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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 16, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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portion of their sales to easter, she said she was inspired to give after she got a check last night from a customer who said he was worried about her business slowing down. working to provide you with up- to-date medical advice during the covid-19 pandemic, this morning where joint live by dr. oz, explores what scams's running the virus you need to watch for and how to best protect yourself and your loved ones. moving forward with counting the population here in the bay area, how the senses could be affected by the outbreak. the democratic presidential candidates addressing coronavirus. >> clearly we are not prepared and trump only exasperates the crisis. >> how the pandemic is changing life on the campaign trail. good morning, we are looking life from the costco parking lot in danville, seeing if more people are making supply runs, the current government encourages social
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distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. at some point, how much toilet paper is in an, really, seriously. >> yesterday the president said, the grocery stores will stay open. there is no need to panic and by all your groceries all at once. i think some people, they see. >> you see the shells are empty and you have the feeling come up, i should get something. >> kind of the panic mentality. we have to have it, that kind of thing. how many rolls of toilet paper do you need? it won't be forever. you have to hunker down and take it easy. >> let's focus on the facts, the newest numbers. california has 337 confirm coronavirus cases, more than two thirds here in the bay area. 239 cases verify. santa clara county has the most at 116 cases, last night a 3rd person died from the coronavirus in santa clara county. san francisco has 37 cases, san
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mateo county has 32, contra costa county has 29. other counties have 10 cases or fewer. napa as of right now is the only bay area county with no confirmed cases of covid-19. the coronavirus crisis has prompted major unprecedented changes in california. the governor has called for all seniors ages 65 and older to stay inside. he wants bars and wineries to shut down. elissa harrington joins us live in downtown walnut creek with more on that. good morning. i'm on locust street, the heart of downtown walnut creek, behind me many businesses will be impacted by the changes. some of them already hurting. doing dwindling sales and food foot traffic during this pandemic. now they either have to close or limit hours and capacity. initially the moment governor newsom made the announcement. >> we are directing bars,
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nightclubs, wineries, brewpubs and the like be closed in the state of california. we believe this is a nonessential function. in our state. we believe it is appropriate under the circumstances to move in that direction. >> the governor called for new roles after people who tested positive for covid-19 went up 14% in just a day. 6 people have died, the governor estimates 5.3 million seniors will be affected. the seniors over the age of 65, said anyone with chronic illness should isolate themselves. protecting the most vulnerable in our community is a top priority. we recognize social isolation for millions of californians is anxiety inducing. but we recognize what all the science is out and we recognize
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around the rest of the world that we need to meet this moment head-on. >> as for restaurants the governor didn't say restaurants should close but instead try to create social distancing between different patrons. establish establishments must reduce the capacity for half, they should focus models on takeout and food. the other thing we noticed, we went to a starbucks where they move the tables and chairs. now when you going to starbucks you are not supposed to sit down. you are supposed to get your order and go. another way that different establishments and businesses are trying to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. reporting live in walnut creek, ktvu, fox 2 news. the impact of the current a virus is growing in leaps and bounds, here in california the governor ordered all people over the age of 65 to self- quarantine to slow the spread. also hundreds of thousands of children are at home for at least the next 3 weeks because
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schools are closed. let's talk about this in more by welcoming dr. oz life to the nine, thank you for being with us. >> think for having me, lots of talk about. >> reporter: a lot of people are calling this an overreaction. closing schools, businesses, should those people say look, even if i get it i will be okay, what you say to that? >> it's in our literally warranted panic, we have a crisis. if were going to avoid looking like italy in 2 weeks, we are 2 weeks behind them, i talked to gerald this morning and he confirms that's a good estimate. a country with western democracy, they have had a healthcare that was pretty good, the northern part part of the country is in crisis, milan, just like san francisco is especially hard-hit. compared to south korea, which has 1/10 the mortality rate of the coronavirus. 1/10, south korea took bold decisive action like the governor.
