live now with more on what happened tonight. taylor tonight's discussion senator around many hot topics
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of crime. the district attorney recall. >> and san francisco's reputation of being soft on criminals. neighbors flooded. the comments wondering where do we go from here to bring safety back to this area. >> i have never felt afraid for my life. and i don't ever recall the violent being to neighbors sharing grief and frustration on wednesday. >> after 3 shootings in just 3 weeks. this haight ashbury community in san francisco supervisor dean preston held a town hall on wednesday to address the recent violence. we know there are recent weeks have been particularly for our and it's really heartbreaking. not to experience such violence within our community. more police patrols have been posted up in the haight ashbury corridor. >> following the death of 21 year-old samuel jessup of san francisco. he died last week on haight street after an exchange of gunfire that also left another person critically injured. there is some
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speculation on social media and through the conversation having. >> that a business was targeted they went to a that's not the case. what i can say is that. 2 individuals that came through in a and had a confrontation with the victim. fire. the kurds. there was also there was more than one tar parties from the and party that was on the street. both injured, the party from the vehicles. the one that that tied, it just a few days later. >> more violence erupted in the neighborhood after an attempted burglary at central park natural market late saturday night, an employee says 4 men used hammers to try and break into the store when a man who lives in the back apartment interrupted and was shot at thankfully the bullet missed the tenant back on october 22nd another man wasn't as lucky. he was
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critically injured during an afternoon hail of gunfire since the increased police patrols this week captain chris been dreamy said there hasn't been any shootings robberies or violent assaults. however, he says the increased police presence in the neighborhood is not sustainable due to limited staffing. >> do do a limited time frame of that meeting tonight, only a handful of community members were able to get their questions in and those who did get a word in tonight. all echoed similar opinions of not enough being done to stop crime in the city and in turn prosecuting criminals for now live in the newsroom. i'm taylor bus after reporting kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> well, tonight, oakland police are investigating after a woman was shot near the fox theater. officials say she was taken to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. there has been no word on any suspects or if this was a targeted shooting, the band all time low was scheduled to play at the fox theater tonight. but that concert was canceled because of the shooting. organizers say the tickets will be refunded.
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>> on the peninsula. belmont police say after a 2 year investigation they've arrested 4 people in connection to the killing of a 17 year-old the body of mohamed othman was found in the parking lot of central elementary school back on january 7th, 2019 police say they determined early in their investigation that the suspects knew often, but they say it took a number of law enforcement agencies to help make the arrest. 2 of the men arrested have been identified as 23 year-old ruben gonzalez mcgee yonnis of indianapolis, indiana and 21 year-old antonio valencia of concord. the other 2 suspects are not being identified as they were both minors at the time of kaufman's death. there is no word on a possible motive in this case and police say the investigation is still ongoing. >> former raiders player henry ruggs has been formally charged now with 4 felony counts of dui and reckless driving tonight. we're also hearing new 911, audio from
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someone who live nearby describing the moments after the fiery crash. >> i live in the house on the street. there's a lady screaming for help in us. lamborghini trapped. that i want to say that was probably speeding. i mean, i heard you incredibly at loud noises and then to create to lose home. >> police say ruggs was driving at 156 miles an hour before the crash that killed 23 year-old tina tent or and her dog. ruggs was not in court this morning as lawyers appear before a judge on his behalf. he is on house arrest and has been ordered by a judge to be tested for alcohol 4 times every day as part of his bail conditions rugs was ordered to surrender. his passport to a defense attorney and he cannot drive if convicted of these charges he could face more than 50 years behind bars. >> the oakland museum of
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california is still cleaning up after last month's historic rainfall and has temporarily closed its special exhibit due to water damage. the good news is no artworks are at of artifacts were damaged, but it's going to take some time for the repairs absolutely. as kron four's. gayle ong reports, the museum's executive director says they have neveroseen damage like this before. >> we actually have to replace floors, ceilings and walls. so it's taking us a little longer than we hoped the oakland museum of california is still cleaning up after last month's historic storm that brought heavy rain to the bay area water is goes everywhere. water is insidious and and once it is in the floor and in and in ceilings. it's very hard to just, you know, dry it out. lori fogarty executive director and ceo of the oakland museum says the damage occurred in the foyer of an exhibition space and in a gallery where an upcoming exhibit was being built. >> property restoration company is working on repairs, but the storm caused delays and temporary closures on 2
