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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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while inside a home in the 7500 block of sterling drive both are in stable condition and expected to survive. when i look at. >> you know, 11 year-old girl with my own daughter 12 years old. i can only imagine the trauma that she has gone through and how that's going to stay with her for the rest of her life. >> oakland city council member lauren taylor says police must solve more cases, but he also says violence prevention and intervention efforts must be expanded. >> we have to be treating root causes at the same time that we're stopping the bleeding in addressing the immediate response and i think it's also important that we look at increasing the presence of. both police officers as well as other peace keeping community members that can help too. that her the activity that is the unfortunate occurrence. >> the common piece of lake merritt has also been turned on its head by violence as
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seen on video from the citizen app. police were back along lakeshore avenue early monday morning when a man and woman were shot both are in stable condition. but this is becoming a pattern on thursday, a 22 year-old woman sitting in a car just down the street was shot and killed. i understand why it's there. this man says years of oppression against people of color is now become internalized and fear has one community taking up against another. he says he and others who live in the neighborhood are being extra careful and out at night. i recognize too. the parts of the neighborhood, the. >> seem to experience the most violence and i try to stay out of those areas. but its own avoidable wherever you are. you know, it's quite possible that the violence can take place at any moment. city council president nikki fortunato bass issued a statement saying she's concerned about repeated n% shootings on lakeshore avenue in the cul de sac community.
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>> she says the oakland police department has committed to bringing increased patrols in the early morning hours and late evening when these crimes most often occur. we reached out to oakland police for an on camera interview. they were unwilling to do that. they were also unwilling to furnish any additional details about these 2 most recent events. >> at lake merritt dan kerman kron 4 news. >> aside from this weekend. it's been a violent month in the city of oakland. there have been at least 9 shooting since november. first grant lotus here in the studio for us to. >> break it all down grant ken and catherine, the shootings have increased year to year from. >> 2020 to 2021 and overall you of gun violence up 33% this year compared to last. and as dan just mentioned in his report, the 2 most recent shootings occurred last night and earlier this morning, the victim from the shooting near lake merritt has passed away. the shooting happened last thursday on lakeshore avenue.
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officials found a woman who had been shot. they helped get her hospital before that on november 10th a woman was injured in a shooting downtown right near the fox theater. she is still recovering a concert at the fox said to be canceled that night because of the violence. then police responded to a shooting. later that night around 9.30. 97th avenue near be street. the victim there also taken to the hospital at last check that victim still in critical condition. back on saturday. november 6th now, how could you forget 23 month-old jasper wu of fremont who was shot and killed inside a car in which he was riding. this happened on southbound 8.80, near filbert street, 3 adults and 3 children were in the vehicle reward is being offered in 3- this case. but so far, no suspects, no arrests. sadly that was not the only deadly shooting in oakland that weekend. the first was around 5.40 saturday night on weld street. a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. he
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later died at a hospital that same night to other people with gunshot wounds walked into the hospital. but it is not clear what neighborhood they were actually hit in one woman died from her injuries the next day officials have not released any further information about any of these cases. they're all considered active investigations and in the wake of that jasper wu shooting. surveillance cameras like this one are now being considered on oakland freeways. the police chief says he supports the idea. however, it would likely take additional support from city leaders to get that ball rolling. keep you posted. there can catherine, back to you. all right. grant, thank you for that. the violence doesn't stop there in oakland over an antioch. police are investigating a shooting that killed a 36 year-old man over the weekend. >> police say it happened just before 11 o'clock, saturday night, the victim was found lying on the sidewalk near traverse away. a neighbor tells us one of the bullets went right through the wall of their home. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet
