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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 9, 2020 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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release . rounding out the top five, the syfy horror invisible man than way back . sonic the hedgehog and number five with the call of the wild . welcome to the 9 everybody on this monday morning march 9. live pictures here from outin the pacific ocean . looks like we lost the live picture . what you saw in the distance was the grand princess cruise ship . that cruise ship has been basically parked out in the pacific just west about 15- miles or so from half-moon bay over the last few days . it is currently on the move and headed to san francisco bay
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eventually it is scheduled to dock at port of oakland around noontime today . 3500 people on board, some people have tested positive for the corona virus . there was some debate, ali, whether or not the port of oakland was the spot for the ship to dock . it was determine that had where it'll come is indeed the port of oakland, not san francisco. >> that's because of the size of the ship and the size of the port of oakland, what it can handle . oakland mayor raised her hand and said, yes, we rise to the duty . it also has a good proximity to oakland international airport, which is where some of the passengers on board will depart oakland and travis air force base here in the east bay and it's important as we hear the oakland mayor and governor trying to assure oaklanders no one on the ship will come into daily contact with people on the ship. >> the port of oakland was selected because of the area that the ship can dock there and remain isolated from a lot of people . a good setup area
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and medical workers to help transport the people from where they were. >> we enjoyed vacation and didn't think about corona virus and i come back and feel miles behind . the world health organization is advising people to not use cash whenever possible . >> it was taken all bank notes out of circulation for two weeks and burning some to reduce the spread of the virus and the chinese officials have been deep cleaning potentially inprotected cash with ultraviolet light and high temperatures and this is pushing it too much . yes or no? are we taking this too far till it's contained not using cash? >> it's a good reminder, every time you touch it, wash your hands . we should have been
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doing that anyway. >> right . not like all sudden money just has become dirty . it's been dirty already. >> i timed myself for a good longhand washing . i was not at 20 seconds . supposed to wash for 20 seconds with warm, soapy water . do an experiment when you're doing this and you'll find 20 seconds is a long time . good reminder . we're keeping an eye on the grand princess cruise ship this morning where dozens of passengers have been infected with corona virus . ktvu alyssa harrington live at the port of oakland with where the passengers will be going and you spoke with one of the passengers this morning? >> reporter: that's right . i got a chance to speak with a passenger as well . he's relieved to finally be coming to shore but is dreading what's next and that's another 14 day quarantine .
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>> well, i couldn't sleep last night because of the situation and then woke up this morning . we were awakened by the health workers who are l dressed up in white tie vac suits and headgear . like little martians . >> reporter: that same passenger told me the ship is running out of supplies and his own roommate ran out of prescription medication and they want to get to shore and get to help . a lot of people want to know why this ship is coming to oakland when it was supposed to dock in san francisco . reporting to the governors, there's a few reasons and first, not many port cans hand al ship of this size and the outer harbor can be sealed off from the puck lick to keep the community safe . chartered flights will carry passengers and crews
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domestically and what's going to happen is passengers taken to different federal facilities and it is the city's duty to help the people and she said none of the passengers will make contact with the general public. >> i have received some very strong assurances that this operation will employ the best isolation practices known. >> there'll be no contact with general population and terminals at oakland airport and it'll all be separate and all of these individuals are being processed in partnership with the state department and others for those chartered flights . >> reporter: crew members will actually stay on the ship . they'll self-quarantine on the cruise ship but it won't stay in oakland . it'll depart once the operation is complete. >> what we'll see later on this
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morning and the cruise ship will go underneath the bay bridge and travel to the harbor area the port spokesman and not doing any shipping about two years and the only thing that's been happening in this area where the ship will dock is here and all of that has moved and they've secured off 11-acres to make what's going to happen today happen . we'll meet to update the public on their response to the corona virus crisis . the leader of bart, ac transit will outline what they're doing to keep riders safe during the outbreak . bart's cleaning crews have increased the regular rounds at stations and other public transit agencies are taking public steps . trading resumed after a
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massive selloff that triggered a 15 minute halt earlier this morning . at one point, the dow was down by about 2,000 points or 8% . the dow is down 1300 points . the price of oil is crashing and there's that fear of global recession going on and most of the sell off is due to the uncertainty of the corona virus and financial experts are struggling . sarah, good morning . >> reporter: good morning . there's a very sophisticated trading in the bay area and all eyes on the market after this volatile morning and anxiety over corona virus with the global stock market and dow jones . they both fall by more than 700% at the open and
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financial experts say this 15 minute break gives an investor a chance to understand what's happening in the market and make informed decisions . we talked to a couple people here in san francisco early this morning about their reaction to the trading calls. >> only going to be for 15 minutes and a lot of times they close for the day . yeah, no big deal. >> i'll keep watching because hopefully my portfolio is diversified and can weather the storm for you. >> there's three circuit breaker thresholds . if it drops 7%, trading stops for 15 minutes . if the s and 13%, trading stops for another 15 minutes . and level three, if the s and p falls 20%, trading stops for the rest of the day . on twitter this morning, president trump said the falling oil prices were good for consumers and said bia
