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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 17, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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the rip cord. >> he's spinning round and round and round. >> then the wind blows him right into some trees. find out where he ends up and how badly he's injured. the dad and his daughter try to leave a shopping center, they're ambush ambushed. >> all of a sudden there's like 20 kids and they're like a pack of hyenas. >> hear what the kids stole and if they got away with it. feisty feline in a tree isn't interested in being rescued. >> he knows what's coming. >> the cat's going to take that
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dude with him. >> see if the cat that fights back ever gets down. a nasty long bored face plant. and paranormal prank leaves realtors reeling. >> as soon as they lock you in somewhere and stuff starts spinning around that's when have you to go. wingsuit pilot is about to take a line that we are actually very familiar with. he's a pro. been doing it for a while. this is a line made very famous a few years ago with the video grinding the crack. >> it does make you want to pack your bags and go. >> this is just beautiful. >> demonstrating a conservative line for the first timers right behind him that are about to jump as well and go on the same flight. to the expert eye what he's doing looks very safe. everything looks great. he's doing a good job. he's obviously trying to put on a good performance for the first
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timers behind him, right? everything goes exactly as planned up until right about here when he pulls his chute. >> he's spinning round and round and round. >> yeah. he pulls his chute. his lines are twisted. before he even has a chance to untwist them, the winds drag him and crash him right into some trees. he fell 15 feet through the trees on to a ledge that he's actually really glad he landed on. he missed that he would have fallen another 15 feet. obviously, in pain but ends up surviving this fall with a broken vertebrae. >> how did he end up getting down? did somebody have to come get him? >> yeah. he was helicoptered to a hospital totally fine now, flying again. but he wanted to release this video to show how you have to be extra careful. >> beginners don't do this next. >> in order to be able to get into a wind suit you have to have a ton of hours under your belt jumping in the first place.
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you know those guys are pros. >> charles owen's theory of evolution, from a cell to a tad tadpole to an elephant to a monk toy a human being basically but what we're going to see in these videos is devolution is happening. of course a fight breaks out. little bit of pushing and shoving. the two women are getting into it then escalates. >> fight breaks out and then wait! they're using tools. >> territorial threat display of -- >> like a gorilla pounding his chest. >> exactly. eventual eventually brains take over and the fight slowly slowly comes down. devolution and animal-like behavior continues in a disgusting video from australia.
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this is actually a dad and his young 15-year-old daughter. she had actually called up her dad and said there are some girls at the cinemark. they are threatening me. he came to pick her up. all of a sudden there's like 20 kids and they're like a pack of hyenas. >> chase him down the street. doing what he can to defend himself. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ screaming ] [ bleep ] >> this is where they surround the dad and push him into a situation he can't get out of. he's getting dizzy from all the punches, falls into the road here. then they all decide to jump in while his dad does his best to fend off these 10 or 11 15-year-olds. they start kicking him while he's down and then -- stealing his car keys wallet mobile phone. >> please tell me the police eventually found these jokers. >> police have gotten involved.
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when the dad went back the next day to cancel his card he actually saw the kids. one 15-year-old has been found and arrested. the others they are still looking for. the police and everybody wants these people found. it's devolution. there's not a whole lot that we haven't seen on this show but this video is different. you have never seen this because it has never been done before. the skier from norway going out there to do something that has never been done. setting up a custom rail. will he do some practice first. even process have to do their practice. he's trying to do the first-ever flip rail flip combo. even if you don't know all these terms, it's quite impressive.
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>> nice! >> come on. i could do that. >> couldn't even do that on a videotape. >> imagine what it feels like to pull that off. his buddy is pretty stoked about the whole thing, too. >> dude well done. >> you know what the craziest thing is? he make it is look easy. >> imaginary boyfriend, simon cowell with the wildlife foundation in uk. on the rescue this time beautiful little fox kid. >> member of the public fox cub is stuck. >> this little creature does not want to be moved because it's scared. scared.
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>> they try to figure out where it came from. they return it basically to a stack of wood. with all its little paws. now this cat realizes they have a blanket at the bottom and they're just going to drop the cat on to it and the cat doesn't want to go. the cat is basically holding on to the guy. but then it really gets ahold of the guy when he starts holding it out over the blanket. >> he knows what's coming. he doesn't want to be dropped! at this point, the cat clings on the guy doesn't even have to hold the cat. he's going to take him with him. >> they're not done dangling the cat. they do it once again this time he successfully dumps it into the blanket.
