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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pretty much your worst nightmare, something you don't want to see. >> reporter:'s hp says two of the victims are brothers. friends of the victim still some of the teenagers involved are students at dublin high school. >> some of the students that were involved in aspen and have other students in high school and students at the middle school. so, this will certainly rock our community and in a very hard way. >> reporter: the car crash just before 10:00 wednesday night. the car when five things inside heading south went for unknown reasons, the driver lost control. >> a and a sedan traveling the foothills wrote, the vehicle crossed over from the southbound lane across the northbound they struck a powerful and also, collided with a large tree. >> reporter: as pg&e fixes the powerball, officers continue to investigate what caused the deadly crash. telling us nothing indicated alcohol was involved. one man addressed the tooling
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country low road often says it can be dangerous. >> if you're about 40, 45, you could lose control. if you're not familiar with the road and the little band they have right there. >> reporter: chb have not said if speed was a factor. this community, grieving with the families. >> i imagine that is worst. nothing in this world that you can go through that is worse than that. >> reporter: after about 18 hours, the stretch reopened at about 4:30 this afternoon. we continue to await an update and those two teens who remain in the hospital tonight. reporting near pleasanton, greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. oakland police still searching for the gunman who wounded four people at a holiday party. officer stated gunfire erupted shortly before 6:00 last night at the home in 34th avenue near foothill boulevard. police held a news conference
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today to reveal more information about four items who range in ages from 15 to 29 years old. >> we had four victims who had suffered a multiple gunshot wound. now, those four victims, three are male, one is a female. they are all transported to different and separate hospitals. >> police say all four victims are now in stable condition. the suspect had attended the party and this was not a random shooting. they are still no word on the motive. stomach information from san jose, police have made an arrest in the death of a man whose body was found on e santa clara street early yesterday morning. investigators say started when two men confronted each other on the sidewalk. one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other. the wounded man got into a car and was taken to a hospital police a my relative of the shooting victim 22-year-old sabrina maria the chair is the picture you see there, she reported that she got into her own car and went over the shooter on the sidewalk. gutierrez was arrested last night on suspicion of murder.
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stomach the day after christmas is typically traffic nightmare on highways. this year is no exception. it is reporter is on the city on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> reporter: the day after christmas is not technically a holiday but travelers hoping for a christmas miracle like traffic was disappointed. >> it doesn't seem great at all today. seems like it would take a while to get out of the city. i don't know if there's accident or just that many people trying to get out of the city. >> reporter: a lot of travelers hit the road especially when there are two holidays closely following one another like christmas and new year. officers are reminding drivers to be patient with the extra traffic on the roads. they say they would have officers on patrol making sure that holiday drivers arrive safely and sound. >> you can never anticipate not just regular commute because people still go to work but people traveling to and from their loved ones. people traveling out of country
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to the airports although stinks. >> reporter: san francisco international airport is reporting a moderately heavy date reporting 156 travelers passing in and out of the airport the day after christmas. traverse a there were some delays here and there but overall, air travel was smooth sailing. >> it wasn't that bad because the airport was clean. we did have like an hour delay. it wasn't that but. i stepped on the plane. keep yourself occupied. >> reporter: also the airport, the representative says legislation would a row airports to voluntarily oppose an air care for you between 10:00 pm to 7 am to reduce the noise levels tried to make traveling a little less stressful even for those not hitting the roads. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. stomach let's take a look at the roads right now. this is 880 right next to the coliseum. the headlights are go into southbound direction typically that would be the commute direction. you can see that is very slow. delays on the right have slowed
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down as they got closer to downtown oakland. a very different story in southern california. look at this, the grapevine is closed because of snow. that means essentially that i five said a complete standstill. chb is advising people heading true that great find to have a full tank of gas in case you become stranded. the highway patrol also said that 10 people were killed in traffic accidents throughout california. during their maximum enforcement period. officers also made 271 arrests for driving under the influence. they chb stepped-up enforcement for 30 hours on christmas eve and christmas day. they also would have more officers out on the roads next week for new year's eve. unified school district trying to collect money that accidentally overpaid the retired special education assistants working as subsidies for the district. the mistake holiday pay. state law change rules for
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compensating these two substances. they used to get holiday pay if they work a certain number of hours before holiday but that is no longer the case. some of those who are overpaid the district should eat the costs for making the mistake. a spokesperson for the the success for a public agency to forgive an overpayment is unlawful. republican senator says she is concerned about senate majority leader mitch mcconnell spencer president trump's upcoming impeachment trial. this comes as the president is stepping up his twitter attacks on house speaker nancy pelosi. fox news reporter lauren blanchard with the latest tonight from washington. we met with the president and majority of congressional lawmakers out for the holidays, it's been slow here in washington. that hasn't stopped the president trump and saying busy on twitter from his resort in florida. one day after christmas, resident compass whining that impeachment makes it much more difficult to deal with foreign leaders and others.
