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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 10, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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sunshine today. but the rain is only a couple of days from now. so got to take advantage of that sunshine. we're still in the midst of it. >> maybe really cold outside. so wait until a little bit later. if you've got the option, your view outside right now at half moon bay looks crystal clear. absolutely beautiful out there. inland areas are under either freeze warnings and lake and mendocino counties in that purple you're seeing on the map and then in the light blue, some frost advisories that are in effect until 10:00am for solano county as well as the central valley. and it's easy to see why when you look at current temperatures were in the midst of 30's from half moon bay over to san jose. our coldest of temperatures being in areas like napa right at freezing at 32 degrees. so definitely a cold start. get bundled up as you ventured out. and in a couple of days you want to get bundled up in the rain jacket. i'll tell you about just that. still to come down. you for that. all right. well, we're looking at the south bay we go milpitas. there is an accident down there. >> southbound 6.80 just south
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of 2.37. so we're seeing a slight delay as you're traveling along there. we're going to a close eye on that. looks like one lane is blocked traveling from the east bay into the city. little under 15 minutes for your drive time there to that fremont street exit. we have high gusty winds along the bay bridge. so you want to take your time as you're traveling heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes yesterday as we have those high winds along the san mateo bridge and out of richmond. a little under 13 as you're traveling there. daria james, back to you. thanks, frank. >> so let's get to one of our big stories today. major retailers are calling on congress to take action after the recent rise that we've seen here in these smash-and-grab mob. rob's really with. yeah. teams of people that go in rob a store and run now and in the bay area we've seen more than our fair share of these covers are stinson is live in the newsroom with more. >> what congress can do. >> it's already illegal. i how can they possibly help. >> well they're trying to make sure these people can't sell these items online 20 major retailer said enough is
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enough now calling on congressional leaders to do something about people stealing these items and selling them online. they want to protect the consumer and then really just prevent these thieves from selling their goods online. making a profit. some of the top executives in this coalition. our from cbs health best buy and nordstrom and we've seen a lot of these retailers here in the bay area. get ransacked in the letter that they wrote from this coalition. they said it says as millions of americans have seen on the news in recent weeks and months retailers of all kinds of seen an uptick in organized crime. the letter continued to say this trend has hurt businesses and increased consumer exposure to unsafe and dangerous counterfeit products in recent months, house and senate members introduced versions of legislation which seek to fight the sale of stolen and counterfeit products sold online by
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increasing transparency. this legislation backed by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle is advocating for online retail marketplaces to confirm the identities of high volume 3rd party sellers. some say this will help prevent people from selling stolen goods online. the various retail executives endorsed the bill saying it should make it harder for criminals to hide behind these fake screen names while evading law enforcement in the letter to congress. the major retailers wrote. it is time for this legislation to pass like this. they really in favor of it. they said both law enforcement and retailers have the same goal and this piece of legislation really aligns with that. and that's preventing stolen goods from being stolen on our show so sold online right. i mean, i know you feel like everybody wants to win. we're shopping. we want a good deal. if i had known something was stolen. then you wouldn't buy it. so they're trying to take like taken off the market right. exactly. and a lot of times
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these people have no idea that they may be buying something that was stolen, say from. norcia and be right. all right. thank you very much, sara. let's see if that's effective. find out 7, '03, another big story that we're following. bay area counties taking steps because they want to prevent and head off a holiday surge in covid case. that's right. so at least 2 bay area counties now adjusting their mask mandates. as a result. >> kron four's will tran standing by live in san jose to explain. good morning. well. >> good morning, james. instead of giving the green light there say wait a minute, let's continue with the red light, meaning the mask mandate is not going anywhere in santa clara county. they're saying that 79% of the population is fully vaccinated and that is a wonderful thing because that 80% that's the jumping off point when they start making decisions like possibly removing the mask mandate. but they know all too well. just last year when we had covid-19 not even the variants covid-19. we saw an
