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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 30, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. i think it sends the message that in this day and age in 2022, juries recognized a lifelong harm that abuse of a child causes. >> now at 10, more than 100 million dollars awarded to 2 women who say they were sexually abused by a san jose teacher. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the lawsuit accused the union school district of ignoring the abuse while the 2 victims were students at dartmouth middle school kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> this massive payout comes
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nearly 5 years after former music teacher samuel night was arrested and charged with abuse. the 2 plaintiffs say union school district administrators failed to investigate knight's behavior which allowed him to continue it. this verdict is a it's a long time coming. it's been years and years of litigation and homes. samuel mike was employed by that school district for 9 years. and that district had so much information that he was a predator. attorneys representing the 2 victims say the abuse happened between 2009 2014. knight is accused of abusing the girls while they were students at dartmouth middle school. the lawsuit claims school administrators received concerns from parents about inappropriate text messages sent by night to students in 2010 and again in 2013. but the school district did nothing about it and start taking appropriate action may continue to promote can grant him tenure, make him teacher of the year. a san jose jury on tuesday awarded 65 million
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dollars to one victim and more than 37 million to a second victim. knight is serving more than 50 years in prison in connection with the crimes. hopefully school districts look at this and look at their policies and their training and their procedures and realize what the priority is here. it's it's the children. and how do we protect them? reporting in san jose, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> vandals causing problems. this a passable union school district is considering installing fences around the brookhaven school. the school district superintendent sent us a statement today saying the surveillance video shows a alism activities that happened during after school hours in order to keep the school say the district is invited the community to participate in the conversation to decide whether the campus will be in close over the next few months in the south bay, san jose police identified the person arrested in connection to a weekend fight inside a restaurant. 30 year-old brian carter is accused of bringing a gun to
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the fight. the incident also led to a police officer shooting a college athlete. and tonight that man's attorney tells kron 4 says it may june that his client is actually a hero. >> yeah, he's a hero. you know, mister green is a hero. you know, he is a person who himself was threatened attacked, battered, forced to defend himself against not one person, but 3 people. and in the midst of all that was and threatened with a gun. >> that is how attorney adante pointer views what happened to his client can green a 20 year-old contra costa college football player who was shot by san jose police over the weekend as he appeared to be backing his way out of a violent broad side of a restaurant at the time. can green had a gun in his possession? that pointers says his client disarmed from someone else during the fight. it appears to me that at the time can is actually backing out of this restaurant. the police are just getting there and they're running up to the
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restaurant. a group of police officers. and when the door starts to open up, they stop. 2 seconds later. and less than that, there's gunshots thinking mister green is hit with to looking into where he was shot. >> it looks like and a video that it was his back was towards us. again, that's something we have to take a look at. >> weiner says only one of the officers firing a gun is an important factor. in this case he was overreacting to what he saw front of them and the other officers did fire a single shot. so, you know, that means it. that just means that that officers conduct was that much more unreasonable after being shot multiple times and hospitalized. pointer updates, the medical condition of his client. he was struck in his 2 times wants in his arm and once in his leg, he is said to hopefully be released from the hospital sometime maybe today or tomorrow, but he will be just moving too rehabilitation
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facility. has it made you cry on for news? >> other news tonight, the white house has launched a new website that it's touting as a one-stop shop for all things covid related covid dot gov. contains information in several languages on community spread as well as where to find free vaccines. masks at home tests an anti-viral pills. you can also find sites near you that provide testing and treatments all in one stop. the president says website will help us in the fight against covid, but he says more funding is needed to buy tests, treatments and vaccines. >> we need to secure additional supply. now, now we can't wait as we find ourselves in the midst of another surge to act, it will too >> the president received his second booster shot after that speech. all americans 50 and older and those who are immunocompromised are now eligible for a second booster
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shot. earlier today we talked to people who are getting that second booster in san jose's at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. all >> one, do you know, make sure that they don't get some point because don't want to the have risk in my household for my my senior mother and myself as recently, we decided decided to get it so quickly right away. it's because i'm i'm traveling to scotland. >> and in the north bay, sonoma county residents who are eligible to receive a second booster shot can now get it at county sponsored clinics as well as local pharmacies and for teenagers who are immunocompromised and aged 12 to 17, they're eligible to receive a second booster dose of the pfizer vaccine. >> meantime, the cdc is urging americans who received the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine to get a pfizer or moderna booster shot. if they haven't already and to even
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consider a second booster. according to the latest federal data, those who received the single those shot a less protected against serious illness and hospitalization. and those who got the mrna shots. the cdc says of the 17 million people who received the johnson and johnson vaccine. more than 1.3 million have been boosted. also the cdc has dropped is cruise travel warning a travel health notice was put in place 2 years ago. you might remember to warn travelers about the dangers of get getting covid while on a cruise. many of the travel industry are applauding this decision. time is running out for tenants who are behind on rent payments. bay area runners and others across the state who need help. >> must apply by tomorrow's deadline in order to protect themselves from eviction to the state's covid-19 rent relief program if they miss tomorrow's deadline. hundreds of thousands of tenants could face the process of eviction as soon as friday. kron four's taylor. the sacking explains.
