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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  August 10, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a call to legalize safe injection sites in the bay area. why local leaders are putting pressure on governor gavin newsom. plus a forty-niners fan favorite in hot water. now the new charges former running back frank gore is facing and thousands more bay area students return to class for their first day of school. how one group is making sure students are prepared for the year ahead. >> from the bay news station, you're watching kron. at noon. >> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. it is
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wednesday, august 10th in back-to-school season is in full swing. more than 10,000 students and the milpitas unified school district returned to the classroom today. this is what it looked like at weller elementary school this morning as kids lined up for their first day back. school leaders say they're hoping for a normal school year here in 2022, although many local schools are suffering from a staffing shortage. district officials there say they're well prepared to handle the classrooms. >> we it team here. where excited to bring the kids and they'll be well taken care of where we're good. if you're has been a were carrying over work from last year, looking forward to working on restart of practices. social emotional learning. those are big initiatives this year. >> as far as covid protocols go, masks are recommended there but not required on campus. officials do plan on holding as many events outdoors as possible to encourage social distancing down in the south bay. thousands of families are getting much needed supplies
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before their school year begins. kron four's camila barco has the story from san jose. >> radon a new backpack for a new school year for free this year. gonzalez didn't have to spend a dime for her kids. school supplies this year. thanks to sacred heart community service. all this we're so excited. yeah. we're so thankful organizations paca back program helped her save about $500 for her 4 children. school does. this one its backpacks, crayons, binders and notebooks. organizers made sure san jose students left the building with everything they needed to start the school year. they say this can help families safe between 100 to $400. i feel good because some people don't have the opportunity to get one because they don't have enough money. and this could really help the community. the organization gave out 3,800 backpacks, but
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organizers say that still. >> dohsn't address the entire need in the community. it's a deep need every year. it's one of those expenses parents are expected to come out for every year for folks who are already experiencing poverty. >> this could be a real burden with the help from donations they're able to offer son students, the supplies they need to start school on the right foot. >> only parents who signed up for the program. we're able to come out today. but organizers say people can still help by donating to the cause in san jose camila barco kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, just a schools about to starting contra costa county educators and school staff there are demanding better working conditions raise members of contra costa county school of education association. they rallied outside of the contra costa county office of education on tuesday. they say students deserve smaller class sizes and more text books. educators want stronger mental health programs. plus a
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livable wage to keep up with inflation. >> needs to be able to retain more teaches. we've got teaches great teaches that just completely bent how and just moving on to different districts because the county is not listening to when asking the safety and skills. >> currently, the association is in the mediation steps and the bargaining process with the county board of education management. both sides are set to meet again today. we did reach out to the office of education for comment but have not yet heard back. an update now to a story we first brought you on monday contra costa county board of supervisors says it's going to fix the problems with the county's head start program. that program helps prepare kids up to 5 years old to get ready for school during yesterday's meeting, the board acknowledged a report by the federal government outlining deficiencies in several areas including safety practices. the county has 120 days to fix the issues or the program could lose federal funding. the board says it will have the problems fixed by the
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deadline. developing this afternoon, former 40 niner running back. frank gore being charged with assault related to domestic violence. back on july 31st. police say they found a 28 year-old woman at a hotel in miami and she was speaking with hotel security. that woman did not show any injuries and didn't file a complaint at the time. however, after an investigation, gore was charged with simple assault. gordon played 10 seasons with the forty-niners. he is set to be inducted into the forty-niners hall of fame later this year. new at noon bay area leaders called on governor gavin newsom today to sign a bill that will go on to legalize safe consumption sites across the state sb 57 would allow illegal drugs to be used in facilities that would be placed in oakland, san francisco and los angeles. the bill was first introduced nearly 8 years ago. critics see these sites as the wrong answer to the harm drugs wreak
