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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 13, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you, for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's friday the 13th. a lot of people might typically worry about it, but you can't stop to think about it because we have other things to worry about. thank you, for joining us on this friday. piem pam cook. >> and, good morning. i'm dave clark. and there's lots to talk about in the weather. >> friday the what? >> friday the 13th. all right. we do have a cooler pattern and the weekend will be the big story. temps yesterday still in those 70s. they're going below average for many. so 60s for many or even 50s by the coast. rain returns saturday. monday, tuesday might be better rain days for us than over the weekend. this will be a sierra snow event without a doubt. fog will start flying up the coast and tumble through that system. it will play out probably through the middle of next week. so highs today, near average to
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below. sal, i sat down yesterday to watch a little sports and realized there wasn't any. >> you know, i did the same. sometimes you kind of do it by habit. there isn't anything there. we'll see what we do, steve. let's go to the east bay. westbound highway 4 off to a decent start. concord, 680, to carquinez bridge. both looking good. no problems on the san mateo bridge. does look like westbound 82 by the toll plaza they're clearing up an accident. the number of bay area coronavirus cases keeps going up. santa clara county now reports 66 confirmed cases. that's up 18 from yesterday. santa clara county has the most in california. san francisco reported four more cases. alameda county also reported four more cases and statewide four people have died. more bay area school
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districts are cancelling classes. west contra costa county school district will close three weeks starting monday. berkeley also announced a closure starting next week. in marin county, tamalhies school district is closed. starting monday, all san francisco public schools will be closed for three weeks. administrators have been meeting with doctors who expect to see more coronavirus cases in the schools in the coming weeks. some parents say the school closures were inevitable. others were caught by surprise and now need to find child care. >> as a hardworking parent you want to make sure your kid has a place to come and learn. >> the board staff determined to become pre-emptive and we know that we need time to prepare for this new world that we're in right now. . >> the school district is still determining whether the
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school year will be extended, how to serve free lunches to children who depend on them and other details. lake shore and other schools will be closed this week. time is 5:03. so far the west contra costa school district reports no confirmed coronavirus cases but they're still closing schools as a precaution. several students and school employees had contact with people who may have been exposed. while schools are closed, students will still be expected to do their homework at home online. >> we've also moved up our spring break from the week of april 6th. it will now be the week of march march 30th so that there will be three weeks in a row where our students will be out of school. >> now, lesson plans are going to be sent home with the younger students. that school district includes el cirrito hercules, richmond,
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and san pablo. other school districts are close campuses and focusing on online classes. pourtolo valley and woodside schools will also close for two weeks. people around the bay area and the country are panic buying as many are worried how long the coronavirus pandemic may lsla. ktvu fox 2 news's alyssa harington. >>. >> reporter: a few people went into the store when it opened. my husband was at this exact same safeway last night. some people had more than one cart and shelves empty. the coronavirus outbreak has led to school closures. more people working from home and many people want to be prepared if they're forced to stay home for an extended period of time.
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costco stores have been so packed that shoppers can't even get in the doors and it's common to see empty shelves. military surplus stores are also seeing things in demand. . >> they're definitely afraid. they want to have something on hand just in case the food supply is disrupted by the virus. people don't want to go shopping, be around other people. >> reporter: many retailers have put limits on the number of items per purchase. cleansers, masks, gloves, toilet paper, and over the counter medicines are in short supply. the grand princess cruise ship is going to stay docked at the port of oakland for at least two more weeks. the grand princess is not
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expected to leave the port until sunday at the earliest. well, you can add the disney cruise line to the growing list of cruise operations that's shutting down for now. disney announced it is suspending operations of its cruise line business until the end of the month. the new restrictions limiting travel for most of europe to the u.s. take effect at midnight tonight. there's fear and uncertainty at airports in europe as americans scramble to get on planes back to the u.s. wednesday night president trump announced restrictions on travel from the 26 countries from the european union to the united states. >> president trump not letting people come back after friday. so we're here at the ticket counter trying to make sure we can get back to america. >> i wasn't expecting exactly this drastic of a change. we are anxiously ready to get back home now. >> now the restrictions do not apply to u.s. citizens for now.