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>> it's a sad day when our state government the 17 million tenants across the state in this way, especially in san francisco, tenants behind on rent across the bay area. >> could face eviction on friday if they don't apply for the state's covid-19 rent relief program before thursday's deadline. eviction protections are set to expire on march 31st. shanti singh with tenants together explains that under those protections, tenants cannot be evicted as long as they have an application pending for rental assistance will be some protections as long as you are in the program. >> so even if your application hasn't been processed yet, we're telling people to get into the system, however, seeing in some leaders like san francisco supervisor, dean preston say the state isn't giving people enough time to make that deadline. probably the worst part of the state law is not only do they refuse to extend the deadline beyond march 31st. some more people can get their claims that.
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>> they also us tried to preempt san francisco and other cities from taking action to protect tenants. something preston says the city already did. we passed a law that the board supervisors and now it's unclear if that's going to be able to take effect because of this state law and the state preemption. i will send a positive note that city leaders in san francisco have come together through the budget process through prop i the ballot measure that passed through prop c a ballot measure that passed in 2018 and put together right now. it's 62 million dollars that is available for additional rent relief. so even after the state program ends, there's considerable money at the city to try to get some of this back rent paid new legislation being rushed through state government right now. >> would provide protections for an additional 3 months. the full state senate is expected to vote on the new bill on thursday. if passed, it would be sent to the governor for his signature to apply and ensure that you make
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that deadline head to housing is key dot com. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> california's reparations task force is now working to figure out what compensation could look like for those who are eligible for restitution task force was created to study the effects of slavery and decide what reparations should be. the group officially decided this week restitution will go to direct descendants of either free blacks or in slave african-americans living in the united states by the end of the 19th century. but that, of course, is just a starting point. >> it's absolutely chalk to it to you in advance. us will see it. motion of harm and distress from from a system that has been strapped things and so damaging seems as if there might be it here system where. >> it's off for this. and it says in safe people. you know, depending on if you are in the
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state of california longer you how we experience more harm. >> or compensation, the group agreed to use what economists call a state specific harms model. it would determine what specific harms the state should pay for, including and just taking a property housing discrimination on warrenton police, violence and labor discrimination to name a few of the categories. the group now faces questions that it will have to answer, including setting eligible timelines for the harm and 4 who exactly qualifies as a california resident. the task force is expected to have a plan delivered to lawmakers by next summer. >> ambitious effort to dramatically reduce the possibility of wildfires in california. governor gavin newsom's, wildlife and forest resilience, task force is proposing to ramp up its controlled burn project to up to 400,000 acres a year. the goal is to both prevent the start of wildfires and they're damaging spread. the state is also launching an online
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prescribed fire permitting system to streamline the review and approval of a controlled burn projects. >> all right. a live look outside and looking out over the san francisco bay, san francisco, little glistening tonight. not as much fog as we've saying. yeah, we're just here to tell us what's going on and things are kind of calming down a little bit from the blustering, winds that we had that was whipping around parts of bay area say 30 35 mile an hour gusts out there. but things settling down now that some great news we get ready for a beautiful day tomorrow out there tonight. beautiful shot of the city of san francisco across the bay. looking good out there right now. skies mostly clear today. temperatures running a little bit below the average. and of course, you feel the winds of the mix there and feeling cooler than normal to 58 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland, 64 in san jose. 61 kind of cool there live. more 65 in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa. a dying cold front sliding through the state headed east. you see bringing a few showers toward nevada but nothing left of but
