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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 18, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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never have done it. and should there will be a government shutdown. we'll have more coming up. up. good morning, thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2, thursday morning january 8, i'm dave clark, pam cook will be here in a little bit, and steve is here. >> we'll get fog, and the morning commute used to start at 5 or 6:00 a.m. and now it's 4 or 5. low clouds are there, where is the rain? >> it's up here, it's up here, and moving into montecito county. if you want to take care of something in the morning, you'll be fine, but by this
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afternoon the system will sweep in and cold air. this breeze is starting in advance of the front, it's moving southerly. winter storm warning starts at noon for the sierra, and it starts at 4pm and there are high wind warnings out on the east side of the sierra. i doubt this changes much, cloud cover, it will go up a little bit. everyone is in the upper 40s and 50s, rainfall doesn't look good, but it will be a good producer for lower levels of snow. certainly to the north and towards sierra, nevada. 50s and maybe a soft 60s to the south. 4:01, and here he is, soft 60s, the guess who. >> that would be one. >> good morning, everyone. lets look at what we have now.
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westbound 5:80, already slow traffic here as you head out to the altamont pass. this tracy supercmute is getting started with some slowing, that's little slowing after 2:05, after that it looks good from livermore, dublin into castro valley. this is the look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a couple of accidents out there, southbound 101 just after 580, there's a crash, i can't show it to you because our camera there is very, very foggy, but there's a crash in san raphael. give us your extra time if that's your commute. still no word of problems in sonoma county after a 2.2 magnitude earthquake. the geysers, it has small earthquakes. last night's was stronger than most. no serious damage has been
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reported. a man who died in police custody after police stunned him with a stun gun, they say it shouldn't have been used on him. an investigation by the d.a.'s office has begun. >> police tasered warren inside of his parents home in daily steady shortly before tuesday. the family called for help when her 34-year-old son running around the house acting scared. >> he likes to take drugs and that's why we called police, he likes drugs. >> the family has called police about 10 times in the past ten years. the police never used a taser in any of the encounters, tuesday night was the only time. >> this is the first time when he was unconscious when he left the house. >> not only did they take to
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the hospital or jail, you know, when he he's high. >> -- when he's high. >> the family described him as growling and yelling. >> three police officers responded to the family's call for help. the officers were invited inside the home and a struggle took place. it's unclear whether he was tased before or after he was handcuffed. >> they were able to get under control, after they got him under control, his breathing got shall we are and shall we are, and they started applying heas taken to the hospital and he was pronoudead. >> i don't like the taser. i don't think they need he had to do that to him.
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i'm angry, it's already happened, so, we have to accept it. >> the d.a. estimates it will take 8 to 10 weeks to complete the investigation. the key factor is whether the taser played a role in his death. they'll decide whether it was justified and whether excessive force was used. amber lee, ktvu, fox news. there's a phone scam in berkeley and the police are warning you now. someone claiming to be from the berkeley police department threatening people if you don't pay, and they'll ask for your information, and ask for a phone number and don't call back. a man was driving a stolen white pickup truck was followed
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by a sheriff's deputy who did not turn off the emergency lights until he started speeding, he slammed into a pickup truck that a woman and two children were riding. >> my husband said the gray truck went up on the side and flames exploded all over the place. >> the mother and her other daughter, a two-year-old was rushed to the hospital, the four-year-old girl was killed. >> and the driver has been booked on one count of murder and two counts of evading arrest. there's no deal in congress to avoid a government shutdown tomorrow night. we have more on the chances of a shutdown. >> a short-term deal is less likely. the votes are anything, but certain. the money flow is about to stop for the federal
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government, and a stopgap deal in congress may prove elusive. many democrats are willing to see the shutdown over immigration, fighting protections for young illegal immigrants. >> people have said we don't like this deal. if we kick the can this time, we'll be back where we started next time. there's strong support not to go along with their deal. >> and many republicans are holding oufor more military spending, even in the face of shutdown, would they be willing to vote for something temporary to bridge the gap. >> it would seem they would have the votes to continue funding the military, take care of the child health care issue and perhaps some other things. as i understand, they have the votes and they are fairly confident. >> the white house has other things on their plate.
