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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 18, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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new stage of his career. this is really about saving lives and this is why we have to take such drastic measures. >> a new way of life here in the bay area. shops and streets deserted as millions are asked to stay home during an unprecedented shelter in place. >> americans need cash now and the president wants to give cash now and i mean now in the next two weeks. >> money to your house from the federal government could be on the way soon. the latest suggestion from the white house as workers and businesses around the country struggle as the shutdowns continue. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you, for joining us here on mornings on 2. wednesday, march 18th. i'm pam cook. if you are just joining us you'll notice our social distancing here. we do have to be here. we want to be here for you, but practicing this. >> keeping our distance. >> yes. >> good morning. i'm dave clark.
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and steve paulson is here as well. he'll tell you if you need an umbrella. >> maybe in the morning. we do have a weak part of the system coming through and that's going to give us light rain. 40s on the temps is what we're looking at right now. 44. 40 livermore 49 in the city. that low in nevada some energy coming around that and also down towards southern california. the main low is giving us a lot of cloud cover and some very light rain. it could be steady here. a point .10". not before they get a little bit more rain. maybe some snow. 40s on the temps and highs today will still be below average. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. i doubt there's anything new but we'll ask the source. anything new? >> nothing new. but i have realized there are some things that happened on the road. so be careful. let's go to 28 and talk
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about san jose. traffic is moving on pretty well. accidents still happen and you can see traffic is still moving on pretty well and construction is still happening. so be careful out there. as they pick it up, sometimes they'll make closures. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, some new numbers. researchers at johns hopkins university. cases worldwide has passed 2,000. >> now here in the bay area there are 367 confirmed cases. santa clara county has more than double any other county. 155 cases including five who have died. san mateo is in second place followed by san francisco. contra costa, and alameda counties. >> san jose state university is reporting its first covid-19- case. it's a student who lives off campus and is now recovering at
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home. the school sent out a notice last night. the university is not revealing the person's gender. administrators will now determine whether anyone at the school who had contact with the student needs to be advised directly. san jose state suspended all in- person classes last week. >> time is 5:03 today's day two of the bay area's shelter-in-place order. and we expect to see empty streets and neighborhoods again in areas that are normally busy and sky fox flew over several san francisco landmarks getting a bird's eye view of those areas. only stores and operations will provide whether considered essential services will be open. more counties in the bay area are enforcing the shelter-in- place order. a big part of the central coast including santa cruz and monterey counties are telling people stay home. now the order is already a place now for seven bay area
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counties. alameda, contra costa, marin, san francisco, san mateo, and santa clara counties. sonoma county was just added yesterday. and, people all over the bay area are finding out there's a new way of life for now. even tourists who came directly into san francisco from the airport, they see how different things are. . >> it's a little erie. that's a good way to put it. not a back up on lom bard street. >> now normally the buena vista cafe would be packed on st. patty's day. but, yesterday, the cafe and bar were packing up irish coffees and stews to go. some people are already looking forwards the long term of this. one couple was wondering if they should stay in the city. >> we're just trying to figure out the next move.
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do we stay here in the city even though we don't have work or are we going to seek out family. >> if we knew it would just be a couple weeks, we would probably stay. but we have no idea. >> san francisco mayor london breed is asking the public be patient saying this is about saving lives even if we don't have any idea how long this crisis will last. governor newsom says it's unlikely any schools will re- open before the end of this school year. >> i would plan and assume that it's unlikely that many of these schools, few, if any, will open before the summer break. >> last night the governor told parents the s.a.t. will be cancelled the as part of the state's transition to the new reality of virtual instruction. the california department of education published a list of online learning resources for families. the state is telling schools
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and parents that they should plan for the transition to distance learning immediately. the resources include elementary, middle school, and high school math and science lessons. we've posted a link to that list on our website just click on "web links". national guard troops are on notice around the country. governor gavin newsom put the california national guard on alert and said the troops should be prepared to carry out humanitarian missions . now, around the country, the death toll from the coronavirus has climbed above 100. the total number of cases reported by the cdc rose by more than 700 to 4,226. 103 people have died. west virginia reported its first verified case of covid-19
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meaning the virus now has affected all 50 states. worldwide, cases now top 190,000 with more than 7,500 people who've died. stocks continue to reflect the uncertainty and economic impact of the coronavirus. the futures are down more than 3% right now indicating maybe an 800 point drop for the dow. that's after stocks rallied yesterday when the white house promised a major economic stimulus package for american workers and businesses from the fallout. yesterday, the dow was up a 1,000 points more than 5%. the nasdaq and s&p 500 up about 6%. you remember all the indexes were down 12% monday. up yesterday. it looks like down today. treasury secretary steve mnuchin warned republican senators that the u.s. unemployment rate could go as high as 26% if congress does not pass the stimulus package. that includes money for every american.
