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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 2:07am-3:00am PST

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bu sssine. g >> wuesss ho ig dointhe di .shes >> aro ptein shimoote. s >>liparkng. sp inarklg. v >>niery ce. ha>> tounk y., al reyou' t notnlhe oe y on awith ow shu , yo.know la [ erught ] a >>y,nywa t we,haoo, fve aun da cay bethuse uyat gr ovee ther eris hthe wiag us ain. >> in colnn qui. om>> sngethi wesird'ng goin o th wi, him with sodomebyig hh up, ca bethuse uyis gs i ,here like, ev weery ek. >> ha he shs a alow c"tled op sh aow,"e nd ha has opairf nd has,cuff w and ge're toingo ve ha w ouritay wm.h hi r >> os he ig goinavto hs e hi way with us. one or t ohe.ther h >>ave you ever dream oedf wi g nninlothe y ttermoand ving in bto aanig m, sionl we'l tr ine oductoyou ou a cthple at di std jut. tha 'l weowl sh t yououhe hhase tt ey thid decn ed owhand heat ty ss pap.ed u ha>> tkit's f nd ofun. op perele ayi pla lng ainot sce th asat lget hune winemr, rr?embe ea>> yh. >> ll we'w shohoyou aw to dd a h toucuxof l ye tohoour ause,nd h heoras wwiked omth s te ofhe gg bimuest arsic s tisturof o , time mfromh ariay,careha micel ck jason.
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ju ondge "x factor," but is ahe ge ley ndarc musiucproder. >> . l.a.reid r>> ay eall gniceuy. >> ni so ce. s >>o hu.mble e>> h drs,esse l notcoike lin qu jinn,ust pcterfeion. [ htlauger ] >> r all.ight d woulcayou orre fe soms wordof sd wiom? >> r i'm, eadye.hodi >> in colma, naste. >> as namte. c >> yloseeyour es. u yor neve hknowtrow syoong u unare betil sting ironge s th ly onic chou e yo.have la [ erught ] >> anand. my vo fa,rite i wasnk thiingf o fyourd.rien ha>> tounk y. y >>frour , iend, jillsthow rong sh s e waweand ta'll bolk aerut h usin jset a .cond >> wet los aoo gd fdrien eryestday. >> no w,me kimasl lt t,nighhe tre wa s a tvto docr ioreunasn lt
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eo>> gclrge y,oone h whoeeas bn ki maheng tnd roud s anbehas en so ny fun. u yo rguysbeemem sr heedtart in "e .r." >> ha he nes a viw molle caed "h ceail ."asar >> andug hh leauriho swed up, bo f th othemho supwed sa to ve ji s mmy'.life s let' atakek. loo h,>> ogo my 'md, ing dyi. >> is he i -- ytellhaou we t, h rais cg.shin kihis s dneyshare nguttin. dow h>>e'sng goint ioti mul smyste n orgaurfaile. s >> vupericentr tularyracch wr th mia. >> ion d't evenem rembert wha at th is. >> no i,t's w notngorki. y >>avou h ge toimet h to ra 'spperig delht. >> rr'appelis deght? >> r youbeemematr why thehttaug n us oedtv m sicall.choo gi imve h r ther'appelis deght. -h hip op d you son't top r itock -- up i >>li'm ave. s >>thee, ouat willd k, l mebut it e madalhim ive. >> pe rapder's t.ligh >> youer we going alongh wit it, knyou ew t allorhe wds.
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p hot don' astopinrocktig unl th nge bag banieboog u andmpp ju bothe wogiethith yte rhf hm o e thetboogaty be. esguwhs , ateram wica,vee lo u. yo ayanywca, i ben't e lievgegeor oo clknney alows e l ths.word >> c i ban'tveelie d youo! >> aernothso rea ln togeove orge cl yoone oo clney. >> th we t oughlepeopsu verj.s o. sosimps n watistaronng t.ight t'>> i hs on tulu,h,hougyo so u n cah watcit. ev oderybo y whsehas t,en i i and sknowpeome wopleavho hene se e the wholg,thind sais it i edincr.ible th e agctin i10s a . an amwhda, oo isf ne otvour it cr lics, iovedt. h weonave te ofcehe sfrnes om nlast'sightso epide. hoit smawed crcia llarkniisteng to . o.j s hist firer int wviewith cepoli. atakek. loo ha>> wout aburt yot lef hand e?ther ho d w digeyou att thur injy? d>> i kon'tnow. fi tirst wme in as iagchico. en thot i gk bacheto tse hou, i and ruwas g nninndaroud , ani ok brgle a ass.