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of oil . that and the fake news is the reason for the market drop". in san francisco, ktvu fox news. >> thank you . >> what's being done in washington as we welcome south bay congressman to the nine . thank you for joining us, congressman . how do you want to see the money used in >> it's the first step, we need to do far more . it's a scandal we've only been able to test less than a thousand people in the country . south korea tested 100,000 and using the who test and i don't know why we're not using it in the country and partnering with a
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lot more startups and technology leaders to get a cheap test out to everyone and the cdc needs to be reporting that . i asked in budget hearings, the deputy secretary of health and human services why the cdc stopped reporting how many people are being tested? >> have you reached out to any of your home companies and what they're doing to help? >> i have. >> they've been reaching out to a number of startups and a number of them are contacting them with the cdc and nia. the nih and cdc ought to convene either a conference call or some meeting with leading technology experts . how did we scale the testing and get the testing in the hands of people who may need it. >> the federal governments.
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>> they're underestimating the crisis and one of the reasons the and people aren't buying and the plane travel declined and people are being more cautious and people are concerned about the possibility of contracting the possibility of corona virus or those with health conditions . i don't think this is a time to down play the crisis . it's a time to actually acknowledge what's going on and have a real response to contain it. >> how would you change what's coming from washington? you have the ear of people in the bay area right now. >> i would have called for more allocation . $15billion as opposed to $8 billion to butt that in context, our national security defense budget is $738 billion so you're just talking about 1% of what we're spending on national security in terms
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of an additional $8 billion . second i would say, let's get people in there who know about testing and how to make this more widespread and third, i would be very honest with people about the crisis and impact it's having and think about where we may need physical stimulus and what industries may need physical stimulus to avoid layoffs and to avoid a recession. >> we're showing pictures of wall street and the dow down by almost percentage points and lawmakers essentially take a recess to spread the corona virus .. >> we haven't not necessary bu
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leadership and to row assure people and not contribute to a panic . so far she has decided that we should be session, and i'm confident she'll make a sound judgment on that. >> congressman joining us on the night . thank you. >> thank you. >> stay with us, we'll bring you the very latest on the local and national corona virus situation . take us to go in the form of ktvu news app and we have a special section of the corona virus coverage and we'll send push alerts out when major news breaks . coming up on mornings on the 9, protecting pets on the corona virus . the spread of the virus and how to keep your pets safe . plus, a controversial billboard on drugs overdosing around san francisco . the billboards are being taken down
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i truly believe they laid down, covered up with the covers like all of us do every night and then they just went to sleep and they never knew anything. >> we're going to be sifting through this wreckage for a long time. >> president trump approved the disaster declaration for the area and will make federal assistance available for those impacted by the storm . the cdc released the latest numbers on the seasonal flu outbreaks . 34million people have gotten the flu and about 20,000 have died . 136 of those who have died are children . that's the second most pediatric deaths ever reported this far into a flu season . health agencies across the bay area are working on a safety plan if the corona virus spreads into local homeless encampment and no reported cases in the bay area growing homeless population and most health experts agree it's just a matter of time and the virus
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would take a devastating toll . with the spread of the corona virus growing some are concerned about their pets getting infected and there's no evidence that pets can spread the disease and keeping your pets away from people that have contracted the virus and people that make masks for dogs see a spike in sales. >> controversial billboards are coming down . multiple billboards around the city that say "no overdose, do it with friends, use it with people and take turns". it promotes narcan that help people with overdosing . people are pleased the billboards will be taken down and she says they send the wrong message . now outside, this weather is awfully pretty . still cool . >> yes, i think we're too far north to get rain and the weekend in southern california and arizona, a lot of people head off to scottsdale and
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phoenix . looks like a pretty good event from central and southern california knocking on the door saying come on in . the low still pretty far away . half- moon bay is 55. we'll see warmer temps compared to what we had on sunday and it's about monterey, santa cruz, san jose on the extreme northern edge and probably more likely in the bay and that low is making a move and it is making a move but all signs point towards southern california and it's on its way and look what happens here and san diego two and a third, palm springs an inch and a quarter
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and wednesday, thursday will be the main days . we might get a system coming in here on sunday that will give us renewed rain fall . mid 60s on the temps, mix of sun and clouds and well to the south and we'll keep clouds and that's about it in the forecast . more sun to the end of the week and rain sunday . handling this week by several schools and the corona virus outbreak . in the next half the schools changing . how they teach class . kamala harris out on the campaign trail and the candidates she's endorsing in the race for the white house .
