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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 6, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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area. >> today, we are announcing the first two cases of kierz in our city. >> what bay area leaders and federal lawmakers are now doing to control the outbreak after another person dies from the virus in washington state. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> and, good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2 on this friday march 6th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm claudine wong, in for pam cook. >> and, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is feeling the cooler weather. >> we went from 81 to 60 today. it looks like it's going to bring us some rain. maybe some drizzle l tonight but more likely tomorrow morning. ending this dry stretch. i know it's on a saturday, but, at this point, we need any rain we can get. 50s on your temps here.
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clouds will be with us. mostly cloudy today. combination of cloud cover and temps slightly below average which is a rarity lately. sal's here now and last time was the bay bridge. i think this time it is good i'd say it's a nice-looking commute. hopefully it will stay this way. we'll keep our fingers crossed here. you can see traffic is moving along very well on 880 and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks light so far. we'll see at 5:30. that will be the real deal when we test. it's 5:01. let's go back to claudine. new this morning, one man is in custody after leading officers on a high speed chase. you can see the chase going on right there. the chase ended up wrapping up with the suspect's car with front end wheel damage. the crash finally happening on interstate 80 in richland.
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a homeless person was staying there but was not hurt. speeds in the chase reached more than 100 miles an hour. >> our time now, just about 5:02. later today we expect test results from the coronavirus testing on the grand princess cruise ship. a cruise ship sitting about 100 a national guard helicopter dropped test kits down to the cruise ship. 45 passengers and crew members were tested. many have flu-like symptoms. then those test results were sent to a test lab in richmond. >> the cdc and the state will determine the most appropriate location for the ship to birth. and the location needs to provide for the safety of the surrounding community as well as the passengers and crew. >> now, eventually that cruise ship will dock at a port that can best serve the 3,500 people on board. san francisco is still an option. there are about 37 coronavirus cases here in the
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bay area. santa clara county has the most cases with 20. four are travel related. nine come from close contact and the rest are unknown causes. the city of san francisco is dealing with its two first cases of coronavirus as well. one patient is a 91-year-old man now hospitalized in serious condition. the other is a woman in her 40s listed in fair condition at a different hospital. she does have a child who attends lowell high school. that campus is closed today and all extra curricular activities have been cancelled. right now, doctors do not know how the two coronavirus patients were infected. >> we do not know at this point how they're exposed to the virus which again suggests it is spreading in the community. we expected that to happen. we anticipated that. >> the lowell student whose mother is infected is now quarantined at home but so far shows no symptoms. chesa boudin, the san francisco district attorney is
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worried that the chinese community is being wrongfully punished because of the coronavirus crisis. today he will be going to stores speaking out against xenophobia. this after a video went viral showing an apparently racial attack on a man last month. >> also, today, president trump will sign the 8.3 billion $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus bill. it's bipartisan. it includes money to develop treatments for the virus and more than 2 $2 billion to help the cdc contain the virus. >> president trump defended his administration's response to the coronavirus crisis during his first town hall meeting of his 2020 re-election campaign. . >> one of the things i did was i closed down the borders to china and to other areas that are badly affected and really having a lot of trouble. i mean countries and areas of
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countries that have had a lot of problem. and, i closed them down very early against the advice of everybody and we've been given rave reviews. >> many of the questions at last night's town hall did focus on the kierz. well the president has put vice president mike pence in charge of the coronavirus outbreak and last night pence toured an emergency operation center in washington state. that's where 11 people have now died from the virus. >> we're with you. i'm here to ensure that the full resources of the federal government be brought in support of the state of washington's efforts. >> vice president pence says the federal government is giving washington state priority. he says the latest big shipment of respirators, face masks, and shields should arrive this weekend. check out our live stream after
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mornings on 2. medical experts and officials will join us and answer your questions. it's available on and on our facebook page. time is now 5:06. one week has really made all the difference in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. after elizabeth warren dropped out. ktvu political reporter has more on warren's announcement and her decision to not yet endorse a candidate. >> i will not be running for president in 2020, but i guarantee i will stay in the fight for the hardworking folks across this country. >> senator elizabeth warren is suspending her campaign for president after breaking the news to her staff. she told reporters in an at times emotional news conference. >> there's no room for anyone else in this. i thought that wasn't right.
