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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 8, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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related to a security officer who was killed in oakland during rioting. right now, several groups are pushing to reduce or remove police funding. we will explain what that means as minneapolis could become the first major city to stop funding its police force. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning to you. it is june 8th. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. i am glad to start the week with dave clark who is back from a little time off. >> i am by your side again, pam. >> great. let's check in with steve paulson. i have to say, the question in our house to you, is, are we going to get a normal day? it seems crazy cold. we have a lot of wind. today will be normal compared to what we had on the weekend.
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it was roaring. it was also cool. i was visiting a friend in concorde. for june to be cool, it was cool saturday evening. we have clear skies. some temperatures are very cool. santa rosa is in the upper 40s. the city and oakland are at 53. look at this. lakeport, bennett valley, they are in the 30s. woodside is in the low 40s. that deserves a wow what for this time of year. temperatures are moving fast. let's face it, the days are very long. we have to deal with a north wind there. towards solano county and the hills, that north wind will make a hot day with lots of sunshine. that's go over to sal. it is 6:00 in the morning. is anything you want to focus on? there is more traffic at the bay bridge this morning.
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good morning to you. there is a little more traffic. it's a little jam on some of those lanes if you are driving to san francisco. this is about the time we get a little bit of a backup. it's not that long. there is a backup if you want to wait. by 8:00 it is gone. we will see what happens. it is 6:02. let's go back to the headlines. happening today, a news conference will share an update with the latest on what we know. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we don't know what updates the sheriff's office will share with us. we know that the press conference is scheduled for 2:00 today. we will have all the details then. we know that the fbi is now
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involved in this investigation. the santa cruz sheriff's office says the suspect, steven carrillo, shot and killed sergeant damon gutzwiller on saturday afternoon. steven carrillo is an active- duty sergeant on the air force base. it is being looked into whether or not he is tied to a shooting at the federal building on the 29th. a security guard was killed and one was injured. in a statement, the fbi says, quote, we are working with the sheriff's department to determine a possible motive and/or links to other crimes committed in the bay area to include the shooting of the officers in oakland. as for what happened saturday, the sheriff's office says that 1:30 p.m., deputies were called out to ben lomond to check out a suspicious man. the caller said there were guns and bomb making devices inside according to the sheriff. the beauties found the van and followed it to a home. that's when they were allegedly attacked with gunfire and explosives. he tried to get away and steal a car. he was eventually shot and
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arrested. damon gutzwiller was killed. a deputy was hurt. an officer was shot. while the investigation continues, hundreds gathered sunday afternoon to mourn the loss of the 38-year-old sergeant. the sheriff was joined by a pregnant wife and son. they had a message for the whole family. >> i just want to tell them how sorry i am that this happened. i want to tell them how much grief all of us are feeling, and how much he will be missed. >> reporter: again, a news conference will be held at 2:00 to share an update on the shooting investigation. reporting live, sara zendehnam, ktvu, fox 2 news. the time is 6:04. thousands are expected to pay respects to george floyd where he grew up and lived. a public viewing will be held today held before a private
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funeral. george floyd will be buried next to his mother in a suburb in houston. the former vice president and current nominee plans to meet privately with george floyd the family today. in houston, he will record a video message for the funeral. he will not attend the funeral. he does not want to be a distraction. the funeral will be held tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. our time. it will be carried live and uninterrupted on ktvu plus. live updates will follow on ktvu channel 2. we will also stream the funeral on this 6:05 the officer who kept his knee on george floyd's neck for 9 minutes will make his first court appearance this morning. derek chauvin was arrested last month. he faces charges of murder and
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manslaughter. three other police officers also face charges in the case. today, nancy pelosi along with other top congressional democrats will introduce new legislation voca some police reform. the bill will make it easier to take officers to court and lowers the bar for what is called qualified immunity. it often shields police from lawsuits. it also forms a database to track troubled officers who move from department to department. >> it's time for police culture community departments to change. we believe that the legislation will make a major step forward in that direction. the legislation does not call for defunding police departments, as some protesters have demanded. nine council members announced plans to disband the police department there. at a rally, the council president told numbers that she
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and eight colleagues are committed to ending the city's relationship with its police department. the minneapolis council has a total of 12 members. that means there is a vetoproof majority for dismantling the police department. >> we are here because george floyd was killed by the minneapolis police. we are here because in minneapolis and cities across the united states, it is clear that our system of policing is not keeping our communities safe! >> the minneapolis police department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. on saturday, mayor jacob frey was chased from the protest by a chorus of boos, saying he does not support fully abolishing the police department. >> if you ask whether i am for the structural reform to fix a system that is racist, the answer is yes. if you're asking if i will do everything possible to push back on inherent inequities,
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the answer is yes. >> ilhan omar was also there to protest. she told demonstrators that she fully supports dismantling the city's police department. some say first responders should be mental health providers, social workers and victim advocates. professionals focus on treating problems rather than making arrests. they say by taking money away from police department budgets, they can reinvest that money into social services for mental health, domestic violence and homelessness. that money can also be used to fund schools, hospitals, housing and food in underserved communities. our time is 6:08. police say a man drove a car into the crowd of protesters.