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uptick in cases during the winter months when people are indoors. a lot more often then say the summer months and they expect that to go up. that's why they're telling the county the health department is telling the county do not remove your mask mandate. keep it in place for now, for the immediate future. this follows what alameda county did just a couple of days ago they were set to lift the mask mandate in a couple of days from now, but they saw the numbers. they saw the history and they're saying no way. let's keep the mask mandate in place. if you're working indoors, if you have to go to indoor places. keep your mask on because they're not even at 79% vaccination rate among their population. so they're actually behind santa clara county. that's why they want to keep it up as well. san francisco county also was set to lift their mask mandate over the past over the next couple of days. but that looks like that's going to be set for the next few weeks or so
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because it has to align. james and area where pros at this now. right. everything needs to be a line and then maintain for about 3 weeks. if the numbers don't jump, then they will re evaluate, but the numbers are starting to climb, not to mention, you know, history write, i mean, with the winter months they saw the uptick in omicron seems to be even more insidious than, say, your garden variety covid-19 mask up. good day to wear it anyway because it is cold. look at this. i feel like i'm in from the sears tower. >> thick gloves out. thank you will 7. '06, right now are in county. health officials are shifting how they move forward it with covid policies and mandate. historically the daily case. rates have been the main way to determine the progress of the decisions. now the county wants to use hospitalization rates instead, they say that fewer cases are leading to hospitalizations and deaths far less now because 85% are in county. residents are fully
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vaccinated. the new criteria for deciding whether to impose different mandates is 5 covid hospitalizations per 100,000 residents. so in county that the 13 people in the hospital because of covid marin's local mask mandate was lifted last month, but they did a survey of a grocery stores and they found 1892% of people continue to wear their masks indoors even though they are just written recommended, not required at this point. >> the president of california's medical board says that she's been stocked by a group of anti-vaxers christina lawson, who is also the former mayor walnut creek says that this white suv. she took a photo of it. it was parked in front of her parking garage at work. she says that's where 4 men jumped out with cameras and confronted her. she says they identified themselves as being members of the organization. america's frontline doctors, which is a group that's known to criticize covid-19 vaccine. she also took a picture of the same suv exceed here. parked outside her house cuts across
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the supervisor. the county supervisor. john joyce says that there's been more and more of these types of incidents. now during this pandemic. >> we're just seeing this very divisive partisan atmosphere in our country today. and i appeal to those who who who threaten others look, it's ok to express your opinion. don't personally take this out on other people in ways that harm their safety. >> you know, walnut creek. police say that at this point no actual crime has been committed, but they are keeping an eye hope. this doesn't escalate. >> 7. '08, right now and things are escalating in county over covid restrictions. take a look at one of the messages left at a business it's as if the vaccine mandate is lifted within one week. this place burns and this is a business enforcing a mandate didn't make the rules kron four's. dan thorn has story. >> a menacing message taped to
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the door of a sandra fell. jim, it reads if the vaccine mandate isn't lifted within one week. this place burns obviously voice carries to threaten a business. >> i think it's a silly unnecessary and it's pretty scary. michael jenkins is the owner of body kinetics health club. he says the threat was founded the business sunday morning after someone stocking on the door the night before jenkins says he's not only concerned by the threat but confused by it. the club has been following the county's current health guidance. but there's no vaccine mandate. i get that. it's not comfortable workout with masks. at times. we have outdoor areas and all 3 of our clocks that they can outside work out if you're not back, saying without masks. but if you're indoors it is required that people provide a vaccination card just days before this nasty handwritten note was found a similar threat popped up at the paper mill creek saloon in force knowles. we've received some pushback on a vaccination policy. no, no. direct threats
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or some matter of time before we got threat in this manner. manager jared litwin says the bar has had a strict vaccination policy and recently warned people on social media about positive covid cases among some customers and musicians marin county overall has seen an uptick in cases post thanksgiving as of thursday. it's the only bay area county under the cdc's high transmission category in response to the threats, more security measures will be taken at jenkins health club. >> an outdoor camera and more flood lights will be installed. both business owners hope people can understand these rules are meant to keep people safe. i understand that people out there that aren't happy with it. we're still going to want be, you know, be open for people to be able to work out next in line safe environment. >> reporting in marin county. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> and in the south bay, santa clara county is not wasting any time getting covid booster shots into the arms of 1617 year-olds. fact, just hours
