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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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unique speaker perspective on what you can expect. the front yard filled with mannequins. the neighborhood feud that led to this very unusual display. good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is wednesday, march 20th. >> and pam has the day off. and steve does not. >> no. >> he has been busy in the weather center watching this rain. >> and it is back. >> it is back. >> we have the systems here over the next couple of weeks. so this system has been okay in the rain department. about a hah inch for some, but it is all about the santa cruz mountains. but it is beginning to make a move north and east now. boulder creek is just shy of an inch of rain. and felton, 2/3, and scott valley, a half of an inch of rain. pretty good rain in san francisco as well. officially 4.6. kentfield, .43.
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pet hall of fama, a third, oakland, a third, sfo, a quarter of an inch. san jose, and not bad. a quarter of an inch to an inch. we'll take that. and not too heavy. it is lifting northward now. so this will be a morning event and then it will taper off. cooler. the breeze has picked up as well. starting to lighten up, santa cruz mountains on the coast there. beginning to move more towards the coast and napa county, it looks like it is wrapping back in. a pretty good little breeze for some out of the south. i think low 50s will cover it so rain this morning, tapering off. we get a break tomorrow. that will be here for friday. 60s mainly. and sal is here now to tell you about the traffic which is doing? >> it is flooded out there in some spots, steve. we're going to start in san francisco along northbound 101 at the 80 split. it is flooded and that ramp takes you to the central freeway or octavia street. you can't do that right now and that is making a big impact on
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the traffic of northbound 101. it is backing up a lot earlier than it normally would be. westbound 80. it could be a little slowing bus of the rubber necker effect although i'm not really sure that is a big deal. we're going to watch it for you for sure. you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive through the area. again, that is going to be a problem right there. at the bay bridge, it is backed up already. even the car pool lanes are getting slow traffic here no major issues driving into san francisco. today we're also looking at the altamonte pass. remember we had the bad day yesterday. today is a lot more like normal which is to say it is slow. 6:02. let's go back to the desk. >> get ready. we have rain again. after several days of sunshine and clear skies and the rain moves in just in time for the first day of spring. ktvu is in the sot bay right now to -- south bay right now to tell us how the rain is affecting the commute and the road conditions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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dave. we thought we would give viewer as unique perspective ton road conditions. i'm in the car right now. we are driving on 17 northbound in the south bay right now. we actually have a camera that is facing the road so you can kind of take a look at that and see what we're dealing with right now. it is raining but not too bad. not as bad as it was just about an hour ago and the cars are moving fairly slowly that is definitely the good news. we always want cars to drive slowly and carefully. we have heard of a handful of accidents across the bay area. it is really something that officers warn drivers about every time it rains. go slow, especially now when the sun is not up yet. the rain is expected to taper off later this morning, but there is still a chance of showers in some areas lingering into the evening. we may have a break from the rain tomorrow, but it is expected to return on friday. but for now, back out here live, it is raining right now,
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like i said, we're on 17 gort r northbound in the south bay, just driving around, trying to give our viewer as first-hand look at the commute. when you get in your car this morning, just remember that the roads are, of course, very slick. we have been very spoiled the last couple of days with beautiful temperatures. of course, it has been very, very nice, but the rain has arrived just in time for spring. so just be careful ton roads this morning. in the south bay, ktvu fox 2 news. >> great advice. just take that little extra time this morning. there is more evidence that the former vice president joe biden intends to join that crowded field of democrats to run for president in 2020. "the wall street journal" has reported biden has reached out to a half dozen supporters and told them he plans to run for president and asked their help in raising money. biden has indicated that he is close to entering the race, but he has not announced any final decision just yet. our time is now 6:04 this
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morning. the oakland police are busy investigating two separate shootings, one of them was deadly. the police say one man died. he was shot about 6:30 last night on 16th street near seminary avenue no one else was hurt a second shooting happened about 10:00 last night at 26th avenue and foothill boulevard. two men were shot. they were taken to the hospital. at least one of them is in critical condition. oakland police are searching for suspects in both of those shootings this morning. in the meantime, the police in fairfield are investigating a shooting that left a man severely injured. it happened just after 4:30 at the heritage park shopping center object north texas street. a police officer was nearby and found the victim in the parking lot. the investigators say witnesses have been coming forward with information, but so far no arrests have been made. happening today, thousands of research and tech scale worker's at all 15 u.c. campuses and medical centers are going to hold a one-day strike. the workers manage class in
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technology, run clinical trials and care for research animals. the union says they have been negotiating with the university for almost two years and have not been able to reach an agreement on pay, health care premiums and terms of retirement. the biggest rally is expected to be at ucla and that is where the presidential candidate bernie sanders scheduled to speak. the university is urging the union to return to the negotiation table. time is 6:06. u.c. berkeley's black student union will hold a protest over charges today over two students earlier this month. the two students were arrested after one admitted she was carrying a stun gun for nighttime safety protection. when an officer reached for the stun gun, the struggle broke out between the officer and the woman, and the black student union says both students were cited and released, but neither student was read their rights during the arrest. supporters of a man shot and killed by police are planning to continue protesting at city hall every month.