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he then hit a barricade, got out of the car with a gun. at least one person was shot. look at these pictures. the victim was taken to the hospital. police have made an arrest of meeting talking about police response to the recent protests. oakland police have been criticized for using tear gas during a recent peaceful protest led by students at oakland tech high school. a civil rights attorney accused police of violating their own policies. three san francisco supervisors planned to introduce legislation later this week. it would banned police from using certain crowd control tools against protesters. it's known as the right to protest safely act. it calls for the ban of chemical agents and nonlethal projectiles by the police. its response is coming from police using tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful demonstrators. protesters gathered in
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several bay area cities this weekend as well. sky fox flew over the scene yesterday evening as dozens of protesters on bicycles rode through the streets in downtown oakland. organizers say the black solidarity ride was intended to pay tribute to the african americans killed by police officers in the bay area and across the country. earlier in the day, hundreds of families circled the lake in oakland in support of racial justice. the demonstration began at children's fairyland with many parents walking around the lake with her children in strollers. organizers say the crowd was so large that they later had to form a second line which quickly stretched down grand avenue. a large crowd of peaceful protesters marched yesterday. police estimated 3000 people walked along mt. diablo boulevard through the downtown area in a show of support for black lives matter movement. at one point, demonstrators took a knee in a tribute to
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george floyd. we have continuing coverage of protests online. download and use the ktvu news app for the very latest information. the time is just about 6:11. it has been a busy weekend. it is starting a busy week with lots of talk with weather, as well. >> dave, that is true. [ laughter ] there has been a lot to talk about. one week it was hot, then all the sudden, we see wind crank up. we had some snow as well. you know what? the global models look out 10 or 16 days. they are looking around 18,000 feet. it looks like this pattern will continue. we have another warm-up and another low. it doesn't look as strong. snow made it up into the
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mountains this weekend. it has pushed our system out of the picture for now. high pressure is building in. it left behind a very chilly air. in santa rosa, those are all in the 30s. they are near 41 degrees. you can throw in boulder creek as well. temperatures are on the way up. it was a cool weekend. we dropped 25 or 30 degrees from thursday. the city has an average of 52. the record low was back in 1970. there might be time to drop to 52 degrees. that will probably be the low. take your pick. oakland north is near claremont and near 37. how about that? we are in the upper 50s. they have a northerly breeze. there is the 42 degrees. it's 44 in gilroy. south san jose has a cool 60 degrees. that's not bad. the temperature is raising in
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the bay. it's a risk 51 degrees. flog is not that far away. we have clear skies today. we have a warmer forecast. it will take us into wednesday where we get upper 80s and lower 90s. you might get a wind in antioch. it will be warmer towards brentwood. temperatures will warm up to wednesday. they will cool down on thursday. thank you. the time is 6:13. the mayor of san jose does not plan to pull funding from the police department. he will tell you the change he wants to see instead. the santa cruz boardwalk is reopening. what will be available as the coronavirus restrictions are slowly being lifted?
