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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 13, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> i decided to close the schools for students for three weeks beginning monday, march 16th. >> more schools closing across the bay area to help slow the spread of the virus. districts scramble to help students and families. >> we anticipate many, many more cases. >> with the surging cases in the south bay, the health director there making the difficult decision to put extreme limits on large gatherings. >> we are balancing the public health need to slow the spread of infection. to unleash the full power of the federal government, i am officially declaring national emergency. to very big words. the coronavirus, the u.s. is prepared to spend up to $50 billion for state and local government to spend on testing and treatment for the
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virus. > congre p congressman katy porter grilling the director of the centers for disease control, eventually getting him to agree to free testing for the coronavirus for the american people. >> 1.4 million tests will be just one of the topics available next week. and as many as five million within a month. surrounded by government health officials and ceo's, the being discussed this weekend. president said the goal is to set up drive-thru testing sites. her reaction to that moment is google is developing a website certainly making the rounds all where people will be able to over the internet. it was quite find those locations. the bay area will be the first to try >> yeah, and what you didn't say right there, it took 5.5 minutes for her to get there. the site. she asked him four different times that retailers like cvs and question. and then he eventually walmart are offering their park said yes. lots as test sites. here's her talking to me about some of the backstory >> the goal is for individuals behind all that. to be able to >> we have actually communicated to the director one week ago, my i want to thank colleague warren underwood and i google. google is helping to sent a letter to the cdc
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flagging for them that they have develop a website. the existing authority under the and it's very quickly done. law to provide for free testing unlike websites of the past. determine whether a in a public health emergency. test is warranted. and to and last night we told the cdc facilitate testing at a nearby in advance that i would be convenient location. we don't want everybody taking this test. asking the director to make this it's totally unnecessary. commitment. so the fact that it took several minutes and many, this will pass. many questions and my holding this will pass his teeth to the fire to through. and we're gonna be even stronger for it. >> in other action, the white there really says something about the lackf preparedness house is waiving interest on to address the coronavirus pandemic. federal student loans and using >> the good news today of course some federal regulations to make is that it appears that congress has reached a deal with the trump administration on some of more hospital beds available. the coronavirus issues. on the show this week, we get into not only with her, we also have >> the two most important part this was bill are testing, dr. drew pinski talking about the medical angle of all of this. and the political angle of testing, testing. all this. this legislation facilitates free every aspect of coronavirus testing for everyone american society is changing who needs a test. because of this. including the uninsured. that includes politics. we can only defeat and probably could be changes that we feel for months
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this outbreak if we have an if not years to come. accurate determination of the scale and scope so that we can >> yeah, and i know normally the show focuses in on politics pursue the precise science-based here. so what is going to be -- is there going to be an ef response that is necessary. >> the house always providers guaranteed sick pay for people you think, on the presidential who have to take time off, as primary race in terms of this outbreak impacting who well as food assistance for eventually comes out on top? families affected by the outbreak. there are more than >> well, it was already looks like joe biden had a clear path 1,200 covid-19 cases in the u.s. and at least 49 deaths. a vote to the nomination. this may is expected today. on wall street today, stocks expedite that process. it's interesting. jumped more than 9% on the u.s. louisiana was supposed to have a vote on emergency declaration. tuesday. they have put their the rally nearly erased yesterday's plunge primary on hold for twof concer. over fears that the covid-19 outbreak will set off a the whole idea of voting, you think about this, thisap weeks ago in california. those massive lines of people all recession. congregating together to vote. >> yeah. >> that is the exact opposite of what you want to have. >> yeah. >> the exact opposite of what you want to have happen for the markets remain in coronavirus. so there's a primary schedule in arizona, one of our nearby states now. bear territoried, having wiped and we're now hearing that in the out their gains for the year. presidential primary, they're doing virtual meetings.
