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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 6, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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i'm beth troutman.ot "right this minute" where we're all about videos first. this video of a u.s. helicopter crew has the internet buzzing big-time. >> we are inbound right now. >> whoa! >> remember the heart-breaking story of the bear cub torn from its mother? as promised, we have stayed on top of this story. and we have an update. get ready to hear the good news about the little bear the world has been worried about. a motorcyclist flying down a very narrow street, and --
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>> i knew something like that was going to happen. >> see who gets arrested for the accident we all saw coming. and then there's this, the golf shot and the odds of hitting that ball don't look good. >> i think you might be able to guess what happens next. >> oh! nick is going to get our show started today with our first video and the story behind it. >> this next video is causing a lot of discussion online. i'll show you why. we found this on live leak. it appears to be from the 101st airborne division. we believe it's an apache helicopter in afghanistan. you'll hear them targeting some people on the ground. the person who uploaded the video describes the people on the ground as farmers planting poppy seeds in the middle of the road. >> we are inbound with hell fire at this minute.
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♪ bye bye miss american pie >> there's the explosion. maybe a successful mission by some of the guys in the 101st, would you agree? >> good hit. >> nice. >> one of the guys that we hear on the audio starts to sing "american pie" by don mclean. that has a lot of people thinking this is a pretty insensitive way to conduct themselves and that's what's got so many people online upset about this video. >> it may seem insensitive to people who are sitting here safely in america, but i would imagine when you're involved in war and your responsibility is killing another human being that is deemed the enemy, you would have to learn how to desensitize yourself in some way in order to make those kinds of decisions. >> people shouldn't judge that action unless they have been in that situation. >> we did reach out to the public affairs department at ft. campbell to comment on this video. that's where the 101st airborne division is based. we did not hear back from them in time for our deadline. >> good hit.
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check out this freeway in texas. look at the exit. the traffic on it. the cars on it are basically at a stand still. look at what happens next. >> whoa! >> whoa, whoa! >> what the heck? >> that was a bus. >> that was a bus. >> holy cow. >> that was a dallas area rapid transit van that just rammed into several cars at the exit. >> oh, man. don't tell me this driver was like texting or something like this. >> this crash is under investigation. there were no passengers in the bus, but two people did have to be taken to the hospital. >> is it me or do i not see any brake lights at all? >> no, you don't. the thing is, is that this is a dallas transit van. you'd think they'd have more responsibility when driving a city car. >> if you're paying attention, he would have seen how many cars were backed up and stopped,
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because they weren't even moving. >> gee, that's terrible. think about it. you're already sitting in standstill traffic in an off-ramp and then this happens. >> the driver is currently on administrative leave. you all probably remember this video. it's incredibly difficult to watch. i brought it to you earlier this week. the young 4-month-old bear cub being taken away from her mother at a zoo in the ukraine. you all were incredibly concerned, our viewers were incredibly concerned. as promised, we have stayed on top of this story, and we have an update. right this minute from the ukraine, we have nicholas, part of the animal rescue organization that put this video together. tell me, nicholas, what the update is. >> this morning we were able to
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confiscate the cub at the animal traders and got support from the ukraine authorities. she got fresh fruit, she got some water, she's doing fine. in a few hours' time we are planning to see the reaction of bringing her back to her mother. >> what condition did you find her in? >> we used anesthetics to not stress her. you know she's five months young. she has very poor teeth conditions, she's underweight. she was fed the wrong food. she had stomach problems. so that was the analysis of about the health check, however, she's doing fine. remember, she was taken away from the mother and in the wild they live at least two years together. she's so young, she's traumatized. >> this initial video you put together, what role did that play in getting her back? >> i think it was an eye opener to many people. the media has been fabulous here. the media has played such an important role to expose this
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footage. the question of is it acceptable to trade young cubs and in our opinion it's not. >> you're going to reunite the baby with her mom. are they going to be allowed to remain at the zoo or are you going to try to take them to a sanctuary. >> the damage has already been done. it can be that she's accepted or not accepted by the mother. in both circumstances, we propose to take care of both animals searching for a long-term solution and not in the zoo. this will be the beginning of a journey. >> guys, i've got to warn you this next one hurts to even watch. this guy is cruising along on hiscycle in russia. and then, you're going too fast, dude. >> i knew something like that
