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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 12, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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crews spot something in the mud. >> that is in fact a grown man. >> he's face down. >> the strange story of how he got sucked in. >> a truck driver sees trouble ahead. >> he jumps on the brakes. >> why this close call is on the skids. >> the pranksters take a fall to test if how they are dressed determines how they are treated by strangers. >> see if down and out can leave you down on the ground. >> plus the little dude with uptown funk. >> and look who is going all
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supercross. find out if nick pops a wheelie or the wheelie pops him. >> yay! >> every day in places all over the world, people are being rescued. >> first in china, we've got a muddy riverbed. something's stuck. that is a grown man. >> oh gosh he's face down. >> according to reports, this man went into the mud and went down to pick something up lost his balance, fell in and was unable to free himself. firefighters had to be called to the scene. they used this giant crane that has a cage. >> there are two rescuers inside the cage. they get out of that cage to help get him from the mud. >> he is really stuck in there. >> if you watch this rescue closely, it gets dramatic. you see the cave start sinking into the mud as they are trying
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to pull this man. they are able with the force of the crane, to just lift that cave out of the mud with with the man safely inside. after he was brought to shore, he was taken to a local hospital completely uninjured. he was just a little tired. >> and freaked out. he almost died. >> if we are going to talk about rescues, we should talk about the royal national lifeboat institution. this is off the coast of england. look at this. this was a multiagency rescue. we've got a cargo ship that's grounded. at the rnli volunteers were called in. watch this. they get up to that grounded cargo ship. look at this footage. you can see it's listing. look how enormous it is. there are 24 crew members stuck on this ship. >> this is where i went to university. it's loaded with brand-new cars. >> one guy sees the rescue raft down below. he jumps more than 26 feet into the water. the raft was there to quickly
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scoop him up. he was okay. some of the people ended up staying onboard overnight to make sure everybody was safe everything was taken care of. all four crew members okay. >> two absolutely random attacks caught on video. this first one in china. reports say this man has a knife in his hand. watch what he is doing. he punches this woman. not clear if he cut her or not. the man with her is holding a child in his hand. he tries to attack that man. >> give the baby to mom. >> he runs down the street and attacks this other man in the jacket. he ended up injuring around seven people and had to go to the hospital. this case still under investigation. >> they didn't catch him? >> no you see in the video he runs off down the street. people chase after him.
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looks like they are keeping an eye on him, but no word on what actually happened. >> this is horrifying. a crazy person out of his mind going after people with a knife for no apparent reason. this person obviously needs some kind of mental help. >> another random attack in melbourne. you see two guys attacking a third guy. they punch him. he falls to the ground. a big group of people. you can't tell what is going on. looks like some are trying to control the attacker of this guy. >> this is one of those instances of egos getting out of control in the street. one person had too much to drink and they have a big chip on their shoulder and suddenly you are a target. >> a target that left him with a broken nose and several facial injuries. that will take him a while to heal. >> the guy that punched him, his buddy gives him a kick straight to the face soon as he lands. brutal. >> police are still investigating this incident as well.