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>> stop police brutality! >> family and friends of augustine gonzalez demonstrated last night at the city council hearing. they were demanding an outside agency investigate the deadly shooting last november and they want the two officer whose opened fire to be taken off the job. >> why are we coming here? we're not really doing anything, buff if i stop, they win, and that is one thing i won't do. i won't stop until my son gets justice. >> last month the police released body cam video of the incident. the officers responded to a disturbance call and they say they found gonzalez making slashing motions with what appeared to be a knife. it turned out to be a razor layed. and gonzalez's mother said he suffered from depression and said officers should have used deescalation tactics. the police shot and killed him of eight seconds from one officer getting out of the car. the official investigation
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could take one year to complete. it is recommended that the city hire more emergency dispatchers to hand the booming number of 911 calls. the regulators ruled that in 2017 about 80% of emergency calls were answered within 15 seconds. and that number is now at more than 90%, but it is still under the state requirement of 95%. the audit found that the overtime of dispatchers has tripled in the last 10 years with growing populations and also more cell phone calls. the council wants to add more positions to its still budget. the pay range is about 62,000 to $75,000. one of san francisco's famed cable cars just barely missed plow ing into a five- vehicle crash that had already fived five people. that accident happened yesterday afternoon. sheer a look at the scene. this is at hydeened bay street which is are two blocks from fisherman's wharf.
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the operator had to pull the emergency brake just the avoid hitting those cars. one of the five people injured is said to be in critical condition and service was shut down for several hours. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. time is 6:079. the san francisco mta is considering getting rid of regular traffic on certain streets. according to the chronicle, the board of directors want as study to find out which city streets could become muni only. the car-free street designs wouldn't just benefit muni, it would lead to more safety for those who walk or ride bikes. the idea was brought up at the board's regular meeting yesterday after more than an hour of public comments calling on transit officials to make the streets safer. a home owner in santa rosa is using naked mannequins as part of his protest in a neighborhood dispute. he put the naked mannequins in front of his yard and it appears they were all at a bit of a tea party. he originally built a tall
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fence in his yard to fence in his dogs, but a neighbor complained to the city and the city said that fence is just too high. so in a show of defiance, he shortened his fence, and then displayed the mannequins. he own as moving company and found the mannequins left behind at a clothing store. >> i put it up because as a statement to the neighbor that he reported me to code enforcement. i was not expecting. this 50 people stopping and telling me how great it is. >> he does not know which neighbor reported him to the city code enforcement department and now with all of this attention, he doesn't actually believe the neighborhood will -- neighbor will come forward. >> we may never know. san francisco may been the sell of e-cigarettes. we'll take a look at a proposal and how san francisco-based juul is reacting. and the a's regular season has started 5,000 miles away
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from home. the local crowds that showed up at 2:00 in the morning to cheer on the a's as the team plays in japan. and we have already had a lot of crashes because of people driving perhaps too fast. some sort of reason that we have more accidents than usual. we'll let you know, coming up. well, our stretch of dry weather went nine days above average temperatures. that has all ended. rain has moved back in. this is the first of what could be many systems. we'll take a look at the rain totals, coming up! we're all busy.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening now, some bleary- eyed a's fans just watched the a's lose to the seattle mariners in japan 9-7. >> let's go! >> yeah, these fans either stayed up all night or they got up real early. they want to oakland to watch the game which just ended just 15 minutes ago. the game started at 6:35 at night japan time or that is 2:35 in the morning our time. >> we separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls in terms of who is a die hard. if you're here tonight, and it is raining, and i was even prepared. i brought my jacket to be out in the rain if i had to be. it is the first game of the year, and i wouldn't miss it for anything. >> die hard fans. the a's and the mariners played each other in the first of two
