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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 13, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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president trump is about to address the nation on the coronavirus. he defected to declare a national emergency. what that would mean for the response to the virus and how many cases are confirmed in the united states. >> also, children told to stay home across the bay area paid the measures many schools are taking to make sure students are sick. also, what happens if you're forced to stay home from work because of the coronavirus. the ordinance just announced in santa clara county. it's designed to protect workers pay. the news and new starts now. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. that afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian.. qassem soleimani we take now to washington, d.c. president trump is about to hold a news conference tied to the coronavirus but the president is expected to declare a national emergency. as soon as he steps up to the microphone there, we will ring you his remarks live.
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in the united states right now, there are more than 1600 cases of coronavirus p in washington state has the most cases, 457. followed by new york with 328 cases. only three states have no confirmed cases and 41 people have died in the united states. after coming down with a virus but a number of new cases continues to rise. this morning, santa clara county reported that are now 79 confirmed cases in that county. that's an increase of 36, just this week. both inferences go and alameda counties reported four new cases yesterday, and for people have died across the state of california. several more major bay area district have announced they are closing the campuses in the neck several ways. all in response to concerns about virus in an effort to step up social distancing. d un it is closing its campuses for the next three weeks. we will bring you our reporter live in oakland tech, where students learned about the closure during morning class. >> reporter: about an hour after the student here learned
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about school closing, santa clara county public health official spoke and said they are canceling all public school classes in santa clara county. from march 16th until the first week of april. they are the latest in a growing list of bay area school district making the tough decision to close campuses and encourage that social distancing. here is the list we have so far. this is the latest list, the largest gold district. the dakota county public schools, oakland unified school district antioch unified, pittsburg unified, mount diablo, west contra costa, sanford cisco unified and now as well, in addition to other districts that may be announcing yesterday, millbury school district, and santa cruz. we spoke to students and parents at different bay area schools, they are facing closure coming up this week. the tallest reaction to this measure that health officials say may seem drastic but it is necessary to slow down the spread of covid-19. parents agreed with that, even
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students we talked to were in general agreement. >> like that's nice, i mean, it's also like concerning that all of the schools are closing down, due to this virus. it's scary, but we have to finish the day, but a lot of people are choosing to go home, because they are concerned. >> reporter: one of the concerns that initially prevented the district from closing down was concerned about whether students would be able to get meals and to have food to eat. a lot of students rely on free and reduced lunches at the school. oakland unified said the school district will be providing free bagged meals for any student under the age of 18, starting next week. you can pick up a couple bags of food every day. no questions asked. oakland unified school districts is going to have more information about this closure coming up at a news conference at 10:00. life out here at oakland tech high school, a lot of students
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we talked to this morning say that many students have gone home already after getting that announcement around 10:30 this morning there would be no school here coming up for the next three weeks. life in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the scribble is on by those children's parents as to what they are going to do. allie rasmus, live in oakland, thank you. across the bay here in santa cisco, glen park elementary and sanford cisco was shut down yesterday. this comes after seven students reported respiratory illness. the district says there are no confirmed cases of covid-19 at the school so far. health officials are investigating. the nation's second-largest district of the closing as well. los angeles unified announced that decision this morning after a closed door meeting. more than 600,000 students will be affected by this closure, which is set to start on monday. a major concern here for the parents has been providing food and childcare for students. 80% of the students rely on the
