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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 27, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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there is a huge bank is one of the option set start we're looking at the jcc,
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it's about time the taco... came out of its shell. it's baking season. warm up with pillsburry. after 40 years of making soup at progresso,
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we've learned chicken is king. and so we're now using 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken in all of our chicken soups. long live chicken! welcome data morning times 4:14 am this morning we found out more about the houston
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attorney who police say woman shooting rampage yesterday morning outside of a shopping center in southwest justun. police say that nathan to say shot and wounded nine people before police shot and killed him and investigators of the 46- year-old lawyer was carrying two guns and had 2600 rounds of ammunition. >> he was wearing a military style apparel i don't know exactly what nationality, army or anything like that. we did find some old [ null ] emblems . >> police describing the gunman as a disgruntled attorney having problems and his law office, however investigators have not revealed a possible motive in this mass shooting could the man accused of killing five people at a shopping mall north of seattle has confessed to the shootings according to court documents. 20-year-old arkansan teen appear before a judge yesterday he was charged with five counts of premeditated murder and his stepfather told reporters after the hearing that he suffered from mental health issues.>>
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our son has had mental health issues that we have been trying to work on with him and that is all i can say. >> court records showed he has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and he is accused of opening a fire dimasi department store last friday and surveillance video shows to him about one minute to shoot all five victims ranging in age from 16 to 95 his next court appearance is set for october 26. alameda and contra costa counties were both chosen from a national pool of candidates to receive grants from the justice department, alameda county will receive $1 million to be used for enhancing the use of body cameras and contra costa county when two separate awards. first is a $400,000 grant aimed at making sure criminal defendants have effective lawyers. the second grant is to help people be released from prison
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to successfully reenter society good let's get you moving, sal castanada has the commute  started this tuesday morning? >> it looks like there is room for you and me and pam to take a nice drive but we will not do that because we have to stay here, but if you at home would like to take a drive right now is a good time to do it, if you're coming from gilroy to san jose not about commute right now and it looks good through morgan hill and continues to move along nicely with no major issues on that commute getting into the main part of the west valley. this morning drive looks good on 101 and 880 getting to that part of the favorite moving along to the san mateo bridge where westbound 92 traffic looks good heading onto the high-rise and continuing on highway 10 100 the morning drive at the bay bridge is also light and peace commutes do not tend to stay this way for long but right now there is a pretty good opportunity for you if you
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would like to be driving. 4:18 am and let's go over to steve.>> low clouds rapidly approaching some of the coast but not all, eventually it should get there and will take a look at temperatures in the santa cruz mountains, depending on the elevation. if you are below 1000 it is the 50s and about that very warm at 78 so big differences in the temps been in the breeze should start turning more south and it is showing signs of that in the san jose mountain view, it is on short sfo and offshore at hayward is there is a component of the easterly breeze which may that may hold the fog in check, as a ways to go to reach the santa cruz coast and it is filling in on the sonoma coast with a more westerly breeze and a big fog bank. that will give immediate cooling to the coast and yet offshore from offshore, so it will be a fight but eventually the fog went out and no delta
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breeze it also inland temps will be very warm to hot, 60s on a lot of the temps are 70s and higher elevations, low clouds and fog will bank up and it may take a while before it starts to make an impact and then lift up towards the santa cruz mountains, overall cooler coast today, the base 60s and 70s, inland some 80s and 90s but not as hot as yesterday. temperatures will cool down a bit and tomorrow everybody gets in on the cooldown and it really cools down into the weekend with rain in mendocino county towards saturday.>> what a difference, 92 another air conditioning at my house.>> it wasn't just you yesterday good>> i was going to send a tweet and complained that you will probably hearing from everybody.>> the wind shifted in the city and it was 91 and then it turned westerly and it dropped. >> it did reach 91 in the city, i thought it might be 83 or 84.>> 93 and also it hit 91 so
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pretty close.>> thank you steve. for powerful typhoons landed on the coast of taiwan this morning and take a look at the scene in taipei city a couple of hours ago, very wet and that typhoon is pounding a large area with 100 mile-per- hour winds, lots of rain, forcing offices and schools to close across taiwan. flash flooding and massive power outages also reported in this storm has crippled many of the transit systems around taiwan. 4:20 am is the time and we're getting a better look now at how pollution is affecting the air we breathe around the world. coming up the new report from the united nations and what countries should be the most concern. a silicon valley company sued by the labor department, charges of discrimination and how the company is responding.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it is 4:23 am and the us department of labor has filed a lawsuit against the palo alto- based company accused of discriminating against asians. the company has government contracts provide software and data analysis services for the fbi, us army and us special operations command of the lawsuit alleges that there is a pattern of discrimination against asians who apply for
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software engineering positions of the company firmly denies the allegations. a new bill the governor. brown signed into law expands the current ban on using your phone while you drive. it makes it illegal to use any app on your cell phone or even hold your phone for any reason. there is one exception, it is functions you can swipe or tap your finger, but that is only if the phone is mounted on the windshield or dashboard. bill clerk of hayward wrote the bill which takes effect january 1 the first violation is punishable with a $20 fine and goes up to $50 for each subsequent offense. governor. brown also signed legislation decriminalizing prostitution for minors and this bill becomes law enforcement from arresting people under the age of 18 for soliciting or loitering pick it was one of several bills on the gov.'s desk dealing with human trafficking bit the governor
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also signed a bill that allows human trafficking victims to avoid conviction for nonviolent crimes committed under the coercion of the trafficker. disney is reportedly bidding for san francisco-based twitter and there are also reports that salesforce, microsoft and google are looking at acquiring the social media service. twitter has a stock market value of about $20 billion, user growth and revenue has been sluggish and twitter shares rose 3.3% yesterday and disney's stock fell 1.4%. we'll keep watching that. the markets ended yesterday lower on a bad day for banking stocks for the most part and the dow lost 166 point, nasdaq fell 48 and the s&p was down 18 good 4:25 am, a collection of the personal items of marilyn monroe is now on display in china and those items include dresses, photos, makeup and personal notes written by marilyn monroe. the items are on display in
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beijing for private viewing by chinese collectors and they are among 1200 pieces of marilyn monroe's belongings set to be auctioned off in los angeles in november. it is 4:26 am, two candidates and one stage, who came out on top? up next the sharp attacks by both hillary clinton and donald trump good they were rising stars and professional dirtbike racing and of next the crashes that took the lives of two motorcycle riders which happened just an hour apart. right now we are doing very well on the morning commute so let's take a live look at westbound 24 which doesn't look bad as you head over to the tunnel. wet fog is trying to get back to the coast and it will for some will take a look at the santa cruz mountains to see if we can get cooler air up there as it is pretty warm in the higher elevations.
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visualized to the firefighters battling a huge brushfire it again take a new evacuation orders were issued. we're talking about the moment fire which started yesterday afternoon east of highway near the top of loma prieta authority
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injuries and watching the weather is


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