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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 13, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> well, good morning. thank you, for joining ugs. welcome, to mornings on 2. do you believe it's friday the 13th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. many of you might be staying at home. >> i am the next two days. >> you're going to be at home the next two days. cooler today if ready for the rain over the weekend. 60s today instead of yesterday when we had 70s. even oakland hadset 1. big drop from santa rosa to 77. 62 will be the rain and the snow. mainly the mountain snow which will be measured in feet by the time we meet again and it will be noticeably cooler around here as well. fog not much. it's really making a move. still rain in l.a. from that system down there in southern california. if you have travel plans there today, that's our system that
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will plan our weekend. highs below average. kind of a rarity over the last five, six weeks. sal castaneda's here now. hayward we have a lot of slow traffic. so the area of hayward is an area for you to avoid in the car right now. westbound 92 and also southbound 880. so this whole area here 92 and 880 has been slow because of a crash before the san mateo bridge on 92 and, also, a crash on southbound 880. >> you know what this reminds also the richmond or the me of? here in the bay area, we have a dumbarton bridge are doing very radio station. 102.9. the quiet store. well and i suggest them as >> yeah. still, listening to that station north 1310 kdi x. alternates 6:01. let's go back to the desk. anyway josi, thank you. health officials are trying to keep up with the new cases of the coronavirus. >> johns hopkins university is - featuring frankie beverly. send us your happy songs that tracking the cases this morning. there are more than 135,000 make you happy. send us your songs. use the hashtag ktvu on confirmed cases. 69,000 people have recovered.
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almost 5,000 people have died. here in the u.s., there are now facebook, twitter or instagram. more than 16 cases nationwide. much obliged. time now, 6:58. starbucks warning customers, many locations may switch to drive-through or mobile only orders. starbucks is also considering washington state has the most limiting seating to improve cases 367. only three states have no social distancing. confirmed cases. now the number of bay area coronavirus cases keeps going up. santa clara county now reports the company's ceo said starbucks will close the store temporarily as a last resort up they feel it is in the best 66 confirmed cases. interest of customers. also, chipotle is reacting to that's up 18 from wednesday. santa clara county has the most here in california. san francisco reported four customer concerns. more cases. beginning this sunday, chipotle will offer free food delivery for online orders over $10. food will also be packaged with almeda county reports four more the seal to make sure it wasn't tampered with en route. cases and statewide four people have died. today, the house of at this free delivery service representatives is expected to will be good through the end of vote on a bipartisan coronavirus emergency relief the month. the wine industry is bill. raising bracing for possible it calls for free testing, paid impacts from the coronavirus. sick leave and other expanded benefits. >> it's about putting people the city to a winery in st. helena has 60 weddings booked between april and october. and families first. so everybody could have a the winery says none have been complaint about this or that. canceled, but three couples have moved their dates to later
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in the year. i say save it for another day. >> republicans will not play politics. we're not going to criticize and sit back. event planners say all the we're going to work to make weddings are still on, but they this right. are talking to their clients >> now, if the bill passes in about the coronavirus. the house, it goes to the senate next week. some grocery stores having >> we are letting people know they should anticipate a a really hard time keeping up reduction in headcount. not necessarily significant, but there could be one. with demand as more and more and that all the vendors and customers are coming in and they're panic buying. all the community is working together to make sure that things will be properly ktvu's alyssa harington joining us. you're at a safeway store in sanitized. >> one place where wineries, caterers, hotels and restaurants are seeing a steep walnut creek. so what was it like? drop off, corporate events. did you go inside? >> i did go inside. - fiers grow over the this safeway opened at 5:00 a.m. people at this safeway are working really hard. i saw workers in almost every pandemic. what one of the nation's top experts is warning, the crisis will get worse before it gets aisle trying to restock the shelves. i did see some empty shelves when it comes to children's medicine. better. not a lot of cleaning supplies >> concerns about the virus like hand soap. the bottled water aisle was forcing some people to run the stores clear out the shows with pretty empty and a lot of many stores around the bay people buying pasta and pasta area. we will find out how some sauce. grocery stores are trying to but, again, employees in there keep up with the demand.
