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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 8, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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yeah, i would recommend it and i would come back with the group. >> better than disneyland? it seems like this is a good thing. tickets for the experience start at $20 per person. a plan is being developed right now to repair the richmond bridge. amazon ceo jeff basalt is accused -- how base owes its firing back at them. we examined the new netflix series and give you a look at my closet that before today did not spark joy. i am looking forward to that segment. we have to get to something here. it is friday, february 8, 2019. here is the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is open but repairs are needed after chunks of concrete
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fell from the upper deck to the lower deck. i know you drive that bridge. >> and the speed limit east is 50 miles an hour and i went a little faster. >> we were out all afternoon, the first chunk fell on a car at 10:30 am yesterday morning. and that car made it shut the bridge down for nine hours. some people were stuck on the bridge for more than an hour. >> he will be there in two hours and 21 minutes. it should not be that long. >> there is a lot of wear and tear on the bridge, with heavy loads and sometimes weather may come into it as well, but at this point, do not want us regulate too much. >> permanent repairs are still needed and that will happen this weekend with traffic on the bridge is lighter. >> i was going over it this morning. i do not know why i thought i
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would avoid chunks of concrete by speeding but i just wanted to get off that bridge as quick as possible because i knew all the repairs were not done yet. it was an hour and 15 minutes to get through san francisco. >> last night, it was a terrible commute, trying to get out of the bay bridge. people were using 37. >> traffic in the city itself was a mess. we have an update from federal investigators on this weeks of fiery gas pipeline explosion in san francisco when the safety board arrived at the scene, and we learn what they are looking at. >> reporter: this has been a crew keeping watch 24/7 on the area where the gas pipeline explosion happened and we know that ntsb investigators are sitting down to try to figure out what went wrong and the events that led up to the fire. we know that this team already got a preliminary look and they
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arrived just before 8:30 pm and we are giving them a tour of the damage caused by the gas line explosion. the focus on the investigation will be looking at evidence, everything from workhours of employees to training and personnel. pg&e set a four inch gas line ruptured on wednesday and we know verizon hired a contractor but it was a subcontractor in san francisco that struck the gas line. >> i have to say that we are very lucky this was not far, far worse. >> we have a couple broken windows and some really intense smoke smells. we have been lucky. hour upstairs neighbors had significant water damage. >> they wanted to see the damage and they understand the contractor did notify pg&e about the crews and how they
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could mark the pavement and the explosion happened wednesday afternoon at the corner of san francisco -- it burned for more than two hours. we understand the hong kong lounge has been yellow tagged and it is unclear how long the residence will be displaced. as you can see here, traffic is moving on geary boulevard but tucker avenue is still shut down. if you are trying to get across, we understand that most gas and electricity has been restored by pg&e to residents in this area. in san francisco, christina, ktvu fox 2 news. a threat from a judge, they are respecting its entire electrical grid. the company is using drugs and helicopters to inspect powerlines. this comes after a federal judge threatened to impose a mandate that pg&e inspect all
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106,000 miles of its power lines. they have to remove trees that could fall onto those lines during fires or in high wind events. they have been linked to several wildfires in california and the judge also cited the company's history of fabricating inspection reports. a ruling is expected soon. cal fire says if pg does not have to remove all trees. the chronicle says that fire officials told the judge overseeing pg&e's probation -- they say that state law requires utilities to remove all tree limbs in case they topple onto a power line but do not mandate removal of all overhanging trees or limbs as the judge contended. hellfire said the provision applies to trees that have been weakened by decay or disease and any other trees that are leaning towards a power line if they fall on it. it is going to be raining later today according to stephen that means that we are going to see some rain when? >> in the next couple of hours, and into the afternoon commute. for the morning, we did all
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rights with cloudy skies but the rain is moving out. here we are as far as the percent of normal. there is much more on rain. i do not see it changing anytime soon. we are close to 100% for some. again on sunday, maybe even on monday and tuesday, but these are bigger snow producers. hour system is getting very close. we had a lot of cloud cover this morning and very cool temperatures in the 30s and 40s and we will be slow to recover. we have a very light. the main system is just getting closer to the marine coast and that is reporting light rain. inland locations might -- you might get a half-inch to three quarters of an inch and it is quite in the sierra mountains. the winter storm warnings start at four clock today and goes through monday morning. the cold air system will be with the sunday system, where
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we could get if there is not available moisture by sunday evening snow down to 1000 feet but there will be a lot of snow down to 2500 feet over the weekend. 40s, 50s on our temperatures and i think some upper 40s to low 50s on the highs. there is too much cold air and cloud cover with rain developing and that is going to move in late morning and early afternoon take us into late tonight. there will be a break on saturday but i still think there will be some rain and a fast-moving gold system will move in here saturday night and sunday and you will feel it. there will be some one-inch amounts for just about everybody or at least close to it. it looks positive for rain but it will be a big snow producer in the mountains. 40s and 50s on your times and it looks like this will go for at least 10 days, maybe even longer. a lot of snow in the mountains. we are ready. happening now, the acting attorney general matthew whitaker is appearing for the house judiciary committee to answer questions about the special counsel's russia investigation. in testimony, whitaker said he has not interfered in any way in the special counsel investigation.
