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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 5, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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getting into the city. the city of oakland makes a controversial decision. and live on the bay bridge, the lights will go out, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning we want to take you out to the fremont bart station, this is a live station apt the stations this morning and we have live team coverage and it all stems from an investigation so we will take you back out there and get a check on that investigation and on the service delays this morning. it is wednesday, march 5th, i am pam cook.
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a lot of clouds streaming over us, and a combination of 2 thirds of an inch and we will get a break thursday, friday and saturday and clouds will increase and rain develops and this is looking like a better system. it is a very mild system but look for the breeze to pick up especially the further north you go. up into mendocino but maybe an evening commute could be a little bit tricky. overall we are looking for cloudy conditions, over all, mild companies and rain in the north bay and starting to move
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south later tonight. starting to move 60s to 70s. and we are okay and we do have those bart problems and we will tell you in just a minute put the best thing is to go to the bay fair more taxty and traffic is still light, the bridge traffic looks good and and so does the san mateo bridge out to the foster city area and 101. 580 westbound looks good from the pass all the way to the
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valley now there are no trains running and alex is kicking off team coverage. good morning, alex. >> between the union city station and south hayward, there is still an active investigation and bart police are involved and you can see it remains and we are in hayward this morning. this is a train that struck and killed that person last night. the train that hit that person was headed north approaching the south hayward station. at the time they had 11 persons. then they were all put on to a
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fly move and also we can't say much about the person who was killed, we don't know if it was a man or woman but a coroner arrived and it could be quite some time before these tracks are reopened and offsly that will affect the morning commute. live in hayward alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. as alex said, there is no service between union city and fremont. we are at the fremont station and they are getting an unwelcomed surprise. not a lot of happy people, service is essentially shut down and people are getting turned right back around and a
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lot of them are taken surprise that a lot of this has happened. is a about 40 minutes ago, bart sent out an advisory to look for alternate means of transportation there will be limited service from bay fair so you can try that. the latest we heard from a spokesperson is that really they are waiting for the tracks to clear and that will not happen until the investigation is over and it could be until daylight. in the meantime commuters can either drive up to the cities themselves or take ac transit. >> it is a little bit stressing just because we have to get to oakland. now i have to find an alternate
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route an you do what you have to do. >> yes, i am kind of stranded right now. >> there are no bus places but they were scrambling to do that and they could not find enough bus drivers. there are enough ac transits that they can catch but those are the normal ones that leave from here. the next one leaves at 5:38 and they leave every 608 and those will take you there and they are explaining the situation some them and it appears they are trying to catch a flight
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which means maybe we will teak a taxi service. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is a report on a hate crime attack on a transgender student. he said he was sexually assaulted by three boys in a school bathroom and he now admits he made up the lie. how the school board president could be the latest wake-up call call. the and we need to look into all of this. just last month teachers at hercules high overwhelmingly approved a vote in the school's
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principal and -- principal. that came for lack of safety which led to arrests. meantime it is fueling the debate of a right to come through and which shall they use. both supporters are worried they will he can employed this to promote their political agenda. mayor jean quan casted a tie breaking vote in favor of a new surveillance violence center and i vote and the item passes. now there were jeers at city council by critics
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awareness center. it will be a -- opponents and they will use -- they are afraid they will use it to spy on people and they voted for the measure that only covers surveillance at the port of oakland and not the entire city. and bet washington nationals will be here -- prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be here and he met with president barack obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is scheduled to meet and they will sign an agreement on expanding energy and he is also scheduled to visit at apple and what is that. the shimmering lights created a spectacular site for
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people walking along the waterfront. live picture there this morning, they are planning on railed and organizers will turn over the lights to make a point. they want to show about marin of more than 21 complaints santa clara santa clara is second and there were 34 days between november and the end of last month. it shows how many children are vaccinated on school campuses. the parents can click on any school and they can find out how many schools are
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vaccinated. the other campus with more than 10% of the students are not end knew nice -- immunize. >> california allows parents to opt out of immunizations for their children. they say it is a delicate balancing act requiring the state and the schools tonight pro text them and many are not immunize. there is a tar get in agreeing crime problem. they are stealing wood from the base of the ancient redwoods. this crime has forced the nighttime closure of a popular park and there is one case of this destructiontive practice
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of wood poaching. they say they are stealing the wood from the base of the trees and using it to make franked coffee tables and those items are there and it may be it may not be the big payoff he was expecting. >> one million views and counting. it made a world war ii veteran become an internet sensation. we have no bart service from fremont to san friend sister and we will see if this will be affected by the bart situation. would cloudy skies and we may have some light rain and that rain may move south and we will tell you more about the
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timing coming up.