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hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if you would, and sleeping here and thankfully, he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is in the early stages so far details on a suspect have not been released continuing. our coverage of breaking news tonight a there is a major backup on the same in san mateo bridge. the highway patrol reports a delivery truck cause a fuel spill. there's a crash involving that truck. it looks like that has been cleared up. but as you can see, traffic is very heavy in both directions eastbound and westbound on the san mateo hayward bridge. as you can see, motorists are moving pretty. so at this time we'll keep you posted. >> 3 more san francisco walgreens locations are closing this week. this again because of problems shoplifting. the stores on clement street and on they closed today wednesday. the store chavez street will close walgreens will let people know or they can pick up
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prescriptions back in june. a man was caught on camera in what has become a viral video showing shoplifting at a walgreens in the city. and it's just one of the many, many examples of what's driving out business that particular suspect was later linked to 8 shoplifting cases. walgreens has already closed more than a dozen of its stores in san francisco because of that rampant crime. a mosque in san francisco was vandalized on friday and now investigators are trying to determine if this was a hate crime, somebody threw a beer bottle through the window of the islamic center. this is the city's oldest mosque. people were inside when it happened is kind of hard to see. but you saw that security video there a moment ago showing somebody throwing the bottle and then running away. the islamic center has been part of the san francisco community since the 1950's. >> it is bay these hateful
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servers and messages were found on the walls of an asian owned business in oakland's chinatown. they were recently spotted at noon. 10's market on 7th street. the president, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. karl chan says the rhetoric surrounding his community is an ongoing problem. >> as you know, the the asian community, especially the pandemic. and then all to people in. and many people, especially it with a tent. not basically some people also being too. just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation is stan racist understand and we must find ways to educate everybody. >> chan says this most recent incident is the first in a few weeks after increased policing community patrols helped curtail attacks in the area. chan plans to make calls to local state and federal authorities this week to work together to try to come up with ways to stop the hate and
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racism. >> now to our coronavirus coverage san francisco mayor london breed and the city's health department are giving special recognition to 9 people. they're being recognized for helping the city to reach its vaccination rate. >> we need the entire city to know what they did. we need the entire city to recognize that they took care. our seniors in chinatown. they took care of our families in the bayview hunters point. it took care. >> people in lakeview in and the fillmore west division. they represent it the entire geographic area of san francisco in places. that are typically. neglect. it. >> and if you'd like to know more about the 9 people. we have details on the recipients on our website. kron 4 dot com covid vaccines, meantime, are being offered at nearly 100 locations throughout the city. getting vaccinated against
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covid can be a little scary for the recently eligible children aged 5 to 11 in the south bay. there's a vaccination site that set up to be a bit more kid friendly. then those for grown-ups, kron four's. rob fladeboe has the details. 7 year-old son hospital alou was among the first to get vaccinated against covid-19 monday here at the new kid friendly section of the county's mass vaccination site at the fairgrounds. >> the festive atmosphere helped a lot says her uncle. i just found out that that there's going to be a nice sky. and you get a lot of ice and that and that kind of list she was baby bump up, pumped up about it. half the expo hall at the fairgrounds is for adults. while the other half has been transformed into jungle playground. >> with toys games scavenger, hunts and other stuff designed to dazzle and distract from the shot which some kids might find a little intimidating. >> not only does the vaccine protect the kids in school and at home. but it opens really opens up their world, more
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activities with their friends and their families, especially during this holiday time for the next month and a half when people will be coming together and gathering and traveling. makes it safer for all of us. >> since the pandemic began more than 9,000 kids in the county have contracted covid-19. so far, but 34,000 or roughly 20% of recently eligible 5 to 11 year-olds in the county have received their first dose of vaccine. it's hoped making the experience of getting the shot fun for kids will inspire their friends and classmates to roll up their sleeves really nice to >> environment where kids are afraid to. get their shot and just feel so cool to be here. bloom energy and other private donations help valley medical foundation fund the vaccine zone. >> lou, vp, carl guardino and 5 year-old son jacob weighed in as well. jacob zachary. >> you have a message for the other kids. >> get back in a bank.