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this is the fake news on that last night. one of the persistent critics, requiring senator jeff flake denounces the tax on the media. >> not only has america see the despotic language over the tax issues and he's inspired others with that same language. >> he's called it unfortunate. if there is a government shutdown, several bay area tracks shuns will -- attractions will be shutdown. the park visitors will be able to leave the park immediately once that deadline is passed. popular places would close to visitors would include muir woods, alcatraz and yosemite. and the last time it shut down was back in october 2013.
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the national weather service predicting more rain along the central and southern california coast. that's where they don't want storms. they're still cleaning up from last month's southern california wildfires and the deadly mudslides last week. 20 people died in those mudslides, hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged. the crews are trying to clear away the mud and restore you'll tilt service. that forecast for rain tomorrow will cause more damage, and it will slow down the cleanup. 55 miles south of los angeles county, the destructive force of nature is very visible. you can see cracks in the ground where this 3 storey home in malibu, this wall broke in half. they red tagged that house, no other homes in the area have been affected by that slide.
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the alameda sheriff's deputy has been arrested. the charges he's facing about his job at the county jail. and the parents of 13 children who were tortured leisure in the court today. i'll have that story straight ahead. driving around could be tough. you may have to slow down in some areas, and some areas don't have fog at all. it's an adventure as you get out to the roads. you may deal with rain later. it's on its way, it will take a little time. it will get here. . rub and rub again just to get rid of stubborn makeup? try garnier micellar water. garnier micelles act like a magnet to absorb makeup and impurities. without harsh rubbing, remove stubborn makeup, cleanse and soothe even sensitive skin. garnier micellar water. america's #1.
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tell us about your firm. we file lawsuits for mortgage related fraud and wrongful foreclosure. it's illegal to close someone while they're in modification review. this is a new law that was passed with a group of new laws collectively called the homeowners bill of rights. >> give me an example.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, local law enforcement agencies say federal immigration officials have not given them any information about a planned sweep in the bay area, earlier this week, it was reported that they're planning a major raid in northern california and plans to armor than 1500 undocumented immigrants, a spokesman in san francisco would not confirm that a raid is in the works saying we don't speculate on future enforcement actions. dianne feinstein said they wanted to be briefed on any major immigration changes on
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san francisco and cities. california is being targeted because of its status as a sanctuary state. and retaliatory raids would be an abuse of power. and any operation should target dangerous criminals. john kelly told lawmakers that president trump was not fully informed when he made that campaign promise to build a wall along the border of mexico. he made the remarks at a closed door meeting with the congressional hispanic caucus, kelly said there are places where geographically a wall would not be realistic. he also talked about the president's promise to make mexico pay for that wall. >> mexico is not going to pay. we have some ideas on how
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things like visa fees, renegotiation on nafta, what that would mean to our economy. in one way or another, it's possible that we could get the revenue from mexico, but not directly from their government. >> the white house chief of staff says president trump's views of immigration and wall are evolving. the president changed his attitude of protecting young immigrants after the struggling to protect young immigrants by daca. >> and this was a tweet:
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the time is 4:16, today the southern california parents who are accused of starving their 13 children and holding them captive will have their first court appearance. and the horrifying circumstances of this case has put a focus on california's home schooling laws. >> a house of horrors, that's how some people are describing conditions the turpin residents. these are the parents who tortured their 13 children and starving them and leaving them shackled to furniture. >> it's hard to believe they're
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adults. they're small and it's clear that they're malnutritioned. >> they were missing what was happenin the parents were home schooling the kids listed online as sand castle day school. they don't monitor home schools. and the sister said she never had contact with her many nieces and nephews. she was told about it, the neighbor living next year. >> are you sure there are 12 kids that live there. there's no way that you don't hear or see little kids. >> they used to live in north texas. >> it got weirder and weirder and there was less contact. >> one of the children ran away and brought home by police. >> they have not confirmed that account. their only contact with anyone in the family was louise was
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involved in a dui case. bail for each of them is $9 million t the time is 4:19. lets check in with sal, have you taken care of the commute? >> the fog is thick, i'm looking at some of the traffic picture. i can't show them to you. i see some thick fog. we'll show you what we can. we have maps to show you stuff. traffic is moving well as you get up from highway 101 to gilroy up to 880. we'll talk about highway 17, traffic is moving well getting up to the lexington hills area and then into this area here. no major issues as you drive on 1785, all of the south bay freeways, there's 280 and san jose, the bay bridge toll plaza