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disaster president renewed his criticisms of house speaker nancy pelosi accusing her of losing quote, total control of her california district for deaf residents. saying, she stole to allow the senate leaders allow more time to negotiate the terms of an impeachment trial. the delay comes as questions mount over a perceived risk between g.o.p. senators. alaska republican lisa murkowski voicing frustrations over senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's vow to work in total coordination with the white house. >> a 51% said with this i guess the same we want to bring in the witnesses and they didn't bring in that they wanted to bring in, white house said they would not testify, it would be tough for mitch mcconnell to turn down. >> reporter: murkowski and other republican senators would support a fair trial. and would agree to allowing key white house officials to
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testify. >> over 70% of the public wants to see witnesses. i think it was he republican dressy association. >> reporter: we expect little to happen till then on the impeachment front. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. coming up, another russian local most to make returns. we caught up with some shoppers as they dealt with the cause and the long lines. stomach four took over a vacant home in oakland face a judge today. maran their eviction hearing, coming up. stomach a very chilly night tonight, some folks would see low 30s. i would tell you where coming up in your bay area whether. stomach another large theft. but this is not what you might expect. the search underway tonight for the thief who went after a home surveillance system in alameda. right now, taking alive look outside at the golden gate bridge on this thursday night.
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it is not too bad out there for this demo that. traffic moving pretty well in both directions. we will be back with more in just a moment.
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much of a tradition on the holidays, families, presence, travel, christmas tradition of shopping and the sales making returns. as rodriguez raised the crowds to show us how busy it was out there today. >> reporter: just because christmas is over doesn't mean the shopping season is.
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and you can look at the san francisco out that in livermore to prove that. shoppers coming from all over lackawanna who made the trip from stockton. >> lee got this it was kind of small, let's see if there's something in store for me. >> reporter: why not wait until the crowds die down? she didn't want to risk passing the return or exchange policy did. >> we want to make sure it wasn't too late. so that i can return to staff, exchange. mature it's not late for that. >> reporter: meshing is rodino what. >> were looking forward to getting some shopping done. part of their christmas present. >> reporter: parking wasn't an aggressive finders keepers game. they had traffic control to help manage the chaos., added 600 new parking spots bringing the total to 3800 in order to accommodate thousands of shoppers. >> salazar. not too bad.
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>> reporter: some having an easier time than others. still, shoppers told me the sales were worth it. some stores were so busy it seemed like an outside of a concert with ropes and crowds waiting to get in. >> it is crazy busy. we have been sitting in my for so long just to pay our stuff. >> reporter: longlegs, one of the reasons so many people chose to shop on the lever from their phones. online sales were up almost 19% this year over last year. made up nearly 15% of all retail sales according to numbers by mastercard spending bull. >> i did a lot of online shopping. i stay away from the most. me personally. >> reporter: for some, nothing could beat the thrill of walking out with bags in hands and striking out bargain deals. so you're doing couple of trips? >> more than couple. >> reporter: thousand rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news.
