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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 16, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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those loans have to be paid back. state leaders are well aware of these tough decisions. they really believe the only way to get ahead of this thing nationally and locally is to have some tough restrictions and we will find out in the next 10 or 12 days if they are paying dividends or not. >> so much to watch and monitor. trace gallagher reporting live in los angeles. we're announcing new guidelines for every american to follow. right now, president trump outlines a plan to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the next 15 days at the san francisco mayor issues a new public health order. >> these measures will be disruptive. day-to-day lives. there is no need to panic.
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>> effective at midnight, a shelter in place order for residents of six counties with on the exceptions for essential reasons. that evening. we have more on that shelter in place. first we want to get to the latest numbers. there is at least 510 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. in the past few minutes, santa clara county reported two more deaths bring the total up to eight. across the united states, there nearly 3500 cases of the coronavirus and 68 people have died. around the world it has infected more than 180,000 people and killed more than 71. >> they finally let the port of oakland this morning. the cruise liner is now anchored in the bay between san francisco and oakland. there still 340 crew members. they will stay on board for the next 14 days under quarantine. 75 medical workers have been
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brought on board the ship. on wall street, stock had the worst point drop ever. they were down about 12 percent today despite a emergency rates cuts the federal reserve. today the dow jones lost nearly 3000 point. president trump said the coronavirus could extend until august. >> we are recommending all americans were to engage in schooling from home one possible. avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people. avoid discretionary travel. >> they recommend older people stay home as well as be what underlying health conditions. officials are taking things one step father. it is set to take effect at midnight. it will impact roughly 6.7 million people in san francisco
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and san mateo. alameda. santa clara county. late today, santa cruz county announced they're going to do the same thing. >> we have more on this decision . >> as soon as we got all that news conference, we decided we were going to come here to a supermarket because we thought that things will be very busy here. within moments, the lines started growing inside this safeway. at this one in particular, the lines were from the cashier all the way to the back wall. you can see there are no parking spaces. so many people wanted to come out and get some shopping. today's announcement with the number people saw this weekend
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turning out to shop and that turn that into overdrive with many people looking to stay home for this order. san francisco announced the latest. >> the new public health order will require the people of san francisco to remain at home these measures will be disruptive. they make the investment effective at midnight tonight.
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>> you will still be able to get food. care for relatives. san francisco police will be patrolling at the aim of educating. that is the last resort. the order will remain in effect through april 7. are they good is it more measures to protect the health. >> >> another a hotspot for those
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long lines. one of the cannabis dispensaries. health experts are encouraging businesses to close but that does not mean you cannot leave your home. if you do want to go out, they can certainly do that. it is not really focused on top priorities. making sure that it tries to slow the community spread of the coronavirus here in san francisco. they want to work as hard as possible to try to present those verbal populations.
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they will have to work very hard in the coming days and weeks and months ahead. the world economy crush starts on wall street today. the s&p 500 was down 324. >> it will cost $200 million in security. as they tell us, the stock plunges set off another interpreter today. this is the third time in the last week.
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to ensure orderly market. >> when you see is this large, you're likely to see recession. in this case i think it is reflecting the fear that people have. >> they made big moves to support the economy. they reduced interest rates to nearly 0 and placed to purchase billions of dollars in mortgage- backed security. if we are shooting every bullet of the chamber, >> stocks are tumbling as the closures of nonessential businesses continue. the travel industry is taking a hit. major retailers announcing the closure of some if not all stores. >> we are focused on delivery big time.
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it is going to be a lot of stress for the next three or four months. >> investors can count on volatility in the market until the number of cases hit a plateau. joining us now to talk about the huge losses on wall street. he is the senior managing director of the group. how bad is it? are we headed toward a recession? >> the numbers we are looking at do not instill confidence in the average american. is important to understand. markets fluctuate over time. you have drastic economic situations. i would like to remind everyone in the 2018, they fell by nearly 20 percent as we get up for a trade war with china. that recovery happened swiftly.