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and the rest of the team, the leadership, the same as happened in new york state and other states around the country. quickly leading in that direction as well. i like to the cdc's says no more gatherings of more than 50 people, it is the right maximum number anyways. i would urge smaller gatherings. after 2 weeks we will bend the curve down and stop having that rapid ascent we are witnessing and expecting, the surgeon general, said he expected within 68 weeks to get to their worst of it which is the right timeframe. >> let's focus on facts, and ideally columns and fears. i feel every sniffle and cough is over analyze these days. what are the specific symptoms that should cause concern >> the classic trifecta are a fever, hacking cough that doesn't have productive spew and a sense of fatigue. i will share alarming data. i learned a few minutes ago, probably half the people who are infectious actually are
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presymptomatic or they are not going to get symptoms. that is data from china, where they have the largest experience. a lot of people, they are incubating for 5 days which is a long time for a virus. during the latter part of the time they are asymptomatic, and then they get sick if they get sick at all and how long the virus last is unclear. i spoke to a woman who is screen , at a routine screening on a cruise ship and she had no symptoms, doing pilates while she was in quarantine. she still build the virus and her husband is still spilling the virus 3 to 4 weeks after getting infected. we don't really understand how widespread it is. probably because it spreads in subtle ways, very different from the case of a person in icu barely holding onto life. >> so why the problem with getting test kits in the community? >> it is primarily due to the
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fact that our cdc and other leadership early on decided we wanted to make a kid that was just ours as opposed to something developed by another country. there were missteps that slowed it down and that's why we are stalled. that won't cure the epidemic, that will just tell us how big it is. >> finally, i've seen promises of a cure, repetitive treatments. i really trust nothing i see on facebook these days, can you give a good warning to people who may be desperate for something to help them? >> son jacob to, we both agreed there is no to our, you read about a website offering one, believe me we would've told you. don't buy that, these are con games, sawdust and pills, they give you give your credit card, and potentially put your life at risk. i would take vitamin d, you get from the sunlight which is shown through studies to help with the development of infections and maybe vitamin c. if you start feeling under the weather that may shorten it.
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>> wash the hands like you are dr. yourself, which you are, dr. oz thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> taking a look at the stock markets right now. we do have dow jones industrial is down 7%. the nasdaq is down 6 1/2%. the s&p 500 also down, obviously you know or might know trading was halted for a while on some of these exchanges after they hit benchmarks for going down to fast. the democratic debate between bernie sanders and joe biden took place without an audience in an effort to limit coronavirus spread. this morning we're speaking live with san francisco chronicle's political writer, joe guerra foley, about the candidates reactions to handling the crisis, good morning. >> good morning. wish i could be there with you. >> we are doing social distancing. >> it was weird yesterday, this is paul, the biggest event in my lifetime, was hanging over
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the debate. how do you think the candidates handled it? >> the handle that well from that perspective. from of your perspective, i enjoyed not having an audience. it kind of let the issues shine more. and they talked about the coronavirus for maybe the first half hour of the debate . they tried to differentiate themselves from what president trump has done. bernie sanders use the opportunity to talk about, this is the chance, this is why we should have a different form of healthcare, we should have a medicare for all, single-payer system and joe biden said, this isn't the time to do that right now. talk about revolution and changing the system, when were in the middle of a pandemic, i will divert deliver results for you. >> i was going to say, first of all, will anyone change their mind number 1 and number 2 are people really paying attention
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as much as they would be under normal circumstances? these guys may not be top-of- the-line right now, top of mind right now frankly. >> i'm curious to see what the numbers are on the ratings for this. politics certainly is not top of mind these days. although with everyone inside you may have more of a captive audit audience, people watching the television on the various screens. that's the challenge they face right now. the story in the print edition of the chronicle, asking about how the campaigns are struggling. right now, this would be prime season for our campaigns to be knocking at your door, saying hello person-to-person which is most effective form of campaigning. but no one wants to answer the door let alone take campaign literature for someone. >> i ask you. because i want to make sure i get it and.