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senate leadership from both parties agree the time to act is now. >> we must first prioritize economic solutions that are focused on workers and their families. >> it's my intention that the senate will not adjourn until we have passed significant and bold new steps. . >> some senators want to set limits on house hold income levels that would qualify for emergency checks. now you can find emergency coverage at in addition to articles and videos around the country, you'll find a daily live stream and live digital broadcast every weekday. we bring that to you starting at 10:00 a.m. and don't forget to downloaded the free ktvu fox 2 news app. you can get the latest updates and breaking news right to your phone. you can also find out information about the school closures and options for parents. turning now to politics and the presidential race. joe biden won all three democratic primaries yesterday in florida, illinois, and
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arizona making it more and more likely he will be the democratic nominee for president. biden cruised to victory in florida with 62% of the vote. bernie sanders had just over 23%. biden had another big win in illinois. 59% of the vote while bernie sanders had 36%. and biden also won the primary in arizona. and, in a taped speech from his home in delaware, biden talked about the anxiety over the coronavirus and said it's time for the american people to work together. >> to look out for our neighbor. to understand the fear and stress of so many are feeling to care for the elderly. the elderly couple down the street. to thank the health care worker. the doctors, the nurses, the pharmacists. the grocery store cashier and the people restocking the shelves. >> now, here's a quick look at the delegate county this morning. so far, joe biden has 1,147
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delegates. bernie sanders has 861. a candidate needs 1,991 delegates to win the nomination. all right. right now it is 5:09. we want to check in with sal castaneda on traffic. some people do have to get out and about. of course they're lining up early when the stores open for supplies at the grocery stores too. >> i haven't been to a grocery store for a little bit but i know after they made the announcement, it was pretty crowded there. otherwise, it's not crowded anywhere. let's go out and take a look at interstate 880. and i've been looking around for slow traffic. i did find we do have construction work out there that's still going on and traffic at the bay bridge is looking good. and, it's not just this city. right in the middle of 6th avenue in new york city. look at this. if you know anything about new york city, this is unreal. it's one of the busiest streets up and down the island here
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looking like this. 5:10. let's go to steve paulson now. you know our buddy stew. he's at homeworking from home. >> not going into manhattan. >> exactly. he's an ops guy and he says it's empty. pretty much like here: we have some light rain moving through. not much. couple point 10". 40s on point in time temps here. one low down in southern california. there's another one in nevada. moisture coming around that. we'll still get some snow in the sierra. light rain for us. and maybe after the thunderstorms. we don't have the clearing that we did yesterday. yesterday at this time there were a lot of breaks in the clouds. especially towards livermore. that fired up yesterday afternoon with all the hail reports and they picked up a half inch of rain. if it does we're going to have to get some clearing and that might be to the north up in
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mendocino county and lake county as it starts to get some breaks there as this system moves south. 40s on the temps. highs will be in the 30s. look for light rain in the morning. cloudy to mostly cloudy. we start to get a break after thursday. friday and saturday look warmer and we'll cloud it up. light rain sunday into monday. time is 5:12. convicted criminals are being released from jail to ease crowding during the pandemic. up next, what bay area authorities are doing now and how they decide who will no longer have to serve their sentence behind bars. >> and federal health officials have a message for young people about their important role of curving the spread of covid-19.