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regarding a recession, i do not think we are looking at a long- term economic recession but a need to redefine what we see is a recession. it is two quarters consecutively unconstrained growth. that is completely curtailed by decreasing cells or lack of general business. it is effected by the coronavirus. unlike the 2008 crisis or even 9/11, the effect of the coronavirus should be much shorter than these other two events which had a longer lasting impact on the market and the general economic situation. >> i guess the billion-dollar question is how long this will last. how much worse do you think we can get before things start to get better. >> the volatility we are seeing day over day in the market. it is largely reflected by the lack of concrete information.
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nothing will split the market more than a lack of information. or the inability to make a decision. in the past week we saw temper send out and 10 percent down. it is very much reflective of a institutional investor based that is not quite sure where the bottom is or how bad this will be. with that said, they released a report a few days ago this is why we may hit 2000, they do expected to go back to 3200 or the high we saw a few months ago before the end. there are many major banks that do believe this is a elastic scenario. once we start to see the spread of cases, that business activity and the public markets will return to a level of normalcy. >> we will leave it at that. thank you for joining us tonight.
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>> thank you. with so many businesses shutting down because the coronavirus, scores of people are suddenly out of work. they will likely be filing for state unemployment benefits. how should people apply for benefits and what can they expect? we talked with the employment attorney to get some answers. >> first we're hearing the unemployment computer system is functioning well. they have not been overrun with a surge of people applying. unemployment insurance will not match what people were earning. it will help them get by for a while. at the employment development department on monday, those looking to file for unemployment insurance all received the same message. file your claim online. filing online is the only system that uses. the mass shutdown of so many businesses all at once is putting a huge dent in the 19
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million personal workforce. how big a dent will not be personal. >> this is really unprecedented. >> the former director. currently employment attorney. he says the computer system should be able to handle the surge in applicants.>> in terms of the number of claims. it is moving quickly. to handle increased claims. in terms of additional staff. i know they are very aware of this uptick in terms. very likely in unemployment insurance claims. >> the state has the money to pay benefits which range from $40-$450 per week. some workers will be excluded from benefits. >> are eligible if you're laid off to no fault of your own and if you are employed.
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if your independent contractor, you're not eligible for unemployment insurance. >> typically they can collect benefits for 26 weeks. in emergencies including the last resection, they were honored for up to 52 weeks. because the executive order, the one-week waiting period is waived. those caring for a quarantine relative can file on paid family leave but perhaps the biggest question is how long will this emergency last. the longer it goes the harder it will be for the economy to ramp back up when the crisis passes. >> in the span of a week, how much of our economy has shut down. i think all we can hope is that we can get this back up and going quickly.>> he says people who have applied should be receiving the benefits in a few weeks.
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health officials expected to step up testing. what we're learning about testing procedures. thousands of students will not go hungry. details on the grab and go locations. some nice clearing. just a few little showers. we will talk about what you can expect as you go throughout the evening.
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with schools shut down, districts are making sure the kids who rely on programs do not go hungry. more than 70 percent of people are recipients of the districts free or reduced price mill program. today they set up grabbed and go locations. they are being offered to students under 18 years old. they really helped us. before him we do not stock up as much as we should have. >> in having to make this decision, we knew we had to have some in place to make sure they had the opportunity to come and get food.>> today
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student took him breakfast and lunch to cover three days. pickup locations will be open again on thursday and every monday and thursday from 8 am until noon doing the schedule closure. for a list of all of the locations, you can go to our website. you will also find a list of pickup sites. >> health officials address concerns surrounding the lack of testing for the virus. our reporter has that part of our coverage.>> if you have symptoms of fever or cough. shortness of breath or any of those symptoms of getting a viral infection. there much sustained. you must stay home. >> the health officer is one of seven addressing the media on a new order aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus. summer not sure if there sickness is the coronavirus or a cold. one viewer says i have been
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having all the symptoms of someone who has been exposed. how can i go about getting tested? currently it is restricted to people who have traveled from infectious areas or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive. >> if you think there is something going on which is not the usual for you, like i said, you need to contact your provider. everything will fall in place after that. >> by phone, speaking with the healthcare professional, they can provide answers to most questions. if it is dire, additional steps will be taken. not necessarily a step for the coronavirus. it is now decentralized. it will take several more days before the testing is produced. >> they plan to have them.