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district for discounted or free meals. it will also impact teachers and other support staff, l.a. unified is the second-largest employer in los angeles. as of right now, class is set to resume on april 16 structure about 30 mins ago the santa clara county health department announces binning of inset attract more than 100 people. san jose city council members and community leaders introduced plans for a paid sick leave ordinance. the proposed ordinance would give everyone who works at least two hours in san jose the ability to accrue up to 80 hours of paid sick time each year. during a health emergency, employees would also get additional stick time to cover work hours during a 14 day period. santa clara county has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state of california. as of now, no city in the county has enacted paid sick leave ordinances. >> every day that we wait, every day that passes where many of our workers have to choose between following the guidelines set out by the cdc
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to combat the spread of this virus, and making sure they can put food on their table, we put countless volatile lives at stake. >> the proposed ordinance will be voted on by a committee next wednesday. then it can go to a full vote on march 24th. just a short time ago, how speaker nettie pelosi announced the families first coronavirus response act. it focuses on providing support to families airing a health crisis. >> our legislation secures paid leave with two weeks of paid sick leave and family medical needs for those affected by the virus. and for those who lose their jobs, strengthening unemployment insurance, a critical step to protect worker's economic security. >> the legislation would provide free testing for anyone who needs it, including the uninsured. the houses that still need to be approved by the senate. the new restrictive limiting travel for most of
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europe to the u.s. take effect at midnight tonight. the fear and uncertainty in airports as american scribble to get back complaints to the united state. president trump announced restrictions on air travel from 26 countries in the european union to the united states. these restrictions do not apply to u.s. citizens, legal permanent residents or immediate family of u.s. citizens. the administration is asking travelers returning to the u.s. from europe to voluntarily quarantine for 14 days. the capitol hill and white house to close their doors to the public. more and more employees are being told to toward paid lawmakers are still trying to hammer out a deal to help americans and businesses are feeling the impact of the coronavirus. lauren blanchard picks it up from there. >> my own philosophy is better to do more than less. the trouble is, some people say if you do all that, you will ruin the economy. we need to not worry about that. >> reporter: health experts continue to warn us how the covid-19 outbreak will impact american health systems. economy and way of life. >> we have a lot of stuff in the truth strategic national
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stockpile. even that can get overwhelmed when you have a major outbreak. >> reporter: congress grappling with how to ease the economic toll. republicans do not like the current form of how democrats proposed bill and what their own ideas added. president trump tweeting if you want to get money into the hands of people quickly and efficiently, let them have the full money that they earned. approve a payroll tax cut until the end of the year. but democrats are not on board with a payroll tax cut. according to a letter from speaker nancy pelosi to members, here is where they agree. three coronavirus testing, paid emergency leave, enhanced unemployment insurance, strengths and food security initiatives, and increased federal funds for medicaid. >> we resolved most of our differences, and those we haven't we will continue the conversation. there will be other bills. >> now the weight is onto cfn when they come to an agreement and what the price tag will be.
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>> i think there's going to be a vote today. i think the leadership once to get everybody out of town. >> reporter: a handful of lawmakers are in self quarantine after interactions with people who have tested positive for the virus. president trump has not been tested, even though he has been in close proximity with some of those lawmakers. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you will find a coverage at, in addition to articles and video from across the country you will find our daily lifestream and live digital broadcast every day beginning at 10:00 a.m. a major announcement by the santa clara of the barman, the emergency orders just announce that will limit to just 100. the coronavirus is creating some panic, a look at long lines and stores across the bay area as people rushed to stock up on supplies. outside our doors this afternoon, a cooler for some as we await the bay area rain and sierra snow coming our way for the weekend. details after the break.