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after it was approved by the fda and the cdc yesterday, the first shots started going into arms. it is the pfizer vaccine booster this only one approved yet for those 2 ages 1617 mixing and matching among 1617 years old isn't recommended. so if you had the pfizer shot for their first shots. you need to get the pfizer for the booster. anybody, 18 and older, though, feel free to mix and match. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news police in the east bay make a big arrest in a 25 year-old murder. this is happening 25 years ago and now they found moving. did it. plus one very community is using some new technology to try to build trust between the police department and the community and san francisco businesses now have more time to fix their park. let's get them up to code and we are seeing conditions today that are beautiful and clear. enjoy every bit of it because we've got rainfall just around the corner talking when it arrives and how much will get in your forecast. >> and hitting the roads today on this friday, we have an
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>> and we are back live look, a tie-up at donner lake. >> and you can see their snow blower you know, i like that it's on the side and not the roadway because an easier drive the really we need more of that. i mean, for some good snowboarding and skiing. i would like to see a little. yeah. just for you. john says we're going to get more. that
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a lot more. i got another week or 2 before i try to head up, might be perfect timing. john. i think that sounds like perfect timing because i know a lot of people are going for this weekend. but next week is going to be even better. so. >> maybe just use this weekend as a productive want to get some stuff done. if you are heading up to this weekend. head up today and head back on saturday. don't want to be on the roads too much on sunday. as that's when everything is really going to start to kick into gear right now. roadways about a good chance to clear out. you can see that fresh snowfall, right aside, 80. we are seeing more snowfall. the higher elevation you get and temperatures fell low enough last night for some good snow making to occur right on top of that base. that mother nature gave us ahead of us. we've got feet and feet of snowfall stacking up all starting saturday night lasting till tuesday night. winter storm watches taking effect during this time snowfall of falling as low as 2500 feet. that's well below areas like grass valley and
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colfax in the foothills very low snowfall elevation, the lowest of the season so far. and at the very crest of the sierra well upwards of 6 feet of snow. so this is exactly what we need to see. it's a cold and moisture pack storm right here. so that's great news for the sierra as for the bay area we're dry today and we'll stay dry tomorrow to so good days to get out there. storm weather just around the corner for us as well. and it's also going to pack a good dry tomorrow. a little cloudier than today and then saturday night, we start to see some showers dropping into the north bay. well after sunset saturday night into sunday morning rainfall really starts to push in across the bay stays with us through the day on sunday, the heaviest of it on into monday, what our rainfall totals looking like. well, you can expect anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain for lower elevations in the bay upper elevations like mountains right along the coastline. you can expect upwards of 6 inches of rainfall, super nice to be seeing that hopefully this
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will help us out, especially with those reservoir levels are so low 50's for for temperatures later today. it's only the 30's right now for a lot of these spots. so we're cold this morning staying cool enough this afternoon venture outside towards the afternoon with your jackets in hand and ready to go. it will have a very similar feel to it today as to what we had yesterday. oakland 57 for your high. looking at napa at 55 today and santa rosa, also at 55 for your high tomorrow's highs right around the same. just a few more clouds, but still dry. a saturday night is when rainfall starts the heaviest of it sunday and monday, then off and on showers. the rest of the week. reyna. tom, thanks for that. not quite friday like as we do have some problems spots like this accident here. >> and southbound 6.80, just south of to 37 and not seen a delay, but that accident is still there and no issues along to 37 traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 17 minutes for