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regular season games in tokyo promoting major league baseball in japan. now, the giants and other major league teams will open their seasons next thursday. the board of supervisors has approved a lease agreement that would keep the oakland raiders at the coliseum for at least one more year. the board vote yesterday follow as unanimous vote by the commissioners on friday the approve the lease agreement. the final hurdle will come tomorrow when the oakland city council votes on it. the lease agreement calls for them to pay $7.5 million in rent. they are scheduled to move to las vegas next season. the marin county school district with a controversial name is still going by its original name this morning. the word of the dixie school district decided not to make an immediate change even though that is what a lot of the people who went to last night's board meeting expected. supporters of the name change want dixie to be dropped because it refers to the south during the civil war era of
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slavery. >> every child in this district is watching and learning from you. this african-american pain is less urge i want and less important. >> the two names that you have before you tonight, they meet every single one of the criteria. >> the two names being considered last night were so journaller truth elementary school district and live oak valley elementary school district. there were more than 10 other suggestions that have been considered at an earlier board meeting. hour, the dixie trust employees say they don't want to do this by petition, they want a collaboration. the board says it hopes to have a new name by the time the next school year begins. happening today, the teachers, students and parents in the west contra costa school district will show their support for tutors in their school. they will hold a rally at 5:30 tonight that is just ahead of the west contra costa school board voting on a proposal to eliminate 50 tutor whose work in classrooms and learning
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centers. the parents and teachers of the tutors are vital to the students to receive help at the learning center. also today the city college of san francisco students and faculty, they will be speaking out to cut available classes. the chancellor wants to eliminate one third of all classes that are offered right now we the year 2025. they say students and instructors haven't been asked their opinions about this, and they say classes that fill up quickly and make money for city college are being eliminated. the time is 6:17. it is rainy and wet out there. we saw sarah on the road just showing us kind of the situation in the south bay. how are things looking around the bay area? >> it is a tough drive. we do have an overturned vehicle on the peninsula. we're going start there on southbound 280. there is an overturned car and the two left lanes are blocked. traffic is not that heavy. it will be a little early for that commute.
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we do have slow traffic. this is approaching the 80 split. you can't get through on northbound 101 to the central freeway. you have to take 80. it looks like these two caltrans vehicles are here and there is flooding here. there could be also a car stuck in the water there. traffic is slow on north bound 101 from at least caesar chavez. if this is your commute, you need to get on the road earlier. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge here in the east bay. it is also slow. there have been a lot of wrecks in oakland. there has been flooding. contra costa county traffic is okay. the commutes are also pretty busy. so another rainy day. it mean as lot more slow traffic almost everywhere you look. 6:18. let's bring steve in. let's get to totals here. the santa cruz mountains the leader of the pack. parts of marin county is dog okay as well. there are a couple of systems. the first one is moving true maybe for the morning. the second one will be friday. there will be another one
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monday into tuesday and maybe another one next wednesday and thursday. stand by. get ready. here we go. morning rain. there is your rain for coming in on friday. when you get to the rain totals in a second. the future cast here on rain is not that heavy. we will get a break on the weekend. and not the 75 or 80 degrees. it will be dry. and monday, tuesday, look at that, you're seeing 2.29, and almost two and a half in santa rosa. over two for san francisco. even two for napa. so you get the idea here. we're going back into a wet pattern here. it started last night and this morning. it looks like it is letting up towards the south as that system lifts north and east. our friend mike there, and 52 degrees, but the heaviest rain has been out up in the santa cruz mountains or down in the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley, .64. other elections, including the triangle, not too far from the
6:20 am
observer, .54. mill valley, .42. berkeley, .27. dublin, just shy of a consider of an inch. palo alto has had .12. this system again is not that strong, but it is strong enough that it has also produced a winter weather advisory for the mountains. that goes until 11:00. there has been snow reported at blue canyon. so around 5,000. you can see the system is starting to lift out. so for the next couple of hours we will be in the rain and after that mostly cloudy skies. cool were the breeze beginning to pick up here for some. out of the southeast at 20 to 25. and 51 seems rather popular. there are the mountains and you can also see that heading up towards shasta. the next system will be here on friday. so 50, 60s and get ready. we had our stretch of very warm weather, but winter says, you know, i'm hanging on until 2:58 today and i didn't want you to forget me with the rain.
