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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 24, 2020 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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location. to make it easier for you, marin county, san juaquin 51 we'll shut down all state and santa cruz has 24. parking lots. >> the parking lots of at least a food max store in the city of san jose is temporarily 36 of california's 300 state parks are now closed to try and keep crowds away. closed after a employee died in the executive director of friends of china camp state park, which oversees the marin the coronavirus. that's located at parkmore and county park and beach said this site was overwhelmed this pridian. the employee tested positive weekend. >> we've never seen a march away on vacation and had not weekend this busy. been inside the store since it was truly like spring break. we're trying to deter gatherings, locking the parking march 6. santa clara health lots is the best deterrents that we have. department indicates no >> you can walk or bike to the exposure or food concerns but parks or try to find limited parking outside the gates and they're closing for cleaning number of coronavirus cases they used a special cart to and sanitizing. they're encouraging people to continues to grow. stay away and stay home. live this afternoon in marin wheel his kayak down to the 49, 700 nationwide and makes beach and said this minor the united states with the county with more on the story. third most cases in the world. let's focus on california. good afternoon, ali. >> reporter: good afternoon. inconvenience is the least he can do. >> you want to protect other there's more than 2200 cases we're at china camp state park people, it's not just about you here with 43 deaths and the and normally by now the gates but our whole community. governor continues to warn to the park ping lot would be open and they're not and everyone to stay at home and they're not going to be open practice social distancing to for the foreseeable future. prevent the spread. the governor ordered the >> reporter: we posted the full in the bay area, there's more than 880 cases. parking lots of dozen of state list of state parks that have we'll take a look at the
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parks closed in an effort to their parking lots closed outbreak county by county in because of this on our website, the region and santa clara reduce crowding and maintain county with the most 320, san social distancing. and on ktvu facebook with so many people at home and and instagram pages. just about all other events canceled, people flocked to the francisco 152, a pretty beach and coast and other live in marim county. recreation areas this weekend. new numbers released a sharp dropoff with 47 in there and you can't even find parking short time ago and johns hopkins university reports more than 49,000 cases nationwide and there's been 600 deaths here in the united states. new york confirmed 25,000 case and 184 deaths and 125 deaths are in new york city. starting today, new york health agencies will begin testing for possible treatments and underway to quickly turn a convention center in new york city into a huge medical center and yesterday a huge shut down began in new york city. >> president trump held a virtual town hall this morning along with members of the white house coronavirus task force and held in the white house rose garden and h twitter and i and one question directed to
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the president on when the lockdown will end. >> i would allow to have it open and i'll tell you that right now, i'd love to have that and it's such a important day for other reasons and make it an important day for this too and i'd love to have the country open up and just raring to go by easter. >> the president compared shutting down the country during the covid-19 pandemic with a flu outbreak saying the flu kills 36,000 people but we have never closed down the country because of the flu. congressional and white house officials may reach a deal today on a $2 trillion bill to provide economic relief from the coronavirus pandemic. this comes after a second failed attempt to pass the bill. >> optimism on the gnat floor this morning. >> last night, i thought we were on the 5-yard line. right now, we're on the 2. >> if we act today, what
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americans will remember and history will record is that the senate did the right thing. >> top congressional leaders are reaching a deal on a massive stimulus bill that will help millions of americans struggling from the economic fallout from the coronavirus. chuck schumer had a very productive meeting with treasury secretary and white house congressional and the president's acting chief of staff mark meadows. >> at this point of the few outstanding issues, i don't see any that can't be overcome within the next few hours. >> the hope for a deal comes after he blocked action on the senate twice. over guidelines and oversight to make sure bailout will help large workers and yesterday senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blamed democrats for obstruction. >> they keep going into the
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office and the list keeps getting longer and longer and longer. >> this morning president trump tweeted "congress must approve the deal without all of the nonsense today. the longer it takes the hardest it will be to start up the economy". at nearly $2 trillion, health workers and companies are surviving at least ten weeks and could include a one time check depending on family size. paycheck support for small businesses and companies for 500 or fewer employees increasing unemployment benefits and funding for coronavirus among other things and leaders are ready to move forward to the next step. >> we're making great progress here. i'm encouraged that the deal is almost this close. >> people are looking to us to leave and i hope and pray that later today, that's exactly what we will do. >> stocks are surging on wall street joining a worldwide
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rally and congress is on the coronavirus release deal and more than 7% through mornings on 2 and look at us now. up 9.5% on the dow. the s and p is adding 8% to the roster and nasdaq up by almost 7% and we're going to keep watching stocks till the session closes in less than an hour. healthcare workers about to get a small new piece of equipment and how it'll help if they're actually experiencing any signs of the coronavirus. also, more than 396,000 coronavirus cases and the new threat after they're ordered to stay home and pod. light showers across the bay area and they continue now into the afternoon hours and we'll check in with meteorologist mark with the full forecast