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in an unprecedented crisis... a more than $10 billion cut to public education couldn't be worse for our schools and kids. laying off 57,000 educators, making class sizes bigger? c'mon. schools must reopen safely with resources for protective equipment, sanitizing classrooms, with resources for and ensuring social distancing. tell lawmakers and governor newsom don't cut our students' future. pass a state budget that protects our public schools.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:15. the department of corrections reports 15 more inmates have tested positive for covid-19. that brings the total number of coronavirus cases at the maximum-security prison to the number of 500 since it began. no deaths have been reported at san quentin. the latest numbers show the pandemic has now grown to more than 130,000 total cases. more than 4600 people across the state have died since the pandemic began here in the bay area. there are nowbay area have died. our time is 6:16. starting today, health officials will let churches and other houses of worship to reopen. there are tough new restrictions. if you go to religious services, you have to provide
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your name and your contact information. outdoor services can have no more than 100 people. indoor services have a limit of 12 people. there is no hugging, no handshakes allowed. face coverings are mandatory. also today, facemasks are mandatory in berkeley. everyone has to carry a face covering anytime you go outside your home. those coverings are required. you have to put them on whenever you come within 30 feet of another person when you are outdoors. happening this morning, the danville town council will hold a special meeting to discuss how to expand outdoor seating as they prepare to reopen for business. restaurants can use parking spaces and patios to create more spaces for tables and chairs. they would have to have a low barricade around them, either in front of or on the side of
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the restaurant. they would need to comply with the americans with disabilities act. as many as six people from one household will be able to sit on the table. oops must be at least 6 feet apart. they will also allow alcohol to be served with meals. ours will remain close. the beach boardwalk is back in business. those eager to go on a thrill ride will have to wait. visitors were allowed to return to the attraction on the coast for the first time since the shutdown. portions of the boardwalk are now open. it is mostly for dining and shopping. the giant dipper roller coaster and other rides to will remain closed for now. don't forget, you can get a complete county by county information guide on the bay area's reopening plan on our ktvu news app. it was a running list of what is open and where right near the top of the page. the time is 6:18. steve paulson is back. steve, i want to find out. >> he is still here.
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i want to find out about sal, first. sal, i miss seeing you, too. >> i am glad your back. people were asking about you. you were deserving of a break. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the delay on the bay bridge. it is already here. it's become kind of a thing between 6:00 and 8:00. traffic is moving along slowly. there have been no major problems. there are no problems on the bridge. if you're driving in oakland, it looks all right. we have not had backups hitting town. the bridge traffic looks okay, so does the golden gate bridge going south. i want to switch over here. you can see traffic on 101. traffic looks good through downtown san jose. it is 6:19. that's bring in steve with the weather.
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as you saw, it is wall-to- wall sun. it is rather cool for june this morning. the nights are very short. the days are getting longer and longer. high pressure has kicked in after a pressure brought snow to tahoe on early sunday. the areas are all in the 30s. woodside on the peninsula made it to 42 degrees. so did santa cruz. a north breeze has kicked in. higher elevations are out towards delta. you get some wind. diablo is 43 degrees. north, right above claremont, there is your -- back to davis. the firefighters will have to deal with a north wind and lower humidity. let's hope it doesn't get too
6:21 am
strong. half of the bay is at 45 degrees. you don't see that all the time in june. it is 27 in tahoe. we have warmer forecasts and cooler wind. that looks to be about 45 miles per hour over the weekend. temperatures are on the way up. this time of year, we will be in the 80s for some. temperatures look like they will climb into wednesday. we will get some upper 80s and lower 90s. that will ease up. it will drop down for a cooler breeze as we go towards the weekend. thank you, steve. it is the official start to summer break. many schools are ending online classes for the school year. up next, the increase in demand for a particular type of vacation. we will have to start being attention to parking meters. more changes are coming, starting today. look here, it's your very own all-in-one