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but evidently i was wrong. >> once considered a front runner, warren failed to gain any traction on super tuesday even coming in third in her home state of massachusetts. when asked about a potential endorsement, she said this. >> let's take a deep breath and spend a little time on that. >> other democratic candidates reacted to her decision on twitter. kamala harris says this cycle has raised questions about women running for office. warren says she'll have more on that topic. >> if you say, yeah, there was sexism in this race, everyone says whiner. and, if you say, no, there was no sexism, about a billion women say what planet to you live on. >> science professor melinda jackson says the country is ready for a woman president, just not this year.
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hillary clinton's run in 2016 and others like harris and amy klobuchar this year set the stage for more women in the future. >> gender is always a factor with women candidates. but the more we see women running for different levels of office, the more familiar it becomes and then the less focused they'll be on just the fact that it's a woman. >> with this race now down to basically two viable candidates, a contested convention becomes likely because it is possible now for biden or sanders to hit the majority of delegates with the remaining primary states. greg lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> here's where the delegate count stands right now. joe biden has 627 delegates. bernie sanders has 551. elizabeth warren is third with 64. mike bloomberg earned 60 delegates. most super tuesday states are still counting ballots, so these numbers will change. san francisco's public offender and district attorney say they are outraged after i.c.e.
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agents arrested a man outside the hall of justice. he's only been identified as a san francisco resident. i.c.e. officials say the city has not honored several detainers for the man. d.a. chesa boudin is condemning the arrest saying an immigration arrest in or near a courthouse makes us all unsafe. this is the first time this type of courthouse immigration has occurred in san francisco which has declared itself a sanctuary city. a 9-year-old boy safely home in petaluma after being abducted by his mother and taken to hawaii. santiago barres was found in hawaii after a bus driver recognized them. the boy's father recently won full custody of santiago. his mother, autumn stone was extradited back to sonoma county and is facing charges of child abduction. all right. time now is 5:09 and time to
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head out to sal castaneda. >> i hope it will stay this way. the commute does look very nice. let's go to the bay bridge and usually about this time is when it changes. sometimes at 5:10 in the morning there's no slow traffic and then it changes to 5:30. we'll see what happens. but it just looks lighter to me. this is a look at the richmond bridge. and this is a look at the southeast shore freeway. i like what i see when it comes to these commutes. no major issues driving through. you can see that traffic in vallejo looks good. on the carquinez bridge and on 37 over to marin county. by the way my friends in santa rosa. everything looks good on highway 101 so far. 5:10. here's steve. >> sal, our friends up in santa rosa say there's a trace of presip this morning. mr. drizzle might be back in town. >> is that a good sign there,
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steve? >> we'll take anything we can get. if you are up, greg showed us that, thank you for that information. maybe some drizzle showing up. that would not surprise me. our system comes in with a deep fog bank. then, another low is setting up to the west southwest which could bring a lot of rain from san jose south. we'll see what takes shape on monday, tuesday, but certainly central california, southern california probably more in line than we are. look at the sierra for saturday. 3" to 7" now after yesterday's 1" to 4" projsz.
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" projection. they'll can't that today with 50s and 60s. there's an onshore breeze. north at 60 miles an hour. that's not the case. 50s for most. a few upper 40s. a combination of these low and high clouds will give us a cloudy and mostly cloudy day. you want me to wrap and go back to the day. get out now? i don't know. is that what that means? >> highs will be in the 50s and 60s. back to you guys. time is now 5:12. false and misleading information about the coronavirus making a lot of people nervous. up next, the anxieties based on false information and why the experts say you have to have the right perspective. >> and, one of the best players in the nba is back after missing most of the season. recognize that guy. yeah. steph curry is playing in his first game back. we'll tell you what fans had to say.