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i moved to california. so a live in the winds behind this high pressure builds in behind that cold front. so here's where we sit tonight. couple patches of fog trying to we're not seeing that real thick cloud deck that brought some drizzle last couple of nights. i think that on shore, but a push will continue out there. and we're seeing the winds out there as well, but not as windy as it's been. so the winds begin to back off a little bit more of a general sea breeze outside right now. so hopefully that hold for tonight. i think that lead to a nice day. tomorrow. temperatures getting a little chilly in spots. 49 degrees now in livermore. 49 also pacifica. 45 though and fairfax. 46 in petaluma and 49 degrees in the napa valley. high pressure is going to start to build in right behind that cold front. and that means tomorrow should be a nice day. it will be dry. don't think we have to worry about drizzle to new knows that dry slot there. we start to get cloud-free as we see high pressure building in more of a northerly component to win. i think that's going mix out the low clouds and fog in the more sunshine along the coastline. you can see that
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the models here to overnight tonight, just a couple of clouds floating on through. we might see a patch or 2 of fog early in the morning and that's about it. and then some mid to high level clouds going to scoot across our skies throughout the day tomorrow. otherwise you'll see a lot of sunshine. and i think with those northerly winds, i think the temperatures will start to warm up very, very nicely that by tomorrow afternoon we begin to sneak into the 70's and that is a trend that's going to last for a few days. 70 degrees in the napa valley. 71 in santa rosa. 72 degrees in livermore. temperatures cool along the coastline. only in the 50's. we'll check out your 10 10 coming up in a few minutes. turning now to russia's invasion of ukraine. ukraine's president says his country's defense against the russian invasion is quote at a turning point. he's pressing the united states again for more help this as russian forces continue to bombard areas around kyiv in another city despite russia's pledge to scale back operations in those areas, the shelling and intensified russian attacks in other parts of the country
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tempered optimism about any progress in the talks aimed at ending the war. president biden is about 500 million dollars in direct aid to ukraine. lawmakers on capitol hill are also talking about sending more supplies. but they're divided over exactly how to provide it. some republicans are pushing to get more weapons to ukraine, including fighter jets and antiaircraft missiles. but some democrats worry more weapons could escalate the west's involvement, giving the ukrainians the resources to drive out every last russian on ukrainian soil. part of it is that balance between giving ukraine to help and not spreading to a wider war. >> the white house says to avoid escalation. that's one of the president's main considerations. he is not going to send weapons that would lead to direct conflict between the united states and russia. >> meanwhile, ukrainian flags are flying off the shelves as americans show their support for that war torn country. well for us, justin campbell talked to a flag store owner
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trying to keep up with the demand. >> you're more than welcome. take care of yourself at judy's flag city in belmont that demand for the ukrainian flag is unbelievable and sometimes out of control. you know, hold on, hold on and they're fighting over there. let's not fighting him. we can accommodate everybody. owner judy shelton says she is getting a box delivered from her supplier every day. each box carries 144 ukrainian flags of different sizes. she says this wasn't the case just a month ago, literally ahead 9, i didn't even have one flag in here. >> we came by here a day ago, saw her flying some ukrainian flags. we thought it was cool. we want to get one. >> urban nicole mess back at the shop today to get a flag only to find the store closed for the day. i want to some support to the korean people that we. >> believe and what they are trying to stand up against and trying to stand up for their own country and their own liberty.