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your drive time this morning. we do have gusty winds along the bay bridge. so that's why you see the delay here say turn the metering lights on as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze along 5, 1880, a little under 20 minutes there heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes as you're traveling along. remember, we had slick conditions there yesterday. a lot of improvement today along one o one 85 to menlo park about 31 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at highway 4 31 from one 60 is a traveling along 2 to 42 daria, back to you. thanks 7.18 for your money this morning. spam sales hit a record high. >> for the 7th straight year and costco's sales have risen during the start of the holiday season. jane king is live at the nasdaq. can you get the spam at costco. >> been shot that costco actually a long time. really super convenient. but it was interesting to hear the costco executives talk about how they see, especially the holiday season right now. so they did
7:19 am
say things are off to a strong start. they talked about the supply chain issues and said there will be some toys that will not make it to costco stores by christmas day and they say things are late by an average of 51 days. they did say that people are getting 2 back together with family and friends this year and a bigger groups. they can tell that by the buying trends costco. well, super bowl advertisers will have some more freedom to have fun next year after last year's game that a somewhat somber tone course. we're still in the pandemic vaccines. and just started rolling out the wall street journal spoke to marketers who said people are ready to get back to humor in the super bowl ads as well. well, corelogic latest data showed home prices rose the most in 45 years. and in fact, they've been keeping track of these for 45 years. so maybe a bit longer than that. that of course bad news for buyers in millennials who are right now prime home buying age between october of 2020 and october of 2021 the average price an american home went up by 18%. according to corelogic and
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sales of canned meat. spam continue to grow hitting a record high for the 7th straight year. now, hormel. that's the parent company of spam told cnbc they're adding new capacity. they're going to produce more spam prices of spam. he also said probably going to go up as well. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane what he what do you do with his family, got a special recipe. >> i i don't think i've ever had my whole life. but i did hear it is good he keeps forever. it great about you because we don't know what it is okay. good disaster. food. thank have pinch. loved then. >> alright san francisco bars more time that well, a lot le more time actually to adjust their parklets. mayor breed came out yesterday to announce that they're pushing back the deadline for them to come into compliance until spring of 2023. so they have all next year. and then some. the new guidelines will say that
7:21 am
restaurants have to make sure that pedestrians and bicyclists and drivers can see each other. so they can't block the view to bat be able to see signs and signals at intersections. the parklets that are next to colored curves also need to allow adequate space for the disabled access and commercial loading also each park. what can only occupy 2 parking spaces. so if they're larger than that, they have to be brought down a bit in size. but exceptions will be made on a case by case basis so there is still a chance that you might be able to get an exception. the golden gate restaurant association says they're just glad that their members will have a little extra time now to make these adjustments. >> omicron. we have supply chain issues. we have a lot different rules and regulations. you know, you have 14 days to fix this start fining you $250 the first day $500. second day like really scary stuff. >> yeah, office says that city inspectors will provide notices of correction to businesses that have shared spaces, these parklets center, maybe they have some safety accessibility issues. so they
7:22 am
they know to get them fixed. the nine-month extension will give owners enough time hopefully to make those fixes and allow the public to enjoy a little more time dining outdoor. >> and 7.21 and happening today students from san francisco high schools are going to hold a walkout march and rally to protest what they call a lack of response from the school district regarding assault and harassment on school campuses. the students are going to be at city hall at 10 o'clock this morning and they're going to march to the school district offices on franklin street. 7.22 james. and still ahead on the couple morning news at last. coming up, we do in fact, least 54 migrants died when a truck. >> they were in rolled over and crash will take you to the scene and bring you up to speed on the latest that speed on the latest that story. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,
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>> 7.25 and this morning the sports world is mourning the death of a 5 time pro bowl receiver and super bowl champion demaria is thomas was found dead in his home in georgia at the age of 33 the cause of death at this point. they're just saying is a medical issue. in addition to playing with the broncos. he played for the texans patriots and jets over his 10 year nfl career and racing legend. al unser has died. he was 82 years old and died at his home in new mexico. he was one of
7:26 am