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legal permanent residents or immediate family of u.s. citizens. the administration is asking travelers returning to the u.s. from europe to voluntarily quarantine themselves for 14 days. time is now 5:07. across the country there are now more than 1300 cases of the coronavirus. washington state has the most cases with 356. that's followed by new york where there are now 328 cases. only six states have reported no confirmed cases. today, the house of representatives in washington expected to vote on a bipartisan coronavirus emergency relief bill calling for free testing, paid sick leave, and other expanded benefits. >> it's about putting people and families first. everybody could have a complaint about this or that. save it for another day. >> republicans will not play politics. to criticize and sit back. we're going to work to make this right. >> if that bill does pass in
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the house, the senate won't take it up until medical examination next week. while the futures are indicating a higher opening this morning, some big swings up and down this week. it was the worst drop since the 1987 black monday crash yesterday with the dow jones dropping 2,300 points 'yuchlt in one day. it was just a blink. the s&p 500 down to 60. largest point drop ever. largest one day percentage loss since 1987. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 down again. the futures indicate a higher opening. about 5% up across the board. the new york stock exchange did change for 15 minutes yesterday allowing that circuit breaker to kick in and things to cool off the health crisis and the economic impact are stirring fears of a recession here in the u.s. even with u.s.'s historic drop, the analysts say
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the markets have more room to go down. >> the market can continue going down. we don't know what the effects of earnings are going to be on the industries going forward. we clearly know that the cruise industry has been terribly hurt. the airline industry has been terribly hurt and we're going to find other industries like that. >> now, in a surprise move, the federal reserve said it would pump at least $1.5 trillion into the treasury market. time is 5:09. health agencies nationwide are increasing efforts to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but one of the nation's top experts is warning things will get worse before they get better. immediate action is needed now to slow down the rise of cases. >> the purpose and the goal of both containment and mitigation is instead of making it go up like that, blunt it so it goes like that.  you're never going to suppress
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it completely. >> now the experts say social distancing is key to slowing the spread of the coronavirus. that will prevent hospitals from being flooded with patients who are infected. don't forget, you can get complete and in-depth coverage of the pandemic online at we have the most updated information on the virus around the country along with a daily live stream of content just for you. 5:10 is the time. back over to sal castaneda. traffic just for you. how's our commute, sal? >> it looks all right here as you come up through the macarthur maze. some problems through the area, but, right now, it looks okay. and if you're going to be driving anywhere, i'd say you have a pretty decent commute. no problems here at the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is moving along nicely and no problems in oakland. i've been looking around for slow traffic. i don't see much.
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sometimes friday we do have lighter commutes even before we had a lot of these social distancing measures. there is some slow traffic on westbound 580. 5:11. let's bring steve paulson in. it will be cooler today. another day away from the coast. liver more and san jose not today. it will be 6265. and then rain will return life and then off and on over the weekend. better opportunity for rain. we'll get rain this weekend but this weekend's about the sierra and the snow. there's going to be a lot of snow there. we'll see some okay totals. that .19" in santa rosa will be done. just an amazing amount will be forecast. there will be a winter storm
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watch we'll turn into a warning by saturday evening and you're seeing projections through late sunday into monday. 3' and there will be more than that going into monday or tuesday. if you must travel, 50 or 80. after that, i blee they would shut it down. for us, the fog is going to move up the. look at southern california. if you have plans there it's about to rain there. the combination of the two, the impact will be cooler today the fog start to fly up the coast. and it just kind of meanders right over us all the way into about monday, tuesday, finally drifts southward. but it keeps rotating all the
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way into wednesday or thursday. finally starts to move into southern california. 60s on your temps today and off and on over the weekend with a lot of amount of snow. the wife of the canadian prime minister just tin trudeau. >> and airports around the country taking extra precautions now to limit the spread of the coronavirus. the special request from the tsa for you as you go through security.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a man accused of robbing an elderly man last month. this video shows the victim being threatened by the man and then steals the cans the older man had been collecting. jonathan amorson pleaded not guilty to the incident. police say amorson also robbed the same victim of his recycling materials two months before. the loss of my son is a
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great loss. irreplaceable treasures that are children can't be replaced with money. but you can be compensated in some way or another. >> 28-year-old saleem tindal was shot back in january in 2018 an officer shot him in the back. earlier this week, a federal jury paid bart more than 2 $2 million to his family the jury in the sanity phase trial of john lee cowell will be back in court on monday. cowell was found guilty in the murder of 18-year-old nia wilson. now the jury wants to determine if he was sane. if he is determined to be sane, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parol. otherwise he'll be confined to a mental health hospital. a medical team from china now in italy to help deal with
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the includes intensive care specialists italy has more than 15,000 cases with at least 1,000 patients who died. officials in italy are eager to learn china's experiences. and canadian prime minister's justin trudeau's wife sophie came down with mild symptoms. the prime minister so far has not shown symptoms of the virus. travelers are urging to keep high touch items in their carry-ones. keep their phones, wallets, and keys out of those bins.