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>> i would never forget you, rain or shine. >> thank you. >> and then more rain comes in on friday. >> welcome. it sounds good. 6:21, a sanitation worker is recovering after an explosion while on the job. we'll tell you about the investigation that is now underway in oakland. plus, ending the electoral college. how presidential candidate and california senator kamala harris feels about that idea. my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken.
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the european union regulators have hit google with a fine. they're fining the silicon giant $1.5 well for restricting search ads. they claim the violation happened for a decade between 2006 and 2016. this is the third significant fine l by the e.u. the previous penalties have been for using its an dry mobile operating system to block rivals and from hindering rivals from shopping comparison web sites. in a statement google said we have always agreed that healthy, thriving markets are in everyone's interest. we have already made a wide range of changes to our products to address the commission's concerns. over the next few months we will be making further updates to give more visibility to rivals in europe. khumalo hair sis the latest 2020 presidential candidate the say she questions the need for
6:25 am
the electoral college. harris weighed in last night during an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live." >> there is no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who is the president of the united states, and we need to deal with that. so i'm open to the discussion. >> reporter: some democrats have called for abolishing the electoral college after both candidates won the bop lar vote but lost the election. those in favor of keeping the electoral college says it forces the candidates to campaign in every state and not just the states and cities with large populations. california lawmakers are considering a new bill that would ban the sale of cosmetics that contain cancer causing chemicals. supporters call it monosense and a proposal that would lead to better protection nationwide. the toxic free cosmetics acts that hoes that contain asbestos, lead and mercury.
6:26 am
it. san francisco could soon become the first city in the country to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes after the city leaders introduced a pair of strict proposals. the city attorney dennis herrera says the food and drug administration has failed to properly investigate e- cigarettes, so he is proposing a ban that would stop them from being sold at stores in the city as well as online sales that are shipped to a san francisco address. >> these companies may hide behind the veneer of harm reduction, but let's be clear, their product is addiction. >> the second law that is being considered would also ban companies that make or distribute e-cigarettes from occupying city-owned property. e-cigarette maker juul is already a tenant at pier 780 and would be grandfathered in, but the city attorney wants their head quarters to be inspected. in a statement juul said we share the city of san francisco's concerns with youth usage of tobacco and vapor products, including our own,
6:27 am
but it added that the ban would limit adult smokers the access to producteds that can help them switch from regular cigarettes. the changes that could happen after last week's deadly mass shooting in new zealand. about 40,000 u.c. workers systemwide on all 15 dam puss in the state are preparing to go on a one daytona strike today. we will tell you about the issues they say they are fighting for coming up. ktvu, with the power of 2
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. and there it is on the new york stock exchange, the opening bell getting our markets started. facebook is in the spotlight after accusations of profiling. they changed -- the changes they are making, and in other business and tech news, that will with in today's dollars and cents. >> you got that bell right on time again! >> let them know. >> we thank you for joining us for mornings on 2. it is wednesday morning, march 20th. >> and we are watching our rainy wednesday forecast that you told us would be. >> and we had a break for about nine days. people are like, oh, we're done with the rain? >> no. so we will get a little bit? >> no! >> no! >> it looks like it is going to be pretty active here, well into next week and maybe into april. we do have our system now, the first one in a series lifting northward. as it does, some of the rain is
6:31 am
letting up to the south, but not before the heaviest amounts are in the santa cruz mountains, but it is moving more towards contra costa county. boulder creek, over an inch of rain. scotts valley, .64 on the rain. other locations, san francisco had pretty good rain. .46, that is the official site for the national weather service. montera, .45. petaluma, a third of an inch. oakland a third. sfo .27. and san jose .23. that is the first system, and it continues to lift forthward. look for cloudy, cool conditions and later this afternoon we might get a few breaks. you can see how it is letting up here towards santa cruz. it makes its move east and also north so starting to pick up. see how this is accelerating now. more ow towards the sacramento valley. south-southeast breeze. that is about 20 to 25 miles per hour. 50s on your temperatures, and we will get a break on thursday that is your rain for friday. the weekend will be all right.
