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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news and that breaking news out of castro valley tonight. >> a car plows through a trader joe's injuring several people. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. yeah. scary. seen these images just into the kron. 4 news room. you can see the car well into the store, according to the chp. >> this silver toyota avalon just drove through the entrance area of the store and
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ended up near the checkout lanes. you can see if you're familiar with trader joe's, you know, that is a checkout lane. and authorities say 4 people had to be taken to different hospitals, suffering moderate to mild injuries. the driver a man remained at the scene, is cooperating with authorities. the cause of this crash is being investigated as we speak. and this all happened at the trader joe's on redwood road. we have a reporter headed to the scene right now to gather some more information. and we will, of course, have an update as soon as we get details. >> now the big story we're following for you tonight. new developments in last month's deadly mid air plane crash in watsonville. the ntsb releasing new information tonight on what happened just before 2 planes collided, killing 3 people. we first brought you this story back in august. the planes crashed into each other at the watsonville municipal airport and the ntsb releasing a new photo of the planes in the air right before they collided.
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they say. >> a witness took the picture on the ground. this is that we have seen before. but this new image, it's part of their preliminary report on the ongoing investigation. investigators also released a diagram of the flight paths of the 2 planes. we just saw the new picture moments ago hears the diagram. the pilots trying to land from the north side of the watsonville airport and you can see the 2 different colors. the 2 different flight paths of the planes come for theresa stasi more now on this report just released this afternoon. >> this newly released photo shows the moment 2 small planes collided above the watsonville airport the afternoon of august. 18th nearly a month ago. the photo was part of the initial findings by the ntsb investigating what caused the fatal collision in this picture. also, part of the report published thursday afternoon. it shows the
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trajectory of the 2 planes and the point of impact. the initial findings also stated both pilots were in radio communication. at one point, the pilot of the cessna one, 52 stated he saw the larger plane and decided to go around saying, quote, because you're coming up on me pretty quick, end quote. a witness says he focused attention on the final approach path and observed the cessna 3.40, on the cessna one. 52 stale. the cessna 3.40, then banked to the right and it's left wing struck the cessna one. 52, the witness then observed both airplanes descend to the ground. the cessna one. 52 with the single
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cause of the crash is expected in about a year. the pilot of the smaller one. 52 cessna was identified as 32 year-old stewart camenson of santa cruz. and 75 year-old kyle krupa and 67 year-old man that krupa of winton were in the 3.40 cessna. theresa kron. 4 news. >> violent crimes against asian americans here in the bay area have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. and now a popular safety app is stepping in to support the community. it's all part of a new initiative by the citizen app which lets residents report crimes, suspicious behavior and public safety hazards. kron four's rob nesbitt de in the studio. joining us live now with more. on the story. the app usually cost guys around $20 a month for a preemie count. well, the app will be free for thousands of asian americans and pacific
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islanders giving them a new sense of security. we're all going condone one downloaded the time the citizen app was added to phones during this meeting in san francisco you go, whether it's right down the street to the park. it's a director of government affairs and public policy for the app. trevor chandler offering premium accounts for free as hate crimes against the asian american community. increased 600% since the pandemic started. they have a feeling safe. they can reach out to one of our safety agents. 24 7 and they can connect them to emergency services. they can utilize the power of our community to let folks know what's going on around them. the goal is to give away free membership to 20,000 aap i people, especially women, senior and of the vulnerable community on thursday. representatives help guide new members to the app and explain situations where it will help to train the community on how to use the app because it's not we don't feel it's enough just to give it away. we want to make sure people know how to use it in the most effective way possible. everyone in the room hoping to avoid becoming a victim of a
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hate crime videos of attacks against the ap. i community becoming all too familiar in the bay area. the someone in your pocket just to make sure that you're saying. but if anyone here does find themselves in an unsafe scenario, a citizen agent will be available to help. and a 3rd of the bay area is also asian. and that's why just made perfect sense for us to be a part of the solution here and launched this massive effort in the bay area. >> the commitment by the citizen app to fight asian hate with free premium accounts costs around 5 million dollars and is being paid for. but the good water collective reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right, raj, a city council member in oakland this week tentatively rejected a plan to continue the use of automated license plate readers. >> to fight crime among the people arguing that it's a big mistake. oakland mayor libby schaff our kron four's. catherine heenan is in the newsroom with details on what the mayor told kron 4 today, catherine? yeah, the mayor sounded a pretty frustrated vicki. there have been, of course, ongoing arguments
