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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 27, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and i stand before you to announce my candidacy for the present united states. >> california senator kamala harris making it official with her bid for the white house. making the announcement in her hometown of oakland. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6 pm. thousands of people turned out to watch senator harris take the next step in her political career. good evening i am frank someville. here's more on what harris said and the reaction in the bay area. >> reporter: to a rousing plaus onto a stage .
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>> i stand announce my candidacy for president united states. >> reporter: harris continue to reinforce her connection to the east bay community. >> i am so proud to be a daughter of oakland, california. >> reporter: she touched on the friendship of her mother and current mayor libby schaaf. >> there is no question that she is the right candidate for this moment in american history. >> reporter: is a young district attorney i walked into the courtroom for the first time and said the 50 words that would guide my life's work. mal >> reporter: shortly into the speech he was challenged by a heckler.
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supporters quickly jumped in and drowned out her voice. 20,000 people arrived at the rally and the line was long. >> i think she is a really smart intelligent person that can really do it. >> she's going to make the changes do for this nation. >> reporter: she attacked what president donald trump's signature projects the border wall. >> on the subject of trans national games, the presidents medieval vanity project is not going to stop them. >> reporter: she was touting her programs low-level criminal programs. >> understand how she wants to do. and the ly black woman in the
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attorney's office was able to do. >> reporter: medicare for all, debt-free college, and universal health care for all. >> i'm running to fight for america where the democracy and institutions are protected against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> reporter: also in attendance was san francisco mayor. >> her speech was amazing, the energy was right, the message was on point. we clearly need a new leader, someone who cares about all people and bringing people together. >> reporter: she hasn't officially kicked off her campaign, but her official headquarters will be in baltimore. >> kamala harris en already crowded field for the
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run for the presidency. those who have announced exploratory committees listed on the screen. we have posted a transcript of senator harris is a speech on the white house made it clear today that president donald trump will allow another government shutdown or declare a national emergency if the deal is not made on border security. the clock is ticking and both sides have less than three weeks to reach an agreement. here's more from washington. >> reporter: this next month the government could be closed again. president donald trump has assigned a temporary funding bill to keep washington a business, but only until february 15. it's now up to a joint
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committee to hash out a deal on border security or face another shutdown. the president is almost certain to reject government funding unless it comes with funding for the wall. will the democrats agree to physical barrier? >> many democrats have come to us, some privately and some publicly that they are starting to agree on the necessity for a barrier on the southern border. >> reporter: they say the next three weeks could be a turning point for immigration. >> democrats will look at the entire approach. immigration reform, pathways forward. >> reporter: they believe the president would prefer to go around congress and build the wall instead of risking a unpopular shutdown >> shutdowns are not great of politics and their bad government. >> reporter: the committee will start working right away, some of the meetings taking place
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behind closed doors and out of the public eye. we learn that federal employees can expect to be paid for their two missed pay periods no later than this thursday january 31. two days after his arrest and that he is about to not flip on president donald trump former trump advisor roger stone indicated that he may be willing to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller. >> that's a question i would have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion. if there is wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that i know about, if there is i would testify honestly. seven counts his first court appearance is set for tuesday. police are searching for a
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driver that hit and killed a student at san francisco state last night. officers say was in the middle of a crosswalk in redondo beach when an suv hit her and kept on going. the car was described as an audi in a dark color. she was visiting her sister when she was killed. prosecutors say that 36- year-old, leah conner was behind the wheel and she had a bicyclist on january 2. investigators say that the teenage boy was dragged for four blocks before he was dislodged from the car, he is recovering from multiple surgeries. in seven cisco, police are investigating if at executive was the victim of a hoax. they responded to the home of instagram executive after
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getting a call about a shooting. after speaking with the homeowner and searching the property officers confirmed that there was no emergency. police are now incident and palo alto where police responded to a facebook employee on january 9? a former managing partner of the san francisco giants died today. peter magowan was the ceo of safeway for 15 years before he and investors bought the seven cisco giants in 1993. he is credited with signing barry bonds and keeping them from relocating to tampa bay, florida. he also helped a billed oracle part. he stepped down from his role with the team in 2008. he died today at his home in pacific heights run by family and friends. he was 76 years old. he knew about plans to induct him into the wall of fame next month and had prepared a speech for the event. work has started unwinding of four miles wretch of road in
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martinez. the project is expected to ease the traffic. it includes adding a third lane the east and westbound directions of highway 242. it also calls for replacing a bridge. the work is expected be done by 2021. the carpool lane will be extended a new safety lighting will be added. about 100,000 people travel on it daily. details are on twin bombings at a catholic church in the philippines that left a dozen people dead? a huge part of the country is in the grip of a polar vortex. with some places the -40 windchills. rain is back in the
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forecast, we had a good run of weather but things are changing this week. treachery is carrying the live broadcast of the musical 'rent'. the news will follow the airing of.