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joe biden pledged yesterday to choose a woman as a running mate, do you think he was ready for that, do you think you got painted into a corner? and of course you saw bernie sanders that he is leaning that way. do you think joe biden was ready or did they just kind of quarter him? >> i think he was ready for that. i think that was the news they wanted to break in the debate. around that time, sanders was winning the debate, the actual debate, painting biden into a corner, having to defend the stanzas he took 10, 20 years ago on social security and such a. so yes, he is committed to choosing a woman. huge news. bernie sanders also said he is very likely to do so as well. and now let the veepstakes began. will have a story on our website with some of the favorites. >> i will get you on the spot here. who would help, let's assume, maybe i shouldn't assume, let's
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say joe biden gets the nomination. it seems to be trending that way. if i put you on the spot who would held biden's campaign more if you chose for example kamala harris or elizabeth warren or amy klobuchar, which candidate do you think would help more in the general election? >> the over different things, different things to the ticket. kamala harris is a woman of color, she would help excite a large majority of the democratic base. amy klobuchar would help with minnesota, hillary clinton barely won the state. that would help their, also help the upper midwest among white voters there. which is a weak point for the democrats in 2016. elizabeth warren, again, would help bring in progressives, keep them in the fold and there is a chance bernie sanders is not the nominee if they go home. he may help them stick around. >> what do leave it there, we will look forward to reading your work in the chronicle,
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thank you for joining us for >> stay healthy. >> you will find complete coverage on the coronavirus, of 24-7, constantly being updated, articles as well as video from around the country, we also have a daily livestream for you and a live broadcast every weekend begins this morning beginning at 10 am. now's a good time to download the free ktvu news app at the latest updates and breaking news sent to your local device, also find information about school closures and options for parents who find themselves at home with the little ones for at least 3 weeks. >> there we go. just getting started, coming up next on mornings on 2, the nine, the grand princess cruise ship finally on the move , in our next half hour, where is it heading since departing from the port of oakland this morning. continuing with it task of counting the population of the bay area and beyond, we'll talk to the senior director of the census 2020 and how covid-19 is affecting census workers, when
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with so much at stake let's welcome the census senior director, stephanie kent, joining us live in oakland, good morning. >> good morning frank how are you >> good morning, glad to have you with us, before we talk about the concerns of the coronavirus can you tell our viewers why the senses is so important? >> sure. the census happens once every 10 years. this is our one opportunity to make sure we are getting the fair distribution of federal funding and representation in our communities. getting counted once this year will ensure impacts for the next 10 years. >> and it can be done online, just fill out the form, you made it easy for people to take part right? >> the census bureau did a good job thinking through all the different ways people can respond to the census. many people in our community should've received as male the past few days, it is from jeffersonville, indiana, you can respond by going to my 2020 or call and do it over the phone. is a great option you can do it in 13 the gorgeous.
9:19 am
let's daivon what the concerns, how is the coronavirus and social distancing affecting the census ? >> that's a good question. the good news is again, because the census bureau has done such a great job thinking through the different ways people can respond to the census, the good news is you can respond right now online and over the phone without interacting with anyone, you can do it at home. for community members who don't respond by the end of april, that is when you will have someone from the census bureau knock on your door. went we are thinking about planning for the coronavirus and ways to keep our communities and member safe it is about responding as early as possible, so come the end of april or early may you don't have people coming and knocking on your door in interviewing you in person. >> good advice. what about the citizenship question? that could be troubling for migrants and those without a green card, how do you think that will play out this year?