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he also said he is not talking to president donald trump or senior white house officials about the investigation. edgar has been supervising mueller's investigation. jeff bezos is accusing the parent company of the national enquirer of extortion and blackmail. his representatives received emails from executive at the publishing company. >> amazon ceo jeff bezos putting the national enquirer in the spotlight accusing the tabloid of lack mailing and extorting him. he says that the inquirer threatened to publish photos of him and his girlfriend if he did not and an investigation into the company and its alleged political ties. last month, the national enquirer released intimate texts between jeff bezos and sanchez. then he hired private investigators to find out how he got them. that is what he said the media company told him to back off or have his personal photos published. thursday, on the online
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platform, he released a series of letters exchanged with american media inc. or ami, the parent company of the national enquirer. part of the post says in the ami letters, i am making public, you will see the precise details of their extortion proposal. they will publish a personal photo unless i make specific pools statement that we have no knowledge or basis for suggesting that amis coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces. he ended his post by saying quote i will not participate in a well-known practice of blackmail and corruption. i prefer to stand up and will this log over and see what crawls out. >> in a statement, amis said it acted lawfully and was engaged in good faith negotiations with jeff bezos but the company said the board of directors met and determined it should promptly
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and thoroughly investigate jeff bezos's allegations. he had opposed and they said the ami did the same thing to him. he threatened to blackmail him after he wrote stories on the national enquirer's arrangements with president donald trump before the election. he did not engage with the blackmail because he does not quote cut deals. former associated press editor ted said that he had been warned explicitly by insiders that ami had hired david investigators to dig up dirt on journalists. coming up, a new million dollars gone in 20 minutes. we tell you how a man allegedly drained a bank account with just a cell phone. how much time are children spending on their phones and not actually talking to their parents?
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another 1% loss for the dow and there is unrest about trade with china, which is important with a couple early deadlines here but the nasdaq and the s&p are also down about the same. a large vehicle recall is underway because of potentially defective airbag inflators. the recall covers 1.7 million vehicles with airbag inflators made by takata corporation in japan and includes a subaru, tesla, bmw, volkswagen, mercedes, and ferrari. it could hurl shrapnel or into drivers and passengers and 23 people have died from the problem worldwide and hundreds more have been injured. thousands of california drivers who paid to renew their licenses have been left in limbo as the dmv admits to have a computer issue. the agencies that notices to california drivers informing them they could renew their
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licenses 150 days before the expiration date but the dmv's technology only accepts payments 115 days before a license expires. now thousands of people who paid to renew are left without a valid license. lawmakers say the problem will persist as long as the dmv uses outdated technology. >> the big concern here is we have i think a lot of california drivers who are making a very tough choice today, whether to drive without a license, through no fault of their own, or figure out another way of getting around. >> the dmv said it would add fix the problem. they are being audited by the state department of finance. children are spending twice as much time on smart phones and other gadgets compared to times when talking with family members. >> they surveyed 2000 families below the age of 14 and found out on average teenagers are spending three hours and 18 minutes every day on personal
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devices. by contrast, they were spending an hour and 43 minutes a day engaged in conversations with members of their family. that is about half the time they spend on screen. it also found about half of all the parents worry their children are missing out by his pending too much time isolated with their devices. >> you have to have a conversation with your family, right? put the phones down if you can. >> i have to be a better role model because sometimes i have to admit i am looking at the phone. >> they are watching you. >> if parents do it, then -- coming up, they look at california police agencies and how they are challenging the new law that requires police misconduct records to be made public. public safety relies on trust between law enforcement and the community they serve. >> how police agencies responded to requests.