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more and more schools restocking the shelves and one across the bay area are woman i talked to inside said canceling class in hopes of keeping their students from early in the morning is the being exposed. we are live in the east bay best time to come because that is when they restock. with what parents are doing in their last-minute scramble for i also got to tell you i saw childcare. from ktvu fox 2 news , one woman inside who was panicking. she was wearing a mask. this is mornings on 2. >> march 13. she had on gloves. she was pacing up and down the isles. she was looking for certain  types of soap and she was having a pretty hard time and good morning. i am dave clark. one of the employees was you are not superstitious? talking to her at the front and >> not at all. can be a great day. >> it's a she asked if she could buy the hand sanitizer that they have at the counter when you are paying for your groceries. so there are some people that are having a harder time than others. this coronavirus outbreak has led to school closures. more and more people are working from home and there's that overall concern of how long all of this will last. many people want to be prepared if they are forced to stay home for an extended period of time. costco stores have been so packed that shoppers can't get in the doors and it's common to see empty shelves.
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military surplus stores are also seeing a rise in demand. victory store in vallejo people are buying things like camping gear. >> they're definitely afraid. they want to have something on hand just in case the food supply is disrupted by the virus. people don't want to go shopping or be around other people. . >> reporter: many retailers have put limits on some of those items that are hard to come by like soaps, cleansers, masks, and toilet paper. alyssa harington, ktvu fox 2 news. health agencies nationwide increasing afterr efforts to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. but one of the nation's top experts warns the crisis will get worse before it gets better and says immediate action is needed now to slow down the rise if had new cases. >> the purpose and the goal of both containment and mitigation is to instead of making it go up like that, blunt it so it goes like that.
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you're never going to suppress it completely. >> now the experts say social distancing, that's the key for slowing down the virus. that will prevent hospitals from being flooded with patients. several large bay area school districts will shut down starting monday. many won't open until april and many parents are now scrambling to deal with all of this. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us now in hercules with more on that. allie. >> reporter: we're outside alony elementary school here in hercules. this is one of dozens of schools in the west contra costa county school district that will be closed starting at noon today. it joins the list of a lot of districts around the bay area announcing school closures. west contra costa county is one of them. berkeley high will be closed today with berkeley public
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elementary schools closing starting next week. read reed union school district is on a minimum day today. and san mateo union high school district is closing as well. that's in addition to yesterday san francisco unified school district announced it will close all of its school districts for the next three weeks. here in contra costa there are no cases of the coronavirus. as a precaution, the district is cancelling in-person classes. the students will get out of class around noon today followed by three weeks when students won't be on campus. >> we've also moved up our spring break from the week of april 6th. it will now be the week of march march 30th so there will be three weeks in a row where our students will be out of school. . >> reporter: now, for the first two weeks of the closures, students in 2nd through 12th grade will get school work to take home. we're told they will get
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continued instruction from teachers online. the district will also offer free meals to students who need them that their families will be able to pick up between 11:00 and 1:00 p.m. through most days on the campus. contra costa school district include the city of hercules, richmond, san pablo and palo alto. >> good those families can get those food services. you can also get complete and in-depth coverage of the coverage on the every day between 10:00 and noon we're live streaming that and on our facebook page talking to medical experts and getting the very latest information. >> a lot of good information sal castaneda has some good information with what's happening on our roads. >> that's right. there's an area for you to avoid and that would be on
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hayward westbound 92. 92 westbound and also 880 southbound. kind of a double whammy here. so this whole area has been slow and this is a good area for you to avoid. happily, you can avoid it if you use the dumbarton bridge across. or if you're on mission after industrial parkway you can just get on and avoid all that and the rest of the commute is cooperating with you. you can see that the peninsula traffic looks good and also 680 out of pleasanton looks good. let's say if you want to come this way, you can just go this way instead. south bay commute is off to a nice start, we don't have any major problems. bay bridge toll plaza just a little bit of slowing but not much. cooler is the weather word for friday. fog is moving up the coast rapidly in advance of a system which will be here over the weekend and into early next week as well. yesterday , we talked about how
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coast and bay would cool off a little bit but inland would still be warm and they were. but not today. 15 degrees for santa rosa. san francisco today 59, 51. they were 62 yesterday as forecast. sometimes it works out. average is 62, 49. close. ; but a little low on that high. the record low 40 way back 1880. we have rain returning saturday and that will take us off and monday could be a better rain day for us. the sierra snow. let's take a look at our rainfall projections over the weekend. i'm sierra model the gfs is not this wet. mount shasta truckee and lake tahoe. by the time you get to wednesday, 4" of truckee
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liquid. that's 48" of snow approximately. same for tahoe, mount shasta not as much but still pretty impressive. and if you are going up it will become a winter storm warning. they will be measuring it in feet as we head towards sunday and monday and down to about 3,000'. fog's the story today. look at l.a., they are in the rain. same can be said if by chance you're going there. that's our system and, now, it's on its way and it's going to be a slow mover. the fog goes flying up the coast. it's going to spell a cooler pattern for everybody today. 50s and 60s on the temps. into most of next week and maybe even in the next seven to ten days. rain promised. testing for the coronavirus is now a big concern. up next, the new tests that could screen patients ten times faster than what doctors have
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been using. >> and the pandemic is also forced event planners to postpone or cancel everything from concerts to pro sports. some of the events that are still on for now and where the organizers are reconsidering.