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>> it makes him feel good to put whatever it is outside something to let everybody else know that they're in supporting show of support by waiving the very identity of a nation outside their doors reporting in belmont. >> and i feel like i give back to people more than i receive. justin campbell kron, 4 news. after her long journey to escape the ukrainian refugee is now here in the bay area. >> arena ali for had to leave her home on her 30th birthday during an almost 2 and a half weeks stretch. she traveled from odessa, ukraine to romania where she eventually caught a plane to california. she says she crossed 5 borders sometimes had to sleep in empty fields overnight. it was snowing will see the so she couldn't stop the car. but fortunately, there were some volunteers bring us some blankets and being so hot. he is undecided yet on the state is just happy to be here. she is happy to be safe. she that
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she was able simulate not her family bring the not but the heart there. >> leave her is now staying with her parents in belmont. and if we wait a moment longer, we might see her 2 cats that they're they are also made that incredible journey from overseas. >> east bay congressman eric swalwell is back home in the bay area tonight. he recently led a bipartisan group of lawmakers on a five-day trip to eastern europe where they spent time with refugees near they, hungary, ukraine, border. he said the people he met and the stories he listen to what devastating, especially for those women and children who had to leave men behind in their family. congressman swalwell believes that america could be doing more to help the people of ukraine. >> we can do more as far as economic sanctions. we can do more as far putting pressure on u.s. businesses that still conduct business in russia. we can send more weapons. we can
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give them the capability to operate their own no-fly zone by giving them the soviet-style planes that they can fly and antiaircraft missiles that we can put into the country. there's so much more that we can do. >> and they really are the line of scrimmage for democracy. >> congressman, as says his office stands ready to help anyone who has family members in ukraine seeking refuge and safety. if you need help contact your local representatives office and to get the latest updates on the war in ukraine and how you can help go to kron 4 dot com. you can use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen will be directed to our website. >> still ahead tonight, some bay area nurses say they are overworked and understaffed. why the hospital says it can't meets. the nurses demands is cannabis smoke worse than secondhand tobacco smoke. the results of a new study by uc berkeley that may surprise you. plus, get ready for some more coyote sightings. it's
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coyote pumping season. change going into effect at a big park in the city to protect both the coyote ease and you and your pets. kron 4 has been recognizing remarkable women in the bay area all month long. >> and if you want to see their stories, we have a section on our website kron 4 dot com. but you can see past winners and nominees will be right back.
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>> it is coyote pumping season one. san francisco park is raising awareness about it and in fact, will soon close a portion of the hiking trails to dogs for several months offers. gayle ong talks with a wildlife expert on why it's important to follow some basic safety measures. >> reminders of coyotes could be seen throughout san francisco's presidio park and starting next week, some hiking trails will be closed to all dogs as coyote pupping season begins. the season is a time when the year-old pups are driven from the parents territory. we don't want to cause them stress to a point where they become aggressive and then there's like increased chances of conflict between people and coyotes or their pets entirety. tiffany app is a wildlife scientists diversity in oakland. yes, l - says that road closures will allow the coyotes to remain healthy and razor pups without feeling threatened. david now, kyra, his dog zoe visit the
10:25 pm
park daily and says he will be more aware of the wildlife. it's better to be safe for a median. it would be a little more cautious. but i think during these hours relatively safe and there's people in cars, according to presidio trust officials, pupping season usually runs from spring to fall. >> here's a map showing the closures. the restrictions will stretch from mountain lake to the presidio prominent along with the bay ridge trail from the rob hill campground to the presidio golf course. this is video coyote seen recently in parts of the bay area. park officials have reported sightings in moraine, golden gate park land then and glen park hikers and dog walkers can expect to notice more coyotes in case that happens. the way to react with bt know, make yourself big, maybe start yelling and making some noise to kind of scare the code away. yeah, that's coyotes are important predators for pests like rodents and raccoons who cause trouble for people living in the city. >> the temporary closures will last through early september when pupping season ends in san francisco. gayle ong kron.
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4 news. >> coming up in arms, carjacking on the bay bridge brings afternoon co4mute to a grinding halt. tonight, investigators are still looking for the carjacker and a crime of opportunity. porch pirates apparently stepping up their game ceiling. entire delivery trucks filled with packages. shocking video from coast to coast of these ball criminals in action. plus, another state passes bills targeting abortion and transgender rights. how the republican led states pursues a conservative agenda next. and a solar storm could affect parts of california will show you where your 10 coming up next.