6:32 am
and then more rain next week. 50s, 60s, rain and wind for the morning and cooler for task. 6:30. still an issue in san francisco? >> yes, sir, and also bart just tweeted, steve, that are major delays between castro valley and west dublin in the dublin and daley study direction so bart is having some troubles with the rain. let's talk about system of these commutes and southbound 280 near vista point. southbound 280, an overturned vehicle blocking the left lane and traffic is slow as you head down south on 280, 101, a little slowing in san mateo. san francisco, the ramp from northbound 101 to the central freeway is shut down. so the only option you have after vermont street is really to take eastbound 80, perhaps exit at seventh, and this is backing traffic up as you might expect on northbound 101. as you drive in to san francisco, you can think about the 280 extension. westbound bay bridge is backed up with a lot of slow traffic
6:33 am
in oakland on 580 and 880 because of earlier wrecks. it is not raining as hard right now on the san mateo bridge or the dumbarton bridge a little rain on the golden gate bridge. let's go back to the desk. happening toads, thousands of university of california workers are walking the picket lines not going to work. ktvu's allie rasmus is at the campus and the people on strike are research and technical workers at all 10 u.c. campuses and the five medical centers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of those medical centers, the campus, and you can see some of the workers are getting ready to start forming their picket lines. they are individually wrapping each of their signs with plastic bag us because it is pretty rainy out here. the workers on strike today work as lab assistants and researchers and classroom technology, run clinical trial
6:34 am
and care for research animals. they're part of the union called u.p. t. e. it is one of the several unions that the workers represent. they're on strike now and for the next 24 hours on all 10 campuses across state and five research hospitals across the state. they have been negotiating a contract with the system for the last two years and their union representatives say they have been unable to reach an agreement on things like worker pay, health care and retirement. workers from another union that includes pharmacy technicians and security worker also be joining them on the picketlines as a -- in sympathy for this strike. so that is why you have about 40,000 workers, u.c. systemwide, who are included in this one-day strike. again, this will last about 24 hours. there are other events happening at u.c. campuses across the state. the biggest rally expected to happen at ucla and that is where bernie sander also be speaking to the crowd down there. and the point lines here at the
6:35 am
campus and at the other u.c. campuses expected to start forming around 7:00 this morning. we have already seen barricades set up here as well as u.c. police in front of the entrances out here. in is a one-day strike. we have reached out to university officials to get their response to the strike and their response to the union about the negotiations and the sticking points in those negotiations and we will let you know when we hear back from them. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu. >> thank you. a federal jury in san francisco is set to determine the amount of damages monosanto should pay a man month got cancer afterusing the rounds-up weed killer for nearly 30 years. yesterday the jury found that exposure to round-up was a substantial factor in causing the 70-year-old edwin hardman's knowledge-hodgkin's lymphoma. he say hess used it for 26 years to kill poison oak on his property. last year the jury awarded $289
6:36 am
million in damages to another bay area man who was also diagnosed with non-hodgkin's's lymphoma for using round-up. monocantedo plans to appeal the verdict and insists the active ingredient in the weed kill ser safe. an explosion that injured a recycling worker injured yesterday morning inside the worker's truck about 8:00 on moss avenue. right about there. and the employee worked for california waste solutions. e was putting recycled materials into the truck. the crusher caused something inside to explode and the camera on the truck was rolling as that explosion happened. that injured worker was treated at a hospital. petaluma police say they are investigating the beating of a 60-year-old man and they're calling it a hate crime. according to the press democrat, the man, who was white, was walking in downtown petaluma near petaluma boulevard north on march 9th. just after 9:00 that night, he
6:37 am
was there with a woman, hen he was attacked by a group or four or five african-american men. one of the attackers yelled a racial slur. he suffered a fractured eye socket and a broken nose. anyone who knows anything about the incident is asked to call police. new this morning, the city of mountain view is trying to balance the rights of property owners with those who are homeless. overnight the city council unanimously declared a citywide shelter crises. it allows the city move fast to hope those living in vehicles. but in a 5-2 vote, the council also passed a motion telling its staff to put restrictions on rv dwellers such as where they can park. in december the city counted 290 inhabited vehicles, two- third of them were rvs. >> i had no choice. it was either to live in my van or live in the park or live in the streets just right over here. >> now, the city law now lets
6:38 am
people park on the streets for up to 72 hours. a after that they have to move and relocate to a new location at least 500 feet away. the police issued 429 tickets for this violation between july and december of last year. it was more than double the number for the previous six months. happening today, the people are coming together for a community day of service for homelessness. more than 500 volunteers are expected at the bill graham auditorium in san francisco. the volunteer also help those who are homeless with everything from mental and dental health to getting an i.d. or an e-mail address. the organizers say it is a proven opportunity to help homeless people turn a coroner their lives that event runs from 10:00 until 3:00. the san francisco giants ceo will not face charges over a public altercation he had with his wife this was captured on camera. the d.a.'s office says a review of the evidence does not support filing charges. and he has been on leave from his job since this video surfaced earlier this month.
