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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 18, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news here on this november 18th thursday just a day away from the weekend raid harvey, thank you so much for waking up with us and starting your day with kron 4. you know, the past couple of days we've definitely seeing cooler conditions. i brought a jack with me today. and i think later on this evening we might see some light sprinkles are meteorologist on travel carrying us into this thursday. good morning, john. good morning. yeah. the key word there is definitely a light because this rainfall not really coming through for
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the bay area as much as maybe some of us would like to have seen it do so. >> we will be looking at a few areas of light showers for the north bay and for the rest of us, maybe a sprinkle or 2 and that will be really late tonight on into tomorrow. as far as daytime hours today, goats definitely a little cloudier. visibility is fine for most areas. you're looking at the rising from the berkeley hills cam. okay. we do have to the fog yet again for the central valley and that has drifted its way into portions of contra. costa county, especially and then portions of eastern solano county. so watch out for these areas of lower visibility could affect travel on routes like highway 4 right there along the car. keane is out towards antioch and oakley. these areas have been especially foggy compared to the rest of the bay. as of late radar shows you are otherwise just cloudy conditions overhead. we're in the midst of some 40's and 50's. it's another cold start dublin. you're at 43 concord at 45 santa rosa 44 some of our cooler areas on the warmer side. we've got berkeley and
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san francisco hanging out in the 50's as we make our way through the day today. you're not going to see as much sunshine skies definitely staying cloudier than they have been highs will remain similar to yesterday in the low to mid 60's making for a cool feel as you venture outside. i'm talking about any sort of rainfall potential that we do have coming up. and also what to expect it to the weekend. still to come, john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at short thursday morning traffic. if you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes for you to make that commute as you're traveling out of richmond across towards center fell. it'll be a little under a say about 10 min tes for you to make that commute. it looks like a long one. oh, one northbound at golden gate vista pointe in sausalito. we do have an accident there. some keeping a close eye on that as we're heading over to the golden gate bridge to check on conditions. about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city. we
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have breaking news. police are looking for a 15 year-old girl who was kidnapped from a gas station in santa rosa police say that incident happened at the arco on guerneville road around one 40 yesterday afternoon, george on a bomb below. we this is a photo of her. she's from the lake tahoe. her parents told police that she was forced into a dark colored vehicle by several men. police say there is a video of the incident. police also released this picture. they say this man in the orange shirt is the one who grabbed her and forced her into a dark gray car. police have also released this picture of the car. please take close look at this. they believe bomb below. it was forced inside of they say it was last seen driving east on guerneville road. they've also received some information. they believe this car may be headed to los angeles. you have any information, please contact police. well, new this
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morning despite pushback from parents, teachers and students. 2 elementary schools and hey, we're are going to be closing. here's video of a rally yesterday. again, the school closures, they were out there protesting those closures overnight, the hayward unified school board voted to shut down bowman and strong bridge elementary schools over the next school year. 2 other schools or in the revised closure plans as well. but a decision on those is still up in the air. the closures come as district leaders say enrollment numbers have gone down and the teachers union says money from federal government or the state can help the situation. >> the students deserve the schools that are in the communities with the support for the parents for having strong educational equity in our schools. >> parents and teachers can still voice their concerns about the school closures and the fate of the other schools that could be shut down. hayward is not the first bay area school district to consider closing school
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campuses because of low enrollment last month. officials in cupertino union school district voted to consolidate several campuses as early as next fall. that district has lost nearly 5,000 students over the past 6 years and is also projected to lose another 4,000 over the next 8 years in the east bay, the mount diablo unified school district expects to lose nearly 30 million dollars due to declining enrollment. there. the district is still trying to consider how to deal with that loss. it hasn't fueled our figured out combining and collapsing certain classes. now police in oakland are investigating a double shooting that happened early this morning. according to reports on the citizen app. it happened around midnight near 17th and broadway reports on the app also indicate that one of the victims was taken to the hospital. we're still reaching out to police to gather more information for you this morning. in san francisco school community gather to remember 30 year-old