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♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair. welcome back to mornings on 2. a medical team from china is in italy this morning to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic. now the team includes intensive care specialists and nurses who
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helped manage the crisis in china. in italy, they have more than 1,000 cases. south korea reported today it now has more recoveries than new infections since the coronavirus began in january. it's raising hopes that the war may be over in asia's biggest epidemic. at least 70 people have died in south korea. among 8,000 cases. the new restrictions limiting travel from most of europe to the united states will take effect tonight at midnight. at airports in europe there's fear if uncertainty. americans are scrambling to get flights back here to the u.s. president trump announced restriction on air travels from 26 countries from the european union to the united states.
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>> we're here at the ticket counter trying to make sure we can get back to america. >> i i wasn't expecting this drastic of a change. so we are anxiously ready to get back home now. >> now, the restrictions do not apply to u.s. citizens, legal, permanent resides or immediate family of u.s. zits. the trump administration is asking travelers coming back to the u.s. from europe to voluntarily self-quarantine for 14 days. air tralers are also being asked to keep certain items out of the tsa security bins. they want to limit the spread of the coronavirus by telling passengers not to put phones or wallets and keys in those security bins. instead, put them inside of carry-on luggage. also they say wash your hands before and after you walk through the security check points. a conservation group in asia says face masks are washing up on beaches. now the group oceans asia shared this video of a beach in hong kong with dirty masks
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among other trash. authority its in asia have encourageded the use of face masks while the u.s. and europe said the masks should not be used. masks should only be used if you're sick and only . the threat of the coronavirus is dropping the performances. se lean dion. jason aldean just a few shows affected this month. they announced they will suspend events beginning this weekend. olympics organizers in japan say they have no plans to postpone the up coming games after president trump suggest they be postponed for a year. he couldn't see having the olympics with no spectators and
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suggested maybe they should postpone it for a year. but the international olympic committee says the games will open as scheduled on july 24th. plans are still in place to hold the can film festival in may. the president's of the film festival says they'll cancel if the coronavirus gets worse. but now he says he's reasonableably optimistic. and the wwe says wrestle mania 36 will go on as planned april 5th in tampa, florida. the wwe says it will have contingency plans in place. the wwe says that the health and safety of fans, performers and employees are the top priority. more than 70,000 people are expected to attend. all right. 6:18 is the time. back over to sal castaneda to
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check this in on traffic. we saw this clear san mateo bridge and then something happened yeah. the crashes that we talked about are being cleared up but it still left its mark on the freeways. westbound 92 and also southbound 880. we've had slow traffic because of two separate accidents. one approaching the toll plaza of the san mateo bridge right before the toll plaza and the other one at tennison road. one of them has completely cleared and the other one should be gone from the lanes. happifully you do have an alternate route and the dumbarton bridge looks pretty good all the way to the peninsula if you do want to use that. and at the bay bridge we already have a little bit of a back up here. nothing too major. at 6:19. let's bring steve in here. 40s, 50s on the temps. that starts today being the
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cool down. s today. and they won't probably a week 62 today. are you sure about that. yes. this kind of a pattern when they get a south wind and the fog is up the coast that is a cool pattern. parts of marin county as well. san jose down, livermore down. and oakland down. the city 59, 51. so below average at least on the high side which is 62 and 2 above on the low record. 82 in 2011 and 40 in 1880. the record low rain returns saturday and it will go off and on and into the weekend. the bigger story is the sierra snow. it looks like a classic setup for them. for us, rain will be okay but may even pick up more so on monday and tuesday. but for mountain travel if you can go today great, otherwise you're probably not going to make it. you're seeing 4" liquid here