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was going to happen. he's flying down a tight, narrow road. there's cars parked all over the place. he's going too fast and he went through a barricade. >> it's interesting, nick, as you are a motorcyclist to not defend the motorcycle guy. according to the youtube poster shall the driver of the white car was a 17-year-old without a license. the 17-year-old actually fled the scene after this acde, but the worst . [ screaming ] >> you can hear the guy writhing in pain. then all these by-standers come and check on him. also according to the youtube poster, the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital and suffered a fracture of the second vertebra. also important to point out that the youtube uploader said that the driver was later arrested. >> i defend motorcycles all the time, but in this case it looks
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like it was his fault. he was going way too fast for that. you may have heard of the lifeguard who overstepped his boundaries to save a man from drowning. >> he ended up being fired. >> what? >> but now they want him back. we talked to the hero himself to find out his next move. >> we're fighting for it, me and the other guards. and a ride on the skyline lounge. >> basically it's part toboggan, part go-cart. i want to do this so bad. >> fast and fun on "right this
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by now you've probably heard about this story. this is tomas lopez and he's a lifeguard at hall at andale
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beach in florida. a man was drowning and he sprang into action and saved his life. except he ended up being fired for saving this man's life outside of the zone. >> why would life-saving be restricted? >> there's a certain area that lifeguards working for jeff ellis and associates are supposed to stay within. to tell us a little bit more about this location, we have tomas lopez on skype right this minute. >> are the boundaries for the lifeguards safety or the swimmers? >> more for the swimmers. >> what was his condition? >> he was conscious but coughing up a lot of water. he had some blues in the face, lack of oxygen. i just found out he was released from the hospital and he's okay. >> tomas, were you shocked when you realized you were being fired for saving this man's life. >> i wasn't really shocked. we were told this rule and told what happened if we crossed this boundary. i accepted it because i was going home with my morals
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intact. >> so by the rules with your lifeguard company you were supposed to let this man drown? >> i was supposed to call 911 and let action take its course basically. >> the company did release a statement saying we have liability issues and can't go out of the protected area. they stand by their decision. >> that decision has been changed recently. they changed it to say after further notice that basically after reviewing it that it was an unjust firing and they wanted to hire me back and offered me my job back. >> oh! and? >> are you going to take it? >> i declined it. >> according to the "sun sentinel" jeff ellis said i am of the opinion that the supervisors acted hastily. >> i don't really hold anything against the company for what's happened. what's done is a closed chapter of my life and i'm moving forward to the next. we were fighting that the whole beach could be guarded safely without the lifeguards being hesitant or worried about losing a job. nick, not long ago you
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brought up this video. do you remember this, the train plowing through all the snow on the tracks in new zealand? >> yeah, it was pushing aside like two to three feet of snow. >> we originally thought that the train was there to clear the snow. that was its sole purpose. we actually have an interview with one of the three drivers who was inside the train at the time and they were not clearing the snow, they just happened to be the first train to go across arthur's pass after the snow. they were delivering coal, gold and milk powder. >> that's an odd combo. >> this driver's name is dmpt.b wilson. he said it was one of the best days at the office. >> this was spectacular. even from inside the cab, that's a lot of fun pushing snow. >> the one thing that they did have to do was clear out any possible debris, like fallen trees, fallen limbs. and the guy who got this footage, a cameraman named jeff m mackley, he had to wait a couple
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of days for this train to come through. he set up two cameras, one being waterproof, and waited for the first train to come through. the photographer's hard work paid off because this video has gotten nearly a million views. next "right this minute" time for some real or fake. >> the first one, nerd levita s levitates. >>ho >> yeah,th's an expedition is under way to an underwater lab. >> it is a living, breathing organism. >> that's neat. >> i didn't even know we had this. >> find out why this wonder on the ocean floor is at risk of shutting down. >> we should definitely try to keep it. >> and hang on tight for mountain boarding. >> it's
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all right, everybody, it's time for another edition of the best of rtm where we tell you about some bonus videos on our website. >> this one kills me every time. apparently this guy admits to coming home from the bar a little bit drunk. he had a few things to drink. he sort of serenades his cat with the popular seal song "kiss from a rose." ♪ >> why he chose to film this, i have no idea. at the end of the video, the cat kind of creepily walks away.