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if that is true, when with that kick in? >> we are trying to scale testing through commercial laboratories. as testing skills, more and more people with symptoms will be able to get tested and confirmed. >> they have not quantified how many are currently being done. they said they expected to happen in the coming days and not weeks. taking a look at your weather. i want to talk about your rainfall. we have has some impressive totals that have showed up. we needed it. over a inch and a half. you can also see about 1.61. san jose did pretty well. was
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the inch in san francisco. that helps a lot. we will have a chance of more that as we head towards next weekend. this is all courtesy. that is what has been dragging some of that moisture around. we do have a few little spots. certainly north of santa rosa. that is where we are seeing some pop up right now. also to the south. these are very lights. the real action. we have rainfall. also snowfall that is still happening at this hour. that is why they have the winter storm warning. expecting another foot or snowfall. we will have that unsettled pattern with this. some isolated showers possible. overnight low temperatures will be chilly. this is a live look at your
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current temperature. check out livermore. tomorrow, another cool day. we're looking at 50s all across the board. we will talk more about our next shot of rainfall when we come back in a bit. amazon and safeway going on a hiring spree. what we're learning tonight about available positions. more celebrities are being tested for the coronavirus. the latest actor who is tested positive.
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amazon says the need to hire 100,000 people to keep up with a crush of orders. amazon also said they're going to raise pay by two dollars per hour.
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that includes workers at the warehouse. amazon said a surge of orders is putting the operations under pressure. they are warning people that it may take longer than usual to arrive. and website to help find a testing site is now available online. it was created by the google subsidiary. right now it only covers people who live in santa clara or san mateo. people who go to project and click on a menu of options and set up an account to find out if they qualify for in person testing. the latest celebrity to test positive. he said he has no symptoms so far. as he discovered he would come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. he is best known for the wire
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and the avengers. you recall last week tom hanks and his wife announced they also tested positive. the news at 6:30 pm is next with many people started to work from home. of next some advice from the experts on how to stay productive in the coming days and weeks. we will talk about the doctor. was at the right move? what comes next.
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nearly 7 million people living in bay area counties along with santa cruz county are being ordered to shelter in place starting at midnight. people are being ordered to stay at home and only go outside for food, medicine or essential outings. the order lasts for three weeks and it does not include sonoma napa or salome counties also today santa clara county
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reported two more people died from the virus. a man in his 50s and another man in his 80s stocks fell so much the first text centiseconds of trading they were halted for 15 minutes is the third time that trading has been halted to assure an orderly market but the major investment close deep in the red after falling about 12%. the worst percentage drop in 33 years. the push for increases fishing has had many people working from home many for the first time. >> he is working from his house today and tom, you talk to some experts today about how to make this all work.>> you have to make it work because your income counts on it, and really sitting on the council and of course all of that means somewhat new and difficult position. >> according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics, about 20% of california seniors aged 65 and older continue to work and
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are being told to stay home or work from home. but many government agencies and private companies are also ordering massive numbers of younger people to work at home as well. >> first and foremost you have to have some structure and routine. >> work-at-home author a consumer psychologist says those who usually do not work-at-home will generally be working under far different, circumstances. >> a lot of times they don't have the equipment they need and i'm not just talking about technology, and the other thing is that a lot of people that like working in the office they like to have contact with other people all day long. they feel isolated working at home. >> that fighting is echoed by stephen bader executive director of the east bay economic development alliance. >> [ indiscernible ]. >>
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and so working at home means creating a workable workspace free from television, the refrigerator, online distractions and other issues.>> [ indiscernible ] >> and no, these experts say you are not crazy. >> i think this situation is so anxiety provoking for everybody, i don't think anybody is perfectly normal right now. i think everybody in some way is grappling with uncertainty and anxiety. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i have forwarded the distractions and for about, i