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educator andrew zeman. well, he was hit and killed last weeking the street near sherman elementary. the vigil was held at that school last night. kron four's taylor was aqi. was there. >> he was good >> he was very nice teacher. i for a long time. i don't want anybody else to year for that work in the school was that in this school students remembering one of their favorite sherman elementary school educators and jews eman. he was the best teacher. i wish to have to have said even died a week ago in san francisco while he was crossing the road after 2 cars collided on franklin street. >> and then slammed into him just feet away from the school. he taught at on wednesday. the school and community organizations held a vigil in his memory. he had very longstanding relationships here. >> and the kids know him as mister andrews. he was always calm patient kind. and just
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was able to reach some kids who were more difficult to reach principal. helen parker says it really did seem in work at sherman elementary. but he was also a former student here as well as his father and his great uncle. >> she says this tragedy was preventable and together with walk san francisco advocates are demanding changes to make city streets more safe. i mean, one of the biggest things is you. if you walk on that street speeds are incredibly high. the street is designed to encourage fast driving. and they're coming down a hill flying at that intersection it's treacherous supervisor. catherine, stefani who represents this district says she's listening and agrees at san francisco streets need to be safer, especially near our schools. the fact that this is the 12th fatality pedestrian fatality. >> it's absolutely unacceptable. i want to let you know that we are committed to making certain that we're doing everything we can, not just sherman elementary
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school. >> to work with the sfmta to make the streets safer siemens friends and family were also at the vigil on wednesday. but too emotional to speak on camera advocacy organization. walk san francisco will hold a temporary memorial at city hall on sunday at 03:00pm to demand safer streets in san francisco. >> meanwhile, the school is working on a kid's activity fund in a stranger's name. >> in san francisco tiller the psac ii kron 4 news. >> in the east bay richmond police are searching for a driver connected to a fatal hit and run there. police say a woman was struck by a car around 2.30 wednesday morning near hilltop and moyers drive. the driver then fled the scene shortly after that, police say a second driver ran over the victim who was already line on the ground by the time officers arrived at victim was pronounced dead at the scene. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says safety is his top priority is gun violence continues to plague the
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streets. his department has investigated a 120 homicides this year. that's compared to a 101 last year. more than a 1000 guns have also been recovered. and just last week there were 45 reported shootings and robberies. chief leronne armstrong says there are plenty of factors triggering the crime. but more importantly says he needs people to help people not only officers to help respond to calls and to possibly prevent it. but he also needs more people to speak up kron four's. jonathan mccall has that for us. >> 2021 has been a violent year on oakland's streets. the city has seen 120 murders in 550 shooting so far. the first thing i think about is that is not just the number right that it really represents so many families that have been impacted by violence. the violence hasn't been limited to just the streets. it's also plagued packed freeways back in may. 2 teens were killed when someone fired into a party bus on i 5.80 earlier
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this month. 23 month-old jasper wu was killed on. i 80. >> when a stray bullet hit the car. he was riding in a lot of the gang in group violence finds itself on the freeway when the shootings happened and have some connection to oakland games or local bay area games. armstrong says there are common factors when it comes to the violence that we see grouping game violence really be in. >> the driver of violence in the city of oakland that we've seen conflicts conflicts that have gotten out of control in our city along with repeat offenders on the streets. justice system to work in a way to help people accountable for committing violence in the city of oakland and not sending people right back on the streets solving the crimes he says has also been a challenge. the department right now boasting just a 35% homicide clearance rate. it means many of these cases aren't getting solved. that number one of the lowest in all of america. in 2000, 19 it. 72 homicides are clearance. rate was around 50%
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says that you have homicide but a small group of officers investigate and makes it challenging for them actually dedicate the time needed to solve these crimes. >> despite personal and passionate pleas. mark armstrong says he needs more people in order to help people not just officers on the streets to respond to and to prevent crime, he says he also needs more people to speak up on what they know. >> that you need police that can prevent crime, not just respond to crime. that's important that people not not victims of crime but also people don't fear that they'll be a victim of crime that it has to be >> another jewelry store has been targeted in the bay area of this time. it happened at the daniels jeweler ease and the solano town center in fairfield, councilwoman kathryn le ght tweeted out this photo you can see hammers on the ground and the counter there. police say several people use the hammers along with. that's to smash the glass counters. it happened just after 2 yesterday. it's
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unclear if anything was taken. but it's the 3rd jewelry store that has been target this week. these to $250,000 in merchandise from the longbow jurors in san francisco's chinatown tuesday morning and on monday the shattered, the display cases at a store unconquered sun valley mall. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, gas prices continue to rise and president biden is hoping to find answers to why questioning oil and gas companies. and we'll kyle rittenhouse get a mistrial. the new call to throw out the current case. >> as the jury continues deliberations will have that when we get back from break.