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for truckee and south lake tahoe. you're talking 40 to 40 plus inches of snow by the time they get to next tuesday and wednesday. mount shasta not as much. i'd be shocked if they didn't close down 50 and 80 by the time we get to sunday. that's some of the pronlss projections late sunday into monday. down about 3,000'. fog's the big story today. man, l.a. is lit up. also snow in some of the higher elevations. but in the high desert. mission vialljo. some of you may still be going. it's a little quieter but it will continue to be off and on rain for the veekd. weekend and it's going to be with us for a little while. average highs are a little
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below and are going to stay there not only for the weekend but into early next week. possible thunderstorms too. 6:21 is the time. oil prices at their lowest levels in more than 10 years. coming up, the reason the coronavirus is just part of the drop. >> and, some employees at one of the more prominent bakeries in the bay area. continue their efforts to unionize the demands they want from their employer.
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♪[ music ] ♪ do i have to say who this is or do you already know? >> i already know. >> you already know. this song requested by tony. also happens to be one of my favorite its. when i look at the requests, i look at songs i like. our viewers have pretty great taste. so these are songs that make you happy. doesn't have to be a song about being happy. it's a song that makes you happy. >> all right. >> and this one by loend skynard is a good one.
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just use the hashtag ktvu on facebook, instagram, or twitter and send me a song. employees at tartine bakery are expected to unionize today. voted in favor of the union yesterday. mission local reports 89 workers voted yesterday. 84 voted no. now the workers are hoping for higher wages and paid time off. law enforcement agencies in contra costa county have released photos of a major side show crackdown. a helicopter took these photos last nielt. it shows officers breaking up four large side shows. officers made three arrests, impounded 55 cars and issued 60 citations for reckless driving. oakland's new city administrator has taken the oath of office. last year, he worked in richmond in the same role.
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before that, he served as lafayette's city manager for 23 years, then resigned after the community refused his request to build more housing. it's now 6:26. lost work during the coronavirus means many people could have trouble paying their bills. up next, pg&e's plan to help its customers. >> and how internet providers are planning for that big increase in people spending time online.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. and, there's the opening bell. they finally ran out of companies wanting to ring the bell. it's not a great time to be there celebrating on the new york stock exchange. today, the numbers are expected to go higher. we want to take you there live. these five point swings seem to be the usual for this week. up this morning almost 6%. 1,200 points on the dow but of course it lost more than 2,000 yesterday. single worst day of trading since 1987. the federal reserve has pledged $1.5 trillion in short term  funding. volatility continues. it's really not expected to calm down for the most part. i think wall street waiting for an effective treatment. >> right.
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>> and a vaccine. >> more action by the government. >> exactly. >> watching the numbers of all your news on today's dollars and cents. thank you, for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> and, good morning. i'm dave clark. steve paulson is here. the snow is coming. >> yeah. >> i was just going to ask how much rain will we get here? >> maybe .5" to 1" of rain. the fog is just roaring up the coast here. temperatures will be cooler. rain returns on saturday. it will be off and on for us over the weekend. but the mountains they will be dealing with a lot of snow and it may stack up there pretty heavy. for us, the fog is moving up the coast. that's going to lead to a much cooler pattern. there is the system. that will play into our weather not only over the weekend but wednesday into next week. it's a slow mover. 50s and 60s on the temps. san mateo bridge at one time.
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is that better, sal? a little better. we also have people out on the bay bridge who have heard about the san mateo bridge and it is slow. the san mateo bridge approach is getting slightly better because they have moved the crash to the shoulder and 880 as well. but, you still see a lot of slow traffic there. dumbarton bridge good alternate route there as you drive west back to the bay. . now, the coronavirus is now in 120 countries. johns hopkins university tracking the latest numbers this morning. there are more than 135,000 confirmed cases around the world. 69,000 people have recorpsed. nearly 5,000 people have died. here in the u.s., we've been tracking the number of cases. more than 1,600 cases of the coronavirus now. the state of washington has the most cases with 457.