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stomach ubs is also expecting record returns this holiday season. expected to process 1.9 million returns on january 2nd. that is up 26% from the year before. seven's consecutive annual record. ups says the spike is due to the growing number of people shopping online this holiday season. stocks hit new records today things to strong gains but amazons holiday shopping. all three and assess close record highs. the dow added 105 point closing at 28,621. nasdaq climbed above the 9000 mark for the first time ever closing at 9022. the s&p rose 16 points, 3239. four mothers it took over a vacant house appeared in court for an eviction hearing today. lonely their supporters. the attorney for the women asked the judge for my time so that the women could gather more evidence about why they think they should be allowed to
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stay in the building. moms and their kids moved into the house and on madonna street last month. bases been vacant for years and that they needed a sick and safe place to stay. the real estate investment company that bought a house in july ever get the family earlier this month. today, we talk to the women after der court hearing. >> we would be back on monday still fighting. were not going anywhere. >> a spokesperson for wedgwood says that this is a case of illegal entry and illegal occupation. he says the moms would lose their case because they can't quote, steal someone's property and expect to keep it. the women and company representatives are expected to be back in court on monday morning. stomach and you state law designed to tackle california's housing crisis takes effect next week. it would ease restrictions on the construction of so-called units across the state. the new law would make it easier for people to build new homes on their properties or convert an existing garage or storage unit. governor nissen signed the bill
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on october as part of a series of new loss enacted in response to california's housing crunch. stomach we've had just a glorious day alf weather out there. has they were pretty impressive. had a couple of spots is 61 degrees. concord and fairfield. 60 in vallejo and oakland. also we have 60 degrees at napa. white is out there today. people i skating tonight, check it out. it's going to be chilly tonight. make sure to bundle up. you could see that cool temperatures started to emerge in santa rosa. expecting to the low 30s and it go san francisco, for this year. have done in oakland. livermore, 1550 107 san jose. live look at such storm tracker 2 shows you that we are nice and clear here in the bay area. this is ouble is in southern california for the system here last night moved to the south. definitely have intimations of their own i 15 is that a close friend baker to pan. anyone heading to las vegas on our been is doing we delay so
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there. arriving flights about two and half hours. that system there was an ef0 donated that dutchtown and ventura harbor which was a shopping area thankfully, no interest but they did have some damage there. meanwhile back in the day, looking for nasa, nice and clear that's the weight would state and as u.s. temperatures drop down in some spots to the low 30s tonight. were talking about our inlet valves and patchy belly across possible the. these are the lostant and. santa rosa, 31. napa 33. 44 cypresses going about their data san jose. i would have your extended forecast when i, it is a bit. for the, sending it back to the best. stomach people killed in the typhoon in central philippines. stand several coastal tos typhoon top when just about 100 miles an hour. triggered lancets and destroyed homes. dolls that of some popular tourist destinations and distracted christmas celebrations all across the region. still ahead, workers at the
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mcdonald's are being called heroes. how they help rescue a woman who authorities say was being held against her will. stomach also i had, a deadly trip to muir wood's. what we are learning about my was cabazon folly tree debris.
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itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire,
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call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. iman from oakland accuse of being a 14-year-old girl has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison. jaswant johnson arrested back in march during an undercover operation on international boulevard. the teenager gave investigators text messages from johnson. he was charged with human trafficking. pimping of a minor and pandering of a minor under 16. >> the oakland police department has partnered with alameda county districts office to aggressively investigate and charge anyone that's taking advantage of our young people are anyone errors in our community. >> this month, johnson pleaded guilty to the pending charge
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and was sentenced to eight years in state prison. he will also need to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. stomach a woman going for a mcdonald's drive-through in lodi in central california method to employees that she needed help. reporter randy says dear quick reaction may have saved her life. >> reporter: it may not be a traditional haven that this mcdonald's in lodi which just to see if phase one woman needed on christmas eve. >> is a place where they can come in, feel comfortable, they can meet in place. know that they need help and it's our job to then help them in that situation. >> reporter: that's what happened when just after 2:00, tuesday, the licking county deputy scott a call, a woman had asked place to call 911 and had her when she tried to order inside, debbie say her boyfriend of one month at war do valenzuela demanded she used to drive through instead. but the order was not what he expected. >> her mouth saying please to
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help her. >> reporter: traveling from sacramento to atwater to visit his family. the quick inking in place jump to action and saved her life. >> they infer of everyone else on that drive-through line. we held up two cars in front of that car. >> reporter: that delay gave denver deputies to get there and arrest funds will a. they found a loaded gun that has been reported stolen from another state in the trunk of the car. >> there's no telling what could've happened. they could've not made it to the house of the family. the victim could've been possibly abused or even killed. >> reporter: the entire ordeal come in as a shock to customers at mcdonald's today. >> i think it is absolutely disgusting. >> reporter: now, those in place are being held as heroes. >> i think they're wonderful. wonderful. is the, their mothers and fathers have brought them up the right way. >> it was just an exciting thing to know that our team was
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so well trained and prepared for this moment. >> reporter: that training for all employees now making a difference. >> look for signs to recognize if somebody might be in a dangerous situation and tried to contact law enforcement immediately. >> reporter: that suspect is still in jail tonight expected to have a court appearance tomorrow. in lodi, brandy cummins, reporting. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. it is not your typical porch theft. a favor caught on camera bypassing two packages. what he was actually after instead. stomach the 49ers are preparing martian lidge in the seahawks in their primetime matchup, sending it. later in sports, we determine the members beast mode when they played together in seattle. stomach now a free man after spending 30 years behind bar. this man's long battle to clear his name after being wrongfully convicted of murder.