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th neen oyo of uyur gsts ju edcall. alactui ly, itcut or befe. yb maope i ienedt. ha>> titt's . el>> w cl, i tan'tell. hedid h cutanis h ld inos geans le iorchn agico? ho d w dinjhe ihiure f?msel y whthdid pse coer tolitate ? >> au bechese t ny'reseot ud to il gr aling .star 's he j the.uice ushe rmohed han re t0 2,00yas o ineane sson. >> av i h ie nowhdea haat tt an meuts, bu , yo wknow ihat,t ldshouman't .tter he a gotwithway ti her he i t s nog goinetto gy awawith in killr.g he >> s notsto fa. , thatouof c wrse,aras s ah ul pa bson,knest foown r me "an ricaorhorrry sto." pl aying maria arclk. re i lallyheike r. t >>wahat bas cudi j ay j. t >>pihe e esode wndedo.ith j. ge g ttin hintorois bannco d iv drawing o ay td avoiingettg starreed. a weemll rr embe.that >> oh,y mos gh. ye thah, sis ill reayri bgngin a lot oopf peacle bk. a >> o lot df us won'ttoant go ba ck. so f me oerus wvoe in -lvedt - no i inutt, bu , yo, knows friend swithofome p thee.eopl >> g youweuys re. ny>> a yway,roou py bablmbremeer er whu e yo.were .okay
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thsome ling torwook fotoard . ou do yw knoodanybisy who a fa alst t hker,oda? >> al i tstk faet som.imes e >> wdo. i k thin'rtheylke taabing --out da , , dadada, ., da i -- you knthow, tyose pes. >> ew a ndy stu. is thwh is there ste fake talrs li arve, u e yoy?read acmasstthuseums, nthber ree. mi otnnesuma, ntwber o. an e d thesfastlkt tasting inate th ite untaed softes ri ame- ca - e >> wt don' aneedmr druoll. >> , yeso.we d re>> ogon. w >>hy? >> in colsn doegr't aee. wh y? >> ne min asotarend ogon? co o ha>> w yt doeaou mmen co on? ew>> nk yortohas nu be mber one. >> y newhaork bs tombe nuer on e. >> i tend to reage. w ho y doouea msureom sngethi ke lit thaayanyw? e thesslowlkt ta--ers s thiis no rpt sungrisiso -- uth ca naroliui, loa,sian and ismissi.sipp >> llwehe, tre's ath rhyfm o
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bmuchretteom sesetim, isn't ?it >> i guess. s gueswho was on e.t. last ni ght. >> si casdy grdiffoas w .on asit w m nfl ediay.da so e' hers a le ittlbitf oher ap anpearce. >> l, welwa it vs myfiery rst su boper edwl mayia d. t leoume cownt de n thy.craz er ths e way a gu din aress. >> you ,know we're fromer gmany d anwe saye w only get te inwsrvie herero fm ftboolalf i we oo lkek li. you he>> terre wppe puanets d i ca ren't uallystnderwhand y er three wepe pupnots, d r dithey sp eneak h.glis at whs doe hthistoave wi do th th pee suwlr bo? [ kispeaorng f leignagangue ] >> on i dhi't thenk sw kne what washe tts geining heto we n sh sa id " tyes"iso th. w >> ihereyts peanon m?ning uli woved loin to ietervm.w hi l>> achepretraun toied e hav n fu hwither. p >>seropo hd toer. >> h she gad a treatime. lo cvelyntommes. da to ny isnlot oney wi day eswedn bday,t'ut imps hu day nk hu. day w >>vee haup a sower bl
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stju reedleas and ift' isht rig in hi ts ,lanet' is cdalle viryanlle. atakek. loo w a hat wman,a hat whaman,t a ty mighd ma goo n , he yes is hat wn,a mat whan,a mat whaa n, mat whagha miooty gn d ma i sayagt n aiw no w a hat wman,a hat wman,ahat tymighd goo man >>n i my face! s >>gro agveessi! >> ar a ct than'doest t ge radist.cted au meto ecyrgenki braitng wh pe ridestetan donecti. onhe t allew nyu hndai etrulana. o >>eah, yh. >>ha w it isatt thdo he es? >> do he haes tttt li- le - that lelitt -- >> t wha hdoes?e do ha>> tokt lo. e >> hn'doesvet hado to yt an.hing n >>uto, bis he mu comtinicang wi m it>> wu?h yo t >>lihat -ttle- on>> d't you feel it? >> he two ad rks. yo e u arfutoo nny. >> t thacuwas te. >> t nex wweek de'llspo a l ecia le vae'ntiny s dashambupl coues ma erkeovd , anouif y y andour
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reinte, stedo go t& klg .chodaom an t d hicothe t nneconbutt. w we louldtoove e havcoyou me on n dowbeand e mad, ea>> yh. y >>l ou'l thavello fi a out form a sndends uota pho. a wenelso oued yev -- neeryo has a y.stor iestorles, p yase,uyou gs. y ifavou h ie anranspialtion or st ay orben unablievtole sry tlikenehe oha we std lak wee er whyoe a maung unn fos d hi bi icologomal m t andhihen s ol bialogic dad andhe tn the ogbiol picaltsaren got medarri de s cader aftetheye gav himp u adfor onopti. y ifotou get som lhingthike at ly aring , oundsepleato go the wsameteebsi. m i'gonot toing i sayait agn. i >>t jus twantveo giui a qck tr e ibut fto ad rienheof tw. sho th s ere'aua bel tifu ngirl amed ji rall bkizinsno-conlly. m iet them, ien w tteo thay cman la isndso t do aas brenct caer .talk i mere,mber i met her ander h au beltifu hndusbat barinhe t y lobbweand e wertt chaaning d intalkdg an ied lik her so chmu. iand tht,oughhe so's s sweet an lld fu ofif le and's she heanotrre bcaast ncer rvsu.ivor
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iwhen wasin givheg tee spch, i re ermemblo, i ckeds eye with her. an d i outhght, why am i up rehe? an yd wh ishe s not up he?re idi sa i can s sayhiometng? i mjusthiet tals reooly cl rl gi. e' shbrs a light.ight sh s e ha lsuchinife . her cashe p me uspand oke. kn i otew n ahing hbouter. e sh ucame tp toodhe p aium,nd th asis wrs yea, agoshand ide sa dothe s ctor mtoldhae i hrve tee nt moo hs t, liveshand ide sa but i twantllo te s youhiometng. i thaveeshe bsbt huinand the d.worl st upand rt, ba. er ev ayoneudpplaed. sashe 'mid iki worarng h d to lp heer othpl peonde, a s sheaid ro om. i edlookhe at ndr, a w sheas. , likeknyou heow wu n yo feel -likee - shwas. >>he st jusxu ejoded y. e sha was tibeaupeful .rson he>> s b wasifeautul. i nelearstd yey erda sthathe edpassy awaeryestmoday g,rnin shand fte lein beh md soany ie frannds opd pehole wed lov r. he we h hadn er oshthe cow ae oupl imof tes. isths i swhataihe sckd ban. the >> s iy tasipovetiec bseauo tme kelit' iths woe rd life. i lhavetoife day.