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one of america's great play writes died of complications from the coronavirus. he was 81. he was a lung cancer survivor and died at a florida hospital. he wrote musicals rag time and kiss of the spider woman. more than 4,000 400,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide. reporter greg has the story from london. >> more than 380,000 confirmed cases worldwide and the coronavirus outbreak is spreading. more than 1.5 billion people under shelter in place orders and some governments are cracking down on those that won't follow social distancing
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protocols and prime minister of canada and others joining world leaders to prosecute nonessential workers who don't stay home. >> we've all seen the pictures online of people that seem to think they're invincible. well, you're not. enough is enough. go home and stay home. >> the world health organization says the virus is spreading more rapidly in the west and 80% of new deaths is reported in europe and the u.s. prompting olympic officials to delay the 2020 tokyo games till the outbreak is contained. >> unless each country and region has curbed coronavirus, it would not be possible to proceed with hosting the games in the true complete manner the prime minister stated. >> governments crack down on social distancing, they're taking a sharper look at economic impact, massive unemployment being reported in asia, australia, and hard hit countries in europe and bars and restaurants are shuttered
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and tourism grindsrapidly and moving unpredictably and we're doing everything that we can to make sure we keep ahead so we can minimize the impact. >> organizers say the tokyo games will take place in 2021 if the outbreak contained. in london, 2 news. more passengers from the grand princess cruise ship are expected to be released today. they've been at travis air force base for two weeks after the ship docked at the port of oakland. 25 of the passengers were released early despite a warning from health agencies. hundreds of others are expected to be released in the coming days. 21 people on board the ship tested positive for the coronavirus. meteorologist mark right now. we had a live report from ali rasmussen and umbrella was up and rain drops were coming down. >> reporter: we've been dodging scattered showers throughout the day and i'm coming live
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from the county and we're tracking a few showers across portions of the bay area and that chance of thunder remains in the forecast today as well and especially as we head into the forecast for tomorrow. outside right now if you can't see, live camera out towards the bay bridge out towards san francisco and a bit of a bridge with winds around 10 to 20 miles an hour throughout the day. as we take a look at forecast for you right now and we are expecting that scattered showers throughout the day and possibility of thunderstorms and cooler pattern setting up and we've picked up measurable rain fall over the past 24 hours and santa rosa .28 and napa .04 and set up on the satellite and we're tracking distance up to our north. we're dropping from the north to the south over the next day or so and that'll be cool instability over the portions of the bay area. right now here's the satellite and radar and this is the radar
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loop over the past few hours and we come in closer, the showers have talk about this and we have a winter weather advisory in the sierra and this in place till 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and know fall amounts the bay area radar and we come in closer and show you some activity in portions of the north bay and we're working from home and we can zoom in on the radar and show you coverage out there closer to vallejo, american canyon around cordellius and portions of the bay area and we have scattered rain approaching the south bay and even around san francisco so it's not raining in your neighborhood, we have showers nearby. we have to keep the chance in the forecast throughout the day. current numbers mainly in the lower to low to mid 50s and that's just about it for afternoon highs and cool down is here and take a look at forecast model and we're not completely drenched all afternoon. we have sunshine and mostly
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cloudy skies and still the possibility of popup shower taking this into your wednesday, wednesday morning we could have sunshine and clouds and a shower and cold enough we'll have snow levels down to around 3,000 feet here in the bay area and tomorrow with the sunshine, that could lead to a better chance of isolated thunderstorms. forecast highs this afternoon mainly in the 50s, around 57 to 58 and 59 degrees and look ahead to five day forecast and we head towards thursday and friday and a sun cloud mix and the weekend we could be talking about more showers here in the bay area. that chance would be lasting into saturday night possibly with that sun cloud mix into sunday. looks like weather pattern over the next few days and we get those breaks and a chance to get outside for a little bit. >> at least it's not dumping right now. so many people are staying inside home and this allows them to get outside and get that exercise that they're
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allowed to get. it's nice. >> this time of year we could be talking about storms from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with no breaks and of course we could get outside for a bit of expressing social distancing and at least getting that chance of rain fall and just keep the umbrella nearby. >> we'll talk to you again later in the newscast. >> a resolution that prevents resident owners and renters from being evicted. landlords cannot evict if their tenant provides notice 30 days after the rent was due. the notice must say they're unable to pay due to financial impacts related to the coronavirus. it covers tenants or commercial small business leaseholders who may not have made a rent payment that was due on or after last wednesday. local governments are now receiving their first emergency
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grants to help homeless communities during the coronavirus outbreak. they'll get money to address the immediate need of at risk homeless individuals ans the st city of san jose reporting a drop in crime since the state order went into effect and could be masking the update. i'm bad.