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now to our top stories, 3 teenagers were killed, two others injured. two of the victims were others. the crash happened on for just north of castlewood drive. the chp says the car was headed south when the driver lost control and crossed into the northbound lane and then hit a pole and a large tree. the crash is under investigation but the chp says they don't think that alcohol was involved. >> many holiday travelers on the roads looking for light traffic were disappointed. the chp is reminding drivers to be patient. officers have extra patrols on the highway to keep drivers safe as they make it their way home. sfo was reporting a moderately heavy day. 166,000 air travelers are expected to pass through the airport today. a spokesperson at sfo says there were some delays today but for the most part, things are running smoothly and are on time. >> republican senator lisa
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murkowski of alaska says she is concerned about the senate majority leader's plan for the impeachment proceeding against president trump picks senator mitch mcconnell is vowing, "total coordination with the white house" on the senate impeachment trial. senator murkowski's comments market potential crack in the republican party in the impeachment proceedings. >> you're watching ktvu fox2 news on 6:30. one thief did not still holiday packages on the porch but instead stole the surveillance camera. >> brooks she rose join police as they search for the police today. >> reporter: a white sedan backs up in front of this alameda home then pulls over about 2:30 christmas morning. a man emerges and climbs the stairs. without hiding his face, he reaches up, yanks and easily steals this home surveillance camera. >> during the holiday season,
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we typically do see a rise in property crimes, particularly theft of packages from porches and doorsteps. >> reporter: but here on lincoln avenue, the thief walked right around two packages. the victim admits he was out of town with family and always leaves the porch light on to keep criminals away. but not this one. because minutes later, he returns in his car. >> it has low crime rate. everybody watches everything around here. we don't have any problems. >> reporter: except for the creeper on the stairs, this time with a black crate in his hands, giving himself a boost, he goes for a second camera, snatches and steals it, too. but he leaves the third camera behind. out of reach and unable to capture the crime. >> the point of having a camera is to prevent word deter some of this crime so making them less accessible and always calling the police because we want to know when these instances occur so we can investigate.
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>> reporter: the camera's owner immediately got a alert on his phone and call 9-1-1 but when officers arrived, the man in the blue coat was gone. nothing else was taken or burglarized. now, police just want to catch this creek. >> we want to create a safe environment, and be ambassadors for safety in our town and we encourage people to have those cameras. the last thing we want is for them to be stolen. >> reporter: we found these wireless cameras only cost about $100 each. the victim was afraid that i would come back and break-in so he his family vacation short and came back to check on his house. if you know anything about this thief, call alameda police. berkshire rose, ktvu fox2 news. we now know the name of the man who was killed by falling debris earlier this week. 28-year-old -- was killed on a trail about 4:30. a tree fell and hit other trees, causing large debris to fall on him. he was visiting from minnesota.
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another person was taken to marin general hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. the trail has been closed to the public since this happened but the overall park remains open. a statement was sent today calling the death a rare and isolated the event that "may have occurred due to wet ground and recent storms." rescue crews came to the rescue of a man who nearly drowned in a creek yesterday near camden avenue. santa clara county firefighters say several people walking alongside the creek spotted the man and immediately jumped into the water to rescue him. the man was treated for minor injuries in the hospital. investigators believe he intentionally jumped into the creek. a man is spending his first holiday season out of prison in 30 years. jack sagan was convicted of a murder in 1986. he has always said he was innocent. and he said he had been wrongly victim and now is crime reporter, henry lee tells us, an appeals court has overturned his conviction.