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bernie sanders is known for those massive rallies, including ten was thousands of people here in california. now those are put off. so it's hard to imagine how you get everybody back together on that train when everybody seems more concerned for good yé, having wiped out their gains for the year. >> how does the state of reason right now. california, bay area cities and counties get that money? >> what we're gonna see over the with the coronavirus. and i want to let your viewers know. we do a town hall every night at 7:00 and next couple hours, aural the 7:30 on the fox11 los angeles facebook page with me and dr. drew answering people's questions about coronavirus. you have specific questions. send costs associated with this, it's them in. we will answer them gonna be split 75-20. live. we've reached over a million people every night this with that said, the president said a week. couple of things. amongst the operation centers, they're set up in hospitals in each state. they already have one in the state of california. they're >> always good to see you. take care dealing with the ship. >> same to you. the declaration provides a number of >> appreciate it. >> stay healthy, my friend. things. it allows waivers for
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>> coming up, the issue is, the hospitals so they can sunday morning at 5:30. have a good weekend. in out-of state doctors if they still to come, one bay area need it. they can start to treat county court announces a people outside of the actual closure. the serious impact of coronavirus on the criminal hospital where you typically could not do that before. justice system. so it's a lot of medical waivers >> more confirmed cases and more and allowing them to do some deaths around the world. the coronavirus outbreak is spreading. thing to be innovative. they also will provide assistance in terms of temporary medical facilities, movement, supplies, security barricades, etc. congregate sheltering, health and safety information. so it provides a lot of resources for the state. >> and we know, of cours authorities, waiving to allow doctors to practice telemedicine. >> yeah. >> so that would be best for ♪ do you recall, not long ago people too worried to go to a doctor. >> yes. ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ and the idea behind that is to limit exposure. if we can ♪ all around the wind blows treat you in your home or office, preferably your home, ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ you're able to be able to communicate. we don't have to ♪ blow a kiss into the sun
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transport you to a hospital. less exposure for you. ♪ we need someone to lean on as well as people in the hospital. ♪ blow a kiss into the sun what they're trying to avoid is a run ♪ all we needed somebody to lean on ♪ to the hospital overwhelming the system. notorious >> we don't want to see that big ♪ ♪ surge in cases. ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ we keep hear from flattening the curve over and over. give everybody a sense of what things are likely to which of your devices are protected by daily security updates? daily security updates... look like daily? i don't know. weeks. as we do start to see -- the only thing... i'm struggling with this. there's no doubt, we're gonna start to see a lot more cases of some providers you have to manually download updates coronavirus. to each device. >> what's interesting is if you comcast business securityedge updates every 10 minutes look in italy, iran, and some of to help keep your connected devices protected the other area, you're seeing a lot of hospitalization. against new ransomware, malware and phishing threats. we have not seen that in the united states yet. every 10 minutes feels pretty good. we have seen some in get secure, reliable internet and voice for an amazing price. washington. and we've seen some continuing in the area of new call today. comcast business. beyond fast. rochelle, new york. contame. so what we anticipate is that those numbers are gonna go up. the statistic is that 80% of the people will be able to self-heal. they can stay home, take care of themselves. call the doctor, telehealth, whatever it might be, get some advice and
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council on how to proceed. those people with the most critical condition then want to go to the hospital. and usually that's the elderly. >> the disruptions happening, schools closing, events being canceled. some health officials are saying this could last up to eight weeks or longer. are we prepared fes. and i think what's interesting about it is we're not seeing a great outbreak. we're gonna see the numbers go up. but we don't necessarily see the hchtization. hospitalization. in informal conversation with the folks at the hospital, they're seeing increases in flu right now. >> right. >> so the good news is that maybe all the precautions that aring taken by local health officers, limiting exposure, businesses, having people work from home, it's having an impact, i think. and so far it seems to be making a difference more containment measures in this tremendous virus that's are being taken over fears to just spreading like wildfire. stop the coronavirus outbreak
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>> obviously it's disruption a from spreading. >> a new dispute over the origins of the virus is also lot of people's lives. what you would say to people out there intense fighting. >> reporter: governments around who are having to deal now with the world are clamping down on kids who don't have school and containment as the coronavirus offices that are shut down, you outbreak continues to spread. would say we have to hang in there are now about 133,000 cases in more than 100 there. because you believe in the long-run, we'll limit that countries. and a new political big surge in cases early on for fight is brewing over the origins of the virus after some the hospitals which could members of the trump overwhelm them. >> absolutely. we can't treat it, per se, the. administration blamed china. the way it's cured is your own immune system. the so keeping people from being chinese officials suggested the infected is gonna be the u.s. may have brought the coronavirus