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about whether license plate readers are too intrusive. the readers which are mounted on some police cars are already in use in oakland, but the police chief and the mayor, they are among the people who want that practice continued and expanded so far. that's not getting anywhere in the city council. the request has been kicked back to a committee. mayor chef talk to kron today about why she feels so strongly the license plate readers are desperately need it. >> let's make the unequivocal. they are very useful tool, particularly as we are struggling with police, stopping technology can be a force multiplier. it is being smart on crime. we have hundreds of cases of stolen cars that have been solved because of this technology and more than a dozen felonies. serious felonies up recent case, we were able to rescue a minor girl from human
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trafficking, but we cannot move forward with purchasing the new software to actually add privacy protection without the council's approval. so honestly, i'm very frustrated that they are stalling moving foward using this technology in a responsible way. >> automated license plate readers are on. 21 police cars and oakland and the police chief has been arguing crimefighting will suffer if they are no longer used the city's privacy advisory commission is going to take up the issue again in october grant and vicki, thank you, catherine. >> well, there is a drought emergency, certainly, but some rain is coming this weekend. the drought, the dragging on reservoir levels dwindling. we'll have more on the encouraging forecast with large momentarily. first, though, a check on our water supply with kron four's charles clifford. >> well, across california, we haven't seen significant rainfall in months. hopefully the rain this coming weekend will help the very dry
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conditions and put some more water into our reservoirs. the latest map from the u.s. drought monitor shows that almost all of california is still experiencing severe to exceptional drought conditions. that includes the bay area in marin county on thursday longer needs creek below lake lock. indeed, this has been reduced to a series of stagnant pools of water, but it's not all bad news across run watershed. the reservoirs are actually about 75% of full capacity, which is better then at this time last year in the east bay east bay muds total water storage is at 67% of full capacity. the sfp you see which provides water to san francisco and parts of the peninsula reports that their water supply which includes hetch hetchy reservoir in yosemite is at 67.6% of full capacity and in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district reservoirs are sitting at an average of 36.4% of full capacity. that figure doesn't include the reservoir which is currently undergoing repairs and is nearly empty. now,
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california's rainy season usually starts around october first and peaks. april 1st. >> but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. and that's the big question at this hour. we get some more. >> water from the sky. yeah, i'm excited about it. but these storms can be tricky, especially this time of year, especially this kind of pattern. we'll take a look at the right now. you can see out there across the bay area across the western half, the united states still some monsoonal moisture working its way in the bad and the 4 corner states, california staying dry. couple clouds will making their way up in oregon and washington. but we're waiting. the storm system hasn't really made its into the gulf of alaska. just yeah. just about to enter here. it is. this is what's developing outside. this is what we're watching now making its way across the aleutians going to take some time to drop down into the bay area. so for now, not bad outside, although we've got that fog and we've got that on shore breeze again. keeping new cool coast side around the bay area. most of temperatures running below the average. but this is what we're getting excited about to get a nice, significant rain f r this time of year. that would be fantastic for tomorrow. it's
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going remain dry. that's the way it's going to stay in the first part of the weekend. and then you can see just off the coastline that saturday, just before 10 o'clock in the morning. all of a sudden you see the system developing out along the coastline. and what's going to be really interesting about this storm system is the low. this developing on the backside of instead of swinging to the north, like typical with these storms. this was going to come park right off the coastline. so we may get a day, maybe 2, maybe 3 days of some rain around the bay area. so there you go. you can kind of see the swirl. now you see low developing off the coastline of this wiggles in comes this close, the bay area. we get some pretty good rain out of it. it stays off the coastline by 30 miles or so. and guess what? we don't get a whole lot. so watch that closely. right now. looks like that's going to happen. maybe he showers. maybe some thunderstorms into monday as well. maybe a lingering shower on tuesday of this. all works out. we may even get a little snow over the high sierra nevada so that we need to see. but still a little ways on the forecast we're tracking here. models are starting to come together feel better. you say we get a little bit closer. know i keep talking to guys about what the state we get a little bit closer. the storm