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welcome back. it's now 5:15. the santa clara sheriff's office is hoping to contain the spread of the coronavirus in county jails. now, to prevent any other inmates from getting exposed, some inmates were released early. >> they didn't have assault on police officers, they didn't have sex charges and they didn't have domestic violence charges. >> the sheriff says these six inmates are now on house arrest and all of them have a short
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time left on their sentence. the coronavirus changing how many bay area police departments do business. their goal now is to limit public contact while at the same time responding to more serious crimes. many bay area police departments you won't see front counter service now and all non essential interviews and appointments have been cancelled. at the emeriville police department, police began a unique work schedule. half of the police department will spend two weeks working 12 hours on, 12 hours off. then the other half will work for the next 14 days. >> and that's the incubation period for this virus. so the hope is we are preserving the health of our staff by keeping them separated. >> now, police are now asking people to meet outside your home or file a police report by phone or online to cut down on face-to-face contact. san francisco police are monitoring bars and clubs to make sure they comply to the shelter-in-place order.
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and, in oakland, the police say they're out reminding the public about social distancing. our time is now 5:17. now, these are live pictures in florida. there is a rocket launch on your screen right now. it's by spacex. we're watching this as you are. they are launching the six th launch of the star link satellite. they've been putting several satellites into space in orbit right now. this is a falcon 9 rocket. it lifted off. this is from large complex 39a at the kennedy space center in florida. . >> it's tplus 40 seconds and we've just had liftoff of our falcon 9 vehicle to its deployment orbit. we are now tlotsling down and throttling back up in preparation for max cue.
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next choosing maximum aerodynamic pressure. >> these are great pictures. we're actually with this falcon 9 rocket heading into space. this is live here on mornings on 2. it just took off from kennedy space center in florida. it will be placing satellites in orbit working with expanding the internet capacities around the world and we brought it to you live on mornings on 2. it's 5:18. >> it's a nice departure from all of this. there are some signs of life going on. . 5:18 is the time. let's check in with sal castaneda. >> i wonder if that lady talking was working from home. >> probably. >> you know, she could have been doing that from home. a lot of our reporters are working from home with technology. i saw greg lee recording a track yesterday which is his story in his closet. so that's what happens. a lot of people are working from home and that's why the roads are clear.
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this is traffic on highway 4680. i want to remind you that parking. street cleaning will not be enforced and in daily city they tweeted that out. a lot of these minor parking things are not being enforced for the time being just to give people a break. if people have to stay home, they have to clear more neighborhood parking. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see a lot of the vehicles coming through are service vehicles. 5:19. let's go to steve paulson who is a little bit busy we have some, nothing compared to what happened yesterday. livermore over point 5" of rain. we had a lot more breaks and some colder air at this time yesterday. and that's not the case this
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morning. two lows. one up in northern nevada. com two, the one in the north is sending out a system that's just clipping us. there's very little rain with this. a couple point 10". this will mainly be a morning event. . some clearing is taking place to the north. so if you do get the clearing that's the best opportunity to get some build ups later in the day. half moon bay. along the peninsula as well. very light rain. i talked to our observer michael in san francisco says we haven't had a drop yet. so there's not a lot to this system. 40s on most of the temps here. two systems. one to the north and one to the south. the one in the north has no place to go. so it's just going to kind of fill over the weekend. it will meander over the sierra. could give them a little bit of
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snow over the next 48 hours and very little rain is forecast here. then we'll get a break until sunday night into monday. although, the models have backed off on this system. so we'll see. average highs 60s. today we'll be in the 50s we'll get closer to that the battle to stop the coronavirus is impacting our daily lives. up next, the international restrictions in effect and the actions people are now taking in this constantly changing landscape of this pandemic. >> and the new efforts announced today to help local businesses stay in business.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the ski season is likely over for several sierra resorts. vail resorts which runs north star, heavenly and kirkwood says they will not open. it went on to say it may considering re-opening some locations in early or may depending on the situation and, of course, the snow. >> and the coronavirus cut into some st. patrick's day celebration. we want to tell you what it looked like yesterday compared to 2019. that's what it looked like then. traffic replaced the annual 5th avenue in an effort to stop
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the spread of the virus. new this morning, iran state television has issued its most drastic warning so far about the coronavirus saying the outbreak could kill millions if people keep traveling and ignoring the government's guidelines. today, iran reported its biggest jump in deaths from the coronavirus saying another 147 people died in the last 24 hours. that brings the total number of deaths in iran to more than 1,000. governments around the world are enforcing unprecedented conditions. several european countries are now under full lockdown. kefrn cork reports on how people are coping with social distancing. >> reporter: the european union implementing the strictest travel ban in its history. suspending all travel for one month. >> our utmost to protect our people and to
5:26 am
protecfrance, britain, italy and spain just a few of the countries on lockdown. grid lock traffic stretching for miles as officials' conduct health checks to curb the spread of the virus. normally bustling streets are now quiet as people adjust to life working from home. >> i've been working in london for 40 years. >> reporter: the white house meanwhile is proposing a trillion dollars package to deal with the economic impact of the virus. and just for a bit of context, that would be much larger than the package put together by the government at the height of the 2008 financial crisis. in washington, i'm kevin cork. fox news. concerns over the coronavirus mean anything but business as usual. still ahead, why it may take longer to get some non essential items from amazon in the days and weeks ahead. >> plus... >> is cannabis an essential item?