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they are also encouraging people to wash your hands before and half walking through the security check points. that's really something we should do all the time. >> yeah. pam, time is 5:19. sal castaneda is back watching our commute. >> that was it. >> you put your mic back there. >> is that the intro that i'm getting there, dave? >> that was your intro. >> all right. i'm sorry. >> let's talk about traffic jams to stall for a moment for you. are we having them today? we need them. >> we are. we're doing songs that make you feel good. >> oh, thanks, sal. we need that for sure. let's do traffic real quick. but think about that and hit me up on social media. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge. it is light. sometimes on frid before people started working from home, fridays were lighter
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than usual. today does seem like it's going to be that way around the bay area. i'm kind of scouring the freeways and looking around for slow traffic and i don't see a lot. there's one spot and you may guess if you're a long time viewer and that would be 580 approaching the altamonte pass from 205. this area right here is slow as it always is. but after that, it looks good into dublin all the way hayward. no problems for anyone else. we'll see what happens a little later on. now at 5:20, let's bring steve paulson in. >> cooler for everyone. maybe that will make you happy. maybe it won't. big changes for the weekend. that will equal rain, cool temps, and mountain snow. all out of the 70s now. 50s for the coast. the fog bank is roaring up there. show you that in a second. big change for the weekend. cooler and windy for us. rain starts saturday, but this is a big time sierra event. everything is falling into place.
5:21 am
i mean, you're seeing some impressive totals. rain will favor us on monday and tuesday. more than over the weekend. then you start to see some pretty. look at south lake tahoe. 4" liquid. 10". 1" of rain equals 10" of snow. you can do the math. you're looking at feet here. this is just one projection here. south lake tahoe. 32. probably a lot more than that as you get above 7,500' or so. winter storm watch already. it will be a winter storm warning by the time we get into saturday evening into sunday. and may continue into tuesday or wednesday next week. the fog is ready to go. look at l.a. going to be a tough morning down there with some pretty good rain and thunderstorm activity. that's our system coming down. has a little bit of over water trajectory. 40s, 50s on the temps. watch the fog go from down by
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monterey and it's flying up the coast. get ready. today's the day. transition to cooler, big fog bank. 50s to 60s. and the low doesn't move much at all tuesday into wednesday if not keeping the rain in the forecast all the way into the middle of next week. cooler with coastal fog and tomorrow we start it and it will continue into next week, pam. time now is 5:22. when we come back, the reason san francisco's public defender wants police to back off on certain arrests.
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♪[ music ] ♪ well, i put up the san mateo bridge not that that makes me happy. but this song makes me happy. judy watson who requested it for us. thank you. these are songs that make you happy and i think we could all use a little happiness. send me your request. i know it's been kind of a tough time. it's time to put a smile on your face. thank you for the request. i like this song too. >> at least be happy that the commute is light. one positive result out of all of this. 5:25 is the time.
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music legend gloria gainer is inspiring people to wash their hands. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> all right. there you go. gainer posted this video on tiktok dubbing it the i will survive challenge. dubbing it only take20 seconds to challenge. starbucks this morning as customers many locations may switch to drive-thru or mobile orders only. limiting seating. the company's ceo says starbucks will close the stores temporarily as a last resort if they feel it's in the interest of their customers. chipotle also reacting. free food delivery for online orders of more than $10. food will also be packaged with
5:27 am
a seal to ensure the food was not tampered with enroute. the food delivery service fee will be until the end of the month. up next we have a look at how the impact goes far beyond the classroom. >> and, the wave of profession sports cancellations continues. the latest to call off their games. ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music
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♪ dramatic choir music it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair.