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on users and communities. but supporters say the sites are humane, realistic responses to the deadliest drug crisis in u.s. history. bay area leaders say san francisco is on pace to lose 600 people this year to overdoses. the bills waiting to be signed by governor newsom. he is not signaled whether or not he will, in fact sign it. to the peninsula. now we're getting a better sense of how the new 9, 8, 8 crisis hotline is being implemented in san mateo county. the 3 digit number is projected to improve access to critical mental health services kron four's charles clifford joining us live from san carlos right now with the very latest from local leaders. charles, what can you tell us? well, you know, 9, 8, 8, rolled out here in san mateo county, looking good across the country. a little less than a month ago appears to be going very well. if you call 9, 8, here in san mateo county, the calls answered by. >> volunteers trained volunteers at starbucks. that's a nonprofit here in the county. they say they're getting about 1200 calls per month of actually been doing this work for a long time. but
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they have taken over the 9, 8, 8, 8, duties. and let's going take a look at some video here now nationwide, 9, 8, 8 was created back in 2020 to give people a simple three-digit number. they can call to get help with mental health issues. arthur, having suicidal it has so far been a big success. it was given a funding boost earlier this year by congress about more than 400 million dollars. and today, earlier today we heard from congresswoman jackie spear who says she sees this really is just the beginning that eventually 9, 8, it will provide additional services. >> over time, the vision for 9, 8, 8, is the have additional crisis services available in communities across the country. similar to the accessibility that we have come to expect from emeigency medical services. >> couple other notes here. the national suicide prevention hotline, which has been up and running for decades that still functions. but anyone who calls that
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number will be forwarded. 2, 9, 8, 8 also here in california, there is a bill ab 9, 8, 8 moving through the legislature that would provide state funding to help shore up and supply our support. 9, 8, in the coming future. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. charles, thank you. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is addressing her diplomatic trip to asia, including the controversial stop and taiwan pelosi visited singapore, malaysia, south korea and japan last week, but or stop in taiwan angered china. the country views taiwan as a breakaway nation that falls under chinese territory today. speaker pelosi had this to say about her visit. >> our purpose and going to i was to say that we have a strong relationship. they'll on the status quo, which we support. we will not allow china to isolate. taiwan. they have kept taiwan from participating health organization, other things
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with taiwan and make a very valued contribution. >> earlier this week, pelosi accused china's president of acting like a scared bully. china has launched several military exercises off the coast of taiwan in response to her visit. former president trump has refused to answer questions under oath about his business dealings as part of an investigation in new york state. we have some video of him walking into the office of new york attorney general letitia james. she's looking into allegations the trump organization lied about the value of assets like skyscrapers and golf courses in order to get bigger loans and pay lower taxes. trump says on the advice of his lawyers, he's refusing to answer questions, asserting his constitutional right not to incriminate himself. this all comes amid growing fallout from a separate investigation involving the former president. fbi agents executed a search warrant at trump's of florida mar-a-lago estate on monday. investigators are
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looking into whether he broke the law by mishandling classified documents. but as our washington correspondent hannah brandt tells us the move may have earned trump more support from his party if eye when it comes to trump. >> and other organizations of last the fbi raid on monday night prompted criticism from republican allies of the former president and sparked a gathering of supporters outside of the mar-a-lago estate think it's abuse of power. a federal judge had to sign off on the fbi searches. agents trying to determine whether the former president mishandled classified documents. but republicans like senator roger marshall are accusing the justice department of playing politics. folks back home are real concerned about what the federal government has become. democrats in the white house say they have nothing to do with the investigation. the justice department conducts investigations independently. the president was not briefed, did not was not aware of it. no, no one at the white house was given a heads up. speaker nancy pelosi told nbc's today show she doesn't know much
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about the fbi's search but believes no person is above the law. not even a former president. senator lindsey graham has a different take. nobody's above the law. but the law needs to be politics. as the former president considers another run for the office in 2024, allies like senator graham and congressman jerry carl say this only strengthens his political position. i believe you is gonna run before. i'm a stronger not believe now the fbi has has fired his base up and they'll no stopping all. >> this investigation is separate from the investigation into the former president's connection to the january 6th attack on the capitol in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> coming up here on kron, 4 news at noon. a good sign for consumers. why inflation is finally starting to slow down. plus, a disturbing new report shutting light on a health violation at disneyland. why the park was forced to briefly shut down a food store and the
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search intensifies for a missing teen last seen in truckee. the new evidence police hope can help track her down. >> and it is a gorgeous day in the bay and keep an eye on your all the details coming up. your forecast is next.