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and it's still holding together. i feel better. i think i'll feel real. good by tomorrow. fits all holding. be up. and guess what we want you to feel good. yes, they of it. september starter for sure it would be. and i mean, we're not talking just a few drops. we're talking maybe some places over an inch of rain. maybe some of the coastal mountains, maybe 2 plus inches of rainfall. that would be significant would be in for this time of year. yeah, they could use it. so thanks a for its new at 5, a federal judge has named raymond dearie to review the documents seized by the fbi at donald trump's mar-a-lago home. >> dairy is a former federal prosecutor her for years served as the chief judge of the federal court based in brock, a brooklyn. the selection came after both the justice department and trump's lawyers made clear that they would be satisfied with his appointment as a so-called special master. but the judge refused to lift her temporary prohibition on the justice department. reviewing the documents for its criminal
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investigation. the department has appealed that part of her ruling. >> still to come, why police in los angeles believe the custom piece of jewelry worn by murdered rapper pnb rock may help lead to his killer. >> and crews say that they're getting handle on the state's largest fire. we'll bring you the details on their efforts to contain the mosquito fire. >> and then what financial experts are saying is mortgage interest rates reach the highest they've been since 2008. one year ago, the
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average 30 year rate to buy a home was 2.8, 6%. and those were definitely the good old days because that rate has more than doubled to just over 6%. >> pricing some people out of the market to significant change in tonight. kron four's dan kerman looks at how long this might last and the impact it's having. well, the cost of that new home you want to buy maybe down somewhat from earlier in the year. that's being offset by a spike in mortgage rates. the 30 year fixed rate climbing above 6% this week. more than double where it was a year ago and the highest it's been since 2008. this will impact for sent home entry level buyers. yes, because a significant amount of money to the monthly payment realtor dan mcclain with coldwell banker says this ever-increasing hike in mortgage rates is just one change. the housing market is seen over the last several
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months. the competitiveness is gone. there's not these 10, 15 offers on a house we're seeing maybe one or 2 at 3 are for the most last can competition, less craziness last way over bidding pages are pricing homes better at more, like transparent pricing. experts say mortgage rates are rising because the u.s. still doesn't have a handle on inflation. the fed has been raising interest rates in hopes that will squeeze demand and lead to lower consumer prices. but so far that hasn't happened to my advice is to be patient. and we're not patient. we are absolutely not patient. we want to fix today. george machete is a family wealth advisor with morgan stanley. he says economic recovery will happen, but mortgage rates may not start moving down until the first or 2nd quarter of next year. until that time. he says it's critical. families don't overextend themselves, but the house they can't afford. a financial advisor
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should be really coaching their their clients on. >> not just being able to qualify for a loan, but just to see how that affects your budget because if you take on a mortgage now, i mean it that that's huge debt. the department choir to people working in the bay area in order to accommodate that. if you really stretched out to be just make it to qualify for a loan and one of you lose your job, you're you're in trouble. plus, when you stretch so much on your mortgage and maybe you have some college debt if you went to law school or medical school river, you went to college. you have college debt. then all of a sudden your debt, your total debt becomes higher. you have very little spending to enjoy your life. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> gas prices. well, nationwide, they've been slashed dropping. $0.26 in just the last month. but gas prices here, you probably noticed 8. they've actually gone up that much and more just in the past week in san francisco, gas cost $0.20 more than last week. $0.32 more in sandra fell $0.19 more in santa rosa and oakland. and 21
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more cents on average in san jose. all right. back to our. >> big story, one of our big stories, the weather as we had just a gorgeous day here in the bay area member last week. well, yes, oppressively hot. well, just been picture perfect the past couple days here in the bay. >> our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been looking down the line and is promising yet another change in the weather. yeah, we hope this all comes together. of course, we had like grant mention that incredible heat wave. so we've had a long hot summer. you get incredible heat wave. and of course, we moved in that critical fire season in the bay area. so that's always a little bit scary. but if we could get a rain like this and it looks impressive right now that may go a long way to putting a delay on the fire season. but you can see out there right now and tore half moon bay. some people out about some patchy fog along the coastline. temperatures 70 degrees in livermore, 71 in san jose. 67 degrees in
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fremont got 62 now in san francisco. 72 in the bottle. 75 degrees in napa. and 78 still warm in santa rosa. all right. here's that storm system that is now making its way into the gulf of alaska as an organized very well just yet. but eventually we'll start to make its way a little bit closer. start to organize. the sea breeze continues to blow and that's going to keep these temperatures cool. overnight. tonight, patch fog on a roll back on shore. all right. here's another long-range model as we take you through time tomorrow. looks like a pretty decent day. you've got some patchy fog giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. and temperatures may warm up just a degree or 2. then as we get the weekend, may have this model handling this too and bringing that storm system just off the coastline, going to be dry on saturday by saturday night. yeah, things start to move in by early sunday morning that start to move on shore and we start to talk about some rain about the amounts. well, this work could get impressive. models are painting a lot of rain with this storm system that comes through some places more than an inch of rain. look at that in the north bay without holds true. i think most of that, we'll see those heavier