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spaghetti with beef sauce. this is chicken burrito bowl. >> preparing for the worst. panic shoppers still clearing out grocery store shelves as fears of getting the coronavirus spreads. >> plus, what president trump is saying about his administration's efforts and how members of congress are trying to help with the financial strain. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> well, good morning, to you. thank you, for joining us. welcome, to mornings on 2. it's friday the 13th of march. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. i usually like friday the 13th. some people are what's that fear of being afraid. >> deck phobia. >> . trick deck phobia. >> we're getting some snow. yeah, sierra's getting a
5:31 am
lot of snow. everyone will be in the 60s or upper 50s for some of the coast. rain returns maybe even drizzle late tonight but mainly tomorrow morning and then off and on into the weekend. this is a sierra event more than anything else for now. doesn't mean we won't get rain, but watch the fog. this is going to fly up the coast. when that happens, that's our system for the weekend and that's playing into a very cool pattern. we'll have more on the sierra cool rain coming up. >> we do have one problem. i would advise you to leave early. there is a crash blocking toll lanes. and vice president mike pence vice president and traffic is slowing down there. the dumbarton bridge.
5:32 am
if you're taking the san mateo bridge or approaching it from hayward, there is a traffic jam. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. today in washington, house representatives expected to vote on bipartisan legislation for coronavirus emergency relief. doug luzader's in washington joining us live with the latest. good morning, doug. >> good morning. we may see some action from congress from the house at least relatively soon this morning or at some point today as more and more states confirm the coronavirus is spreading. . with store shelves around the country looking thin, congress will now try again to intervene. >> subject to exchange a paper. >> a relief deal could include free testing. despite possible action under the dome, washington will soon be something of a ghost town. the smithsonian will shut down
5:33 am
after today. the supreme court is closed to tourists and so is the capitol. >> it looks like there's nobody here today. >> reporter: wall street has been hit hard. yesterday was the worst stock drop since the 1987 black monday crash. >> it's going to all bounce back very big at the right time. >> reporter: despite shortages of coronavirus test kits, u.s. health officials say production will soon be on track. >> that should very likely happen within the next week or so. it's not doing to be months. it's going to be a week or so. >> that's a failure of planning, leadership, and execution. >> reporter: the democratic presidential candidates kept up their drum beat of criticism as both joe biden and bernie sanders announced that their staffers would now work from home. . >> and a democratic debate scheduled for sunday in arizona has now been moved here to washington where it will take place without a live audience.  back to you guys. >> doug luzader in washington.
5:34 am
thank you. the coronavirus crisis is affecting politics, health care, and the education system as you know. from preschools to top colleges, many are shutting down. many school districts are focusing now on online classes, students won't be getting that face to face reaction with teachers. also means parents have to find last minute child care. >> cannot go to work right now. my wife, she cannot cancel anything. she has to go to work. >> harvard's just one of many of the top schools telling everyone they have to leave by this weekend. for international students they say they can't just pack up and go home. bay area schools are also feeling the impacts of the coronavirus. some of the larger schools are shutting down as a precaution. san francisco will be closed for three weeks beginning monday and we have just learned that the san mateo foster city unified school district is closed through april 3rd.
5:35 am
classes in the west contra costa county school district will let out at noon today. all schools will shut down for three weeks. you can find a list of school closures at the bottom of your screen. we also have a list on our website and on our mobile app. the list is on our front page. the english premier soccer league says it is postponing matches indefinitely because of the coronavirus. here in the u.s., major league baseball will delay opening day by at least two weeks. all operations and that includes spring training has been suspended. baseball made the announcement yesterday. the season was originally supposed to start march 26th. now opening day will be no earlier than april 9th. and the commissioner of the pga tour is expected to hold a news conference this morning after cancelling the player's championship after one round. the next three pga tour events have also been cancelled. last night's decision came after the players spoke out
5:36 am
saying everyone should be tested as a precaution. a second nba player has tested positive for the virus. utah jazz all star donavan mitchell posted on instagram he is infected. the first player to test positive was his teammate rudy gobert on monday . he was seen joking and touching all the microphones in the press room before he knew he was sick. many people are angry about his behavior. he has since apologized and saying hess embarrassed by his actions. the nb.a season suspension is affecting more than players. cleveland cavaliers star kevin love is reaching out and offering $100,000 to help local arena workers. dlats mavericks owner mark cuban is also setting up a program to support the arena workers. time is now 5:36. the 49ers shutting down their operations at levi stadium and at the team's facility today.