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>> the time for you now. 04:14am, and welcome back to the khan from morning news. i'm reyna harvey. and when you walk outs. i wish you have time today and it's still dark makes you look up roger window, if you can because i think it's a full moon out there. good morning, john. today and tomorrow. you really want to look at because we have the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. so this morning it's nice and bright. got the moon out there. this is a live look at it from our studio shot. >> set up their aimed at the moon. and you can see that it is nice and bright. now tomorrow morning we're going to be starting things off with the earth's shadow passing on over the moon and this is going to be right around this time tomorrow morning. so that's going to be something you want to get a look at 2. it's one of the longest eclipses that we've seen in
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600 years and we will have another one until 2022 so if you are in to see in that shadow pass it on over the moon. make sure you give it to check out tomorrow as for conditions right now, we are looking at some clearing skies for some of us. obviously clear enough to see the moon from here at the studio. but we are seeing mostly cloudy conditions else where and also looking at some fog situated out towards the central valley. we saw a weak frontal boundary really just sliding to our north atmospheric river has been bull's eye right at the pacific northwest and the british columbia canada. that's resulted in flooding concerns in these areas. we've been missing out on that due to a ridge of high pressure sending all that precipitation and moisture to our north. but we will be tapping in at least the potential of a few light showers late tonight into tomorrow. most likely for the north bay. as you can see some off and on showers. there possibility of a few sprinkles drifting into the rest of the bay area, whatever we will be seeing is not going to be very significant and moving through pretty swiftly by the time we reach the weekend. we're tapping back into some
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sunshine. how much rain are we talking here. it's not a lot of santa rosa, your totals looking very slim at around 500, 7 inch fairfield could see a 10th of an inch mostly just a trace for the rest of the bay area. as for temperatures today, it will be a range of 50's to 60's a slightly cooler one as compared to yesterday. temperatures are cool enough with those clouds that will be moving overhead to make for that jacket where the day that you need to step outside prepared for with that extra layer. just to keep you nice and cozy. definitely not a chilly day by any means this afternoon. just a little cooler of a oakland at 62 for your high today. ogilvie at 61 degrees and a few 50's near the coastline on over to mill valley. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today. a few scattered showers are possible, especially for the north bay. after that, we're dry all the way through the thanksgiving holiday. so this is going make for some easy holiday travel. the next best chance of rainfall in the forecast aside
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from tomorrow we'll be a better chance of showers into the weekend after thanksgiving. great job. thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your thursday morning traffic. if you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. >> a little under 2 minutes for your drive time not seen the gusty winds that we saw yesterday in the fog. now we had along the bay bridge. getting across towards the peninsula. be the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes to make that drive. let's head over. also get a look at the richmond sandra fell comey traveling at a richmond a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 traveling into the city. well, state and federal leaders are taking action to keep goods moving to california ports while the global supply chain issue pushes on governor gavin newsom announced the state is going to issue temporary permits to allow trucks to carry more cargo. newsome says administration is working on identifying property to temporarily store containers to speed up the unloading process. well, that might.
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>> not pose an immediate relief on the retail front. it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and l a. >> the federal infrastructure bill. president biden recently signed dedicate 17 billion dollars to revamping ports across the united states. in national news, jurors in the conrad house trial went home for second night without reaching a verdict. the people outside the courthouse are making their voices heard. rittenhouse supporters and protesters clashed outside of the courthouse at least 2 people were detained defense attorneys again asked for a mistrial as they claim prosecutors provided them a poor quality drone video copy showing rittenhouse shooting and killing one of his victims. now the judge did not rule on the motion, but did criticize the news media.