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>> reporter: just days before he turned 74, jack sagan walked out of state prison, a free man after more than 3 feet decades behind bars. >> the very sight of you. >> reporter: he had been convicted of killing paula derosa in monterey county in 1986. the mother of two was found stabbed to that in her apartment. it was found she had struggled with her attacker. sagan has always said he was innocent and in september an appeals court overturned his conviction, proof, he says, that he had nothing to do with it. >> i had never seen that woman in my life. >> reporter: in a recent interview with ktvu, sagan says he is not better. >> you know, i just try to do the right thing. just keep going, you know, what happened happened. i spent all of the time in prison for nothing but, you know, it is what it is. >> reporter: how did he end up in prison? sagan was arrested for an
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unrelated offense months after derosier was killed. through jailhouse informants that told police he confessed to killing her, sagan says they lied. >> they did what they did, got their freedom and i was the one they chose to do it with. >> reporter: sagan was convicted of first-degree murder despite no physical evidence but he fought to clear his name. >> and i went to court after court after court all the way to the ninth circuit court of appeals. >> reporter: then the northern california innocence project took up his case. in 2009 a judge granted a motidna evidence from the case. testing showed that dna found under derosier's finger nails belonged to some unknown man and that none of sagan's dna was found at the crime scene. sagan's attorneys and sister were there when he was released from the prison in san diego in october. >> the dna became the first way that we could actually establish that the informant was lying because rarely would they ever recant what their claims were. >> reporter: but the legal teams
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still faced obstacles. smith the court kept saying, you still could've done a. you still could've been there. your dna is up there and the fact that the dna of other people was in evidence, well they were people that she knew so that doesn't mean they necessarily did it. >> reporter: in 2017, a state law will relax the standard to consider evidence. before it had to point unerringly to innocence. >> now, we say there is newly discovered evidence and had this jury known they would have come to a different outcome and looking to the court to understand. >> reporter: sagan is trying to understand all of the changes in the outside world. he now lives with his sister in phoenix and she recently took him to a supermarket. >> she took me and she's talking to her down machine, you know? and i'm looking and what the ? and she's paying this machine, you know, with this plastic. >> reporter: as he navigates
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his new life, sagan says he hopes other people in his situation stay strong. >> if you are truly and honestly innocent, don't ever give up. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. >> incredible story. firefighters in petaluma being praised for saving the life of a dog trapped in a house fire. two dogs were inside the house when the fire started yesterday morning. the homeowners later returned and broke a sliding glass door to get one of the dogs out but they could not rescue the other. firefighters arrived and found the second dog in a back bedroom suffering from smoke inhalation. they fitted the dog with a special dog oxygen mask and saved his life. nothing was cooking, but investigators say the fire started on the stove. coming up, remembering a police officer from stanislaus county who was killed in the line of duty a year ago today. the special gift for his young son from those who served with offer after officer singh.
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donations stolen and caught on camera. how the community is stepping in to help.
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we have an update now on the san jose church robbery we told you about yesterday morning. police have stepped up to help or rather people have stepped up to health help our lady of guadalupe church following the robbery of a donation money box last weekend. a gofundme page has raised more than $13,000 at last check.
6:40 pm
surveillance video that you see here shows two people entering the church, distracting a cleaning woman and walking off with the donation box. the box was filled with thousands of dollars from selling holiday candles. the proceeds were going to be used to buy toys for children in the congregation at a celebration in january. might now -- right now people living in stanislaus county are gathering for a summer vigil in the officer singh's killing. he was shot one year ago today after pulling over a suspected drunk driver. singh is survived by his wife and son who is just 5 months old at the time. this evenings public memorial candlelight vigil is taking place at the newnan downtown plaza in the cisouth patterson. for christmas, the newnan police office association gave singh's now 17-month-old son a thoughtful baby but boy.
6:41 pm
singh told his son he would teach them how to be a police officer when he wrote a. now the toddler has his very own tory police car complete with a [ silence ] a person who lives in newnan and wants to stay anonymous personalized the car to look like the car that officer singh used to drive. the man accused of stabbing two people including the brother of a 49ers quarterback outside of a natural bar has now been taken into custody. michael mosley is facing two counts of criminal homicide, accused of making unwanted advances toward a woman inside a bar. things then escalated and the argument moved outside. that is where mosley is accused of killing two of the women's friends. authorities searched for him for 4 days. he was also added to tennessee's most wanted list until finally captured inside a home just outside nashville. >> i would like to give my condolences to the family. i can't imagine what they are experiencing, what they are going through. >> the victims are 22-year-old
6:42 pm
clayton be third on the left, the younger brother of 49ers backup quarterback, cjb third and 21-year-old potter feeney who was a student at rhodes college, home for the break. michael mosley has been denied bond. taking a look ahead at your weather, sunshine in the forecast, the chance of rain and a look at new year's eve. i will have all of the details coming up. first, after the break, you have to be at least 21 years old out to buy cigarettes and e- cigarettes. more on the new law signed by president trump and the challenges he faces. >> no matter how you celebrate, we wish you a happy holiday season from all of us here at ktvu fox2 news.