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obprmsleha tjit asll ho , wh dnwoule 't binshakeig thstr fi g atayod swhing ?y me nobut r.t he >> you just take every moment, an u d yoerchh is, itd ann'dot wo abrry thout ufe statf th you t can'.have cu fo ws ont hau yodo have. he>> sus jlit s,vend aou yo, g , ohlli'av hwhe sat'sheav g>>o, girl. >>moher otm wr he oner fa okceboe pag hthatauer dr ghte t spenpathe ixst s a andf hal s yearlibatterng hne illitss wh gr dace,mieteronnatimo, hundr, a rogene.sity e sh osayselur jealy blln wi be gr y eatledmissfa by amilynd ndfrie ss as the'sedouch un cos yoeverasne hn beewein ahe of r tybeauh botdeinsi o andanut, d as m herr,othe w shey as m best ndfrie c, mydaonfilont, f ve omy fe li. r het ligh cwillnuonti e to e.shin >> l ouranove ayd prtoers her lyfami. ay ok. >> he isne o ofew n 'syork ne fist. we ta're g lkint aboun colin.quin li cohen's re. >> t whagua see. f >>ouind y t wholhe hheds t key to h ourneappiss.
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k thansoyou h. muc >> heol hds theey kou to r has?ines ea>> ye h, hesdo. >> oy bwe, e 'r tinubro.le >> you ready? >> . yes ka>> oe'y, we ll bt righ.back berefore theld coua be onnati ,th haere bd toope peille w ling ightto f i fort, to t onake or the wreld's gt atesch esalleng, wh everaty thebemight . , th sou.e arms.may ers sttno lyonacti t acs strndegaty, t buhyalso p andsicsmi chestry. we m baake lattle p ns and cr beateroreakthughs - med ine,icinie scd nce anneerengiing. r ouisnext m csion boulde yt annghi. prso we e foeparerr ev.ything hea t artaat dcksnoe c'tear ou if y eve rundary y, or if you're young or old. no mattewhr aro you e he a taart atan hck cnappe without inwarng. y if'voud e haa ar hetat atck, ye a barir aspigimen ren ca hen prelp ventot ane.her on s beto ture toalk youror doctore befbeyou gin sp an aegirin r.imen
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reyou maady ? always felis iprunicedbltae, so embrace it!
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h >>e's knownor fis hru btal br ofand r,humool cuiin qnn. >> m you kightconow qulin inn be rost fs m hi btimed ehinthe an dchorhoesk g stinke"weend te" updasnon "l." ou d>> y hon'tbeave a tter ct piure? nd>> ae morntreceorly fyi plang y amseexcu me sesh'- -amy me schur huscdamer's d in last ersumm's kb blocruste "t wrainreck." now >>ha he ons seasf two ohis y funnriweb seop ses cwhhow ich s usgiveeh a be ind th scenes lo thok at nge makif oa fi ioctponal celi. drama o >>kay. at whon is wrg? th e e scensoneeds ing.meth >> no, ion't dhi t it nkesdo. >> ha wam it is mng?si >> ou yeed n oantaclbse. w abhoa out cold? >> c aold? >> et gk. sic i>>n't wobet tr distiact ng a l. al hi >> t a ts isfoask rce. 'rwegoine tog hi find m. k>> youe now, hn't does really -- >> i 'm sorry. bu dot ou h ye avcolda ? cut>>cu, t. en sce. n' doprt imffov owh of e at his do ing. >> ks looe likfun. o,hellin col. y whyoare cku ba? i,>> hie lads.
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y >>otou gew rened. >> h. yea i>>s t'etpr ea>> yh. it n 's othewe utb, bll sti. a >>oure yer freth on b?e we yocan wu dovehatee r th yheckou nt wa? y >>eah. >> on no lle teu s yo twhat?o do o >> nteone yolls atu whdo to . r >>y?eall ot>> nil a m oliononpinis. w >> ohoseonpini ys doarou ce ou abt? in>> me. yo ysu gu. >> re we'. big .yeah e we'rt.tigh ah ye. ou>> y c gets elebomto c te onhe b. we th aat's d bigeal. u yojeget serry ldinfe. he>> tn'y dovet hago to y ver far. >> ve ste embusci. w hooudo y get these guys to join you? >> h eac one rasepa, telybutt' is on te ofhose th,ingsre wheou y as k lepeop a,ndy theay sno "." yo avu he t aosk themor f a fake te da. d anthen you haveo tsk a them afor e fake dat e.twic an end th'r youe ldockeo int the th onird e. t ifsahey s y yethfor rse fit e, onn thereyou'ew scred. >> oh. do r youy eallrsunde itandt? n >>o. i >>'t donhe eitr. i >>ay'm si ing k tric sthemo en th t the thirdthime eeey fl d. ba ow>> hld wou g yous et ue to bon ur yow? sho w>> i touldyoell eyu, h'r, wee oo shngtiex nmot h.nt o>> wh,n'e cat.
