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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 29, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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are looking at a really nice start to our last monday of august. believe it or not, the new month starts here in just a couple of days. a look outside right now shows you the low gray that's hovering across the bay area. it's sitting well above us. so you're not running into very many visibility issues at all. as we kick off this monday. always nice to have a good morning commute. as far as what mother nature is giving us as we do start the week podcast shows the gray hovering across s we will be seeing lots of sunshine this afternoon, even all the way out to the coastline. so really nice day to be looking forward to 50's 60's for current temperatures. oakland conquered as well as hayward right at 60 degrees right now. berkeley dublin in livermore at 59. well, fairfax are lone spot in the 40's. our coolest spot. i would definitely recommend the jackets regardless of where you're at, though, after a morning. great. we will be looking at a lot of sunshine this afternoon. you may notice a bit of haze, though. we do have an air quality advisory in effect, partly due to smoke from the 6 rivers complex fire burning to our north. it's not
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enough, though, for a spare the air alert. so really just a moderate impact for that today. as for bridges, the bay bridge doing okay. it's still early. so yet to see traffic picking up just yet or early risers, always the ones that get the best commute. as for the richmond, sandra fell and the san mateo bridge is both are also looking with no fog and really no headlights at the richmond center fell bridge and a look at the golden gate bridge. you are also clear not even talking a whole lot of fog out that way. back to the news in the east bay. a man is recovering in the hospital after another shooting in union city. this time in a parking lot. kron four's felecia gaal has the latest from the investigation. >> union city police officers spend saturday morning and early afternoon canvassing the town and country values center on whipple road for surveillance video. they are hoping to find images that after the events leading up to a shooting outside stopped and around 3 o'clock in the morning that kids and my kids
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would be out of the o'clock in view if i'm out at 3 o'clock in the morning, i'm going to get my little snacks to see that in. >> was it police say a 28 year-old man was shot in the parking lot and then taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries before officers arrived. >> police have not released any information on the person opened fire. some people frequent the area are concerned to hear a man was shot considering that union city isn't such a really high rate kind of place. but this is at least the second shooting with injuries reported in the past week. >> last saturday morning, 2 men were wounded after a gunman opened fire on a group of people outside a family owned restaurant. lot activities going on late at night when we're or as his family's next door to quick stop. he says the tenants in the shopping center have banded together by collectively asking the landlord to be put pregnant security in the area. >> he says in recent months, safety has become a concern.
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they will be like some 25 patrol view. >> stars starting like next week or something just to just to watch out to sea. shouldn't say aside from quick stop all of the businesses in the shopping center are closed at 3 o'clock in the morning, including a bar which shut down an hour before the shooting. and police have not indicated the victim was a patron there in union city. felecia ball kron. 4 news. >> we have a follow-up on the fatal san jose stabbing of a 16 year-old over the weekend. you happen to the area of quimby road and care stun way near coming in lake saturdayy morning. first responders performed first aid on a 16 year-old before he was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. police now say a second victim, an adult man was found stabbed in the same location. the man was also taken to the hospital, but will be ok, the motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation. this is the 26th homicide of the year.