to wuhan, the success. flattening that curve. >> and also a little bit about epicenter of the outbreak. this panic shopping that we're >> the international community has different opinions about the seeing. >> oh, yeah. >> all over the country. origins of the virus. shelves china has are completely empty. people are always seen this as a matter of lining up for hours just to get science. >> the virus is now spreading into stores. >> yeah, yeah. >> what do people actually need quickly in europe. if they do have to be at their and governments are introducing new home for, say, two weeks? containment protocols. >> i think some of that is what you said. it's a little bit including limits on movement. several countries are now doing border panic. my neighbors going out buying, i'm concerned about that. if i'm gonna have to checks and restricting entry for quarantine for 14 day, i want to citizens of hard-hit countries like italy. make sure i have enough food and eu officials say the supplies to do that. restrictions won't help stop the one of the outbreak. things we encourage people to do >> it is not good when member
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is buy a gallon of bleach. states take unilateral action. you can disinfect just about because it always follows a domino effect. >> reporter: anxious american anything. that will handle some travellers in europe are of the disinfect. what weith the flooding airports ahead of the travel ban. president talmy. american citizens are expected to be exempt. but most say they're going home and they're focusing on that. early. >> we're not sure if we're gonna he did say there was a challenge in some of the cleaning supplies. be able to get back in or if something cancels. get some bleach. >> we want to make sure we can >> that is very good advice. thank you. get home safely before things get any worse. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> reporter: the european travel several bay area school ban does not include irish or districts announced today that they are shutting down their british citizens. it's expected to last 30 days. campuses in an effort to stretch up social distancing. they include all santa clara county public schools. the oakland >> thank you for joining us. unified school district. the antioch unified school district. the san mateo foster city the president is really promising to boost the availability of unified school district. and the sequoia union high school district. these and other districts will be closed for the testing.
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next several weeks. we have a complete list of district closures. 1.4 million by next you can find it on our week, 5 million by the end of website, the month. the school closures are out and a adding more of an abundance of caution. drive-thru testing availability. how safe and effective this is but they have districts and parents drive-thru testing for the scrambling. >> tom vacar spoke to students public? >> we're gonna have to wait and and officials within the oakland find out. school district about this i'm sure what they're implementing, they've obviously done enough research, put enough thought behind this. and other countries have been doing this unprecedented closure. for a while now. >> oakland is joining an so we know obviously some testing is better evergrowing roster of school than no testing. districts that have decided the so i wouldn't start questioning the validity risk is simply too great to keep of the drive-thru testing. hordes of students in close the fact that it's gonna be available pretty soon, that's what we need to concentrate on. quarters. >> we also heard president trump skyline high school juniors haven't been told say earlier today during his oakland schools believe close the for the next three weeks. news conference that google is they left midday because classes were already essentially shut working on a website that people down. >> i have three classes left. can access, obviously, from their homes. and it will be able my teacher is sick. to help them determine if they she's not coming today. should be getting a coronavirus i talked to my fifth period teacher, he said we're not gonna be doing test. how well do you think this potentially could work? anything in class because because he's trying to create a folks sort of self-diagnosing from
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lesson plan for the next three home. is that gonna do enough to weeks. >> reporter: this is not overwhelm the hospitals? aggravating. >> our school has gone through so much. we've gone through teacher strikes. >> i think so. because people can take their health into their we have had to shut down becau power outages. we had to leave because of smoke conditions. in the span own hands. of the few years i've been at and that kind of this school. and now we're autonomy and that capability leaving for three weeks based that the individual can have will be extremely useful and off of covid-19. wonderful. >> reporter: the district i do telemedicine every day. superintendent and its teachers i try to help out and feel the community spread is do my part as being a physician. becoming just too dangerous. >> it is likely as a community, and part of those patients that i'm seeing now, we have to go we'll be seeing more cases of covid-19 in the coming week through a whole check list and months. in fact, within the last basically triage patients on coronavirus and see if they meet hour, alameda county public criteria to be tested. health department confirmed four then we have different resources and how new cases of covid-19. >> reporter: the teachers of to provide from that moment on. but this is gonna be essentially that. except it's not gonna be a oakland, oakland education association. physician asking those >> we are with you, oakland questions. it's gonna be an extremely sophisticated way of community, oakland students, an individual who's obviously oakland families. >> reporter: even after the not a doctor, but it's gonna be shutdown, which potentially could be longer, education will sensitive enough to say, okay, simply have to change. please answer those questions. now based on those answers, >> during this time, our staff let's weight likelihood that you will use work time over the next need to be tested.