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that's followed by new york. there are 328 cases there. only three states have no confirmed cases there in the dark color on your map. the number of new coronavirus cases continues to rise here in the bay area. santa clara county now has 66 confirmed cases up from 16 reported on wednesday. the most of any county in california. 4 new cases in san francisco. four people have died in california. officials are learning about a new test that has just been approved. one test can be administered to more than 4,100 patients a day. another can test nearly 1,500 a day. our time is 6:33. around the bay area and around the country, people are panic buying worried about how long
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the coronavirus outbreak will last. ktvu's alyssa harington is at a safeway store in walnut creek with more on what it's been like out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this safeway is very busy for 6:30 a.m. it opened at 5:00 and there were already people waiting in the parking lot to get inside. there was one woman who i saw this morning, she was wearing a mask and gulfs and looking for a certain type of soap and was getting pretty upset. these are some pictures i took inside the store. they were also low on bottled water. low on children's medicine is and i could not find any hand soap. i got a chance to speak with a shopper who got here early. i asked her what she was looking for. >> basically lisol spray. tp. some extra tp and just some of
6:35 am
the necessities. i can't even think straight. it's like milk, eggs, cheese, i have two boys so i need to make sure we're well stocked with all the foods for the weekend and into next week. but i would say it's the lysol spray, the bleach and things of that nature that were hard to come by. >> reporter: and how would you say you're feeling this morning? >> it's surreal. that's probably the best way to describe it. i've been commuting into the city all week. i know that bart has been light in terms of commuters and just being more diligent with making sure my family's washing our hands and taking every precaution to stay healthy and safe. but i would say the temperaturerment around the bay area and other places in the country it's just a surreal feeling. . >> reporter: military surplus stores are also seeing a rise in demand. at victory stores in vallejo people have been buying camping
6:36 am
gear and guns. and many retailers have put limits on the number of items per purchase on things like nasings, gloves, and overthe counter medicine. i want to tell you another thing about this safeway. when i was inside this morning employees were really hard at work. they had boxes on every single aisle. so many shoppers are coming in at a time and clearing those shelves you know it's got to be difficult. alyssa harington, ktvu fox 2 news. time is 6:36. pg&e says it will not turn off the power to customer who is pay their bills late during this pandemic. pg&e said that last night. they plan to leave the lights on for all residential customers during this crisis. also pg&e will offer flexible payment plans to customers facing tough economic problems due to the virus. and, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, at&t and comcast are extending data caps
6:37 am
for all at-home internet subscribers. more people are staying at home or they're working from home and the companies are the first providers to extend caps for those who don't already have unlimited access. comcast has also increased the speed of their internal essentials plan aimed at low income earners. four san jose firefighters have tested positive for the coronavirus and dozens more are off the job due to possible exposure. the first case was reported at station 9 in the almedan section. he lives in long beach in southern california but comes up to san jose for work. officials say he is being treated at a hospital in his hometown. his case quickly led to three other cases. >> because our firefighters work in teams and they train together and they eat together and sleep in the same areas, they are at risk for possible exposure. >> we are delivering services.
6:38 am
we're trying to take care of our firefighters. get them well and back to service and keep them away if there's any chance of infecting the public. >> now, officials say station 9 and all other facilities have undergone deep cleaning and disinfecting treatments and are all operational. as you know bay area schools are affected by the coronavirus situation. some of the bigger school districts are shutting down. starting monday, san francisco schools will be closed for three weeks and we just found out that the san mateo, foster city unified school district cloeszed until april 3rd. classes in the contra costa county school district will be closed tomorrow. all schools will be shut down for three weeks. you can find a list of these schools that are closed right at the bottom of your screen. we also have a list on our website and on our weather app.
