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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 22, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the videos you have been looking for, "right this minute." an amazing avalanche caught on camera. >> that thing just cleared the path. >> there are no trees, nothing. >> find out what the people who captured the video were doing that put them in the right place at the right time. an illegal u-turn on thedoe. >> you can't go that direction anyway. >> i don't know where he could have been turning. >> see what the driver who
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caused the crash did next. this may be the most creative birthday gift ever. >> this is impressive. >> cool. >> how a one up led to an entertaining video. and when you are given a warning to stay away from a wild animal, you probably should listen. >> oh! >> meet the monkey with an appetite for technology. winter is turning to spring in many parts of the northern hemisphere. that's creating problems, especially in the higher altitudes. check out this video. what you are seeing is an avalanche at the top of the french alps that was so intense it caused a landslide at the base. you see the snow at the top as the camera pans up.
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as it falls down the cliff, it hits the rocks, the dirt, the soil and begins taking that down with it. it looks like a giant water fall racing toward the river. >> you know what it looks like? the people taking the video are on the side of the mountain and happen to be in the right place at the right time. it's going to show you a group of rock climbers that happen to be in the area. look. >> that thing just cleared the pass. there are no trees, nothing. >> that snow has to go somewhere. >> right. experts are saying the reason it's happening is because the snow begins to melt and creates a problem. you are right, it has to go somewhere. it creates a land dam in the small river, the creek at the base of the mountain. there's something beautiful about as it settles. you can see a rainbow. >> more of those bad people doing bad things videos.
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this is from philadelphia. two men with masks walk up to the door of this convenience store. one of them as soon as he enters the door, raises a gun, points it at the attendant while the other one hangs out as a lookout. he demands money from the attendant. when he's unable to get the money, he runs out of the store. the suspects ended up getting away. the philadelphia pd needs help identifying these men. hopefully someone will recognize the logos on their jackets. they seem to be wearing the same logo. >> weird. they walked in, they put a gun to an employee's head, walked out. they didn't get anything. strange. >> nope. nope. they got away from nothing. the video is from the u.k. at a small store. the man pays for tick tacks, takes change, comes back with chocolate bars to pretend like he's going to pay for that. when that happens, he ends up
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reaching over for the till. >> look at this. >> the clerk starts beating on him. the guy manages to get the drawer out of the register. the clerk wrestles the guy out the door. gets him to drop the cash drawer. the guy ended up getting away with undisclosed amounts of cash. >> a brave cash ear. >> police are looking for this guy, too. this video is a perfect example of why you should not make an illegal u-turn, especially on a busy highway. >> a highway u-turn? who does that? >> you are about to see. watch. >> oh! >> you see this van going down, proceeding as he should. then the van slows down and makes a left and hits the motorcyclist. where he's made a left, you can't go that direction anyway. i don't know where he thought he was going to drive. he would have been driving the
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wrong way. you think the car is going to pull away. no. he pulls up, gets closer to the person on the motorcycle and renders the person aid. it was his fault the guy got knocked to the ground. >> at least he didn't drive away. he could have done that, freaked out and driven away. he did the right thing which was come over and help him. >> i don't know where he thought he was going, making that u-turn. >> maybe he was going to park in the white-lined area. maybe he had an emergency, but, who knows. hope the guy is okay. this is not the 1950s. apparently this video is from current times. this is aboard a middle east airlines flight. look at the apparent lebanese woman decided to do. she's saying what better time to light up than right now, up in
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the air. a cigarette on an airline, which you haven't been able to do for quite some time. she is being given a talking to by the flight attendant here who is not happy about the smoking. the woman yells back at her. i don't speak lebanese. i imagine she's saying could you please bring an ashtray because there aren't ashtrays here. listen to her. >> she's pointing, how am i going to put it out. >> how am i going to ash this? she continues smoking and puts it out in the end. for quite some time, you have not been able to smoke on airplanes. >> the guy beside her is looking in amazement like what is happening here. this day and age, now is not the time to make an argument with the flight crew. >> nope. >> maybe she hasn't traveled since the mid-80s.