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about 50 minutes ahead of the close, stocks have been on the plus side of things all day long, we have nothing numbers in a while, dow jones up by three in two thirds of a present gaining 750+ points. as in p up by more than three and happy the nasdaq is up by 3 1/4. this all in the huge nosedive we saw yesterday. a drop we had not seen in 30 years. coronavirus fears are impacting the u.s. and global economies as the stock market. in the u.s. stock markets have lost a quarter of the recent peak value but experts say there are some major differences to what we are seeing here compared to the financial crash of 2008. financial institutions lost billions off lending money in some cases collapsing. that spread panic and lost credit throughout the rest of the economy. >> this is not like the financial crisis where we don't
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know the end inside. this is about providing proper tools and liquidity to get through the next few months. >> economists say the likelihood and severity of a recession really depends on the government ensuring its workers and businesses can outlast the quarantines. as well as affected testing, tracking, and prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. the state of louisiana has postponed its presidential primary because of the coronavirus. louisiana is the first state in the country to postpone its election because of the virus to the primary was scheduled for april 4th. that will not take place on june 20th. the dnc is also changing up sunday's debate because of the pandemic of the debate is being moved from arizona to washington, d.c. some people around the bay area and country are panic buying. many are worried how long this outbreak will last. ktvu alyssa harrington has a look at the long line outside big stores this morning before they even opened. >> reporter: it was anything but a normal day at the grocery store for shoppers at costco and target pay the coronavirus outbreak has thousands stocking up on supplies. hundreds of shoppers, some
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wearing masks and gloves and a line that wrapped around cosco about an hour before even open. there was some arguing when a few people try to cut to the front of the line. >> the line is back there, we've been in line for over an hour. you don't care, right? >> this is like black friday for toilet paper. >> reporter: once inside, it was a mad dash for toilet paper. >> it was really crazy. people are flying towards the toilet paper and paper towels. they are out of a lot of things, like wipes and lysol and stuff. >> reporter: many people, panic buying is concerned about the coronavirus gripped the bay area page shoppers were limited to one package of the paper. one package of paper towels. and one package of water per cardholder. some did not take the news well. >> they don't understand, they are trying to go into oncoming traffic and people are running
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like mad, they don't understand, we just, our shipments are low right now. it's been chaos. >> reporter: david works her, he is never seen it this busy. >> is been pretty crazy the past two or three weeks. >> reporter: at a safeway in walnut creek, a similar shoppers arrived right at opening. 5:00 a.m. to avoid the crowds. >> i did not want to avoid the rush, and actually stuff without a stock when i got here. just pantry items, stuff that will stay around for a good four weeks, just in case of the habit. >> reporter: i went inside and found some shelves partially empty. this was the pasta i'll. this, bottled water. lots of cleaning supplies were either sold out or running well. how would you say you are feeling this morning? >> it's surreal, that's the best way to describe it. i've been commuting into the city all week, i know art has been light in terms of commuters. just being more diligent with
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making sure my family is washing our hands and taking every precaution to stay healthy and safe. i would say the temperament around the bay area and other places in the country is very surreal. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. was second with rosemary, a good time to get outside because changes are coming. >> it is going to be a wet weekend. not only bay area rain but sierra snow. we expect the snow level to drop all the way down to 2500 feet, eventually. here's a look over, looks like the estuary. i think we are looking for the alameda. we have a mix of sun and clouds out there, this afternoon. as we get into the second part of the day, the clouds will increase paid his a mostly blue sky over sfo at this hour. 58 degrees, 52 in santa rosa. a bit cooler for you there. upper 50s, oakland. mid-50s in livermore and san jose. the winds are still generally light, taking a look at where we do have cooler temperatures today. santa rosa down by 13.
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fairfield down by nine. concord, as well as livermore down by a few degrees. around the bay, actually slightly warmer. i'll also reporting nine degrees of warming from your lunchtime yesterday. here's a look at the storm tracker, the system that over the pacific northwest. not going to see any rain out of it today but by tomorrow, that'll change it. have a look at your futurecast, eating you into tomorrow morning. looks like early on we will start out with the wet weather, and it is going to be a bit of a rainy one. not only saturday but here's a look at so look to be wet. as far as the rental amounts, into the weekend, we could see anywhere from half inch to an inch of rainfall for our urban areas. 2 inches a possibility for our hills. that the sierra. this is a good pattern for snowfall and we are looking at maybe four feet of new snow
12:19 pm