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[car[clicking of ignition]rt] uh-- wha-- woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] welcome back to mornings on 2. one suicide bomber just blew himself up outside of the u.s. embassy in tanesha. it's on the coast of the mediterranean sea. two people were killed. five others were hurt. there's no word if any americans among those victims. that bomb is described as the most serious attack in almost a year.
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a gunman hit killed hundreds. 27 with another 55 people hospitalized. the taliban denied organizing the attack and nobody else has claimed responsibility. the memorial was to mark 25 years since the taliban did kill an shiietes leader. experts say if you obsess about the coronavirus, it can easily happen as you hear about more cases and events being cancelled but they say you have to keep it in perspective. get outside, be social. exercise and don't let it be a burden. >> find other ways to control that anxiety or stress and just really connect with people in a way that feels safe for you. >> i think a lot is not known
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and that's frightening. >> officials say instead of shaking hands, do that. the elbow bump. and spend extra time washing your hands. warriors superstar steph curry is back after a long four months. >> he's back. number 30, stephen curry. . the two time mvp missed 58 games due to a hand injury but he was back on the court last night against toronto. he finished the night with 23 points. fans packed into the chase center early and were cheering for curry and the warriors every second of that game. >> we wanted to make sure we came and supported him. >> he came from very far. he has very good defense. he's very swift. i want to be just like him when i grow up. >> .
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>> despite curry's return the warriors couldn't knock off the champions last night. the raptors pulled away in the 4th and won 121-to 113. warriors host the philadelphia 76ers tomorrow night. >> even though the warriors lost, you still feel good because steph was back. time is 5:18. it's always fun to watch sal castaneda because he handles our traffic so well. >> thank you. . >> see how centered i am. >> got it. >> there you go. thank you. >> happy friday to you. all right. we're just about to see whether or not we have the usual commute or if it's going to be lighter than usual. and, the answer is 880 looks good as you drive through. and the real answer here at 5:18 we don't have a lot of slow traffic. if it stays this way until 5:30 we know we have a lighter than
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usual commute. this commute still looks good. so, for the most part we've had a nice looking drive. so we're off to a good start. 5:18. what about the weather today? here's steve paulson it will be cooler today. we have drizzle today up in santa rosa. things are maybe beginning to be a little bit in our favor. the dry stretch last rain was january 28th. for san francisco. so we're up to 37 days. that's the fourth longest. not the longest. 43, that was set twice. what about the weather. san jose recorded last rainfall on january 28th as well making their 37 consecutive dry days. that is the 5th driest with the first being 1954 at 34 days. you can see we're projected for rainfall to make it late tonight, tomorrow, drizzle l's already on the way. then, another system painting in from monterey south.
5:20 am
today, that will all be about the cool and the breeze. mount diablo has a south breeze at 31. a lot of low clouds and high clouds in advance of this system. and it should arrive saturdays morning. not a lot but enough to end the dry streak and that low comes in and kind of favors central and southern california. it looks like we're on the northern edge of it and should get some rain out of that. 50s, 60s on your temps today and look for a lot of cloud cover. cool conditions and i know it's saturday but it sure looks like it's on its way. sure want to end this dry streak. lawmakers in washington, d.c. are condemning statements made by senate minority leader chuck schumer. how he's responding to that backlash. >> plus facebook is removing re- election ads for president trump. why many users thought what they were seeing was something
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♪[ music ] ♪ it's our tribute to female singers international women's history month.