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>> new at noon, the placer county sheriff's office has released a new surveillance photo of the missing teen last seen at a tricky campground. the photo shows 16 year-old
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kylie rod be just after 06:00pm friday at a local business. she's wearing a black tank top green pants and black vans sneakers. the fbi has now joined in the search efforts for this teenager. investigators are working through hundreds of tips that they've received already. they continue looking for kylie's car, a 2013 silver honda cr-v. you have any information on her whereabouts contact the placer county sheriff's office. an arrest has been made in a cold case dating back to 1980, to 75 year-old gary ramirez has been booked in connection to the murder of 15 year-old karen set kron four's. justin campbell explains how investigators were able to track him down. >> 15 year-old karen state took a bus from her home in palo alto to hear in sunnyvale back in 1982, her boyfriend later that evening, walked her back here and left her at the bus stop. he was because he was scared. he needed to get home before curfew later that
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morning. she was found behind this cinder block wall sexually assaulted and stabbed. 59 times karen states death went on soft since 1982, but now nearly 40 years later, the santa clara district attorn4y's office is charging this man, gary ramirez for the murder. it's passed through the hands of every cold case. prosecutor. >> passed through hands of multiple detectives and we've worked very hard. so everybody knows this case. deputy district attorney ron baker says advancements in dna made it possible. >> sunnyvale detective worked with the geologists. they took the dna from the crime scene and started building a family tree off related public databases. we think you're related to the killer. >> can okay with uploading their your dna to ancestry? 23 and me and and more often than not the answers. yeah, absolutely. baker says it took 2 years and finally they narrowed it down to a 75
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year-old man living in hawaii. i think the person that left this blood at the cairns kit at the karen state crime scene >> is is one of these 4 brothers, according to the district attorney's office, a dna swab of ramirez match the blood at the scene. baker says so far, no motive on why ramirez allegedly killed stitt. but baker says members of her family who are still alive are happy to finally have closure. detective called her and let her know the news. and she was thrilled. you know, he even after all this time reporting in sunnyvale, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> meanwhile, the family of alexis, gabe have launched an online petition effort to get charges filed against the mother of gabe's ex-boyfriend. they allege she helped her son evade authorities after police said they believed gabe was murdered inside the boyfriend's home in antioch. gabe's father says he plans to meet with the contra costa county district attorney to discuss charging alicia clark, the mother of boyfriend,
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marshall jones, and mae oakley. police arrested clark on suspicion of aiding a criminal, but da diana becton declined to file charges at the time and released her so far. the petition has gained almost 9,000 signatures. just about to be 12, 18 here on this wednesday and taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can just see the towers popping up over karl the fog. he has made his return. i feel like from meteorologist kyla grogan here. she's got a little bit more detail on what we can expect. is he sticking around? yeah, but hang on. we have some business to do its noel's birthday. everybody also i want to thank them but yeah tomorrow but off tomorrow. grating today. that's right. to have came out to celebrate with us. yeah. i have to say that pictures a little bit deceiving is there's a lot of sunshine out there right now to you know how it looks kind of hang out at the bridge. >> and as you can see here with the fog things are going continue to get better as go throughout the afternoon before things start to work back into getting some fog tonight. >> but even in spots like
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right now, half moon bay, look at this there. sunshine. this is beautiful out there right now. absolutely gorgeous. you can see people maybe jockeying enjoying their afternoon. not a bad thing to do today. we've got a little bit of a breeze out there now. notice the winds change direction. it's now coming from the west northwest. we did have kind of more of a southerly flow. this has everything to do with a low pressure system that's kind of pulled away now and head a little further to the north, but still setting a little bit of wind our way. and by the way, also sending a risk for rip currents. so be careful if you're headed out to the coast now, high pressure is going start moving in a little bit. what that means is we're going to warm up a couple of degrees today. couple more degrees tomorrow. nothing too extreme, but we will see some warmth heading our way. so today, high temperatures. yeah, they're pretty nice out there. we're looking at for a high of 71 in san francisco will see some nice 80's in the north bay. one of the spots in a rose about 81 degrees. 80 in vallejo. 75 in hayward, oakland. pretty nice day there, right? 75 degrees. 81 in san jose. so it's going to be a lovely day out there and we're going to get a little
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bit warmer as we head towards the weekend. so i am going to give you your 7 day forecast. coming up in just a few moments. no, i can't believe i thought it was your birthday to you tomorrow. but everyone's they had it been so nice here and they had the but cake. yeah. there. it's yes. and there's more to go around. yeah. is it ever a bad time for bank? that's what i you want you said to me earlier ever, i always thank you guy like that. >> other news this afternoon, the u.s. forest service mourning the loss of a longtime employee to the mckinney fire. 73 year-old kathy and died at her home. >> in the community of klamath river the day the fire started, she served as a wildfire look out for the forest service since 1974, she's being remembered as a talented gardner and an animal lover. total of 4 people died in the fire and crews are still searching for other possible victims. the summit county fire has burned more than 60,000 acres. it stands at 60% containment today. back