over the higher elevations. thursday, winter storm watch for the bay area or i should say, for the tahoe area if you are going to be traveling up. it starts early tomorrow morning, and goes until the first part of the week. you will be dealing with pretty treacherous conditions, good to avoid if you can. here's a look at temperatures outside right now paid a little bit of a cooler one, especially over the northbay. for the afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s for most. areas like livermore, expect to check in at 65. upper 60s for morgan hill. getting into your extended forecast, including your bay area weekend, in addition to the rain and sierra snow, take a look at those afternoon highs. they take a plunge, mid to upper 50s in the forecast for saturday, sunday. monday, we remain with the possibility of on and off scattered showers, maybe thunderstorm. cool conditions in the forecast paid back to you. still to come at noon, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, what the company is
12:20 pm
saying about customers who are late paying their bills during the pandemic. new this noon, more than a
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dozen alleged members of the ms team gain are in court and sentences to. the u.s. attorney's office says a federal grand jury has returned a 14 count indictment against 17 people. the charges include attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and racketeering conspiracy pizzas were arrested just yesterday during raids in san francisco. 11 others were already in custody. federal investigators said the gang numbers claimed part of san francisco as their territory. >> san francisco is suffering from eating violence and gang claims on our public spaces. our parks and playgrounds and other public spaces do not belong to transnational criminal organizations. our public spaces belong to all of us. >> if convicted, the defendants
12:24 pm
face 10 years to life in prison. in iraq, protesters are condemning recent attacks calling the part of a war between iran and america. iraq's military says security force numbers and a civilian were killed when the u.s. military launched a series of attacks on iranian back forces. the uss it was maybe targeting weapons facilities belonging to in iran back shiite military group that it blames for a deadly rocket attack earlier this week. that attack killed on american and british troops at a base north of baghdad. another iran backed militia is valving revenge for the u.s. strikes. police are investigating a sexual assault on the iron horse trail in walnut creek. this, after 7:00 last night, it will was jogging on the trail when she says a man grabbed her from behind and ran away. it's the third time something like this has happened in the same area. anyone who saw the attack is asked to call police. prima police say nearly 1
12:25 pm
dozen people are now in custody, accused of being part of a laptop theft ring. officer said they recovered more than 2000 laptops and phones with an estimate of value of $1.5 million. they also found $250,000 in cash, along with several cars that investigators they were not from the sale of stolen goods. >> we intend to continue on this, and we want the word to get out there for these criminals, you are going to steal laptops, don't come to fremont, don't come to the bay area paid we will go after you wherever you are. >> police say this case is directly tied to the high number of car break-ins in the fremont area. investigators say the golden state killer will have to provide more dna samples to prosecutors. 74-year-old josef the angelo appeared in second in the courtroom yesterday for a pretrial hearing for the judge granted the prosecution a request for additional dna tests because the samples are being shared and compared among several counties and labs. >> it is our burden to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and how we prove it, that's something we have to decide.
12:26 pm
>> he must provide for swabbed samples. in the meantime, the sacrament of public offender was to cut a plea deal and says his office does not have the resources to match all the county's rossi getting d'angelo. major attractions hosing their doors due to concerns over coronavirus. will take a look at the places impacted so far including right here in the bay area. also preventing the spread of the coronavirus, the emergency orders just announced by the santa clara county health department. and the steps officials are taking to help keep people safe. shouldn't you pay less when you use less data?
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about aarp medicare supplement plans. taking yule into washington, d.c. as we now see president trump about to hold a news conference tied to the coronavirus, he is followed by vice president mike pence, let's listen in as we expected to declare a national emergency
12:30 pm
on the coronavirus. will watch this together. >> beautiful day in the rose garden, appreciate everyone being here. today i would like to provide an update to the american people on several, decisive new actions we are taking in our very vigilant effort to combat and ultimately defeat the coronavirus. we've been working very hard on this. we've made tremendous progress. when you compare what we've done to other areas of the world, it's pretty incredible. a lot of that had to do with the early designation in the closing of the borders. as you know, europe was just designated as the hotspot right now. we closed that border a while ago. that was through talent or luck, whatever you want. but through a very collective
12:31 pm
action, and shared sacrifice, national determination we will overcome the threat of the virus. i also announced wednesday night, following the advice of our medical professionals, we are doing a tremendous job, we appreciate them very much. we are suspending the entry of foreign nationals who have into europe in the last 14 days. from entering the united states. citizens, permanent residents and our families and even the families returning from europe will be subject to extra screening, as well as self isolation for a period of 14 days. as the world health organization confirmed today, many other things, what we said were 100% correct. including our designation, before them of europe. like our earlier, very aggressive actions with china, this measure will save countless lives.
