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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:15am-4:31am PDT

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trying to and a cabin door at 34,000 feet. >> reporter: this passenger was shown the door in handcuffs in minneapolis after he reportedly tried to open the door at 34,000 feet, yelling he had to get off the jet. it was less than midway through the flight from john f. kennedy to seattle that the crew decided to make the diversion. >> we're dropping off a passenger early. having a difficult time working and playing well with others. >> reporter: the woman sitti pill. >> almost he didn't realize he was on a plane. just said, i need to cancel my flight and go check on something. >> reporter: hours later a southwest jet ready to get from albuquerque to denver is unloaded and sent to a remote area for a search for a suspicious item. nothing was found. this as we've seen airport terminals empty with false reports of active shooters. the most recent in l.a. sunday. tension among flyers.
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passengers grounded. more than 15.5 million expected to fly over labor day weekend. that's a 4% increase from last year. abc news, reagan national airport. triple a is taking a pass on clocking how many people they estimate will travel. they say labor day is the least traveled. >> considering compared to previous labor days the last few days, airfare prices are down. a lot of that has to do with fuel cost. a good time to buy. commend, we've heard of flash mobs, but how about this? >> they call them popup picnics. they're taking the world by storm. what are they and how do you get invited? next on "world news now."
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? ? >> i thought it was the butterfly fly away part. i have a whole dance to th ? i thought it was the "butterfly fly away" part. i have a whole dance to this song. it's hand up, playing my song. >> scary. >> there is a new kind of party sweeping the usa. i'm not sure our dance moves would be welcomed there.
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with a multicourse gourmet meal. white linen and strict dress code. you can only wear white. >> and you never know where it will be until the day before it happens. the latest popup picnic at the nation's capital. >> reporter: it's a river of white. thousands of partygoers looking at chairs, dinners, and coolers for a dinner party destination unknown. >> southwest d.c. >> reporter: i happens every year, thousand coming together for a night of dinner and dancing. the sophistication and elegance of french high society. a popup picnic in more than 70 cities worldwide. from paris to hong kong and the third year in a row for the u.s. capitol. first there's the anticipation. dave burns has been hosting a table at the event since it began. he's the only one in the group that knows where they're going.
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>> reporter: the organizers didn't share the location with dave until the day before, and then the day of he tells the table leaders. >> i am super excited to tell you that for the first time ever we have gotten permission to do dinner if blanc on the national mall. >> reporter: the group discovering in the shadow of the lincoln memorial. >> i couldn't be more excited. >> i love it. love it for my first time. >> reporter: dinner starting with the wave. >> the whole thing planned out. how long did it take you to put together? >> reporter: every year i send an e-mail to my friends like who wants to come. >> reporter: he began the event in the '80s, ask could friends to dress in white so those who didn't know each other could easily identify the group. for the event that's gone global, keeping it a secret is the hard part. all these people didn't know where the event was until hours before it started. how do you keep that a secret? that's a big secret to keep. >> honestly, sometimes i forget where it is. we talk about the location as
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>> reporter: when dinner ends, sparklers light, and it's time to dance. there are rules for attending. you have to be invited. they only serve wine and you have to wear white. >> reporter: other rules for the party, participation is mandatory once you rsvp regardless of the weather. no fast food, gourmet meals only. and with all the rules comes critics. calling it overly pretentious and exclusive. rules and critics aside, it's clear tonight is going to be a good night. >> the biggest thing is it brings people together and people you would never meet otherwise. >> reporter: after the last bottle is drank and dancing is done, as quickly as it appeared, gone until next year. abc news, washington. >> in case that sounds like a lot of rules, guests also have to bring their own tables, white linens and white chairs, tableware and a gourmet meal. an appetizer, entree, cheese
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? the flip diamonding looks interesting. -- flip diving looks something. we'll try it. y you the story of an impressive 7-year-old girl from atlanta. >> after she stumbled on lost treasure, she returned it to the owner. she never anticipated the golden moment that would follow. >> what do the athletes win when they win the games? >> reporter: olympian joe jacobi won the same gold medal twice.
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the canoe slalom. he and his family are the only americans to win the event in canoe slalom. this year someone broke into his car and stole the olympic medal. he never thought he'd see it again until he received it a second time from a 7-year-old. chloe smith found it when she was walking with her dad in the park. to thank her, he visited her class at woodson park academy. >> these olympic gold medals are not won every four years. you win them every day of your life. >> reporter: he told her classmates they don't have to look far to see the olympic spirit. >> we have incredible role models to look at inside of an elementary school. >> reporter: an olympian and his champion. david wright, abc news. >> cutie. beautiful smile there. and her dad told her not to pick up anything that she would find on the ground, and she did that day and the lucky break. >> jacobi saying he doesn't think people give 7-year-olds
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hats off to chloe. and we heard david speak about barcelona there. another group of young athletes is showing the world what good sportsmanship is about. >> barcelona's under 12 team won an international tournament in tokyo with a score of 1-0. it's what the players did post game that's making them true winners. >> as soon as the kids celebrated they realized their opponents were crushed. many of them even crying. >> the barcelona players led by their captain lined up giving them hugs and words of encouragement. that is what it's all about. sportsmanship. >> i like that. it's okay. good game. at it's all about. sportsmanship. >> i like that. it's okay. good game. t okay. good game. it oka good game. ' okay.
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fire burning out of control in southern california. i'll have the latest from the breaking news center. crooks in centennial hills all caught on camera. how this close-knit community is taking action right now against these criminals the clock is ticking on the final plan to bring the raiders to las vegas. what developers are concerned might stand in their way... this morning we're in store for more 100 degree temperatures...but this weekend could look ver let's get right to 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett...with a look at your wednesday forecast.... ((ad-lib)) dry air is starting to break down at the same time high pressure moves on to the east; mostly sunny skies will be common today with high temperatures just around the same as yesterday. 102 to 107 degrees will be common valley wide with winds out of the south between 5 and


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