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♪ welcome back to mornings on 2. >> ryan said this song would get him all hyped up for friday. thank you. there is a little grunge there. send me a song. use the hashtag, #ktvu >> i think that woke everybody up. an incredible rescue of a dog was caught on camera. you remember the landslide in
6:25 am
norway. the city was ravaged by the landslide. the rescuer was approached by a dog. he was able to airlift the animal to safety. incredibly, no actual reports of injuries happened in the landslide because everyone was evacuated before it started. today, the slow streets program is spreading to the presidio giving people a chance to enjoy their neighborhoods without any car traffic. the slow streets program started in oakland to allow people to walk, run, exercise and bike safely during the coronavirus pandemic and shelter in place orders. some of the latest closures include west pacific presidio b montgomery street between lincoln boulevard and sheridan avenue. the closures last until june 30th. san jose will start
6:26 am
enforcing parking restrictions today. they stopped issuing citations for parking meters and other infractions during the pandemic. now they will start to issue tickets again. the in san jose will be identifying nonoperational vehicles on city streets. the santa clara valley transportation authority is restoring more services. any routes are being restored, including stanford research park , palo alto va hospital and san luis hospital in gilroy. weekday service will now start at 5:00 in the morning. it will go on the green, blue and orange lines. hours will be extended this upcoming weekend on those lines. we want to remind you that monitor someone, send us an email. tell us why they deserve to be recognized. send photos or video to it is 6:26. san francisco is one of several
6:27 am
cities that are considering shifting funds away from police and into community programs. up next, we have a look at the growing push to reform police departments across the country. we are expecting more information today about a deputy who was killed during an ambush in santa cruz county. the other crime that the fbi says might be connected to that attack, coming up.
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here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. althe trips you haven't taken.. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2.
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>> we want to take you to the opening bell on the stock exchange. there is an error by the bureau of labor statistics shows the unemployment rate is higher than the number released on friday. we have more on that. we also have a report this morning on the opening bell ringing live. pg nd is planning to issue a $5 million worth of stock to cover the cost of its bankruptcy. right now it looks like a pretty good opening. we will have all your business news coming up in today's dollars and cents. good morning, thank you for joining us. it is monday morning, june 8th. >> it's good to be working for you again, pam. >> [ laughter ] we work with you, dave. steve paulson is right here, talking about the weather. i ran outside. the stun -- it right, warm, not where we are right now. >> i'm shocked there was an
6:31 am
error in the numbers on friday, i am stunned. >> i don't know that that has ever happened. >> let's get to it. we have some wind in the quail they have to deal with that with a nortclear skies. there is no breeze at all. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it is 48 degrees. we had a few 30 degrees. it is not going to be as strong as we had on the weekend. it will be warmer. there is your wind at mt. diablo. it is going into marin county. you know what that means. there is drier wind and a warmer wind. it is almost 60 degrees. we are looking for temperatures
6:32 am
to warm up. as the low moves out, that gave us the wind on the weekend. near average temperatures are above. over to sal, i know the bay bridge has got the usual 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. backup. anything else? >> we have a little bit of trouble, slow traffic has become a problem in the last few minutes. it is crowded. we do have backup. this has started happening for a couple of weeks. we do see back about the toll plaza. once you get to the bridge, there is time. northbound traffic is good as well. it is 6:32. >> happening today, we expected to hear more about the possible link between the deadly shooting between the sheriff's sergeant and the killing of a federal security guard in oakland last month. this morning, a suspect is still in custody. yesterday, a big crowd turned out in santa cruz to remember the life of sergeant when -- >> when i think about how we
6:33 am
police in this county, he is the photo of policing. >> i will take you to a leiva photo. this is obviously a tribute to the sergeant. he was killed in the moment during an investigation involving a white van filled with guns and explosives. law enforcement was following that van. they followed to a house. that's where they were ambushed. the sergeant was killed. coworkers and friends and family members never him as being patient, caring and kind. >> when you look at his picture, you will see everything you need to know. he has warm eyes, a kind smile. he was a very gentle man.