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this traffic is moving along well. there's dense fog, and some area is rather clear. and i'll bring steve in here at 4:19, as the sun comes up it will change. >> it will change. the front is coming in. and some of the fog will lift by then. for now, there's fog out there. a front is on the way, and it's taking its sweet time getting here and it will get here with colder air. the rainfall won't be that heavy. north of santa rosa will be the heaviest. and a winter storm warning is out. that kicks in this afternoon. as far as the timeline for rain, it looks like any time afternoon is the best bet, things will start to pick up a little bit after we get to late morning and early afternoon, and around the bay, some may have to wait until 4:00, it's on its way, the system as well, it will usher cold air, the
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best we have seen in awhile. they are big systems and colder systems. eventually that snow level will get down to 4,000, 3500 feet. it will not be on friday. that kicks in at 4:00 today. there's advisories, winter weather advisory or wind to the north. this is shasta and the north american boarder. we have aways to go before it gets down here. it will be a couple of hours. the biggest concern would be the fog. this is the way it is looking back in. 50s on these temperatures, upper 40s, low 50s, and 48 by the concord pavillion. it's cold air, and this is settling in late tonight into friday. that can give us lower snow levels as well. and up to lake county. a possibility of those where
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you get brief showers and maybe hail. that won't be until tomorrow. we have a little bit of rain here, not a lot associated with this, maybe another one next wednesday, not big systems, but they're colder and that will give beneficial snow, at least below lake level, starting later on today and taking us into tomorrow. we have had some rain, but it's really kind of the lack of snow. but, they will get their fair share and we'll have the colder temperatures and we'll struggle for the highs in the next couple of days. 4:21, the second tallest building west of the mississippi, you'll get the san francisco's new sales force tower which is now open for business.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 4:24, if you use twitter, you'll find out if you were exposed to russian propaganda during the 2016 election. the company is developing a way to let users know if they were exposed to russian trolls during the election. they're working to fight disinformation and interference in the coming midterm elections. and five charter buses were
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carrying apple employees, the other bus was a google employee bus, the attacks occurred tuesday in both northbound and southbound traffic lanes, no one was hurt. the chp says it doesn't know if those windows were hit by rocks, a pellet gun or something else. apple employees may be getting big bonuses this year. bloomberg says apple plans to give them $2500 worth of stock as a bonus. they received a tax break because of the new tax law that was signed in december. apple will issue the stock units to employees around the world in the coming months. well, the warriors beat the chicago bulls 119 to 112, they tied a franchise record with a 14 straight road win, look at this, robert lopez drives, jordan bell, he's done, he fell
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awkwardly, and he left the game with a sprained ankle. he'll have an mri today. klay thompson though had a great night. he had seven 3 pointers and steph curry had 30 points. >> the long term phenomenal referee, lopez and steph curry steps up. there's another three. >> they make it look easy. next for the warriors they go to houston to plate rockets saturday night. the lakers hold the record with 16 straight road wins, they did that during the 1971, 1972 season. tuition at uc schools may be going up again. we'll tell you when the board of regents are expected to vote. and you can help dreams --
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they're looking to help dreams stay in the country -- dreamers stay in the country locally. >> traffic may become difficult, we'll let you know where it will be tough driving. fog is around and we'll tell you when the rain will get here, it's probably for the afternoon commute rather than the morning.
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today we're discussing the foreclosure crisis. tell us about your firm. >> we file lawsuits for mortgage related fraud and wrongful foreclosure. >> what do you mean by wrongful foreclosure. >> it's illegal to foreclose on someone in modification or review. this is a new law, it's called the homeowners bill of rights.
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>> give me another example of the homeowners bill of rights. our consultation is free. >> if you have questions, give the law firm a call. law firm a call. good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2, these are live pictures of san francisco. the sales force tower, obviously. it's rising above the fog, but you can see there is fog out there this morning. both steve and sal were talking about it earlier, if you wanted to see it, you got it right there, and the tower looks good too. welcome back to mornings on 2.
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i'm dave clark, pam will be here in a little bit. here are the top stories, no injuries or damage after a stronger than normal damage from an earthquake which was 4.2. it was from the geysers which has seismic activity. they're trying to vote on a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. they don't have enough votes possibly for the stopgap measure. they won't vote for it unless they come up with a solution for daca. some are holding out for daca. >> and federal officials have not given any information about the planned sweep in the area in the xt necouple of weeks. th according to if the san francisco chronicle. and


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