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it's hilarious. >> this one also pretty creative. these are called romance pants. it was a red bull creation 2012 entry. these pants are linked to the stereo, to the lighting, all by the zipper. so if your zipper comes down, the lights dim, the music comes up. >> that's resourceful, i like that. >> romance pants. it also does a few other things but you have to watch the video to see how they work. head over to to check out these videos. all you have to do is -- >> click best of rtm. guys, i'm actually jealous of the people in this next video. this is in new zealand. after a quick stop for some, it looks like cappuccinos and these meat pies, these dudes take a ride on the skyline luge. look at these things.
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basically they're part toboggan, part go-cart. three wheels, simple to operate. a braking system. basically you pull back on the handlebars to brake, push forward to go. you get down on the bottom and there's a lift that takes you back up to the top. the video is called cakamikaze project. >> i want to do this so bad. they say people of all ages can ride these things. this is like how you want to spend your saturday. >> no kidding. i would like to do this just to see how fast i can go. >> do we have these here? do we have them here? are they here? >> we're starting to blow her mind. >> we should open this here. >> it's all about the money. >> all day, every day. yeah. we know so little of what's under water right now, and what
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we do know, we only have a snapshot. >> on july 16th, one world, one ocean is going on what they're calling mission aquarius, which is going to be a six-day expedition to the aquarius reef base off the florida keys. >> it is a living reef. it is a living, breathing organism. >> that's neat. i didn't even know we had that. >> they're kind of showing us why aquarius is so important, and they are trying to educate people of the benefits of this habitat. >> it is a one of a kind saturation diving unit that is dedicated to science, education and outreach. it's a complete immersive experience you can find nowhere else on the planet. >> since 1993 they have done a lot of research here. they have researched sea sponges, which are the source of two cancer drugs. >> what aquarius does gives you that opportunity to live on the
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bottom and actually concentrate on your research. >> it costs a lot of money to keep this lab under water. >> our budget ranged anywhere from $1.2 million to $4 million a year. >> they're hoping that people will take action and do whatever they can to save this laboratory. >> let's take aquarius to the next level and see what c happen. we're to have another generation of seekers and solvers. >> that's cool. that means we should definitely try to keep it. >> to see the entire thing head over to our website, this golf shot could get really ugly. >> the guy's got a golf ball on top of a beer can on the guy's face. >> yep. i think you can tell where this one is going. demi
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get your hard hats on. fire in the hole! fire in the hole! what better way to fire off a fourth of july than with a big bang. that's at the university of alabama, the rose towers. they were residential towers that stood for about 40 years. they just blew them up on fourth
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of july. 400 pounds of explosives. it kind of would be a sentimental moment if you lived in those dorms, but kinda cool to see them blow up too. the new residential towers should be done around 2014. the funniest part about this video. some of the commentary at the end. >> yes! >> let's go get drunk! >> he might have already started that. i don't know about you guys, but i would love to know the conversation that led up to this. >> this guy -- >> this is at a golf course. the guy has a golf ball on top of a beer cannon the guy's face. somehow they got the great idea the guy is going to drive the golf ball off the beer can. >> this guy didn't play golf today. >> this might be the first swing he's taken all day and it's also
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a lot higher than the tee. i think you might be able to guess what happens next. >> you're good. >> he's going to do it. yeah, he's going to do it. >> oh! >> did he get him in the jaw? >> it looks like he got him in the gut actually. better than the nose and better than the junk. i think the guy laying on the ground lucked out. they said this resulted in a nasty bruise. i love the guy before that saying you're good. >> he didn't even take any warm-up swings, he just went right for it. >> the looks like the guy in the pink was a little sorry. he did hug him. >> did he kiss his belly? >> maybe. i've got a beautiful combination of adventure sports and the beautiful outdoors. this is in moab, utah. these guys are mountain boarding. it's skateboards but with big fat tires on them. >> these again. >> so they take their mountain boards but tie them up to a run
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el of utvs and just whip themselves up and over these big hills, do killer tricks. this was put together by vent racing and moab power sports. i just -- i love the whole look of what these guys are doing. >> these guys are strapped into their boards, right? >> yes. they do have little loops on top of the boards they can stick their feet in, but they get up some speed towed behind these razors. >> i think the part i like the most is the fact they get towed. kind of like water skiing and snowboarding and skateboarding all in a row. yeah, he wiped out. >> you know what i think we should do? we should create a new rtm extreme sport and do it on this track in moab and put giant
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wheels like this on roller skates. >> oh! >> we're all like, okay. >> that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we're so glad that you joined us, and we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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