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>> the highway patrol is searching for the man who stole a car at gunpoint earlier today on the bay bridge force to resist. asio has more on exactly what happened. >> take a look at this vehicle. california highway patrol says the owner of this chevy colorado, was held up at gunpoint wednesday after a crash between 2 vehicles. a ford explorer and a toyota >> here's a lieutenant ross angles with chp about this morning about 11, 40 just before responded to a two-vehicle accident eastbound on the bay bridge just before treasure island. >> prior to officers arriving on scene, one of the drivers in that got out of the vehicle and actually tried to steal the vehicle from the other
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involved driver. the the suspect was on successful, not attempt. however, they were able to stop a passing motorist in that white chevy colorado brandished a firearm and then they stole the chevy. colorado. lieutenant angle says the crash and the carjacking forced the closure of several lanes. >> as evidence was gathered, it took some time for investigators to get on scene and then the 2 vehicles that were left on scene. the ford explorer. that was initially the suspect vehicle is being processed for evidence that was inside of it. >> to help us determine who was driving the the time of the accident. it took about 2 and a half hours to get the roadway cleared again. here is a picture of the vehicle taken by an armed suspect. >> it is a white chevy colorado license plate. number 9, 5, 2, 2, 2, p 2. >> theresa kron, 4 news, san francisco police say they have arrested a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old both boys. they
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believe that both were involved in 2 armed carjackings. both incidents happened on monday. police located one of the victim's cars on the bay bridge after a pursuit. the car was involved in a traffic collision. officers then arrested the 2 suspects. tonight. the teenagers are behind bars and facing charges. investigators are still looking for 2 other men in connection to the carjackings. >> oakland police say they're looking for the person involved in a deadly shooting of a 71 year-old man. police say the man was shot sunday night simply while driving his truck in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. this is video from the citizen app showing police surrounding the victim's pickup and a toyota officers and first responders say they tried to save the driver but he died at the scene. investigators are currently looking over the area searching for surveillance video to try to help lead to an arrest. >> california lawmakers are responding to the alarming surge of deadly fentanyl overdoses with a list of bills
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which target that synthetic opioid one such bill would strengthen punishment for distribution and possession of fentanyl. it would allow prosecutors to pursue a sentence of 20 years to life for those who distribute the jet, the drug when the adult results lead to a deadly overdose. another bill aims to crack down on social media as a marketplace for buying and selling opioids. one of the most controversial measures would legalize so-called safe injection sites where adults can consume drugs in a supervised setting. the california department of public health reported nearly 4,000 involved deaths in the year study. uc berkeley has found that second-hand cannabis smoke is more harmful than secondhand tobacco smoke. it was conducted by a graduate student and a professor of the uc berkeley school of public health kron four's. rob nesbitt has more. >> and that. >> from the annual for 20 festival to their favorite
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dispensaries. marijuana enthusiasts are passionate about their smoking uc berkeley graduate patton when decided to dedicate his senior honors thesis to the topic of smoking. a lot of my peers in college. >> i feel like they have this preconceived notion that kind of a smoke might be safer or better alternative to cigarette smoke. when conducted a study during his senior year and continued it while he was a smoke and tobacco-free fellow at uc berkeley measuring the air quality of an undergrad students living room that was used to smoke a bong in a college student crew. >> separate from the study and independently invited folks over to smoke and we just have that opportunity to take measurements while they're smoking. the study was overseen by professor kathryn hammond who says it was not a controlled experiment, but rather a focus of what happens in real life. >> according to him and instrument was putting the students living room to measure the particles in the air. we let it just run during the entire smoking session. >> and 4 between one and 12
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hours the results of the study showed that cannabis smoke from the bomb produced 4 times. the amount of air matter that smoke produced by tobacco. if you recall the orange days of the wildfires a year and a half when the sky was orange, the concentrations of articles were 10 times higher than that. >> him and then when understand that their findings won't sit well with most marijuana enthusiasts, but they hope that their study will be considered when it comes to forming laws and public health policies. don't smoke understand that you could be affecting others. >> and just be aware that there is a public health concern with funds looking in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron, 4 news. >> today in daly, city nurses, walk the picket lines outside seton medical center there, demanding salary and staffing increases. the one-day strike started at 7.30 this morning. the california nurses association says the hospital is not complying with safe staffing laws. today we talked with a woman who has worked at the hospital nearly 2 decades.