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president trump has signed a bill into law that raises the legal age for buying cigarettes and e-cigarettes in the u.s. >> fox news william la jeunesse tells us that the age will now go up from 18 to 21 years old as of next summer. >> the tobacco industry is counting on you doing this so they can get you addicted and i don't think that you
6:46 pm
necessarily think that is true. >> a blow to personal freedom. >> there are other things we could do at that age, why not smoke, your body is your choice. >> if they're going to keep doing this than they need to raise the age for going to work, too. >> if they can vote, get married, first purchase a rifle or join the military but under a bill signed last week, cannot buy tobacco. >> we are getting stories we don't want to hear and we may very well have to do something very, very strong about it. >> president trump this week favored banning all flavored e- cigarettes but after pressure from the tobacco lobby, agreed to raise the buy tobacco problems problem products. trump said the bank could drive companys out of business. >> you don't give it to them, they will some stuff on the street corner that will be horrible. >> about 23% of high school students vape according to a recent study. advocate say raising the age to 21 will save lives and money but they also want the fda to
6:47 pm
regulate e-cigarettes. it currently does not. >> we just want more regulation and more information about what all these products having them. another challenge, choice and enforcement. >> the big problem now is that in california, people are just able to deborah gist >> the good news is cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drug use among teens is down. what is and is team vaping. most of them do not know a single time carries as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes. in los angeles, ktvu fox2 news. >> let's get a check of the weather. color is in for bill tonight. a beautiful day. >> it really is. >> everything is so green. we have had a lot of rain but i couldn't help but notice when i was driving in, it is so pretty out there. >> we will get another gorgeous day tomorrow, too so if you liked today, hang on. we have more coming your way. current temperatures to show it is going to be a chilly night
6:48 pm
and we will see lots of spots already in the 40s and those 40s are turning into 30s for many of you in our inland communities tonight. 43 tonight in san francisco, currently 51 degrees. a live look at storm tracker shows you this beautiful cloud- free sky that we have and one of the reasons it will get so chilly tonight is the clouds will allow the wants to dissipate very quickly. still some action done in southern california but that system will start to track out as we head across the night tonight. there will be a little bit of relief. all of that snow does need that mean that snowpack is looking good. in southern california, 119% of normal, central about 105 in northern, 90% so that is good news. it is nice to get a break but also good we have gotten some good snow and rainfall in the past couple of weeks. we have that system tracking out and high pressure building in here off the coast. that is why we are seeing the
6:49 pm
sunshine so that only not only set us up for beautiful weather today but tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and mid to upper 50s around the bay. it is not until sunday that we have the next chance of a system coming in, a low pressure system, not a strong one, doesn't look like it will break a lot of rain but that will be our next set of showers. tonight the story is chilly temperatures, talking below freezing and that is going to be the case in places like santa rosa, petaluma, napa and the low 30s, fairfield, livermore, 34 degrees for you for the overnight low. san francisco, getting up by the water is a little warmer so 44 degrees for the overnight low. it is going to be a chilly one. tomorrow, sunshine, beautiful day, gorgeous, mid to upper 50s, upper 50s most likely in the north bay or done in the south bay. also want to mention we do still have the beach hazard statement in effect until 9:00 tonight. it is been expended haer of waves and rip currents, the wave heights up there on 14 to 15 feet so dangerous by the coast so be careful. now for the extended forecast,
6:50 pm
if you go all the way to the end, you see new year's eve, tuesday night. we are looking at tomorrow, looking good on saturday, a little chilly both nights. sunday, chance for showers likely to be later in the day into the overnight hours. that clears out quickly and sets us up for a very nice new year's eve. it looks like temperatures lifting up a few degrees and we could even see some 60s next week which is nice and another stretch of dry weather after this sunday. not bad. >> a nice forecast for the new year. the organizes of the burning man festival the federal government. black rock city is the nonprofit group that organizes the annual festival north of reno. the group is suing to recover millions of dollars they said the blurb euros land management has overcharged for use permits over the past 7 years. organizer say they have been paying nearly $3 million per year. they say they have been asking the bureau of land management for justification for the cost for 4 years with no response. they say they resorted to filing a lawsuit as a way to hopefully finally get the information.