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>> n thenta moomh fr - now- a nt moomh fr i nowl telweyou 're sh ngootiin aga. o,>> n h youthave unat lch. i >>oi'm gngbe to o outwnf to. t >>hihe timrd t ge, i ho, iate to p keengaski, youwebut 'll sh inoot s theo tudit righr afte syouranhow td it 2akes0 teminuhis, wt ch is takee thre s,hour y butayou smi 20 s,nute d an -then- eo>> pdople it? s >> ture,dohey . ltheymeove . >> g youerot jeiry sd nfelo to d it. >> an me rrd jee y art.tigh as>> blyical c youyoall ur fr s.iend s let'onbe hest. c >>inall or favs. ll>> aht rig. wh lsat ee e arwoyou g rkinon? t'>> it s noghenou? m i' thereomo prthote at. j>> idiust ld mye ittlyonew rk or sty. vei haou a cofple ns iroth in e t >>mehat noans g.thin goyou tht noing. >> ot i gnt pley. go i tht notaing lengib., no s >>u o yo hhaveufandco fs tyour ha ornd fea a rson. >> t moslepeop h do,oda. y >>reou a. riall ght. >> re we'ng goiaf to ter co cimmeral. e we'rg goin atakeak bre.
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hi m. >> yes,au becese h has nd has,cuffca he ayn st. 'r weine go pg toa lay ogamef ar ch wadesthith ose. an>> hfsdcuf l andanillis a ha he otmar roicntal vtien'sneay d ea idhis, whech s -- youno kw iwhatn. mea l we'ligbe racht bk. t >>s hat't.righ ithe's ten "pungbat gym ink"g stne zeutralir. an e "pd thntrevean mold ewd mildonon hohe srtwer cuain tfor upyso 7 daray." sp it's o alsdothe "oinr causbag iacterte" fighr. an en td evathe "s hlete'foot us" fungerkill. sc di moroveryse waan you cly use disisol tanfecaynt spr to khelpureep yo homealthheier. tai pickeretuof ss riuns, se buwit my thckbaain p i uldnco s'tep le d geanupt n ti ime. i then a found pm.leve aleve pm is the only one to co ine mbfea sa a sleepsid plu e thour 12 h rpainngelievist th orengevf ale.
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alev pme or a fet br amte. dr y?y spra atthun's f. it's ea alr!dy dry wainotit . meth is iseagrt. vit'ssoery .ft i kecan t?ep igh (laus) l th alree caof .. dove. ..
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> >>oh. w >> be'rewiack heth tr staof "c shops coow" qulin inn. s he ig goinetto g us ndhaffcu.ed >> he tnl oway hey s ig gointo gi s ve ukethe iy isthf kandie a n i caouact t -- ai>> wt. is s thirithe ght? i >>n't woutt sh. >> o, nou yot go t tdot hae.on it's better. y>> houe av dto--o
2:27 am
n>> iiteed -- un>> fhiny tng. er>> h ge weo. y >>e ou'rg goine to by.sorr er>> hwhe's gat's toingo ha.en n coligohas tt inhahat ert the e ar cfivehoop sws. ok ay? we g are toingeso guems thd , an e we'rg goinctto aou it t ge to.ther e we'rg goinlato pary ch ades wi outh yay, ok? 'm>> i notng usi aa meg phone. ou>> y doha wr tevewayou nt. >> y. oka .okay y?read h.watc ok ay. ok ay. >> ll pull, pull, pu. o >>kay. >> c you tan'talk. >> y. oka h >>o ow dsayou ymy rhites wh? >> d howu o yorhsay wymesith? >> o g to the nonext e! y >>anou ctanot lk. >> gn draet. >> t thahowas lerrib. ka>> oy. g wet.ot i ay ok. it wa. no. t >>ishis w notngorki. >> ai hawvei fi.-0 'm>> iry sor. u yovehaoo t much stuff there. m i'y.sorr ka>> oy.
2:28 am
o >>h. n >>blypd ue. >> y oh,eah. he>> tge bad. w >>arm. he>> tn iroe.badg bathe ondge c the.hest brthe -easte - the.badg shthe .ield shthe .ield y >>es. >> s thio is stiexcing. l>> iwhike oden hepa kes lk taing. >> 'r yout e noweallod. n >>o. ha>> wr.teve o >>leh, pase. >> i howiss thr eveg gointo ha ?ppen yp>> nued bl. da .gger stthe ab. n. gu if kne. kn ife. e.blad bl 2.ade >> l oh,ord. n >>.ever ve ner. >> st fird. wor su e.icid .kill .kill t.shoo .kill oh !