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and, we're starting off here with one of the best in my estimation. diana ross, the real deal. thank you, max, for that request. if there's a special song you want to hear, our theme is female singers or artists. whatever you want. use the hashtag ktvu on twitter, facebook, or instagram. 5:24. happening today the mother of two missing idaho children will be in court this afternoon to face felony charges of child abandonment. lori vallofullied to hawaii. her kids have not been seen since september. despite a massive search effort and interviews police have yet to find the children or know anyone who may know where they are. she's being held on $5 million bail. senate minority leader chuck schumer is offering more
5:25 am
explanation about his comments. >> i want to tell you gorsuch. i want to tell you kavanaugh. you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. >> schumer slammed justices brett kavanaugh and neil gor such over an abortion case in louisiana. he says he was speaking passionately about the issue if the two justices decide to hold up abortion restrictions. claiming it was no slip of the tongue. >> it was a direct personal threat, and he did it deliberately. senator schumer is not a dumb guy. he did this very deliberately. >> i'm very pleased and very happy. >> they down to the level never apologize. we've got to rise above this. >> in a statement, schumer said in part i should not have used the words i used yesterday. the american bar association said it was deeply troubled by
5:26 am
schumer's comments. facebook says it is removing a series of re- election ads for president trump. civil rights groups and nancy pelosi did call attention to those ads. the misleading ad says quote, ru6r7 needs you to take the official congressional district 2020 consensus today. whether they intend to support president trump. jp morgan ceo jamie diamond is recovering this morning from emergency heart surgery. officials say diamond had a pair in his heart and was rushed to the hospital yesterday. industry leaders consider diamond to be one of the most influential ceos after he steered jp morgan through the financial crisis of 2008. next, the funding bi>> plu
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everybody has to be calm. it's all going to work out. >> president trump stressing the importance of staying calm during the coronavirus crisis while the stock market and financial reports send a different message. >> and the billboard one san francisco supervisor says is
5:30 am
sending the wrong message about drugs. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> well, good morning. thank you, for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. it's a friday morning. it's march 6th. i'm dave clark. >> and, i'm claudine wong. steve paulson is here tracking a couple temperature changes. >> it looks like finally something in the form of rain. already up in windsor. greg flemming says, good morning, steve. we have drizzle. and projection does show some rain on the way for late tonight into saturday, then, more next monday tuesday. probably more towards san jose instead of santa rosa. but we'll take anything we can get here. and temperatures are cooling off. upper 50s and low 60s. sal castaneda is here now. friday light still or nothing new?
5:31 am
>> it is light. we see traffic in the gilroy. at the bay bridge we usually don't have a crowd. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. sometime today we should find out if anyone on that cruise ship off the california coast as the coronavirus. a lab in richmond is testing samples of 45 passengers and crew members that have symptoms. the cdc and the state of california will determine where that cruise ship will be allowed to dock once test results come backment. there are about three dozen coronavirus cases here in the bay area.
5:32 am
san francisco is now reporting its first two cases. one is a 60-year-old man. the other is a woman in her 40s. she does have a child who attends lowell high school. that school is closed today and all extra curricular activities are cancelled. >> our time now 5:32. seven police officers from sunnyvale are quarantined at home because of concerns they were exposed to the coronavirus. the police department says the decision to isolate those officers were made yesterday after they performed cpr on a 72-year-old man who was dying. investigators later found out that same man had recently been on a cruise. >> while obtaining the patient's medical history, a family member advised us that the patient had recently been on a cruise where two other passengers were suspected of having covid-19. >> now, it still hasn't been
5:33 am
determined if the man did have the coronavirus. the sunnyvale department of public safety says the decision to quarantine the officers was made out of an abundance of caution, and those officers are expected to be back to work soon. teachers this morning point to a lower opening as fears continue to grow about the coronavirus. those same fears caused the dow to plunge in yesterday's trading on wall street. the nasdaq was down 279 points and the s&p 500 dropped 106 points. costco is now reporting a recent spike in sales. the giant retail chain reports its sales rose more than 3% last month and that was due mostly to nervous shoppers. toilet paper, food, and other items. there are now more than 200 cases of the coronavirus in 18 states. doug luzader has more from washington with the latest on what lawmakers are doing. >> congress has now cleared the way for more than $8 billion in