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here at home, burglars targeted a car audio installation business and oakland stealing. well over $100,000 and equipment. we have some security footage from the sound factory in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. the owner tells kron 4 the thieves snuck in through the roof on july, 17th between midnight and 02:00am. says the alarm company never even called him. the thieves made off with 3 vehicles and audio equipment totaling more than $150,000. the owner says crime in oakland is so bau. he's thinking of moving his business to another city. >> how many asian, years that have any type of problems with this type of possible changes. and these my double my business. i might be, you know, you. so what are out? out of town squad sort of time anywhere. is really right now as we did that. >> the owner says the alarm company wasn't the only one to let him down that day says police took several hours to make it out to the shop and take a report. a redwood city man says he still shaken up
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after he was robbed of his watch at gunpoint right outside of his home. rolex robberies have spiked in the bay area just in the last month. surveillance video shows a dark colored car following our home on sunday. he says when he got out of his car, the car was following him, pulled up right next to him. 2 men got out and demanded his watch. he believes his dog likely prevented them from taking even more. >> as i want you keep saying, want to give me a i gave him. i want. and then my books to the tune up. and that's when day. and just left. >> in the last month, rolex watches have been stolen in walnut creek and daly city as well. san francisco police say they've responded to more than 2 dozen watch. that's this year alone. going. take a quick break here. but still ahead this afternoon, california's extreme drought hurting farmers and affecting our food supply. >> where the seeds of a solution are now growing. and
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up next, several cars smashed in an auto shops parking lot. how one driver was responsible for all this damage. that's next. we'll take a look at
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this incredible video of a suspected dui driver losing control of her vehicle and rolling across a parking lot at an auto shop. this crash happened saturday night in the city of edinburg, texas. >> the driver survived and was
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arrested. she had no insurance. the owner of the auto shop has set up a go fund me now to try and raise funds to repair the damaged vehicles on that lot. wow. federal investigators are now trying to determine what caused a plane crash on a busy freeway in southern california. take a look at this. the aircraft burst into flames when it hit the freeway hard. and then spun off to the sade. it happened around 12, 30 yesterday afternoon. pilot was attempting to land at corona municipal airport in riverside county when the aircraft suffered some engine trouble. pilot says he had to bring it down between some cars. he and the passenger managed to walk >> we are already losing could make the airport your i - training kicks and to to do the right thing. and as long as you don't panic, then. i guess this is about as best outcome is you can want. >> one of the wings of the aircraft, it clipped the back of a pickup truck during the crash. 3 people were inside
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that truck. thankfully, none of them were hurt either. we're learning more this afternoon about a rodent infestation at disneyland. it forced officials to shut down one of the theme parks stores, the locations only being identified as disneyland guide to whatever that means. according to county records, the store was closed due to, quote, imminent health hazards caused by a rodent infestation and a critical food area. park officials were ordered to remove the rodents and make improvements to keep them out. the store has since been cleared to reopen other eateries at the resort did pass the recent inspection. i'm just hoping that churros are okay to consume. coming up next at noon, a new treatment for covid-19 developed right here in the bay area. why could be a game changer in the fight against the pandemic? >> plus, vanessa bryant's civil lawsuit against la county begins today. why she's seeking millions of dollars in damages and inflation. finally on the decline. but is it
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>> our top story this half hour. for the first time in months, new data shows inflation eased slightly in july. our washington correspondent trevor shirley shows us the numbers and the reaction from the white house. >> well, today's report is raising hope that this ongoing surge in prices may have peaked. today's monthly inflation report from the
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bureau of labor statistics shows inflation slowed slightly in july, inflation rose 8.5% from a year ago in july. but that's less than the increase of 9.1% that we saw in june that decrease is slightly better than many economists predicted for july data shows gas prices fell but food and rent prices continue to increase despite inflation easing slightly, it still remains at a nearly 40 year high. some economists believe prices could remain high even if inflation continues to show signs of slowing down, lower gas prices played into this report. but several interest rate hikes by the federal reserve may be starting to show some impact on inflation as well. president biden addressed a report this morning. >> no, i want to be clear with a global challenges we face from the war in europe to disruption of supply chains and pandemic in asia. we could face additional headwinds in
12:32 pm