2:29 am
go th to xte ne. one t >>here ao re n.more es>> yer, th.e is to>> slkp taing. >> y. oka , oh ithis s -- o >>h. >> a therch. e thh.marc pd nye. blu n >>o. >> ee thrds wor. s >> ihrit tr ee otwo? >> e bludsbloo. >> hi i thank tght mi ot bene wo rd. lu>> booe bld. t >>wohat s rd i-- >> 'r youone wrg. >> in track wre. shillt hi>> ts s wawothe idrst veea er. w >>idhy dwen't t jusawdo l and or der? >> we need the miopcrneho, y ou rewero w!ng t>> pheblro wem -as- >> ha wwat ths pre leobm? >> d i'tonhi t tnk where as a leprobm. s itedounde likoda goa idewhen i d hearit. i' e ll bsthone. sooh, gundsood. t >> atithe me. w >>vee lo, youn.coli u yo tcomeayo plby, ba. >>ea sson twof oop cho sws i on ri t t>>sehere aar hd. >> k ttgeg inadrefoy a r g biotfollba we enekwid atham gofe ho wne kw,
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>> 's> ites win w daysdedneay, weand re're toady y pla "who ew knnd," ace sin s the buperowl is s thiaysund t, wehthoug it ul wo fd beo un t ytestour leknowofdge b theamig ge. ho s da issacro s thet treeheat t op sh30 at k rocy readanto hd $1out o 00 todanybo y wh tgetshe qu onestighs rindt, a t for hose th onat dyo't, gu're toingt o ge ofone g her sreatd ay ok? re heh wits me ispnbc tsor ch anavor dige brgs. dhey,ave. tgoode o seyou. >> at grese to u.e yo ea gr bt toree he. >> a, hod g youheot tst fir es qu?tion 'm>> idy rea. at whou's ymer na? c >>.indy >> re whe y areroou fm? c >>ctonne.icut le s t'do isth, ndciy. tby heway, ion d k'tw noifou y ca n e,se we're in oewur ns. dig ait'sle who w new.orld az cry over rehe. l alright. udexclsuing boper wls,ha wt tisporveng entas had hhe tos mt le teonvisiwe viersn ie thituned st esat? is t ie thymolc pimewos n'gufire at sk ning,inba foral, ca nasr ri splunt cp b cuesseri? t >>ashe nspcar crintlub se .ries
2:33 am
ah ye. >> ry eveg thinelis re.ativ e >> w nlover ascabcon nt,, bu itno, fi is sgurengkati. s takesit i --es tak s ther ilve l .1994 thardlio beiteve f wasour ho taurs elpe d.ayed fitop osve mtct waprhed msogra s ins portorhisty. th asat wau becf se onathe ncy rr ke,iganon tarya h ding duschele. se weven afeks thter tae atheck s bcame wack,heon tve sildar mel. es awmoome .ment >> k you inow,s pasthdoroy mi hahill codldhoe homy everday. lo i --ved no i kw. >> t' whaurs yoe? nam ua>> dalne wker. >> where you ?from >> rn smyela, de.awar f >> osecouru , yoare. al ghl rit. re hego we . is thm teawohas e n th smostuper cbowliohamppsnshiit in s an fre chisorhisty. t is inethe glw enpaand tstrio, e thfrsan ciano scer49 os,r tt pighsburte serels? p>>tsitrgbusth ll[ be ]
2:34 am
go u t yo.$100 ya y! y >>neou katw th. one o.>> n i wouldav he saidhe t iopatrts. i id dknn't haow tt. p >>otatrives ha f wonsiour nce 20 bu01, e t thlesteeavrs hn e wo x siheof tht eigy' thelave pyed in . wtheyouon f ar in-y sixspear an t in97he 10s. pr aettyngmazi. e thtetwo inams s thir supe , bowlhepantavrs ht e noa won r supe.bowl e thcobronves ha t wonwo. y >>eah. m i'y happthfor nte pa ahersnd ei thnsr fa. sit'seao gr gt too. he>> t vy'reery teexcid. ey thon're 0 ly 2s year sold,o 's itll sti a fhiranchase tt's ne w pp >> h. yea i >>net's w. s. ye ka>> oy. al ghl riodt, he. ha>> w yt isnaour me? >> ae mikla. w >> ahereoure ym? fro ol>> ca.umbi i >>15n 20s thid branr supebowl r adveeceie d theshightit rang on he tsa uod t aaymed r teewvier po ll. do s,ritowe bud, iseriaor ft? >> h, oy modgossne. s waiait ft? wa ?s it oh it, wa. y >>eah! >> ry eve wbodytsaner hoo bk.
2:35 am
su boper dswl a. dw bur eisefowon e r thd thir ra st yeaightr. 13 ofhe l tast 15 yearsit wh the lo ogst d ad. >> hat ts wa favmyorite ever. ey'rthnoe g t doinals animn.agai i >>a t's jtearr.erke htheyhead tt losy puppwho unfohid way s meho. nd t>> aorhe h sse wasy.o happ yes >>. >> theds clide clye sdal tcameo s hinsdefee. ca bethuse e wsolvero surdunde m, hi t andhey walked him back to his handsome o.wner jtearr.erke t >> ia was ecperfmmt coalerci. i >>s t waeaa gr.t ad et>> lo 's g tbackgro a eat wo man. >> se we coe a oupleemf th. ok lot' wha ts ininhe w kdow,ath. lo t ok a pthis.lace fit'sd ille uwiths. l alt.righ at whou's ymer na? >> im krlbey. w >> ahereoure ym? fro po>> s, kaneinwash.gton po>> s.kane where.e go vithe lonce dimbarph tro y is deaward to the wnginnim tea at sthe buperowl and ist' madey b wh at jryewelpa comny? ka wey jes,llered jar , or antiffy? t >>nyiffa. di [ ng ] ka>> oy. ll>> aht rigda, ho.