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exhibitions. the mother ship voyage into afro. futurism will be closed until further notice. heat. a life in clay was set to reopen this weekend. now postponed and we're finally going to open it and the whole theme of the exhibition is around resilience. >> and how you know that the enduring quality of these beautiful heath ceramics and we're we're really testing are resilient and these days, that's for sure. her. in the meantime, other gallery such as the art history and natural science collections are opened in the museum, including a project that took place during the 15 month closure during the pandemic. we just had renovated during that during covid times during our closure, our gardens and our gardens are still open and we're doing programming in our gardens. so there's plenty. >> for people to still see in in coming to the museum are open. regular hours and so we still encourage people to come and we'll get these temporary exhibitions open as soon as we can and all ticket holders who have pre purchase a timed event for either of the special exhibitions will be
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contacted for a refund or rebooking. >> here in oakland. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> well, at least we're going to have time to dry out over the next couple of weeks. there is no more rain in the forecast, at least in the short term. meteorologist lawrence karnow has a look ahead. yeah. been exceptional start the season so far we really could use a little bit of a break now we're going to get to these temperatures weather around the bay area going to be very, very nice. high pressure building in going to send these numbers well above the average south side even by tomorrow afternoon, the right now we've got mostly clear skies. we might see a hint of a patrick to a fog. but you can see the rain line has moved well to the north. in fact, the 7 northwest is going to get one of the atmospheric river events. that means we're going to see a lot of rain, maybe some flash flooding and flooding of the 7 northwestern oregon, washington over the next few days. you see all that rain coming down now. so the focus now has shifted further to the north other that we're on the south side. that means we're going to see lots of sunshine and some nice weather coming our way right now. more of a northerly
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component to the wind out there and that is going to be what's warming us up outside as we head toward tomorrow bringing us lots of sunshine all around the bay area temperatures right now, 55 degrees as you make your way in livermore to 58 in san jose, 60 still in oakland 58 degrees in san francisco to cooler 52 in santa rosa high pressure. yeah. it's going to take control now and it will stick around here for the next couple of days that ridge really going to strengthen as we head into the next couple here. so get ready. we're going to see some nice warm temperatures after all of that rain and looks like we'll dry things out for a while that jet stream is going to linger well to the north. i think not only through the weekend probably in the next week. it may break down a little bit by tuesday. but right now i think we're not going to see the rain maybe for a couple of weeks. thank still ahead tonight, another blow to san francisco's union square, which retailer has closed its doors. >> just before the holiday shopping season begins. plus. >> former bay area the kings
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spends her time in a different studio. these days coming up at 1045. she tells me what life is like since leaving the anchor desk and how she still telling stories to this day. looking forward to that report. also coming up, another open city council members throwing her hat in the ring. >> and is running to be mayor of oakland after the break. why shouldn't house says that she should be the one that takes the lead of the city. and we're going to talk about some of the big names were supporting her.
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>> now the challengers stepping into the ring for a chance to lead oakland as the new mayor and oakland city council member is looking to succeed. current mayor libby schaff prof are cells of money. and here in the studio to tell us about this new contender l a. >> can current mayor libby schaaf is terming out so she's making it a wide open race for her successor. so her colleague oakland council president shannon tao, who represents district 4 has announced today that she is now vying for the city's highest seat in office. tell touted her humble beginnings as a single mom couch surfing with an infant son. and at one point even sleeping in a car before she finally got a job at merritt college and found her calling in public service. she already made history as the first meng council member in california history and wants to do it again as mayor. her supporters point to a track record fighting for tenants rights and affordable housing. she's actually just one of only 2 courcil members who is or enter herself. tao advocated for paid sick leave
10:23 pm
as a daughter of laos refugees stood up for immigrant rights and supported early childhood programs that helped her own family programs like head start several of her backers include attorney general rob bonta, his wife assembly member mia been to oakland council vice mayor rebecca kaplan and councilmember nikki fortunato box. >> this is more than an intellectual exercise for me. but shared life experiences that drive me to make a difference in lives in multiple diff rent people's lives every single day. this is why i do the work i do. this is why i wake up every single day hungry and fire to do this work because oakland our time is now to look to the future and to move beyond the dysfunction and the divisions of the past. because oakland our time is now. >> in town now. joins district 6 oakland councilmember lord taylor in the mayoral race live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ellis, thank you for that. >> tonight we're hearing from san francisco mayor london