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why this workout has a special meeting.
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they are funded by the public and they serve the public. what is it they are trying to hide from the public? >> a fight over transparency for decades all police personnel records in california have been private but now a new law requires them police records be released. >> there is a debate over whether misconduct cases before this year should also be disclosed. they found many departments are blocking the release still and they are taking that issue to court. >> it is one of the least transparent things because police misconduct files have long been kept under wraps. our teen has been filing record requests for the past month to check up on department's internal affairs and we were surprised to find some departments refused to comply
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with the new law. it is a job that is unpredictable. >> keep your hands up. hey, keep her hands up. >> involving choices and decision-making. >> stopped. stop. put your hands up. >> why, dude? >> no one says you have a gun. >> reporter: for 40 years, police officers conduct in california has been hidden from public view. >> put your hands up. >> until now. >> put your hands up. >> besides dashcam video and body cameras, new law requires them police misconduct records be released. >> it does something about the transparency we have been asking for >> it is become a mission for this uncle of oscar grant, who  was go by police officer at the bart station in 2009 but understanding the officer's actions was unclear until trial, like in most cases, details of the cop's conduct
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and history were secret. >> all this is tonight a family, which keeps the family in a six state of pain, of not knowing what happened to their loved ones. it is part of the healing process, that families can get by knowing. >> is a site for records that has failed three times in the past decade at the state capital until senator nancy skinner wrote a bill in more narrow and specific terms. >> i want all the records of to be disclosed as intended. >> the right to know law effective this year requires police departments to release some personal records, specifically an officer line, engaging in sexual inappropriate behavior, or using force causing injury or death. >> why is it important to have these records be made public? >> because good public safety relies on trust between law enforcement and the community they serve.
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>> the police community has mixed feelings. we asked for the last five years worth of potential police misconduct files and these eight departments responded quickly, though berkeley mountain view said over that time there were no cases. a dozen departments including oakland and san jose said they needed more time in san francisco even responded saying it would be burdensome and time- consuming but nearly another dozen departments across california are fighting to block records prior to 2019 from ever being released. >> unless the legislation says it is intended to be retroactive, it is not. it is prospective only. >> this attorneys representing many departments in court and he says the law is clear, no police personnel records before january 1 should be made public. >> what we are concerned about is the media, the public, may not be able to gather the totality of the information
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that they should if they get simply documents about a case that is dated and the proper follow-up cannot be done. that is certainly a danger. >> reporter: officers believe the records about incidents were confidential and should stay that way. >> if we get judges throughout this process who are truly committed to following the law, i am confident that we will prevail in this argument. >> i say to them, what are you hiding? >> this retired judge says there is a double standard because it judges, doctors, and lawyers have been open for decades and she says that knowing an officer's talk record is critical for any department. >> any system that is shrouded in secrecy, shrouded in confidentiality, is right for
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corruption. >> it raises questions about potentially dirty cops going under the radar, like golden state killer suspect joseph d'angelo, who worked at two small-town police departments and now decades later accused of more than a dozen murders, 45 and wondered burglaries in the 1970s and 80s. he has been proven to conducted these end we have caught him earlier? the only way we could've ever known is if those records were disclosed. >> so far, they disclose the names of officers in this 2017 fatal shooting on interstate 80. another high profile shooting at the shopping center, they also fired someone for lying before reports are being reviewed and redacted. >> stop resisting. >> they fired two officers for fabricating police reports and in fremont there have been 10 officer involved shootings and records and still are not ready in recent roundtables, several
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bay area police chiefs had some reservations. >> it is definitely a change. >> should it be retroactive? >> it does cause some concerns. >> the biggest concerns they say, time, effort, and cost. they believe that we would be charging more than $3000 for city employees to redact audio, video, and documents and the city of englewood reportedly began destroying documents to avoid their release. >> that, to me, is outrageous and i am hoping someone can find a way to stop this kind of activity and second those who have destroyed records should be held accountable or should be punished for doing this. >> after all, accountability is part of the reason for this law. already, we found a handful of officers fired for lying or sexual misconduct while many departments launched their own internal investigations, transparency advocates say the right to know keeps police from