5:37 am
most employees have been asked to work from home. coaches and scouts on the road preparing for the nfl draft, they've been asked to return by the weekend. these policies will be in place until further notice. pg&e says they won't shut off the power to customers who are late on their bills during this pandemic. it will leave the lights on for all customers during this crisis. pg&e will also offer flexible payment plans to customers facing severe economic problems due to the virus. the pandemic has led to panic buying it in stores all over the country. shoppers are waiting in long lines to get through the door. and once they got inside, many found almost all of the house hold supplies they wanted were sold out. military supply stores also seeing a rise in demand for ready-to-eat meals. >> they're definitely afraid.
5:38 am
hand just in case. the food supply is disrupted by the virus. people don't want to go shopping and be around other people. >> and, gun dealers also seeing a rise in sales because of the pandemic. those gun dealers say people typically run out to buy weapons at a time of crisis and uncertainty. well, as the spread of the coronavirus continues, state and local leaders want to ensure the state of your physical and emotional health. nonemergency support line for anyone who needs to reach out for personal stress support. we have more information on these free resources on our website some passengers on a flight to oakland were greeted with hand sanitizer and a smile. this is from a southwest airlines plane in denver earlier this week. the airline is encouraging passengers to bring their own hand sanitizers as a personal precaution. >> sanitizer is like gold.
5:39 am
>> it's crazy. many people you don't like the fragrance kinds and purell. >> sal, we made our own at home. if you take aloe vera gel and the 99% alcohol. it doesn't smell as bad. >> you can also just wash your hands with soap and water. >> do that a lot. we do have a crash on the way to the san mateo bridge and that would be causing slow traffic now for kind of a long way. all the way back to 880. that is westbound 92 before the toll plaza. so give yourself plenty of extra time. but the best thing is if you can, avoid using the san mateo bridge. the dumbarton bridge looks so good. on a day like today, you do have other options. you do have the commute on 237 which looks good if you want to get across and, also, you have the bay bridge. if you can avoid the san mateo bridge for now until they clear
5:40 am
that crash it will be better. once they clear it, traffic volume out there is light. it will be cooler. fog is flying up the coast in advance of a system to the north. we actually have two. the one to the south and the fog is impacting much of the coast. but the change will be over the weekend. noticeably cooler. the rain will pick up off and on into sunday. this will be a sierra event though. more so than a rain event for us. better opportunity for rain next week. a lot of it closer towards us. either way, there's going to be a tremendous amount of mountain snow. anywhere from 4' to 6' above 7 7,000'. just through sunday evening. so if you have to travel, by saturday afternoon i think it's going to be pretty tough. winter storm watch will eventually become a warning.
5:41 am
a warning means it is. that's right. 25" to 45" of snow above 7,000'. you can see the fog not much and then the last few images, there it goes. it's flying. that's the system that will impact us for the weekend. 60s on the temps. we're below average for some. we've been dry and very warm. southern california still dealing with that low down in l.a. and san diego. 40s and 50s on most of the temps. the big story for today is the ramp up for the fog and then the rain on the weekend into next week with a ton of mountain snow. not only tahoe but also up to shasta and eventually this system will work its way towards southern california and arizona with another system this time next week. things are changing here. it's all coming together as advertised should be impressive. i'll look for big changes over
5:42 am
the weekend. dozens of san jose firefighters off duty now. they may be infected with the coronavirus. up next, the new rules now in place to make sure firefighters and the public are safe. >> plus, a report in oakland caught on camera. the unlikely duo police are now looking for.