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breed on her decision to support the recall of 3 members of the school board. president gabriela lopez, vice president moliga and commissioner allison collins have all been named in the recall. they're accused of failing to do their jobs and causing the school district to deteriorate during the pandemic. in a statement kron 4 mayor london breed says, quote, during such a difficult time. the decisions we make for our children will have long-term impacts, which is why it is so important to have leadership that will tackle these challenges head on and not get distracted by unnecessary influences or political agenda. our kids must come first and quote, the recall election is set for february 15th of next year. another major retailer is leaving san francisco's union square dsw designer shoe warehouse has officially closed its post street location. there were reports earlier this year that the chain is planning on shuttering 65 retail stores over the next 4 years citing an increase in online shopping
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since the pandemic began gap. h and uniqlo are just some of the retailers to leave union square. but city officials say they're optimistic with the holiday season approaching and having more workers back in person that business will improve. >> us inflation meantime, hit a 30 year high in october, consumer prices on goods and services jump 6.2% from a year ago is the fastest pace since 1990 and the 5th straight month of inflation above 5%. analysts say is due to persistent supply shortages and strong consumer demand the rapid pace is eroding recent gains in wages and salaries. president biden said today reversing the inflation trend is a top priority for his administration. >> next at bird taking heat from the federal government tonight who the company is accused of discriminating against plus emotional testimony in wisconsin. kyle
10:26 pm
rittenhouse takes the stand in his own defense why the entire case could be thrown out and making sure his death was not in vain. how the family of a 12 year-old boys using their tragic loss to make sure other families are safe. >> when it c.
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>> i don't know we have many high it's saving a lot of places. but even if it saves one so big achievement for us.
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>> the tragic death of a bay area boy who was swept to sea has inspired the installation of new safety stations along the bay area coastline in january. 12 year-old a roommate kruesi drowned when he was pulled into the ocean near half moon bay as ride and the boy's family has fought ever since to raise awareness about the potential dangers at bay area. beaches bound for dan thorn has the story. >> these new safety systems to be found at several beaches along the san mateo county coast will be equipped with ring buoys and information on the hazards at the beach. the young drowning victims families, hoping the systems will help prevent future tragedies. nearly 10 months after a 12 year-old boy from fremont was swept out to sea and drowned near half moon bay. new safety systems are being installed. a rune a proof he was playing along the water at cal ranch state beach in january when he was pulled out by a sneaker in the event
10:30 pm
happening there was ping on the beach for us to even to and they know that the beachgoers were trying to find think somebody was too late, but the 7th graders family has since started a foundation to help raise awareness about the dangers that the ocean. >> they see the new life ring stations install that maverick speech and surfer's beach as just the beginning of making the water safer. bc has a stepping stone. >> to create more about this issue. there are accident we want educate the crypt and from this project was able to get underway with help from the county harbor district and the nonprofit organization see valor, the system-hr unveiled wednesday. hopefully these these first 3 stations that have been solved will will save lives. it will inspire the communities along the coast to do something father is hoping the devices only supplement more education. >> about ocean safety hopefully been never will be
10:31 pm
used if that is such a any case, there's something for people to throw it to someone distress. >> the lifesaving stations are part of a pilot program and the expectation is that the idea will spread to other areas along california's coast reporting in half moon bay. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a teacher's aide at sherman elementary school in san francisco has died after being struck and killed by a car. the school principal confirms andrew zemin died. police say the crash happened shortly before 8 o'clock this morning at the intersection of franklin and union streets. despite officers best efforts. he died at the scene. the cause of the crash, though, is still under investigation. the driver did stop. the principal says a crisis response team at the school has made plans to respond to any emotional needs of students and staff. developing tonight the justice department is filing a lawsuit against uber for charging wait time fees to passengers with
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disabilities. the rideshare company. typically charges an extra for all passengers who take longer than 2 minutes to answer the car. the lawsuit alleges that uber's policy violates the americans with disabilities act. prosecutors want uber to change its policy retrain its staff and drivers and pay monetary damages to everybody who's been affected. in a statement, uber says it has already been in active discussions with the justice department adding that it is surprised and disappointed by the lawsuit. a dramatic day in a wisconsin courtroom as kyle rittenhouse took the stand to more than a year after he allegedly shot and killed 2 men. >> during a protest against police brutality wasn't just emotions running high as kelly. the son tells us the prosecution's entire case could now be in jeopardy. astonished. >> when you begin your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest