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>> take a good look at these guys. they are about to pull a prank. it's to determine if how they are dressed determines how they are treated by strangers. this was put together by model pranksters. the fluid looking business guy. he goes out on crutches and we see how people treat him when it looks like he falls. >> it doesn't take long for five or six people to help this guy up. >> thank you, thank you. >> i see where this is going. i already don't like it. >> here we go with the homeless guy. i have to say, very disappointing results. people absolutely see what's going on but they walk by. they walk by looking. >> he's still a human being. >> this is the example of what
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they call the halo effect. you judge people immediately. >> nobody has come over to help this man. he falls down in front of a homeless man. the homeless man helps him up. somebody else joins in like maybe i should help. that was the only person in two hours. >> i hate stuff like that. i'd like to think i would behave differently. i'd likeo say i wouldelp like this. >> that hurts your heart to see it. >> guys it's driving 101. first lesson being when driving, always keep your attention on the road. >> this comes to us from canada. we are onboard an 18-wheeler. driving along 70 miles per hour. look ahead. there is another huge truck which suddenly starts crossing the road without looking where he is going. he jumps on the brakes. >> oh! >> maybe the wing there is
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clipped. there was no big impact. this guy gets out. he says in the report the only thing that saved his life was the lesson his father taught him to do in that situation. if you see that coming turn with the truck. he came within inches. >> wow. i'm surprised that truck was able to slow down as much as he did. >> the next lesson we are all going to learn, be aware of your surroundings. this dash cam, a motor bike on the highway splitting lanes. watch what happens. car pulls out. >> he was really concentrating. he kind of lost it. we've got one more. the most important lesson told as a kid, don't play near the street. this car driving down minding his own business. it's very snowy. all of a sudden -- kid on the sleigh brakes.
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when i watched that my heart was in my mouth. >> everybody's fine. this is why your mom says you don't play in the road. >> take a deep breath because we are going under water and we are going cave diving. >> the amazing video not for the claustrophobic. >> oh my lord. >> plus what happens when this little frenchy hears -- >> going to cut your nails, okay? rsrs atat m my y hohoususe... it's a full day for me, and i love it. bubut t whwhenen i i s statartrteded having back pain mymy s sisisteter r hahad d toto c come help. i i dodon'n't t lilikeke a askskining for help. i i totookok t tylylenenolol b butut i i had to take six pills toto g getet t thrhrououghgh t thehe d day. soso m my y dadaugughthterer b brorougught over some aleve. it's just twtwo o pipilllls,s, all day! anand d nonow,w, i i'm'm b bacack!k! alaleveve.e. t twowo p pilillsls. . all day strong, all day long. anand d nonow w inintrtrododucucining g aleve pm for a better am.
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you with me everybody? on three, one, two, three. you are going to need that because we are going under water. we are going cave diving. >> oh my lord. >> this is so scary. >> i think i should leave right
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now. >> i told you to take that deep breath. you weren't paying attention. buckle in. this diver is going in that cave. notice where the diver is carrying the canisters on either side. >> you notice the string the diver can use to find the course of the tunnel to find their way out or in. look at the air bubbles on the ceiling of this narrow cave. this person trying to literally pull themselves through this narrow hole. >> what if you want to go backwards? you can't turn around. >> there does appear to be different pockets in this cave where the diver would be able to turn around and go back. the tunnel opens up more. >> this is something i would actually like to try, even if it was really enclosed. if it opened up to a really big cave. >> i could handle if it was more
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like this. think about these people the bravery, the curiosity they have allow them to see things so few of us will evers is why they invented the gopro. >> for that we thank underwater products youtube channel showing us how beautiful this is. >> going to cut your nails, okay? >> this is french bulldog five months old. mom says just going to cut your nails. coach goes back to her mom. >> bye. see ya. >> he was looking back like is she coming? >> this next video, cute animal
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but not cute behavior. this cat evidently hates having its head rubbed with an oven mitt. >> he may not hate the oven mitt may hate the wearer of the oven mitt. >> oh! >> this is why i think the cat doesn't like the wearer of the mitt. once the cat is off this guy's lap, he tosses the oven mitt. the cat doesn't go after the mitt. the cat goes after the dude. >> he is so upset. that cat is mad. >> the guy has to go outside and shut the door. watch what the cat does. >> that cat is brilliant. >> i think by the actions of the cat and watching this video, that kid deserves it. he is poking at that cat to annoy him. the cat is like you know what? i'm done. >> it does end on a darn cute note this is a little baby elephant waking up from his nap.