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one person is dead after an overnight crash and several cars crashed before 3:00 a.m. and all southbound happies were blocked to traffic while chp conducted its investigation. in the south bay, another person died after a crash in san ramon and happened on southbound 680 north of canyon road off ram and they believe it happened several hours
12:20 pm
before they arrived. >> it is unusual and normally this stretch of freeway would have a lot more people commuting outwork and obviously with everything going on, the traffic conditions are lighter and maybe that's why no one saw it. >> chp is asking anyone that witnessed the crash to call them. we spoke with mayor schaaf. >> she was the first woman to be elected president of the mu is very well regarded in the police reform world, and so we are thrill that had she has decided to come out of retirement at least temporarily. >> the interim position is for six months but could be extended and she replaces anne kirk patrick fired by the
12:21 pm
police excision last month. the coronavirus was a factor in an unusual talent that brought police to a home in danville. henry lee explains the father is accusing his ex-wife of potentially exposing their children to the virus. >> a quiet danville street filled with police cars. it was about 8:30 in the morning when lisa called 911 saying her ex-husband pointed a gun at her the doorbell and he said i'm not giving you the kids. get the he'll out of here and shut the door. >> she was stunned when officers said they couldn't help her get an emergency protective order and her daughters will be staying with here ex-. he said he wanted custody because of the coronavirus pandemic. >> you have the children taken from me because of his concern for the children and their
12:22 pm
expose uroto covid-19. >> lou is an er doctor in walnut creek and said her children aren't in any danger. >> the risk to children is minimal and i don't feel the children is at serious risk. no child under 10 as died. >> everyone at kaiser has been taking proper precautions. >> we wear m95s, we wear shields, we cover our eyes and i wear a hair net. >> he's concerned because lowe works at kaiser and could be endangering their kids and just because it hasn't been reported doesn't mean it hasn't been at the hospital. he said i've never owned a gun. he said this was a concoction she did for dramatic effect. >> there's nothing now i can do. i feel completely helpless.
12:23 pm
>> lowe hopes other first responders dealing with coronavirus don't go through what she's going through. >> the number of reported crimes dropped dramatically in san jose since a shell nor place order was in effect. violent crime in the city declined by 46% in the week of santa clara county stay home order went into effect march 17 and police do say that there could be increases in under reported crimes such as domestic violence and sexual assault. >> new requirements when it comes to testing for coronavirus right here in the bay area. what laboratories will have to do when reports cases. >> getting groceries without having to get out of your car. the services being reported in danville.