5:34 am
funding to combat the coronavirus. meantime states are struggling to contain it. >> a national guard helicopter approaches the grand princess cruise ship off the coast of california now stuck at sea. crew members lowered coronavirus test kits. some current passengers and crew were showing symptoms. >> president trump last night at a fox news town hall sgle a few hours ago maryland's state public health laboratory confirm ld the first positive cases of coronavirus in maryland. >> maryland one of the latest states to report the virus and there are questions this morning about how deadly the illness really is. u.s. official suggested the death rate could be far lower than initial estimates of more than 3%. >> on this vote, the yays are
5:35 am
96. the anyways are 1. >> the senate gave its stamp of approval to a massive 8.3 $8.3 billion virus response package. and, about a mile and a half from the capital, a sign of growing concern. a pop up coronavirus store selling everything from face masks to hand sanitizer. >> when we first found out we wouldn't leave without a face masks. all of the things they need now. >> even the u.s. surgeon general is telling people not to buy face masks. saying it makes it more difficult for health providers to get them. doug luzader fox news. time is 5:35. officials at sfo taking new action to protect passengers and airport employees from the coronavirus. sfo secured a three month supply of a disinfectant designed to kill the virus. sfo has added 60 new hand
5:36 am
sanitizing locations. and you'll be seeing signs posted around the airport with coronavirus safety tips for travelers. now, bart is also taking new safety measures. bart says its cleaning crews have increased their regular rounds of bart stations and trains around the bay area. meantime, ac transit, vta says they're increasing their efforts to keep everything clean. well the city of san bruno is temporarily shutting down its senior center. passengers on board the grand princess cruise ship last month. that ship has been banned from docking in san francisco. the senior center is expected to re-open on tuesday. and the exploratorium is making changes to better protect its visitors and staff.
5:37 am
the exploratorium is also closing its tactile dome exhibit which is an interactive exhibit that takes place in the darkness. and we hope you continue with us with explanation on the coronavirus. medical experts and officials will address your concerns and questions about the outbreak. our live stream begins at 10:00 a.m. on and on facebook. happening today, president trump will be in tennessee. he will other see firsthand the damage caused by two tornados that hit the nashville area earlier this weeshg. the details about the president's visit we don't know yet. but he's expected to meet with the governor and the victims. hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. >> the house shifted one way and jerked me out of my wife and kids hands. >> especially the families that
5:38 am
will unfortunately be burrying their loved ones. >> singer taylor swift who is from nashville said on instagram, she'll donate $1 million for tornado relief efforts and she's encouraging others to do the same. the leading voice in the fight against the gun violence is joining the golden state warriors. gabby gifford was shot in the head in 2011. she'll be walking along with warriors head coach steve kerr whose father was shot to death in 1983. steph curry and draymond green will take part in today's walk against gun violence. . a san francisco supervisor wants the city to remove billboards about drug overdose. now the billboard reads quote try not to use alone.
5:39 am
use with people and take turns. the supervisor said that city fund should not be used for this purpose and she wants the billboard to be taken down. police in san jose arrested a man accused of throwing moll to have cocktails at homes. brian gillian targeted at least four homes and one neighbor's sxurt camera caught video of one of the attacks. the suspect is on a bike . he can be seen pedalling through the streets and throwing that device. here's a video here. the homeowner was inside at the time, but no one was hurt. time now is 5:39 and time to go back out to sal castaneda for a check of our roads out there. >> i like what i see so far. we've had some nice looking commutes around the bay on this friday. we might have a lighter commute just judging by the first couple of hours we've been here. through san martin there is
5:40 am
some slow traffic so it is not completely light. you can see it right here the road sensors are slowing. but after that it looks good into the south bay. if you are driving on downtown san jose that's 280 on the right. and 880 also looks very good. i'll tell you where it is lighter for sure is here at the bay bridge. by now, we have a crowd. it just may be a little late arriving. at 5:40. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> sal, thank you. one last look for our winter dry stretch for san francisco. almost everybody's in on this as well. it's now up to 37 days. today would be 38. but with drizzle up around santa rosa, that will happen for san francisco later today or tonight. and it looks like this streak will end. so it will be the fourth longest. tonight, tomorrow, that would be some rain. not a lot but that would be putting 16100ths on sunday.