12:32 pm
i appreciate a number of the folks behind it, a number of the people behind me said that but it is only the beginning of what we are really doing, and now we are in a different phase. we had some very old and obsolete rules that we had to live with. it worked under certain circumstances but not under mass circumstances. they were there for a long time, they were in place for a long time. we are breaking them down, now. they are reusable for certain instances, but not for this. to unleash the full power of the federal government, i am officially declaring a national emergency. two very big words. the action i am taking will open up access to up to $50 billion of very importantly, very important, a large amount of money for states and territories and localities in
12:33 pm
our shared fight against this disease. in further of the order, i'm urging every state to set up emergency operations centers, effective immediately, you're going to be hearing from some of the largest companies and greatest retailers and medical companies in the world. standing right behind me and beside me. i'm also asking every hospital in this country to activate its emergency preparedness plan, so that they can meet the needs of americans everywhere. the hospitals are very engaged. new york and various other places are also very engaged, i just spoke with evan or cuomo, we had a very good conversation. we are working very strongly with many states, including new york. the emergency orders i'm issuing today will also confer rod new authority to the secretary of health and human services. the secretary of hhs will be able to immediately waive provisions of applicable laws and regulations to give doctors,
12:34 pm
hospital, all hospitals that healthcare providers, maximum flexibility to respond to the virus, and care for patients per this includes the following critical authorities, the ability to waive loss to enable telehealth, a fairly new and incredible thing that's happened in the not so distant past. i tell you, what have done what telehealth is incredible. it gives remote doctors visits and hospital chickens the power to waive certain federal license requirements so that doctors from other states can provide services in states with the greatest need. number two, the ability to waive requirements, critical access hospitals limit the number of beds to 25. stay 296 . the ability to waive the
12:35 pm
requirements of a three day hospital stay prior to admission to a nursing home, big thing. the authority to waive the rules to enter hospitals abilities to bring additional physicians on board or obtain needed office space that they can do is they want, they can do what they have to do, they know what they have to do. now, they don't have any problem getting it done. the authority to waive rules that severely restrict where hospitals can care for patients within the hospital itself. ensuring that the emergency capacity can be quickly established. we will remove or eliminate every obstacle necessary to deliver our people the care that they need, and that they are entitled to. no resource will be spared, nothing whatsoever. 10 days ago i brought together the ceos of commercial labs at the white house, directed them to immediately begin working on a solution to dramatically increase the availability of
12:36 pm
tests. other countries have called us and worked with us and they are doing similar things, or will be doing similar things. as a result of that action today, we are announcing a new partnership with private sector to vastly increase and accelerate our capacity to test for the coronavirus. we want to make sure that those who need a test can get a test very safely, quickly, and conveniently. we don't want people to take a test if we feel they should not be doing it. we don't want everyone running out and taking, only if you have certain symptoms. using federal emergency authorities the fda approved a new test for the virus. we did this within hours after receiving the application. a process that would normally take weeks, we therefore expect up to a half million additional
12:37 pm
tests will be available, early next week. we will be announcing locations, probably on sunday night. i want to thank the great company for their incredible work. i would also like to thank thermo fisher, the fda's goal is to hopefully authorize the application within 24 hours. it will go very quickly, going very quickly. which will bring additionally 1.4 million tests on board next week. and 5 million within a month, i doubt we will need anywhere near that. at the same time, we've been in discussions with pharmacies and retailers to make drive-through tests available in the critical locations identified by public health professionals. the goal is for individuals to be able to drive up and be swabbed without having to leave your car. i want to thank google. google is helping to develop a website that's going to be very
12:38 pm
quickly done. unlike websites of the past, to determine whether a test is warranted and to facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location. we have many, many locations behind us, by the way. we covered this country in large parts of the world by the way, not talking about the world right now. what we cover very, very strongly, our country, stores in virtually every location. google has 1700 engineers working on this right now. they've made tremendous progress. our overriding goal is to stop the spread of the virus and to help all americans who have been impacted by this. again, we do want everyone taking this test. it's totally unnecessary. this will pass. this will pass through, and we are going to be even stronger for it. we learned a lot. tremendous amount has been learned. i want to thank deborah burks,
12:39 pm