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couple of weeks to plan, prepare, and train on how to and if that becomes a high -- that you need operate schools during this to be tested, then you can be told exactly where to go and get pandemic. >> reporter: oakland's mayor said there will also be other tested. i think that's shutdowns. >> we also will be closing our phenomenal. because artificial intelligence, technology, this is our future. this is now. senior centers. and how we implement it in terms of our libraries. our recreation centers and our crises, which is right now, headstart centers. beginning on monday. that's gonna be -- look forward into what kind of future we're >> reporter: some 71% of the gonna have as a nation. district students are either on and i'm so glad that big companies like free or reduced cost lunch google are working so hard to programs. a whole series of help us during these tough neighborhood grab and go lunch times. >> and i know there's of course distribution centers will begin a lot of talk about breaking down the differences between if serving next week. so students you have a allergies can get the nutrition they need. or coronavirus. and i think a lot of people are still confused. they don't know exactly what their symptoms are. if they have a tickle in their throat. it appears that all the initial stages of the symptoms >> you can find in-depth are kind of similar. so what can coverage on our website. you help to not create anymore panic but just so they can get aware of what their symptoms live digital broadcasts every day beginning at 10:00 am. are? >> sure. number one, i say this
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all the time to my patients. how governors across the country are responding to this you know your body the best. evolving coronavirus outbreak. >> santa clara county at the the physician won't, your parents won't. you will. forefront of flattening the so listen to your body. and know when curve. the measures announced today for slowing the spread of something is wrong. there are covid-19. gonna be subtle hints here and there. you know what? this is >> just in time for the final not like the normal cold. something else is going wrong. it may be the flu, it may be weekend of winter. rain, wind, and sierra snow on the way. coronavirus. but one very good details coming up. way to differentiate between the two, between flu and coronavirus, both happening in our communities right now is shortness of breath. the coronavirus has three main symptoms that seem to occur in all the people who are positive. and that's fcs. fever, cough, shortness of breath. it's not a dry cough when you have rattling in your throat. it's a very dry cough. but the main symptom that distinguishes coronavirus from the common cold and the flu is shortness of breath.
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most people don't have shortness of breath. you sometimes have it when you have allergies. but when you have allergies, you have so many other things going wrong. sunny nose, red eyes. the majority of the cases are in coronavirus, it stands alone by itself. >> that is very good information for everyone listening right now. shortness of breath is a key that distinguishes the coronavirus, potentially from the flu or from just a common cold. it's always a pleasure to have you on. thank you so much. >> thank you. if you've been to the grocery stores, you've probably seen the empty shelves as people stock up on essentials. hundreds of shoppers were in line at the costco about an hour before it opened. take a look at this video here. shoppers were limited to one package of toilet paper, one package of paper towels. and one package of bottled water per cold holder. it was a similar story.