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the names of the service members killed have not yet been released . north korea fired three short range missiles to what they call momentos action to protest live fire exercises . in south korea, the projectiles landed between the korean peninsula and japan . they called the action a serious threat to peace and safety of japan . california senator kamala harris taking her new support for joe biden on the road to detroit . they'll appear at a
9:24 am
rally. >> one of the thins we need is a leader who really does care about the people and who can therefore unify the people and i believe joe can do that. >> senator harris announced her support for biden over the weekend . she joins other former candidates including beto o'rourke, michael bloomberg, and others. >> sanders announced he and joe biden made an agreement. >> what joe has said is if i win the no, ma'am, he'll be there for me and if i win, i'll be there for him . we recognize we have a president who is a pathological liar and i say that without any joy in my heart. >> voters in idaho, michigan, mississippi, missouri, north dakota, and washington state go to the polls tomorrow . 352
9:25 am
delegates are at stake. >> biden 664 delegates and bernie sanders 573. they dropped out and elizabeth warren with 64 and mike bloomberg earned 61. a candidate needs 591 to win the nomination . concerns over the corona virus don't seem to be stopping them from the campaign trail . they're doing so despite the concern of festivals and more around the country . >> we are talking to public health officials all over the country and what's most important to us is to protect the health of the american people . obviously we're not going to endanger the health of
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people . coming up, how the corona virus is having a huge impact on the cruise industry and we'll talk live with the travel journalist to exam the fallout . we'll have industries grappling with an unpress unprecedented situation . what's happening now that trading has resumed on wall street amid growing uncertainty over the corona virus . forget invasive procedures. and look up to 5 years younger in 12 weeks... with new no7 laboratories firming booster serum. it lifts and firms so well...80% of women said procedures can wait.
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try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee right now, live to the grand princess cruise ship out in the pacific ocean about ten miles right now west, southwest of the golden gate bridge . it is slowly moving into san francisco bay . eventually this ship is scheduled to dock at the port of oakland around noon today . on board, 3500 people, about one thousand of them are from california . california residents here . we know there are at least 21 corona virus cases on board this ship . 19 of them are staff members and some people are saying they'll be bussed or flown to military bases and those who need medical care will be sent to a healthcare facility somewhere in the state . the grand princess making its way toward
9:30 am
san francisco bay . again, expected to arrive at the port of oakland around noon today and we'll track the ship making its way into the area. >> containment procedures to stop the spread of the global outbreak as we wait for the latest docking here at the port of oakland. >> governments around the world stepping up their containment efforts as they keep spreading and in almost 100 countries . here in the u.s., the pace of the infections is accelerating and more than 400 confirmed cases in dozens of states . they're now considering regional lockdowns like those in china if the virus keeps quarantine. >> i'm concerned but from what i understand, the controls are spreading. >> those need to distance being put in place. >> as long as it's handled themselves from crowds and not travel and certainly not correctly, i am cool with it. getting on a cruise ship. >> public health officials >> one-over the crus ships, the across the country are grand princess docking in scrambling as the containment oakland after floating on the california coast for days . at effort continues and most say
9:31 am
there's a simple way to help least 21 people testing positive immediately being sent stop the virus from spreading. to the hospital for isolation >> hand washing, hand washing, and treatment . the other and more hand washing so much people on board will go of this is taking responsibility to not share your germs with everybody else . the state department said there was a new advisory warning americans not to travel on cruiseships till the outbreak was contained . in atlanta, ktvu. >> they're limiting personnel in the center over the weekend and officials reported a number of new cases they're bringing the total there to nine . santa clara county reported eight new cases over the weekend bringing the county total to 32 ask san francisco reporting six more cases bringing the city and county total to eight . a sharp selloff and we're
9:32 am