10:35 pm
she says nurses are handling too many patients and having to perform duties well outside their job description. >> we are short of for not only the nurses but our ancillary staff, house keepers. so we are doing the duties of the staff members. the bottom line is we need top have the staff here to be able to take care of our patients. >> hospital administrators say that they have hired 189 new staff over the past year, including 75 registered nurses, but they say they cannot meet the union demand of a 15% pay increase over the next 2 years in the north bay, students from cal fire's high school in marin county took today to honor cesar chavez about 100 students march from san anselmo to downtown center fell. it's the same route that chavez walks back in 1970, during a labor dispute. >> students have been studying. cesar chavez says support of agricultural workers and decided to get out
10:36 pm
of the classroom and actually go down to show their support. >> but we're celebrating what he did and acknowledging the fight that for workers rights still exist. so we're taking initiative were taking part of an opportunity that we're able to ocso sand because all these like farmlands and farmers went on strike around here. so i think it's really important that we take part of this. >> all of the students who took part in the march turn role in the social and environmental justice action program at temple, pius high. >> now to a developing story tonight. at least 7 people have been hurt after a tornado touched down in northwest arkansas in the town of springdale bore the brunt of the damage as the storm blew through there early this morning, the twister hit the elementary school gym at tora to a warehouse to pieces. search and rescue teams are still double checking for anyone who may have been trapped in the debris. another smaller tornado touched down in missouri and the storm
10:37 pm
prediction center says mississippi, alabama, louisiana and tennessee are all at a heightened risk for severe weather. much quieter around here in the bay area's. we give you a live look at the oakland portion of the bay bridge toll plaza. and lawrence is standing by to tell us what we can expect. yeah, well, as nationally was happening, yeah, we're going we're going to watch things quiet down. we've got a solar storm out there tonight. we'll talk more about that in a moment. but >> yes, all this activity, the deep south, almost the same place they had just last week. all that severe weather making its way across the deep south. look at that fierce line of storms all along this boundary here. so tornado watches are still up across a good part of the deep south. they're talking about the very heavy rainfall and flash flooding associated with these storms. and of course, tornadoes, numerous reports of tornado outbreaks around the state today. watches and warnings continue right now. in fact, a look at all the touching down today. we have reports of some 14 tornadoes on the probably of more as we head through the night tonight. we're not done
10:38 pm
just yet. in fact, this storm system to the south. this one right now currently producing a tornado on the ground, making its way toward the northeast just north of milton and months and that one to watch out for tonight. also further to the north in montgomery, alabama, they've got there are currently under a tornado warning watching for more of that activity there. and this is all going to start to make its way a little further toward the east with that could be some more problems. all right. a different type of storm. this is a space storm. this is a geomagnetic storm. we've got a solar flare that is really by impacted much of the u.s. in having some trouble with some of the short wave radio, some the ham radios out there. you could actually see the aurora borealis, the northern lights tonight. if you're in places washington all the way through montana, maybe even chicago, maybe even new york. and if we get lucky, if it intensifies just a little bit all the way down in the central plains, even far northern california get toward reading, get toward crescent city. there's a possibility you can actually see the northern lights there
10:39 pm
to win that be something that happened very, very often. all right. lauren forecast for you're trying to get some rain going here, but it is all about the sunshine. a couple cold fronts approaching the bay area kind of fall apart. there. that's the way it is going to sit. we're going to see another system come through on monday, bringing a chance of some rain. the far northern california. but that's about it. that after that, here we go. we're cranking up the temperatures. the hottest temperatures of the year probably so far as we're likely to see some numbers. well, in the 80's, maybe almost 90 degrees overnight tonight, the skies going to be just a mostly clear with some patchy fog. other that, i don't think we have to worry about that drizzle for tomorrow. so temperatures looking good highs tomorrow, going to start to run up the scale a little bit up in the 70's inland. still cool 50's along the coastline. then over the next few days, we're going to see more warm weather as we head in toward friday and saturday. then it looks like over the weekend. you've got some sunshine and they'll make sure some clouds rolling on in. looks like we're going to see hot temperatures as we head in
10:40 pm
toward next wednesday and thursday, possibly up in the 80's in the 90's. >> music is back at san francisco's mark hopkins hotel tonight. it was a tribute and a post covid restart of sorts for the old guard and the city's music scene. so many musicians have been out of work for such a long time because of covid. so tonight at the top of them are some of the old guard artists were performing, getting their names back out there and preserving a piece of the city's music history on kron. 4 news at 6. we talked with mark or see the event organizer. >> well, i mean, it is interesting during these challenging times i follow these musicians over the years for 25 30 years like on the iconic san francisco musicians. and i saw that they were not working. they're frustrated. so i came up with this event to go ahead. and as