4:15 pm
many other retailers had people panic buying over uncertainty of the scope of the coronavirus outbreak. >> i wanted to avoid the rush. >> at a safeway store in walnut creek, we saw some shelves particularly empty. lots of empties sold out or running low. the retail ceo of the white house said they expect to see pressure on supplies of paper products and cleaners in high demand for sometime. it feels like we're at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the bay area and california. but governors across the country are working to prevent the spread of the virus as well. >> reporter: for the first time, residents in new rochelle who think they may have coronavirus can go to a testing drive-tru. santa clara county announced
4:16 pm
today the county now has 66 drive-thru. the facility has six cases of coronavirus. lanes and can handle 200 cars the most in the way area. 43 of those cases were contracted by per day. community transmission. not travel. >> county officials have been at >> our local government is the forefront of taking pushing together. our people are pushing together. proactive steps to try to slow >> reporter: san antonio, texas, the spread of covid-19. also opened a facility like they this. and more are in the works. announced a ban on all gatherings of more than 100 governor greg abbott says people. drive-thrus could play a key >> some of the lowest wage earners look for help in role as pressure builds ongoing economic hit. jesse gary nationwide to make testing more has that story. available at public and private facilities. >> reporter: business at some santa clara county restaurants could slow to a trickle >> this has been a swift advancement. >> reporter: at least 33 governors and count having following friday's edict from declared states of emergency. the national guard says they anticipate at least 1,000 troochs to be deployed in six the health officer. states by the end of the day. partially inflicting financial pain as part of the covid-19 cure. governors continue to urge calm >> we are balancing the public as the number of cases increase. health need to slow the spread >> the highly conta nature of infection with a significant of this disease means that if impact we know these actions everyone plays their part in will have on the lives of our slowing the spread, the number residents. >> reporter: the new order takes of people who become infected effect midnight march 14th and and require medical attention
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will last for at least three doesn't spike all at once. >> reporter: a growing number of weeks. there are restrictions on group sizes of 35 to 100 people. states are either closing schools or recommending schools close. in addition they're they've already done canceling sporting events and belt-tightening when the crowd sizes were previously limited to field trips and moving important 250 people. more unpleasant news dates like sat testing. is on the way for workers. here in maryland, schools will be closed for two weeks starting monday. during that time, both schools >> it's terrible. and buses will be cleaned. we need business. we need to make money out here. and it makes it pretty hard to live out here. >> it is already a drag on the economy. i'm sure it's much harder to get a job this week than it was three weeks ago. discussing the impact of covid-19. >> a lack of paid sick leave threatens to worsen this crisis. >> the winds are increasing. >> reporter: three san jose it's a cooler day ahead of a state city council members are storm that is going to bring us rain, wind and sierra snow. pushing for a new ordinance that would provide sick leave for hourly workers. currently the only safety net for workers in this city is a three-day leave mandated by the state. >> this is absolutely inadequate for normal times let alone during this critical test.
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>> reporter: it's another concern adding angst to the uncertainty that has businesses feeling a financial chill while health experts try to halt a potentially deadly virus. we'll speak with a medical expert to learn more about the measures that have been taken by santa clara county. >> we are looking at a rainy, cold, breezy weekend coming to the bay area. it may actually last into the monday/tuesday timeframe. and boy, we need it! giving you a live look here across the oakland estuary into alameda. a little breezy out there today. temperatures are cooler. here's a look at some of the numbers right now. mid-50s in santa rosa. 59 in san francisco. 60s oakland. 64 livermore and san jose. coming in about 61. a look at that cloud cover out there over the north bay, fairly weekend. we have it along the coastline. enjoying some blue skies, partly
4:19 pm
cloudy, mostly clear skies at this point. here's a look at the system that is going to be dropping in. it's gonna skirt the coast over the next few days. we're going to get the wraparound showers. testimony be off and on for the next few days. the winds onshore, very breeze nefairfield with the winds above 30 miles per hour right now. oakland recording a wind gust of 32. going into the evening hours, the winds will stay with us. here's a look at san francisco officials where the winds are gusting about 29. and san jose, gusting above 30. today a cooler, breezy day. the system brings us the rain as early as tomorrow morning. in fact we could probably, likely to, see some in the overnight hours. but this system is a cold one. we're talking cloudy, rainy conditions. and the possibility of thunderstorms. and for the sierra, snow levels will eventually drop down to
4:20 pm
about 2,500 feet. that could maybe bring a dusting to our hills as well. here's a look at the futurecast for you into tomorrow morning. there's the rain already over the bay area. into your afternoon. hit or miss showers continue into the second part of your day and into your evening hours. the on and off showers continue. and sunday looks very similar. temperatures tomorrow morning, upper 30s to upper 40s. 39 in santa rosa. 48 in san francisco. the afternoon highs, mid-50s to low 60s at best. it's going to be a cool day out there. the coronavirus outbreak is 55 san francisco. having a serious impact on our upper 50s in concord. 58 in criminal justice system. antioch. better details on the contra costa county supreme court sierra snow and an advisory for announced it's shutting down for folks heading up for the weekend. two weeks to help slow the more updates in the extended forecast coming up. spread of the virus. the coronavirus pandemic is one department will remain open to being felt around the world. help services. san francisco is still to come, how countries are dealing as the virus continues suspending all jail visits to spread. >> coming up tonight here on starting at 5:00 tonight. ktvu fox2, wwe smackdown our legal analyst, michael, continues tonight at 8:00. that'll be followed by the 10:00