and i want to ask her maybe to come up and say a few words as to wha is a highly respected person, i've got to know her very well over the last six days. what we've done is we've built something that was very old, very old-fashioned, somewhat obsolete, certainly obsolete when it comes to the kind of numbers we are talking about. dr. burks, please. >> you been listening to the president of the united states or at the white house announcing he is declaring a national emergency, they said we would do that do, it frees up $50 billion for states to combat the coronavirus. >> we continuing this lesson for you at we will be back with more news after this. get to the ross spring dress event, where the prices make all the dresses yeses. yeah! save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices
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yeah?oh yes! that's the sound of saving 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. an update now on a report we had for you at noon yesterday. six santa clara firefighters and not tested positive for the
12:43 pm
coronavirus, dozens more off the job due to possible it shows up in the first case was reported in the firefighter station nine in san jose. the firefighter livedrk. officials say he is being treated at a hospital in his hometown. his case work in teams and they trained together, and the eat and sleep in the same areas, they are at risk for possible exposure. >> we are delivery services, also take care of our firefighters, get the welcome back to service and also keep them away if there's any chance of infecting the public. >> officials say that station nine and all other facilities have undergone deep cleaning and this and faxing treatment. they say all are operational. several local fire departments taking every precaution to protect firefighters from the coronavirus as well as the people they serve. oakland and san jose firefighter said the pictures yesterday, some first responders will be wearing protective eyewear and masks, and they say don't be alarmed when you see them wearing this
12:44 pm
added level of protection. reload one more tsa employee has tested positive for the coronavirus but san jose was notified by the tsa, the employee per last a of work was march 7. he tested positive march 12 paid this brings the total number of tsa agents who have tested positive in san jose 24. we have just learned the palo alto unified school district will be closed starting monday through april 10th. is the latest school to announce its closing. we have a full list of school closures for you on our website at the final passengers aboard the grand princess cruise ship architected to disembark today. at least 250 passenger spent the night on that ship and they were supposed to leave yesterday, that was delay. about 200 others were taken off and moved to quarantine locations. some 2500 passengers were aboard the ship and the doctor monday. there are now in quarantine at various facilities. the cdc is excited to release
12:45 pm
the cruise liner on sunday, but we don't know yet where it will go next. just over 1000 crewmembers remain on the ship and they may be quarantined at sea. art is reportedly working on an emergency planning to deal with the according to the chronicle, art already has a contingency plan in case of another quake, a terrorist attack, a pandemic or other disaster. part officials tell the the agency currently has no intention of cutting back service and that would only happen in several operators got sick or governor newsom requires transit agencies to stop operating. pg&e will not shut who are late paying their bills during the pandemic. the utility company made that enough that last night, setting its plans to leave all commercial customers during the crisis, pg&e will also offer flexible payment plans to customers who are facing economic problems because of the virus. we have a another good clear day of weather and then there are major changes kicking in. >> just in time for the final weekend of winter. it's going to feel like it. outside our doors at this hour, cool down in some areas, under a mostly sunny part of the sky. temperatures will remain in the 60s for most of today. the winds are turning a little
12:46 pm
breezy. as we get into the second part of your evening, perhaps bigger changes coming by tomorrow morning. more notable as that system begins to bring us the wet weather. for your weekend, the rain will develop early saturday morning. scattered showers will remain in place for sunday. at this point, it looks like we were remain scattered showers in the forecast for monday, maybe even tuesday. which i believe happens to be saint patrick's day. there's a look at what's going on right now, clouds over areas of the north bay and along the coastline. santa cruz covered in it. for the rest of us, mostly sunny, blue day. his a look at this system that will be dropping in and bringing us rainfall to the bay area. a lot of snow to the sierra. this is the coldest room, going to feel like a winter storm and snow levels are going to be dropping down to 2500 feet. which means we can actually see a little bit of snow on our local hill. as far as the winds right now,
12:47 pm
fairfield reporting a wind gust of 29. turning a little breezy out there ahead of the system. here's a look into the central and south bay, where sfo is reporting 23. san jose gusting to 25. half moon bay augusta 25. the futurecast will show you rolling into your saturday morning, we do begin with the rain. it will be on and off for the entire weekend. it's not going to be a study 48 hours of rainfall coming down, we will get breaks in between. come sunday, even the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, because it's going to turn a little bit unstable, ruling for sunday, there's monday, we still have some rain over california, and into tuesday. the center of the storm is off the coastline, and it's going to take a southerly track. we will get the wraparound waster which brings us the on and off rainfall. possibility of thunder storms, the possibility of rainbows, it will be cool and wet and windy. rainfall expected to an inch or so for our urban areas, 2 inches for our health.