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>> there's the cat. it landed on the sheet and on the ground. all is well that ends well. see your craigslist ad. plus taking a look at a unique kind of purpose. >> that thing is around 2400 feet long. >> what? >> find out how long it takes him to get it in place. >> imagine this guy taking his turban off at the end of the day. it must feel incredible! egeggogo!! l'l'egeggogo m my y egeggogo breakfast sandwich. itit's's s sweweetet, , itit's's s savavory, it's in your microwave. l'l'egeggogo m my y egeggogo b brereakakfast sandwich. ♪ [ [upupbebeatat m mususicic] ] ♪ dedefifianancece i is s inin o ourur b bononeses. dedefifianancece n neveverer g grorows old.
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i have never wanted a 2002 ford taurus more than i do right now. i'm sure you'll feel the same. >> this is ford taurus the sensational -- >> used. >> -- car and rave reviews. >> general may sound like it's the sexiest thing on wheels. >> ford's design innovations, high technology. the way it handles and rides. now motor trends car of the year comes on even stronger for -- >> 2002. >> if you haven't driven taurus see your -- >> craigslist ad. >> he has one now with your name on it.
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>> the guy selling his 2002 ford taurus used an old ad that may sound familiar. >> this is ford taurus. the sensational new car that's getting all the way reviews. for it's design. >> sounds like the opening of "knight rider." >> he used the audio track from the ford commercial shot his own very nice video to accompany the audio track. the guy used his sony a 7 f to get those awesome aerial shots. look at the craigslist ad it's in really good shape for a 2002. >> do you realize he used the 1987 ad to sell his 2002 car? >> totally realized it. did you realize it didn't make a spit of difference? that's how generic these cars were. it just works. >> yeah. >> there are turbans and then
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there's this turban. >> wow! >> we found this video on vogue. that thing is around 2400 feet long. >> what? >> it weighs about 200 pounds. >> does it symbolize anything to have that much going on up there? >> he is actually a seikh. why you wrap it in the turban. this man takes hours putting his turban on. he braids his hair and starts the wrapping process and adding embellishments to it as he goes along and those, all of them are representative or symbolic of the seikh religion. >> could you imagine carrying 200 pounds on your head? >> imagine the neck pain this guy has to go through.
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>> how early does he have to get up to get ready? imagine this guy taking his turban off at the end of the day? whoo hoo! it must feel incredible. >> nick just the other day you said long boarding is no fun lest people are falling over. i've got a couple of great videos for you that you're going to enjoy. this one, beautiful day and a really nice road for a quite nice ride. you also have to be careful of the speed waffle coming up in three, two -- uh-oh. >> oh, shoot! >> he's lucky, though. not only is he wearing his protective equipment. he's got his helmet. he manages to land mostly in the grass. bit of a face plant. but nowhere near as epic as the worst face plant i've ever seen. ready? this is andrew. >> oh, my gosh! he like sanded off his nose.
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>> he tries to get his feet under him as the camera whips around. you see him go for about six or seven feet pure lyly on his face. >> oh! >> we should also point out he wasn't wearing any gloves any knee pads and especially no helmet. you can see why this was a bad idea as he is just pouring blood from his face. we actual lyly spoke to him and he's going to be just fine f you're going long boarding please wear a helmet. he takes her on a beautiful hike to -- >> bury a time capsule. >> see what she dissolves at the bottom of the hole. >> oh, that was sweet. >> very nice. and a haircut gone wrong. >> he went in thinking he was going to get a trim. >> the hairstyle that gives this dog an identity crisis. >> that's not a mane. let's shave half the dog.
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bebeining g frfreeee f froromm dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff lue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandruff. ifif y youou c canan't't s shuhut t dodownwn at bedtime yoyou'u'rere n notot a alolonene.. geget t nonon-n-hahabibit t foformrmining g ununisom toto f falall l asasleleepep f fasast.t. ununisisomom.. a a ststreressssfuful l dadayy deservrveses a a r resestftfulul n nigightht. it's pretty awful when you go to your haircut and they don't cut your hair -- >> you know that feeling all too well this beautiful dog went in thinking he was going to get a trim. his owners told the groomers let's give him the lion cut. >> gave him a mane. that's not a mane.