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>> they do it on "madmen". commander chris shows us what happens when you twist a wet towel in space. >> start wringing it out. >> oh! >> see where the water goes, next. this guy is teaching the world -- >> how to look like you are busy at work. that's a screen shot that i set. >> learn all the tips you need to take it easy.
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have you downloaded the rtm app? do it and you can enter if miniipad give away. launch the app, click on win ipad and fill out the entry form. remember, you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> watch great videos anywhere and you could win an ipad mini.
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>> good luck. when you are married, it's important to play the one up game on your spouses birthday. that was the case with lee and orin. >> lee wanted to make her husband an awesome gift. she created the intros of our husband's favorite television shows. she incorporated things that had to do with his life. arrested development. >> now for the story of an ordinary family bothered by nothing and the one son who happens to have a birthday today. >> i see, the intro. >> looks like it except it's orin. it says normal development. this is the intro to law. it says orin and flows through the screen. ♪ birthday time ♪ come on grab your friends ♪ missing the dog and the fun will never end ♪
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♪ birthday time >> she did a good job. is she a graphic designer or something? >> she studies animation. she knows what she's doing. >> i can tell. >> this is my favorite, it's "frazier." at the end, she does a nice tribute to gracey films. the reason she created this is because for her birthday orin wrote a comic book, created an entire story and gave different sections of the story to friends and they illustrated it. it was called splendid lee. the idea was orin was kidnapped and it was up to lee and their dog to find him. >> cool. >> from this amazing gift, she had her work cut out. >> i have to say, i think she successfully one upped him. >> do they ever have time for each other or constantly
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planning birthday surprises? two tenth grade girls from canada thought if you wring it out, the water doesn't drip. we went to chris, commander of the international space station to find out if it was correct. >> what's up, chris. first off, he shows off a wash cloth that is shrink wraped from the international space station. it looks like a hockey puck. >> here is my wash clothe. i'm going to get it soaking wet and see what happens when we wring it out. >> he puts it in the wash clothe. gets it wet. >> it's so fun to watch. >> that is weird. >> here is a soaking wet wash clothe. get the microphone so you can hear me while i'm talking. let's start wringing it out.
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it's really wet. >> it is really wet. notice the water isn't going anywhere, guys. >> oh! >> it kind of just surrounds the wash clothe. >> it looks like it's surrounded in gel. he says it's the surface tension of the wash cloth and his hands it's sticking to. >> this is cool. >> great experiment, worked perfectly. congratulations, great idea. >> thanks, chris. >> i like seeing cool chicks doing cool stuff. this girl does exactly that, turning to sasha, she is the number one women's wake border in southeast asia. they are going to partner her up with the sailing team to do extreme sailing which basically
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attaches her to a pool on a sail. >> i am impressed with her. this is probably the first time she's ever done this. >> my first time ever doing something like this. >> i wonder if it's a little bit boring for her because it's not as fast as it would be if she were pulled behind a motorized boat. >> she's probably like all right. >> she does try to pull cool stunts but because they aren't going as fast, she can't pull some rely cool flips. >> i can d this with one pink rote a book and cooked breakfast. >> nice to get out there and do funny things once in awhile. >> it's almost time for real or fake videos. this week, we have a chugging champ. >> i love it. i love it. >> i love it, too. >> and a rogue something that comes out of nowhere. >> oh! >> a tire of a car.
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>> see all three videos and decide real or fake, next. >> i'm still not convinced. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. time to check in with matt for fake videos. what's up? >> what's up, doc? >> what are you doing? >> i don't know what i'm doing today but let's do more of it. >> let's jump into videos with
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mack. our first one -- what? ♪ >> i love it. >> i love it, too. i'm saying real. we have a guy that did a viral video with one bottle. >> i think it's real, too. he was able to stuff his mouth with water. >> he squeezed the ball. the water went in his mouth. >> i say real because of the kids swagger at the end. >> that's true. video number two looks like dashcam. >> oh! >> looks like the tire of a car. >> there's probably another video of the car that this tire once belonged to. >> for real? >> yeah. real. >> what do you say, mac? >> i say real, too. >> video number three.