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simply policing themselves. >> this disclosure is completely appropriate, completely reasonable, and i believe it will be upheld. >> as the law takes on the new law in what has become a legal showdown. police unions will be in court today and they are arguing this law should not be retroactive and other cities like antioch, concord, and walnut creek are waiting for the outcome of that case before anything is released. you can look up your local police department. we have a map attached to the story at and we will keep updating the map as more bauer records are fulfilled. what you think the chances are for the unions in court? >> no matter who wins on this, the aclu tells us that chances are you are going to appeal and it will go up to the next set of courts and this could go all the way up to the supreme
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court. >> i saw the lawyer saying they do not want facts released without the public being able to get, you know, other information to make it all clear. what is he talking about? >> he thinks that because those cases were sealed and private back then that they should remain that way because now that years have passed, maybe memories have faded, dredging all that up may be a problem. but the other side of that is we as the public should have a right to know what is going on in our community and the officers who are propelling hour neighborhoods. >> we see countless agencies in the bay area with body cam videos and dispatch tapes. >> when you talk about these records or body camera video or audio, the big challenge is being able to have the software necessary to redact personal information if there are witnesses and other things and
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gilroy got back yesterday and told us that there are software searches to be able to do that reduction process faster because it takes a lot of manpower to be able to do it. >> and they need money to pay for all of this. if you have a tip to investigate, they want to hear from you. call the tip line at the number on the screen. you can also email us. coming up in a moment on mornings, the richmond bridge is open this morning. emergency repairs happened after chunks of concrete fell from the upper deck to the lower deck. it is not just humans who need to kind of roll up their sleeves. we tell you what is being done to increase blood donations from dogs. on this state progra. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit we are continuing to monitor the developing story with a picture from the city of
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campbell outside of a denny's restaurant. you can see the road in front is blocked off with plenty of police activity. 30 minutes ago, officers had their guns drawn and were walking around that denny's. this started around 5:30 am when someone with a gun walked into the denny's, pointed that weapon at employees and sat down at a table. we are being told all the employees and customers inside left immediately and sent police , who are making contact with the man inside that denny's. we do not know if contact has been made and they are talking to this individual or if they are trying to reach him but some sort of negotiation hopefully to get the police and the man inside with that gun talking, to get him out and and the situation peacefully as him as we get more information about this developing situation, this developing story in the city of campbell, we will bring it to you. this is the kind of weather that is forcing a change of
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plans in the bay area. >> if you are going to the mountains, no doubt about it. no much from the system but the one sunday looks very cold and we could get some snow levels out of that if there is enough moisture. there is a lot of cloud cover, and as we head towards the morning hours and the afternoon and evening, the rain will pick up. there has been a little bit with santa cruz, moving again down there and the peninsula, inching closer to sonoma and marin coast. this is going north. there could be thunderstorms within that as well. i would not be surprised at all. you get this dynamic system but the winter storm warning start at 4:00 and goes until 6 am monday and there will be a lot of snow. this is a snow event pattern, more than it is rain. it does not mean that we will not get rain but they are getting more snow. it would be better to travel right now because the time you get to tonight and into saturday night and sunday, it could be really tough as the snow level comes way down and could get to 1000 feet.
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the key will be if there's enough moisture. the cold air will be here by sunday night into monday. 40s on the temperatures to an isolated 50 or so but most of us are in the 40s with the cloud cover and the rain coming in. a lot of highs will be very cool, with 10 or 12 degrees below average and with upper 40s instead of near 59 or 60. the rain is getting closer but is not here yet. it is very light and a very cold system is on the way. that will move in on saturday night into sunday and then that will lower snow levels big time. clouds are increasing and then the rain picks up and cool temperatures will take us into the weekend with bob and on rain and snow levels by sunday. we are not very warm in the pattern is going to stay cool for a while. it is all the way until early next week. thank you, you can download our free weather app from apple and google play stores. we have hourly updates and the seven day forecast. a can upload your weather photos and pictures.