6:34 am
>> a sheriff's deputy and chp officer were hurt in the ambush. the officer had a hand injury. the deputy is still in the hospital. he is expected to recover. in the meantime, the fbi still wanted to know if the white man is the same van seen speeding away from the federal building on may 29th. security officer, dave, was shot and killed. the air force base has confirmed that steven carrillo has been stationed at the base for almost 2 years. he was with the military police unit. his wife was also in the air force. she committed suicide back in 2018. they were stationed in south carolina. governor newsom has ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of sergeant damon gutzwiller. he is also issued a statement, saying, quote, jennifer and i extend heartfelt condolences to the sheriff, he will be remembered as a hero and is a
6:35 am
loving husband and father. the time is 6:34. democratic leaders in congress planned to unveil a new bill po reforms. ktvu's allie rasmus is on that story. you are here with details, good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this bill would focus on police use of force. it could change the consequences officers face when they use it. house speaker nancy pelosi and other leaders of the congressional black caucus plan to introduce bills that could do things like make it easier to take officers to court. it could lower the bar for what is called qualified immunity which off and shields police from lawsuits. it would create a database to track officers who are involved in misconduct who then go from one police department to another. >> with the legislation, with accountability, with
6:36 am
transparency and emphasis on training, we believe that we will be able to address those types of situations. it is time for police culture in many departments to change. we believe that the legislation will make a major step forward in that direction. >> of course, any legislation introduced would have to be approved by the senate. >> reporter: this bill would have a tough road ahead for now in a republican-controlled senate. the judiciary committee will have a meeting on police reforms this wednesday. george floyd's brother has been invited to testify. reporting live, allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. thank you, allie. san jose mayor sam liccardo is being criticized for rejecting calls to defund the police
6:37 am
department. the mayor says taking money away from the police department and redirecting it to other programs would undermine the city's reform efforts and hurt the communities most in need of help. this comes as the minneapolis council announced that they intend to disband its police department and invest in community-based programs instead. the time is 6:37, happening today, san francisco, alameda county and santa clara county will be taking part in a protest. today at noon, groups will gather in front of their respective offices, courthouse or jails to show support of black lives matter. and santa clara county, they will be marching past the police station than the courthouse. it will end at the public defender's office. they will take plate in an eight minute 46 seconds moment of silence in memory of george floyd. police say the national guard will no longer be in vallejo. 50 national guard members
6:38 am
in case there were violent protests. as of this morning, the troops are pulling out of all cities around the state to go back to their home arteries. the california guard says it will maintain a quick reaction force all over the state to help out if law enforcement needs them. it is 6:38. a group of demonstrators tried to block a freeway over the weekend. sky fox was flying over the scene yesterday afternoon. oakland police stopped the demonstrators from getting onto interstate 880. they still caused traffic delays. the group had just left a demonstration a couple blocks away outside of the oakland police headquarters at seventh and broadway. tropical storm cristobal well crashed overnight. it brought reins to mrs. ellie and alabama. it has weakened to a tropical depression. that does not mean the danger is over.
6:39 am
>> tropical rainfall rains a whole bunch real quick. you've got to be careful out there. try to stay off the roads. >> another 12 inches of rain could fall in some areas. the storm is expected to lose more strength as it crosses into arkansas and missouri by tomorrow. the storm could be dropping rain on the great lakes by wednesday or thursday. the time is 6:39. steve, with all the sunshine we are seeing right now, concerns about the fire danger? >> yeah, everything is dried out. by the way, all the experts are calling for an active hurricane season. most are saying that. for us, we had a west and southwest wind. that triggered fire act to the over the weekend. that's a cool wind.
6:40 am
it's north now. it's going to turn extratropical pretty soon. we are holding onto 35 miles per hour. moving north, still, the system coming in, it did exactly what the forecast models said. it went from mexico, then came in sunday or early monday. we are in the 30s this morning. we are in the lower lake. near woodside, that is at 42 degrees. temperatures are on the way up. we have a huge drop. temperatures are below average today. we are below the 80s. it is not at napa airport. we all have a northwind at 20 miles per hour. oil firefighters will have to deal with wind.