the months our work is far from over. >> and the federal reserve will certainly be taking today's report into account before it needs next. that next meeting of the fed is expected to happen in september. we're also expecting the fed to again raise interest rates reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> a new study. meanwhile, out of ucsf suggest california's fast food workers are making less money than their counterparts in other service industries. the report found the state's fast food workers making equivalent of about $3 less than an hour. that amounts to about $6,000 less a year in comparison. researchers say insufficient hours and schedule instability, play a role in the lower pay. california's minimum wage is set to increase to $15.50 an hour for all businesses come january first, a much-needed bump there. meanwhile, travelers facing surging summer prices can expect lower prices soon. according to the travel booking platform, hopper,
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domestic airfare expected to drop by nearly 40% this fall round-trip domestic airfares expected to run around $240 on average, which is $142 cheaper than those high summer fares. we've been seeing international airfare prices are set to fall as well by about that's tough for anyone trying to travel. i think what they're taking a live look outside at sfo. speaking of travel, see, i think there was a plane that was about to take over there. you can't really see any fog. looks like blue skies. a perfect day to travel here. san francisco, if people wanted to kyla grogan here with more details on our weather forecast. hey kylen. hey, you're well and yes, it is a great day to fly today. we've got that kind of enviable position of the fog giving us a bit of a break. lots of sunshine out there. wind is. >> a little breezy but not too much, though. pretty good conditions there. as take a look at stormtracker 4, you can see that low pressure system kind of pushed off to the north and notice all of that stormy weather associate with high pressure is kind of push off to the east a little
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bit too easing things up. and here we are and we are in an enviable position. it's really lovely to have a little wind out of the west-northwest. current temperatures are now very nice. you can see san jose sitting at 76 degrees. if you take a look at what's happening in san francisco about 69 78 in concord petaluma about 75 degrees for you right now. so we're off to a very nice start for our day today. and i just happened to look at a live camera at santa going to head out to the coast today, it's pretty nice out there. they're looking at 79 degrees for a high out of santa cruz. you can see just a really, really beautiful day to get out and enjoy it. if you can. so high temperatures today, we're expecting 71 in san francisco as we take a look around here. let's head down the peninsula, half moon bay about 68 degrees heading over to the bay. you can see south san francisco looking out for some low 60's and down into a place like palo alto that 74 south bay, a little bit warmer. certainly as you move inland, you'll see morgan hill at 87 just 81 in san jose, east bay. pretty nice
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along the coast there. 75 in hayward, 77 in pleasanton livermore about 85 for you. and let's have to walnut creek, 87 degrees. a little warm there as well. today, it's 83 in napa with some sunshine. and let's make one more stop in the north bay, santa rosa about 81 degrees. it's going to really nice. and here is a look at your extended forecast. you can see we do warm a few degrees over the next few days. kind of kicks in there. you know, as we get to friday saturday sunday, but nothing extreme. so we're talking about a variation of just 3, 4, maybe 5 degrees between now and when we get into beginning of next week. and that's really just our inland temperatures. so pretty nice forecast. back to you. kayla. thank you. an update now on the monkeypox emergency. the fda has approved new dosing guidelines for the vaccine. >> until now, people getting the monkey pox vaccine have been getting one shot with a full dose. the new strategy, though, is to give 2 shots one month apart. but with only one 5th of the dose at the time now, local doctors say the strategy has been used before with other vaccines. some are concerned, though, about how
12:36 pm
the dosage will impact those with immunity disorders. >> 41% of people who are in this large 20,000 now, monkeypox outbreak across the planet are living with hiv. and so i would be worried, especially if the patient living with hiv isn't very well constitute a not each of the medications i be worried about using the strategy in someone with hiv. >> meanwhile, leaders at the san francisco department of public health say they are not implementing changes to vaccine doses right away. there are additional concerns. the new method of administering will require more training for many staff members, which would slow down the rollout even further. now, the state's senate monkeypox select committee is held its first meeting yesterday. members on both sides of the political aisle say they created the committee to learn more about monkeypox and hopefully find ways to slow and eventually stop the spread data from the california
12:37 pm
department of public health shows there are now more than 1300 cases in california. that's an increase of 500 since last thursday comes after the federal government's public health emergency announcement. and governor gavin newsom, state of emergency declaration last week. the committee members are focused on the state's vaccine rollout. andy stigmatizing the virus. thank our goal is to do everything we can to control this outbreak. >> right now it's not controlled. so we want to make sure that people have access to vaccines to testing and to the treatments that help make this less painful overall, it's just an opportunity for us to see and assess where we are so that we can move forward from here and have a plan of action. >> there will be a next meeting sometime this fall. scientists at uc berkeley are developing what they're calling a potential game changer in the fight against covid-19 as kron. 4 taylor bisacky tells us it's an easy to use treatment that could be used to both prevent and treat
12:38 pm
covid. >> is to do everything we can to control this outbreak. right now. it's not controlled. so we want to make sure that people have access to vaccines. >> a simple nasal spray could be the future of covid-19. treatment and prevention. according to scientists at uc berkeley who created a new therapeutic professor of metabolic biology at uc berkeley. unders nar says he and his team have been working on this breakthrough for 2 years. part of the virus that we're targeting. >> it's >> pretty much invariant and all of the different versions of the virus that have been identified so far. >> so all the different variants of concern, alpha, beta delta and omicron and so on. they're all the same and the sequence. and so fact, our therapeutic works equally well against all of that. but contracts with vaccines which have a they basically diminishing and so we think