2:36 am
antiffeay, yh. >> tnyiffa hase madve eryup ser bo wl ty rophngdatik bac96to 1 7 whenwa it sle cald theld wor fo llotbamp chahiionsp optrhy, merenaed th lrdombaiph troy in 70 19 teafr, of co,urse theat le ea grtke pacrsin vceba lomrdi. it se is poven , intsnd22 a a ha nclf iofhes rl stesiing .lver >> e i'v tseenhem. ye ah. >> s it'aua bety. ha ouve yd help?it u ay>> mbe. ye ah. dhey, gave, treate o seyou. mega music producer l.a. reid is he .re pl , usu yon'dohat tvebeo a ttloy ernnwi terlio ikve lone e. we sh'll ouow ye somiomilln do illar tdeaseao croute yr ea drmem hoht rig after this. we e werwbelo 88the outh sn therllparael. adwe hve traled for over 850 miles. enmy mven drilynearro mad fm starvation and frobitest. datowey e maksthiory. enve>>bis!nido lc weto tome ouhe se!th pol y ifdoou're he era trexplor,
2:37 am
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ma yoybe veu haow a pllerba ettickyo in alur wholet tpingo win that $112il mlion jotackp. e >>ifven d you, on'tyou pr lyobabam dreboed ahaut wu t yo d woulitdo we h thy,monen eveif u yo weveron. i >>urf yoam drelu inca des big be fuautimel ho'l, weowl sh you tohow at crelue a ouxuriacs spe on ma a sudll bwiget y th m erlotteay drmem hot hosd davi stbromad. w >>a hat shfun orow f t youo st ho. >> fu so n. t gee to brta paso of e'meons al renily ulique ves. ey th m winonillid s aniomillns of la dolrs. d an it'skeliat, whi am g?doin an>> m ty ofcohem rome frym ve mb huegle bnginniigs, rht? >> o allemf th. l alheof tm. t >>ishis r yout firslecoup, thand otey gse to ree the ff dit erens,homeht rig? u yogoare toing cr desthibe em to a us,e'nd woire go ng ttotry refigu w out ohichhene tosy che. c >>ctorre. a >>e re wg goinooto l wk att ha th ceye amomfrir >> ha wveteyor wau .nt t >>ishis t wha ctheyframe om. it as wer vhuy lembeg
2:39 am
w it aas le ittlpecramd. ey thse raived fild chithren ere. >> . wow fgoodheor tm. i >>e.nsan neinsa. an eyd th $ wonmi180 n.llio >> e' here s tht firs thomehat th heey c ockedut. it al's cthled w e bot cresh.ranc utellous abist th. one ea>> bulutif. it as wet sn ohia tollp. it as wbs autoly elrggouseo. d hacoa lemp atebira ranchan. h itliad, make, moss a ountsf re acage. it s wasintunng. i , mean tfromo op tombott. it e hadthverything heat ty edneed w andd.ante w itoras gs.geou >> a howhere tidir ky s, bthe y? wa ar eye thwn gro? t >>rehey'wn gro. i' elll tu l yoora stouy abe t on g.thin >> h the oouseref se initye s th se ndcoom he. >> ut bea.iful w itomas celpletiny maedtain. asit wse clo lr to s.a., wo itas a lelitte mornsexpe bive,t ut i abwas tesoluorly gs.geou it ad hin l italiteradly hke, ling, wis. >> ha wdot ou yea mn? >> ou yal wink nd at is wa li -keth- eae wstg ind anstwe awingound sinth wg.
2:40 am
>> i wish weou c aldllctuay see it,ut bt' thaays ok. an thu.k yo nd>> atl lashey, t sre'shiometng ll caheed tle eagre's cst. >> le eagre's cst. b >>t et ia has t grea.view hi>> ts s waopon ta of tamounanin, isd ther lit ally ca itme wsnh a loow pw. i >>ats thov a mheie t?ater h >> mas a tovieerheat. w >>hat? ad>> hor a w rkoutoom. it it laler wly lase ikloa e.dg telillraa y lodge. >> et i bno i kicw whe h on they edpick. >> hi w och wneldouou yho ce?os f >> irei wem? the whoh, ichne o w iouldos choe? w >> dhichu o yok thin they e?chos i >>nk thiy thee chosniserety, th coe senend o. s >>d econone. ok ay. w>> i houldchave tosenirhe fst e onheor trd thi. one wh o at dthyou think ouey wld ha hove csen? >> on i dno't ke w thlepeop, da ho. >> thews vie a hreardo tt bea from thehi trd one. >> but yeou'r all by seyourlf, al one. >> f the tirstouwo hweses re ab 2.out $5 tomi3.5 n.llio sethe hcond wouse5 as $iomilln. >> ch whi d oneheid tooy i ag>> e cle' t >>ashe le.t on >> l theonast e. il$5 m.lion asit wzi amang.
2:41 am
>> he ty'll be happy there. >> 0015,0ar squete fe. h >>anow cdo we t thaoufor r n owramiselible lttle?ives ll>> aht rig. we 't done havramiselible ves, --but >>a hod does. >> i dou', yoigre rht. >> re a gayat wad to d an nsexpeloive o ok troany s om i-- i ilovet. >> on secds. go. >> ou yak te mdiolng and you paint the dry wall in bweeten an itd oo lksik leou yav he so inmethger vy peexe.nsiv bveryifeautul. >> t whayodid fu do torsehe rooms? oowe twok t fauxur fs andew sed it et togher. ta t ke iouto ycar loy l dr neclear. c itesreats thicideli--ous o >>h. >> x faudefur oulicis.snes >> t whadodid w youthith ugis r hdownere? >> se the a arellctuao y tw rugs toput ergeth. y ifanou cuy't b r onewhug, y no o,t twee thr f, oranour d rp caapet tuce, dpet ta. w >>daow, vid. av>> hu e yo nsomearice k tworin e th.back >> nt priroed fe m thrninteet. ea sy.