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the bridge is open this morning after being closed in both directions for most of yesterday afternoon because chunks of concrete fell from the upper deck. they say what it is like out there now. >> traffic on the richmond-san rafael bridge is in good shape this morning. no problems to tell you about and all lanes are open in both directions. the big change compared to yesterday, the bridge was closed for nine hours because of some problems with falling concrete. they say this bridge is safe and structurally sound but it is about 60 years old and concrete canyon road and that is apparently what happened yesterday when a piece of concrete from the upper deck fell onto a moving vehicle on the lower deck. the driver was not hurt. they found other pieces of concrete that had fallen and some chunks were as large as a football. as a precaution, they closed the bridge to do some temporary repairs. from 11:00 until 8:00, the richmond san rafael bridge was
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closed for much of that time. they did have one might open but it was still a difficult evening commute for some drivers. >> i would rather go around. it is pretty bad. it is barely moving. >> it took two hours and 21 minutes. welcome to danville. it should not be that long. >> they patched up the road in concrete with metal plates but the plan is to make more permanent repairs to the richmond san rafael bridge this weekend. we did hear back from a spokesperson and they are working on releasing some of the details about what that permanent fix may look like and how long it will take. we will check in with them. there are several other headlines we have been working on this friday. let's go to dave park in the newsroom. >> era some of the top stories. federal investigators with the national trepidation safety
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board are in san francisco, expected to give us an update today on the gas line fire and explosion in san francisco. an eight person team arrived last night at the scene to start investigating that natural gas explosion and it sent flames in the air wednesday afternoon and damaged five buildings. pg&e says a private contractor broke a four inch gas line while using a hose. they are mourning the death of america's longest serving u.s. congressman. michigan democrat john dingell died at the age of 92. congressman john dingell served years in congress and was sworn in 1955, taking over the sea that his father held for more than two decades. john dingell served under 11 presidents from eisenhower to obama. his wife debbie was elected in 2014 to fill his congressional seat. as we are speaking to you now, the acting attorney general matthew whitaker is testifying before the house judiciary committee.
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he is already testifying that he has not interfered in any way in the russia investigation of special counsel robert mueller. he says he has not talked to president donald trump or senior white house officials about the russia investigation. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. happening today, students are planning a sick out to support their teachers. they marched to the school district on broadway. teachers have been working without a contract for more than a year and a half and by the end of next week, an independent fact- finding report show that they could strike after that. >> frank robinson is being remembered after he died yesterday from bone cancer. he broke barriers as a major- league baseball player and was the first african-american manager in major league baseball. he also grew up in the bay area and attended high school in west oakland.
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he played for the cincinnati reds for baltimore, the orioles, the dodgers, the angels, and the indians. he is the only one to be named mvp in the national and american league. hall of famer joe morgan had this to say about robinson. >> one of the great things for me as an african american ballplayer as i got a chance to play for an african-american manager, frank robinson. it was in san francisco in 1981 and 1982. i had a chance to play for him and we struck up a friendship from that moment on and until today. >> robinson was inducted in the baseball hall of fame in 1982 and he was also at the white house or the presidential medal of freedom in 2005. he was 83 years old. they found a record number of guns at airports in 2018. they found more than 4200 guns and carry-on bags and at checkpoints. that was about 11 guns each
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day. the tsa says more than 86% of those guns were loaded and that is also a record. 10 years ago in 2009, 976 guns were found in airports that one year according to the tsa. wells fargo is apologizing for problems that affected customers across the country and the company says all of its atm services have been restored. yesterday, a nationwide outage led to the cards being declined and gave people problems online. the branch in san jose posted signs, warning customers that the transactions may be delayed. one man said he was not able to get checks from the branch to pay his employees. >> it is very inconvenient and scary. i mean, we have technology to help us one hour daily lives and stuff like this happens, especially in finance, and it is frustrating. >> wells fargo said any fees incurred because of technical issues will be reversed. a man from new york is charged with draining bank accounts by taking over their phones. it is the high-tech scam known
9:39 am
as sim swapping. they say a hacker pretended to be him and convinced an at&t employee to change as sim number to that of the suspects. they then changed his passwords to cover his digital bank account and within 20 minutes, withdrew $1 million. >> for days and days, i woke up and was in disbelief. i could not sleep for days and weeks. >> the sheriff's computer crime task force identify this man, 21-year-old nicholas, as a suspect and they arrested him in new york and he has collected court documents and suspect. he runs -- he runs this foundation, a resource for other victims who have had the same thing happen to them. out of alameda, schools are currently telling people to shelter in place. this is because of some type of assault on a student at island high school.