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and 11:00 news. you can't outrun it. >> they're only closing for two weeks. they're closing from march 16th to april 1st. so two weeks. so it's not gonna have that much of an impact on the system. what they've also covered, and what i find the pain is coming. interesting is, as defense attorneys we have to defen clients. and there's something called the no time waiver. we tell the courts that we want to get to trial depending on what you're charged with within 30, 45, or 60 days. and if you pull that time waiver, they gotta get the clients to trial by then. but the supreme court in california has said, the supreme court of justice, said we're declaring it a holiday. so i'm not sure if she means that those days won't count toward that. but they're covering all bases here. >> i was gonna say. obviously we know, defendants have a right to speedy trial. >> right. >> so that's how is an
4:22 pm
emergency order. that quiet gets you around that rule. do you think we're going to see other court systems follow suit? >> absolutely. i was reading today that the federal court in l.a., and riverside, is doing pretty much the same thing as contra costa county is doing. then i heard through the grapevine talking to a lot of attorneys and people in the criminal justice system, sheriffs and all, that alameda county may be letting the low-level criminals out a little sooner to cut down again on the spread of the virus and the number of people that are in jail. >> that was one of the things they think a lot of public defenders locally had called for. >> l.a. they do it. we see movie stars to get sentenced to 60 days and you see them on the street two days later because of
4:23 pm
overcrowding. well, here's a real emergency and a very justified reason for letting those low-level criminals out. the other thing they're going to do, cut down on jail visits. you don't want people bringing that virus into the jail. >> sure. >> jail is trying to ease congestion because of the concerns about the virus spleding. >> i think that's for each individual police officer. i don't think it's going to affect them that much. if you arrest someone for a dui, petty theft. a low-level type crime, you bring them in, book them and let them go. that'll be up to the jail to do that. not really the street officer that would make
4:24 pm
those arrests. y or they have the right to cite you. in other words i pick you up, for example, for having some drugs. a couple pills of xanax, say. i can bring you to jail and have the jailers keep you. or i can just cite you out, which means they give you your ticket and say here's what we reco the d.a. is gonna charge you with. you don't have to go to jail, get out of here. they have the right to do that. >> the courts shut down in contra costa county. >> smart. we'll see if it works. >> have a good weekend. >> take care. >> all right. for a number of reasons, it may be a good weekend to be indoors! it's going to be rainy, cloudy, breezy. thunderstorms cracking some rainbows out there. and the sierra is going to get some snow. here's a look at storm
4:25 pm
tracker 2. north bay areas, covered in mostly cloudy skies. along the coastline, seeing quite a bit from the north bay all the way down into santa cruz. the peninsula, the east bay, still enjoying blue skies and partly cloudy conditions. here's a look at the system bringing rain and snow already to areas of washington. or again it is going to make a path along the california coastline. and notice the way the circulation goes through. when it moves across in our area, it's gonna bring that wraparound moisture with it. so we are looking at a number of days of rainfall. but it's not going it be a complete washout. we're gonna have the off-and-on type of rain. here's saturday morning, seeing some of that out there. and sunday morning, more rain here. sunday could be a wet one. and monday morning, more rain. and this is going to continue perhaps even into tuesday. remember the center of the low i showed you a moment ago on the satellite radar? there it is right now. and it continues to just bring that rain our way.
4:26 pm
and snow in the sierra. snow levels are going to be dropping down to 2,500 feet. a lot of snow for the sierra. a good snow-maker, this next storm. and we get some snow in the hills as well. urban areas, an inch, inch and a half of rain. more a possibility for our hills. and it's going to be breezy at times. and an advisory already in place for the sierra. if you're travelling up, be prepared. it starts early tomorrow morning. and we'll do all the way till monday morning. lots of folks gonna be excited and anxious to get up there and do some skiing. but it's gonna be a bit treacherous and windy. you might want to check with the ski resorts. a lot of times they shut down when the conscience are hazardous. conditions are hazardous. 62 oakland, 59 in san francisco. and the winds are gonna continue for the weekend. overnight low, upper 30s to lower 40s. rainy conditions expected. mostly cloudy skies. gonna be cool out there tomorrow
4:27 pm
morning. and then for the afternoon, quite a change from what we have seen recently. mid-50s to low 60s expected across the region. and we're gonna hold onto that cool weather. monday into tuesday, temperatures don't change. we're gonna remain in this cool pattern all the way till wednesday. and scattered showers will remain in place till about monday. feeling a little lucky about the final weekend winter is going to bring us. >> we are very glad to see. that appreciate it. thank you. the closure of disneyland is being felt by a lot of families all across the country. it's also having a larger effect on the businesses who rely on the happiest place on earth.