only 4 drivers to win the indianapolis 500, 4 different times. he also became the oldest driver ever to win the indy 500 when he won it in 1987 at the age of 47 on sir. also won 3 indy car national championships. >> happening today there will be a funeral for former senator bob dole, president biden is set to deliver the eulogy and we're going to bring that to you live when it happens. it is scheduled to begin right around 8 o'clock this morning. so stay tuned for our coverage of that. meanwhile in international news at least 54 people are dead with more than a 100 injured after a cargo truck. a big rig rolled over and crashed in southern mexico. this is video of the aftermath of that crash. the victims are believed to be migrants from central america and they were all crammed into this truck, which again, rolled over causing death and injury. he was coming in to mexico. i was a freight truck again packed with so many migrants as part
7:27 am
of a smuggling operation. mixing government says it would help identify the dead and cover the funeral costs coming up. >> coming up in the city of alameda is moving forward with making its streets safer for pedestrians on live with details on their plan and how long ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one desire ♪
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> 7.29 the guys. kevin, our and richard, they miss my
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singing. i don't i don't have anything thing about. >> today. i will give you the for the white tower. but i'm not saying yet no, that's fine. but this shot i've never seen coin and the surrounding buildings look. so just like warm with morning low of the sunrise. i think that's fantastic. and we're going to stick with us and for the day or 2, so today crystal crisp morning. it is critically beautiful out there. it is cold and beautiful, though. so if you're trying to get a good picture that sunrise. >> you might be shivering just a little bit as you pick up that camera. we are going to see tomorrow still dry, but a little on the cloudier side and then comes the rainfall saturday night on into sunday and monday of next week and we're talking a lot of rain this time around. this is your view outside it half moon bay. also just as nice beautiful clear morning love that you to start off of friday as for our current conditions were cold and those purple areas on the left side of your screen. those are freeze warnings and
7:31 am
lee, a lake and mendocino counties. well, that lighter blue and solano county in the central valley. there's a frost advisories that remain in effect through 10:00am this morning due to temperatures falling well down into the 30's right now. we're in the 30's for half moon base and san jose and fremont as well as livermore dublin in concord while napa petaluma and santa lena are each sitting right at freezing some pockets of the north bay are actually below freezing this morning. so definitely want to bundle up to take advantage of the sunshine and dry skies today before the rainfall does get here. i'll get to all that. still to come right now, john, things are that we've been busy this morning. we did have an accident. just popped up on the bay bridge. tucker drive times up to about 18 minutes. it looks like they were able to get those vehicles pushed to the right hand shoulder. so we're looking at a 17 minute drive high winds as well that may change. we're going to keep a close eye on things. there heading across towards the peninsula, the little under 15 minutes as you're traveling. remember, we have slick conditions yesterday.
7:32 am
now for a dry commute. >> a better commute this morning, a little under 14 richard across to war. sandra fell and the golden gate bridge about 23 minutes as you're heading from the north bay to that whole story of james, back to you. thanks rate 7.31 and a big story that we're following this morning. the city of alameda has come up with a plan to make the roads safer. yeah. all this in the wake of alameda county supervisor wilma chan is death when she was hit by a car while out for a walk crawford's camila barco live with details on what they're thinking of doing coming up. >> good morning you guys see how this initiative is called the alameda vision 0 action plan and it's meant to reduce and eventually end these deadly crashes and as you guys mentioned, this comes after that high-profile accident that happened last month. alameda county supervisor wilma chan died while she was walking her dog and investigators say that a car hit chan and she died at the hospital. according to a report, there have been between excuse me. there have been 8 traffic deaths between
7:33 am
2020 in 20 21 just in the city of alameda and this plan will help identify those streets with the most accidents. let's talk about how to make the alameda intersection where chan was killed. safer and the alameda vision 0 action plan will help make that happen. the program includes over 50 ways to make alameda streets safer for people walking and cycling. the streets. take a look at your screen. these are just a few ideas. the plan includes prioritizing street safety improvements on places where there are a lot of traffic crashes. they also want to study roundabouts and signal improvements as well as implement a school zone program with 15 or 20 miles per hour limits. the plan also includes conducting enforcement along streets where there are plenty of traffic crashes as well as school zones and your restaurants and bars and the people who came up with this plan. also want to see the possibility of adding traffic cameras. so over 50 ideas to make the streets of alum. the
7:34 am