2:42 am
y >>anou cd finmoout bore aut l al sthat otuff ln myryotte ea drmem hoda frighy ni ht ongtv. >> ou y lrerov wil bleut ptyn i ur yods hanh witen val'stine day gi fts. an d his tantle t,hean m bdehin
2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
he th is n e mandbehie somof e thesbiggmet na ms in ausicnd me soth of ste moul poponar sgs ev ecer rd.orde w >>are tae inlk og,cof seur, ab t oua.l.ei rd. w >>vee lo. him e >> hwohas wrkedthith o'e whs o whalof tent. mi l chaesojackhin, w tney ho n,ustoti jusebn bier. st juna to fme aew. >>ro fmru dmmer to pdurorce to hethe ad ofev seral major be lahels, h'sg avinquithee t re caer,nd a hete wris allbo aut it inis h newk boo in"s mg toe, s my otorykif mausng mic, fi g ndinc,magi s andhiearcorng f iswho t. nex" t >>ithe ts le ionas l tg ashe bo ok. >> t thagrwas beat,e y thway.
2:46 am
bo o ok tanbe fictast. al rently itieresng. ev hierytoung ymi pron se o that r.cove u yovedeli tr inbohis ok. >> , ohnk tha you so chmu. t'>> is infascg,atinve en for op pehole wre an't ie n thc musi nebusiss. >> hi i thenk wu n yoenlist to th mee naats thwe we alre t king t,abouni jenlofer rpez,naihan, ch mijaael n,cksoze jayare, miah y,carey thehaall tve ad hrea rthatthuns h roug.them mia sithlar .read tthatd hrea-- >> t what?is i mtelle. i >>l.t's eia. rd. h,>> oe comon. wi i sh. >> is it . you e'thermes sog thint abouit. enwh h youa ear , songoudo y tsay,shat' a t,hiha tt's a hit, 'sthat a hit,ig rhtn whe you iheart? i >> p cany rett tmuchell. it nt's itieresng. i k thinysof maself on a cr.sume ini th mk off ysel- as -aryou e g goinhito t'mnk ill reaazy cry. yo t u cupeme ooun, yw kno what llyou'd? fin -ya 16olear-d.d ki ha>> tlit's m >> t' thaats whda my erughts say t abou.hoda sheas h theus mical tastef o a
2:47 am
>> , yest' thas what iav he too. >>as i w going toay s ,thatf i yo tu cu me open, i'm a 'sthatt whakei li. y >>avou hrke woited w mh soany gr .eats g amon wthemeyhitnst houon. uyok tal about yourat relhiionsp th wir, hewa it s greatn o so ny mael levs. u yo talsoabalk whout ouat y say wa e s ontemissndp, at thawas ha hvingiter sn dow dwith iane ersawyin duratg thck cra is wh ack. d >> sianer awyencis iblredie, an thd i shink d e dian in ibcredoble j. e shelwas t.egan washe nss see.itiv i 'tdidnw knonothateyhitn had isomes.ssue sti jun' didowt kn. >> e wernoyou ent sp edingh noug wtimeheith r? u yon'wereart hething ore sties? ou>> yw, knoav i heae grt re onlatis,ship s butimomet'mes i tta liisle d btantseecauon i d't nt wa g too tooar fnt io lepeop's rs pe lonal.ives t >> i'twasnr youe.plac reyou'ar an .tist reyou'in try rg toilehabe itat imher age. >> n whe wthatomas couing t of moher wuth,yoere eru thrie dung e thrvinteiew? i >> w wasinatch og itmen cara on m theoronit. w >>dihat u d yok?thin y >> mh moutpedropd. co i 'tuldnie i myoh, . god e shnodid y t sa.that
2:48 am
ca bei use lyrealug thot ht iwas my ce plapr to t otec rher,, ight an pd toctrote a alltsrtisd , an t no ejuste xpos, themknyou ow? i twantllo se s the hiny agpacke. r >>.ight d>> i won'tanant y ybodhito tnk ithatext's d.pire o >>plr exyooit wnur ois artt. >> t' that s nohimy tng. >> ha micacel j wksonneas o of s,your y andesou de cribg gointo rlneve aand,hend terre we a co oupletef ininrestorg sties. waone dis i rdn'tzeealit tha ch mijaael n cksoprand hincead a ri y.valr d wouldeyou bescrin wheweyou nt t in -here- >> th in 80e 19chs mijaael n ckso prand wincepoere ap --blrguay th gge biarest s tisthein tld wor pat acuartitilar me. ri ght? "t lehrilr r" opl"purine ra." i ,meany theer we >> wa it hsardo tt bea emth. >> h. yea dso it idn'izrealate th t here anwas yvarilry, and'm iot n tsurehat ist wa a rryival as amuchswa it sha micavel hing a n funtmome. s >>e o thntmome - was- >> t andomhe mwaent ous, yw, kno th s ere'moa faidus vn eo o yo e utubamof jroes bhown sndw, a aemichs l wataon sitge wmeh jas
2:49 am