12:48 pm
well, do we need it. as far as the sierra, on advisory for travel goes into place early tomorrow morning, it will last all the way until monday afternoon. four feet of new snow expected at some of those higher elevations. perhaps even more we will have to see how it all goes. temperatures right now, a cool day in santa rosa at 52. we have 58 in san francisco, and for the afternoon, upper 60s excited for most of the bay area. our inland communities, mid to upper 60. interested in forecast, wet weather, saturday, sunday, perhaps monday and into tuesday. weddings and special events are a big part of the economy for sonoma and napa county. as ktvu's reports, the coronavirus is affecting business. >> reporter: sonoma valley's or perhaps two of the biggest wedding capitals in the united states. not even the coronavirus has been able to put a damper on that, at least not yet. >> so far, so good. >> reporter: this winery has booked 60 weddings between april and october this year. while three brides and grooms
12:49 pm
have moved their weddings to later in the season, none have canceled. the first one is in late april, most likely in this garden area or courtyard. >> we are still anticipating that we will have a good wedding season. >> reporter: event planners also say all their weddings are still on. but, they aren't talking to their clients about the coronavirus. >> reporter: we are, many people know they should anticipate a reduction in headcount. not significant, but there could be one. and that all the vendors and communities are working together to make sure that things will be properly sanitized. >> people are still looking weddings in the area, the wineries are seeing a huge drop off in another area. events. you make the april event, the may events are going away. they're looking back into august, september, october, november for rescheduling. >> corporate events are saying we just, we just are prevented from traveling. most of them are corporate directives. >> reporter: the financial effect in the area are jaw-
12:50 pm
dropping. one caterer alone reports losing $400,000 in canceled corporate business. not to mention losses at hotels and restaurants, and potentially jobs. >> 2019. >> reporter: life does go on, the coronavirus did not keep these people from the tasting rooms. >> i'm definitely not i came here to winetasting i had a great time. >> reporter: is a region that has seen its share of wildfires, flood, and drop. now a pandemic pending and increasingly uncertain picture by the day. in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. in florida, the walt disney world resort plans to close to the end of the month because of the coronavirus p disney says the amusing park in orlando will remain open until close of business on sunday to give visitors and of time to make travel plans. this new land and disney california adventure will close tomorrow morning through the end of the month. >> we are putting the safety of guests and employees, it's a tough decision and i respect what they are doing.
12:51 pm
>> if you purchase discounted tickets, don't worry, you can use those tickets until december 15th of this year. here at home we are also learning six flags discovery kingdom are closing their parks, the closer remains in effect until the end of march. the santa cruz beach boardwalk is following guidelines from the state on large gatherings amid the coronavirus. all facilities are closed until march 27. officials said they did not come to this decision lightly but they said they're doing what they believe is best for employees and guests. across the country, the boston marathon has been postponed because of the coronavirus. that race was initially set to take place monday, april 20. it will not be held on september 14th. hundreds of thousands of people lined the race course every year on patriots' day to cheer on some 30,000 runners. the boston marathon has been run every year since 1897. the threat of the coronavirus is dropping music towards happening. celine dion, billie eilish, and
12:52 pm
share, some of the acts affected this month. live nation entertainment and aeg presents are the largest is a promotion companies in the industry, those firms announced they will suspend events beginning this weekend. still to come this noontime, visiting a doctor may be easier potentially safer thanks to virtual visits. up next, the northern california hospitals that are taking advantage of telemedicine.