9:40 am
the alameda school district says students and staff at all the other schools are safe but police are on the scene at highland high conducting their investigation. they have not said how badly the student was heard. hour newsroom is working on the story and we will update you as soon as we gather some new information. coming up, transparency in the pharmaceutical injury, how a major company has one of the top concerns about prescription medicine. is your closet a mess or maybe your desk needs tidying? we will talk with a certified expert called spark joy to cleaning up. [phone ringing]
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welcome back, tidying away
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his sweeping across the country thanks to the netflix siri tidying up. he is a japanese organizing consultant and helps people tidy up with a method that discards items you do not really love and rely on an end with rearranging what you do keep in a way that makes it easy to maintain your new tidy home. i tried this with my very own closet. take a look at the before. this is horrifying, clothes and shoes everywhere, ducked into every nook and cranny. now take a look at the during. i took everything in the closet out and put it on the bed and the floor. take a look now at the after. this closet brings me joy every time i open the door. and it also brings me joy to welcome jane, thank you for being here. you are the founder of spark joy bay area. >> i am, thank you. >> we need to tackle this, spark joy, what does that mean? >> it is the feeling that you get when you hold something in
9:44 am
your hands or to your heart and it makes you feel uplifted, rather than something that makes you feel down. spark joy is a way of identifying what really truly speaks to your heart. >> it weeds out we should keep and get rid of. first, why do you think marie and her method is so popular in this country? >> in the u.s. now, and the whole world, there is a lot of clutter in people's hearts and in people's minds, there is so much going on. we are too busy and this is a way to address the things in your home and in your immediate surroundings. >> i feel like i have some control. folding is a big part in this. you are an expert. let's start with the shirt because there is an actual method that prevents it from looking like this one it is in your closet. >> first of all, you have it faceup towards you, you will protect the heart of your clothing and you use the power
9:45 am
and the love in your hands to infuse the shirt and get the wrinkles out -- >> you have to make it into a rectangle? >> first you do one arm -- you do one arm and then put it two thirds over because you always want to get to the rectangle and then you bring this part over and then you fold it over. think origami instead of sushi. >> that is easy. >> you will have straighter edges that way. bring it short of the half, this and, and then it is a perfect little package that you can stack neatly in a drawer. >> everything is neat and tidy but do americans consume differently than the japanese? i feel like there is a tidal wave of stuff coming to my house every day. >> i think americans consume a lot more because we have larger
9:46 am
homes and we have garages and there are no garages in japan, where you can store things, and when people read this book and did this method, they definitely shop differently and consume less. >> right. >> we have to. if you want to show the during picture of my closet again, i was horrified to find that i had so much stuff and i thought i was a conscientious consumer and did not have that many things but when i took it all out and put it on the bed and i saw heaps of clothing and shoes and dresses, i was mortified. we need to stand that i before it comes into the house. >> gathering everything together is a really important part of the method because you can say oh my gosh, how did i get so many shoes or how did it get so much an hour closets are really good at hiding things. >> aren't they? >> it is really awesome. >> it is like cleaning up. >> he said his work suits do not spark joy and i said, okay, you have a great response to
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that. >> i do. if his uniform, his nice to study where's at work, afford him a lifestyle being able to live in the bay area, have a dream job, provide for his family, and you can were -- how did you know? >> there on my desk, ready to go? >> the minute that the show was over, he is in those shirts. >> mom and dad can do it but it is the little ones who are reluctant to give away their things. my little boys, they really have to do it themselves. >> they do, as early as three years old we feel like you can make decisions on what sparks joy for you. you can tell when your children are playing with things, what they are ravaging towards and what they are not, and as they get older, it is awesome that they have learned how to judge and trust their own feelings
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about things and as a parent, it is great to steer them and model that. >> what i loved about the original book in 2014 is that it was a do-it-yourself project. i did my closet on my own time and it did not cost me a dime but for those that need professional help, can you give me a sketch of what that looks like? >> some people need an accountability person for going to the gym and this is not like that. a lot of people call easy help through the process. we do an initial conflictã consultation and i work with them through the ideal lifestyle and the five categories, sometimes they choose to do a category on their own. i feel like i have them on my own. >> if we need your help, then i come and support and guide them. >> i read it can cost thousands of dollars and take months of time but -- >> i will stick with the diy method. i have already begun on my process. thank you for joining me. >> it is a pleasure. >> it is an honor to be here with you.