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some people think so. and they're standing in line to stock up. how shelter-in-place orders are changing the way dispensaries do business. the american red cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks all healthy donors to schedule an appointment to give. now, with the corona virus outbreak, it is important to maintain a sufficient blood supply. your blood donation is critical and can help save lives. please schedule an appointment today. download the blood donor app. visit
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earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours. that is one thing i don't want to be without. >> is marijuana an essential item? the shelter-in-place order is expanding around the bay area. some expense rooes may stay open but with conditions. . >> plus, the plans being implemented by governor newsom as the state prepares to handle
5:30 am
an influx of people infected with covid-19. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. well, good morning, to you. thank you, for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, the middle of the week. it's march 18th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. we are here for you. we are social distancing. a lot of people asking why we're here, but we are here to serve you and bring you the latest information. steve's talking about weather. i had a little drizzle this morning. >> some light rain coming in. there's a little bit out there. it's not going to amount to too much. but it is under cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. 40s on the temps here. 40 to 48. livermore yesterday was front and center with the hail and thunderstorm activity. probably probably not today. we had a lot more 30s yesterday. under mostly cloudy skies and that's the light rain. there's not a lot there but there's enough where if you are traveling out you might encounter some light rain. the main system to the south.
5:31 am
there's another one in nevada. that will keep us cooler. sal castaneda's here now. it is quiet out there. we have been looking for crashes. unfortunately when the roads are this quiet sometimes we have more serious crashes because people are going faster. let's go out to the roads. you can see there's not any slow traffic on the spots here. all three bay area airports remain open and public transportation systems are open as well. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. there are signs the coronavirus in california could get far worse before it gets better. governor newsom signed a bill that spends muchs $1 billion. california may mead up to 20,000 more hospital beds. the governor said he did not want to raise further concerns so he didn't answer questions about a potential shortage of supplies including ventilators. treasury secretary steve
5:32 am
mnuchin described a worst case scenario. >> certainly affecting wall street this morning venlt this comes as many business haves had to lay off and furlough employees. here in the bay area, the shelter-in-place order has turned attractions such as pier 39 into ghost towns. and napa remains the lone local county without a confirmed case of the coronavirus. leaders are not taking chances though. new restrictions go into affect today. gatherings of 50 or more people are banned. people who are 65 or older or anyone with serious health conditions are advised to avoid any gatherings and all supreme court facilities are closed to the public with only time sensitive cases being heard. time is 5:32. the empty streets becoming more common in all seven of the bay area counties have had the shelter-in-place orders. take a look at allen rock
5:33 am
avenue in downtown san jose yesterday. almost all the businesses were closed. although a few designated as essential were allowed to stay open. sheriff lori smith says there are some gray areas and what is essential and each case is decided on an individual basis. >> the question i get a lot is this marshal law and it is not. we're looking for voluntary compliance and really to contain the spread. >> now, the sheriff says her deputies are patrolling. they can write citations for violating the shelter-in-place order but says that's only a last resort and in almost all cases, once the deputies explain the reason for the order, people are willing to comply. today san jose mayor sam liccardo will announce a partnership with the public and private sector. san jose is creating a digital hub where people can volunteer their services, raise money for
5:34 am
workers who have lost their jobs, and connect people to resources across the silicon valley. san jose is also developing a county wide food distribution plan. in morgan hill, the restaurant yolked would normally be preparing for a very busy morning . instead, business is slowed to a trickle. there are just a few carry-out orders this week. the owner says if the restaurant does not soon receive government help, he will have no choice but to lay off staff and close his doors. >> right now we're offering 50% off on social media. we're offering free coffee. we're offering free donuts we're doing whatever we can to bring customers in. but people for the most part are afraid and they're staying home. >> san jose city leaders are discussing how to help businesses survive the coronavirus threat the city council is making a proposal to make a small business fund.