9:20 am
>> thank you for asking. there is no citizenship question on the census. it is 9 questions, 10 minutes to fill out. it ask basic demographic information like age, ethnicity, gender and this is what they use to make aggregate statistics that are anonymous in used to make decisions for funding and allocation of resources. at no point will your information be shared with any other government agency, whether the department of human services, none of that can be used against you >> so no reason not to turn it in right? >> everyone should turn it in. if you're thinking about who benefits, it's everyone in the community. and during the season when we are taking measures we can to keep ourselves in our community members as well, this is something we can all do. you're looking at where our healthcare resources are, all the children relying on
9:21 am
elections, these resources are determined by the census count. >> will they be in mailboxes or online quickly, we urge you all to take part. stephanie kim the senior director of the 2020 census. some great insight, all the best, good luck. >> thank you very much. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, many countries reeling for the coronavirus of rake. how leaders in europe are responding to the pandemic. discover a new world ♪ discover what's good -
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this morning there empty streets and what are usually popular tourist destinations across europe amidst the coronavirus pandemic, in france the prime minister announced the countries restaurants, cafis, theaters and stores will be closed. in the capital of the czech republic authorities ordered a lockdown of 21 towns in the area around prague to help us them the spread of covid-19. in germany the country close to orders with 5 other countries in an effort to prevent more infections. this morning the supreme court is postponing arguments for late march and early april because of the coronavirus. one of the cases affected by the change is the fight over subpoenas for donald trump financial records. other business will go on as planned, and some justices may participate by phone. 6 of the 9 justices, are 65 years of age and older and at a higher risk of getting sick from the illness according to the cdc. >> the senate set to take up the coronavirus bill soon and
9:25 am
it's far from a done deal despite having president trump support. meanwhile the federal reserve is taking measures to boost the economy. ray bogan has the latest from washington. >> reporter: stock to falling sharply monday morning, spurring a pause in trading. the drop came even after the federal reserve reduced interest rates to nearly 0 and purchased hundreds of billions in government debt. to try to bolster a faltering economy. >> the actions we announced today will help american families and businesses in our entire economy. >> they lowered the fed rate from what it was, 1.25, it has been lowered down to 0, 0.25. >> >> reporter: congress doing what it can to help the economy and overall response. the senate is coming back to d.c. after weekend away and will begin considering the family's first coronavirus response act. the house passed the bill on an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote at almost 1 and saturday and
9:26 am
trump said he will sign it >> we know there are things that are not perfect but it took a lot to get the deal. i'm hoping the senate does the right thing. it may not be so easy getting it through the senate. senator tom cotton says it doesn't do enough to help workers and small businesses, specifically removing incentives for sick people to work because they desperately need the paycheck. >> i don't think the house bill will pass the senate as it's written for one basic problem. it doesn't go far enough and it doesn't go fast enough. >> the house of representatives is out of town this week, so if there is a need to return to address the coronavirus, house majority leader says he will give members 24 hours notice. on capitol hill ray bogan ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine airlines taken a hit from the coronavirus , in our next half hour, the sharp hit of revenue and the company seeking help from the federal
9:27 am
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call or visit welcome back to mornings on 2 looking at the grand christmas cruise ship and the port of oakland on its way to the san
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francisco bay, a live report coming up in a few moments. >> how about whether, another big story the past week, a ton of rain and if you like snow you don't have to go far right? >> not at all. right here you don't have to go to the mountains, we have plenty here, and very cold air filtered in, still rather brisk. these are some of the lows, mid- 30s, cloverdale, clean. el cerrito. cold. still pretty cold, livermore, 39 degrees. low 40s, berkeley, you can combine their within east breeze , it will cut right through. 40s here, oakland 41 in san jose the warmest, 45 degrees. nonstop rain let up but now the focus is with the low, you can see it spinning off the coast. lines forming in the last few frames.