breaking it all down. >> after that opening bell rings this morning is when that happened . s and p500 dropped 7% . that triggered what's called a circuit brakier to kick in and trading halted for 15 minutes to get some order . those circuit breakers designed to prevent a market crash so three levels when the s and p drops 7% . next is a 13% drop . if the s and p drops 20% in one day, trading is halted for the day . take a look at big board right now . we've been hovering at these percentage levels most of the morning since that circuit breaker kicked in and the market started trading again . about 6:49 our time this morning, there's a live look at the dow jones, down 1500 points, less than 6% . s and p about 5.5% and would have to drop 7% to kick in the first circuit breaker again . nasdaq
9:33 am
hanging on and only down about 5% . concerns over the corona virus combined with price war in oil sparked by saudi arabia is most of the loss accounting for most of the concern this morning . the global economy feeling the impact of the virus leading to bankruptcy, business slow downs, job loss, analysts are weighing in on the long term effects. >> you have no idea if this will be a one business quarter event or we fall off or three quarter . >> potentially we could see another rate cut and we have the emergency rate cut of that last week and first time that's happened in a while between policy meetings to let you know san francisco based robin hood, that trading site, a lot of younger traders use that site . it went down again today . the company blaming the volatility, the volume, a little bright
9:34 am
spot to leave you with, refinancing all time lows and think about your homes . don't forget about your car . save a significant amount of money and refinance your car . now is the time to do that and, you know, maybe look to see where your portfolio is and retirement account . but again, hopefully that first circuit breaker solved. >> did what it was supposed to do. >> yes, and we're seeing this . continue to watch the numbers . and the effects, long term effects on businesses. >> pam, thank you. >> good thing to consider, thank you . two republican lawmakers plan to quarantine themselves after possible exposure to the corona virus . >> their trying to protect their constituents and themselves from the corona virus . senator ted cruz and
9:35 am
congressman paul have self- quarantined after coming into contact with someone that tested positive at a rally next month . but 14 day quarantines are hard for are not guaranteed a paycheck while hardships. >> they're criticizing the federal response . the administration must move more quickly and seriously to address the severe impacts of the corona virus on the finance security of america's families . on twitter, president trump continues to praise his administration's actions while blaming the media and democrats for doing everything in its power to inflame the corona virus situation. >> people need to be washing their hands, treating in like a flu, making responsible choices . this is absolutely not the time to scare people to gain
9:36 am
political points or headlines. >> we want to make sure the resources are there and we're concerned about the testing and we're really worried about people who if they have been exposed can't afford to stay home. >> if washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox news. >> we continue to keep a close eye on the grand princess cruise ship and has some 3500 people on board . about one thousand of them from california . it is just off the coast of the atthis point say they are preparing to unload thousands of passengers from this ship . we know at least 21 people on board are sick with the corona virus . allover look at the ship here as it is still out in open water and it's expected to dock at the port of oakland around noon today and we'll monitor the situation live for you and will have it live for you when that happens . former coordinator for fema supports governor gavin newsom's decision to let the grand
9:37 am
princess dock at the port of oakland. >> they'll get them flown to military bases or to the land where some of the crew members might be from. >> governor newsom said some other california cities were --ed for docking the cruise ship and we're going to oakland . >> the gate and back to the 9. good morning, chris. >> talk about cruise's specifically and not to go on cruises or book them and what happens if somebody has a reservation. >> i mean, the cruise linns are coming out just like the airlines have with them waving a lot of fees involved so if you're planning and have been planning ongoing on a cruise and don't want to go anymore,
9:38 am
you have to contact your cruise -- the cruise line and see what they're willing to do for you . you know, all the rules with cruises as well as with the airlines, we've watched them change the rules three or four times over the last week . now with the new warning from the state department, i would imagine the cruise lines will be doing something similar . it's definitely a crisis for the airline and bookings are down and people are not are fac with big loss decide they're not going to go and looking at images on a monday morning and very, very busy time and it's a ghost town out there. >> it's never hardly the case . what about travel insurance . does something like that happen in this case . or is this unprecedented in away. >> they've been very, very busy
9:39 am