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got this story a tad early. costco is taking steps to keep people from hoarding supplies. people were lined up this morning outside the costco in danville. hours before it opened. and because of the surgeon panic buying costco has now set strict limits for shoppers on bottled water, toilet paper and paper towels. joining us now with more perspective on the shelter place orders that take effect at midnight is dr. israel, thank you for being with us. talk about michelle's, shelter and places that the record could we see things go further? >> shelter in place is absolutely the right call. as a physician, i am actually very relieved to hear that. because in an area where there are community spread shutting down bars and restaurants and
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gyms and malls and other places where people tend to congregate, whether in director, that is the only way to limit social interaction and keep that social distancing at the forefront where basically we are trying to decrease the spread and that is the only way we can do it. i am absolutely for it. what the future holds for us is very tough to predict. but as we have heard things are evolving and you just have to make sure that as a community we come together or whatever changes have been asked of us, that we follow them. >> how bad do you think this is going to get? we learned that two more people in santa clara county a man in his 50s and a man in his 80s have both died from coronavirus. >> we have to remember that
6:37 pm
they are in the middle of this outbreak now and how we act now is going to help us predict how if we will hit the peak or lend the curve, know that a lot of people out there are panicking and are sheltering in place but this is an important place to help all of us. i would implore you not to have those feelings of anxiety because these measures are being in place so all of us can ultimately help flatten the curve and protect each other from this inevitable disease. if there's one thing i can implore anything, is to keep doing the right thing even when you have to go to the store maintain a distance of 6 feet remember to keep washing your hands and at least for 20 seconds and do everything that is asked of you by the local and national government.>> we
6:38 pm
keep hearing that the elderly and people of compromised immune systems people with underlying health conditions are most at risk, have you heard of any cases where people who are healthy and younger are ending up in critical condition ? >> i'm glad you brought this up because i wanted to talk about this that you are absolutely right, there are groups of people but are obviously at high risk, elderly people are one of the people and medical conditions is another group and compromised immune system men however we are getting reports of young healthy people who are also having very severe forms of this disease. what i want to take away is simply that we are all vulnerable. some of us more than others, but the deceased does not deter, discriminate viruses don't discriminate, so if you're taking this lightly and saying well, i am young it is not going to affect me, think again. there are people who are young
6:39 pm
and healthy and go to the gym and eat right have no underlying medical conditions, and they are severely being affected. >> dr. we appreciate taking the time to talk with us. coming up, passengers cancel flight the airlines are asking federal government fire financial fences and what they are white house advisor says if they get help it will be a a bailout. i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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common side effects include headache and tiredness. ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. new industry has been more
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disrupted than the travel industry especially the airlines. >> airports were like julie empty after lines formed last night's people rushed to return home from overseas. ray broken with more on what health might be on the way. took frustration, standstill lines and zero personal space. that's what thousands of travelers experienced this weekend at some of our nation's busiest airports. after the truck administration announced a european travel ban americans around the world raced home to one of 13 airports. accepting and screening passengers from overseas. one of the slowest was chicago. >> i definitely felt unsafe if the government is telling me to stay in groups of less than 15 keep social distancing. that was the opposite. >> what prompted the illinois governor to tweak the federal government needs to get its
6:43 pm
expletive together now. the acting homeland security secretary admits the lines were unacceptable. he says the way times were down to an average of 27 minutes sunday. >> we will continue to do random temperature checks and again to a very intensive screening process. >>'s people cancel travel plans and stop flying, the airlines could receive federal help. airlines for america is asking for $25 billion in grants for their passenger carriers. that's in addition to loans and tax relief. >> we are going to be in a position to help the airlines very much. >> as of right now there are no domestic airline restrictions but the acting homeland security secretary says all options are on the table. a few spotty showers out there but we are getting some nice guys i will tell you what we can see for the next week. after the break, concerns
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about the coronavirus led to a judge taking unprecedented action today in the near wilson bart murder trial. what he decided. ♪ dad, i'm scared. ♪ it's only human to care for those we love. and also help light their way. it's why last year chevron invested over $10 billion to bring affordable, reliable, ever cleaner energy to america.
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♪ ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music it's the rush of relaxation.