5:35 am
county leaders are also encouraging tech companies to create a fund that offers grants to small businesses. time is 5:34. every day, the economic effect of the virus is growing. bars, restaurants, and small businesses are struggling to survive. the government's rollout has been too slow. now the shelter-in-place order means some marijuana dispensaries can stay open in certain counties. marijuana dispensaries were originally ordered to be closed in san francisco yesterday. though the city is allowing sales for medicinal customers still. cing by operating drive-thru only. say hit hard with an influx of orders and they've been scrambling to fill them all. >> i've had four back surgeries
5:36 am
and i used to take opiates and i've also been a nurse for 30 years and this is definitely my medication. >> you're locking yourself up in your house for two weeks. people are going to go a little bit crazy being in the same space. >> now some dispensaries are filling orders only if you place them online first. customers can always contact their preferred dispensaries directly to find out if they're open and under what conditions they're operating. okay. we're keeping an eye on wall street as well. and it looks like another down day. the futures are down indicating about a 4% more than a 4% drop for the nasdaq this morning. the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p 500 gained more than 5% yesterday. after the white house reported an economic stimulus plan. they're still down 20% from an all-time high that was reported just last month. the senate is still considering the president's plan. the house has passed it by unanimous consent.
5:37 am
. the national average for a gallon of gas is now $2. analysts say prices have not been this low since the 2008 financial crisis. here in california, higher than usual. price about $3.30. the lowest average is in san jose where gas is $3.25 a gallon. eight cents more in oakland. . time is 5:37. the victory auto makers in detroit partially shutting down for cleaning as well as more separation between their shift employees. the union had wanted them to completely shut down for two weeks but after negotiations with ford and fiat chrysler, they agreed to a compromise. ford and fiat chrysler have already closed their factories in europe.
5:38 am
we're still waiting to find out if the tesla factory in fremont will shut down. tesla's being criticized for keeping factory up and running during the shelter-in-place order. an e-mail from tesla claims the vehicle manufacturing there is a crucial sector. but on twitter, the alameda county sheriff said that factory is not an essential business. still not clear if the factory will be open today or whether the county will take any further action. the nation's top infectious disease doctor says the u.s. cannot contain the coronavirus without the help of young people. >> you don't want to put your loved ones at risk, particularly the ones who are elderly and the ones who have compromised conditions. >> health experts were alarmed at the sight of college students congregating at florida beaches for spring break. florida's governor is now shutting down all bars and nightclubs for the next month. he says healthy young people can pick up the virus, not know
5:39 am
they have it and pass it on to the elderly. and, we want to show you this video sent to us from san francisco. a concerned viewer writing, i don't think these citizens got the memo on social distancing. the city's order allows people to go outside and get fresh air, but they need to keep their distance from one another. groups of people touching one basketball and having close contact with each other heightens the risk of spreading the virus. be sure to keep up to date. download our ktvu fox 2 news app. it's a free download. can you get the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic and any breaking news sent right to your phone. our time is 5:39. i know a lot of you are staying home, but some have to get out. sal, what are you seeing on the roads? >> well we've seen some pretty incredible images of our new reality. let's go to this bart station video we took just a little
5:40 am
while ago. just a few moments here in the dublin pleasanton bart station. and you can see there's one person. of course public transportation remains open and while officials are asking you to remain far away from people as far away as you can, it doesn't seem to be a problem as there are very few people. if you do have to go somewhere for some essential business don't be afraid to get on bart or muni or transit systems. let's go to the bay bridge. you can see traffic is light here. and, again, a lot of cities are seeing, for example, san francisco, daily city, and hayward have suspended street sweeping parking. so you can park there. just try and move your car on those days if you can. 5:40. steve paulson. >> thank you. we have a little bit of snow up in the sierra. about 5,000'. 24 degrees very light snow. wind calm. >> thank you, sir.