5:43 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's now 5:44. a top government official from brazil who attended events with president trump last weekend is now quarantined for testing positive for the coronavirus. take a look. that official is seen in an instagram photo. he's to the right standing next to president trump. the white house said both president trump and vice president mike pence had almost no interaction with that official. as of now, neither the president nor the vice president will be tested or self-quarantined. four san jose firefighters have been tested positive for the virus. and now are off the job. now the first case was reported at station 9 in the almaden section of san jose. he's a firefighter who lives in long beach in southern california but comes up here to san jose for work. he is being treated at a hospital in his hometown.
5:46 am
his case quickly led to three more cases. >> because our firefighters work in teams and they train together and eat together and sleep in the same areas, they are at risk for possible exposure. >> we are delivering services. what we're trying to do is also take care of our firefighters and keep them away if there's any chance of them infecting the public. >> officials have all under gone deep cleaning and disinfecting treatment. . the oakland fire department is taking every precaution to protect firefighters from the virus. some of the first responders will be wearing scrubs, gloves, protective eye wear and masks. oakland fire shared this image and told people don't be alarmed if the added level of protection. our time is 5:46. the san francisco's public defender's office now asking to cut back on arrests in non violent cases. public defender mano raju wrote
5:47 am
a letter to police chief bill scott to make sure people who are being detained are not being exposed. he went on to say to tell officers to reduce all unnecessary contact with the community by not citing people for violations of municipal infractions by stopping citations and arrests for low level misdemeanors that don't pose a public safety risk, and, also, to suspend additional arrests unless there's a clear and present danger of imminent physical harm. a dozen people are now in custody in the suspected laptop theft ring. officers recovered more than 2,000 laptops and phones with an estimated value of 1.5 million 00-0000. $1.5 $.5 million. they also reeed stolen cars.
5:48 am
>> we want the word to get out there for these criminals. if you're going to steal laptops don't come to fremont and the bay area because we're going to go after you wherever you are. >> this is directly related to the high number of car break- ins in the fremont area. the helicopter crew took these photos last saturday night. it shows officers breaking up four large side shows in the cities of brentwood and antioch. officers made three arrests, impounded 55 cars and issued 60 citations for reckless driving. time is 5:48. let's see what's happening on the roads right now. sal castaneda is right here. >> we have a slowing approaching the san mateo bridge. the only thing about this is there are good alternates because the rest of the commute is light. we have an injury crash that's
5:49 am
blocking several lanes right before the toll plaza and traffic is backed up now beyond 880 and on to 880 here. you can see heading south it is going to be slow. even if you're not driving through the san mateo bridge, you're going to have to weave through some slow traffic. dumbarton bridge is a good alternate. south bay commute is off to a nice start and the bay bridge is looking good. if you can avoid using the san mateo bridge, you'll save yourself a lot of time. even going a long way around you'll save yourself time. dough have options. 5:49. let's bring steve in with today's weather. today's weather will be cooler as the fog is roaring up the coast. as the direction of the wind turns more south southeast. into early next week. still had warm temps yesterday. mid 70s. san jose, livermore, santa rosa, even oakland downtown. low to mid. rain returns at least light
5:50 am
rain if not late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we'll continue off and on and into the weekend. the big news for the weekend looks to be more sierra snow. now, for rain, it will be okay. compared to what we've had this year. it will be great. as we go into not only sunday but early next week you're seeing 1" amounts or higher. more than that as we go into monday and tuesday. the sierra is set up for what looks to be almost prime time. this is the best event all be winter long. that's late sunday into monday. late tuesday will be more. winter storm watch is out if you have to travel. i must. 50 or 80. go today or early saturday. by saturday afternoon, evening they'll shut down 50 or 80. the fog you can see flying up the coast in advance of that. there's still a system in southern california. that low needs to get kicked along.