9:31 am
something to watch for going forward throughout the day. that will be the focus, with the storm possibility, santa cruz, watsonville, santa cruz mountains, they took honors for the most rain. 2 to 3 inches reported depending on where you are located. morgan hill 2 3/4, san mateo, interest recorders, other locations doing quite well , santa clara, vallejo, rodeo, all doing well. san jose, san francisco, sfo. the area that didn't do well was up north, santa rosa, a 3rd of an inch. but now we can see activity that led up. not snow wise but over mount hamilton, diablo, a lot of snow, 1700 feet, mount hamilton will have a lot of snow look at the east, north east breeze off the hill, that is cold, 30s and 40s. now we see storm activity, the cr has a winter storm warning that goes and tell 5 pm.
9:32 am
5 or 6 feet, some of the deepest locations and you see activity offshore it will swing in later today. mostly cloudy and cool son breaks, will aid in the development of storms, cumulus clouds, a very cool day. the coolest day of the week. looks quite after tuesday, the next system arrives on the weekend to early next week. >> thank you steve, later today the mayor of san francisco will give an update on our city's efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus. announce a new health orders in response to the pandemic as well as new policies to help city workers during the crisis. she will be joined by the city's director public health for news conference at noon. we will have that during our noon newscast. as the coronavirus keeps spreading around the u.s., local governments are keeping, taking steps to keep people from infecting each other. the latest developments from washington, d.c.. >> reporter: were than 164,000
9:33 am
people infected around the world in the coronavirus outbreak, and it still spreading. here in the u.s. at least 3700 confirmed cases and dozens of deaths. and containment efforts, there wrapping up. bars and restaurants closed in a number of cities and states including california, ohio and new york city. and on sunday. most major theme parks closing including disney properties in florida and california. many business owners worried about the economic ripple effect >> a lot of the businesses have to figure out what will happen with hotel closures, the area. >> reporter: health workers are bracing for a big spike in confirmed cases as testing speeds up. leading to new fears that hospitals may be overrun with coronavirus patients, putting a strain on supplies and personnel. police and fire officials cutting back on services and many saying they will only
9:34 am
respond to emergencies for the time being. >> we will strictly due 911 calls. that is what we are trying to do, limit as much exposure as we can. health officials urging stronger measures to limit contact with the cdc recommending the cancellation of all gatherings with more than 50 people until may. >> an unprecedented situation. we are seeing unprecedented things happen, such as the cdc saying close down these large gatherings. >> reporter: trials for new coronavirus vaccine expected to start monday but not likely available for at least a year. in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news . the mayor of los angeles is taking big steps to keep everyone safe, yesterday announcing executive action to temporarily close bars, nightclubs, gyms, movie theaters and much more. also ordered restaurants to close with the exception of takeout and delivery. the order will stay into effect until the end of the month.
9:35 am
he will hold briefings daily until the closures have been lifted. we are all first responders. this is a just someone else's responsibility, but the responsibility of each one of us. your actions matter, and they can and will save lives. >> the mayor said he is working on rolling out a loan assistance program for small businesses that are affected the coronavirus closures. today is day one of the 50 day school closure in the open unified school district because of coronavirus concern. students can go to class, but they don't have to worry about going hungry. live in oakland with details, sara zendehnam. those grandma gold oatmeal locations open at 8 am and we seen a handful of people come to west oakland to pick up food. we spoke to a student who said he always eats a school so have an option like this helps in
9:36 am
weiss while school is out. west oakland middle schools one of one of 12 grab and go location set up by oakland unified school district, the digits are close all schools the next few weeks to slow the spread of coronavirus. more than 77% of students rely on the free and reduced meal program, the district new they had to act quickly to make sure students would go hungry. the locations of the open until 12 pm today. students can get free breakfast and lunches and come back thursday from 8 am until 12 pm and grabbed 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches for the rest of the week. you don't even have to be a student where you're picking up food, just under the age of 18. the student we spoke with is grateful he can go home with a bag full of food for himself and his siblings. >> it really helps us. beforehand we didn't stop stock up as much as we should have, so we don't have as much food. but this really helps us in a way that is really nice and i'm so glad they did this. it's very wonderful.