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isis is taking responsibility for a pair of bombings during services at a catholic church that killed 20 people in the philippines. the first bomb was detonated inside the church, the second bomb went off as first responders raced to the scene. here's more on the attack. >> reporter: 20 people are dead, and more than 100 injured after two bombs exploded at a church in the philippines.
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the blast happened early sunday at the cathedral on the island of jolo. a second iud exploded as first responders arrived. the philippines the secretary said that he has directed the army to rate the alert level. the filipina president said he will pursue today and zeroth the ruthless perpetrators behind the crime until every killer is brought to justice and put behind bars. the attack comes one week after the muslim minority in the philippines voted to support a referendum that would create a new autonomous muslim region. the philippines has fought extensively against islamic militants over the past few years. the attack comes after the u.s.
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state department issued a travel warning, warning of terrorism and bombings in the country. in the netherlands 9 people were pulled from a collapsed home. a gas explosion caused the home to collapse, it's unclear how may people were inside at the time. fire crews are sifting through the rubble looking for signs of life. a number of nearby homes word deemed unstable and evacuated. there was a solemn ceremony in poland to mark international holocaust a. former prisoners joined officials at the auschwitz concentration camp. some carried flowers and reads. international holocaust remembrance day happened in 1945. an outbreak of measles has to the government in washington
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to declare a state of emergency. there are 32 confirmed cases. saying that the outbreak is the extreme public health risk. most of the cases are in clark county near the border of oregon which has the lowest vaccination rates in the country. a suburban sacramento nurse is accused of selling 20,000 illegal opioid pills on the dark web. she could face charges of distribution and conspiracy. she sold the narcotics on pharmacy 41 and earned thousands of dollars. a federal affidavit said that a previous takedown led investigators to the suspect. she got the opioids from people who sell drugs. she is expected to be in court tomorrow. starting today it's going to cost you more to buy a stamp. the price went from $.50-$.55.
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that's a five cent increase. the postal service lost $3.8 billion last year. the 12th year in a row that they have reported a loss. a crowd gathered for the 16th annual white elephant sale. thousands of unusual items on display. the oakland museum collects donations all year and and sell them inside the larger warehouse. today was the previous sale. tickets were $18 to get inside. >> when the doors open today we were inside yelling for the countdown. we had volunteers waiting. the doors opened and everybody started cheering. it was very fun.