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petaluma police are asking for your help in finding a man accused of stealing several items from a 7.11. police say the suspect entered the store on petaluma boulevard south at d street on august. 6th, they say stole several items and left on a bicycle days later, he entered the same store and stole even more items this time. police say the suspect threatened hurt the clerks and tried to dissuade them from calling police. he then left the scene writing a light blue mountain bike. police describe the suspect is possibly a white man with a medium to large build and around 40 years old. new statistics released by the state department of justice show violent crime in california is up despite arrest rates going down. the figures released show 150 more homicides than in 2020, making it the worst year since 2007 rates of other violent crimes were also up by 6.7% from 2020. well, property
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crime rates rose 3%. the uptick in violent crime was accompanied by a decrease in the total arrests made down more than 7% since 2020 as well. senate bill 2.62, which would implement a no bail policy is scheduled to go to a vote as soon as today. now the brother of a sacramento woman who was brutally assaulted and killed inside of her home last year, speaking out, really niche attics reports. are skyrocketing crime in this state. >> is because of that building right there. the brother of mary kay tibbits says his sister would be alive today if it weren't for a couple of propositions and a mandatory 0 bail policy during covid. >> which released her suspected killer early from prison. now, dan tibbetts is speaking out against senate bill 2.62, which would implement 0 bail policy again. it disregards the will of the
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voters. >> who in twenty-twenty voted prop 25 to keep the current bell system in place. kate tibbets was murdered inside her land park home along with her 2 golden retrievers in september of last year, been a very somber year. >> my i'm thankful my family because i know my sisters and i place. i know whose presence my sisters. and so that that gives me but i still miss my friend. i will miss my friend, my sister for. >> the rest of my days. >> sacramento police arrested 57 year-old troy davis on suspicion of murder. davis was a parolee with a violent history who was also charged with assault intent to commit rape and arson for allegedly setting kate home on fire. i refer to it as the perfect storm also referred to in this 3 strikes prop 57. he was released prop 47. he was
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released. sarah valley was released on 0 bell 3 strikes, but it's not him. that's out. that's my sister. that's 0 bail is a failed policy. when we looked at the data in yolo county after doing it for over a year, we found that 70% recidivism rate, meaning people who are released on 0 bail without andrea send in some of the day's most within 6 months. and da rising says some committed serious crimes, including murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. i like to say to get out of jail free card. >> and people are getting relief because of this policy of people have been murdered like miss, too. that's because of this policy and the legislature just needs to stretch this idea. it's a bad idea. it's not the criminal suit forfeited their rights when >> committed their heinous crimes, their original, heinous crimes, that it's people like my sister, innocent victims in sacramento, growing niche, attics. >> 4.37 happening today. r kelly's federal trial in
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chicago will enter its 3rd week. the singer facing child and obstruction of justice charges. 2 of kelly's associates are also on trial, accused of concealing his misdeeds during friday's testimony. one of kelly's most prominent longtime accusers took the stand. she broke down during cross-examination from kelly's defense attorney who pointed to conflicting statements she's made over the years. in the south bay, a small plane completed a forced landing near watsonville. this happened saturday afternoon, according to the federal aviation administration, a single engine cessna c one 72 made a forced landing at men rest of state beach. 3 people were aboard the aircraft, but no injuries were reported. the faa has opened an investigation into the incident earlier this month. kron 4 reported on a plane collisian at watsonville airport that took the lives of 3 people. in southern california, eastbound interstate 10 fully reopened over the weekend after being washed out by flash flooding
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last week. eastbound lanes east of corn springs were closed for several days. this is in riverside county. drivers faced with heavy delays while crews work to reopen that stretch of the interstate. chp says construction is ongoing and drivers are asked to watch their speed and be aware of caltrans crews in the area. if you love fast casual greek cuisine, our vicki liviakis introduces to us just a tasty spot. opening in san francisco. let's take a look. >> so it was a little bit of greece in san francisco because zena says it's all about the ingredients are just minimal, freshness and minimal preparation. new to the dogpatch neighborhood. this is location number 5 in the city with plans to expand in the north south and east bay. so what is family friendly? fast casual with a mediterranean flair? sure you can do pick up at the counter dine-in and meet the ever popular lamb or chicken rotisserie or here at
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the new dogpatch location. pull up to them as a bar and grab a and glass wine or beer being great >> everything you know, has always revolved around >> owner charles billi zone family had a restaurant, but he gets his inspiration from the souvlaki joints. you see all over athens. >> and then we have this as a bar. this marble bar with its own menu. >> here at them as a bar, the menu includes classic light dishes like dips and pita chips taking a course. everyone knows and loves greek yogurt cucumber and dill. don't let your fresh octopus or these wicked little doughnut holes called look you won't want to pass on a cool swirl of frozen greek yogurt topped with either crushed. but cherry syrup or even olive oil and sea salt. of course, no good meze. goes without a beverage to wash it down. everything really to be you can't do that. hostess glass from the vineyards of greece.