9:37 am
>> reporter: of course the open unified school district isn't the only district in the bay area that is doing this. there are multiple other districts advertising these grab and go locations. you can find a full list of those locations on . in oakland sara zendehnam , ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. coming up next here on mornings on 2 the nine, taking another step her further to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. in minutes, the library closures taking place across contra costa county. starbucks asking customers to order takeout instead, the new policy in response to the coronavirus.
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new this morning, the grant friend princes cruiseship holdout and is on the move, this will is what look like this morning when the ship left oakland port. allie rasmus is live in san francisco to explain where it is headed next and the concerns about all the trash that came off the ship that was left behind.
9:41 am
>> reporter: we came over to san francisco from oakland to get a better view of the grand princes cruise liner. it will be anchoring in the middle of san francisco bay. we can't see it from the ground where we are at pier 80 in san francisco but we have a live picture we can bring you from the rooftop camera at oakland, we can see the grand princes cruise liner sitting in the middle of san francisco bay. it will stay here the next 14 days. let's show you video of the process of this ship leaving the port of oakland and coming to the middle of the bay. we sped up the video, it took about 20 minutes. we watched the ship glide out of oakland harbor where it had been the past week and make a 180 degree turn before moving towards the bay bridge and hanging a left to anchorage, c7, in the middle of the bay, it will be there the next couple of weeks. the grand princes cruise liner docked at the port of oakland a
9:42 am
week ago after a's journey was cut short because of concerns about the coronavirus, with at least 21 on board testing positive for covid-19, in the first days it was here at the port of oakland. dozens of passengers on board screen and transferred to quarantined sites at u.s. military bases around the country. the long short of who worked in the port of oakland said they were concerned about some of the trash from the cruise ship being transported from the ship by truck it to undisclosed dumps in the bay area or somewhere in california. we got an update for the longshoremen workers who said their concerns have been alleviated. trash from the cruise liner was taken by barge to another place outside the bay. it is going out to see, the longshoremen's union didn't know where the barge trash is going, but we know it won't be dumped here in the bay area. the princes cruise says there are 340 people still on board the cruise liner.
9:43 am
mostly crewmembers, although they say there are 6 foreign passenger still on the ship and they are working outweighs to get those people back to their home countries via chartered flights. live in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. time to go home. thank you. jury deliberations in the sanity face trial of john lee cowell are underway, found guilty last week in the murder of 18-year-old near wilson in 2018. it's up to the jury to determine if he was saying at the time of the stabbing. he is determined to be saying, he faces life if he's pronouncing, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. otherwise he will be confined to mental health hospital. to silicon valley giants eliminating more than 500 jobs in santa clara county, cisco systems has begun cutting 395 jobs at its plants in san jose,
9:44 am
how touchy bentara eliminating 151 jobs added santa clara headquarters, the high-tech companies didn't reveal the reason for the job cuts that they don't appear to be tied to the coronavirus. starting today libraries in contra costa county will be closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. all library programs and events and community use of meeting rooms are canceled until further notice. but drops will remain open but because books and other materials can carry viruses for several days, borrowers are encouraged to keep items into the library reopens. due date will be extended. 9:44 am, the peace corps announced they are suspending it's in tire global operation. agency is evaluating its volunteers around the world due to the growing pandemic. president kenny kennedy establish it in 1971 as a government run volunteer program to help people in more than 60 countries. a quarter million americans served in 141 countries since
9:45 am