authe cediend , annvhe i ited pr uincendp, au , yo, know it sn wa -'t- and ie lovceprin. i hesos ablylutefa my tevori startith in rle woigd, rbuht, t w itt asn'grhis steate. day mi l chaesogot hume cs ckleofout it. >> wa he ggs gi aling iboutt. heyou alard oul abatt ths, bas gh me tanrainornd at tha was one. you knew. e >>boveryiddy d. y >>noou ko w wh welsevee lo? r ou mdougs.orri on>> de 't w dlovemooug .rris ou sht t-ououto dg. i >>f'r youent iteeresd at all inic mus j orust inan hum na ,tures this i a greatoo b k to .read , l.a.k thansoyou h. muc l>> iyoove ysu gu. an thu.k yo ex>> nmet tiom i c we, iant wi ne. >> , yesedinde. >> 't donay st. i w he mantsufy stf. i >>t wan syour.tuff nti war youetsecrce sau. e >> wt mighblbe a se tof ee i rr jen y cayoget bou a .ttle t >> hankyou. we love you. i wod ulthsay tle tiute, bs it' to loo .ng v>>enalneti g'stsifit wa h lot
2:50 am
nb c. >> ha we t sh.said (cell phone rings) e wheru?are yo we tll squhereir arelsac b k tin atthe.ic mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can calli b youomack, m? he says it's personal this time... yife ou'rm,a mo u yot call arsthe wome.t ti 's witt hayou do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insanur,ce u yo tswitchico.o ge 's ityo what .u do er whyoe are itu? er's v ty loudhere. yoare ngu takizu a clasmba s? spdry ray? atth f's.un it's ea alr!dy dry wainotit . meth is iseagrt. 'sitery vftso. ca epn i ke (l it?s)augh e all th care d ofove... .n ..a ow in dry tipe anrarspi nt spray. st it cpen hapimanytnye to aone. ssstre i sweaters diffthanent di orwenary s sat, its womellrse. t gemes 4 tiprthe onotectiai agstrenst wess sat.
2:51 am
rk woon ming ety feay all d gave paimeren he. loin my backwer bu w,t nop i steson thimach ine an myd get r numbe ich whhematcr.s my dl' scholcusts itom fti orthortc inses. w noimi get ate mediefreliom frot my fon. pai low myacer b. k pain nd fiachi a mt ne ma(sn rnte):lyhe w dre oyothu you'ink oire gng?. mrs: tmucuo wiwork, .th you 'sittu taco esday. man: 'r youcoe not ming. mi took tucinexlp o heriget y d of m cmucusystioongen. m i' agooday.ll d ou [ann ncer:] nemucikex woeps inrkg. 4, not 6, not hbut 12ours. let' d s enthis ldshoudoers jun't arst cadry p s. cthey youarrynsr faio' passns, s, ahoperend dams an mad e, aybha ce atnc .. be
2:52 am
do min't eand h iringait agn. i >> need some dtecen music. >>an wto tr heaha wt w e're enlisttoing ? y >>whes, s at iit? oh w., wo 'sthath sucoda gog. son , ohe i utso ce. lo i i >> t' thaths kaeeie l. p >>asledoe lown iadt. "l neove faver "ils. e'>> whore s owingurff ost fir le vae'ntinfts gi. pe sufor aflerdab. ithishes a shart heape onadphe lispertt. u yon castli tentuo s ne worchat iyourwipad outh yeer swtie. >> t thas i pcterfe for you and .joel h,>> o my shgo,'r youe t.righ
2:53 am
al reunly fso perzenaliftd gi, th arese gre en wavedthith ese ee swsst me tagessahat way alys in he my art. u yogican heve t ym toour sb huorand fr boy.iend >>o d menti sll -- m >>sby huand still does. he's asclsic. he ld's ooo schl. f >> drankt id ithall mee ti. t >> aheseeare rcully te. th arese ome frso pernal cr ouif y't done havyfa bod,rien yo n u caonbuy r e fo$9. yo nu caui bld one of ut o.clay cayou lln fusty cue omizhim. yo ntu wa b andlogue gy, t >>hen you c panut a tie on m. hi e >> hbrcan yoing owu florers oc che.olat ha>> tpat's icthet. ll i'e takit. o >>$9nly m fro.casosom. ithisfus a ftn gi y forour da erughtbe or rist fend. e thes iareephonas cesm fro nyskin-dip lnondo and you can omcustthize wemith hyplus ic st.kers d i di othiso ne txosay . ouor y can doou yitr in.ials er>> vtey cu. >> hi i tajnk p aamass lwayn a fu ntvales ine'giday ft. u yo igive yt togiour ierlfrnd.
2:54 am
victoria it es comh witira shd t anr boxe set. , sexynobut o t to.racy is thal is erso plisonaonzati ll cayou stn cue omizit. esthare mae agssoie frl om 'sedende lecandda, hou , yobucan t,rn i an end th p youitour r ove your nepartr. li a mttlegeassa. lthenbuast t t not leas-- la [ erught ] b >>ye. we se'll u e yorrtomoow. >> m> myonissisi is .mple akto mu e yoy.mone i'm here to level the ayplg in elfifod alr inl vestors. there's always a bull market somewhere. omi prtoise p helfiyou t.nd i ad "mey monar" stts now. ihey,ra'm cmer. we e lcommato "ned moy." omwelc ce torirameroca fn m sa
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