6:39 am
anti-domestic violence activists want major league baseball to impose some kind of a penalty. his lawyer issued a statement saying that is clearly the right decision based on the evidence and we appreciate the thorough and professional investigation by the police department and the district attorney. there is a new development of the controversial appearance of the speaker at u.c. berkeley back in 2017-a federal judge has ruled that a group of students who were attacked did you recalling a campus riot can proceeds with their lawsuit against the university. the students say they were targeted in the violence surrounding the appearance. the students had filed a lawsuit naming the u.c. president janet napolitano, u.c. berkeley police and the berkeley police department. a girl scout troupe until oakland is asking for a return of the lending library they recently installed in front of a church after it was stolen. the troupe raised money to have it built and installed in front
6:40 am
of the cathedral on telegraph avenue in oakland. and it just wentz up at the end of last month and it was stolen on monday. the girl scout troop is make up of fourth and fifth graders. the troop leader says the girls spent months raising that money to make it happen. >> we went through a lot to have it built and it is really unfortunate that someone would think it is okay to take something that didn't belong for them. it is a hard lesson for the girls. >> the girls meet at that particular church and that is why they wanted to put the lending library there. they are hoping whoever took the library will bring it back. accusations of racial profiling ton u.c. berkeley campus. the protest expected today after problack students say they were bruterrallized by campus police. yao. and the fire crews still dumping water on the refinery fire in texas. the progress made overnight in putting out the flames. >> it is going to be a tough commute because of the wet
6:41 am
weather. we're already seeing more slow traffic, more collisions and highway 24 is slow. the rain is moving south to north. it may take a while to get to the north for some, but there have been really decent totals. we'll take a look at what is in store for the next couple of days. when you're inspired to make your house look good, you make the neighborhood look good. with the home depot, everyone looks great. today is the day for doing. right now, get vigoro mulch, 4 bags for $10. the home depot. more saving. more doing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. fire crews near houston, texas have finally put out a huge fire at a chemical plant where seven fuel tanks burned for almost four days. you can see the smoke and flames for smile miles. we still don't know the cause of the fire. the fire crews are staying close by in case of possible flare-ups. new zealand's prime minister says there will be a proposal for national gun reform by monday that is in reaction to the deadly shooting of 50 people inside two mosques last week. the first funerals were yesterday, a father and his 15- year-old son, who moved from syria to new zealand which they called the safest country in the world. the prime minister gentleman senda ardern talked to the son's classmates about some of the changes that need to be made in gun laws and that could include a total ban on semi automatic assault weapons and requiring gun registration.
6:45 am
even gun owners in new zealand support the ideas. >> the utility or convenience of a semi automatic rifle waked up against the possibility of another tragedy like we have witnessed in new zealand is really not a difficult comparison at all. >> and new zealand's police commission also says the gunman had at least one more mosque that he planned to attack, but the police stopped the suspect before he was able to make it to that third location. and happening today, there will be another bay area community vigil for the victims of the new zealand mosque shootings. muslim community leaders as well as members of the san francisco interfaith council will take part in that vigil. the east bay congressman and the san francisco supervisor will be there as well. the individual it will be held on the steps of san francisco city hall at 6:30 tonight and everyone is welcome. tedly flooding in nebraska has prompted much of the state to declare states of emergency.