5:51 am
but if you're going to los angeles today or even down towards the san joaquin valley. look at that there's rain in there. las vegas not that anybody's really going. phoenix even though there's no spring training but even san diego and the desert and the rain getting rain for today. it's a cold core system. so a possibility of thunderstorms exist on sunday into monday as you get some of this cold unstable air. the days are longer, angle the sun a little higher as you know. 50s, 60s on your temps. tomorrow will set the stage for what looks to be a pretty big change for us. not this weekend and into early next week, dave, there will be a lot going on. sal . south korea suffered the biggest epidemic outside of china. research shows the country may be on the mend. >> and, bay area school
5:52 am
districts has a lot of parents scrambling trying to figure out what they're going to do for child care. >> but first, the impact the coronavirus is having on businesses in the wine country who depend on tourism. with over 75 years of savings and service, geico is the easy choice. we could even help you with homeowners... oh! not again! oh, thanks!
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♪[ music ] ♪ we asked people to send us song requests of songs that make them happy. let me reiterate. it doesn't have to be a song about happy, being happy. any song that makes you happy. so we've had some tough times. it's been kind of a brave new world. go ahead and send me your song requests. thank you, for this song. hit me up on social media. facebook, instagram, and twitter. don't worry, thank yo back to you. time is now 5:55. in florida, the walt disney resort plans to close until the end of the month. the disney parks in florida will stay open until sunday just to give visitors enough time to make their travel plans. disneyland and california adventure will close tomorrow
5:56 am
morning through the end of the month. >> i think the health and safety of the guests and employees is the most important thing. i respect what they're doing. >> now, many california theme parks announced temporary closures after the governor recommended the gatherings of 250 or more people be cancelled statewide. in san francisco, the walt disney family museum in the presidio had already been closed because of the coronavirus. now they're saying one of their employees tested positive for the virus after a relative also contracted the virus. the disney museum will be closed at least until march 20th. and the bay area's wine country, weddings, spernl events, it's a big economy there. ktvu's business. >> reporter: the napa and sonoma valleys are perhaps two of the biggest wedding capitals
5:57 am
in the united states and not even a coronavirus has been able to put a damper on that, at least, not yet. >> so far so good. >> reporter: the winery in st. helena has booked 60 weddings between now and october this year. the first one is in late april most likely in this garden area or courtyard. >> we're still anticipating that we'll have a good wedding season. >> reporter: event planners also say all their weddings are still on, but they are talking to their clients about the coronavirus. >> many people know they should anticipate a reduction in head count. not significant but there could be one, and that all the vendors and all the community's working together to make sure things will be properly sanitized. >> reporter: while people are still booking weddings in the area, the wineries are seeing another huge drop off in another area, corporate events. >> the april and may events are
5:58 am
going away and they're looking back into august, september, october, november for a rescheduling. >> well the corporate events are saying we just are prevented from traveling. most of them are corporate directives. >> reporter: the financial effects in the area are jaw dropping. one caterer alone reports a loss of $400,000 in cancelled corporate business not to mention hotels, restaurantings, and potential jobs. still, life does go on. the coronavirus did not keep these people from the tasting rooms. >> i'm definitely not changing my life. i came to wind taste, and i had a great time. >> reporter: 's a share of wild fires, floods, and droughts, but now a pandemic painting an increasingly uncertain picture by the day. in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. time is 5:58. the bay area concert promoter golden voice cancelled all shows through the end of the
5:59 am
month after the governor's executive order cancelled gatherings of more than 250 people. slims, great american music hall and the snoesz civic center. they're hoping to reschedule as many shows as possible or give a refund if the shows are cancelled. meantime, the monterey bay aquarium is shutting down. nonessential staff and volunteers are being asked to work remotely. reschedule their visit or give them a refund. the u.s. is preparing for more cases of the coronavirus. lawmakers in washington consider a bill to provide emergency relief. >> and, the pandemic has people running to stores, searching for supplies. we'll tell you what stores are doing to deal with the panic. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2.
6:00 am
>> well, good morning. thank you, for joining ugs. welcome, to mornings on 2. do you believe it's friday the 13th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. many of you might be staying at home. >> i am the next two days. >> you're going to be at home the next two days. cooler today if ready for the rain over the weekend. 60s today instead of yesterday when we had 70s. even oakland hadset 1. big drop from santa rosa to 77. 62 will be the rain and the snow. mainly the mountain snow which will be measured in feet by the time we meet again and it will be noticeably cooler around here as well. fog not much. it's really making a move. still rain in l.a. from that system down there in southern california. if you have travel plans there today, that's


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