recently letting us know that typical travel insurance do not cover epidemic and a lot of people are left in the lurch if they have a regular travel insurance policy that they get when they buy an airline ticket and they'll get it if they use a credit card . the only insurance that applies in this case is something that's known as canceled for any reason insurance . this is something that you buy directly from the travel insurance companies and it's very expensive . it's usually about 10% of the total value of your trip and only covers partially if you decide not to take the trip or unable to for any reason. >> we talked about severely restricted china and asia and now appears italy is the next sort of hot spot with the corona virus . a lot like to go to europe for the summer . what's your outlook there? >> yeah, we are very much in a wait and see place right now in
9:40 am
the air travel industry and a lot of people like to go to europe now for spring break, and spring break plans are typically made right now and a lot of people are opting not to go the summer is going to look like . the airlines haven't discounted summer travel to europe too much.
9:41 am
>> thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> san francisco banned nonessential group events in all facilities to help prevent the spread of the corona virus . bill graham civic auditorium and more are some affected by the ban . they're considered 50 or more people who are not separated by physical space of at least four feet . lowell high school in san francisco is canceled today after learning the parent of a student tested poz ty . new students have been diagnosed and crews would do cleaning of the cap pus . arch bishop high school is closed after the parents of a student tested positive for the corona virus there . the letter from the administration says no direct member of there has the virus and they are spending the day
9:42 am
deep cleaning that school . >> they're expected to resume tomorrow after the a deep clean economy and mission closed after a custodian tested positive for the virus and the employee did not have direct prolonged contact but-- the winter quarter ends in two weeks then the university will have spring break. >> california's high school sports agency may allow a
9:43 am
sacramento -- >> we are the number one seed. >> at a meeting last night, parents pleaded with administrators at elk grove unified school district meeting that dozens of basketball players and parents protested to forfeit the playoff game saturday night against dublin. the district announced all classes and school activities would shut down from march 7 through the 13 after a family member in the district tested positive for the virus and future decisions to shut down schools will be made if a student is diagnosed and not a family member. >> if there are multiple cases in a set of schools particularly in a single school district, look at closing an entire school district. >> parents are glad to hear of this new plan of action . every day weekday from 10- noon we're bringing you expanded coverage of the corona virus outbreak and medical
9:44 am
experts and officials in some of the country's biggest cities as we all work to answer your questions . that's coming up in about 15 minutes or so . we'll have that streaming live for you on and the ktvu facebook page . i'll be getting out quickly to start up the live newscast in a minute . coming up, the la marathon already a challenge for most runners but not just the course that proved difficult to navigate . how organizers and public health agencies worked together to address concerns about the corona virus . plus, the return of spring baking championships tonight on food network . we're catching up with one contestant from the bay area . that's up next . california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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the spring baking championship returns tonight and features 11 talented bakers that make spring treats for a chance to be crowned champions and win $25,000. we're joined by one of the contestants from the bay area . a warm welcome to rob . you tha
9:48 am
have here . the theme of this baking competition is carrot cake and you associate with that and and my variation was a bit more mainstream and i'm not using plain frosting, it's like a moose cake set up with gelatin and vanilla bean inside and has a natural sweet taste and looking at the camera, you can see the little black specks of vanilla bean in it . does it taste like ice cream . lovely, creamy. >> bakers competing for $25,000 prize . how intense was the
9:49 am
competition? >> everyone that i competed with, they were intimidating and professionals like my and seemed more casual and my first time competing and real competitive person and kind of threw me for a bit. >> what surprised you the most about the whole thing? >> honestly, like the who he would randomness of it, when you have that one child and don't know what it'll be then you theme it . i'm not a themed cake person . i'm very straightforward and clean . they're doing cakes like animals and flowers and stuff . i'm like oh, okay. >> you have these interesting garnishes. >> this is a parsnip and baby carrots fried off and they're more natural and organic and sugar flakes fruits and vegetables and they're extra crispy.