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. it is 5:15 the fate of three third graders caught smoking marijuana is unknown. they were caught when another student walked into the bathroom and reported them. they saw sheriff's deputies take them away from school. >> it was bad because they were little kids and it should not
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happen. >> the school will only follow the california education. they could be expelled. right now it's being handled by the probation student. his body was found and they are filing a claim. miss spaulding went missing from her room september 21st and 17 days later, her body was found inside of a locked stairwell. her family is seeking an unspecified amount in a formal handlings. >> there is a right away to handle it and a wrong way to handle it and we experienced the wrong way to the highest
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degree. >> 21 month old morgan west died after complications after a heart procedure. her parents said their grieve was made worse by a barrage of mail from the hospital including repeated requests for donations. they are asking the hospital what will be done about it. are they rejected more money and they wanted to put a measure on the june pal lot. they threatened other push application services -- public services such as a community service center and library. they have become an internet sensation.
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>> thank you. >> that is 95-year-old joe bell, woke up to the sounds of a foot race. he went outside to cheer on the runners and they started detouring on to the sidewalk to personally say thank you to mr. belfiore his service to the nation. this video has now been seen more than a jill beyond times. 5:18 is the time, sal, how is traffic? >> it is good, so far it is early, pam, dave, but the bart situation and the drive time which is 10 minutes, may be a little more than that. certainly it is light so far.
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bay bridge, it is light as the toll plaza and if you have decided not to take bart with little or no tee lay. we just saw a tweet that bart may be gearing up to provide subtle service. >> this is a look at 508 and 8:00 let's go to steve. bruise tom son just -- bruce thompson just e-mailed me, can i ride my motorcycle and those are the toughest. he said can i get home by 3:00 and i said yes.
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a couple of things going on, there will be some pretty boo good rain, by 2:00, they are focusing on the north bay and broward is already home by now. it falls apart and the last couple of systems and sunday longs like another rain producer and sunday clouds are increasing and it looks like things may change, maybe a quarter much and it may be half inch to a little higher to
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areas to the north and now and especially further to the north nothing too heavy, willits, northern mendocino, nothing yet and this will be another mild pattern and there is another mild system enhancing them and i think you will see it move south tonight. conditions on the mild side, 60s on the temperatures and low- to-mid and a few upper and then you get to the santa clara valley and it would not take much when you are sitting at 56
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degrees and it looks good to warm with rain on sunday. >> they are having problems with a faulty ignition switch. now gmc c e.o -- ceo, 139 jobs in february and so far the reaction could be good on wall street and futures point to slightly higher openings and that follows a really good day and it starts today at 16395. a woman is attacked at a popular walking trail in fremont fremont. some people in the area have if
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. president barack obama once again is calling on congress to raise the federal minimum wage. the governor there signed a wage hike which increases hourly wages to $9 next january. he also asked state lawmakers to raise it even higher to $10
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and 10 per hour to what president barack obama wants and they want them to raise a federal minimum wage to $7 to $10.10s per hour. a teen is suing her parents for financial support. rachel asked for immediate assistance including tuition, living expenses and her college tuition but a judge yesterday rejected her request. >> i think she is being sphered down the -- steered down the wrong area and it is killing us. >> reporter: rachel voluntarily moved out because she didn't want to obey their rules any longer. >> the curtain has gone up and
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the film festival has gone with a screening of a grand seduction. this is address up affair and the festival includes new runs and one of the most anticipated movies is the rugby player. it is about 9/11 hero mark bingo. it talks about his life and he was one of the passengers who stormed the cockpit on the united flight on september 11 september 11th during that tragic time. he during that time was known for standing up for his principles. a deadly accident is disrupting train surs visit. these are -- for train service.
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we will bring you an alternate report for ways of getting you where you are going this morning. we have one of the largest light sculptures and how it continues to shine and how it is made possible. good morning, traffic is doing well unless you want to drive to the city, we will take you for one of our key players, we will have more coming up. ;
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. 5:30 welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, this is a look at the fremont bart station, and right now there is no service between fremont and union stations, we are looking at the problems this is causing for a lot of people this morning, stay tuned for that. wednesday morning, march 5th, i am dave clark. >> 5:31 is the time, steve, what is the weather like today? >> cloudy and to the north, a lot of cloud cover will spread and hoe hum for some, not for others, but the rain is good and hills are green.
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boy it looks nice. it's being helped so look for a cloudy day. it is not a lot -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> i guess steve's mike stopped working and here i am with that surprised look on my face, away we go. let's look at what we have on 880 north and southbound. because of the bart situation where we don't have service between fremont and union, my advice is to go to the bay fair station. if you go to bay fair you can catch the dublin trains and those trains directly head to san francisco. you might see people driving and people are saying the heck with it i am going to take the car the bart system is affected and we will let you know more about it straight ahead.