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cites looking for ways and locations to treat as they deal with a growing number of coronavirus. federal and state officials racing to raise capacity at hops across the country. the number of covid-19 cases surpasses 46,000 in the united states. a u.s. navy hospital ship is on its way to los angeles to alleviate shore base facilities and one thousand bed vessel will house non-covid-19 patients in new york. >> those hospitals that are first over capacity this will be a back fill facility where we can relieve some of the
12:28 pm
pressure. >> the influx of patients comes as testing is increasing and some facilities are limited to certain people and health officials hope to expand the criteria in the weeks to come. >> our goal is to use all the available testing and begin the triage for sick patients and the virus. they'll make it more widely available. >> more states are asking people to stay home amid the pandemic. indiana, michigan, and oregon are the latest to close businesses. anyone flying in from new york, new jersey, and connecticut and world health officials say the containment measures are key to stopping further spread. >> asking people to stay at home is an important way of slowing down the spread of the virus. >> president trump is hoping to open up the country and weeks
12:29 pm
>> ktvu fox tv news. >> cases of the virus and the governor continues to warn everyone to stay home and practice social distancing and help prevent the spread. here in the bay area, there's more than 880 cases and take a look at the coronavirus outbreak in the region and santa clara has the most followed by san mateo with 61 and san francisco is next with 152 cases and just this morning, napa county reported its third con if i wered case and there's 47 in marin county, 29 in sonoma and san juaquin with 51 and san juaquin reporting 51. >> more information regarding the coronavirus death in san mateo and assisted living said one of five people that tested positive died in the virus. inspectors put the nursing home on lock down last week and have been on site to check on the
12:30 pm
welfare. the residents say all nonessential visitors have been checked and they're having their temperatures checked twice a day. workers at san laguna tested positive and they work in the same unit and it's a city run hospital and nursing home that 750 seniors. a vallejo police officer is quarantining at home after testing podstive for the virus and traveled overseas and felt sick while coming back. he was told to self-quarantine. he's been suffering mild symptoms. the fourth case is a deputy assigned to the custody bureau self-isolating at home. they're looking to mitigate
12:31 pm
further exposure. >> public health officers from alameda, contracosta, marin and the city of berkeley have new requirements for labs that test for the coronavirus. the labs must report test results for all residents from each jurisdiction for the ordering healthcare provider and local and state health officials. lab public health officials say they can track the rate of infection and the rate of transmission may be higher. they'll continue the free public screening for the coronavirus. we saw dozens of vehicles line up outside the fire station for the first day of the program. 192 people were tested and hundreds more were turned away. they didn't have any symptoms. >> the goal is to not overwhelm the lab and we have to be able to be responsible and administer that the lab can process. >> fire fighters and paramedics
12:32 pm
are administering the free test and they're open to anyone regardless of where they live. governor newsom say there's a dire need for protective gear for medical workers treating coronavirus patients and in order to deal with a surge of patients for the next three months and that would require 200 million protective gear in the hospital alone. >> we are significantly expanding our efforts. we have been expanding them but now significantly expanding our efforts to secure additional shields and gloves and gowns. >> governor newsom says the next eight weeks are critical in addressing the surge of new patients and flattening the curve. 2,000 emergency and healthcare workers in the city are getting a small new piece of equipment to wear this week. according to the san francisco chronical, they'll get a ring that tracks body temperatures and other vital signs and they hope it'll help them track symptoms before the earliest ones show up.
12:33 pm
it'll allow healthcare workers to isolate themselves and seek treatment and the rings worn by medical workers at ucsf and san francisco general hospital. a group of people in the peninsula hope to donate even more protective gear for medical professionals and those who need it most. where he talked with the businesswomen behind the project as they enlisted the help of retired baseball player. >> mask, hand sanitizer. >> in a matter of days, 3,000 masks, 59,000 govs and other items bought by two nail salon owners in san mateo and collected in the garage of a home. >> i've been driving around and getting a box. >> they're districting to hops in san francisco and the peninsula to help healthcare workers who are running low on safety items. >> they're helpings and it's important in a time of need that we serve them. >> nail salon owner tells me her 22-year-old son is serving in the u.s. navy and during this time of crisis, she's
12:34 pm
ready to answer the call to service. >> i just feel very sorry for the doctors and nurse when is they go out there and try to save lives and they don't even have enough protective gear to protect themselves. >> the nail salon owners have spend thousands of dollars out of pocket and donations to buy the safety items from wholesalers. >> we're closed for business but i was able to get ahold of them through their personal phones and they were nice enough to open up and sell these to me. >> she enlisted the help of former san francisco giants player andres torres who says teamwork will save lives. >> a lot of people need help and we try to provide that and that's why we're here. >> starting tomorrow, we'll have to reuse people are scared. >> he arrived to pick up donations to bring back to the county hospital. >> when i saw how much stuff
12:35 pm
there was, i was pretty shocked. >> boxes loaded onto a truck for delivery. >> we're excited about the amount of stuff we're getting and these women are finding purpose during the statewide shelter in place. >> we've been able to accomplish with a small group of volunteers is incredible and inspiring and hoping others will do the same. >> thank you, so, so much. >> these ladies collected enough to help three hospitals and one senior center but the effort doesn't stop here and plan to continue to work with hospitals that need their help. amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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people are being urged to buy r today to help support the restaurant it's being called the great american takeout and the campaign is backed by a coalition of national and regional restaurants and your mom and pop place would love an order and called on americans to order one delivery or pickup meal today and post photos or more.