the program began. travis air force base says a second person tested positive for the coronavirus. and adult dependent on a service member who lives in solano county contracted the virus in the community, and active-duty airmen who lives in contra costa county tested positive. both people in isolation in their homes off a sailor in san diego tested positive for the coronavirus. the tests need to be concerned confirmed from the cdc. the sailor with u.s. as a boxer confirmed they would be the first positive case for a sailor aboard a navy ship. the navy says the sailor is quarantined at home, and those that came into close contact with the sailor on isolation at their homes as well. starbucks strongly encouraging people in north america to take out their orders. starbucks no longer will let customers sit down and stores and patios in the u.s. or canada
9:46 am
but most cafis will be open for delivery and drive-through orders. customers who use mobile orders and pay, those customers will be allowed to be served as well. some cafis in high-traffic areas including malls in universities will be closed while others are cutting their hours. a growing number of stores around the country are reducing their hours, open to focus on deep cleaning and restocking their empty shells. walmart changing their hours at a 24-hour store, they will be open from 6 am until 11 pm. other walmart stores have reduced hours. hinckley stores operating one hour later enclosing an hour earlier in trader joe's changing the hours of operation at their stores, open from 9 am until 7 pm. some retailers who temporarily closed do that pandemic, apple, nike, lulu lemon will shut their doors through march 27. abercrombie and fitch, lush, patagonia and urban outfitters
9:47 am
temporarily closing their stores. the airlines some of the hardest hit companies during the coronavirus outbreak. revenues down significantly, united airlines says they will seek help from the federal government. executives talking with pilot and flight attendant unions about taking pay cuts or working fewer hours. united reports 1 million fewer passengers in the first 2 weeks of the month compared to last year. plans to cut flights between now and may, but still expect the planes to be 30% full. an update to a testing story, no more coronavirus testing appointments available through google's website. it offers screenings and referrals for testing for people considered at high risk for the coronavirus. prior to the slots filling up there was limited to people living in san mateo and santa clara counties, 18 years old, or those bay area counties have been hit hardest with the pandemic.
9:48 am
the site just launched this morning. to public transit agencies on the peninsula making changes this week because of lower ridership tied to the pandemic. starting tomorrow caltrans will no longer operate its bullet service between san francisco and san jose during the morning and afternoon commutes. caltrans points to a recent 75% drop in ticket sales, for's decision to cut the service. serve trans making cuts due to the schools closing in san mateo county, buses no longer serve dozens of stops mark school daze only, san transit ridership down 19% since the coronavirus containment efforts stop. comcast promising to keep everyone connected, starting today all xfinity hotspots around the country will be free for anyone to use, even if you are not a comcast customer. home internet speeds will be increased for the company's existing customers and comcast won't cut off internet to
9:49 am
customers who are late paying their bill. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, sporting events around the country in the nation , have been canceled. one wrestling tournament ignored coronavirus warnings. what they are doing to protect the athletes. 2 brothers trying to make money during the coronavirus outbreak after finding thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, they are donating their supplies, that story is next.
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welcome back, 9:52 am, several feet of new snow on the 0, many people wanting to take advantage of that and the fact that their children are home from the the school for the you expect they are out of luck. brian hickey reports from colfax. >> reporter: your colfax, 2500 feet of elevation you can see snow coming down, it hasn't let up overnight.
9:53 am
putting an inch and a half on the ground here. this is where drivers are chaining up to get off the summit with this low snow. the snow coming down around the 1500 foot elevation where the rain first trances no. once you get to colfax, chain requirements are all the way to the nevada state line where we only have an inch and a half of snow, over donner summit report of several feet of snow, it continues to come down, so much snow that i-80 was shut down overnight due to spin outs, downed trees and power lines, the essence reopen the roadways. if you're headed into the sierra the storm isn't over yet. have four-wheel-drive with good snow tires or chains that fit your vehicle. again the storm is not over and conditions worsening over the top. and colfax ryan hickey ktvu fox 2 news. the national college wrestling association ignored warnings about the covid-19 outbreak and held its national championships this weekend.