10:33 pm
silence. that's basically it's been basically on this country for 40 years, 50 years. the homicide tr-al against kyle rittenhouse thrown into jeopardy lawyers asked for a mistrial over what appeared to be out bounds questions asked of rittenhouse by the prosecution on the night judge not immediately ruling on the request while, but stating his frustration brazen with me. >> you know very well. know very well that attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking. >> outside the presence of the jury to do so. don't give me today. the first day kyle rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense recounting the night of august 25th last year. >> at one point emotionally breaking down. >> its front row the judge calling for a break. and minutes later, the cross
10:34 pm
examination begins. everybody that you shot at night, you intended to kill. >> i didn't intend to kill them. i attended i tended to stop the people who are attacking i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking wisconsin self-defense law allows someone to use deadly force. >> only if necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. >> today. rittenhouse claimed on the stand. that's exactly what a lot of was and i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. >> that was kelly beeson reporting rittenhouse is charged with 5 felonies and a misdemeanor in the casey could face life in prison if he's convicted. >> houston police have released new details in that deadly crowd surge at the astroworld music festival. the catastrophe happened during rapper travis scott's headliner performance on friday. 8 people were killed. scott in the organizers are facing criticism in several lawsuits. the houston police
10:35 pm
chief said this investigation could take weeks, possibly months to complete and the timeline of the events remains a major focus of the case. >> lilly looklike a world full of just kids and people like people trying to reach the reach of for you like island. he heard people screaming like please help say i turn around world. try. i wish i could help them. >> scott in the organizers of astroworld are now facing up to 46 lawsuits from the families of victims and that number is expected to grow. >> a new jersey man has been sentenced to nearly 3 and a half years in federal prison for assaulting a police officer during the january 6 riot at the u.s. capitol scott fairlamb pleaded guilty back in august after he was seen on video first shoving an officer then punching him in the face. in fact, he is the first rioter to be sentenced for an assault on an officer. he also
10:36 pm
received the longest sentence in connection with the riots so far. >> today, a michigan judge approved a 626 million dollars settlement in the flint water crisis. the state of michigan was accused of exposing residents to lead contaminating a lead contaminated water after switching the city's water source in 2014 without properly treating the water first to reduce corrosion as a result lead in old pipes broke off and flowed through the tap water. the deal makes the money available to flint children who were exposed as well as adults who can show proof of injuries. certain business owners and anyone who paid water bills. >> now as of the 4 zone forecast on this wednesday night. a live look outside on a clear night over downtown san francisco and the city is shining tonight. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with the details yeah. clean up all stuff around the bay area looking very nice out there. the atmosphere looking good too, is you've got some nice clear skies going to stay that way for the most part
10:37 pm
tonight may see a patch or 2 of fog and some of the valleys not going to be much. you can see the moon coming up out over the bay right now and that a gorgeous sight. the clear skies all the way. the coastline out toward the golden gate bridge. another beautiful sight to see looking good out there. we've got some clear skies. we may see a little fog moving along the golden gate by tomorrow afternoon but not much. they want to show you this again. we mid tabulating all these water told will the rain. we've had and what a start to the season. it has been almost 8 and a half inches of rain in san francisco. that's about what we have the entire rainier last year. of course, this time of year. usually not getting that kind of rain. in fact, normal for this time of year is under 2 inches of rain in san francisco. so we're sitting at 400. 41 1% of normal. if you believe that into san jose. usually they had just under an inch so far this year. we've had over 2 and a quarter inches and oakland. how about that over 6 inches of rain. usually of only had just under an inch and a half that is 425% of
10:38 pm
normal and you get the idea all around the bay area just tremendous totals so far. so good news is we're going to catch a little bit of a break tomorrow is veterans day. and yeah, we're going to celebrate in style as we have some great weather kicking in temperatures are going to be warming up outside return. mid 70's a good part of the bay area up toward the coastline generally into the 60's and a light wind out of the northwest 5 to 10 miles per hour highs today right around the average in the san francisco 65 65 also in oakland 69 degrees in san jose 68 lemore 67 degrees in concord, 67 degrees in santa rosa to the whole pattern now kind of shifting gears high pressure building in and that has moved the rain, the jet stream well to the north taking focus now really taking aim at the pacific northwest. they're going to get that atmospheric river and some very heavy rainfall for us tonight. more of an offshore wind developing not a real strong offshore wind. but you'll notice overnight tonight, all those arrows begin to move out of the north northeasterly direction. >> that is going to keep your skies mostly clear. that's