6:46 am
74 cities, 65 counties and four tribal areas issued those declarations yesterday. the vice president mike pence visited omaha to see the damage firsthand. he says the trump administration is going to expedite the disaster tech larrations for both nebraska and iowa. so far three deaths have been blamed on the flooding in nebraska. the police in southern california have arrested a man for driving that stolen car into a fitness club. this is surveillance video from crunch fitness showing that honda coming in and narrowly missing that employee who runs off to the side. he was working that front desk. the man behind the wheel never hit the brakes, says the police. he is a former gym member who was kicked out because he was harassing women at the club. the police arrested the driver on suspicious of attempted murder. no one was hurt. two more concert also be announced today for san francisco's new chase center. other acts have already been announced and that includes the dave matthews wand in
6:47 am
september. the black keys, modest mouse and shannon and the clan for november. but me tall a cay and the san francisco symphony will be the first event at the new arena this september. and the st. mary's gaels and partford, connecticut, one day ahead of the first round of the ncaa tournament. they will play villanova tomorrow afternoon st. wildcats are the defending champs, however, these two teams have a history. nine years ago st. mary's beat villanova in the round of 32 which was a signature tournament win for coach randy bennett. >> and it is kind of crazy, right? i was thinking they're not going to put us against villanova, are they? sure enough, they did! >> it is poetic, isn't it, that we get to see them again? >> tomorrow's game tips off at 4:20:00 p.m. we have a traffic alert for you. and the posey tube from alameda to oakland, it is going to be closed tonight for a cleaning. transit says the tunnel will be shut down from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 tomorrow morning. the buses that use the posey tube to oakland, they're going
6:48 am
to bypass the stops near that entrance. the riders will have to get on webster street and then next wednesday, caltrans will be closing the webster street tube entering alameda from 9:30 at night to 4:30 in the morning. they will be performing electrical work. >> anytime they work on that posey tube, it changes the commute. >> it does. the golden gates board of directors, the bridge directors, they're getting ready for a final vote on a series of toll hikes that would begin in july. the officials say the toll hikes are needed because the bridge district has an estimatessed $74 million budget deficit by the year 2025. there are five different plans being considered. the big increase would eventually have drivers pay $9.80 to go across the golden gate bridge. the district has been asking for public comment, but so far they have heard from less than 60 people. the final vote is set for this
6:49 am
friday. all right. time now is 6:48. time to head back out to sal who is watching our we understand traffic. how bad is it, sal? >> well, it is slow and there are a lot of crashes, a lot of fender-benders. it seems that people can't stop or they're driving too fast for the conditions. there are a lot more fendser benders out there today. this is a look at the east shore freeway just behind one of the buildings here, our camera can't see it, there is a crash on l 80 westbound in emeryville and getting out is slow because the bridge is backed up so we have almost an hour, 50 minutes to drive between the bridge and the maze and just a lot of fender- benders out. there we can't mention all of the fender-benders, but you get the idea, just people pulled over to the right after having minor crashes along all of the roadways here. the westbound bay bridge is backed up. san francisco is still a problem a major one a traffic alert, cannot use the central freeway, so you have to divert on to eastbound 80.