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that's like let's shave half the dog. >> why did they go further up? to me it looks like it's incomplete. it looks like he's wearing -- >> exactly. a lion doesn't have furry legs. >> the other dogs are saying they're all going to bark at you. >> he's trying to get away. someone help me. stop! >> who did that? >> there are the remnants of this cushion all over the living room floor. >> look at this. >> but wait! >> oh, the evidence. >> jason, lydia and their friends have come up with a pretty good idea hiking up to a really nice viewpoint. they're actually going to bury a
3:50 pm
time capsule, putting it with all kinds of stuff, cell phone and the hopes of like 50 years later come up dig it up and go wow! once they pack it up they start, of course having to dig the hole. >> lydia, you're the digger. >> after 50 minutes they start getting deeper. >> what is that? check it out. >> there's already something at the bottom of the hole. >> what are the odds? >> it's blowing lydia's mind. >> oh, my gosh. >> she speculates maybe it's something by hitler. >> what if it's hitler's? >> maybe it's gold. >> what is if it's gold? it's so weird. they don't have a key. but wait. >> this is not for me. oh my god!
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i mean not oh, my god. oh my god! >> lydia, will you marry me? >> it's a very very detailed proposal. he whips the ring out of his pocket. he didn't want to bury it just in case he couldn't find it. >> yes. >> he also whips out this really sweet note. >> i had no clue the adventure you would take me on. i can't wait for kids and grandchildren to dig up this time capsule and add to it. this ring is a symbol of a promise i will spend my life protecting. i love you, lydia. >> so sweet. >> that's so sweet. >> very nice. these real estate agents are in for a frightening house tour. >> she starts letting them know her bro died there. >> see if they're willing to take on this listing. >> what the hell? amamerericicanans.s..... .....5.57% of us try to excercise regularly. 83% try to eat healtlthyhy.
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whatever that's perfect, or cut them up in chips. >> make it is cleaner. started something
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new and he will hes people what his 60-second challenges will be. and this time -- >> 32 jalapeno poppers. >> in 60 seconds. >> can he do it? >> let's go. >> we realize the strategy early on. start with his two the a time sometimes three, i think. he has mega cups of water. >> is he like a cow? >> never mind the stomach. just chewing that and washing it down even with the water, it's hard to swallow, never mind three jalapeno poppers at the time. >> you have the breading jalapeno and cream cheese which is not exactly unsticky stuff. does he do it? no. he has a few left over. >> oh, good. so his cameraman can -- saddest cameraman in the world. is there any left for me? oh never mind.
3:56 pm
real estate agents when you show up to a kient's house that you're potentially going to sell you don't expect -- there's all kinds of people out there. real estate agents in this video never saw what happened to them coming. >> good morning. >> the agents get to the house that they're going to take a look at. see how they can sell this house. >> this wasn't my house. it was my brother, who sadly passed away in this house. >> she starts letting them know her bro die there had. >> but then it gets really good when they start getting the tour of the house. >> it's such a lot for me to be doing at the moment. >> the first reaction massive. oh look some books fell. >> marbles start falling through the doors of the cabinet there. >> it would be so fun to be the guys pulling the trick. >> the entire house is rigged.
3:57 pm
you never know what's going to happen. when they get to this other room room, a dresser falls over. the door closes in front of them. >> that's the freaky part. >> as soon as they lock you in somewhere and stuff starts falling that's when you've got to go. >> before you know it all kinds of things start happening at the exact same time. >> what the hell. >> that guy is going to lose his mind. >> doors on the closets are opening and closing. the guy kick it is. they make a run for it. >> i feel so bad for them. only one of them is going to get commission. >> they do eventually reveal this was all a prank, promotion for a three-part series on sky living based on the true story of a house in the uk that apparently has some legit documented paranormal activity. >> there's definitely a ghost in this house. >> i thought it was for real. that will do it for us here
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at "right this minute." thanks for joining us everybody. we'll see you next time.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live" where we talk love.
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charles: charles here. harvey: harvey levin here. michael's big momma got arrested friday and this one is a doozy fighting with michael. got very physical. charles: had to call the cops. harvey: there is a twist to this. domestic violence is not funny and we are tphotnot diminishing it in any way. but you try to tell this


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