6:41 am
it is 47 in nevada. i see 37 degrees and kelsey ville. on the west side, i did see 41 degrees. the wind is holding up. they did have some snow in tahoe. our system is kicking out. that low means temperatures are on the way up. it's a warmer forecast we are not expecting records. it is a northerly breeze in the hills. it is near 60s and 70s to mid 80s. in brentwood, down towards gilroy, they will get some low 80s. temperatures are on the way to wednesday. it looks like another load drops in for a cool down. the wind is picking up again. the time is 6:41. some are still cleaning up after major looting. police feel very confident that
6:42 am
they can identify several people involved in those crimes. in oakland, painting the streets as part of a black lives matter protest. streets were turned into a giant mural over the weekend. you know what, the golden gate bridge did something people never saw or heard until this weekend. this is a live picture. we will tell you why this san francisco icon was singing.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back. mitt romney of utah made history. he marched in a black lives matter protest in washington, d.c. he is right there in the middle of your screen. he is a republican center -- he is the first non-republican senator to take part in the march. he wore a facemask during the crowded march. people in alameda held a dance party last night in protest. >> ♪ woo hoo! >> molly watkins was arrested after she reported a man dancing in the street. reporters say there was no basis for that phone call and the arrest that followed. they say mr. watkins lived in the neighborhood and continued to dance in the street for exercise.
6:46 am
>> we are here doing what he was doing. we are asking, what is the problem? he was doing normal human things. stop doing this. people, stop calling for these activities that are human things. just because someone is black or a person of color, get rid of your fear. >> the dance continued with a march to the police department where the dancing resumed. major banks across the country could shutdown more branches as fewer people are heading to the bank. most customers were forced to shift to online banking during the pandemic. according to research firms, teller transactions dropped 32% in april compared to the same
6:47 am
period last year. short-term rentals are on the rise. the industry essentially shut down in march. according to the l.a. times, a san francisco-based airbnb is seeing a surge in bookings as people are ready to get out of their own house. other companies are also seeing a jump in domestic vacations. international travel is only slowly increasing. american airlines is working out deals for severance packages for high-level managers. they cannot cut jobs until the end of september because it received economic stimulus money from the government. there are concerns that airlines will not be able to be back in full flight schedules until then. is offering support staff as much as nine months pay and two years of medical insurance to leave voluntarily. analysts say american airlines may need to cut as much as 30% of its total staff is if more people don't start flying soon. marriott is international is ordered to shut down in cuba. the government issued license will not be renewed.
6:48 am
it was first issued about five years ago during obama's efforts to ease cuban relation. trump has since scaled back those allowances. marriott has until august 31st to wrap up operations at sheraton four points hotel in havana. our time is 6:48. airlines are starting to add flights to summer schedules, that includes international flights, to and from sfo by united airlines and american airlines. united plans to add up to 43 more flights for both international and domestic in and out of san francisco. that's almost a 60% increase. american airlines hopes to increase the number of flights to florida soon. in two weeks, cafe pacifica is adding flights to hong kong, lufthansa is resuming its flights to munich, germany. car racing legend is making a guarantee when it comes to this year's minneapolis 500. penske says that big race will
6:49 am
only take place if the stands are filled with fans. that is if the indy 500 takes place as scheduled, or if it is delayed until october. the pandemic has disrupted the 83-year-old roger penske's first year as the owner of the iconic indianapolis speedway. this year's races are taking place before empty stands. listen carefully, if you head over to the golden gate bridge, it is starting to hum. do you hear that? high winds pronounced tones that are meant to increase wind resistance. friday's strong winds extended the distance that the sound carried. some even said that they could hear it in berkeley.
6:50 am
the rail replacement is 75% complete. the noise could theoretically get louder under the right wind conditions. >> you allowed the bridge to sing? >> that is really interesting. it will bring more people over to that beautiful span, i'm sure. i have not heard it myself. i have to do that. good morning, everyone. let's talk about what we have now. we have traffic out there, believe it or not. we have a typical backup at the bay bridge. this is pre-pandemic level. it is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute wait. here is the morning commute. most mornings it does get better by 8:00. if you can wait, that would be good. no major problems in oakland. it looks pretty good on the san mateo end. if you're driving to the south bay, you can put it up there.