6:51 pm
the 49ers are about to get a full dose of marshawn lynch in their prime time game with the seahawks sunday night. the 49ers richard sherman remembers when they played together in seattle. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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marcus here. it's kind of like you can't talk enough. about this niners seahawks game and tonight we hear from richard sherman who used up play with -- >> if there isn't enough to talk about, what will we have done with marshawn lynch not having signed? in the news every day and much earlier in the week, i'm sure you have heard by now he has officially signed with the seattle seahawks. this will be a blockbuster of the game. as you know by now, it's on national television. we have already seen the sights and sounds of marshawn lynch getting ready to work out with the seahawks. not much of the sound. >> i was going to say. yes. >> does not want to talk to the media but man, if he can carry the ball anything like this, even say, maybe 7 or 8, 9, get the crowd revved up and his teammates as well, it will be a gamble worth taking and the guy who used to play with them by
6:55 pm
the name of richard sherman knows all about his practice habits and such. >> it was fun. he has done a few reps in practice so he would go finish the end zone and then he be back. it was intense, competitive practice. >> so if seattle can sign marchant, -- he is back from his take it up feeling good, with the seahawks. >> that was great. >> -- meanwhile, the raiders, a little strangeness that going the star rookie running back out of alabama has had some injury problems with a bad shoulder but look at this. it came out on social media and
6:56 pm
jon gruden is not a big fan of social media. he actually has what he calls a surgery on his leg. it was actually what i would call more of a procedure for an infection on his leg. as i said, coach jon gruden does not love social media. he was asked today how it felt to find out his star running back was having a procedure done on his leg. >> i don't study social media so i was not aware of any of the social posts. unfortunately, he does have a skin infection and that i think will be okay but it has been the shoulder, it is the shoulder and that is the area we have to take in a look at. >> i have a feeling he was grinding his teeth after finding that out on social media. me while i was staying say this with us straight face, something i did not think we will get a chance to say all season. the red-hot golden state
6:57 pm
warriors, the hottest team of all of basketball won the for third straight yesterday against the houston rockets, the biggest upset on a christmas day game in 30 years. >> i know it! >> remember when the christmas party was just glued to the set? they couldn't wait to watch the game? hardly anybody was paying attention. the warriors however have gotten it in gear and the referee actually warned them about coming out on the court and celebrating so much. steve kerr with a priceless reaction. >> at one point, the referee told me to tell the guys not to run onto the floor and i said, that's not happening. we have to allow them to. he said all right, fair enough. >> it is not happening. we are celebrating that. meanwhile, a little leftover or two, priceless shots regarding christmas morning in some young sports fans home. check this out!
6:58 pm
>> no way! no way!! -- >> what is it? >> it is sixers tickets! >> now! >> -- is not fair! >> -- >> thank you! thank you! >> what is it, buddy? >> -- thank you, daddy! all right you guys, -- >> oh, so those kids. >> that was a christian mccaffrey jersey. >> i love the next one though. >> young sports fans. that's the sporting life right now. >> goodnight. >> see you later! to you: the worst tapioca pudding is better than the best pudding of any other flavor.
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first off, that is axiomatically wrong because the best pudding is chocolate. secondly, the organic structure of tapioca makes it a jiggling bowl of potential death. it is extracted from the plant... hey, i'm thinking of growing a mustache. no kidding? fu manchu, a handlebar, pencil? it's extracted from the plant.... i'm not sure yet. you know, george clooney has one now. koothrappali: really? i once saw him shopping at ralph's. he was buying tequila. wow. you'd think a guy like that would have some kind of booze lackey. all right, this is cruel. we'd better let him finish before his head explodes. all right, sheldon, why is tap...? tapioca is extracted from the root of the plant manihot esculenta! due to a high concentration of cyanide, it is poisonous in its raw form and lethal if prepared improperly! feel better now? it is also indigenous to brazil as is the cocoa bean, from which we get chocolate, the best pudding. and you promised you wouldn't do that anymore! hey, hofstadter.
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