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they're getting four times the usual number of calls to their hot line. a danville food company that usually supplies school lunches found a new way to stay in business during the statewide closure. choice lunch pantry is running a drive through grocery pickup. it's working with food service distribution companies to have accessive capacity because of restaurant closures. now it's getting that food to people who are finding empty shelves and grocery stores. >> we're seeing all of the things going on in the grocery stores and how people couldn't get product and they wait in line and stock out and we use our distribution channel and figure out a way to get products to our community. >> the contact is drive through grocery and it's open from 11 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. shelter in place orders affecting cities and more when it comes to sales.
12:38 pm
more face to face with potential buyers and returning open houses into virtual tours. if you thought it was cold outside and it was going to get a lot colder and thunderstorms we'll check back in with mark for that complete bay area forecast.
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the number of unemployment claims in california still on the rise as many deal with layoffs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. they announced the daily average of claims over the past week jumped to 106,000 a day. that's up from 2500 a day before the coronavirus outbreak. the governor's calling for block grants to help pay for the benefits and a recent report said payments will likely be delayed because of the high volume. home sales fell 4.4% in february with bigger declines in the coming months ask they put a major cramp on home sales and they dropped to seasonally
12:42 pm
annual rate of 75,000 homes and economists are forecasting big declines for the overall economy with a wave of layoffs already starting due to the big hit the economy is having in the wake of the virus. >> sales association called on agents to enter homes and meet face to face with clients over fears of spreading the virus and leading to a big change in the real estate market. a closer look at changes agents are making all across the country. >> haven't done more in the past week and a half where i'm touring five times a week with clients. >> pandemic prompting people to stay home. >> five of 30 clients trying to move by april 1 tell me they're going to renew. it's easier. i have a few clients in the service industry and they're not working for the next six weeks and they're trying to put
12:43 pm
things on hold. >> they placed roughly 15,000 people in rental properties across texas in 2019. with those three cities seeing a steady increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the company has seen immediate impacts. >> monday was the first day we started seeing a little reduction in the amount of people calling us to their apartment. >> the problem stretching across the nation impacting markets like las vegas. >> i get about 30 to 50 phone calls in a day. now today i've had about 5 do 10 phone calls. >> realtor citing lockdowns as the biggest hurdle. >> i've never been able to see the streets as black as they are right now. people are listening for the most part it looks like and more. >> pushing realtors to find new ways. >> a little office to do business. >> my day-to-day with videos and pockets for my clients.
12:44 pm
>> agents relying on video tours to keep them afloat as the coronavirus continues. >> i completely understand it but it's just been really difficult to navigate that part of this job. >> realtors say these virtual tours could become the new norm as they close leasing offices across the country. >> just a reminder here, find complete coverage on the latest developments on the coronavirus at along with articles and videos and find broadcast every weekday and download the free ktvu news app and updates and breaking news sent straight to breaking devices. >> we join the millions of californiaens working from home and you have the rain jacket on not using it right now. >> yeah, in fact, a few
12:45 pm
scattered showers outside right now. i've been dodging a few rain drops for your tuesday afternoon and lots of clouds in place and it's one deal with sunshine, clouds, and a few scattered showers and looking out towards san francisco with overcast skies here with the cable moving around a bit and the winds are up there around 10-20 miles an hour maybe approaching 30 miles an hour in a few cases. the forecast for today with scattered showers and chance of some thunder but even a better bet as we head into tomorrow with that cooler pattern in place. temperatures only in the 50s for afternoon highs. that'll kind of be the noticeable change for today. rain fall and numbers starting to add up in a few spots and about .21 and napa approaching a tenth of an inch of rain. that area of low pressure is up to our north. that will be moving to the south over the next day or so. with that that'll keep things
12:46 pm
cool and unsettled for tomorrow and tracking isolated thunderstorms here in the bay area. a bit more activity on the radar right now as we come in closer, first we'll show you the sierra where they have this, a winter weather advisory in place and we could be talking five to ten inches of snowfall and the winter weather advisory in place till 10:00 tomorrow morning and 11:00 for portions of the mountains tomorrow. check out our current radar and coming in closer in the north bay, we have greens and yellows to show you here and talking about rain fall for richmond and vallejo and napa and coming in closer and show you activity for vallejo and approaching american canyon and napa. we'll show you more coverage and more development near the coastline and just to the hills around san jose to the east and san jose there are rain showers to talk about seeing roadways impacted and slick pavement across portions of the bay area and it's cool with temperatures