5:41 am
there will be a little bit up there going forward. maybe 2" to 4" could accumulate. much quieter than it was. another low up towards northern nevada that's triggering that. cloudy to mostly cloudy on a cool wednesday. light rain possible thundershowers but we need breaks in the clouds. we got that yesterday especially out to livermore. you can see the two systems one south, one up in nevada that's really not going anywhere. so little systems within this system continue to rotate around us and that is giving us some very light rain from santa rosa down towards oakland. it will keep a lot of cloud cover in. although, we will get some clearing from north to south and those areas they do get to clearing. this time it looks to be north. keep an eye on the skies. i'd say sonoma county up to lake county, mendocino county. 40s on the temps here. there are a few upper 30s.
5:42 am
42 ukiah to 46 in sacramento. the low in southern california is going to really bring in some pretty good rain for them. also into arizona. our low into nevada will give us some rain. there's not a lot associated with this. but you can get a couple point 100" to point 10". ". facebook stepping up to help its employees during this coronavirus and the work disruptions coming up. the major impact. >> plus, we'll tell you why a nurse at san francisco general hospital says the planning and training to handle the coronavirus crisis is not good enough and it's already too late.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. preparing for worst case scenario governor newsom says it is likely few if any california schools will re-open before summer break. ktvu's sara zendehnam live in san francisco with the details this morning. i feel so bad for seniors right now in high school. they're thinking about no prom, no graduation possibly. >> reporter: yeah, that's
5:46 am
interesting you say that. i was scrolling through facebook and i saw a girl i used to baby sit for her junior prom got cancelled because of this whole situation. definitely a tough situation for students and families all around. this is just one of many schools across the state across the bay area that's closed. now there is a plan in place right now that all san francisco unified school districts will be closed until april 3rd. but that may change. 99% of california's k-12 schools are closed for two to five weeks in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. governor newsom says it's unlikely many of these schools will re-open before summer break. the san francisco unified school district has been handing out free meals to students since schools closed monday. we've reached out to the
5:47 am
district to see if they have a plan in place education and health officials offer guidelines to help children learning online. the governor said child care facilities aren't being ordered to closed. >> we need our day care centers to absorb the impacts of these school closures and i encourage you to read the guidelines. it's not just about meals. it's about care. . >> as for the meals that are being handed out within the san francisco unified school district, there are 14 locations handing out and james dent middle school is one of them. fox 2
5:48 am
news. time is 5:47. google helping more people in in the south bay get tested. google's sister company is now conducting drive-thru testing in santa clara and san mateo counties. you can apply online to schedule appointmentses as >> the way you have access is you go to . you fill out a questionnaire and that will let you know if you're a candidate. if you show up without an appointment, you won't be let in. >> the governor's hoping the mobile coronavirus test sites will soon expand to other parts of the state. san francisco mayor london breed hopes to help the city hire 100 new nurses. the mayor issued a declaration to expedite the hiring of more health care workers. the city will fill the 100
5:49 am
nursing vacancies focusing on emergency and icu nurses. the new nurses could be hired on the spot skipping the usual 6-month long hiring process. >> some workers say health care workers are not ready. some nurses at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital say they are short staffed and have not been trained well enough to handle a surge. nurses held a rally two weeks ago over express of the concerns. nurses now say the hospital has improved communication between administrators and staff though they are still concerned. >> they're saying two weeks behind where italy is at. and if we do end up in that place that italy is at, then we're going to have to make the same hard decision as they're having to make. >> now, the $1 billion bill that state lawmakers passed this week is renting two new
5:50 am
large hospitals. governor newsom says he has spoken with president trump. time is 5:49, a bug, a problem in facebook's anti-spam system temporarily blocked news to reels and authentic news about the coronavirus. links to news stories about school closures and other information were blocked by facebook's auto mated system. facebook reportedly sent their humans who were monitoring everything home because of the pandemic. a spokes person said the problem was not related to any changes in the company's work force. they plan to give each of its 45,000 employees around the world. it's an attempt to help them with work. other companies like twitter
5:51 am
and google have made working at home mandatory in several parts of the world. we want to know your questions about the coronavirus and i know you have them. we have a team who will work to give you an answer. send us an e-mail to you can also see the questions we've already answered on our website look for the fact or fiction section. as we head over to sal castaneda, we're talking about people who have essential jobs heading to work. and, sal, i've heard from a lot of your viewers. valorie is a 911 dispatcher. trisha works on city vehicles. waste water treatments. so they are all heading to work and they said thank you. they're heading out. >> i've been getting the same tweets and if you are going to work, let me know. i enjoy hearing from our viewers. or if you're staying home, let me know what business where you
5:52 am
work is closed. this is san jose downtown. 280. a little earlier we were talking about police could technically give you a citation if you're out when you're not supposed to be. but the chiefs of the big departments have said on the record that, look, we're just trying to educate people. enforcement is the last resort and they're not going to just pull people over. they'll assume you're doing something essential like going to the grocery store. this is a look at interstate 880 north and south at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. most people using common sense and staying away from others. 5:52. let's bring steve in. >> sal, thank you, sir. we'll get to it. a lot of cloud cover. very light rain. yesterday was about livermore and the thunderstorm activity and the hail reports. probably not today, you need some clearing. that is taking place to the north.