6:50 am
this is causing a big back-up from the candle stick park area all the way up. this is a look at the peninsula. you can see southbound 280 and 101 affected by issues, contra costa county. slow. so almost everywhere you go is a slow commute this morning as you drive around. the golden gate traffic is slow as well. now at 6:50, let's bring steven. >> thank you. some of the rain totals clicking along. a half inch for some up in san francisco. and santa cruz mountains looks to be the leader here and i don't think anyone is going to catch them. system one is in today and system two will be in on friday andly get ready for systems three and four next week. we do have a little break in between. tomorrow will be a break. the rain outlook here not excessive for these next two systems, but they add up. a half inch to three quarters of an inch and then we get a braked on the weekend. watch what happens monday into tuesday. two and a half inches of rain. i said the projections four to
6:51 am
five inches of rain in santa rosa. i think that is on track because there is another system coming in next wednesday night, thursday. our system is lifting out a little bit north and east, but still decent rain. 53 this morning and .43 of rain overnight. but i do believe that boulder creek will end up being the leader here. the inch and a quarter, that is pretty good rain here. and other locations checking in. and montera on the coast. that is three quarters of an inch. san francisco, 46, although not far away. you can find more than that. oakland, .45. and the oakland hills there has been about 2/3. petaluma, .44, sfo, .43. napa, $43. a third of an inch in san jose. there is our system beginning the move now, a little more east and north. as it does, you will see a decrease in from of that rain from south to north. it looks like it is letting up in the santa cruz mountains. and some of that continues to push out towards eastern sew
6:52 am
lana, contra costa county and now northward, napa county, up into lake county. just a little bit into mends seeno county, but i think you're going to miss out on this one. the south wind. southeast breeze. 50s on the temperatures here. i don't think they will travel very far that is the next system for friday coming across right there, and there looks to be a little stronger. 50s, 60s on the temperatures here. the good news is the weekend looks to be dry, just not 75 to 80 degrees. >> steve, thank you. the time is 6:52. a wine maker in australia found out the hard way why you should never leave the car door open in a vineyard. the co walla bear jumped into the car trying to beat the heat. it is a pretty stubborn one. he tried his best to stay in that car. he even moved closer to the air conditioning vents in the front seat, but the man eventually coaxed the bear out of the car and it didn't take long before it climbed out, climbed up and
6:53 am
perched itself in a nearby tree. and time is 6:52. your chance to really strike it rich. we'll tell you how much the powerball lottery jackpot has grown before tonight's drawing. but first, let's check in and see what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> good morning, dave. coming up in minutes, the transportation agency is considering a big change to help speed up mass transit. why the board of directors looking at the the idea of car- free streets, and why it could be good for pedestrians and bicyclists as well.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
facebook said the new system will also prevent ads from discriminate against people based on race ethnicity or sexual orientation. the palatine company that makes those high-end stationary exercise bikes is facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. hundreds of songs claimed they
6:57 am
used it is still using songs by popular artists as a way to market and sell their biking experience and doing it now, the plaintiff seeking over $100 million in damages, the company has not made any comments on the lawsuit . for today's dollars and cents, prices for uber lyft driver may be going up soon. a measure that would add a surcharge on right companies has made onto the november ballot. it would be a 3.2 5% fee on every ride in san francisco. carpools would have one .5% charges tacked on. the taxes excited to generate $30 million a year for projects that would ease traffic jams in the city. the measure would need a two thirds majority to pass google launching in new service targeting gamers. the big reveal came with a developers conference in san francisco yesterday. it is a new streaming system
6:58 am
called stadia. doesn't need a council but google will have its own control room. the platform works on most tvs and home computers. you do not have to download the games onto your device. instead you can play over any wi-fi connection. it is expected to be available later this year . disney has completed its 70 $1.3 billion acquisition disney took over fox's entertainment assets overnight in gains the simpsons, x-men and avatar. plus the fox tv and movie library. disney also required fox's 30% steak in hulu which gives disney majority control. formed into a new company called fox corporation. and receive the news networks and local tv stations which
6:59 am
include us. the jack bogle the jackpot powerball with no winners and less 30s drying. it grew to an estimated $550 million. according to lottery officials at the eighth biggest powerball prize in history. the estimated lump-sum payment option is $335 million before taxes . the rain has let up in parts of the south bay but the roads are still slick, we will give you a live look at driving conditions coming up . a front yard filled with naked mannequins in the north bay. the neighborhood view that led to this very unusual display. the rain is the big stories a . >> yes, i know. this wednesday march 20th. good morning, i'm dave clark .
7:00 am
>> it had the winter neighbors going? but i did and i went super slow on the road. >> back, last day of winter, spring starts at 2:50 today winter says you know what i was not going to let you off the hook that easy. remind you what it was like, you only had 11 dry days, was the longest stretch going back to december 21. 50s for temperatures, what is important is the rain. that it is to move out south to north a little east, letting up in the santa cruz mountains. wind gusts of 27 miles per hour. speaking of the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek, the leader of the pack i do believe. an inch and a quarter. scotts valley, .64, locations, berkeley lab, 5100s of inch, alameda 57 100s of inch. union city, just shy of a half ,


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