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amounts over the coastal ranges. but if we get a rain like this, this is really going to dampen the fire danger around the bay area and not only here but really around the state. guys. that's the latest. back to you. let's hope so. thank you, lawrence. meanwhile, police in los angeles are still working to try to track down the person responsible for. >>pkilling rapper pnb rock. but they're hopeful the musicians distinctive diamond-encrusted chain might help. tonight, authorities are telling shops to be on the lookout for the custom jewelry stolen from the 30 year-old authorities believe the person responsible for the rapper's death may try to profit from the custom chain. seen here. the rapper was wearing it when he was shot and killed shops are required by law to report items they believe were stolen. and an online database allows police to cross reference the items pnb rock was shot and killed at roscoe's chicken and waffles in south la on monday. coming up, the november midterms are now right around the corner.
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we'll take a look at. >> some new polling, one key issues that will be on the ballot.
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have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping)
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♪ election headquarters. and with the november midterms just around the corner, a new poll results are out showing. >> where californians stand on several key propositions set to appear on the ballot are capital correspondent eytan wallace shares with us. some of those findings. the poll
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asked californians yea or nay on propositioned ranging from abortion to the environment to online sports betting that as voters are weighing in on the top issues that matter most to less than 2 months until election day. a new poll from the public policy institute of california or ppi see for short. >> shows what's top of mind for many californians. results from the survey of just over 1700 people showed of all the issues facing the state jobs, the economy and inflation fell at the top of the list with homelessness and housing. rounding up the top 3, we have seen economy really take friend this the economy today were defined around inflation and rising prices in the past. some propositions. 69 1% of those polled indicated they support prop one to enshrine abortion rights into the constitution. >> pro-choice groups say it's vital. this measure passes, naming these rights in the state constitution. >> that makes it much
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stronger. that ensures that regardless of the political winds are political shifts in california, the rights to abortion and contraception is truly protected for generations to come. this is a very radical move. it is not health care and that we should send a message back to these very radical pro-abortion legislators that this is not something that california wants. the poll also finding a majority of californians support prop 30 if passed, it would increase income taxes for people who earn more than 2 million dollars per year. >> revenue from that would go toward subsidies and charging stations for 0 emission cars and resources to fight fires. >> but there's another prop not so popular. prop 27, the proposal to allow online sports betting in california, even with supporters saying it will generate new funds for homelessness and gambling addiction programs. 54 1% of those surveyed are opposed. and in the race for governor, democrat gavin newsom leads his republican opponent, senator brian dolly by 27 points. but dolly points out
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the poll also shows likely voters say 49 to 48 the state is heading in the wrong direction when it cause a crisis. and it's because of the policies i'm giving californians an opportunity to have change. >> and a better future and going back to the propositions for a moment. prop 27 is not to be confused with prop 26, which would allow in-person sports betting at tribal casinos and for horse racing tracks across the state. ppi c plus release a poll on prop. 26. >> next month reporting here at the california state capitol wallace kron. 4 news. >> next meeting with the president tomorrow, president biden will meet with basketball star brittney griner's wife as griner remains in prison in russia. who else has a meeting with the president and with the white house thinks about a trip to moscow to try to make it feel. plus why a local jail is under the microscope accused of snooping on conversations between inmates and their attorneys. >> and the political posturing is intensifying immigrants or
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bust to vice president kamala harris's home and flown to the upscale resort town of martha's vineyard. how governor newsom is getting involved. oh ms. flores, what would we do without you? leader of many, and pet wrangler too. you report to your boss, every afternoon. so beautiful. so becoming a student again might seem impossible. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health.
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well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you.
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governor of texas says he intentionally sent 2 buses of migrants to vice president kamala harris's home in the nation's capital this morning. it's the latest in a series of moves by republican governors


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