city of alameda safer. however, that's going to take some time. the goal is to get all of this done by 2035 diane, james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot me. a lot. >> 2 well elsewhere in the east bay. we have got a bit of police now wanting to improve how officers engage and communicate with members of the community. so to that end conversations between officers and alameda public are soon going to be analyzed through audio from new body cameras. the platform is program to flag any at-risk behavior. and alameda police chief says that getting this new system in place has been a top priority for. >> points directly to sentiment within the conversation. it identifies good interactions and in their identifies at risk interactions. we can also even put in there. we want to know every time our officer says some afraid something like is there anything else i can do just to support you. >> now. the goal is to use the audio analyzing technology is a training tool. so they can
7:35 am
highlight examples of when police do things well and also when they can flag bad behavior as well. the new cameras will going to use on new year's day. >> in the north bay. a 16 year-old is now facing charges because of a threat that was posted against benicia high school. the benicia unified school district says an anonymous threat was posted on instagram and police identified a student they believe is responsible and arrested that student, but because they are under age. we have no information about their name. police say family members, though of the student are cooperating with the investigation. on the peninsula. a woman who worked at a childcare center of the is arrested and charged with suspicion of abusing children. police arrested micaela juror doozy on multiple charges including felony child cruelty. investigators got information in july that an employee at a local day care center was possibly harming
7:36 am
children. there. police did not identify the daycare center, but they said is not affiliated with the city's child care program. the day care center fire the woman and is cooperating with investigators. >> on the peninsula. we have new pictures of the man that police say touched a young girl while she was walking to school in mountain view in fact, police tweeted this image here. take a good look. they say this happened wednesday on california street near hearst avenue. according to investigators. they claim this man touched the girl that grabbed her hand and told her to come back to his apartment which she refused. she got away and called police. if you recognize who this person is called mountain view pd. also a reminder that a gun buyback event is happening tomorrow in san francisco. if you have any unused firearms, we'd like to turn in this event is going to be taking place between 00:00am in the morning and noon on howard street. if you bring in a handgun or shotgun. they'll give you a $100 if you bring in an automatic weapon, they'll give you $200. the
7:37 am
event is hosted by the group united players. it's a 25 year-old organization that's focusing its efforts on violence prevention and youth development. >> it's 7.36, in san francisco made arrests in connection with a series of armed car burglaries in the city. and here's a photo from one of the cases they investigated this is robbery in progress here, officers from the central station use spike strips and they flatten the tires of the car that the armed group was traveling in a stolen car. and as you can see here, several guns were recovered in the east bay a 25 year-old murder in crockett has been solved. the contra costa county sheriff's office says dna help them identify danny hamilton as the suspect in the murder of priscilla lewis. her body was found in the basement of the 4 corners restaurant where she worked as a waitress in 1996 detectives still consider her murder an active
7:38 am
investigation hamilton has already in prison serving a life sentence in san diego for an unrelated assault. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news crab back on the menu this holiday season. we'll have the latest on the commercial and recreational crab fishing here around the bay. plus the forty-niners. they are get ready to face the bengals on the road this weekend. we're going to hear how the defense is getting ready to prepare for that whatever stereotype you're gonna try . . . . . . to put on me about having hiv isn't gonna fit. that's for sure. my name is zach and i'm on biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment . . . . . . used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure but with one small . . . . . . pill, biktarvy fights hiv . . . . . . to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus
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>> 7.40 and under his crab season is returning to the monterey bay today. but just for the recreational fishers people commercial not just we did hear from the marine wildlife officials statewide that are going to be monitoring this. they're delaying it for another week because they still have whales and turtles. >> they're still migrating off the coast of california based. yeah. chances go basin got away from them. i want to eat a crab and owner of turtle await us just the way it goes so that we have to do. in the meantime, have a little bit of a power bar here so so that should do it you. work on will continue with the show. we'll take a quick break at 7.41. but still ahead, we are following the latest out of d c. >> fact, we have some live pictures we can share with you this morning from the national cathedral where at about 8 o'clock or so. this morning we do expect the funeral services to begin for the late senator bob dole, president biden is expected to deliver the eulogy and we're going to bring that to you live when it happens. we'll be right back.