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also, we hope you'll join us today after mornings on 2 for continuing coverage of the coronavirus. every weekday beginning at 10:00 a.m., our team of reporters, medical experts and officials will address your concerns about the outbreak. our live stream begins at 10:00 a.m. on and on facebook and you can also find it on >> a lot of really great information there. it's a tough time right now. sal, i want to remind everybody. sal's traffic jams. songs that make you happy. i think a lot of people will get in the car and turn on some nice music. >> i think it's important to have a convergence. and then you listen to your favorite song or something like that. this is a look at the bay bridge if if you're trying to get into san francisco. i'm going to show you that traffic is backed up all the way out to the maze. there have been no major problems onto the bridge. going to the san mateo bridge,
6:40 am
we had an earlier crash right near the toll plaza. they've cleared stuff to the shoulder but the damage is done. there was also a crash on 880 at tennison. so what was causing the traffic still may be activity on the shoulder that has people looking. people drive by and look. this is a look at the dumbarton bridge. a little bit of slowing at the toll plaza and then the rest of the commute looks good. a lot of campuses in the south bay have workers working from home and that has made the commute very light. 6:40. let's bring steve paulson back in here. >> sal, do have you satellite radio? ? >> yes i do. >> rerun to johnny carson if you want to laugh. >> i've been on the classic rock channel lately just going back to some of the classic rock i love. >> there you go and rewind deep tracks all good stuff. thank you, sir. . but i was telling dave the
6:41 am
other day i was just laughing. we do have a change in our weather. it's a low cloud deck today but toyota tahoe report and finally we have some good news here. it may be too much of a good thing and we'll take that compared to what we have had all winter. heavy snow. i seriously do you think that travel will be possible by the time we get to sunday morning or sunday night. so once everything's said and done, they're going to measure this in feet. winter storm watch is out now. it will eventually be a warning. i would not be surprised even if a blizzard warning is issued. the projection through next tuesday, wednesday is for 3' to 5'. not as much. shasta will be closed. but look at the bulls eye over truckee and south lake tahoe. we're talking 50" of snow nearly. just incredible amounts. we'll get rain, but this looks like a big time setup for the
6:42 am
sierra nevada. our best rain may occur late sunday into monday. it doesn't mean we won't get rain, but they will get a lot of mountain snow. maybe down to 3,000' as well. highs will be in the 50s. we'll get some rain in the sierra snow. temps on their way down and they'll stay down there.' they'll cool off more than this as we go into the weekend with 50s on a lot of the temps. 40s and 50s. now the fog is moving up the coast in a turbo charge way. because the wind is turning south southeast. southern california is in the rain. i mean, from the high desert to l.a., long beach, all the way down to san diego. i know some of you have cancelled plans in las vegas and phoenix. it's going to be an active plan through the next couple of days. that system will be in here through next tuesday. 50s and 60s. temperatures below average and maybe even some thunderstorms as we head into sunday or early
6:43 am
next week. time is 6:42 a. a shake up at the top of san francisco bay's ecigarette company juul. the reason the cofounder resigned. >> and we'll tell you what chi chipotle is doing to help customers during the coronavirus outbreak. >> first, let's check in with gasia mikaelian with what's coming up next. >> the news that beloved actor that tom hanks has coronavirus this week caused many people to pause. now, his news is shedding light on another health condition hanks was already living with before the coronavirus. we'll tell you why so many are concerned. >> plus, bay area workers feeling the pinch of the coronavirus from layoffs to businesses closing their doors for now. we'll examine what's happening to many peoples' jobs and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are widening by the day. we'll be right back.