12:39 pm
this could be potentially a game-changer. >> unlike vaccines nar says this new therapeutic uses synthetic snippets of dna that is highly effective at preventing the virus from replicating human cells. he says their studies found that this technology was also effective at preventing and treating covid-19 in mice and hamsters. we decided to >> apply our detailed knowledge and understanding of how to target rna. so the virus and rna virus using antisense technology so for short, he said basically molecular velcro barnes to the bar, laura gums it up jam stu borrow a cup and machine to prevent the virus from making copies of itself are says this nasal spray could be significantly cheaper to produce and easier for other developing countries to access. >> he says they're now working to prove that the treatment is safe and effective in humans. if the treatment passes testing an fda approval, the
12:40 pm
technology could be used to combat other viruses like influenza. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> well, mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus were found in a small area of cupertino. that virus was detected in the area around stevens creek boulevard and north stirling road. officials say it's normal to see an increase in west nile virus during the summer months since mosquitoes thrive in hot weather. santa clara vector control district says it's going to be conducting a mosquito treatment in the area around 10 o'clock tonight. they've done this a lot in that area. an unprecedented low number of flu cases, meanwhile, has been reported during the covid pandemic, but some health experts worry that will change this year and children could be at high risk yet again, data from countries in the southern hemisphere which are currently in their flu season show cases are exceeding prepandemic levels. they say children have the highest rate of cases because of that. health experts say it's important to get the flu
12:41 pm
vaccine this year. many are recommending doing it sooner than usual. all right. coming up here on kron, 4 news at noon saying farewell to a legend, the legacy serena williams is leaving behind. >> and why she says she's not retiring. plus, a little league batter walks off a hit to the head, making an impressive show of sportsmanship and the drought force in california farmers to get creative some of the new tech. it's keeping that's helping keep thei welcome back.
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this time of severe drought technologies, creating new ways. >> to grow healthy crops, using a lot less water. dennis shanahan takes a deep dive inside a 3 acre greenhouse and davis for an up close look at what could be the future of farming. >> tens of thousands of cars drive past it every day. you can't miss it along interstate 80 in davis. a massive green house made of glass and steel with a prominent sign reading gotham greens. fox 40 reached out to the company looking to learn more about what's going on inside. it's great to have you here. today curry is the co-founder and ceo of golf in greens. his roots are in new york. that's where the company's first green house was built about 10 years ago
12:45 pm
to bring fresh greens to the big apple. and we actually operate a whole network of these facilities across the u.s. the davis greenhouse constructed last year is the company's first on the west coast and one of its largest covering 3 acres. yet we're producing the crop fields of over 100 acres instead of soil. the roots of each plan are anchored in a small part of peat moss and they're planted in trays of nutrient rich water. >> the technical term for this kind of farming is hydroponics compared to conventional outdoor lettuce growing pretty says this method uses 95% less water. we capture all the irrigation water for reuse. >> able to grow a full head of lettuce using approximately 2 or 3 gallons of water while it can take up to 40 gallons of water to grow that same head of lettuce out in the field. >> there are limits to what the company will allow news cameras to capture inside the facility. a lot of proprietary technology is at work here in what is quickly becoming a
12:46 pm
competitive industry. we've got sensors that >> track all the conditions, the light, the humidity co 2, the oxygen, all the different variables that a plant needs to grow. and then our computer control systems will help turn equipment on and off to achieve those conditions. there are no changing seasons in the gulf and greens facility. >> it's always growing season. we utilize natural sunlight to provide the photosynthesis that the crops need to grow. we've got air conditioning systems. we've got heating system. the greens are thriving and showing up on local grocery store shelves. they're not having to deal the hot weather. the cold weather on seasonable rain or hail or wind. so they're very plans as we like to say. and i'm happy plant makes for a healthy plan. the greenhouse is just a couple of miles away from the uc davis campus in through a partnership with the university. >> it serves as a kind of 3 acre classroom for students studying the future of farming. >> we're training if you like the next generation of foam is who will be getting to companies like greens. doctor
12:47 pm
gail taylor is a distinguished professor and chair of the plant sciences department at uc davis. >> she says the university is also helping educate often greens employees, things like shelf life ensuring the best quality put to use and the conditions that the company but be using to ensure that taylor points out. uc davis pioneered methods of farming that don't require soil 100 years ago. the difference in recent years is the technology that has made hydroponic farming profitable and feasible. on a large scale, we can create these crops more cheaply. we can recycle war to so that they have a place in the food supply chains. one of the keys is getting that. >> special recipe of new chance that the require spot on. and with many companies. that's that big secret taylor says don't expect greenhouses to ever entirely replace outdoor farming. >> after all, the average person in america eats about 12 pounds of lettuce a year.