5:41 am
a low will be parked to the west southwest and this could be a good rain producer for monterey and san jose south. not so much to the north. at least we're getting back into an active pattern. today's the day to go up to the sierras and the forecast now calls for 3" to 7" of snow over the weekend. similar to what they had last weekend. a lot of cloud cover today. temperatures will be on their way down. i mean, we'll see 50s and 60s today actually below the average. pretty good on shore breeze in place. high clouds, low clouds. mainly 50s on your current temps and, again, i would expect some light rain to make it late tonight and tomorrow morning. if it falls apart we're in trouble. but then we have another opportunity on monday and tuesday. we're on the northern edge of it. central and southern california will get more rain than us. at least we have an opportunity for some measurable amounts. 50s, 60s on your temps. not very warm.
5:42 am
record highs 70s and 80s they're gone and it looks like some rain will take us into early next week. time is 5:41. bay area nurses are sounding the alarm. why they say bay area hospitals are just not ready for an influx of coronavirus patients. >> and the latest legislation for california employees affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
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new, this morning, hiring jumped in february as employers added 273,000 jobs. the labor department says the national unemployment rate fell to 3.5% matching a 50-year low down from 3.6% in january. so far, there are few signs that the job market has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. but most economists expect hiring to slow down in the coming months. happening today, a group of nurses and bay area leaders will hold a news conference about trying to prevent the closing of a daily city hospital that may close as early as next week. it should not close especially now during the coronavirus outbreak. the owner of seton medical center is trying to close medical centers across california.
5:46 am
nurses are concerned that hospitals will not be able to handle the coronavirus outbreak. . >> zuckerberg general hospital is the only level one trauma center in the city. but some worry the hospital is not ready for a coronavirus epidemic. >> we are ill prepared. >> kristin duran has been a nurse for the last four years. point in time she says they have not had nearly enough training. if a patient locks in. this is what we're going to do and this is where they're going to go. >> and, she says she hasn't been told basic information. duran was among a group of
5:47 am
nurses who rallied before city hall. >> if i haven't been trained in months or years for decontamination, on how to run the department, on any of these things, i can't focus on the care. >> the nurses say the hospital needs to increase staffing levels. >> so we get into a situation where people have to slefl quarantine and it takes seven or eight months to hire someone, we're going to be in an ultra crisis mode. >> but, nurses say san francisco is not alone. the union national nurses united rallied in oakland complaining that a national survey showed many hospitals had no plans to protect health care workers. mayor london breed issued a
5:48 am
statement saying our health system is prepared to deliver care and provide coordinated response. >> we're not even ready for the seasonal flu. >> the nurses say by speaking out and being squeaky wheels they hope that change comes and comes quickly. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right. thank you. a private preschool in san jose will be closed until monday after a teacher tested positive for the coronavirus. the school's campus on moore park avenue is going through a deep cleaning one week after the infected teacher was sent home. >> she had not been at our facility since february 26 tth when she started to show symptoms of illness. >> deep cleaning may just be the first step for cleaning schools. gyms are also taking extra
5:49 am
measures to try to protect people. the sweaty equipment does create a breeding ground for germs. most chains are already using hand sanitizer and have disinfecting wipes to those throughout its buildings. >> we mop the floors. we wipe down all the equipment using the same anti-viral disinfectant cleaners. >> they do urge people as well to stay home if they're not feeling well. time is 5:49. in the east bay, the lawrence livermore lab sent folks home. a lab employee was exposed to a coronavirus patient and the building where they work has
5:50 am
been to be disinfected. >> and to protect workers when they take leave during a public health emergency. state assembly woman says workers should not be fired if they missed work because they've been quarantined. under the proposed bill, an employee will be able to use their sick leave if their work place is closed where they're providing care for a child whose school or day care was closed because of an emergency. time now 5:50. let's go back out to sal castaneda for a check of our roads. >> i like what i see so far with this morning's commute. let's start off with the east bay. a little bit slow through the altamonte pass area. it does look better in livermore and it's not slow all the way to castro valley.