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it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair. all right. welcome back to mornings on 2. we want to take you right back live to that big board. because we've been watching wall street. thousand point swings has been
6:47 am
the usual occurrence this week. most volatile week ever on record. a live look at the dow. it's up 3.25%. 681 points. that follows that huge loss yesterday. day since 1987. the s&p 500 also up 4% right now. the nasdaq up 3.5%. one stock, one restaurant stock doing really well. we were just talking about it. dominos pizza. i'll talk about that coming up in dollars and cents and we'll be watching the in your opinions for you this morning. oil prices set to finish out the week. investors are concerned with the demand. saudi arabia is flooding the market with low priced oil after the collapse of a price in agreement with russia last week. well, today, marks one
6:48 am
year since the boeing 737 max jet has been grounded around the world. that plane was grounded after two deadly crashes. more than 330 people were killed. boeing anticipates regulators may allow the plane to get back into service in the middle of the year. bloomberg is reporting boeing plans to draw down the full amount of an almost $14 billion 14 billion $14 billion loan to keep that company running ecigarette company juul's ce.o is stepping down venlt it has been the target of several lawsuits in recent years claiming the company is largely to blame for the surge in teenage vaping. chelsea manninthe former army intelligence analyst is out of jail now. saying her appearance before a grand jury is no longer needed. this comes a day after
6:49 am
manning's lawyer said she tried to kill herself in jail. she's been in jail last may before refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. she's been ordered to pay $265,000 in fines for refusing to testify. well, the head of the u.s. soccer federation abruptly resigned. there was a scandal tied to an equal pay battle l. carlos rivera stepped down last night. it required less skiel and effort to perform on the women's team compared to the men's team. cordaro says he's ultimately responsible for the language that's been called sexist and offensive by many. a man accused of robbing and harassing an elderly man last month in san francisco's bay view area will be in court today. this video shows a man threatened and another man takes the cans he had
6:50 am
collected. police say amerson also robbeded the same man of his recycling materials two months before that incident. just after 7:00 last night, a woman was jogging on the iron horse trail at tree boulevard when a man grabbed her from behind then ran off. this is the third time something like this has happened in that area. . our time is 6:50. police in fremont say almost a dozen people were arrested, accused in the suspected laptop theft ring. police say they recovered more than 2,000 laptops and phones valued at about 1.5 million 00- 0000. they also seized 250 thousand $250,000 in cash as well as several expensive cars that
6:51 am
were bought as stolen items. >> we want the word to get out there. don't come to fremont and don't come to the bay area because we're going to go after you wherever you are and police say this case is directly tied to the high number of car break-ins in the fremont area. 6:51. let's check in with sal castaneda for the friday morning commute. >> yeah. it's not completely light. there are people going places. i think that the bay bridge is looking rather normal for this time in the morning. it is backed up or about a 10- minute delay. sometimes on fridays we have it a little bit lighter and that will probably be the case later on. we had an earlier crash on the san mateo bridge and also an earlier crash on 880 in hayward. traffic is still slow. although, it is recovering and it's slowing into fremont. so there's congestion here but nothing that an extra 10 minutes can't get you through.
6:52 am
silicon valley commutes have been better since a lot of people in the valley are working from home. 6:51. let's bring steve paulson back in here. >> some fog has made its way into catotti and petaluma. 40s and 50s on the temps and fog is filling in rapidly along the coast. yesterday was probably the last day highs will be in the 70s for maybe awhile. and by that, i mean a week or so. all signs are pointing towards a pretty active pattern here for the next seven to ten days. rain returns saturday. it won't be a total wash out, but cooler, windy. some rain off and on. maybe a better opportunity for rain as we get to monday and tuesday. but this is all about the sierra. here's some of our rainfall projections. depends on what you look at. the gfs is what i'm using which has been superior by far. if you're a model writer you
6:53 am
know what i'm talking about. trust me. they've been very bullish. and boy are they ever for this year. winter storm watch. maybe even a blizzard warning by sunday. 25", maybe even 55" of snow possible. 32" but the liquid precipitation for truckee and tahoe if you translate it just using 1" of rain equals 10" of snow you're talking 50" of snow. up there mount shasta not as good but still pretty good all the way down to mammoth as well. fog is roaring up the coast. look at southern california. l.a., big bear is getting big time snow and then l.a. from malibu to long beach. that's also starting to wrap back into san diego. for some of you, i know spring training isn't happening but maybe some of you are going to
6:54 am
drive down to phoenix. rain will pick up for them as we go into later today and into tomorrow. that's our system for later on this weekend. and it's going to hang on for awhile probably on into tuesday. 50s and 60s. below average temperatures. possibility of thunderstorms as though low gets a little closer which is why i threw that in there sunday and monday. time is 6:54. concerns keep growing about the coronavirus. but what are americans more worried about? coming up in the next hour, we'll tell you if more americans are worried about their finances or their health. >> plus, a group of doctors suing the state of california over hot dogs, bacon, and corned beef. in the next hour, the changes those doctors are demanding. >> but first, how the mine industry is bracing for possible impacts from the coronavirus.
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