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>> did it hurt to get your shot. jacob. >> is san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> alright forty-niners games under way right now and before the game kicks off tonight. this site had a lot of people talking on social media viewer sent us picture they weren't sure exactly what it is. so it looks like 3 jets following another plane in san jose. well, as it turned out, it was part of the flyby before the game tonight. it's actually a tanker plane and 3 fighter jets from edwards air force base and of course the nfl has been honoring veterans. since last weekend. the coaches and players are wearing a items and apparel that signify their support of military veterans. so an unusual sight to be sure. but it was cool. nothing. nothing bad, nothing bad. all right. time for a look at the forecast as we're looking live over the
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embarcadero i was looking different today that a lot different out there, lawrence. what's going on out there. that what a nice weekend. we a lot of sunshine very warm temperatures around the bay area. well above the average today, everything changed. >> high pressure breaking now the clouds start to roll and we're sitting there with some cloudy skies and hazy conditions out over the bay right now. more of those clouds on the way. and temperatures really taken a hit. a lot of numbers in the 70's, even near the coastline over the weekend. well, today only manage to get to 60 degrees below the average in san francisco. so quite a drop 61 degrees in oakland, 64 degrees in san jose 62 in liberal only 59 today and conquered and he had temperature of 58 degrees in santa rosa. that's all because of this. this cold front that has been running the rain right of them. 7 northwest bringing some very heavy rainfall there. in fact, some flooding conditions. they had a couple of atmospheric river events roll through there. they're going to start to dry out a little bit now. and now you see the rain line shifting further to the south rain moving into far northern
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california. and by the time it gets here and there's not going to be much left over. so we'll see a lot of clouds overnight tonight. that's just i'm going to go by. we're going to see more sunshine tomorrow how that all plays out with a chance of more rain in the forecast for us too. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, thanks very much. coming up, what oakland is doing now it's another effort to try to crack down on illegal dumping. >> plus closing arguments wrapped up in the kyle rittenhouse trial. his fate now in the hands of the jury. what we learned today in the courtroom. >> but first, president biden signs the long stalled. one 0.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure package today. details of what's inside.
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president biden has signed his trillion-dollar infrastructure bill into law. that means the huge investment. >> in the in the nation's roads and bridges and broadband networks from for washington, dc correspondent alexandra limon joins us with the details and with what the president wants to accomplish next. alexandra. >> ken and catherine, good evening. while the biden administration was celebrating today saying this package will not only modernize the nation's infrastructure but will also create one 0.5 million jobs a year for the next decade. >> on monday, president joe biden signed his landmark one 0.2 trillion dollars, infrastructure package into
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law a rancher president believe it is time to rebuild the backbone of the station which i characterize working people, middle class this law delivers not long overdue promise. in my view, a craze, better jobs. the bipartisan legislation is the largest investment the country has made an infrastructure in decades. truth. that's despite the senate's democrats, republicans and together and deliver results. so we always need help with roads and bridges and that will be most welcome. >> but we also love what we see in this package for public transit. the legislation dedicates 110 billion dollars to repair crumbling roads and bridges dayton mayor nan whaley says the brent spence bridge is a prime example that connects ohio to it is closed the time because it is so dangerous to get across and there are projects as important as these in every state. >> across the country. the package provides 39 billion dollars for public transit and 66 billion for rail which is
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expected to lead to the largest expansion in amtrak's history. 10's of billions are also dedicated to expanding broadband internet access. >> and replacing lead leaching pipes around the nation. >> and this package will also invest 7.5 billion dollars in a network of electric car chargers around the country. but president biden says he wants to invest a lot more money than that. 555 billion dollars in clean and green energy measures in his next proposal. the build back better plan reporting live in washington. alexandra limon can. catherine, back to you. alexandra, thank you for that report. >> today. transportation agencies from around the bay area celebrated the signing of the infrastructure bill. california will get the largest share of the spending about 45 and a half billion dollars to name just a few of the projects that will be supported funding for the capital investment grants program supporting projects such as caltrain
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electrification project on the peninsula. federal dollars would also help clean up the state's abandoned wells and mines. about 2.8 billion dollars will be allocated to combat wildfires kron four's terisa stasio is digging into the funding for california should have a full report tonight and our primetime news starting at 8 o'clock. >> in other national news tonight, the defense has wrapped up closing arguments and the kyle rittenhouse trial. the jury will now hear from prosecutors for the last time before they begin deliberations correspondent kellie be some has the story. >> overall length less than 26 inches. then. all denied a motion. if it does not meet those specifications. and this was defense motion will be granted. >> on monday. a weapons charge thrown out in the case of kyle rittenhouse possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. a misdemeanor punishable by up to 9 months in jail. the defense arguing