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last week, we had jethro. >> a bottle of wasabi. >> we were skeptical. we weren't sure he was eating what he said he was eating. >> fake. >> fake. >> i say fake, too. >> we have another video. >> i'm back with the challenge. see the seeds? they are real. i'm going to try to do 15. i don't know how many i'm going to get. >> wow! >> holy moly. >> i believe it because he did show us the seed. it does look like it. i'm going to give it to him. >> he convinced he because he reacted. >> i'm still not convinced. until i see something in a sealed bag. >> there's a little more video left. >> it's hot. >> i'm going to say real. >> not convinced. your spit is like that, dangly
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and gross. >> the best source is yourself. >> i'm a skeptic, also. we have to come up with something for him to do. >> i call this when animals attack. i must warn you, you will be overcome by unbearable cuteness. >> this is a squirrel money key at the zoo in london. the woman is telling the guy, you might want to back up from that. she had a good reason. here's why. >> oh! dove right at the camera. >> he wanted the new iphone, i think. i want to take more pictures of my family. >> again, i must issue a warning. vegans may find this video disturbing. three puppies in a cabbage patch. did they find a baby? >> no, a cabbage cat. >> how cute is that?
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they want the delicious cabbage, it's delicious, great for you, a wonderful texture. they are into it. >> it's a chew toy they can eat. >> they are only focusing on one cabbage. they are not tearing it up. there's an entire patch, you need to eat your roughage, too. we are going to eat this one. dogs nd veggies, too. a boring class gets better when willie the wildcat shows up. >> that's horrible. i have something better. ♪ >> oh! >> the story behind the surprise on "right this minute."
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a lot of people choose to ride bikes in the netherlands. this day, i think you needed a van or bus or something. >> oh, yeah. >> whoa! >> as you can hear from the wind noise, it is a very windy day. this is at the university of technology. if you are on your way, rushing for that math exam, you might be a little late. >> wow. >> it's a bad day to bring your bike out. >> a bad day to be out. a bad day to be a fence and out in the elements. this is a day to stay in, curl
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up and watch dvrs. >> they are going against the wind and the wind is blowing them down. >> got a whole new hairdo then when you left the house. >> probably exfoliation from the wind and dirt blowing at you. >> yeah. >> good day to have lashes on your eyes. >> or not. maybe they would blow off, too. i'm hesitant to show this one to you guys and the viewers. they are valuable secrets. it's from the youtube channel. >> i'm going to teach you how to waste a gait at work without getting fired. >> that's a screen shot i have. >> it makes him look like he's walking. the sad whisper call. >> is she going to make it? is she going to make it to the party? >> that is unearned sympathy. it's rotton but good. >> we have the launch technique.
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>> tell your boss something went wrong with the plumbing. you are going to need to call him to tell him it's running long. put on spanish tv on the background. i'm going to come in. okay, thank you. thank you very much. >> the next one i really like. this is the coffee break. people that make money never drink coffee in the break room. >> would you like me to bring you coffee? >> that would be great. >> i like to sunbathe, but do what you want. >> i went to a popular coffee chain. grabbed extra cups. make him coffee the way he likes it. write their name on the cup but don't get it right. write carl as carol. >> thanks. >> he says never tell anybody you are leaving. that's why i have a real jacket
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and a chair jacket. >> i have important files to deliver. see you later. >> this guy is a great liar. >> i bet his boss is going to keep a close eye on him now. >> so you are in class at kansas state university, a large lecture room. it is human sexuality. things still get boring. >> i'm back in college. >> it's very quiet. quicher writing notes up on the board talking spirituality and all that. then a very welcome surprise. into the class comes willie the wildcat, which is kansas state university's mascot. he's like wait, i have something better. the school band marches into the classroom playing the university's fight song.
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is this class just so boring? >> no, actually, what it is is the school's attempt promote student participation at sports games. >> oh, that's smart. what's also funny? a sign of the times, no one is watch thg with their eyes. >> they give away a pass to one of the students in the class. this is a treat for everyone. they end up dismissing class. >> good day. >> very good day. >> that's going to do it for this edition of
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