12:47 pm
in the 50s and afternoon highs for today and the showers develop could produce heavier downpours and they move on out and later on this evening and what's interesting tomorrow, we'll have clear skies and clouds and some popup showers and with those clear skies, it could lead to the possibility of popup thunderstorms and tomorrow afternoon and closer to napa and american canyon and concord possibility tomorrow afternoon and then it looks like we're heading towards a bit of drying trend by thursday and into friday. today keep the umbrella nearby and clouds and showers off and on in a bit of a chill in the air and look ahead five day forecast and notice this, we have a thunderstorm icon for tomorrow to reflect the shower chance and then quiet weather pattern for thursday and friday and we'll have showers by
12:48 pm
saturday but mike gossi, what's so important and we're playing catchup with rain fall and know fall here in northern california. this will add a bit of snowfall to our water supply mountains and next snow survey. then we have the coronavirus and the reports are shutting down and here they have this fresh powder coming down and just got to be eerily as quiet. >> earlier we were talking about a few inches and four to five to six feet and, yeah, it seems to be very eerie up there with all that snowfall and things shutting down instantly. >> mark, appreciate it. thank you . because of the coronavirus pandemic, jury trials here in california are on hold. state chief justice suspended all justices and the announcement said the courts
12:49 pm
can't operate as usual and schools are closed and jurors have to stay home with children and local courts can choose to conduct business because courts are considered essential services. still to come this noontime, they make a living making people laugh and adjustments comedians are having to make because of covid- 19 outbreak. [car[clicking of ignition]rt] uh-- wha-- woof!
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the closing bell and just across 2,000 and back down. investors starting to feel that congressman and white house are getting close to the deal and $2 billion of aid into the coronavirus ravaged economy and the dow jones up more than 10%. costco, the members only warehouse club opens from 8-
12:53 pm
9:00 a.m. for those 60 and older. members who meet the age criteria are allowed in the store during pharmacy open an hour earlier. teachers plan ago virtual protest and this past fall remember the oakland scschools merge due to acutrim extreme closures closures and they're demanding ousc stop the plan amid the uncertainty students are facing. a growing number of changes. faculty and staff at cal are dropping letter grades for this year's spring semester. it was among the first colleges in the nation to switch to online classes. they'll start school in san
12:54 pm
francisco is considering fall s it's not accepting any new students and urging current students to transfer to other schools. art institute's board of directors is expected to decide whether to suspend classes due to the pandemic. >> some of those out of work are those who get paid to make you laugh. retake a closer look at big changes for comedians. >> it's an empty house at the dc improv for chris ulrich and he can't wait to get back to teaching weekly comedy class in person. for now online will have to do. see those faces and see everybody logging on. >> can you hear me? ready to go. brought us so much many joy. how do we make people laugh? >> the national federation of independent business says this pandemic is hurting more than three quarters of smalnationwid
12:55 pm
at the dc improv, all in-person classes and comedy shows are canceled. >> we've never ever been closed for what could be months, we don't even know. >> the owners here say they're exploring online performances to try and operate during an indefinite shut down and one of endless number of businesses across the country trying to adapt to quarantines and orders. between 20 and 30,000 of their businesses are closed over the next six weeks if the government fails to provide financial help. and bars, restaurants, and live entertainers are especially at risk. >> it's affected us tremendously that restaurant hotels, clubs, lounging and everything has been shut down during the busiest month of the whole year. >> comedians will try live streaming the acts.
12:56 pm
>> it'll be the biggest tool to help us get by. >> local business owners will fight their way through this. >> we're not going out like this. we will weather the storm and we'll get laughter again for people. >> till then, no performances on the stage and no customers in these seats. dc improv said it's laid off most of the work force through a go fund me linked on their website. they've raised about $30,000 for their staff. whether it's financially or just for entertainment, there's nothing like a packed house. in washington, fox news. 3-year-old twins can teach us a lesson or two of making the most in quarantine. >> the family was in quarantine and this was the situation in the bedroom in huntsville, alabama. little comic relief during a stressful time as many parents and children are spending a
12:57 pm
will the of together time. little ones are hopeful for school and mom and dad working from home and feel like they're not doing anything right. >> nine things at once. >> nine, ten, eleven, twelve. i'm getting a will watching, everyone. dow jones up more points so investors like what they're hearing. more in a minute. m on the medicine and he's take an significant turn for the bet
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