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the wisconsin law has an exception related to the length of a weapon's barrel. prosecutors conceding that rittenhouse's rifle was not short-barrel. all right. and then come to 6 is dismissed on monday. closing arguments also underway for the jury. the prosecution making the case that kyle rittenhouse lost the right to claim self-defense when he brought a semiautomatic rifle to kenosha arguing rittenhouse created a dangerous situation. he loses the right to self-defense. you can not. >> claim self-defense against a danger you create. that's critical right here. if your the one threatening. others. you lose the right to claim self-defense rittenhouse killed 2 men and wounded a 3rd during a night of protests against racial injustice during the summer of 2020. >> prosecutors have sought to portray rittenhouse as the aggressor while his lawyers claim he was acting in
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self-defense. other people in this community are shot. somebody 7 times and it's been found to be okay. >> my client did it 4 times entry quarters of a second to protect his life. >> that was kelly be sun reporting the panel of 18 jurors is going to be an air down to the 12 who will deliberate this case. the user random drawing. meantime, wisconsin's governor says that 500 national guard members will be on call in case they are needed after a verdict is announced. let's get a weather check and see if we can even see outside from the top. boy, that's a nice to not a little earlier was some clouds blocking the view from mount sutro. but there you can see the city spread out in all its glory and lawrence is back. launch are saying maybe even a little chance of rain this week. yeah, we might get back into little bit some shower activity. not a real big storm but looks like we could see a little rain return to the bay area, not just yet. those certainly rolling in a part of the bay area. look out toward
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the golden gate bridge. you see some of that fog stretching back on shore that on shore breeze. kicking back in after we had a nice couple of days. really some offshore winds and some temperatures up in the 70's. that's gone now high pressure breaking down sliding eastward. that's good news. we don't want a big dome of high pressure to kind of block all the storms to our north and then we dry things out after a fantastic start to the season. so looks like another chance of rain on the way, not just yet that we'll see a lot of clouds. this system is going to fall apart before really reaches the bay area. so not much in the way of rain to worry about for that one temperatures out the door. now mainly in the 50's all around the bay area. we've got mostly cloudy skies. i think as we head through the night tonight. you can see that patchy coastal fog stretching back into the bay tomorrow morning. clouds and then giving way to sunshine and some warmer temperatures in the afternoon. but kind of an unsettled weather pattern. i think as we look toward the weekend with a slight chance of showers, especially late into thursday. all the focus right now has been recently up in the pacific northwest. we dry it out. the rain line move to the north. they got all that rain. had a couple atmospheric river events bring some flooding conditions for
6:23 pm
them. now tomorrow high pressure kind of take over after that front kind of slides by remain dry for another day but will be in the notice. some changes coming our way the next couple days. here comes this front coming through. kind of fall apart tonight leaving nothing behind. and then as we get into thursday thursday evening. you can see that next front. that's just off the coastline. maybe bringing a chance of rain to the bay area overnight on thursday and into friday as well. and then things look like they'll dry out after that but looks like the rain pattern going to stay a little bit unsettled in open and chance. us more rain on the way. guys, back to you. sounds good. thank you, lawrence. coming up for the california attorney general is going after amazon in a first of its kind judgment. ho ho ho! not again. oh no.
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>> amazon will have to pay $500,000 and publicize covid case numbers among its employees. this is part of a first of its kind judgment announced today by the california attorney general rob bonta at a news conference today bonta said amazon did not adequately notify workers that there were houses and local health agencies about coronavirus case numbers as part of the deal with the department of justice. amazon has agreed to modify its covid notification system and we'll have to submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state for further enforcement. >> the key focus here is that the health and safety of our
6:27 pm
workers. the practices that are enshrined embodied in 8685 to make sure that workers are being notified when they're exposed to make sure that there's a sanitation plan to make sure that the local health agencies are notified so they can intervene as appropriate. >> across california there are about 100 amazon fulfillment facilities as they call them. and 10's of thousands of workers would not say whether the state is looking into other big companies but did say he hopes the amazon judgment. we'll send a message coming up next, changes to waste pickup how the city of oakland is cracking down on illegal dumping. >> plus activist and actor danny glover says he's demanding reparations to san francisco's african american community. what he wants done in the city and the lawsuits continue to pile up against astroworld festival after a 10th victim has now died. now organizers are responding to that tonight on for news at 6. that tonight on for news at 6. i felt awful because of my psoriasis.
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but our here, we are just getting started. story tonight at 6 area city of oakland is making it easier for residents to get rid of their unwanted bulky waste. >> and it all started today. >> as kron four's haaziq madyun reports. this is the city's latest effort to try to reduce illegal dumping. >> in the fight to eliminate illegal dumping sites like these. the city of oakland announces that all residents can now schedule bulky


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