10:39 pm
going to set the stage for what looks like a nice warm day tomorrow afternoon temperatures going to be very comfortable in the afternoon hours. in fact, the numbers running up in the mid 70's in places like san jose about 75 in morgan hill 73 in livermore, in concord all around the bay area kind of in the day to get out there and enjoy a veterans day. get out there for lunch. lots of sunshine to come along with it. you're 1010, looking mostly dry through the weekend above normal. we do have a weak system coming through on tuesday. we're hoping that it was going to bring us a chance of some rain right now. unfortunately, that doesn't look like it's going to happen. i think the next best chances right around that week of thanksgiving, ok. we don't want to stay dry yeah. doesn't look like it's going to is a good day for a veterans day i placed is big parade. all right. thanks coming up next in sports, the warriors put on a big giant don't show and chase center sports director jason dumas has the highlights and. >> kylen mills is live at chase with reaction. >> it started with my hair
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when i let my hair go gray. i i felt authentically in my own body for the first time in my life. >> she left the news desk behind the focus on telling stories to her art after the break. a talk with dana king about whether she misses the industry and what it's like to still be in the public eye, just not on tv. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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limited availability in select areas. dana king was one of the main newscast is keeping the bay area inform see that the airways in 2012. but in her current incarnation, she says that she still telling stories just in a different way. >> i talked with her about why she says she is now the happiest she's ever been. >> good evening. i'm dana world news tonight teenage inmates to help. >> you likely. remember dana king from her work in bay area news. but that's old news. this is dana king today. i hate being interviewed. ha has
10:44 pm
moved from award-winning journalist to a nationally recognized coulter always created. i've always done open a bag clay and see what i'm just on zone. and it just is a place of peace for me. it is quite a contrast from her 25 year long journey and television 15 of those years in local news, i do not miss working on the i miss that adrenaline rush. i miss excitement, but i i'm so much happier and so much at peace. with myself and with life and not living. on the clock when off the new set. her life was much more than a straight laced news anchor king won a number of medals for rowing used to ride motorcycles lived on a houseboat in sausalito and was a union rep at work. >> she's been call competitive tough and definitely non-traditional. i come by it
10:45 pm
quite naturally my mother. was her own woman. >> my mom. >> was a white woman who married a black man secretly in the 50's, then became a widow left to raise 2 brown children in the 60's by herself when she turned 50. she joined the peace corps. she left tv news in 2000, and 2 years later ran for oakland city council. >> that's the craziest thing i have ever done one for office. i live east oakland. and my neighbors were getting iran because they wanted to advocate. i'm so glad i lost. had had i won. i wouldn't be doing my art. >> she doesn't painting anymore. but much of her early work. this one is called ballot or bullet had social
10:46 pm
things to be started taking our classes while still working in tv, but it became her main passions after a decision she made on heard of at the time for women in news. it started with my hair. as silly as that sounds. when i let my hair go gray. i i felt authentically in my own body for the first time in my life and i was 50 at that time. i take courses in the morning because they work tonight in rush to the studio and be all and change my clothes but about halfway through. i took a. a sculpture course. >> and that was dana king has a number of art installations and displays around the country and here in the bay area, including here at golden gate park monumental reckoning. >> this is the beginning column golden gate park. >> this is the first sculpture that isn't center. the first
10:47 pm
culture created by an african american woman. >> my hope is that other cultures. will come into the space. and inhabit it as well. what i want all people feel comfortable the theme of her sculpture work is black bodies in bronze including this statue of a civic leader in berkeley. >> and this installation at the national memorial for peace and justice in alabama. one of her most recent commissions, a bust of the leader of the black panther party ewing newton and more to come and told stories for a living right. they were on video or. >> digital or whatever. and if you missed them, they're gone for the most part, the bronze pieces are permanent. so the stories of the african descendants that these pieces represent. well last to be told as long as the bronze last. and that could be thousands of years and at this
10:48 pm
point in my life be able to do that. in my own studio is a blessing. >> divorced with 2 adult children and a 5 year-old grandson king says she is loving being a grandmother monumental reckoning will be set up a golden gate park for another year and a half and the dedication of the huey newton bust was just a couple of weeks ago and pete newton way and mandela parkway and she is so happy right now, you know, and good for her for good, for her for that. but to be so talented as a journalist and then another extra top of and that's really something. and i think she's got a little gifts going give us a line on this. but i think we can all relate to not being on the clock all the time. that was one of the things that we were talking like, boy, i get that because, you know, we always like what i've 5.30 seconds area wide and i got to go. yeah. so great story. great day at the races. great talking with her.