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watch how this elephant tries to get up with his little wobbly legs. he is a baby. he doesn't quite have use of his legs. trying to use his little trunk to get up. he is so groggy. >> this is from the bush camp company. always cute videos. >> a song featuring bruno mars at the top of the top 100 and it should be. mark has the beat. guess what? so does somebody's little brother donovan. ♪ don't believe it just watch ♪ >> he is wearing his yellow pajamas, he's got his hat and he's got his moves. everybody is getting down with donovan. >> he's good. ♪
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>> he's good. he's got the bruno mars moves. i think he's been watching the uptown funk video. >> bruno mars was really young doing all those moves singing and dancing. maybe he'll go on tour with him. >> i love funk and bruno mars and now i love donovan. >> see you in the next video, mate. >> a kayaker runs his boat right into some ice. >> it's not going anywhere. >> the clever way his buddies break him free. >> when nick gets revved up at supercross. >> yay!
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and still able to freeze that should be some indicator. >> you see this other guy trying to crack the ice. it doesn't really work. finally, after a little while of maneuvering, you see another guy walks up picks up a rock and ends up breaking the ice to free this guy's kayak. then they are able to continue on their kayak journey. >> these guys are hardcore. >> that kayaker is not the only one that needed rescuing. this family also needed rescuing. they couldn't fly anywhere and they were hungry. they ended up giving them food. >> aren't they supposed to have flown south? >> they're stuck. help us we're stuck. >> this is the sweet part. they free the birds out of their
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hands. >> they are pretty birds. >> this is one of my favorite times of year when the monster energy supercross comes to town! >> this is my favorite sporting event, supercross is spectacular to watch. this is one of my favorite parts, too. all the guys line up at the gate for 20 laps of competition. this race the season opener in anaheim, california. ken went on to win the main event. i love watching these guys. i think this is one of the most physically demanding sports. i think these guys are some of the top athletes out there. it's incredible to watch. what does it feel like to be there? >> i have a feeling you know. >> i do because they invited me down down. the yamaha team meet me with some of their stars.
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they gave me some gear. >> did you do it? >> of course he did. >> i got to talk to cooper webb a little. come out on the floors see the track. how excited you get. what's that energy like? >> coming into the stadium is awesome. >> when they are flying through the air way up high that's a bit of a rest for them. they can take a break before they set up for the next turn and stuff. it looks scary. what's that like up there? >> for most riders once you do it for so long it comes natural. >> showed me his beautiful new bike and got me on one of my own bikes. tell me what i'll be riding? you want to see me pop a wheelie? i'm going to go do a wheelie. >> yay! >> nailed the wheelie. >> see the wheel off the ground? did a wheelie. >> watch me set up for the big jump. watch.
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>> are you kidding me? >> the wheelie. >> that was aaron, a monster on the wheel. >> that wasn't you? >> the guys were all very super generous patient with me. if you want to get a taste of what supercross is like it's going to be in phoenix this weekend at chase field. follow the entire monster energy supercross series is a ton of fun. >> this girl claims she can speak 20 languages. find out if she can really spit them all out. >> i buy that. i believe it.
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the camera with were slightly to the right we could have seen that. brilliant. >> this video is bueno.
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this isesgirl speaks 20 languages. let's rephrase it. girl tries to speak 20 languages. starting with arabic. >> i think she sounds great. >> i have no idea. >> she admits she does in fact speak three languages fluently. it doesn't tell us which three. the rest of the language she knows random phrases. >> how many random phrases do you know in other languages?
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>> this is a language spoken in finland. >> how crazy is that? >> no matter what she is saying she is faking it really well. >> everything she's done i'm like i buy that. i believe it. >> there is no way for us to know. >> that's it for "rtm." see you next time.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> i was unfamiliar with your name. >> i know. i forgot who you were, i guess. >> so -- >> this guy? it's not shocking that you're losing your memory, but anyway. >> justin bieber this is really bizarre. there was a you have seen the calvin klein ad that justin bieber did. there are a lot of people that think it was in varying degrees photo shopped we know certain things were photo shopped like the


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