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>> the official sale happens the first weekend of march it is open and free to the public. they collect nearly $2 million for the museum during the three- day sale. the money funds exhibits, educational programs, and maintenance for collections. air quality officials have a spare the air alert for tomorrow. burning wood, or any other solid fuel indoors or outdoors is prohibited. it is expected that light winds and low temperatures will trap would smoke up close to the ground and contribute to poor air quality. the midwest is bracing for hit the region by wednesday. the polar vortex will bring the coldest temperatures in the years to the northern plains of the great lakes. the forecast is calling for windchills as low as -40 in many locations. before that cold the storm system is it makes y
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really lucky to live here. >> yes there was 69 in redwood city. that's like spring. >> it's amazing. that's why, so much to live here. the weather here is stunning. we do have rain coming back. we had a good dry run. tomorrow is another warm day as well. here is the leading edge of that polar vortex in minneapolis. the whole area in purple, it's -4 degrees in fargo. this is going to drop down to the mississippi valley and create some cold weather. these are the highs in our local area today. city at a 69. it was a very warm day. tomorrow will be almost as warm. more cloud cover makes it less warm. you can see the clouds coming in, they are rotating this way. you're looking at a high pressure system that has a clockwise flow.
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that is why it is a benny. it's a fair weather cloud system . very stable atmosphere. the clouds are just that. it'll filter that sunshine tomorrow and bring temperatures like today. redwood city still it is 66 degrees. for this time of night i think that's pretty warm. overnight lows will be chilly but not freezing. mid-30s and the coldest spots. tomorrow looks like today and the clouds are a precursor. there some activity that will impact us as we get into the week. we will see the rain. and i will show you the five day forecast coming up. these the forecast high for tomorrow. you can see plenty of upper 60s. and then the 5-day forecast. tomorrow will be a lot like today. a few more clouds on tuesday,
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wednesday a slight chance. and then he gets going with thursday through sunday. a wet weather pattern will visit us towards the end of the weekend. a chance for sprinkles on wednesday and thursday. but it's a very minor. the weather is changing back to a wintry pattern after a week of significantly wonderful weather. >> it really was amazing. just a beautiful. >> i have been enjoying it while it lasts. more on the passing of peter magowan. history made down under, sports is next. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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a few hundred people picked up will literate taker beach in san francisco using a high-tech tool. they used a nap to log and upload photos of all the trash that they collected on the beach. the data will be used to work with companies to find
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environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to reducing the letter. so far users of the app have picked up 1 million pieces of trash worldwide. joe is here with sports. some very sad news about a peter magowan. he literally was one of those people that kept the giants from leaving and going to tampa? >> if you're someone that enjoys watching baseball games you one debt of gratitude to peter magowan. he battled to keep the giants in san francisco and has died after a lengthy illness. 26 years ago they were all but sold in scented to same petersburg. he led a group to keep the team at candlestick park. he signed barry bonds and also got the stadium built. he is been ill for several years undergoing surgeries for prostate and liver cancer. peter magowan was 76 years old. two tennis heavyweights
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met at the australian open. one was clearly the better player. rafa against a djokovic. djokovic demonstrating the presence. nadal had a dropped ball that didn't go so well. djokovic takes the win. and a win in the french open would give him all of the grand slam titles. with 15 grand slam titles he's third all time. not quite the same vibe for the pro bowl game as there was a last weekend in the conference championship games. patrick wishes he was playing next sunday. not a lot of pass rushing or
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tackling. he was able to stand in and in the fourth quarter deshaun watson finds a ramsey and the asc takes a win 20-7. who keeps the pro bowl trophy after you win? the buffaloes on the road in colorado. brown has other ideas. she steals the pass and takes care of business at the other end. the bears were leading a big. they control things the whole way. a mess fights to follow the shot. the final 80-60. right in the middle of things as far as standing. meanwhile stanford went down to
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utah for the first conference of loss of the season. utah is a good team this year. we think about peter magowan takes you right back to that time. the giants were that close. >> i remember doing a talkback program with people at that time and they did not want to lose san francisco and they were trying to encourage any type of a local sale. and i was making the point to the people in st. petersburg. they said they're not understand this go. but they did. >> peter magowan was quite a guy. >> thank you for joining us. a programming note . trend three will be broadcasting the lives musical event'rent' at 8
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pm. you can watch 'rent' on the trend three from 8 pm to 11 pm and the 11:00 news will air on trend three following 'rent'. >> thank you for joining us. good night. ♪
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