9:54 am
the organization had more than 600 athletes from 84 schools in attendance including ucla and ohio state. it operates outside the ncaa which suspended all spring sporting events, the dallas morning news reports there were 3 main maps in u.s., they were sanitized but only 3 times a day. one limitation placed on the events, referees not allowed to lift the hands of the winners. sporting events around the united states still on hold because of the coronavirus, espn report says and be a is planning to resume play in the middle of june. it would make basketball a summer sport with the finals and leave july or august and that could potentially reset the entire nba timeline with a new season starting sometime around christmas. stefan curry had encouraging words for basketball fans. >> i just want to take the time to encourage everyone to practice social distancing to
9:55 am
the best of their ability, practice social distancing so we can get rid of the spread of the virus as soon as possible. flattened the curve, 6 feet away from people, wash hands, when you're going inside, outside as much as you can, use water and so, we can come together current collectively to stop the spread of the virus. >> reporter: usa today reports major league baseball could be the first sport to resume play and maybe back on memorial day weekend. as for the nhl, no timeline given for when hockey will resume play, general managers from all teams held a conference call saturday, discussing the chance the rest of the season could be canceled. knew this morning the nfl draft will take place without fans this year, scheduled to begin april 23 in las vegas. the future home of our former oakland raiders, the league announced all predraft events having canceled, but teams will select players has scheduled. maybe theaters seeing fewer
9:56 am
visitors, ticket sales at their lowest level in 20 years this weekend. disney pixar film onward took in the most money at the weekend box office with 10 and have million dollars. the new christian romance i still believe premiered in second place with 9 1/2 million dollars , running up the top were bloodshot, the invisible man in the hunt. coronavirus pandemic has many concern about mail and packages online since the virus can survive on cardboard for days. the cdc is reminding everyone there has not been a single reported case in the u.s. of anyone getting infected from such deliveries. it includes mail and packages shipped to the u.s. from outside the country. 2 brothers in tennessee who are heavily criticized for buying nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and then trying to sell it at inflated prices will donate the products. the 2 brothers but the hand
9:57 am
sanitizer's they could and nearby stores and started selling it on amazon between $8 and $70 but amazon shut them down for violating price gouging policy. tennessee's attorney general ordered them to stop buying and selling the product, after the backlash, the brother say their donating supplies to local church and first responders today. one business owner and maryland handing out an item that is getting hard to find at the store during this pandemic, the shine distillery and grill in portland is making homemade hand sanitizer and giving it away for free. he wanted to do his part to help customers during this unprecedented health crisis, the hand sanitizer is 80% alcohol and comes right from the distillery in oregon. is is is here in the bay area taking extra steps to keep customers safe as the coronavirus spreads. the mexican restaurant lot
9:58 am
panca azul and alameda, thank you, making no contact deliveries free of charge of customers call their orders instead of using an app. it will ask customers if they would like the driver to leave the order, by the front door. they say the service will help people stay healthy and provide financial help for its 90 employees who rely on tips. in oakland a small business owner is doing what she can to help during the current pandemic. helen is the owner of terrace gifts and coffee and she says 10% of her sales will go towards the alameda county committee food bank, she says sales are down about 30%, but after seeing the panic buying going on she is concerned about the less fortunate. >> >> reporter: right now we want to check in with gasia mikaelian downstairs in the studio. just a few minutes away from giving us our don't daily coronavirus update on a daily 2 our update from
9:59 am
across america, across the world, we've been able to go in depth to give you answers to our biggest questions about how to prepare for the coronavirus. we been able to tap into the vast resources from our cyst or station in major cities, it includes health reporters from the fox melting team. expanded coverage includes live reports, live events as they happen. we talk with medical experts who weigh in what families and organizations need to know the answer your questions. i hope you'll stay with us and join us at the top of our as a stream live on, also find the coverage on our app and ktvu plus. i will see you in minutes. let's turn that, thank you very much, a lot of families at home, you have childcare issues as well. >> my wife is at home with the kids. a lot of people are staying home and educating the kids at home. time to bring out the monopoly game don't you think, board games >> absolutely. >> simply the best.
10:00 am
thank you for joining us on this busy monday. stay safe and don't forget we have wendy williams coming up next right here on ktvu fox 2. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you for watchi


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