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we will put the segment on the website. we also have two important websites and you can learn more by going to under the morning front 2 tab and also on the mobile app. coming up on mornings on 2, the local movie theater wants people to feel like they are in the action. he will tell you about a new experience in the south bay. if you like to communicate without words, we will show you new emojis.
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you're listening to the song -- it was from -- he won grammy two years ago and he has been nominated again for best contemporary blues album. >> we will see who will take him all those grammys this sunday. ktvu will break down the nominations. >> honoring the best in music, the 51st grammy words has rap and hip-hop leading the way. they have a total of eight nominations. that includes seven for his work on the black panther soundtrack. drake won seven nods and randy carlyle has five. >> the grammys are reflecting
9:53 am
diversity this year. >> eligibility period for music is october 20 17th through september 2018 and these days more artists can make the cut as the recording academy has expanded categories to eight honorees. >> i would expect kendrick lamar will win a few rewards. he has won many in the past and he is never one album of the year. so i think that is going to get a big look. >> always one to watch is at best new artist. >> one thing about that is there is really no shoo-in. you could say it is probably the front runner on the basis of the hit singles she had for herself and as a featured artist on other people's records , but there could also go to a dark course, like chloe, this sister duet, and they just saying in the super bowl.
9:54 am
>> and lady gaga and bradley cooper could be big winners with the song shallow from a star is born, nominated in both record and song categories. ashley, fox news. johnson & johnson will -- this becomes the first company to respond to a call to lawmakers to be more transparent in tv ads about prescription drugs. johnson & johnson says it will include the list price of a product as well as typical out- of-pocket costs. congress has been holding hearings about rising drug prices and they have proposed them to list prices in tv ads. a new bill would radically revamp california's animal blood bank industry. the bill that allows donations from pet owners who bring their dog into donate blood rather
9:55 am
than dogs in closed colonies. god blood is in high demand because the dogs often require blood for surgeries after injuries. >> a theater in the south bay is trying new things to bring in business. sentry 20 oak ridge and san jose will offer a virtual reality experience. you are thrown into the middle of the videogame based on the terminator movies. platforms move along with heaters, fans, and all that kind of stuff, to enhance the vr attraction. the company behind the concept is looking to provide a one-of- a-kind experience at movie theaters. >> with our experience, we make you the star. you can see a movie and you can become the movie. it is all about you and your friends or family. >> i think it is better than disneyland and it is better than legoland. >> i was blown away. the graphics and you being immersed in that environment,
9:56 am
yeah, i would recommend it and come back to the group. >> that his major prompts. they said it was better than disneyland. tickets start at $20 per person. >> a police officer answers the call to never forget his fallen colleagues. take a look at officer nick, doing push-ups in the snow, part of social media challenges to honor officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice. officer nick did many to pay tribute to the 15 police officers and three canines killed in the line of duty this year. 59 new emojis are coming out and they emphasize inclusion. >> they include interracial couples holding hands, someone who was blind, someone who is deaf and signing and also in a g that shows a new yawning face, wheelchair, and also a one piece swimsuit. there is also a service dog, a skunk, and in order. they say this latest update continues a trend toward
9:57 am
greater emoji diversity. it should be out in september or october. do you use emojis much? >> i think my top two are the plain red heart and the american flag. >> nice. >> they need to make a slow traffic one. >> i am sure there is a traffic signal. there has to be. we will investigate. do not forget, we have a festival at the ballpark. rain or shine, have a great weekend, everyone. >> oh, my goodness. i feel good about what i am wearing. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan
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