5:51 am
there is some traffic on 880. and oakland commute looks very good and also at the bay bridge toll plaza. right now it's looking very good here. 5:51. let's bring steve back in. let's get to it here. a cloudy mostly cloudy pattern it's in the 50s. 50 to 54. the city's 53. they did dip briefly to 52. you went below 78 the record high. 1892. 39 back in 1956. so of the highs on that everything continues to point
5:52 am
towards measurable rain and then even the possibility of more rain from another system monday and tuesday . more so than areas to the north. snow looks to be on the go for the weekend up in the sierra and it looks like a repeat projection temps are on their way down a couple of days ago napa was 51. 50s on most of the temps. i would look for a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. some light rain developing today. we'll take whatever we can get and then that low to the west southwest of monterey we'll put parts of the bay area in line for more rain. most of this will be in central and southern california. some of that moisture wrapping
5:53 am
up from the south could give us some decent amounts here. we will have a lot of cloud cover today. it will be cool. we'll get some light rain saturday and bring back more rain on monday, tuesday, dave. time is 5:53. we're expecting coronavirus test results back today from the people on a cruise ship that's stranded off the california coast. it was bound for san francisco. the preparations under way if people on board are infected. >> plus... a potential traffic nightmare. what you should know about a complete shutdown of interstate 5 in april if you plan to head to southern california. but first... cutting through the red tape a new policy in san jose helping to build new housing faster. just because we're super hungry...
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that's right. female artist blondie. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> deborah harry. and it's national women's history month so we thought we'd start it off with female artists who rock. thank you, very much to crustacean enthusiasts. one of our regulars for this request.
5:57 am
if there's a special request you want to play, let me know. use the hashtag ktvu on twitter, facebook, or instagram time is 5:57. a san jose apartment complex has a grand opening for today. it's an 83-unit housing development that helps people transition from being homeless to permanent housing. it also provides services including mental health counseling and treatment for substance abuse. san jose mayor sam lacarta will be at that unveiling. mayor licarda was at yesterday's presentation of the city's first preapproved granny unit. small, prefabricated homes designed to be in backyards across san jose. san jose yed the regulations for building these granny units. >> make it easy for homeowners last year we permitted 416 back
5:58 am
yard homes that is more than than we permitted in the 5 years. >> the units have one bedroom. they're between 495 and 640 640 square feet. one of the oldest south bay tourist attractions is getting the lego treatment. winchester mystery house was unveiled yesterday at lego land discovery center bay area. it's made up of 7500 lego pieces built over three days. the lead builder says it's an exact replica it's said to haunt that 1917 landmark mansion. >> i hope everybody comes visit and see the real thing. >> now, the winchester mystery
5:59 am
house beat out some other bay area landmarks like the golden gate bridge in its online poll for which should be rebuilt in legos. this will be part of the lego display at discovery bay center which opens april 2nd in mi lpites. if you watch ktvu from an overthe air antenna, you're going to have to rescan your television soon. that's because many local tv stations across the country is rmoving to new frequencies. so any time after 10:00 a.m. on monday, you need to rescan your television. now, if you're watching us on cable, satellite, or smart tv app, you don't have to do anything. we've posted more information about this rescanning your tv on our website there are 2,383 passengers
6:00 am
on board the ship and 1,100 crew members. >> a cruise ship with the coronavirus possibly on board waiting to arrive in san francisco. what's being done to ensure the people on board aren't infected. >> plus... a possible exposure because of the coronavirus. we're tracking the latest connection around the country about the virus. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. well, good morning, to you. thank you, for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. it's a friday morning. it's march 6th. i'm dave clark. >> and, i'm claudine wong in for pam today. steve paulson is watching the changing weather for us. >> it sure looks like clouds are changing. a lot of low clouds. a lot of high clouds. temps have really come way do.


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