7:42 am
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>> 7.44 and like homer simpson big part of a american culture. we enjoy that every sunday or not every sunday morning but every now, yeah, bring some now. got to get him. yeah. but johnny donuts in the bay area is a pretty popular treat as well. we've
7:45 am
got a lot of location. i have not been to this one specifically but kron four's vicki liviakis has. >> not all doughnuts are like, for instance, johnny donuts, naturally delicious. i just really personally love donuts. but these donuts are love in a box craig blom drip that johnny donuts nearly a decade ago. i was set out on a mission to find out how to make a doughnut. the old school way. no mixes know nothing like that. this particular recipe for fashion is a recipe from the 1920's. blom built up a cult following of people who find johnny donuts impossible to resist witness. my co-workers delicious. >> of course everybody has their favorite. even the donut executive chef. my favorite done that is they all fasten. we've that the glaze that's my favorite one. so good. >> drizzle with molten chocolate in carmel recipe inspired by blm's daughter. like any kid. you're going to
7:46 am
grab the donor with those sprinkles on top right and johnny and there are so many options and such a little time. >> yeah, there's less brinkley guy here fluffy strawberry chocolate vanilla cream bismarck the chocolate salted carmel fashion gluten-free and even the in sweet potato chocolate. everybody had a donut today. today. everybody has johnny donuts is famous for the crowed. oh, what croissant process of the doughnut, but they're all sold out hard to be popular in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 did you hear that? a chris saw mixed with a doughnut. >> understand like it's a combo thingy. that's that's what was that like for new york. those pop up for a crow not a cronut. so they call it. yeah. road. the fascinating what you and let us know what's bigger popular or just what your local favorite is in your town because vickie's always looking for fun ways to go and share with everybody favorite donuts. that's what we all started talking about. you know, that the bear claw
7:47 am
thing. i like that want us. it's not my favorite is the old fashion. yeah, i i just like the old plain cake doughnut with my coffee. i do something about the flavor and the texture that with michael know you're going know. >> you don't need it with a fork. james doing everything with a fork. yeah. it's got glaze on it. a with a fork. that's why like the plane cake donut do realize he's serious. he's going to eat a glazed over with a fork who that everybody apple for with a fork. secret. and that's a knife and fork job for just give it to me and my don't. it sounds really good on a rainy day. i might have to be tapping into that come sunday and monday. but today will try to get out there and get a little active before we hunker down for a couple of days because it does look like a beautiful one today to be venturing outside as long as you are bundled up. >> it's crystal clear, but it is cold out there across the bay area. berkeley hills looks great. that's what we're seeing all across the bay. now
7:48 am
we are seeing a storm system working its way. and this is going to bring the atmospheric river searching offshore right on into the bay area as the dip in the jet stream approaches us again and also opens up the storm were for the most significant rainfall we've had in about a month and a half now, this is a very welcome change of pace today and tomorrow. good chances to get back outside a little bit before we do take it easy or come saturday night late in the night into sunday when rainfall settles on in across the bay rainfall totals for the bay area can be expected to be anywhere from an inch and a half to 4 inches for some areas upwards of 6 inches of rainfall at her upper elevations right along the coastline on those mountain sides. those are going to be the spots that really see it coming down as for the sierra nevada, not talking inches but feet of snowfall, starting saturday night on into tuesday night. this is why we have winter storm watches taking effect at that time. you are heading to this year this weekend to enjoy some of the fresh powder we just got from her previous storm. make sure
7:49 am
to head back to the bay area by saturday. you don't want to be driving back in the mess. that's going to be sunday as that snowfall really starts to come down 50's for your highs today. it is going to be a cool one for sure. very similar to where we were yesterday, which as you remember, was a beautiful day but did have that cool crisp feel to it. today's going to have a very similar thing going on. campbell at 57 union city 55 degrees. san leandro at 57 as well. well, the way how at 56 degrees. we'll have petaluma at 57 we look ahead at our next 7 days tomorrow right around the same as today. just a few clouds in the mix sunday and monday. our heaviest of rainfall days tuesday, wednesday and thursday still an opportunity for showers. strong winds as the storm rushes in late saturday into sunday as well. to a good forecast for staying in to start next week. rain. all right. john, looks like i have to get all my errands done today and tomorrow before it starts to rain out there. >> out here. benicia 6.80 southbound just south of
7:50 am