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yeah. must do your in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron. 4 news. love the little greek sandwich. >> hundreds of athletes came together to show off their skills at heather farm park in walnut creek. the park hosted the special olympics. northern california softball competition this weekend, competitors played hard, had fun and were cheered on by family and friends. athletes train for the weeks for the competition which serves as the coma nation of softball season. special olympics, northern california offers free year-round events and up to 11 different sports for children and adults. on to the south bay, the silicon valley pride parade kicked off yesterday. san jose mayor sam liccardo tweeting out photos
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of himself with california assemblymember evan low and others saying he was happy to ride and celebrate the resilience, spirits and diversity of south bay's lgbtq+. residents. the san jose sharks also joining the thousands of people who marched in the streets yesterday was the culmination over a week's worth of pride events in the area. oakland's pride parade is next weekend. it's the highest level security issue that recently hit the iphone. what is 0 day vulnerability means for your gadgets and the best way to protect them.
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the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! >> 4 4500's gathered at golden gate park to celebrate ukrainian independence day. this year's event was dedicated to ukrainian culture and supporters who are standing by ukraine during the war kron four's gayle ong was there and has the story. >> this year's ukraine day celebration coincides with the 6 month milestone of russia's invasion today, the event is hundreds gathered at golden gate park sunday afternoon as performers took the stage. ukrainian independence day was on august. 24th the day commemorates when ukraine declared its sovereignty from
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the soviet union in 1991. is we the in we you know, we have we and great people and we will file the event was put on by the ukrainian-american coordinating council. organizers say the event is dedicated to the ukrainian people and their supporters. >> we're standing up for freedom against one here. nicklas to likey a first generation. ukrainian attended this event last year. >> he hopes people will not forget about the sacrifices being made in ukraine's. a lot of conflicts. >> in the the that are happening and people just forget about those and go on to other things. but, you know, the people in ukraine. >> i mean, it's everyday that same for. and you know. different than it was 6 months ago in san francisco, gayle
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ong kron. 4 news. >> looks like a beautiful event and glad to see that the weather was also so nice for it out there golden gate park where conditions are a little foggy at time to time. so yeah, he's got a plan. those events at the right time and today is going to be no different. we do have a little bit a low grade this morning, but we will see skies clearing up later on today. you can see outside of san francisco right now. we do have the low gray sitting above us. it's actually sitting a little bit higher aloft across the bay. and that means some actually pretty good conditions for your travel this morning. now we will see some haze and your forecast today. most of the smoke that we are seeing across the region is from the 6 rivers complex fire burning up in northern california. some of that smoke reaching the bay area this weekend. it's not yet resulted in a spare the air alert, but we are under air quality advisories with most areas just seeing a moderate impact to air quality today. if you do have respiratory sensitivities, that is definitely something to note as you are venturing out,
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their radar is otherwise showing nice and calm conditions. sure. we do have the gray skies this morning but less and less of that towards the afternoon winds will push through the golden gate on into the bay today. so we will have a few breezy spots for the most part. fairly calm, though. and nice and cool. today is the coolest day of our forecast after this. temperatures will gradually be climbing day today. this is going to set us up for some pretty hot stuff. come next weekend. so enjoy a relative coolness while we've got it monday morning, gray monday afternoon. not so great tuesday morning. great tuesday afternoon. not so great. it's that pattern we've seen on and off continually through the forecast. and yes, it does continue for the week ahead of us. today's daytime highs, 60's and 70's for san francisco. it will be 60's at the coastline. 70's to 80's along the bayshore. this is very familiar as well. we were here over the weekend and at the tail end of last week, redwood city, 81, well, palo alto about view in sunnyvale, holding on to some upper 70's san jose. you'll be at 83 today looking at 70's from
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union city hayward on up through oakland while livermore as well as on up to danville, each sitting right at 90 degrees. only a few spots in the nineties today. vacaville among them, our warmest at 92. meantime, benicia 81 valais how you'll be at a cool and comfortable. 77 mill valley at a really nice 72 for you today. a look ahead. does show that warm up. i've been talking about today and tomorrow. very similar temperature wise come wednesday and thursday. temperatures start to climb. so the start of september is looking really hot on thursday. as for the first weekend of september, even hotter yet by sunday, many of our inland areas will be tapping into the triple digits with bayshore cities back up into the 80's. as for the bay bridge this morning, it's nice and clear out there. still, we can only hope that this keeps but, you know, and a lot of us on the road. so no guarantee that's going to happen. just hit the roads early. it's looking great right now. as for the san mateo bridge, also rolling at the limit and the richmond center fell is also doing just fine, rolling at