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we are following breaking news about bart this morning. major delays are expected after a person was hit and killed by a train near the south hayward train station. this is the accident scene and investigators are still looking over that area trying to determine what happened. it happened at 11:30 last night and we don't have any information on what the person was doing on the tracks but service was immediately halted. there were passengers on a richmond bound train but nobody was hurt. another train took them back. no bart service from them. janine de la vega joins us from the fremont station where people are scrambling to find another way to get to where they are going, janine? >> reporter: yes, pam, a lot of people are showing up here at
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the fremont station and you can see the group, they are unaware that there is no service at the fremont station and we have been trying to answer questions but bottom line it commuters need to find another way to go. there is an announcement that trains not running between hayward and south fremont. there will be limited service in bay fair so you can try that. they are telling commuters will the ac transit and some people are taking that advice or they are calling friends and relatives for help. >> it is a fatality and under the circumstances you have to deal with it. if it was more of a strike issue it would be more of an i
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am pissed situation but it is what it is. bart officials said they try to do that but we are not able to get bus drivers and it will take them to bay fair and the 99 will take you there and the next one leaves at 538 and they leave every half hour after that. again, really no word on when service is going to resume and we are told police really need to finish their investigation on on the tracks near hayward and really they have to wait for it to become daylight outside. so we will continue to monitor and give you updates. ktvu channel 2 morning news. now if you are headed out the door, we will continue to monitor this bart delay and ktvu channel 2 morning news so
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you can stay up to date and you can follow us on twitter on this developing story. the oh motionnal cap tell light -- candle light, jenna betty was killed when she tried to retrieve her cell phone from the train tracks. all are stunned by the tragic death of a young girl who meant so much to so many. >> this is a time to remember her life and who she was to each of you... >> jenna was one of the best friends i have ever had. i don't think am i could ever replace that. >> later this week there will be another funeral for friday
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morning. >> everybody who uses the popular walking trail in fremont. she was aggressively groped at the interstate 880. she was walking when a man passed by her and came from behind and assaulted her. she called 911 the east bay police search much launched an a sash launched an assault for her. >> i don't know where that person came from and did that and during the day, it's scary. >> the man is described as white with a black mustache and beard. he was wearing a royal blue shirt and basketball shorts. they are searching for 3 home invasion robbers. he tied up a woman in her 80s
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in her own bedroom. it was known as a quiet neighborhood before this week. they tied her up before running off with her -- and jewelry and there have now been four home burglaries in the last five days. they are trying to figure out if they are connected. >> there have been similar burglaries and last night was the first time the person was home when they entered the house. they will hold a public meeting tomorrow at city hall. they are talking about the world's largest light sculpture.
5:39 am
with the right sculpture right behind her. they have 5,000 shimmering lights and they were installed one year ago and they will stick around. and the group is announcing they will be raising $12 million in donations from 2016 to 2026. they have seen a group in business thanks to the folks opening up the lights which dance and create fish. some tell us that they are not sold. >> i don't think i have ever met a person who said they came and that they have seen the lights. i have never heard nick say that so i don't think it will be good for business. >> he gets requests all the time to take tourists to see the lights. >> there are two bridges that the people come to see, one is
5:40 am
the real bridge and one is the golden gate bridge. i think they need to keep them. now they also plan to secure a permit to keep the lights on and today is the bay bridge. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. more than 100,000 letters went up in flames after a mail truck crashed and went up in flames in southern california. this was the scene, the driver was not hurt but the crash is causing plenty of problems and that truck was headed to a processing facility and fors about 100,000 of male each day. not a single letter was certified so there was no way to track whose mail was burned. they are searching for
5:41 am
agrees are you store and stole a vending machine filled with lottery tickets. state lottery revealed them and you can see a manwareing a mask and the machine was missing most of the cash. some of the scratcher tickets were also taken and those tickets have been flagged. time now 531 over a caster valley gun range. the dueling petitions and which side is currently coming out on top. >> no shirt, no shoes, no service. the high tech item, no bar it is all back and some gap service may affect your ride and we will tell you more about
5:42 am
that straight ahead. we will tell you more straight ahead and it is up to the north and will it make it this far south. yes what time.