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introducing the all-new lincoln corsair. the virus has had a direct
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effect on the criminal justice system in the bay area. >> henry lee tells us that today a judge ruled on sanity of the man who killed near wilson at a bart station. taking that decision away from the jury. >> a judge at the home prior file case pulled the plug on jury deliberations in the branch because of the coronavirus. >> given all the different variations or variables that were involved i think the judge made the right call. >> the judge said he was in the authority to make his decision. >> i think the covid-19 virus played a role in it and the report was a concern that we have five jurors over 65. >> admits his family says justice has been served you have no idea how many tears they have shed. >> turns out she wasn't crazy
6:48 pm
not bad. you knew what she was doing. >> the power of attorney seen of the left were masked for protection. she told me off camera she was disappointed the judge stepped in for the jury. the trial just one example of how the coronavirus has changed the criminal justice landscape. >> it is something that is in the back of everybody's mind. >> across the bay area court hearings delayed contact business which elements suspended even before minders order. >> it is an absolutely game changer pick we have been able to do what we would normally do which is develop relationships with clients. >> there is no way that a jury in the jury box can sit 6 feet apart. >> we are working hard to reduce the number of cases that are coming into court to reduce
6:49 pm
the number people who are being called in for jury duty. >> as the virus urges there is now solace for knee and her family. >> today has some happiness and i can finally rest. >> cal faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole on april 14 unless there is some kind of delay. we want to start off with a look at the highs today which were pretty chilly out there. a little breeze out there but these are the highs across the area. notice fairfield is at 49 degrees. we will see an evening with chilly temperatures. storm tracker picking up on a few little showers and lightning that is out there. lightning showing up in windsor
6:50 pm
and to the north. they have a pretty nasty cell and we have some down in the south. notice hamilton with snow. that about 10 inches. we are adding to that through the evening. all of this is starting to ramp down as you see the rain through the central part of the state and snow falling of the sierras that things will get better throughout the night. a little chilly out there in the 30s. take a look at your screen for the current temperatures. let's look at futurecast, circulation dragging some moisture, this is tuesday morning, a little more moisture making it in on the backend. it finally heads out wednesday morning with a few pops and
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then thursday we are all done with beautiful sunshine and we will start to warm up. tomorrow partly cloudy skies, cool temperatures with highs in the 50s. most of us will be in the mid to upper 50s, take a look at the extended forecast. sunshine as the spring equinox comes in on thursday. 60s heading toward next weekend saturday into sunday possibly monday and tuesday will be the next shot of rain. we do warm up heading through the weekend with more rain coming our way. coming up, the 49ers were busy retooling their roster. the best way to predict the future is to create it
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in this age of the coronavirus there are no games going on but there is some big news involving the 49ers. we have more on all of that. >> not only that, just in
6:55 pm
within moments ago, big news with regard to the raiders. member i told you i just not sold on the fact that john, in the last five minutes he announced that marcus mariota was let go by tennessee and will be the new 30 and. we will see what happens. also some news with regard to the san francisco 49ers definitely not on hold with regard to the nfl. all of their free agents out there this is a stunner. the 49ers have made a big trade as they have traded forrest buckner tune indianapolis a former number seven pick overall consistent performer and return the 49ers get the number 13 pick in this year's draft. the colts turnaround assigned him to a five-year 21 million- dollar deal which makes him the
6:56 pm
second highest paid defensive lineman in all of football behind the rams aaron donald. the issue not talent. but money he was going to get a bit cheaper and i say that partly tongue-in-cheek eric armistead will stay on that 49ers defensive line the signs of five-year $85 million deal. he was also a first rounder out of oregon. he is 6 foot seven 290 pounds force on the line led the team with 10 sacks sacramento natives and a breakout year. one of the means for the 49ers the wide receiver and you say how come they couldn't have gotten this guide? he was certainly available. deandre hopkins from texas instead he goes to the 49ers division rival arizona and tyler mori will be throwing to him. the texans will receive running back david johnson and a second round pick as well.
6:57 pm
we do have time to unveil our new feature tonight, this day in sports history here's tonight's, >> introducing the one, the only iron mike tyson. >> march 16, 1996 one loss mike
6:58 pm
tyson regains the wbc title. in the third run tyson scored a technical knockout and improved his poor record. >> this is a good day. >> denny mclain was the last major league pitcher to win 30 games he won 31 in 1968. on this day in 1985 he was convicted of racketeering sentenced to 25 years in prison. in 1963 to of the nfl's biggest stars green baseball morning detroit's alex carers were indirectly suspended from football for betting on nfl games associated with undesirable person. on this day in 1964 they were reinstated by nfl commissioner. this day in sports march 16. march 16 in sports history
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