12:48 pm
so we really rely on sustainable production systems out te us, too. 85 to 95% of all of the leftist in the u.s. is great in california. >> so it's a really important production system and even the outdoor systems we learning how to do it much more effectively. but these indoor farms can be game changers. growing clean pesticide free nutritious foods in urban areas in food deserts. >> places where crops don't easily grow outdoors. think of this food miles trucking in flying food. >> around the country around the world, that's great for the environment. so suddenly with these into systems we can place and what people need food. so we'll cut down on food miles, which has a greenhouse gas cost. so it's another way we can improve the environment and let us is just the tip of the iceberg, u.s. paula scientists. we suddenly have the power to. >> re imagine school sorts of foods, the leafy strowbridge
12:49 pm
to i think it's really incumbent on farmers entrepreneurs technologist >> policymakers and academics to really innovate and come up with new forms of farming that use less water farms of the future taking route today. >> in davis, dennis shanahan. >> very cool. that greenhouse in davis is capable of producing 6 million heads of lettuce a year with the company planning to expand on even that number. meanwhile, the drought is taking a toll on california's rivers, though there's less fresh water flowing from the mountains through state waterways and into the delta estuary that allows salt here ocean water to push further inland. now contaminating the water supply. farmers say their crops are increasingly being affected by the salt here. sacramento and san joaquin rivers, the states taking steps now to protect the water supply in the short term with huge rock barriers to hold back the sea water. the delta tunnel plan that was recently
12:50 pm
revived would remove even more fresh water from the delta making that salt water intrusion even worse is something we're going to continue to follow for. sure, especially since i don't think there's any rain in our forecast does bring us anything. i'm hoping, you know, there's a lot couple of days of summer for a lot of kids right now. i'm hoping that they'll they'll be able to enjoy it with our weather forecast. yeah, for sure. i mean, our weather is great. there's no denying that will be left. get rain. sure we would. but this time of year usually comes to the side of lightning. that's not so fun to get. i wanted to talk about this. this is the current drought monitor. the new actually comes out tomorrow. >> but you can see just take a look you know, all this color is kind of that brownish orange that's called severe drought. but you have to head inland to see where they're into more of an extreme drought, which we certainly were in at different points and even exceptional drought. so all the rain right now, it's tracked off to the east as you can see or up to the pacific northwest, as is usual pattern this time of year. so let's see how we do this year when we get into that time, we get most of our rain, which is
12:51 pm
really kind of heading towards more of our winter season. right now, though, it is just gorgeous out there. absolutely. beautiful day. taking a live look at half moon bay where you can see it's a great day to get out on the water you know, maybe enjoy some surfing or a little walking along the beach. be careful, though. there's a little elevated risk for rip currents because we do have a little bit of a swell coming our way. current temperatures today. pretty nice, but we're looking at for highs about 71 in san francisco. 81 in santa rosa. that 75 in hayward and san jose looking out for a high of 81 degrees. here is a look at your extended forecast. really quick just to show you that we're going to warm up few degrees over the next few days, but it is nothing extreme. you can see inland temperatures in those upper 80's and lower 90's. not that back to you. kayla. thank you. tribal leaders across california are voicing their concerns to state lawmakers about access to clean water supply during a joint legislative hearing, tribal leaders said an entanglement of federal state and other jurisdictions. >> have made it difficult for tribes access, adequate water resources.