9:50 am
>> interesting twist. >> any advice to would be bakers out there that want to make the per spect carrot cake? >> if you're going to do the perfect carrot cake, it's your frosting . whatever you think is delicious . if you're not comfortable using a frosting, i can't do a butter and cream cheese frosting to save my life . it falls apart . it's more of a custard mixed with some cream cheese and sugar and worked out good for me. >> can't wait to dig in . thank you so much . reminder for many of you at home, we'll send this over to mike. >> all right, ali, thank you. >> more on that reminder . if you watch ktvu from an overthe air antenna, you're going to need to rescan your tv very soon . that's cause many local tv stations are moving to new frequencies and any time after 10:00 this morning after 9 l
9:51 am
nine minutes from now rescan your tv and the antenna can find off air channels . on cable, satellite or more, don't touch it, we posted more about rescanning at coming up, los angeles marathon but with a twist and why it wasn't just a course that proved to be difficult to navigate . how corona virus concerns were addressed . plus, getting rid of samples at costco . why the company is making the popular offer .
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with over 75 years of savings and service, geico is the easy choice. oh, thanks! you know automated lights are just the beginning. pretty soon they're gonna have eyes... everywhere. well goodnight. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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now's your chance to win a ktvu fox 2 news mug . go to the website and click on the contest tab at the top of the page . accepted from now till 1:00 this afternoon . these are the mugs we're actually talking about . see it says ktvu fox 2
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on one side and also ktvu plus on the over . if you're the winner, take a picture with the mug and second over to us and we'll put it up tomorrow. >> collations to our winner, molly from burrling game . thank you so everyone that watches ktvu. more than 7,000 people ran the la marathon some training for months and a course . runners hit with corona virus fears and time change . it all impacted the race. >> take as lot of time and dedication to train for the la marathon but the corona virus concerns, the runners had more on their minds than just the race . runners from all other the world filling dodgers stadium from the la marathon hoping to run their best race yet . >> for some, the race was about
9:56 am
honoring someone special . this year was a little different and several runners thinking about the corona virus as cases in la county continued to rise. >> i think in the spirit of things everything comes together and on the course or sideline, a few fans even adjusted their normal routines because of the virus. >> we were going to give out pretzels to hand out to runners, but given the circumstances, we probably thought not the best idea. >> things are still trying to make light of the fear with their signs. >> this will motivate them . >> hand sanitizers set throughout the course and runners were not allowed to risk this year and caution to keep runners focused on the
9:57 am
finish line . >> in santa monica, fox news. >> we talked to a bay area internal medicine specialist about the corona virus threat and about some of the misinformation being circulated on social media. >> i really think that we have what i call an into democratic and there's so much information out there . it's important that we go to the right sources and those sources are your cdc, who, your local or state health department and that's where you are going to get health information. >> the doctor added people that are not sick or who have not been in contact with a sick person do not need to wear a mask but everyone needs to continue to wash their hands in hot water with soup for 20 seconds . researchers at the university of the washington hoping a video game d n help en deadly corona virus outbreak . the game called fold it designs puzzles with a science theme
9:58 am
allowing fresh minds to look at major medical -- looks at cures for cancer, ebola and alzheimers. >> the corona virus led costco to lend popular free samples in california and other parts of the united states will no longer hand out free food samples and they often drive sales as people are able to taste before they buy . we want which check back in in studio a. >> he's about to host our daily corona virus update on . dacia. >> working to go in-depth to answer questioprepare for the corona virus in your community . we've becien aties nationwide and that includes health reporters from the fox medical team . our expanded coverage include live reports
9:59 am
and we bring you live events as they happen and we speak to some of our own reporters and experts on families and organizations need now . that starts in a second and i hope you join us at the top of the hour streaming live on and coverage on ktvu plus this morning . mike and ali, for the moment, back to you. >> very informational . thank you again . we're watching the grand princess as the cruise ship has been off the coast of the bay area for a few days and that cruise ship is expected to dock at the port of oakland around noontime today . wendy williams is up next . we'll see you back here at noon. >> stay safe, stay healthy. >> there you go . ♪ >> announcer: live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show! ♪ w, heres ....
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