6:51 am
the traffic is approaching 280. there is 280 in downtown san jose. let's bring stephen with today's weather. do you think we will see baseball this summer? >> it's beginning to look doubtful. >> i agree. let's get to it. we will sing about sunshine and warmer temperatures. that's what we are going to have today. as high pressure kicks in, we have a pretty good system over the weekend. northeast california did get rain and snow. tahoe reported light snow on saturday into early sunday. temperatures are cool. we are now in the clear. it is clear top to bottom. that is it. there is to get to the 30s, they are at the lower lake. both are dropping to 42 degrees. older creek drops to 42 degrees. the city is pretty close to
6:52 am
average at 66 and 52. we have a record back in 1978. there is your northwind. up to claremont, also into the marin county hills, there is a northwind. there is an northwind to the valley. in the 40s, 50s and 60s, brentwood, they get that northwind towards solano county. there is maracas at 42 degrees. castro valley has a 45 degrees. i am impressed. speaking of cold, winter temperatures are right back down again. point raise also san francisco is cold water. [ indiscernible ] we are at the 60s, 70s, 80s. we will had towards wednesday.
6:53 am
it looks like it will ease up again on thursday. here is another low. it will pick up by the weekend, you guys. the time is 6:52. outdoor dining is starting again. most bay area cities start with changes lifted. you will see changes if you go out to eat. thousands of people are expected in houston, texas at a public viewing for george floyd. we have a look at today's events ahead of the private funeral for george floyd tomorrow. but first, which stations will start to get expanded services as part starts to add more trains?
6:54 am
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on two. a little bit of a tease in between today's the cure, requested by jamie. thank you, jamie. that came off the facebook page. variety, this morning, on a monday, send me your request, facebook, twitter, instagram, and use the hashtag, ktvu. >> all right, sal, thank you.
6:57 am
happening today, another step towards eliminating paper tickets, starting today, clipper cards will be sold at the bart station. the paper tickets will still be accepted, if you have them. >> reporter: three more stations will phase out paper tickets this month. happening today also, bart is making adjustments to its schedule. extending the time it takes to go the whole length of the line by 30 minutes. changes will affect the first weekday of service, and service on the weekends. the specific time differences of each station are shown right on b.a.r.t.'s website, and you can go there by going to so my time is 6:57. several demonstrations were on the streets of sacramento over the weekend, and one protest in the downtown area was organized by a group called mothers of
6:58 am
black children. >> when one of our family members is killed by police violence, one of our children are killed by gun violence, we are the ones that have to pick up the pieces and how to keep the family together. >> now the marches are demanding major reforms, especially when it comes to use of force policies. one of the demonstrators started painting, creating artwork over the plywood that protects many downtown sacramento businesses, after the recent violent demonstrations. >> we still need to get businesses going again. we need to get people going again, and that is where i am right now. i just want to do something and help the community. >> and it's estimated the recent rioting and looting has caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to businesses in downtown sakamoto. time is 6:58.
6:59 am
mayor libby schaaf tweeted out photos of volunteers in downtown oakland painting a huge mural on harrison street and broadway. the large, yellow letters spell out the words, black lives matter. it resembles a mural recently painted right outside the white house, responding to the death of george floyd. one person is in custody after a deputy was shot and killed in santa cruz over the weekend. why investigators say they think this attack could be related to a security officer, who was killed in oakland during rioting. also this morning, there are several groups pushing to reduce or remove police funding. we'll explain what that means, as minneapolis could become the first major city to stop funding its police force. here at home, several departments including san francisco and oakland are being scrutinized for the way they handled recent protests and rioting.
7:00 am
the changes someone to see in the way police handle large crowds. >> from >> 7:00 on the dot, good morning, i'm gasia, and dave, it's good to see you back. >> good to see you too. good morning, i'm dave clark. i was watching steve paulson too. you may notice, steve has a haircut, looking mighty sharp too. >> let me look at my monitor. oh, look at you, handsome! how did it happen, steve? >> well it was not a diy, they opened up to do haircuts. they cannot do nails or manicures and pedicures, but they can do hair. i zipped right in their establishment, and we both wore masks. all right, let's get to it here. good morning, gasia. let's get to it


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