12:53 pm
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to 20 minutes ago president trump's to national emergency, this frees up the billion dollars to give to states across the country to combat the coronavirus. stocks on the move with that news, the dow was up 900 points, just prior to that announcement at the white house. right now you can see the dow jones of more than 1600 points. we are just about four or five minutes away from the closing bell. the dow jones up 7%, more than 7% pay the same can be said for
12:56 pm
the nasdaq and s&p 500. the coronavirus may end up tilting the housing market towards homebuyers. agents tell us the volatile global economy in the wild swings we've seen on wall street, making people selling your house is a little nervous. they are not seeing multiple bids right now and many just want to get out from underneath their home. higher-priced homes are feeling the effects while activities for homes below 2 million remain high and competitive. many hospitals around the country are offering drive- through testing but in denver, many people are showing up and being turned away. this center saw a line 3 hours long yesterday it proved to be too much for the state help the permit to handle. the state incident commander for covid-19 is still waiting on the federal government to come through with more test kits. >> we believe we have more test kits in transit. that being said, there are a number of different things that impact our ability to do testing. >> in the bay area, kaiser permanente is providing driver testing for the coronavirus. these have been set up at a
12:57 pm
handful of facilities, or patients with a doctor's orders can show up and get tested. telemedicine, reported jessica mensch explains how virtual doctor visits are helping contain the spread of infection in hospitals and medical offices. >> reporter: a trip to the doctor that looks far different than most. >> you get a flu vaccine this year? >> reporter: a virtual visit happening entirely through video chat. >> last night, i started to fever. >> reporter: uc davis is ramping up this effort due to the spread of covid-19, dedicating three doctors to solely handle these video visits each day. >> i can see the patient i can see their speech pattern, i can see what symptoms they are manifesting that are visible to me. >> reporter: you can also make a diagnosis without seeing a
12:58 pm
patient in person. and even right perceptions. >> if i had gotten there i might have exposed people. i don't know. with the symptoms, you don't really know. if you go in there and go into the clinic, you don't know if you are exposing yourself to other people, in the waiting room or whatever. >> reporter: with a high fever and cough, he did not want to get anyone else sick so he opted for a video visit. >> speak with my triage team here, and let them know you should probably be tested, we will give you information for where to go to have the testing done. >> reporter: this way, doctors were able to get into the necessary effective gear before he showed up. actually, he tested negative for covid-19. he has the flu. >> getting lots of rest, that's all. >> reporter: now he knows he did not put himself in further risk by sitting in a waiting room with potentially sick patients. >> it's a savings to the patient, it's less strain and stress on the healthcare system. and it's less stress and strain on the providers themselves. >> reporter: i'm jessica mensch, fox news. starbucks is warning customers many locations may switch to drive-through or mobile only orders. the coffee giant is also considering limiting seating to improve social distancing. the company ceo said it will
12:59 pm
close a store temporarily as a last resort if they feel it's in the best interest of the customers. apple is delaying the launch of its new iphone due to the pandemic for the company had planned to unveil its new smart phones during a ceremony at its cupertino headquarters at the end of this month. that event has now been delayed indefinitely, due to production issues in china. santa clara county new ban on large public others. music legend gloria gaynor is using her visit to inspire people to wash their hands. she posted this video on tick- tock, dubbing it the i will survive challenge along with the caption and only take 20 seconds to survive, that is how long the cdc recommends we all wash our hands to try to stave off the coronavirus. such a rough week for stocks out there all week long but we can say the market is ending on a positive right here, basically the dow jones is
1:00 pm
doubling over the last 30 minutes. currently approaching the 2000 mark right there, after president trump waves interest on federally owned student loans in an effort to ease the financial impact of the coronavirus. thanks for watching, more covered online at furious. why some people are dying from this virus. dr. oz: it is not the virus that kills you. it is the inflammation. announcer: can you prep immune system to fight back? we'll explain coming up next. r. oz: season 11 starts now. it is day 53 of the coronavirus pandemic in america. here is


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