12:52 pm
>> we have to figure out how do we in law forced the counties to make sure that the tribes have senior rights to the water, especially if it was built on the reservation. >> tribal leaders stress water is not only a basic necessity, but also a factor of cultural and religious significance to native americans. jury selection, meanwhile, has begun in the lawsuit filed by kobe bryant's widow, vanessa bryant against los angeles county. she's suing over graphic photos taken at the helicopter crash site that were shared between la countyg sheriff's deputies and fire department personnel. bryant seeking millions of dollars in damages for emotional distress. the county maintains there were no damages because the photos never reached the public domain. 9 people, including kobe bryant, the couple's daughter, gianna died in that crash back in january of 2020. new at noon. nfl commissioner roger goodell says he wants a year suspension for star cleveland browns quarterback deshaun
12:53 pm
watson. 24 women have accused watson of assault and other inappropriate conduct during massage sessions. the nfl's disciplinary officer, a retired federal judge recommended 6 games for watson. but the nfl has appealed that decision. goodell was a says the evidence clear and watson's behavior warrants a full season suspension. new jersey's attorney general is overseeing the nfl's appeal. there's been no timetable given for his decision. and reactions are still pouring into tennis legend serena williams announcement. she will bow out of the sport after the 2022. u.s. open the 23 time grand slam champion says while she still loves the sport, it's time for her to move on. brooke shafer has a closer look at the legacy. serena is leaving behind. >> superstar serena williams announcing she's saying goodbye to tennis after this. summer's u.s. open all this morning. tennis fans and players are reacting to the news of her retiring like 8 year-old olivia being willa.
12:54 pm
she's so that like i dislike, that i could get better. how she and miami tennis coach jane foreman had tennis pro herself called williams retirement. the end of an era and air of woman empowerment, black empowerment >> giving girls opportunities that they probably never knew they had in vogue magazine's september issue. the 23 time grand slam winner detailed why she's stepping away. >> to focus on family williams writing, believe me. i never wanted to have to choose between tennis and family. >> i don't think it's 40 year-old williams has had a historic career spanning 2 decades. her rise from compton to center court, inspiring a generation of players and fans, tennis, even though it's a lifelong sport. it's not life long sport to be number one in the world.
12:55 pm
>> and she was for all those years. you know, she's going to probably go down in history as the greatest of all time. >> ago, that's for sure. that was brooke shaffer reporting serena also wrote she doesn't like the word retirement she prefers to call this and evolution. i think i might add to that. all right. take a look at this sports manship on display in little league in the little league batter. isaiah jarvis of oklahoma struck in the helmet by a pitch from texas east kaden shelton yanks. the 2 teams we're facing off yesterday in the little league world series southwest regional championship game. the pitcher clearly distressed about that bad pitch was crying on the mound. kaden shelton stopped the game, walked over to give them a big hug and a quick pep talk. there was a big emotional reaction from the crowd. texas went on to beat oklahoma 9 to 4 sportsmanship. clearly one this game for sure. i'm almost choking up and tearing up about that. now
12:56 pm
something else you don't see on the diamond every day. pirates infielder rodolfo castro losing his phone. well, the slide slide into 3rd base during a game against the time and backs castor to notice the phone until the 3rd base umpire pointed down to him. he handed it to his 3rd base coach who was not pleased with the situation, especially since castro was actually called up from triple a before the game. so looking probably that i don't know if he thought he was going to get that phone in his pocket. we've and again, buddy. all right. a programming reminder for you. kron 4 is your ticket to raiders preseason football this sunday, the raiders take on the vikings coverage starts at 12:30pm, right here on kron 4. you don't
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well, the birthplace of pizza is rejecting one of america's most popular pizza establishment. domino's has closed all of its stores in italy. court documents show the franchise operator filed for bankruptcy back in april. >> company failed to win over local customers who preferred local pizza restaurants can't blame on the franchise operator says it also face some problems once pandemic restrictions were eased and consumer started visiting sit-down restaurants again, damas moved into the italian market in 2015. they signed a ten-year franchising deal. but 7 years later, all 29 locations are now closed. and hey, it's the collab we never knew. we needed steph curry and snoop dogg teaming up to unveil a newly refurbished basketball court in long
1:00 pm
beach. this is at a local boys and girls club there. curry and snoop stuck around to shoot hoops that talked about community and handed out some custom swag. the iconic rapper also spoke about the pact. the parks impact on his life where he learned how to play basketball as well. it's expected to benefit more than 12,000 children. that does it for kron. 4 news at noon. let's send it over to olivia horton for an encore presentation of live in the bay. thank you so much for joining us today for our encore presentation of live in the bay. >> i'm olivia horton. what we take a little summer break. we wanted to take a look back at some of our most memorable shows and guests today we learn more about how a local musician started the charity blanket the homeless plus, how pink of america is helping to shape our next generation. well, coming up today on live in the bay. he's helping give back to the homeless in our community. musician ken newman joins us to share more on his organization, blanket the homeless.


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