10:41 pm
you say, kick start the restart 2022. to show everybody that they are here. they're available. they're excited to play. and also we've invited to different influencers in san francisco of the different parts of the social environment to come experience the same things so they can go ahead and say, hey, let's get ready for 2022. and i want you at my event. >> the sold out event was aimed at building more support for the old guy, musicians as well as the other venues where those musicians used to play. >> coming up next, in sports, the something warriors find some life against a team with the best record in the nba really has the highlights and reaction coming up. and bruce willis stepping away from his acting career following this of the super sub. >> severe diagnosis, excuse me. we talked with some health experts about how this disease experts about how this disease can affect his career. when a truck hit my son, experts about how this disease can i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> when the season first started, it seem like this warriors team was destined for another trip to the finals and klay thompson hadn't even rejoin the team yet. but since then, well, they've come crashing down to earth a little bit while their stiffest competition for best team in the west, the phoenix suns has maintain their dominance. the dubs already beat the suns twice this season. could they do it
10:45 pm
again? a chase center, devin booker and the suns boasting the best record in the nba 1st quarter where we'll start jordan poole really came out on fire, had 15 points in the first, including that 3 to tie it at 25. >> and andre iguodala, great to see him back on the court. he hits the triple the warriors only down a deuce at halftime. 3rd quarter. some nice ball movement. andrew wiggins. hits the jumper to give the dubs a 63. 61 lead wiggins scored 19. >> seconds later, pool with another 3 warriors go up. 5 jordan is pumped. he had 38 points tied a career-high next possession. klay thompson drives to the hoop for the layup. 7 point lead. steph curry like that one. but the sun there was that in the 4th draymond green was fantastic defensively scores. the
10:46 pm
forehead. the three-point play ties it at 96 and of one seconds left chris paul. just floats it in to give phoenix a three-point lead. 7 seconds left warriors looking to tie it here. and he thought he was going to be throws it up from half court. he wasn't fouled on the shot. is it close warriors go down one o 7, one. 0, 3. despite their 4th straight loss. steve kerr liked how his team fought against the best in the league. just love the competitiveness. it was a great >> in terms of our defense and our energy and just the the fight from from start to finish. we just couldn't close the game. couldn't finish it out. but i think the main thing we we can come out of that game and recognizing our team. that's, you know, that's our team. so it's a great sign.
10:47 pm
>> to the ice, the sharks taking on the coyotes second period. check trailing by one brent burns. lights the lamp that ties it at 2 3rd period. same score. john yannick. it fit in his second goal of the game? coyotes retake the lead. they would go on to win. >> 5 to 2 sharks will take on the central division-leading colorado avalanche in their next game. >> can't go too long without a colin kaepernick story now, can we? the former forty-niners qb has been busy working out throwing and posting videos on his social media channels. >> well, maybe the nfl offers are pouring in yet, but one great football mind took notice. jim harbaugh has named kaepernick an honorary captain for michigan's spring game on saturday. harbaugh was, of course, kaepernick's coach during his time with the forty-niners and he's the one. >> who made the decision to start the signal. caller over alex smith in 2012, the forty-niners ended up in the super bowl that season. and
10:48 pm
finally, the can't miss moment in the baseball minor leagues, former red sox pitcher bill lee better known by some as space man. he took the mound at a savannah bananas game. >> and proceeded to strike a guy out. did i mention lee is 75 years old? yes. still got it. and by the way, lee has also got a strong, very a connection. he is a graduate rents terra linda high school where nationally he starred on the baseball team. that's it
10:49 pm
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arizona's republican governor signed a series of bills targeting abortion and transgender rights today. >> the measures will outlaw abortion after 15 weeks. if the u.s. supreme court allows it to stand, it will also prohibit gender confirmation surgery for minors and ban transgender girls from playing on girls. sports teams. the legislation mirrors a mississippi law now being considered by the nation's high court. amazon drivers are on alert amid a spike in thefts targeting their trucks. new data show a trend. an amazon truck robberies around the country. >> are waiting to find a truck that still running while the workers are carrying out their deliveries. not only can the robberies be traumatic, violent and dangerous, the aftermath can be deadly back in february and out of control driver behind a stolen amazon truck crashed into a street vendor in south los angeles,
10:52 pm