4:28 pm
which of your devices are protected aily security updates? daily security updates... daily? i don't know. the only thing... i'm struggling with this. some providers you have to manually download updates to each device. comcast business securityedge updates every 10 minutes to help keep your connected devices protected against new ransomware, malware and phishing threats. every 10 minutes feels pretty good. get secure, reliable internet and voice for an amazing price. call today. comcast business. beyond fast.
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as gland prepares to go dark, the local economy is bracing for massive ripple effects. >> reporter: from the souvenir stores to the local restaurants, they all depend on disney for their business. >> this whole area is gonna be destroyed. they bring in everybody, essentially. it's one of the most visited spots in the world. shutting it down the main attraction, we'll lose everybody.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: that's the economic fear in the heart of the anaheim resort area, harbor boulevard, blocks away from the theme parks that will close saturday morning for the rest of the month. >> it's gonna be probably 90%. i hope it's not. >> reporter: disney park has become the life blood of a local economy, $8.5 billion reported in a study. disney brings in $263 million in just sales and hotel stays. >> this is going to be a relatively short period of time. hopefully in a few weeks time, we're back to it, what everybody loves about anaheim. >> reporter: fears of the coronavirus started to take a toll on businesses here.
4:32 pm
>> i think we don't want have a choice. >> reporter: especially since the disney closure is just the latest hit for all these local businesses. >> we lost the national foods convention already earlier this month. hit after hit. a pair of shootings in new zealand mosques, one later later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on the new xc90 available with six seats. xc90. recharged. lease the volvo xc90 for $499 per month. at your local volvo retailer.
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last year's attack on two new zealand mosques has been called one of the country's darkest days. 12 months later, survivors are talking about the shooting has lawmakers wrestle with gun reform. >> reporter: one year after the shootings in two separate new zealand mosques, new zealand is still healing. >> i believe new zealand has been fundamentally changed. >> reporter: more than 50 people were changed when a lone gunman attacked two houses of worship in christchurch. prompting a nationwide pledge to prevent the spread of hate and extremism on social media. among those injured, now a prominent activist for tolerance. his wife wasn't able to flee the scene.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: almost immediately after the shooting, new zealand promised sweeping gun reform. measures such as a national firearms register, new licensing requirements, and larger penalties for noncompliance. those efforts have stalled in the parliament. the prime minister did enact a ban on semiautomatic weapons as well as a successful gun buy-back program. >> we have now removed 16,907 prohibited firearms from circulation. more than 194,000 prohibitive parts of have been handed in. >> reporter: the gunman is charged with 51 murders, 40 attempted murders, and engaging in a terrorist act. he pleaded not guilty. the trial is expected to begin this summer. to unleash the full power of the federal government in this effort today, i am officially
4:37 pm
declaring a national emergency. two very big words. >> president trump declares a national emergency days after the world health organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. the declaration will free up $50 billion in funds to combat the coronavirus. >> in a press conference in the rose garden, president trump said the government and private companies are ramping up festing. he said 1.4 million tests will be available next week and sfaenz five million within a month. as many as five million within a month. the goal is to set up drive-thru testing sites. google is developing a website where people will be able to find those locations. >> the goal is for individuals to be able to drive up and be swabbed without having to leave your car. i want to thank google. gooing cell helping to develop a website.
4:38 pm
gle is helping to develop a website. at a nearby convenient location. >> the bay area will be the first to try out the website. and other actions, the white house is waiving interests on federal student loans and easing some federal reg eulogists to make more hospital beds available. several bay area school districts announced today they're shutting down campuses in an effort to step up social distancing. they include all santa clara county public schools. the oakland unified school district. the
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