industrial way. we have a disabled tractor trailer. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling along 6.80, there heading into the city a little under 18 minutes for your drive time. last time we checked in we had an accident here. they were able to get that to the right hand shoulder and things are slowing down. we still have high winds along the bay bridge. so that's another thing contributing to that delay we're seeing there heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes for your drive time there southbound 6.80, traveling doubling down to fremont to 62 a little under 60 minutes. we're checking on conditions along 80, if you're traveling and we'll leave you with a look at highway 4 as you're heading from one 60 the 2.42 a little under 27 minutes. story of james, back to you. all right. 7.50 and the forty-niners are ready. they're going to plan on the road and you can see them. >> you're down the tigers saying with age it. yeah. have you tried to go on trip down. >> they're going to be taking on the cincinnati bangles who by the way, is captain by the heisman trophy winner in 2020 overall, number one draft pick
7:51 am
joe burrow. so they got their work cut out for yeah. and the competition has bay area native joe mixon. >> who ranks second in the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. so the forty-niners know they're going to have their hands full. >> i think it up that vein was a very talented just as a group, probably the most talented groups will see starting with the running back make sunny go to the quarterback young quarterback boroughs smart, very talented. great arm strength. he's very decisive knows where to go with the ball and then on the outside, you know, all of the receivers that they have or, you know, a lot of playmakers out there. >> that's what we do. we always build them up fully tara. so so they do this and let's hope so. kickoff is at one 25 in the afternoon. so it's a afternoon game. the raiders actually be playing earlier will tell you that in a moment. but as for the raiders are going to be on the road this sunday facing their divisional rival that. >> chief. so that's going to be a big game for them. this
7:52 am
is video the last time they played each other earlier. well, last month chiefs walked away with a big win 41 to 14. so the raiders are hoping it. give him a little bit their own medicine back. so we'll see what they can do. kickoff is at 10. i'm looking at the weather because kansas city's not bad. okay. going up >> and we're looking forward to the warriors. every next game is the next game that steph curry might become the free at 3 point can you needs 10 more 3 pointers. yeah. to break the all-time record. >> he couldn't get it done at home. but that's fine. most likely they will break it on the road and the warriors are going to be on the road facing the philadelphia 76 ers tomorrow night with the warriors saying that they're just going stay focused on the game. porter. we're going hear from him. he says we know steps going break the record. that's a given. we just got to focus on the game itself. >> go break the record eventually. i mean, we all know that it is a matter of time, but you know, my job is try get looks even after the break. the record. so. he's got a lot more life in it saying.
7:53 am
>> a lot more left in the tank. yes, i would say so. help break the record and then keep on going. i mean, you know, isis to the moon gets tough tomorrow as the games tip off at 5 3752. and as we go to the break, we want to remind you that we are searching for remarkable women to highlight if you know a woman who's just made it difference in her community. please let us know about or go to kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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but our here, we are just getting started. different got a police the police are chasing. >> cattle. yeah. i feel like i need the theme to raw hide right now that i'm up for the high. >> but james, what are they speeding. i mean, why can't they get share the road man. what yeah, there was a nearby pasture there was a break in the fence and a whole bunch of the cattle got out. >> well, the good news is the police with their patrol cars like modern day cowboys. corral, the ball got back in and the farmer, the end of the fence. everything's fine now, but it was kind of a bizarre scene. obviously while all this was going yeah. it's a different police rim maneuver. i've seen them use their vehicles in various interesting ways. but. >> to round up cattle, not downtown work. wow. 7.56 right now coming over the next hour. retailers are so tired of the smash and grabs that are going
7:57 am
on. >> they're asking congress for help. we'll see what they could possibly doing a live report and 2 bay area counties want to head off any possible covid surges that we see so there could be some changes west, wear a mask. and when. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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8:00 am
>> good morning and thanks for joining us. we are live here at the national cathedral bringing you this shot as we are following the services for senator bob dole. >> who died at the age of 89. sorry, 98 died at the age of 98 and we're waiting for the president to speak. president biden is going to be speaking. we'll take that live when it happens. so keep it tuned here to kron 4. >> also after this. there's going to be a service at the world war 2 memorial because bob dole was world war 2 veteran and one of the big champions i fundraising for that. and i just want to i want to mention some the best part about funerals is where you here. maybe something that touches you that you didn't know about that person. so bob dole at you probably know you got injured in war. he was young guys are really want to come back to russel kansas is tiny town where he lived. he didn't have a lot of money and his grandparents without lebron welfare. so they in a pharmacy that the last set up a cigar


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