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. we are back to our breaking news, you need to know there are big problems for bart. this is a live picture from hayward and a person was hurt late last night and there is no service between the fremont and south hayward fremont stations and we have also learned from bart due to another problem, people are told to find alternate problems and at least get to the bay fair station if you need to ride bart into san
5:45 am
francisco. time is now 544, there was a deadly he explosion and this was yesterday afternoon. 55 units in the building were damaged or destroyed. the body of one person has been found and this happened after paint page contract -- pg&e contractors damaged a gasoline. thankfully the explosion damaged it during the day when most people were still not at home. continuing coverage in the you crane. -- ukraine. they are sending troops into ukraine and president barack obama was responding to comments made by vladimir puntin yesterday and in a news conference, the russian president said he has the right to send them in to protect russian citizens. >> vladimir puntin seems to have a different set of
5:46 am
lawyers, making a different sell the of interpretations. -- interpretations. i don't think that is fooling anybody. >> secretary state is now in paris where he is meeting diplomats from russia and france. he brought the new foreign minister with him hoping to find a solution to the crisis. california has its first licensed ride share. they are bringing them to a company called summoned which previously acted under the name intercap. they will take thousands of drivers between the east bay and the south bay and they take both cab drivers and private individuals and all of its drivers have passed criminal background checks. bars are now banning their
5:47 am
customers from google glass. anybody wearing those high tech eye wear will be asked to leave. anybody we spoke to like that new policy. >> i saw somebody with google glass and it made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. you never know if they are recording or not. >> the other one is there and sarah said her google glass was ripped off her face but she was able to recover her google glass but they were given back to her. this is going to cause a lot of problems for people with the bart station. >> yes, fremont and union city is closed and up advice you to
5:48 am
catch a train into san francisco. you can catch one that goes and they don't have a shuttle service in place just yet. this is a look at the commute east shore freeway, traffic is moving along nicely as you drive to the mcarthur maze and the delay is maybe a couple of minutes and drive time is between 10 and 12 minutes into san francisco. if you are driving in down -- downtown. here is steve. >> here is steve paulson. i try and answer that. and a couple of days behind, a lot of cloud cover and some rain to the north system is being enhanced up here and this is funneling in and it looks okay to me.
5:49 am
it does mean more rain and the rain time will focus on the north and the latest rainfall amounts this doesn't mean what it is thinking. by 4:00 we start to see rain, oakland as well, heavier amounts further to the north. south bay but some say that falls apart and there will not be much. over two-thirds of an inches you move further north. sonoma up into mendocino county. tomorrow sunny and warm and we will take that all the way to saturday. there is another system coming in on sunday, cloudy with the rain not that great and we get a little bit, couple of 100s a quarrier of an inch.
5:50 am
napa almost 4 / 10th and i expect that to pick up as well. overall colluded did i skies. some rain moving in. fort brag moving to the south. we have to wait for a while. 50s on the temperatures. i don't expect these to drop at all. everyone says cloudy skies. the rain will start to move in later tonight and for the morning hours, you want to start to get something done and after 2:00 or 3:00 the line starts to move south on and sun, breaking through the cloud, temperatures are above
5:51 am
average even with the cloud cover, it brooks laich afternoon sun. mixed news from the labor front this morning. we have the number of private sector jobs increased by 338,000 last month. that is more than january and fewer than economists expected. they are getting a feeling from the job's report and we leases its numbers. they are now strictly enforcing limits on carry-on bags. they are deeing an eye 0 out for them that are too big. they will be returned to the area and be checked at a fee. using solar power drones to replace internet coverage.
5:52 am
facebook wants to buy tight ended air space. they could build drones that could fly over areas that do not have internet access. we have information about a burned body found over the weekend and the connection found at another mysterious death that they found at the same complex. and super bowl martian lynch talks about growing up in oakland and how he wants to help other kids. ♪
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. after the city from held a -- after the city held a taste test for people living in the city, they let people see if they could taste the difference between two types of bottled water and tap water. most could not tell. that was the point david was trying to make. >> there are many options for people to get their water other than a wasteful experience. there is a band on selling and they also require they build
5:56 am
more where people can refill their own water bottles. only on 2, a super bowl champion who is known for refusing to talk to the media. martianly much spoke excuse of -- exclusively about the great highs and lows in his life. he saw friends killed starting at the able of 5. sam's first family foundation... >> i just hope i could give them a sense of home. i hope i can give them something to believe in. >> lynch holds a football camp every day and his goals expand with a degree in increased
5:57 am
security. there are pat downs and bag searches and the national hockey league is calling nor increased security ahead of the playoffs. they are continuing investigation into the deadly bart train accident and some east bay bart trains are not running because of it. there is no bart service between bart and fremont and you will get a life a live report at a bay area high school. >> the roads may be affected by some of the delays and more people may be driving instead i will let you know what the key roads are looking like coming up. a lot of clouds coming up from santa rosa to cloudiness from the north can we get it this far south? [phones rings]
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. a major portion of bart shut down between hayward and fremont as police investigate a person who was struck and killed by a train, the train you didn't see, we will tell you how this will impact the
6:00 am
morning commute. the long awaited vote, the city makes its decision on a controversial spy center. and bright lights, the announcement expected today. the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have a live look at the bart train which is now moving out of that area and that's our big story problems for bart and certain stations and areas are closed. alex savage is out at the scene of the investigation which started it all. a person hit and killed on the tracks late last night and we will tell you about that about the investigation and how it is a affecting the morning, room mute, it is wednesday march 5 march 5th, i am pam cook. >> steve, should we


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