police around the country asking drivers to stay vigilant. hollywood star bruce willis announced today he is stepping back from acting. this follows a diagnosis is making a lot harder for him to do his job. has a condition called aphasia. jay dow talk with some asia experts and has more on this story. >> bruce willis first made a name for himself in the 1980's tv series. moonlighting. it did not take long for him to leap to worldwide stardom on the big screen in a series of classic movie >> starting with the character, john mcclane from the die hard series. >> but on wednesday, willis's wife emma and her family announced he is stepping back from a storied decades long acting career following a diagnosis of aphasia. adding that condition is impacting his cognitive abilities. her instagram post reads in part, quote, this is a really challenging time for our family. and we are so appreciative of your continued
10:53 pm
love, compassion and support. we are moving through this as a strong family unit and wanted to bring his fans in because we know how much he means to you as you do to him as bruce always says, live it up and together, we plan to do just that from hollywood to main street. the well wishes are pouring in. god bless him and his family. if you are wondering exactly what is aphasia, you are not alone. we strive to enrich the lives of people with the patients, their families and communities. we stopped by the adler aphasia center in maywood bergen county, new jersey, wednesday and asked clinical director karen cast to to help explain. it's an isolating condition when you're unable to tell people what you are thinking. jessica says there are many types of aphasia adding we don't yet know. bruce willis's exact medical diagnosis. so if asian alone does not affect somebody is intelligence that their speech would be impacted their ability to understand could be
10:54 pm
impacted. >> understanding what other people are telling them. the reading and the writing could also be impacted old rumors and published news reports hinting at willis has memory issues on set, including not remembering his lines now have newfound relevance. >> the the diagnosis is primary. progressive aphasia over time, it would become more difficult for him to be able to communicate as well as have some of these different cognitive implications am well. but we don't know that just yet. we don't know that. we don't know that. >> that was jay dow reporting for us tonight. will smith was apparently asked to leave sunday's oscar ceremony after slapping chris rock. but he refused to do so. according to the academy. a statement just released from the academy tonight reads in part, quote, things unfold in a way we could not have anticipated. i would like to clarify that. mister smith was asked to leave the ceremony and
10:55 pm
refused. we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently. the statement does not give any specifics as to how they try to remove smith. the academy also issued an apology to chris rock. all this comes as the academy's board of governors is meeting to discuss possible consequences for smith. he could be suspended or expelled from the academy but will likely get to keep his oscar smith publicly apologize for the assault yesterday. chris rock is not pressing charges. >> well, you can run, but you can't hide a flamingo that flew the coop 17 years ago has been spotted in texas, pink floyd. this name made headlines back in 2005 when it broke out of a kansas zoo during a stong and went on the lam in his home state of texas. just this week, texas wildlife officials say somebody spotted the big bird at a beach. they posted this video on their facebook page with the hilarious caption
10:56 pm
looks like pink floyd has returned from the dark side of the jumped over the wall and went to the dark 17 years on i mean, out he's doing. alright. kiss. yeah, guys. one last check of weather here tonight. we are some clouds moving through. not too many, though. not like. >> last couple of nights, not expecting to see that drizzle around the bay area. so beautiful shot of downtown san francisco tonight across the bay to overall looks like the trend is going to be to some nice weather, high pressure building in now is that ridge starts to build in. yeah, i think we'll see a little more northerly component to the wind and that likely mean a little less fog outside around the bay area. so tomorrow, i think we're looking is a very comfortable temperatures in the valley. certainly a day you'd like to getvout there for a lunchtime and enjoy that sunshine about 72 for our friends in morgan hill. 72 in livermore, 70 in the napa valley. 71 degrees in santa rosa. 65 and becoming nice. and sunny in oakland, 67 degrees in fremont and about 60 degrees in san francisco.
10:57 pm
next few days going to warm things up into the first part of the weekend. then cool down with a few clouds on sunday. but look at this 10 as we get into next week, probably the hottest temperatures we've seen so far this year. i think we're jumping up in the 80's. maybe we start talking about some 90's that's get a little hot as we head toward there boy. we need some rain. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight, we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. good night.
10:58 pm
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only pay for what you need. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: bruce willis' shocking diagnosis. >> deborah: the serious medical condition forcing him to step away from acting from acting. >> announcer: and here he is. chris rock. >> it's first stage appearance since this lapsing around the world. >> is the board of governors meet in an emergency decision to decide will smith's fate. >> announcer: and what they are saying today. amy schumer. wanda sykes. joe rogan. billy crystal. even o.j. simpson. >> if i would have done that, they would have given me life. >> announcer: plus anger management. to speak of the steps you can take to


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