10:49 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> he does have taken the league by storm in the early nba season best record in basketball and the numbers suggest that the production isn't just a flash in the pan tonight. they look to keep the pedal to the metal. but the minnesota timberwolves in town, steph curry. there you go. coming off that 50.4 from its. >> on monday night. the 1st half became a warriors dunk contest. the defense leads to offense and check out the gary paying the fecund. brings in the seat. and guess what? just a minute later, andre iguodala's finds gary and. >> he slams home the reverse dunk 12 point lead for the dubs. steph. >> in this and that guy can >> late in the half we can face line finishes above the rim over karl anthony-towns,
10:50 pm
the best is loving it weakens hit on 9 of his first-half shot warriors lead by 15 at the break. now let's go to the 3rd. you hate to see this draymond green gets hit on the right he had to leave the game eventually went to the locker room. he did not return. steve kerr said after the game hit a nasty bruise. minnesota took advantage d'angelo russell, the former warrior played for the most. relevant era of warriors basketball. i forgot. i've uncovered him that cut the lead down to 6 now later. steph, with the turnover. anthony edwards, other way. he finishes above the rim. the rookie had a career-high 48 point he's a stud. i'm sorry. it's his second year not a rookie moments later, though, steff makes up for the turnover that along to warriors back up by 10 step. 25 point. then we can he was the man of the night. first he hits this 3 from the top of
10:51 pm
the key right in front of his voice face. karl anthony-towns. then later jordan miss this. but fact i'm andrew wiggins. he goes hi. he had a great night. 35 points warriors win one 23 1.10. they're 10 1 in the season, best record in the nba. what a fun game and guess who was there to catch it all. >> kylen mills. he is live courtside post game with more kylen. >> hey, jason. the warriors are 10 one after another decisive team win here at chase center tonight. the dubs are playing high powered offense and they're sharing the basketball. the words lead the nba in scoring right now. averaging a 115.2 points per game. they also lead the league in assists. averaging 30.2 assists per game. the big difference between this season and last season, though, is that it's not just star steph curry putting points on the board for the dubs every single night. we're seeing a different player. step up
10:52 pm
tonight. it was forward. andrew wiggins. he finished with 35 points on 78% shooting from the floor. >> not a revenge game. well played game, you know, get the former. all i was. you know, the play, the game. fun game. and that's one andrews just fantastic. the aggression from the beginning of the >> who loved his energy. obviously it pretty excited to play agahnst his old team. we needed everything. he brought us tonight, the scoring the running, the floor, you know, getting getting the foul line knocking down my son. he was tremendous. >> tremendous indeed. when asked when weakens was asked about what some of his favorite moments were from the game. he made it a point to mention his dunk over karl anthony towns. he said that's my guy. that was fun. another
10:53 pm
player who steve kerr had high praise for was center looney. he said looney did an excellent job of guarding towns. looney also in a double double putting up 11 points and 17 rebounds. steph curry, also lot of great things to say about lou. nice performance tonight. he was huge in getting this when the worst will close out their eight-game homestand back here at chase center on friday when they host the chicago bulls. for now. we're live at chase center kylen mills kron 4 sports. >> hey kiley, i want you to hang tight with his real quick. i told him the float that joe montana story. i still want to talk warriors basketball like you said, chicago, bulls in town on friday one of the best teams in the east. i guess one of the best teams or i guess i should say the best team in the nba. how do you see that matchup playing out. i know you're very familiar with the bulls being a chicago girl. >> jason, i am so excited about the words bulls matchup. i think this is going to be a
10:54 pm
real test for the warriors. defense on monday night. we saw them face trae young. they struggled a little bit in the 1st half, particularly going down by 15 in the 2nd quarter and they had to put a box in one entree young know when you look at the chicago bulls, they have a dual scoring threat in zach levine and derozan so the bulls have a lot of players that can score the also nikola vucevic and all-star as well in the frontcourt. so i'm very curious to see how the warriors defense response, jason, that's going to be such a fun game. the bulls are 8, 3, 1, of the best teams tied at the top of the eastern conference and the best in the west conference are golden state warriors. we'll be in for a good one. >> alright callan, thank you for that report. get home safe. th
10:55 pm
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>> and that's it for kron 4 news tonight at 10 o'clock enjoy or veteran's day tomorrow. weather will be nice in. we'll see you on the news tomorrow. that's right. thanks for being with us.
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