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>> i will tell you this. i'm going to think long and hard live television. the trial again next time i don't know. i always been a firm believer in because i think that people should be able to see what's going on. team. what's being done really quite frightening. >> the judge described media coverage of the trial as responsible and didn't like some of the news stories about his decisions, including his ruling that the men rittenhouse shot could not be called victims. democrats are pushing the president's social spending plan to appeal to the american public. meanwhile, republicans say that the plan would be bad for the country. basil john is live in washington, dc with the message from both parties. good morning. basal. >> well, good morning. yes, democrats are emphasizing the importance of passing this bill and house democrats have every intention to make this happen before thanksgiving.
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house democrats want to put president biden's build back better plan on a fast track to pass the best way to grow the economy. >> is to invest in working families invest in middle class families by making sure. >> they can access all the opportunities that exist in this country. rhode island democratic congressman david says only knee says the bill works together with the bipartisan infrastructure plan when you take the bipartisan infrastructure bill along with the bill back better legislation which we're about to pass. we're going to create one and a half million jobs a year for a decade. new york congressman hakeem jeffries says the bbb focuses on top concerns like childcare, universal pre k health care costs and the climate the build back better act. we'll invest in a green economy. >> it will invest in a sustainable economy. it will invest in a resilient. >> economy. stop the spending. the spending is the thing that's driving inflation and we don't want more inflation.
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but louisiana republican congressman steve scalise blames the president and democrats for increased prices and says the build back better plan will only make the situation worse. we are against trillions more spending far from our kids borrowed from china that will fuel the inflation that's already too high. now the house is expected to vote on the social spending plan on friday or possibly this weekend. >> reporting live in washington. i'm basil john, thank you for that report. basil. well, coming next on the kron 4 morning news. we begin our series. >> on the bay area, homeless crisis as kron four's. maureen kelly takes us to the streets to get another perspective. we'll be right back. well,
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with the holidays approaching and covid cases rising again. san francisco public health officials. >> are starting to sound the alarm. they say that while it's ok to gather this year. people still have to take steps to protect themselves and others. >> we are working to stay ahead of the virus it's clear boosters are necessary for us to avoid. it was a significant surge in hospitalizations increased mortality as well. >> he says 80% of san francisco residents ages 5 and above are fully vaccinated. however, only a 130,000 of
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them. fewer than half of the eligible seniors have had the booster. colfax says there are more than a 100 clinics in san francisco that are currently offering that extra shot. now the derna is asking the fda for emergency use authorization for its covid booster for all adults is carly only authorized for people 65 and older people with certain health conditions as well as those in long-term care facilities. also, people hire us jobs. the move by comes as the fda is expected to authorize pfizer's booster shot for all adults starting today. air travel this holiday season is expected to resemble prepandemic levels in oakland airport, for example, roughly about a 170,000 passengers are expected next week that will be twice as many as last year. analysts say consumer confidence and covid safety protocol. his inspiring more people to book flights. there's still a federal mask mandate in effect at all us airports. if you are flying.
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and millions of people will also be traveling by role this holiday season. even bill. the cost of gas is climbing to record highs according to triple a the national average cost of one gallon of regular is $3 and $0.41. but in california, it's nearly $4 and $0.70, which is a new record in the bay. area's average, causes even higher a $4 and $0.83 a gallon in fact, the cost gas got so high. the president biden is now calling on the federal trade commission to investigate whether oil and gas companies are artificially inflame prices at the pump. the president says there's mounting evidence of anti consumer behavior by big oil companies. adding despite the declining cost of oil for those companies prices for the public remain high. biden has not ruled out releasing oil from us. reservoirs are reserves to help lower the prices. we'll be right back prices. we'll be right back after the break.
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to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now. 04:30am, here on this thursday to harvey. thanks for waking up with this bright and early. we've got a really nice forecast for you plan. and our meteorologists on travel has been tracking that and also the full moon out there. good


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