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the limit with only a few headlights making. you're crossing over the tolls. 4.50, this morning with the recent cyber security attack on apple. many companies are prompting consumers to install the latest update. rich demuro takes a look in this morning's tech smart. 0 day. it sounds scary because it is. you have 0 days to respond to that threat. >> that's where something's been released. there's no known defense known on past. it recently happened to the iphone and google's chrome web browser and the windows operating system. those are going to be the biggest of the the most critical our it means a software companies need to scramble to release a fix. otherwise hackers can use a vulnerability to their advantage. they're going to be targeting people work in the intelligence sector. people that work in government journalist, corporate executives, people that work for defense industrial base companies. those are the
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individuals that are most at risk. but everyday people can also be affected. it happens all the time. it happens more often than you would realize. steve church in is chief information security officer at side pro technology. you're not be able to work. you're not going to be able to answer phone calls. your files could be locked potentially for every your kids pictures. all of that is in play. packers don't even need to target you specifically a website you visit could deliver malicious code to your device is the best way to keep this from happening is simple. >> update your software from your router to your smart devices. your kids, computers, your kids, phones, ipads. we've got smart switches off our homes. all of that needs to be continuously check an update might seem like a tedious task. i'm telling the alternative is not on. iphone android mac and pc. there are 2 places to check both the operating system and the app store for more hands-off
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approach, enable automatic updates installing those updates will ensure you've got the latest version of the software and any vulnerabilities that they're aware of are properly and address so they can no longer be exploited. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> i just got my update last night. thank goodness some scotus. kerry will be right back.
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it's not even september, but at least one bay area. costco, once you in the christmas spirit already, you know, it's that time of year we're not even in the burr months yet. technically these photos were taken yesterday at a costco in novato. it says decorative christmas items already on the shelves that can hear the christmas music already, you arise for preparing, including a large snowman and artificial christmas tree going over $1000. so people are acting early this year. the christmas holiday is 119 days away. still, that's just under 4 months. but hey, who's counting? we can get in the christmas spirit early, the so-called christmas creep happens when retail stores push out christmas themes merchandise months before the holiday months before halloween eve, experts say this gets customers into the christmas spirit that shopping spirit. it encourages them the start spending their money on those christmas gifts extra early. and you know what? we can have black friday once a month leading up to this might just help us with the
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inflation who who knows. but hey, i guess for those of you that love christmas, it's your time to shine. now. and if you love going to the movies mungo of this on saturday, september 3rd movie tickets will be just $3. most american theaters. how about that? it's part of a new national cinema day more than 3,000 theaters and 30,000 screens will take part major chains like amc and regal cinemas are participating and are all major movie studios. so that's a lot tickets will be no more than $3 for every showing all day. next saturday. labor day weekend is traditionally one of the slowest weekends for theaters. so this is a smart decision for the theaters after a few rough years behind them. i actually haven't seen a movie in a while. so we've got a couple in mind. i might have to hit up as we move into the weekend. well, coming up in the next hour, nasa is about to launch a rocket into space. >> the latest on their mission to make it back to the moon will be watching close there
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and thousands of fish washed up dead near oakland. why scientists believe that's work of a harmful algal bloom. plus bay area bart stations are seeing an increase in crime. we'll have a live report on the latest stations to be stay the latest stations to be stay with us. after my car accident, the latest stations to be stay with us. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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station and the killer is still on the loose. we're live with the details. and what's causing all of these fish to die in the bay area. we asked local scientists if people are also at risk. and police are investigating a racist rant caught on camera at a bay area. taco bell. we'll have all those stories and more in just a moment. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning far. >> happy monday. the last one in daria, i'm reyna harvey and i can't believe the month of august is gone. you know, you know, it's going timber on the way. yeah, and this weekend is big holiday weekend. so we're keeping our eye on the weather the whole week long. good morning, john. you know, everyone's got something planned for labor day weekend and it is going to be a hot labor day weekend just around the corner today. tomorrow are the coolest days of your forecast. so >> maybe you are some of those people that haon


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