5:53 am
san francisco 56, 48. for the forecast high and lows. 86, the record high back in 1914. nineteen thousand one hundred forty-two systems. one to the south off of southern california, the other one in nevada that really has no place to go. it has two speeds slow and stop. and so, it's just kind of wobbling there and eventually it will weaken and not do much. it is sending in little systems and that's giving us some light rain this morning. and some clearing taking place to the north if there were some thundershowers. yesterday, that happened down towards livermore. maybe to the north today. we'll mention it but the parameters are not as pronounced.
5:54 am
42 in ukiah and redding. two systems. the other one in nevada and some light rain for us. there's not a lot out of these systems. maybe.10". sunday into monday, tuesday. although the forecast models have gone way back on the amount. 60s is where we should be on the highs. we will be in the 50s. staying below average until probably saturday. time is 5:54. preparing for a massive coronavirus outbreak. we'll tell you what's happening in san francisco including turning hotels into quarantine centers. >> and, if you've been out shopping lately, you know it's been a mad house with long lines and lots of people. what costco and other retailers are doing now to help with social distancing. >> but first, we still don't know when the nba will come back. as more players are being diagnosed with coronavirus. why the warriors say, nope,
5:55 am
they won't be taking the coronavirus test any time soon. [ running and breathing heavily ]
5:56 am
you can run like there's no tomorrow. but tomorrow always comes.
5:57 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:57. we still don't know when sports will play again. team owners debated several ideas yesterday including playing just a season games whe
5:58 am
the season early playoff rounds could be reduced to five game series. executives are bracing for the possibility of mid to late june as a best case scenario for the nba's return. kevin durant is among four brooklyn nets players testing positive for the coronavirus. in an interview with the athletic, kevin durant said he hasn't had symptoms and he feels fine. he did urge everybody to be careful, take care of yourself, and quarantine. none of the players infected have been identified by the team. well, because of those positive tests, the warriors are concerned some of their players may have contracted coronavirus. the brooklyn nets were in town to play the warriors when the nba season was called off. that possibly included times when players from both teams interacted with each other. the warriors said their players are not be tested unless they
5:59 am
show symptoms because of the shortage of test kits. time is now 5:59. this afternoon, we expect to hear from tom brady to officially say he's joining the tampa bay buccaneers. nfl sources say the contract's already been signed and finalized. the native of san mateo will reportedly get up to $30 million a year. tom brady won six super bowls with the new england patriots and he thanked the fans and the team in a tweet, but said it's time to open a new stage of his career. . it's a little erie. good way to put it. >> it could go on for months. >> empty streets, closed businesses, and people staying inside. we have a look at day 1 as we headinto day 2 of a shelter-in- place order as more shutdowns go into effect today. >> you know what i need to be transparent and i need to be honest with you. i don't think the schools are going to open again. >> you heard if it from the
6:00 am
governor, schools could be done for this school year statewide. the warning from the governor affecting millions of students. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. well, good morning. thank you, for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. it's wednesday morning. it is march 18th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we are here for you bringing you the latest news and weather and a little bit of rain this morning. >> very little. that's correct. we have 40s on the temps and some light rain moving through. 41 in livermore. don't think we'll see the thunderstorm activity we saw yesterday. two systems one to the north and one to the south. you can see it right there. there's not a lot to it but enough to get the windshield wipers going and give us a few 1/100". 40s on the temps. some clearing taking place to the north. best opportunity for build-ups will be northward. highs today below average for this time of year.


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